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Research dialogue - Research

The foundation for the research dialogue was given in decision 9/CP.11 on research needs relating to the Convention, which stipulated an enhanced communication between Parties and the scientific community and requested the SBSTA to regularly consider research needs and systematic observation relating the Convention. The objective of such communication is two-fold:

  • To inform Parties about on-going and planned activities of regional and international climate change research programmes and organizations, and
  • To communicate Parties' views on research needs and priorities to the scientific community.

In response to this request, the SBSTA initiated a dialogue on research needs under the Convention between Parties and regional and international climate change research programmes and organizations. At SBSTA 26 it was agreed to develop and maintain such dialogue in the context of decision 9/CP.11, and relevant research programmes and organizations were invited to regularly inform the SBSTA of developments in research activities relevant to the needs of the Convention, including:

  • Emerging scientific findings, research planning activities, research priorities and gaps, research capacity building activities particularly in developing countries, regional climate change research networks and relevant communication issues (see FCCC/SBSTA/2007/4, para 47(f))

Since then, the research dialogue is taking place once a year during every second session of the SBSTA. In addition, a workshop on research was held in conjunction with SBSTA 34, to give further in-depth consideration to issues addressed at the research dialogue.

The success of the activities carried out under the research dialogue was recognized by decision 16/CP.17, which also decided that the dialogue should continue, and be used as a forum for:

  • Discussing needs for climate change research and research-related capacity-building, particularly those of developing countries, to support the work of the Convention; and
  • Conveying research findings and lessons learned from activities undertaken by regional and international research programmes and organizations of relevance to the Convention.

Prior to the SBSTA session at which a research dialogue will be held, Parties are invited to submit their views on research needs as well as on specific themes to be addressed in the dialogue. Regional and international research programmes and organizations are invited to provide information on developments in their research activities relevant to the needs of the Convention.

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