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Upcoming Launch of Joint Implementation

12 September 2006 -- The Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC) after only 8 months of work (Feb-Sep) has reached the stage of completing the necessary procedures and modalities for formally launching the JI Track 2 process. In the upcoming Fourth Meeting of the JISC, on 13-15 September, it will take up the remaining JI project submission formats and guidance documents, as well as the JI accreditation procedures and application forms, all of which are required to allow JI Track 2 to become operational.

It is anticipated that shortly after the completion of the work of JISC 4, the JI Track 2 process will be formally launched. The secretariat will be in a position to receive notifications from independent entities of proposed JI projects to be made publicly available with a view to receiving comments from Parties, stakeholders and UNFCCC accredited observers. Following the required 30 day period for public comments, and subsequent due account of comments, the JISC will receive from independent entities the first determination reports of JI projects for their approval.

Further information on the Fourth Meeting of the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee is available here