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Christiana Figueres chats about empowering women in the fight against climate change 8 March, 14:00 - 15:00 GMT

How women can be empowered in the fight against climate change
As the response to climate change is scaled up across the three core pillars of government, business and international action, women need to be empowered to play a more active and effective role. Women are found in key leadership roles in business, politics, education and family and can use that leadership to mobilize climate action. Good examples of activities that address climate change and which are led by women are this year being showcased by the UNFCCC secretariat’s Momentum for Change Initiative. But more needs to be done. On International Women’s Day, the UNFCCC Executive Secretary would like to hear what you, your company or your organization are doing to fight climate change and empower women, and will give her views on how the role of women can be further strengthened.

Twitter chat with Christiana Figueres 8 March 2013, 14:00 -15:00 GMT
How it works
To participate, all you need is a Twitter account. Follow the hashtag #M4C (standing for “Momentum for Change”) to keep track of the conversation and use the same hashtag in your posts if you would like to join the conversation. If you want to ask Christiana Figueres a question, you can address the question to @CFigueres. Be sure to follow the @CFigueres account to see all the questions from other users and the answers to those questions.

About Christiana Figueres
UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres is the UN’s top climate change official. She has been involved in climate change negotiations since 1995, as a member of the Costa Rican negotiating team and serving on a number of boards and committees.

Throughout her career, she has worked hard to promote sustainable development, for example heading up think-tanks and founding a renewable energy institute for Latin Amercia. Christiana Figueres was born in San José, Costa Rica in 1956 and is married with two daughters. Full bio