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Press Releases and Advisories 2007

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Date Title
18 Dec 2007 pdf-icon Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism passes 100 millionth certified emission reduction milestone
15 Dec 2007 pdf-icon UN Breakthrough on climate change reached in Bali
14 Dec 2007 pdf-icon New all-Africa carbon forum to be held in Senegal in September 2008
12 Dec 2007 pdf-icon UN Secretary-General: “Eyes of the world” on Ministers and Heads of State meeting at United Nations climate change conference in Bali
06 Dec 2007 pdf-icon Important steps taken to expand CDM in Africa, much remains to be done - Nairobi Framework partners
03 Dec 2007 pdf-icon United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali poised for political breakthrough pdf-icon esp pdf-icon fre pdf-icon rus pdf-icon ger
20 Nov 2007 pdf-icon UNFCCC: Emissions of industrialized countries rose to all time high in 2005 pdf-icon ger
15 Nov 2007 pdf-iconUNFCCC Executive Secretary: OPEC part of the solution to climate change, not part of the problem (128 kB)
pdf-icon esp (138 kB) pdf-icon fre (150 kB) pdf-icon ger (124 kB) pdf-icon rus (178 kB)
14 Nov 2007 pdf-icon UN Climate Change Secretariat puts central cornerstone of Kyoto Protocol's electronic emissions trading system in place
12 Nov 2007 pdf-icon Invitation to UN Climate Change Secretariat presentation
06 Nov 2007 pdf-icon Start of negotiations for post-2012 agreement crucial for health of the planet pdf-icon esp pdf-icon fra pdf-icon ger pdf-icon rus
20 Sep 2007 pdf-icon Experts meeting in Cairo discuss how to report on climate change change-related issues
19 Sep 2007 pdf-icon UN's top climate change official calls on industry to support legally binding emission reduction commitments
17 Sep 2007 pdf-icon The Montreal Protocol and the Kyoto Protocol mutually supportive say top UN officials
14 Sep 2007 pdf-icon Fossil fuel efficiency projects to receive much-needed investment under Kyoto Protocol's clean development mechanism
12 Sep 2007 pdf-icon UNFCCC workshop on adaptation planning and practices concludes in Rome
05 Sep 2007 pdf-icon UN launches CDM Bazaar web-portal to serve clean development mechanism buyers, sellers, stakeholders
31 Aug 2007 pdf-icon Vienna UN conference shows consensus on key building blocks for effective international response to climate change pdf-icon fre pdf-icon rus pdf-icon ger
30 Aug 2007 pdf-icon Kyoto Protocol Parties move closer to trading emission allowances pdf-icon esp pdf-icon fre pdf-icon rus pdf-icon ger