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Organizer: France
Type: Side-event
Time: 20/05/06 13:00
Location: Solar

Climate change, energy and sustainable development: how to tame King Coal?

Assessment of the demand for coal, the technological maturity of the different options of production and of CCS, with a description of the different research and deelopment initiatives.


Moderator Aurélie VIEILLEFOSSE, Economic Studies, Ministry for Environmental affairs and Sustainable Development

Antoine-Tristan MOCILNIKAR, Energy Counselor to the Interministerial Delegate for Sustainable Development. "The place of Coal and of Capture and Storage of CO2, in the energy mix"

Tim DIXON, Advisor, Carbon Abatement Technologies, Department of Trade and Industry: « Near Zero Emissions Coal in China »

Mustapha KLEICHE, Agence Française du Développement: « Coal and energy efficiency in the agenda of Aid policies »

David REINER, Lecturer in Technology Policy, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge: « Social perception of capture and storage of CO2 »

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