Expert Meeting on Scientific and Methodological Aspects of the Proposal by Brazil
28 - 30 May 2001
Bonn, Germany

Papers and presentations of the expert meeting

Background paper for the expert meeting by the secretariat

Den Elzen, M. and B. Metz
Scientific and methodological aspects of the Brazilian proposal

Enting, I.G. and R.M. Law
Characterizing historical responsibility for the greenhouse effect
Draft report

Ball, R.H.
Discussion paper for the UNFCCC experts meeting on the Brazilian proposal
Discussion Paper

Ball, R.H.
A framework for attributing climate damages

Pinguelli Rosa, L., S.K. Ribeiro and M.S. Muylaert
Comments on the Brazilian proposal and climate response: Contributions of Annex I and non Annex I CO2 emissions
Discussion paper

Prather, M.
Atmospheric chemistry and indirect effects of precursors

Pershing, J.
Applying the Brazil proposal: Data issues

Nakicenovic, N.
Greenhouse gas emissions and reduction targets from a historical perspective

Report emerged from this expert meeting (FCCC/SBSTA/2001/INF.2)