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The need for a better understanding of the global climate system and its variability and change are addressed in the Convention, which calls on Parties to promote and cooperate in research and systematic observation of the climate system, including through exchange of information and supporting international programmes, networks and organizations (Articles 4.1(g,h) and 5). Parties are also called upon to cooperate in improving the capacities of developing countries so that they can participate in research and systematic observation activities.

Climate change research focuses on a wide range of topics such as earth sciences, climate processes and system, climate variability, climate modelling and prediction, including extreme events; climate change impacts and vulnerabilities, including adaptation, and climate change mitigation. It also covers a broad spectrum of sectors, society, economies and ecosystems, as well as cross-cutting and interdisciplinary research. more >>

Parties regularly report on their national and cooperative research activities and their contributions to climate science, as well as emerging research needs and priorities, in their national communications.
For the latest national communications from Annex I Parties, see here.

UNFCCC Workshop on technical and scientific aspects of ecosystems with high-carbon reservoirs not covered by other agenda items under the Convention more>>

Outlook to SBSTA 40


Resources on climate change research and systematic observation related information from external organizations, including IPCC and other relevant programmes
Calendar of upcoming worldwide climate change science and research related events from external organizations, including on issues of systematic observation

Outlook to SBSTA 40

Following the conclusions of SBSTA 38 (FCCC/SBSTA/2013/3, paragraphs 62 - 70): 

The Adaptation Exchange

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