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Seventh meeting of the Research Dialogue (RD 7), SBSTA 42

Thursday 4 June 2015, 15:00–18:00, World Conference Center, Bonn

pdf-icon Information Note (535 kB)

pdf-icon Agenda (210 kB)

pdf-icon Summary Report (1354 kB)



Part 1: Addressing data and information gaps, including from the IPCC AR5
Presenter and affiliation Presentation
Thomas Stocker
pdf-icon Efforts undertaken to address the information gaps in AR5 (2009 kB)
David Carlson
and on behalf of Future Earth partners DIVERSITAS, IGBP and IHDP
pdf-icon Confronting Urgent Climate Challenges (3343 kB)
Sergio Zelaya
pdf-icon Linkages between Climate Change and Land Degradation (1170 kB)
Masato Mori
pdf-icon Human influence on extreme events: new approach by Probabilistic Event Attribution (2058 kB)
Claas Teichmann
pdf-icon Downscaling of CMIP6 for regional climate modeling: experiences from CORDEX (3724 kB)
Gé Verver
pdf-icon The KNMI Climate Explorer and International Climate Assessment & Dataset (1068 kB)
Part 2: Lessons learned and good practices for knowledge and research capacity building, in particular in developing countries
Presenter and affiliation Presentation
Vera Stercken
pdf-icon Climate knowledge and innovation – research strategies in support of climate policy (1038 kB)
Peter Horvath
pdf-icon Addressing global societal challenges through EU research funding (458 kB)
Adrian Simmons
pdf-icon Some research-related messages from evaluation of the status of the Global Observing System for Climate (1223 kB)
Andrew Matthews
pdf-icon Capacity Development in Developing States in the Asia-Pacific Region: Some of the Issues (1722 kB)
Carlos Fuller
pdf-icon Climate Modelling in the Caribbean (1032 kB)
Meetings of the Research Dialogue (RD)

List of all meetings with links to presentations and reports

The following submissions have been received from Parties:

pdf-icon Japan
pdf-icon Latvia and the European Commission on behalf of the European Union and its Member States

The following submissions have been received from observer organizations:

pdf-icon Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI)

Additional material

UNCCD Impulse report:
Climate change and desertification: Anticipating, assessing & adapting to future change in drylands

APN submission:
pdf-icon Capacity development in developing states in the Asia-Pacific region: some of the issues (4469 kB)

Presentation by the IAI (in absentia):
pdf-icon Lessons learned and good practices for knowledge and research capacity building in the Americas (700 kB)