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Information and Communications Technology Solutions

As the world faces increasing environmental challenges, the imperative for shifting economic development onto a green, resource-efficient growth pathway is clear. The increased use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can reduce energy use, cut greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to the effects of climate change. According to a recent report, #SMARTer 2030: ICT Solutions for 21st Century Challenges, ICT can slash global greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2030, thus holding them at 2015 levels, while generating over USD 11 trillion in economic benefits and connecting an additional 2.5 billion people to the knowledge economy by 2030.

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About ICT Solutions

In November 2013, Momentum for Change launched a new partnership with the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) to underscore the critical role ICT plays in tackling climate change. At a special event at the UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, Poland, senior government officials and influential corporate leaders from the ICT sector highlighted how the increased use of these technologies can reduce energy use, cut greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to the effects of climate change.

GeSI Chairman Luis Neves said: "Our partnership with the UNFCCC is an excellent opportunity to showcase ICT-driven changes that contribute toward a low-carbon economy. Our members are dedicated to fulfilling ICT's massive potential to achieve sustainability. The UNFCCC's Momentum for Change initiative is an amazing platform to progress in critical areas of society. Together, we can make unprecedented and meaningful contributions."

Read the pdf-icon press release. Watch the webcast of the launch event.

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Momentum for Change: ICT Solutions recognizes successful climate change mitigation or adaptation activities that produce measurable results. The ICT Solutions pillar is implemented in partnership the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) .


Recognizing ICT-enabled action

Momentum for Change: ICT Solutions showcases Lighthouse Activities that have ICT-driven changes that contribute toward a low-carbon economy. All ICT Solutions Lighthouse Activities are:

ImageICTs For Small-Scale Farmers: A Game Changing Approach to Climate Smart Agriculture in Latin America

This easy-to-use ICT tool collects, collates, and analyzes weather data to inform farmers in advance on how to adjust their agricultural practices to ensure maximum crop-yield and thus food security.


This tool helps Inuit adapt to thinning sea-ice by providing information to aid in the planning of safe routes on the ice.
ImageGreen Credit Card

Credit card users are rewarded with points that are converted into cash or can be donated to environmental funds.


-Climate Right

This project enables people in Uppsala to track their climate impact through their choice of food, mode of transport and way of living, encouraging them to live in a climate friendly way.
ImageICT Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Biodiversity (CLIMB)

The world’s first ICT-enabled peer-to-peer electricity trading network for rural households with and without solar home systems.


MangrovesConnected Mangroves

Ericsson combines cloud, machine-to-machine and mobile broadband to help the local community in Selangor restore mangrove plantations.

- Mapping for Rights

This initiative helps forest peoples counter harmful extractive industry and advocate for legal reforms with accurate printed maps of their lands and an online platform.

Project SunroofProject Sunroof

This project, introduced by Google, enables tens of millions of potential solar customers from across the U.S. to evaluate if their home is suitable for solar and how much they could save on electricity.

A local scientific NGO has built an innovative Biodiversity and Climate Change Observatory on Mont-Blanc to measure and report the impact of climate change in the region.

-ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Charging Corridors

Building a network of electric vehicle express charging stations in the United States of America.
-Enabling Farmers to Adapt to Climate Change

Using ICT solutions to build farmers’ resilience to climate change in Uganda.


Working to build sustainable and conflict-free smartphones in The Netherlands.
- Lifelink Water Solutions
Building resilience to the effects of climate change by providing access to safe and affordable water to people in developing countries.

-Mapping Exposure to Sea Level Rise

Using innovative ICT solutions to help Pacific Island countries prepare for and adapt to sea level rise brought about by climate change.
-Mobisol Smart Solar Homes

Combining solar energy, mobile technology and microfinance to bring clean power to rural households in Rwanda and Tanzania.


Helping industrial and commercial energy consumers in India and Malaysia monitor, analyze and optimize their use of energy.
ImageCommunity-Based Flood Early-Warning System

Using an ICT-enabled system to detect and respond to flood emergencies that are prepared
and managed by the communities.

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