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 Second meeting of the Structured Expert Dialogue (SED2)
Date: 12-13 November 2013, 15.00-18.00
Venue: Meeting Room 2, National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland

The goals of SED 2 are: to assess the adequacy of the long-term global goal to the extent possible, on the basis of the informal note the AR5 WGI; to assess the overall progress made so far towards achieving the long-term global goal, as well as the projected progress, including the likelihood of meeting and maintaining the goal; and to share lessons learned on the effectiveness of the support provided. The summary for policymakers, technical summary and the full report of AR5 WGI is available on the IPCC website. (video)

pdf-icon Message  (66 kB) to Parties from the Co-facilitators of the SED on the 2013-2015 review (version of 26 September). In response to this message, the secretariat received three submissions of views from Parties which are available here.

pdf-icon Information on the second structured expert dialogue on the 2013-2015 review (116 kB) : Note by the co-facilitators (version of 29 October)

pdf-icon Agenda (121 kB)

pdf-icon Summary report SED2 (1328 kB)

Day 1

Soundtrack in mp3 format (please see the below the start/stop times for the presentations and please note that the file is 86MB)

Scene-setting presentation

Thomas Stocker (0:00-17:47)

pdf-icon Overarching WGI findings relevant to the SED (2360 kB)  
Theme I: The adequacy of the long-term global goal (LTGG) in the light of the ultimate objective of the Convention
Detlef van Vuuren (36:24-52:54) pdf-icon Representative Concentration Pathways (574 kB)
Thomas Stocker (53:35-1:05:02) pdf-icon Climate Change Projections (3996 kB)
Jonathan Gregory (1:06:06-1:24:43) pdf-icon Sea level rise (667 kB)

Krishna Kumar Kanikicharla

pdf-icon Regional climate change: Findings of IPCC AR5 WGI (2235 kB)  

Group discussion

 EU, New Zealand, pdf-icon South Africa (864 kB) (1:52:24-1:57:27), AOSIS
Day 2

Soundtrack (please download as zip and also please see the below the start/stop times for the presentations)

Theme II: Overall progress made towards achieving the LTGG, including a consideration of the implementation of the commitments under the Convention
Corinne Le Quéré
pdf-icon Past, current and projected changes of global GHG emissions and concentrations (1927 kB)
Reto Knutti
pdf-icon Relationship between global emissions and global temperature rise (1426 kB)
Group discussion
Brazil, China, EU, Switzerland

Antonio Pflüger           

pdf-icon Effectiveness of, and needs for the implementation of, support under the Convention in technology development and transfer (179 kB)

Diann Black-Layne   (1:52:27-2:06:44)            

pdf-icon Standing Committee on Finance (176 kB)

Robert Dixon  

pdf-icon The Global Environment Facility (1388 kB)
Group discussion 
AOSIS, Mexico, Philippines
Additional material 
pdf-icon Philippines (511 kB)  (not presented during the dialogue)

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