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Momentum for Change: Lighthouse Activities

Momentum for Change provides a public platform to highlight broad-ranging climate change actions that are already achieving real results on the ground. By shining light on the most inspiring and transformational mitigation and adaptation activities, known as 'Lighthouse Activities', Momentum for Change aims to strengthen motivation, spur innovation and catalyse further change towards a low-emission, high-resilient future. The Lighthouse Activities are showcased at the annual United Nations climate change conferences.

The map below shows all Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activity winners. All of the activities in 2011 and 2012 fall under the Urban Poor focus area, which is implemented with the generous support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. At the end of 2012, two focus areas were launched: Women for Results, implemented with the generous support of The Rockefeller Foundation and Financing for Climate Friendly Investment, implemented in partnership with the World Economic Forum. The 2013 lighthouse activities were selected from all three focus areas. In 2013, a fourth focus area was launched: ICT Solutions, implemented in partnership with the Global e-Sustainability Initiative.

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Use the map to discover the location and further information on the lighthouse activities.

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The seventeen 2013 lighthouse activities are:

Urban Poor pillar:
Women for Results pillar:
Financing for Climate-Friendly Investment pillar:

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