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Organizer: UNFCCC
Type: In-session workshop
Time: 23/05/06 15:00
Location: Plenary 1
Workshop on mitigation: agriculture, forestry and rural development
3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  Session III:
Presentations by Party representatives and Questions and answers
    Hilkka Summa (European Commission):
Contribution of the EU Agricultural Policy to climate change mitigation
    Frank O’Mara (Ireland):
Mitigating farm livestock greenhouse gas emissions in the EU
    Charles W. Rice (United States of America):
Agricultural mitigation of greenhouse gases
    Roger Lincoln (New Zealand):
Mitigation opportunities in a temperate agricultural and forestry economy
    Gert Schultz (Denmark):
Modern biomass utilisation
  Questions and answers session III
  Exchange of views and lessons learned
Agenda Charts
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