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Virtual participation at ADP Co-Chairs’ special event with observers, Thursday, 2 May 2013

During UNFCCC’s ADP 2 meeting in Bonn, the ADP Co-Chairs Jayant Moreshver Mauskar (India) and Harald Dovland (Norway) convened a pdf-icon special event with observers (68 kB) on 2 May (13:15 - 14:45 local Bonn time). This special event was designed to provide observers with an opportunity to present and exchange views contributing to the substantive discussions under the ADP. Observers not physically present in the room were invited to participate virtually with the help of live webcast and Twitter.

The Co-Chairs sought reactions and contributions on two specific guiding questions, corresponding to the two workstreams under the ADP:

1. What are the central elements and key design aspects for an ambitious, fair, durable and effective 2015 agreement that mobilizes national action?

2. How can we catalyze action and how can we build a practical results-based approach to increasing ambition to fight climate change now?

To participate via Twitter, you need a Twitter account. Viewers could then follow the hashtag #ADPchat to keep track of the conversation and use the same hashtag in their posts to make comments. To ask the Co-Chairs a question or leave a comment, viewers were able to address the question or comment to @UN_climatetalks during the event.

The live stream of tweets which incorporate the #ADPchat hashtag was projected on to the wall of the meeting room, and pertinent comments and questions related to the discussions under the workstream 1 and workstream 2 were responded to by the Co-Chairs during a dedicated time-slot at the end of the event. The entire event is available on webcast.