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Our Latest Partnerships

For more information on our partners supporting COP 23, please see the related press release in the UNFCCC Newsroom

The United Nations Climate Change Secretariat has had the pleasure to enter into many mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships that support the inspiring aims and ambitions of the Convention, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. These partnerships have played a vital role in supporting the work of the secretariat by providing key resources and ultimately advancing global climate action.

Poken touchpoint at SB 44

Poken S.A.

During the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bonn in 2016,
the secretariat implemented a partnership with Poken, a company that
develops near field communication technology.

The touch and collect technology provided the digital exchange of information
such as publications, documents, business cards and of course the Paris Agreement!

A digital handshake also allowed participants to easily and quickly exchange contact details. In total, around 770 documents and publications
were available for collection with a Poken device.

This project allowed for an enormous reduction in paper use - 48.95 trees
saved! Available documents were collected 11357 times with the 1035
Pokens that were distributed as part of this pilot project.

The secretariat supported the deployment of Poken during the conference,
reaching many participants and greatly increasing the distribution of
information via electronic means.

Global Call for Climate Action - Climate Tracker

In 2015 the UNFCCC secretariat concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with Global Call for Climate Action and its initiative Climate Tracker for the production of infographics that would illustrate the developments of COP 21/CMP 11 in Paris.

Under this partnership, throughout COP 21, a team of
six young Climate Trackers from around the world came together to create dynamic infographics to highlight key changes, themes and developments in the negotiations.

After two intensive weeks, the team of designers, fact checkers, reporters and translators created nine different infographics, translated into Greek, German, French and Spanish and utilised in over 21 different articles. These articles were featured on the, as well as many other sites.

Live Infographics
Some of the infographics were created live during negotiation sessions, and tweeted out via social media. This proved to be a highly popular way of communicating live negotiating sessions.

Different languages
Infographics were produced in many different languages: in French, Spanish, German and also in Greek. This allowed much wider reporting of the issues, and also meant that these infographics were able to reach much more diverse audiences.

Whole Team Effort
The infographics where produced by a team of more than 10 climate trackers, supported by the secretariat during COP 21/CMP 11.

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Momentum for Change

An initiative spearheaded by the UN Climate Change secretariat to shine a light on the enormous groundswell of activities underway across the globe that are moving the world toward a highly resilient, low-carbon future.

Momentum for Change recognizes innovative and transformative solutions that address both climate change and wider economic, social and environmental challenges.

Currently the initiative is focussing on Planetary Health, Climate Neutral Now, Women for Results, Climate Financing, ICT Solutions, and the Urban Poor.