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Publications and Studies

A number of studies and publications have been produced by various local and regional agencies, which provide information on how global climate change is going to affect the Marshall Islands and what measures should be undertaken to combat or mitigate these impacts.

A list of these publications and studies is available at this site. If you would like any further information or heve any questions about these studies, please contact

The RMI UN Mission

The RMI Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York, has long been at the forefront of international negotiations on climate change (as well as a number of other global environmental initiatives that emerged from the Earth Summit in Rio, Brazil) on behalf of the Marshall Islands Government.

As such the UN Mission staff have developed a considerable understanding of the climate change issues and are an invaluable resource for those implementing climate change initiatives at ground level in the Marshall Islands.

Several recent statements from the UN Mission at climate change meetings and UNFCCC negotiations are provided for viewing at this site.

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