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Speeches & Statements 2013

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Date Title Location
05 Dec 2013 pdf-icon Climate Finance and the Private Sector: Investing in New Opportunities (98 kB) Songdo, Republic of Korea
04 Dec 2013 pdf-icon Opening Ceremony of the Headquarters of the Green Climate Fund (91 kB) Songdo, Republic of Korea
3 Dec 2013 Video message delivered to Carbon Expo Australia Melbourne, Australia
27 Nov 2013 Video message delivered to launch event of WIPO GREEN Geneva, Switzerland
19 Nov 2013

pdf-icon Statement by Christiana Figueres at the COP 19/CMP 9 high-level segment (108 kB)

Warsaw, Poland
18 Nov 2013 pdf-icon World Coal Association International Coal & Climate Summit (98 kB) Warsaw, Poland
17 Nov 2013 pdf-icon Warsaw Business Dialogue Enhanced Business Engagement in the UNFCCC: Leveraging Business Actions in Technology and Investment (83 kB) Warsaw, Poland
15 Nov 2013 pdf-icon BINGO Day, Business and Industry NGOs @ UNFCCC (95 kB) Warsaw, Poland
12 Nov 2013 pdf-icon Letter to NGOs on the issue of the speech by Christiana Figueres to the International Coal and Climate Summit Warsaw (112 kB) Warsaw, Poland
11 Nov 2013 pdf-icon Opening statement by Christiana Figueres at COP 19/CMP 9 (97 kB) Warsaw, Poland
28 Oct 2013 UNFCCC Executive Secretary delivers recorded video message to Singapore Energy Summit during Singapore International Energy Week 2013 Singapore
23 Oct 2013 pdf-icon UNFCCC Executive Secretary Welcomes Australia's Determination to Meet its Internationally-Agreed Emission Reduction Target (145 kB) Bonn, Germany
21 Oct 2013 pdf-icon Global Deal in 2015: Challenges and Prospects, Chatham House (94 kB) London, UK
17 Oct 2013 pdf-icon African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (103 kB) pdf-icon (94 kB) Gaborone, Botswana
8 October 2013 Recorded message by UNFCCC Executive Secretary delivered to the Twelfth Cartagena Dialogue Meeting, held 9-11 October 2013 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
7 October 2013 Opening remarks by Christiana Figueres delivered to the SXSW ECO event October 2013 Austin, Texas USA
7 Oct 2013 pdf-icon Joint Workshop on the Framework for Various Approaches, Non-Market-Based Approaches and the New Market Mechanism (86 kB) Bonn, Germany
28 Sept 2013 pdf-icon World Mayors Summit on Climate Change (99 kB) Nantes, France
27 Sept 2013 pdf-icon Harvard University Kennedy School of Government (132 kB) Cambridge, Massachusetts USA
24 Sept 2013 pdf-icon Carbon Forum Asia (93 kB) Bangkok, Thailand
17 Sept 2013 pdf-icon Progress towards a global climate agreement (98 kB) London, UK
28 Aug 203 Recorded video message in Spanish for the Latin American Carbon Forum / Foro Latinoamericano del Carbono Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
27 June 2013 pdf-icon Global Power Shift youth conference (84 kB) Istanbul, Turkey
18 June 2013

pdf-icon Discurso de Christiana Figueres en el Foro de América Latina y el Caribe sobre Cambio Climático y Energías Renovables (85 kB)
pdf-icon Forum on Climate Change and Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean (91 kB)

Bogotá, Colombia
14 June 2013 Recorded message delivered to the First Global Investor Forum on Climate Change Hong Kong
29 May 2013 pdf-icon Carbon Expo (96 kB) Barcelona, Spain
29 Apr 2013 pdf-icon Christiana Figueres Opens Second Meeting of the ADP (86 kB) Bonn, Germany
24 Apr 2013 pdf-icon From Climate Conflict to Climate Action: Capturing the Greatest Opportunities of Our Generation (122 kB) Boston, Massachusetts USA
18 Apr 2013 pdf-icon Meeting our Climate Challenge: A United Nations Perspective (96 kB) San Francisco, California USA
17 Apr 2013 pdf-icon Navigating the American Carbon World (91 kB) San Francisco, California USA
26 Mar 2013 pdf-icon Pacific Energy Summit Speech (81 kB) Auckland, New Zealand
22 Mar 2013 pdf-icon Pacific Leaders Energy Summit (86 kB) Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga
21 Mar 2013 pdf-icon Statement by Richard Kinley, Deputy Executive Secretary United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC technical workshop on ecosystem-based approaches for adaptation to climate change (115 kB) Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania
21 Mar 2013 Video address delivered to International Conference titled "Climate Security in the Asia-Pacific Region" Seoul, South Korea
19 Mar 2013 Video address delivered to the WWF Earth Hour City Challenge award ceremony Malmo, Sweden
16 Feb 2013 Video address delivered to World PetroCoal Congress New Delhi, India
6 Feb 2013 Video Address delivered to World Energy Leaders' Summit (WELS) New Delhi, India
16 Jan 2013 pdf-icon World Future Energy Summit (82 kB) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
14 Jan 2013 pdf-icon 1st GLOBE Climate Legislation Summit (107 kB) London, United Kingdom