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Q & A 3
A complete coverage of the question and answer session that took place after the presentations by experts from Tuvalu, Albania, the Republic of Korea, and The Netherlands speaking on behalf of the European Community and its member states, can be found at <>

The issues raised during the discussion included the link between climate change and poverty, and the role of developed and developing countries in research and development of climate change technology, in particular, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

All participants acknowledged the links between climate change and poverty, and indicated that renewable energy could meet both objectives (slowing climate change and alleviating poverty) as a means to deliver energy to the poorest people and countries. On other matters, some participants noted the role of developing and developed countries in technology research and development; they stressed that such actions could also be undertaken through programmes established by governments. Participants also noted the role of the UNFCCC in providing incentives for climate change action in several policy areas. Other participants called for financial institutions to take into consideration climate change matters when providing funding for technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, some participants highlighted the importance of raising public awareness to facilitate the implementation of the UNFCCC.