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Messages and reflections for Joke 17 Oct 2005
Zu dem schweren Verlust, den das Klimasekretariat durch den Tod von Frau Joke Waller-Hunter erlitten hat, spreche ich Ihnen auch im Namen der Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter des Bundesumweltministeriums mein tief empfundenes Beileid aus. Die Zusammenarbeit mit ihr habe ich ebenso wie meine Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter ueberaus geschaetzt. Sie wird eine grosse Luecke, nicht nur im internationalen Klimaschutz, hinterlassen.

I received the news with great sorrow. I always had great respect and admiration for her. My sincere condolences to her family and her friends.
-Manuel B. Dengo, UNDESA

I will remember Joke for her kindness, humility and strong leadership at the UN Sustainable Development Division, at OECD and recently at the UNFCCC Secretariat. We were developing closer collaboration between climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction which she saw as essential in assisting vulnerable countries. We shall continue working in that direction as a tribute to her long standing and effective performance in the field of sustainable development.
-Sálvano Briceño, International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

It is with deep sadness and profound regret that I have learned of the passing away of Ms. Joke Waller-Hunter. Her truthful engagement and dedication for work would remain valuable and enrich many people giving an impetus for actions towards bettering our environment and the world. I would like to express my sincere condolences to the family and colleagues of Ms. Waller-Hunter and wish them strength in carrying on. May her soul rest in peace.
-Aleksander Apatsky, on behalf of the Ministry of Environment of Belarus

With Joke gone, the world has lost one of its great leaders towards sustainable development. She was an inspiration to all of us and the sense of loss is as strong as the sense of pride of having known her and worked with her.
-Tage Michaelsen, former IPF/IFF/DSD and FAO

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI), I wish to offer my deepest sympathy on the passing away of Ms. Waller-Hunter. She was a person of great insight and personality, and her untimely death is a great loss for the environmental profession. Her encouragement to others, her selfless commitment to the Framework Convention, and her tireless energy provided motivation to us all. She will always be fondly remembered for her tremendous contributions and dedication to her work.
-Elmer Holt, Chair, CTI Executive Committee

We will miss her deeply in the climate protection community. My condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues from UNFCCC secretariat.
-Saber OSMAN Environmental Researcher, Climate Change Unit Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)

The sad news came as a shock. I liked her very much, she was frank and straight. We will miss her. All my thoughts to her family, friends - and staff.
-Cédric Philibert, International Energy Agency

Joke has made an outstanding contribution to furthering the cause of sustainable development, most recent in the area of climate change. She was an extremely competent and always friendly person and will be badly missed.
-John Christensen, UNEP Risoe

Joke was a remarkable person. She was my director for a year when I worked for the Strategic Planning department twelve years ago. With her sharp intelligence, her tranquillity and her down to earth mentality she brought out the best in us. It was a real pleasure seeing her at work for UNFCCC. She had so much more to do. I will miss her dearly.
-Ronald Flipphi, Netherlands' Ministry for the Environment

We would like to express the sincere condolencies on the passing away of Ms. Waller-Hunter. God blessing her forever.
-Juan Mancebo

I’m deeply sad about Joke’s passing away. She has been a fantastic boss, a great believer in sustainability with the strong capability to inspire and motivate. Under her leadership, sustainable development got a face. And she never stopped caring for her people. My sincere condolences are with Joke’s family, her friends and UNFCCC colleagues. Joke stays in my mind and my heart.
-Monika Luxem, German Federal Environment Ministry

I am deeply saddened to read of the untimely passing of Ms Joke Waller-Hunter. A person of great substance and integrity, we, and am sure all the AOSIS delegations to the UNFCCC, shall surely miss her guidance and support in the UNFCCC and UN processes.
-Enele S Sopoaga, Permanent Representativ to the UN ,Tuvalu Mission to the UN, and Vice-Chairman of the AOSIS

My colleagues in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs and I were deeply saddened to learn about the death of Joke Waller-Hunter in Bonn on 14 October. Joke left an indelible mark on the United Nations Secretariat, as a result of her leadership and major contributions to the cause of sustainable development while working with this Department from 1994 until 1998. We also collaborated closely with her after she assumed her more recent responsibilities as Director of the Environment Directorate of the OECD, and as the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Her many friends and colleagues in New York will sorely miss her extraordinary commitment, energy, courage, warmth and vision.
-José Antonio Ocampo, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations

We will miss you - climate change law won't be the same anymore.
-Stefan Tormans, Stibbe Law Firm

