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Press Releases and Advisories 2009

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Date Title
19 Dec 2009 pdf-icon Copenhagen United Nations Climate Change Conference ends with a political agreement to cap temperature rise, reduce emissions and raise finance esp fra rus
07 Dec 2009 pdf-icon Historic United Nations climate change conference kicks off in Copenhagen with strong commitment to clinch ambitious climate change deal and unprecedented sense of urgency to act esp fr rus
06 Dec 2009 pdf-icon Governments set to seal ambitious international climate change deal in Copenhagen
11 Nov 2009 pdf-icon Second all-Africa Carbon Forum to be held in Nairobi, Kenya on 3–5 March 2010
06 Nov 2009 pdf-icon UNFCCC Executive Secretary: Governments can and must deliver strong Copenhagen deal  esp  fr  rus
02 Nov 2009 pdf-icon Barcelona UN Climate Change Talks to put in place solid foundation for success at Copenhagen
21 Oct 2009 pdf-icon UNFCCC: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from Industrialised Countries Show Increases in 2007, Underscore Need for Ambitious Copenhagen Deal
09 Oct 2009 pdf-icon UN Climate Change Negotiations result in more clarity on “bricks and mortar” of Copenhagen agreed outcome, but decisions on finance and mid-term targets remain outstanding  esp  fr  rus
28 Sep 2009 pdf-icon Pace of UN Climate Change Negotiations Set to Pick Up in Bangkok as Result of New York Climate Change Summit  esp  fr  rus
10 Sep 2009 pdf-icon Kyoto Protocol market mechanism strives to grow, improve for good of present and future generations   rus
14 Aug 2009 pdf-icon Negotiators Get Down to Practicalities at Bonn UNFCCC Meeting, But Negotiations Have Yet to Pick up Speed
12 Jun 2009 pdf-icon Progress Made in Negotiations for Ambitious and Effective Copenhagen Deal at Bonn UNFCCC Meeting
01 Jun 2009 pdf-icon Bonn UN Climate Change Talks in 2009 Kick Off with First Draft Negotiating Texts for Ambitious and Effective Copenhagen Deal at Centre of Discussions  esp  fre  rus
20 May 2009 pdf-icon UNFCCC Executive Secretary Says “World Not Standing Still on Climate Change” as Central Negotiating Text Is Published Ahead of Bonn Meeting
08 Apr 2009 pdf-icon Progress at Bonn Climate Change Talks signals start of serious negotiation
29 Mar 2009 pdf-icon First in Series of Major UN Climate Change Negotiating Sessions in 2009 Kicks off in Bonn  esp  rus
19 Feb 2009 pdf-icon Kyoto Protocol joint implementation mechanism passes milestone with accreditation of first project verifier
11 Feb 2009 pdf-icon International emissions offsetting under Kyoto Protocol has critical role in response to climate change, says new Chair of CDM Executive Board