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Partnerships with the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat

Over the past fifteen years, business and other entities have increasingly partnered with the United Nations and have actively helped in achieving its goals. These partnerships, which complement government action, allow the United Nations to access new knowledge, expertise, financing and broad reach – resources that are often critical to advancing its work.

The central role of the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement is to support Parties and non-Party stakeholders in implementing the Convention, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement and in enhancing climate action towards 2020 and beyond. The scale of the responsibilities arising from the implementation of the Paris Agreement matches the magnitude of opportunity for the secretariat to establish new partnerships to act on climate change. 

Partner support significantly enhances the work of the secretariat as partnerships offer key resources such as knowledge, expertise, financing, access and outreach that accelerate progress towards UN goals. In recognition of the powerful potential of partnerships, the UNFCCC secretariat welcomes the opportunity to engage and collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve the aims and ambitions of the Paris Agreement, Convention and Kyoto Protocol. In this regard, the Marrakech partnership for Global Climate Action is particularly designed to structure and enhance coherence of the activities of the various coalitions, initiatives and organizations with a view to mobilizing climate action up to 2020 by Parties and non-Party stakeholders.

The UNFCCC secretariat looks forward to a meaningful collaboration and invites prospective partners to refer to the pdf-icon UNFCCC Partnership guidelines as well as the potential opportunities for partnerships listed below.

As indicated in the UNFCCC Partnership guidelines, cooperation with the secretariat excludes any role of the partner in the secretariat’s governance or decision-making processes or any right to influence its policies. Partnerships should maintain the integrity, independence and impartiality of the secretariat and its partners. Partnerships are not for the purpose of establishing a commercial relationship or for commercial or private gain. In selecting its partners, the secretariat shall respect the process of due diligence, set out in the annex to the Partnership guidelines, which includes the application of eligibility and exclusionary criteria.

As also indicated in the UNFCCC Partnership guidelines, a partnership will be formalized through a partnership agreement, which, inter alia, requires parties to the agreement to carry out their responsibilities and obligations under the agreement in accordance with their respective regulations, rules, policies and procedures, and decisions of their governing bodies.

Current opportunities for partnerships