Arturo Acevedo (president) and Sebastian Bigorito (Executive Director) want to express their condolences to Joke Waller-Hunter's family, friends and UNFCCC'Secretariat, and offer our support to her relatives in such irreparable loss.
-BCSD Argentina - CEADS

Since the Rio-conference in '92 Joke impressed me. As a person, as an organisational talent, as a human beeing deeply involved with the world, its poverty and its climate. I learned a lot from her during several interviews en private meetings. I 've lost a very, very dear friend!
-Ab Pilgram, former political editor Dutch Public Broadcasting NOS

We offer our sincere condolences on the passing of Ms. Joke Waller-Hunter. We are thankful for her unwavering commitment and leadership as the Executive Secretary of UNFCCC. Ms. Waller-Hunter’s dedication to this important process shall not be forgotten. Peace to her family, friends, and co-workers during this difficult time.
-International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium

It is with profound sadness that my colleagues and I in the CSD Secretariat learned of Joke’s passing. I spoke to her barely three weeks ago about an upcoming Secretariat co-ordination meeting on climate change. I had known Joke for many years as a fellow delegate and as a Secretariat colleague. Her tireless efforts to advance sustainable development worldwide and to take on the many other challenges in her career won admiration and respect from all – government officials, UN colleagues and civil society groups, etc. Her years as the first Director of the CSD Secretariat are remembered with deep affection and admiration by colleagues. Joke’s lifelong dedication to sustainable development remains an inspiration to us all. Our personal grief at this time is great but we will also hold dear the memories of a life very well lived.
-JoAnne DiSano and colleagues in the CSD Secretariat

I am deeply saddened that Joke is no longer with us. I knew her only in my professional capacity as a journalist. I had enormous respect for her as an individual. I wish to extend my sympathies to her family and friends.
-William D'Alessandro, Victor House News Co.

Nos sincéres condoléances à sa famille et à ses proches ainsi qu'à la Mission Climat.
-Gilles ALLARD

We are so sad to hear of the passing of Joke, a woman who was frank and brave, yet kind and devoted to serious and just causes. The climate issue will miss her, as will her friends and colleagues.
-Eileen Claussen, Pew Center on Global Climate Change

I was always impressed by Joke and how much of a champion for climate change she became. She was always nudging the world on in a firm, but ever so tactful, fashion.
-Don Macdonald, Alberta Environment, Canada

We express our deepest sentiment for the loss of Joke Waller-Hunter who has contributed important work and sensibility towards the search for new ways to better understand, care, and protect our planet.
-Horacio de Belaustegui, President of Fundación Biosfera, Argentina

As I recent intern at the UNFCCC in Bonn, I was both excited and, it must be admitted, quite nervous, when I found out that Joke would be attending my brown bag presentation of my intern project. After my presentation, Joke waited and took the time to speak with me and to ask me about my future plans. She was very supportive and encouraged me in my career pursuits. I was struck by her attentive and approachable nature, and I will never forget my brief encounter with her. Her encouragement really inspired me to pursue my goals with renewed vigor. Thank you Joke.
-Tracy Johns, former UNFCCC intern (Arizona, USA)

Joke Waller-Hunter recognised and supported the contribution of independent research in the climate negotiations process. Her passing away truly is a great loss. My condolences go to the ones most dear to her.
-Louise van Schaik, CEPS and Research and Independent NGO constituency

Our most sincere and deepest condolences to Joke’s family and staff. Wish all of us to continue what she started through her lifetime achievements without forgetting its goal. May GOD bless her soul.
-Marcos Perez, Executive Director, MAPET International Foundation

With sadness I learned that Joke Waller Hunter passed away last Friday. Her dedication to make this world a better place was without limits. She knew how to bring people together and used this skill for the good of sustainable development and the combat against climate change. She brought out the best in people already when she worked for the Netherlands Ministry for the Environment. I am told, she continued to do so till the very end. She overcame personal tragedies by working hard and paying attention to other peoples’ needs. I feel honored to have known her.
-Pieter van Geel, Secretary of State for the Environment, The Netherlands

I am deeply saddened to learn of Joke's death. She was a champion for more environmentally friendly management of natural resources. Joke was always welcoming, compassionate and courageous. She will be sadly missed by all of us knowing her.
-Pekka Patosaari, Director, The UN Forum on Forests Secretariat

