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The structured expert dialogue - The 20132015 review
In 2012, the COP decided to establish a structured expert dialogue (SED) that aims to support the work of a Joint Contact Group of SBSTA and SBI and to ensure the scientific integrity of the review through a focused exchange of views, information and ideas.

Ensuring the scientific integrity of the review, the SED is an appropriate vehicle for open and substantive discussions between Parties on the scientific knowledge and evidence based climate policy formulation. It will consider scientific information relevant to the review through regular scientific workshops and expert meetings and will assist the preparation and consideration of synthesis reports on the review.

The SED held four sessions and completed its work in February 2015.

Meetings of the structured expert dialogue on the 20132015 review:

First meeting of the structured expert dialogue (SED1)
Second meeting of the structured expert dialogue (SED2)
Third meeting of the structured expert dialogue (SED3)
Fourth meeting of the structured expert dialogue (SED4)

Final report on the SED

The final report on the SED is contained in FCCC/SB/2015/INF.1, summarises the face-to-face dialogue between over 70 experts and Parties that took place during the four SED sessions. The report features a technical summary, which synthesises the work done by the SED and includes 10 messages capturing the key findings emerging from its sessions.

SBSTA and SBI special event on the 20132015 review

A special event of the SBSTA and SBI on the 20132015 review will be organized on Tuesday, 2 June 2015 at 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, on the margins of the climate change conference in Bonn to launch the final report on the SED. At this event, the co-facilitators of the SED review will present this report. The SED co-facilitators’ presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and a Q&A session.