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The 2013-2015 Review
Title Document
2014 Views on how the outcomes of the 2013–2015 review will inform the work of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action.  FCCC/SB/2014/MISC.2
2014  Views on the future work of the structured expert dialogue, including the further use of different sources of information. FCCC/SB/2014/MISC.1
2014 Summary report on the second meeting of the structured expert dialogue. pdf-icon StructuredExpertDialogue.2014.1.SummaryReport (1328 kB)


Report of the structured expert dialogue of the 2013-2015 review for 2013. Note by the co-facilitators of the structured expert dialogue.

pdf-icon FCCC/SB/2013/INF.12 (451 kB)

2013 Summary report on the in-session workshop held at the first structured expert dialogue on the 2013–2015 review. pdf-icon StructuredExpertDialogue.2013.2.InformalSummary
(170 kB)

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