Nous perdons une grande dame, qui avait accepté et endossé une mission difficile. Son opiniâtreté avait permis d'engranger des résultats parfois inespérés. Puisse son exemple inspirer tout qui lui succédera. A tous ses proches, nos plus sincères condoléances.
-Guy Letawe, Ir

C'est avec consternation que l'Institut de l'Énergie et de l'Environnement de la Francophonie (IEPF), organe subsidiaire de l'Agence intergouvernementale de la Francophonie, a appris la disparition subite de Madame Joke Waller-Hunter, Secrétaire exécutive de la Convention Cadre des Nations Unies sur les Changements Climatiques. Nous sommes attristés de ne pas pouvoir la côtoyer, en décembre prochain à Montréal, lors des travaux de la 1ère réunion des Parties au Protocole de Kyoto, pour la mise en oeuvre duquel elle aura beaucoup oeuvré. En cette douloureuse circonstance, en mon nom propre et au nom de toute l'équipe de l'Institut, j'adresse mes sincères condoléances à la famille de Madame Waller-Hunter et à l'ensemble de ses collègues du Secrétariat.
-El Habib Benessahraoui, Directeur Exécutif, Institut de l'Énergie et de l'Environnement de la Francophonie (IEPF)

It was with great shock this morning that I read the news of the untimely passing away of Joke Waller-Hunter. In 1982 I was her colleague at the Environmental Bureau of the Provincial Government of North Holland. It was my first employment and I regret to say that environment appeared not to be the real mission of that part of the bureaucracy. Joke departed on a trip around the world and that step helped her to achieve so much in the area of environmental protection. After one year I left, and after an academic detour I am now with the UN. I had lost sight of Joke, but her death brought back vivid memories. These days climate is so much the crucial environmental issue that so many did not recognize in 1982. My thoughts are with Joke's family.
-Hans Lunshof, Head of Liaison Service for Switzerland and Liechtenstein, UNHCR

It is with great saddness that I offer my sincere condolences for the passing away of Ms. Waller-Hunter. we share with you the grief over this loss. It should be noted that the ceased will always be remembered for her zealous dedication to the environmental issues. May God rest her soul in peace and give her family the support and petience to bear this grievous loss.
-Eng. Khaled A. Irani, Minister of Environment, Jordan

We are shocked to learn of the passing of Joke Waller-Hunter on October 14, 2005. She left much too early. Joke demonstrated that it does indeed make a difference if women hold leadership positions. She convinced us all with her enormous commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development, her warmth and her openness, and also with her continuous efforts for gender justice. She exemplified great accomplishment, true leadership, sincere service, a keen sense for justice, and a love for life inspiring for all of us. We will miss her deeply, at the upcoming COP11/MOP1 in Montreal, and way beyond.
-Ulrike Roehr and Minu Hemmati, LIFE e.V.

Pour longtemps encore vous allez nous manquer. Nos condoléances sincères et à votre famille et entourage.
-Prof. Guy Turchany

Deeply Grieved by the sad news and untimely departure of Mrs Joke Waller Hunter. Sincere Condoleances from Director and staffof Mauritius Meteorological Services to UNFCC secretariat and family of bereaved. She will always be remembered as an untiring leader and strong believer of climate change activities. We will pray for her soul to rest in Peace.
-S.N Sok Appadu, Director, Mauritius Meteorological Sercices and Co-Focal Point of UNFCCC

We were deeply saddened by the sudden demise of UNFCCC Executive Secretary,Ms Joke Waller-Hunter, tireless worker and a firm believer of sustainable development. We would like to convey our sincere condolences to UNFCCC, to UN as well as her grieved family.
-Hakan Kivanc

A great shock and a big loss for the Climate Change and Sustainable Development communities. My sincere condoleances to het family and to the UNFCCC Secretariat staff.
-Youba SOKONA, OSS Tunis

I have just learned that dear Ms.Joke Waller-Hunter has passed away and I was really shocked. I had the chance to work with her as a Turkish delegate during EPOC Meetings in OECD and it was indeed a great pleasure to experience her strong personality in struggling both for the world and her own life without loosing her enthusiasm and smile. It is a very sad loss for all of us. I offer condolonce.
-Guzin ARAR (ARAT)-Regional Environmental Center -Turkey

It was with great sadness that I read of Joke's death today. I had enormous respect for her and her work, and always found her approachable, helpful and professional. I'm sure she will be greatly missed at the Secretariat, and would like to express the sympathy of all of us at Environmental Finance.
-Mark, Editor, Environmental Finance Magazine

