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Background Information about this Site

This page was produced as part of the Pacific Island Climate Change Assistance Programme (PICCAP) being carried out by the Republic of the Marshall Islands Environmental Protection Authority.

At present there is no Marshalese language version of the site for two reasons, these being: that the intention of the site is to provide information on the Marshall Island's climate change activities to an international audience; and secondly, the logistical difficulties of translating much of the scientific studies and reports (which are all produced in English) into the Marshlese language.

The site was written on Claris HomePage Version 2.0, which was provided for free by the UNFCCC Secreteriat as part of the United Nations CC:INFO/Web project.

This site is maintained by Stephen Eke, an Australian Volunteer working with the Environmental Protection Authority, in Majuro, Marshall Islands.

This site was opened on the 21st of August, 1998.

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