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Research dialogue

Decision 9/CP.11 (FCCC/CP/2005/5/Add.1) lay the foundation for the research dialogue and requested the SBSTA to regularly consider research needs and systematic observation relating to the Convention.

SBSTA 26 (FCCC/SBSTA/2007/4, paragraph 47) agreed to develop and maintain the research dialogue in the context of decision 9/CP.11. Relevant research programmes and organizations were invited to regularly inform the SBSTA of developments in research activities to support the needs of the Convention, including: emerging scientific findings, research planning activities, research priorities and gaps, research capacity building activities particularly in developing countries, regional climate change research networks and relevant communication issues.

Decision 16/CP.17 (FCCC/CP/2011/9/Add.2) urges Parties, in particular developing country Parties, and invites regional and international research programmes and organizations active in climate change research to utilize the research dialogue as a forum for:

(a) Discussing needs for climate change research and research-related capacity-building, particularly those of developing countries, to support the work of the Convention;
(b) Conveying research findings and lessons learned from activities undertaken by regional and international research programmes and organizations of relevance to the Convention.

RD7 - A new approach

At the seventh meeting of the research dialogue (RD 7), SBSTA 42, 4 June 2015, a new, more comprehensive approach was taken to the research dialogue.

  • An pdf-icon information note was prepared by the SBSTA Chair prior to the session, to support participant preparation and engagement. This was welcomed by Parties (FCCC/SBSTA/2015/2 paragraph 30)
  • The pdf-icon Summary report (1354 kB)  presented online following the meeting, provides detailed information on presentations, including references to journal articles, and the ensuing discussions.

Research dialogues

Seventh meeting (RD7), SBSTA 42, 4 June 2015

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Fourth meeting, SBSTA 36, 19 May 2012

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First meeting, SBSTA 30, 3 June 2009


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