I am deeply shocked to learn about Joke Waller-Hunter´s death and want to extend my heartfelt condolences. It must be such a loss for the Secretariat! Who can close the gap in such an important time as to the climate change process? The extreme climate catastrophes the world has seen over the last couple of months show how important that process is. After a long struggle for the Kyoto protocol to come into force, Joke would have deserved to see the progress happen and pick some fruits of the long work.
-With heartfelt regrets, Sabine Imhoff, T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom

It is with great sadness and a deep sense of loss that we heard of Joke’s passing away, due to her commitment and her humanness, her seriousness to work towards sustainable development and her sense of humour. In particular with her willingness and ability to relate to, and involve people, she contributed much more to the work of UNFCCC than just her work. I will miss her.
-Gotelind Alber, Climate Alliance of European Cities

I will never forget Joke's unassuming approachable manner and sharp mind - nor the image of her on her bike in our Sudstadt neighbourhood, in deep thought. We in the ISDR have always appreciated her understanding of the linkages of natural disasters and disaster reduction to climate change policy and politics, and her suppport for interaction in UNFCCC processes. And now she can rest in peace, albeit a premature end, but leaving behind an impressive record that few could emulate in the fullest of lives.
-Reid Basher, Coordinator, Platform for the Promotion of Early Warning (PPEW), UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

We received the news of her passing away with deep sorrow, I have known here as committed devoted and delegent person in serving the work of the Climate Change Proces May God bless here soul.
-Bdullatif Salem Benrageb Manager, of the Executive Office on Climate Change Libya. and the Chairman of the SBSTA

We just heard the news. Let me express on behalf of the WG III TSU our great sadness of the passing away of Joke Waller and our deep-felt condolences ,through, you to the whole UNFCCC secretariat. A great loss for UNFCCC and for mankind. I knew her as a very amiable, committed and charismatic person.
-Leo Meyer, Head Technical Support Unit Working Group III, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Death is always a sad news. But it is even more shocking when a colleague is passing away with whom we shared the tasks, the excitements, successes but also the stress of the work. Irrespective how close you worked together, it is as a part of you were gone. I will always remember Joke as she announced Russia's joining of the Kyoto Protocoll before the lecture of Hans Blix. It is a small bit of consolation that she could see this success coming true. Let me express, also in the name of the entire UNU-EHS team our heartfelt condolences to our UNFCCC collegues but also to Joke's family and friends.
-Janos Bogardi

We convey words of condolences to Richard, all FCCC staff and Joke´s family. Joke´s contribution to the Convention and its ratification will be remembered well by all struggling for better environment.
-Michal Krzyzanowski, WHO/Bonn Office

This is very sad news indeed. Joke was a wonderful person, both professionally and personally, and will be greatly missed. On my own behalf and that of my colleagues in UNEVOC we wish to convey our condolences to Joke's family and to colleagues in FCCC.
-Rupert Maclean, Director, UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre

I have just learnt the news and am in deep shock and very sad. Joke was the best boss one could have: she truly believed in what she was doing and her dedication and enthusiasm were highly contagious. At personal level, she always found time for the people she cared for and never stopped smiling. Joke will stay in our minds.
-Minna Wilkki, European Commission, Brussels

All my colleagues and myself are deeply grieved to learn of the death of Joke. She will be long remembered in my memory as one who devoted her life to the climate change issues. It was very heartening to work with her for a long time. I would like to express to the UNFCCC Secretariat my deepest sympathy.
-Dr. Jan Pretel, former Climate Change National Focal Point of the Czech Republic

As the chairman of the MEDEF Climate Change Committee,I would like to take part in the tribute paid to Joke.She was great,devoted to the future of the mankind and I feel her death as beeing a sad loss.Condolence to her family.
-Thierry Chambolle

Thank you, Joke, for giving us all the motivation to climb life's mountains.
-Carolyn Sturgeon, OECD

We are saddened to learn of the death of Dr. Waller Hunter. She has been a ceaseless fighter for the greatest cause of all: that of preventing the mindless destruction of our unique planet through the reckless sacking of its limited and precious resources. She has been present at every stage of the Kyoto process, and has held firm to the positive message that humanity can and will face the challenges that are presented by a changing climate. As the World gathers to discuss the next vital steps after Kyoto, her absence will be greatly felt.
-Alain Hubert, International Polar Foundation

