Technical requirements


Mac OS


Click here to run a systemcheck!


For some sessions screencasts are available as addition to the regular webcast. The screencast mode displays a video of the presentation screen inside the meeting room alongside the audio for the session.

During the parts of the session in which screencast content is available, there will be a "Screencast" tab beside the Agenda / Workprogramme / Slides Tabs. Clicking on the Screencast button in the tab window will open an overlay window with the screencast.

In the slider below the webcast video and below the screencast video you can see, for what parts of this session screencasts are available:

Due to the content and required screensize of the screencast-video, screencast videos won\'t play for users viewing the session with a isdn or slower internet connection.


1. How can I view webcasts on your site, do I need special software?

In order to view the webcast, you need to meet the minimum technical requirements:

  • Browser: Firefox 3.x or Internet Explorer 6 or greater with Javascript enabled.
  • MediaPlayer: Windows MediaPlayer 10 or newer (Mac users need the Silverlight plugin to be able to watch the videos which can be downloaded here).

For Firefox the "Microsoft® Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin" has to be installed which can be downloaded from this page.

2. The video stream is not displayed – the video window stays black and no sound is played

  • You may need to install a newer version of the Windows Media Player. Run the System Check to see if you have a compatible media player and the appropriate video player plug-in installed for your browser.
  • There may be a firewall preventing you from watching the video stream. This firewall could be a personal firewall on your computer (like ZoneAlarm, Norton Personal Firewall, Norton Personal Firewall or others) or the firewall of your ISP. To view the webcasts the ports 554 and 1755 have to be open in the firewall. In case you have a personal firewall you might have to modify the rules for the ports mentioned above or edit the rules for the windows media player. If you are using an external firewall, contact your system administrator.
  • If you are using Firefox and the video is not displayed visit the Mozilla Help page for the Windows Media Player Plug-in for Firefox.

3. The quality of the video picture is poor

The quality of the video picture depends on the bandwidth of your internet connection. The webcast videos are streamed in multiple qualities at the same time and your windows media player chooses the appropriate webcast stream depending on the available bandwidth. If you have a slow internet connection or if you are sharing your internet connection with others that are using the internet at the same time, your downstream bandwidth might not be large enough to watch the high quality video streams. Visit the System Check webpage to determine if your connection bandwidth is large enough.

4. Further help

For any problems with the video and audio playback try also to find your solution on the Microsoft Windows Media Help & Support Page – There you will also find the current version of the Windows Media Player.