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Messages and reflections for Joke 27 Oct 2005
I regularly check the home page to see what is happening at the place where I worked a short but very rewarding time. I was thoroughly shocked to see these sad news. Totally unexpected. I hope all of you can find the necessary strength to face a sad loss and the difficult times of uncertainty. May her family also find the needed comfort. My thoughts are with all of you.
-Hilda Ortiz-Lunscken (ex-Assistant Editor at UNFCCC)

My condolences to the family and relatives of Ms Joke Waller-Hunter, a person with great leadership, she worked so hard for the implementation for the convention. This world needs so much of people like her.It is a great sadness to loose leaders that we need so much for the conservation of the resources in our planet earth.
-Suyapa Dominguez, Jaime Bustillo, Environmental consultants, Honduras, Central America.

I offer my deep condolences to Jole's family and her staff. The world has indeed lost a great soul whose fight and commitment for the protection of the environment is invaluable and she will greatly be missed. As we mourn her passing, let us remember one thing that we have that she did not: we have her example. Let us keep the flame she lit alive.

I worked with Joke while she was the director for the Division for Sustainable Development at the United Nations. It is incomprehensible that such a force is not here anymore. Undoubtedly the impact, intelligence and shear physical energy she brought to bear on the substance will be felt in years to come, but it is the impact she had as a human being, boss and colleague that those who met her will feel throughout their lives. As a boss she was empowering, gave you wings and seemed to believe in you. Even to a young professional, at the time, she made you feel capable and trustworthy like few bosses can. She was also frank and demanding, but she led by example, mutual respect and inspiration. As a friend she was fun, observant and considerate. ….And she was a really good and challenging companion on the ski slopes.
-Elisabeth Barsk-Rundquist and her family