Press Briefing

Making Kyoto work:
data, policies, infrastructures
20 November 2007
Deutsche Welle, Bonn, Germany

John Hay, Yvo de Boer, Sergey Kononov,
Mike Elhaddad, Katia Simeonova

      1. Introduction - (John Hay, Yvo de Boer)    
      2. Latest UNFCCC data on GHG trends (1990-2005) - (Sergey Kononov) [download slides]    
      3. Policy developments in Parties and projected GHG emissions in 2008-2012 - (Katia Simeonova) [download slides]    
      4. Overview of the establishment of assigned amounts of AI Parties - (Katia Simeonova) [download slides]    
      5. Status of ITL develoopment - (Mike Elhaddad) [download slides]    
      6. Conclusion - (Yvo de Boer)    
      7. Questions and Answers    
      8. Wrap-up - (John Hay)