Activities Implemented Jointly

In accordance with the objectives of the Environmental Management Plan of Seychelles (EMPS), there have been various studies and activities related to the impacts of climate change on the Coastal Zone. Through the sponsorship of the International Oceanographic Commission (IOC), some work has been done on coastal erosion, and sea-level changes and its impact. In addition, a survey of the Coastal Zone of Seychelles has been made through the funding provided by the Swedish agency for research and Cooperation (SAREC). A program to monitor sea-level changes through an automatic tide gauge transmitting real-time data to Hawaii has been installed in Seychelles.

There is also a project conducted by the French research and Development Agency, ORSTOM, which is reponsible for a data base on oceanographic dato from the Indian Ocean. The data being collected includes vertical profiles and sea surface conditions which could be useful in monitoring environmental shoreline changes and fish behaviour in the islands. A study on the diiferent energy demands and the different alternative options have been studies recently under a project supported by Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). The Government of Seychelles is formulating comprehensive programs to improve efficiency and conservation of fuels used in the land and transport sector. These measures also contribute to reduction in emitted greenhouse gases.

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