Joke was a remarkable woman - brave, smart, energetic, committed and professional. I am grateful to her dedicated support to my work as a chair of SBI. I shall miss her. She has made significant contribution to the climate change process that we all have to appreciate and for which she will be remembered. May her soul rest in peace.
-Daniela Stoycheva - Bulgaria, ex-SBI chair

I feel deeply sorry about this announcement and send my sympathy to Her family and relatives. But Her name will stay for long in all the memories of people working hard and in the same direction to fight against any deterioration of our planet:it is just a question of life.
-Danielle Sorrentino , Lafarge group

I had the pleasure of working for Joke at the OECD in 1998, and subsequently meeting her again in the climate negotiations. Rising to the challenge of sustainable development and tackling global problems such as climate change is too often addressed in abstract terms as a question of governance. Behind that is the work of highly dedicated men and women, of whom Joke was an outstanding example. We shall have to get used to managing without her wise advice in Montréal. She will be sadly missed. My sincere condolences go to her family and friends.
-Paul Watkinson, Mission interministérielle de l'effet de serre, France

We, Aveen, Danielle and Michael send our deepest sympathies on the passing away of Joke. Our thoughts are with her colleagues and family on this very sad occasion.

It is with great sorrow that I received the news about Jokes passing away and I want to express my deepest and heartfelt condolences to Jokes family and friends. I personally feel very sad about Joke's passing away. I recall having met her first in Nairobi in 1990 during one of my first missions to the UNCED Prepcom - she was a chairperson, I was a junior delegate. Since then our paths have crossed many times and I have always appreciated her guidance, her charisma and her friendship. This is a great loss for all of us involved in safeguarding the climate system and the environment.
-Renate Christ, Secretary of the IPCC

Joke will be missed. All our sympathy and condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.
-Steve Howard, The Climate Group

Thanks for what you have done for the world. We will continue to try our best to build up a sustainable and harmonious world!
-Chuan Wang, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

It is with a very deep sense of loss that I learnt of the passing of Joke. My condolences go to her family and to her staff. Joke embodied all that is best in our world: energy, humour, compassion, commitment, wisdom. Her passing is a great loss to us all, not just for the climate change issue but for the international system as a whole in which she has worked for so long, so tirelessly and with so much wisdom.
-Bill Hare, Greenpeace International

Please accept our deep condolences to the death of Ms. Joke Waller-Hunter. She was an inspiring leader and a true friend, who always worked for better future, we will miss her guidance and friendship.
-Climate Action Network International

I would like to express my deep sorrow in hearing about the passing away of Joke Waller-Hunter. She was a special and passionate colleague who in the many years of public service never lost her sense of commitment to the issues she cared about. On behalf her many friends and colleagues at The World Conservation Union (IUCN), who she interacted with over the years, I send our sincere condolences to Joke’s family and the UNFCCC staff. She will be greatly missed by us all.
-Achim Steiner, Director General, The World Conservation Union (IUCN)

I liked her very much and I'm shocked. We will miss her. All my thoughts go to her family and her whole staff. Richard, please let them know.
-Cédric Philibert, IEA

We were deeply saddened to learn about the demise of Ms. Joke Waller-Hunter for which we offer our heartfelt condolences. We share with you this overwheling loss which will be felt with sorrow equally by all of us. We pray to Almighty God to bless her soul and give her family the strength to withstand this grievous loss.
-Eng. Faris Al Junaidi -- Secretary General - Ministry of Environment - Jordan

We have learned with deep regret and sadness that Joke has passed away last Friday. It is a great loss to all of us who have known her, some longer, others only as Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC. Joke has worked for many years for the things that she believed in and has made a contribution that we all appreciate and for which she will always be remembered. I have had the pleasure to have known her and work with her for many years, including, what now seems like yesterday, over the last summer in organizing the CDM London Roundtable. She was always willing to listen to and work with us, always fair, always adding a human touch - she will be missed from every point of view. We will miss her at the upcoming meeting in Montreal and we all must double our efforts to have a successful meeting which will be our best way to honor her memory. At the opening of the IETA Annual Meeting that will take place in Madrid October 19, and which will be attended by 300 members of IETA, we will observe a minute of silence in her honor. We would like to invite Richard Kinley, or a UNFCCC representative that you may wish to designate, to address the meeting at its opening and pay tribute to her dedication and her contribution.
-Andrei Marcu, Executive Director, International Emissions Trading Association

