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Press Releases and Advisories 2011

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Date Title
15 Dec 2011 pdf-icon UNFCCC Executive Secretary launched high-level policy dialogue on Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism at COP17 in Durban
11 Dec 2011 pdf-icon Durban conference delivers breakthrough in international community’s response to climate change
08 Dec 2011

pdf-icon S-S GATE, UNDP and UNFCCC join hands to help green COP 17

29 Nov 2011

pdf-icon Decision on the host of COP 18/CMP 8

28 Nov 2011 pdf-icon UN Climate Change Conference in Durban kicks off with South African President calling on governments to “save tomorrow today”
18 Nov 2011 pdf-icon Financial contributions to make the world more climate-safe made more transparent with help of new UNFCCC online portal
18 Nov 2011 pdf-icon Statement by UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres in reaction to IPCC Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX), launched 18 November in Kampala
21 Oct 2011 pdf-icon Cape Town meeting provides governments with opportunity to make real progress on Green Climate Fund at COP17 in Durban
07 Oct 2011 pdf-icon Panama climate talks mean governments can push ahead strongly in Durban with concrete help for developing world to deal with climate change pdf-icon es pdf-icon fr pdf-icon ru
02 Oct 2011 pdf-icon Governments recognize current global climate efforts are not enough and need to take next step in Durban, says UN climate change chief
13 Sep 2011 pdf-icon Design process of UNFCCC Green Climate Fund fully on track, says UNFCCC Executive Secretary
09 Sep 2011 pdf-icon Geneva meeting on Green Climate Fund to consider the role of public and private capital in funding transformational change towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient world
03 Sep 2011 pdf-icon UN Climate Chief hails progress at first meeting of the Technology Executive Committee
01 Sep 2011 pdf-icon UN climate chief welcomes first meeting of the Technology Executive Committee, urges deeper collaboration among countries with active stakeholder engagement
17 Jun 2011 pdf-icon UN’s top climate change official reports advances on key issues at June talks, notes issues needing high-level political guidance pdf-icon esp  pdf-icon fr  pdf-icon rus
09 Jun 2011 pdf-icon 3rd Africa Carbon Forum in Marrakesh, on 4–6 July 2011:  Conference, Trade Fair to help spur CDM projects in Africa
06 Jun 2011 pdf-icon UNFCCC Executive Secretary: Governments have unavoidable responsibility to make clear progress towards 2011 climate objectives
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30 May 2011 pdf-icon UN Climate Chief says IEA estimate of record 2010 emissions is stark warning to governments to make rapid climate progress this year
05 May 2011 pdf-icon Kyoto Protocol Clean Development Mechanism reaches milestone at 3,000 projects
29 Apr 2011 pdf-icon UN Climate Chief tells Green Climate Fund designers they have historic task, says progress can encourage new success in Durban  pdf-icon es
15 Apr 2011 pdf-icon Governments agree Transitional Committee members for new Green Climate Fund
08 Apr 2011 pdf-icon UN Climate Change Chief urges countries to push ahead with their work in 2011 pdf-icon es pdf-icon fr  pdf-icon rus
04 Apr 2011 pdf-icon At UN Climate Change Negotiations in Bangkok, UN climate chief calls on governments to purposefully tackle work agreed in 2010; address shortfalls in climate action  pdf-icon esp  pdf-icon fr  pdf-icon rus
24 Mar 2011 pdf-icon UN's top climate change official calls on governments to maintain momentum in order to deliver on agreed timelines of Cancun Agreements pdf-icon es
01 Mar 2011 pdf-icon UN's top climate change official calls on governments to quickly transform Cancun Agreements into action, provide clarity on future of the Kyoto Protocol