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CC:iNet--Supporting participation in climate change action worldwide

CC:iNet contains a wealth of information on ways Parties are improving the awareness and participation of the public in climate change matters worldwide.  It is intended to strengthen efforts by Parties to the UNFCCC to implement activities under Article 6 of this Convention, which deals with “Education, Training, Public Awareness, Public Participation, Access to Information and International Cooperation”.  The basis for this Article is that without awareness and participation by the public and stakeholders, the objectives of the Convention cannot be adequately met.  In order for this participation to be possible, these groups need to have access to education and training and practical information about climate change.

The prototype CC:iNet website, launched in Montreal at COP/MOP1, provides relevant information focusing primarily on education and public awareness.  This focus will be expanded in the second stage of its development to highlight the remaining elements of Article 6 of the Convention.  It is also a network supporting public participation and contains links to key individuals, organizations and other web based resources (see UNFCCC document FCCC/SBI/2004/14 for more information on the development of the clearing house).

The secretariat has been developing the concept of this new clearing house over the last three years with considerable inputs and guidance by Parties to the Convention on how it should be developed, its focus, and what type of information it should contain.

In its initial prototype phase, CC:iNet users and information contributors are government representatives attending and/or supporting the UNFCCC, as well as relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations, working at national as well as international levels.  These include the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Asia-Pacific Network (AP Net).  Additional partners and information contributors are being sought to broaden the clearing houses pool of practical information.  CC:iNet is publicly accessible on the world wide web at, and individuals and organizations interested in contributing to the network can register directly through the website.