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Research & Research Dialogue

Date Event Venue  
24-25 October 2013 UNFCCC Workshop on technical and scientific aspects of ecosystems with high-carbon reservoirs not covered by other agenda items under the Convention

Bonn, Germany

4 June 2013 SBSTA 38 Research Dialogue Bonn, Germany more>>
19 May 2012 SBSTA 36 Research Dialogue Bonn, Germany more>> 
2 December 2011 UNFCCC side event at COP 17: Updates from climate change science - Special focus Africa Durban, South Africa more>>
2-3 June 2011 SBSTA 34 workshop on research Bonn, Germany more>> 
8 June 2011 SBSTA 34 Research Dialogue Bonn, Germany more>>
2 December 2010 UNFCCC side event at COP 16 on climate change research - updated information on emerging scientific findings and research outcomes Cancun, Mexico more>> 
3 June 2010
SBSTA 32 Research Dialogue Bonn, Germany more>>
3 June 2009 SBSTA 30 Research Dialogue Bonn, Germany more>>
5 June 2008 SBSTA 28 Informal discussion on developments in research activities Bonn, Germany more>>
8 May 2007 SBSTA 26 Informal discussion on a more effective dialogue between Parties and regional and international climate change research programmes and organizations Bonn, Germany more>>
19 May 2006 SBSTA 24 Special side event on Research Needs relating to the Convention Bonn, Germany more>>

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Systematic Observation

Date Event Venue

13 November 2013 

UNFCCC Side Event at COP 19:
Dialogue with the systematic observation community on activities relevant to the Convention

Warsaw, Poland  more>>
1 December 2011 UNFCCC side event at COP 17: Funding for climate observation Durban, South Africa  more>>

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The 2013-2015 Review

Date Event Venue
12, 13 November 2013 The second meeting of the structured expert dialogue on the 2013-2015 review (SED2) Warsaw, Poland more>>
5 June 2013 Workshop under the structured expert dialogue of the 2013-2015 review (SED1) Bonn, Germany more>>


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