We are deeply saddened about the passing away of our friend and colleague Ms. Joke Waller-Hunter, The Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Her great leadership will be missed by all people concerned with the future of our planet. She was a great believer in the principles of sustainable development and international cooperation. Please extend our condolences to Ms. Waller-Hunter's family and colleagues.
-Ian Johnson, Vice President, Sustainable Development, THE WORLD BANK

It was a great shock for me and my staff to hear of the passing away of Ms Joke Waller-Hunter. Our deepest condolences go out to her family, friends and staff. She will be missed by all.
-Robert Owen-Jones, Director, Climate Change, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia

My deepest sympathies and condolences to her family and the climate change fratenity at large. May her soul rest in perfect peace.
-Patience T. M. Damptey, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission

Great loss to the UNFCCC and will be missed. Hearfelt condolences to the family.
-Binu Parthan, REEEP

We received the news of Joke's passing with shock and distress. My colleagues and I have had the privilege of working with Joke from her days at the CSD. Her calm, dignified and patient guiding hand in the most challenging of intergovernmental work was much appreciated by many of us in the non-governmental community. She contributed much in making the UN and sustainable development more people-oriented. We send our deepest condolences to her family.
-Chee Yoke Ling, Third World Network

It was a great shock to hear of the sudden passing of Joke. My memories of her go back to the early 1990's when we met on several occasions to discuss issues of information flows in the context of sustainable development. With the years, we both moved on to climate change and it is a great shame that Joke will not be with us to take pride in the recent achievements at the opening of COP/MOP 1. May she rest in peace.
-Peter Pembleton, UNIDO

Jambo Joke, slaap zacht, kus, Rudy.
-Rudy van Dijck, Chief DCS/UNON

Joke has been a colleague and a friend for some 25 years. A cheerful, open, trustworthy woman. And courageous. She kept her positive attitude to life after the sudden loss of her beloved husband, Herman, and fought with all her strength against her disease when in Paris. A fight she lost this time. Anke and I will miss her. The world will miss her.
-Jacob Swager, The Hague. Former coordinator with UNFCCC

We mourn with all others for the passing away of Joke Waller. To one of us she was a close friend, to all of us she was an outstanding and inspiring leader, fully committed to the cause of UNFCCC and above all a very amiable person. She had a lively interest in the work of IPCC and the assesments on climate mitigation of Working Group III. We will miss her enormously.
-Co-chairs and Technical Support Unit of Working Group III of iPCC

I knew Joke when she was Head of the Environment Directorate at OECD. What impressed me about her was her deep and serious commitment to the task, her firmness of purpose, and her ability to be good tempered and good-hearted with no departure from principle. I will remember her with both respect and affection. I hope we will see more like her in the international community.
-Mark Hyman, Department of Environment and Heritage, Australia

Demise of Ms. Hunter is very unfortunate. May God rest her soul in peace.
-Vivek Kumar

Mis sinceras condolencias para su familiares y amigos.
-Rodrigo Chaparro - Universidad Nacional de Colombia

My sincere condolences for the loss of Mrs Joke Waller Hunter; lets not forget her example and leadership, and be sure that we finish what she started.
-Jose I Pons

Las más sentidas condolencias por la pérdida de Joke a quien conocimos en la preparación de la Conferencia de Río y cuya amistad y compañía disfrutamos en tantas oportunidades, inclusive durante su presencia en Buenos Aires para la COP10.
-Leticia Vigil y Raul A. Estrada Oyuela

The decease of Joke came as a very sad message to me. From 1984 to 1994 I closely worked with you at the Ministry of Environment in Holland and we met several times at the OECD. As an environmental economist, working on Climate Change, I followed with great interest your leadership in Bonn. I will remember you as a very nice and warm woman, with inborn leadership. Your talent was to listen unprejudiced and build bridges between different views in an admirable manner that could pleas everyone. Adverse to power games you were always honest and tried to serve the cause. While being ambitious, we shared the sense of humor and the relativity of our efforts. I wish the Secretariat (en de familie in Nederland natuurlijk nog veel meer) a lot of strength to cope with the loss of a dear person. I will stay dedicated, as you were, to fullfil our mission for a sustainable world. I will miss you very much.
-Wim Iestra

May the inspiration that Joke Waller-Hunter left on people live on. Sincere condoleances to her family, friends and colleagues.
-Jean-Pierre Moussally, EPCEM

I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Joke was always such a stalwart beacon of good sense on the terribly complicated issue fo global warming. We will miss her a very great deal. Best wishes to her family, friends and colleagues.
-Michael Northrop, Rockefeller Brothers Fund