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Press Releases and Advisories 2008

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Date Title
13 Dec 2008 pdf-icon United Nations Climate Change Conference - Poznań, Poland Lays Foundation for Copenhagen Deal fresprus
10 Dec 2008 pdf-icon High-level Segment of the United Nations Climate Change Conference - Poznań, Poland set to kick off
01 Dec 2008 pdf-icon United Nations Climate Change Conference - Poznań, Poland Gets Underway with Calls for Urgent Need for Progress in Designing Copenhagen Deal  esp  fr  rus
17 Nov 2008 pdf-icon Rising industrialized countries emissions underscore urgent need for political action on climate change at Poznan meeting  esp  fr  rus
14 Oct 2008 pdf-icon Kyoto Protocol emissions trading system goes global
29 Sep 2008 pdf-icon From refrigerators, to cable cars, to solar lights, Kyoto Protocol mechanism evolves to meet demand for clean, sustainable development
08 Sep 2008 pdf-icon First all-Africa Carbon Forum boosts carbon market interest, activity and funding on the continent   fr
04 Sep 2008 pdf-icon Landmark private, public trade fair launched to tap carbon market opportunities in Africa   fr
03 Sep 2008 pdf-icon Africa hardest hit by climate change, deserves greater share of carbon market benefits — UN’s top climate change official   fr
27 Aug 2008 pdf-icon UN Climate Change Negotiations Speed up in Accra esp  fr  rus
21 Aug 2008 pdf-icon Accra UN Climate Change Talks Kick off With Warning That “Clock Is Ticking Down” to New International Climate Change Deal in Copenhagen  esp  fr  rus
24 Jun 2008 pdf-icon Mr. John Kilani has accepted the post of Director of the Sustainable Development Mechanisms (SDM) programme at the United Nations climate change secretariat.
13 Jun 2008 pdf-icon Bonn UN Climate Change Conference Concludes with Calls to Step up Pace of Negotiations Leading up to 2009 Copenhagen Agreement esp fra rus
02 Jun 2008 pdf-icon Latest Round of Crucial UN Climate Change Negotiations Kick Off in Bonn  esp  fr  rus
29 May 2008 pdf-icon UNFCCC Executive Secretary Calls on Transport Sector to Proactively Help Shape Copenhagen Climate Change Deal  deu esp fr rus
14 Apr 2008 pdf-icon Kyoto Protocol clean development mechanism passes 1000th registered project milestone esp fr
05 Apr 2008 pdf-icon UN Bangkok Climate Change Talks Reach Agreement on Work Programme for 2008 + Send Important Signal to International Carbon Markets
31 Mar 2008 pdf-icon UN Climate Change Talks begins in Bangkok with warnings that little time remains for international community to negotiate 2009 Copenhagen agreement
28 Mar 2008 pdf-icon Inaugural meeting of Kyoto Protocol's Adaptation Fund Board takes place - UN efforts expected to usher in new era in environmental financing
14 Mar 2008 pdf-icon Regional distribution, streamlining regulatory process priorities for clean development mechanism in coming months, says CDM Executive Board Chair Rajesh Kumar Sethi
31 Jan 2008 pdf-icon UNFCCC Executive Secretary speaks at Forum of Ministers of Environment of Latin America and Caribbean esp