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Organizer: UNFCCC
Type: In-session workshop
Time: 20/05/06 15:00
Location: Plenary 2

In-session workshop on carbon dioxide capture and storage


3.00 pm - 6.00 pm

Innovation, deployment, diffusion and transfer of CCS technologies
- Ms. Trude Sundset, Norway
- Mr. Xuedu Lu, China
- Experiences and lessons learned from the IEA work on carbon capture and storage, Mr. John Gale, IEA
Discussions (together with non-governmental organizations perspectives)
Capacity building for the development of this technology and other related issues
Capacity building through education and outreach
- Development and deployment of CCS training modules; training courses to build awareness and capacity. Mr. Bill Reynen, Canada
- Capacity building for demonstration and use of CCS and for transfer or knowledge of CCS to decision-makers. Mr. Arthur Lee, IPIECA (Chevron)
Inventory, regulatory and legal issues
- IPCC Guidance on developing and applying CCS emission estimation methodologies in national inventories of GHGs. Mr. Simon Eggleston, IPCC
- Towards an EU policy framework for CCS. Mr. Jürgen Lefevere, European Commission
- Recent developments on CCS legal issues. Ms. Elizabeth Hattan, United Kingdom
Understanding the risks associated with CO2 capture, transport and storage
- High level overview of storage technology and issues. Mr. Wolfgang Heidug, IPIECA (Shell)
- Monitoring of geological storage. Ms. Carolyn Preston, Canada
Discussions & General discussion and Chair’s summary
Agenda Charts
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