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Organizer: UNFCCC
Type: In-session workshop
Time: 23/05/06 10:00
Location: Plenary 1
Workshop on mitigation: agriculture, forestry and rural development
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  Opening and welcome:
Mr. Kishan Kumarsingh, Chair of the SBSTA
  Session I:
Presentations by Party representatives, Questions and answers
    Brian C. Murray (United States of America):
Economics of Climate Change Mitigation in Forestry, Agriculture, and Land Use Change: a National Assessment for the USA
    James Shevlin (Australia):
Successful approaches to working with the agriculture sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimise the loss of valuable resources
    A. Verhagen (The Netherlands):
Costs, benefits and co-benefits of mitigation activities in agriculture and forestry
    Yang Xiongnian (China):
Technology needs for promoting rural development and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions in China
    Kenji Iiyama (Japan):
Development of greenhouse-gas sink/source control technologies through conservation and efficient management of terrestrial ecosystems
  Questions and answers session I
  Session II:
Presentations by Party representatives, Questions and answers
    Elisabeth Lipiatou (European Commission):
Economics of the mitigation potentials in the European agriculture, forestry and land use sector
    Marku Kanninen (for the European Community):
The contribution of forestry and forests to the objective of the UNFCCC and to sustainable development
    Sandra Brown (United States of America):
Methods and techniques for monitoring reductions in GHG emissions from avoiding deforestation
    Masahiro Amano (Japan):
Promotion of sustainable forest management and the role of biological sequestration under climate change agreements
  Questions and answers session II
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