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Partnerships with UNFCCC: A Myriad of Benefits

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Brand and/or mission alignment

Partnering with the UNFCCC secretariat provides non-Party stakeholders with a unique opportunity to align their mission or brand proposition with the central authority on climate change policy. The UNFCCC secretariat provides a platform unequalled in its neutrality and credibility for showcasing action on climate change, with the purpose of catalyzing and incentivizing increased participation in addressing climate change.

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As the global authority on climate change policy, the UNFCCC, especially through its events and processes, provides an unrivalled opportunity for potential partners to raise their profile on their efforts to address climate change.

The UNFCCC has also developed communication tools and channels to connect with relevant stakeholders seeking information on climate change issues. For example, the UNFCCC's Twitter account reaches 365,000 people, and we have 211,000 Facebook fans. The accounts are used to disseminate UNFCCC key messages, and to reinforce the messages of partners in the field of climate action.

The UNFCCC secretariat has been monitoring the global climate conversation on Twitter at its annual conferences (COPs) via its online platform “Climate Talks Live”. At COP 22 in Marrakech, the platform registered 1,1 million individual tweets posted during the meeting which used the #COP22 hashtag introduced by the UNFCCC secretariat.

The secretariat also deployed 14 short, high quality web videos which were produced in partnership with the host government and were primarily about the Global Action Agenda which showcased the actions of our partners. Each individual video post reached between 300,000 and 1.4 million people via UNFCCC’s account Facebook, and all products were systematically shared by the UN Department of Information’s @UN Facebook and Twitter accounts which have 2,2 million and 8,4 million followers respectively.

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Opportunity to engage with the UNFCCC process

As the main international policy process on climate change, the UNFCCC provides potential partners with a space to network, share best practices and interact with key policy makers from around the world.