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Across the globe, women play an essential role in tackling the climate change challenge. They are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by leading initiatives that promote new solutions to addressing climate change, while providing economic benefits to communities around the world. They are also promoting transformative partnerships that help to adapt to the effects of climate change and build resilient societies.

With this in mind, the United Nations Climate Change secretariat launched Momentum for Change: Women for Results in December 2012.

Momentum for Change: Women for Results

Momentum for Change: Women for Results recognizes activities that demonstrate the critical leadership and participation of women in addressing climate change. These activities show measurable results, which can be potentially be replicated and scaled up at the local, national and international levels.

Momentum for Change: Women for Results is implemented with the generous support of Masdar's Women in Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energy (WiSER) initiative. The WiSER initiative and Momentum for Change share a common theme: empower and inspire women to be catalysts of innovation and drivers of new companies and commercial solutions that secure access to energy, water and food while mitigating climate change. The Momentum for Change initiative has had great success with ‘Women for Results’ and the partnership with WiSER will help ensure that this is taken to the next level in the future.

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Women taking action on the ground

Momentum for Change: Women for Results showcases Lighthouse Activities that demonstrate concrete results to address climate change. All Women for Results Lighthouse Activities are:

ImageFrom Waste to Wow

QUID, a woman-led, eco-fashion social enterprise, addresses climate change by recycling high-quality fabric waste from fashion companies to produce women’s clothing collections.

ImageMore Corals = More Fish

Women are offered grant-funded or subsidized training programs, often led by women divers, on marine tourism and lagoon ecology to restore coral reef habitats.
ImageSustainable Agriculture with Gender Inclusion and Participation in Quito

Women are taught sustainable food production though agricultural measures that increase food security, reduce carbon emissions, and shrink the city´s ecological footprint.


Fog HarvestingWomen-led Fog-Harvesting for a Resilient, Sustainable Ecosystem

This project introduced a technological innovation inspired by ancient dew-collecting practices, providing accessible potable water to more than 400 people.
ImageBuilding Resilient Livelihoods

This project distributes agricultural packages to women farmers, including hands-on training in conservation agricultural techniques, and access to finance and markets.

Rural Community LeadersRural Community Leaders Combatting Climate Change

This project has built a rural distribution network of 1,100 women entrepreneurs facilitating access to clean energy, water and sanitation products and services in several communities.
Women's EmpowermentWomen’s Empowerment For Resilience And Adaptation Against Climate Change

This activity has established women-led groups that pool their savings into a fund, from which they borrow and invest into climate friendly, income-generating activities.

-Fostering Cleaner Production

Transforming the polluting construction industry into a cleaner, greener business in Colombia.
WStandardThe W+ Standard

This project established the first women-specific standard to measure and monetize women's empowerment benefits of climate action.
-Harvesting Geothermal Energy

Generating income for women with geothermal waste-heat in El Salvador.
-Planting Trees to Save the Mangrove

Establishing women-led groups that protect forests and generate income in Guinea.

-SELF’s Solar Market Gardens

Empowering women farmers through solar drip irrigation in Benin.
ImageIbu Inspirasi

 This initiative is bringing low-carbon technologies to women living in remote rural communities across an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands. The initiative works with
 local women’s groups to provide rural women with the
 skills and tools to become green technology agents and
 to sell small technologies that make a big difference. 


A water management system that injects and stores excess rainfall underground and lifts it out for use
in dry spells. Adoption of this technology has decreased salt deposits on soil and increased fresh water supply, saving farmers from drought.
ImageSolar Power Company Group

Thailand is on the verge of a solar energy transformation as private companies have committed to investing at least USD 2 billion
over the next five years in solar power production.

image1 Million Women

Uniting women to lead climate change action in their households and communities. The goal is to cut greenhouse gas emissions through the saving and renewing of energy, waste management and transport.
imageClimate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Resilience

Adapting to climate change, especially its influence on water provisioning, flooding and extreme weather conditions.

imageFood and Trees for Africa

Building climate resilience by planting trees to sequester carbon, with six programmes designed to enhance food security, respond to climate change, help poverty alleviation, teach women skills for a healthier and more sustainable environment.
photoGhana Bamboo Bikes Initiative

Reducing poverty by creating employment opportunities and sustainable-livelihood job skills for young people, especially women, through the building of high quality bamboo bikes.

photoThe Boma Project

An innovative approach to climate-change adaptation and livelihood diversification by providing a two-year poverty graduation program, awarding a cash grant, sustained training and hands-on coaching.
imageWomen Farmers in Guatemala

Planting trees to improve farming techniques and building of fuel-efficient brick stoves with chimneys to reduce health impacts and the need for trees as fuel.

These lighthouse activities were selected by the Momentum for Change Advisory Panel after receiving dozens of applications from around the world.

All eligible activities are part of an activity database which provides a broader range of the types of actions implemented by women to address climate change.

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