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National activities with respect to implementing the GCOS Implementation Plan: Additional information from Parties



SBSTA 23 (Montreal, December 2005) requested the GCOS secretariat to provide, at SBSTA 30 (June 2009), a comprehensive report on progress with the GCOS implementation plan.  The SBSTA also noted that the preparation of such report would be heavily dependent upon obtaining timely information on national implementation activities.  Therefore, the SBSTA invited Parties to submit to the secretariat, by 15 September 2008, additional information on their national activities with respect to implementing the plan.

SBSTA 27 (Bali, December 2007) recalled its request to the GCOS secretariat to provide the above-mentioned comprehensive report at SBSTA 30 and its invitation to Parties to submit to the secretariat, by 15 September 2008, information on their national activities with respect to implementing the plan.  It further encouraged Parties to use the revised UNFCCC reporting guidelines on global climate change observing systems adopted at COP 13 (FCCC/CP/2007/6/Add.2) when providing that information.

Information received by Parties
Party Additional information on the GCOS implementation plan
Australia (pdf-icon Submission (534 kB) date:15/09/2008)
Belgium (pdf-icon Submission (1095 kB) date: 7/10/2008)
Belize (pdf-icon Submission (268 kB) date: 28/01/2009) 
Canada  (pdf-icon Submission (2016 kB) date: 15/05/2009)
Denmark (pdf-icon Submission (355 kB) date: 4/11/2008)
European Community (pdf-icon Submission (107 kB) date: 24/11/2008) 
Finland (pdf-icon Submission (1436 kB) date: 31/10/2008)
France (pdf-icon Submission (764 kB) date: 23/10/2008)
Germany (pdf-icon Submission (292 kB) date: 15/09/2008)
Greece (pdf-icon Submission (222 kB) date: 14/11/2008)
Ireland (pdf-icon Submission (272 kB) date: 16/09/2008)
Italy (pdf-icon Submission (44 kB) date: 25/11/2008) 
Japan (pdf-icon Submission (93 kB) date: 11/11/2008) 
Lithuania (pdf-icon Submission (277 kB) date: 17/09/2008)
Netherlands (pdf-icon Submission (401 kB) date: 17/09/2008)
Poland (pdf-icon Submission (1060 kB) date: 30/01/2009)
Russian Federation (pdf-icon Submission (144 kB) date: 18/09/2008)
Slovak Republic (pdf-icon Submission (53 kB) date: 15/09/2008)
Spain (pdf-icon Submission (191 kB) date: 7/10/2008) (pdf-icon English summary (50 kB) )
Sri Lanka (pdf-icon Submission (572 kB) date: 29/01/2009)
Sweden (pdf-icon Submission (182 kB) date: 15/09/2008)
Switzerland (pdf-icon Submission (470 kB) date: 19/09/2008)
United Kingdom (pdf-icon Submission (514 kB) date: 1/11/2008)
United States of America (pdf-icon Submission (236 kB) date: 05/09/2008)

Information on national activities relevant to the GCOS implementation plan can also be found in the national communications (NCs) and the detailed reports on global climate observing systems provided by Annex I Parties in conjunction with their national communications. For the latest NCs and GCOS reports click here.

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