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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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Climate and disaster resilience must play greater role in Pacific planning and development: World Bank
A new World Bank report has highlighted the need for Pacific Island countries to better incorporate climate and disaster risk management into planning and development, while proposing priority investments and policies to boost resilience to the year 2040.
Pacific Islands News Association
Ecuador suscribió en Nueva York el Acuerdo de París sobre el Cambio Climático
El representante permanente de Ecuador ante las Naciones Unidas, Horacio Sevilla, suscribió el martes en Nueva York el Acuerdo de París bajo la Convención Marco del organismo supranacional sobre el Cambio Climático.
El Tiempo
European offshore wind investment hits €14bn in 2016
Record six-month period sees UK secure €10.4bn (£8.7bn) of investment in offshore wind projects, but installation rate slows
Rockefeller fund backs Africa renewables
The family foundation built on the riches of John D Rockefeller’s Standard Oil has backed a $177.5m wind and solar power programme in Africa, marking its biggest move into green energy since announcing plans to stop investing in fossil fuels.
Financial Times
Uganda Unveils its First Solar-powered Bus
A solar-powered bus described by its Ugandan makers as the first in Africa has made its public debut. Kiira Motors' electric bus was displayed recently at a stadium in Uganda's capital.
Voice of America
Adaptation Fund continues fundraising mission
THE ADAPTATION Fund (AF) through which developing countries, including Jamaica, have had concrete climate change adaptation projects and programmes financed - is continuing the hunt to raise money to sustain its work.
Jamaica Gleaner
Los desastres climáticos podrían aumentar los conflictos armados
Los desastres naturales y los conflictos armados son una fuente de desestabilización. En los países multiétnicos, podrían estar relacionados. Las calamidades climáticas podrían convertir tensiones sociales en conflicto.
Deutsche Welle
Carbon-financed cookstove fails to deliver hoped-for benefits in the field
A study of a clean cookstove intervention in southern India found the expected benefits from newer, more “efficient” stoves — based on their performance in lab tests — did not fully materialize in the field
Science Daily
Climate change has to be tackled politically: Amitav Ghosh
Amitav Ghosh speaks highly about Years of Living Dangerously . According to the author, the documentary television show about climate change -with participants including Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba and Arnold Schwarzenegger -is admirable for the awareness it creates
Economic Times
Savant en 30 secondes. Quel est l'impact du réchauffement climatique en France ?
Au XXe siècle, la température a en moyenne augmenté en France de près de 1 °C, c'est-à-dire plus que la moyenne globale, estimée à 0,6 °C, avec une marge d'erreur de 0,2 °C.
Le Parisien
Baromètre digital : l'Afrique face au changement climatique
Avant la COP22, Hopscotch Africa et Le Point Afrique livrent une étude sur l'engagement digital des pays africains quant aux questions d'environnement.
Le Point Afrique
Scientists: 1.5C Paris climate goal needs more research
Science underpinning the global treaty aiming to stop average temperatures rising more than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels needs more research
Climate Home
The global philosopher: Who should pay for climate change?
Most climate scientists think the world is getting warmer and that humans are at least in part responsible.
Climate models are accurately predicting ocean and global warming
For those of us who are concerned about global warming, two of the most critical questions we ask are, “how fast is the Earth warming?” and “how much will it warm in the future?”.
Alberta on track to having Canada’s most aggressive carbon pricing system by 2020, eclipsing even B.C.
Move over, British Columbia: Canada’s oilpatch next door in Alberta is on track to have Canada’s most aggressive carbon pricing system by 2020.
Financial Post
Climate change risk threatens 18 U.S. military sites: study
Rising sea levels due to hurricanes and tidal flooding intensified by climate change will put military bases along the U.S. East Coast and Gulf Coast at risk, according to a report released on Wednesday.
Temperature in Kuwait hits 54 Celsius, sets possible record amid Middle East heatwave – UN
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), a United Nations specialized agency, will set up a committee to examine whether a 54 degrees Celsius temperature recently recorded in Kuwait, has set the new highest temperature for Asia, as well as for the entire Eastern hemisphere.
UN News Centre
COP22: appel à l'accélération de l'accès aux financements prévus par l'Accord de Paris
L'accélération de l'accès aux financements prévus par l'Accord de Paris sur le climat, sera l'un des enjeux majeurs de la Conférence des parties à la Convention-cadre des Nations-Unies sur les changements climatiques (COP22) à Marrakech en novembre prochain, a affirmé, mardi 26 juillet à Rabat, l'ambassadrice française pour le climat, Laurence Tubiana.
Medias 24
On first International Day, UNESCO calls for protection of mangrove ecosystems
Mangroves are rare and vital ecosystems that help to protect coastlines and mitigate the effects of climate change, but their survival is being jeopardized, the United Nations cultural agency said today, calling for greater preservation efforts as the international community marks the first ever International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem.
UN News Centre
"El planeta se está quedando sin agua"
El ex director ejecutivo del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente (PNUMA), Achim Steiner, advierte de que el planeta se está "quedando sin agua" y de que su escasez podría ser una fuente de conflictos en las próximas décadas
El Universal
Créer un patrimoine glaciaire mondial
Des chercheurs se mobilisent pour constituer un patrimoine mondial glaciaire avant que le réchauffement climatique le fasse disparaître.
Radio Canada
El Ártico lanza una llamada de socorro
Durante el primer semestre del año se han batido todos los récords de temperatura terrestre
El País
[Maroc] Environnement: le Parlement ratifie l'accord de la COP21 de Paris
La chambre des Représentants a ratifié ce mardi en plénière l'accord de la COP21 de Paris. Le Maroc figure ainsi parmi les premiers pays du monde à avoir ratifié cet engagement historique.
These forces are accelerating climate finance
2016 is a hot year for climate finance. Following the Paris Agreement in December and its ambitious pledges on clean energy and low-carbon investments, it is time for action and implementation
Investment funds increase interest in Europe's offshore wind farms-study
Infrastructure and pension funds have increased their ownership share of new European offshore wind farms to more than a quarter, industry figures showed, underlining growing interest among institutional investors in renewable energy assets.
Mauricio Macri creó un gabinete de ministros sobre el cambio climático
Cuando el cambio climático ya es una preocupación mundial, el presidente Mauricio Macri decidió crear un equipo interministerial que tendrá la compleja tarea de definir políticas para enfrentar a la crisis ambiental.
La Nación
Barcelona evaluará el impacto del cambio climático en la ciudad
Barcelona ha sido seleccionada para participar en el proyecto europeo RESCCUE de evaluación del impacto del cambio climático en la ciudad, gracias a su propuesta para hacer la capital catalana más resiliente.
La Vanguardia
Abu Dhabi, Paris agreement could foster innovation in financial technology strategies
A joint partnership in international finance is coming from a slightly unusual place: the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and Paris EUROPLACE, which are poised to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on developing collaboration on joint financial activities and promoting symbiotic growth in the two national economies.
Gulf News
Lutter contre le réchauffement climatique : deux innovations inspirées de la nature
Le prestigieux Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory a récemment organisé une session scientifique ouverte à tous dans un théâtre de San Francisco.
My Science Work
Les États-Unis s’attaqueront aux moteurs polluants
L’Agence américaine de protection de l’environnement envisage de nouvelles normes
Le Devoir
Pika-boo: Climate change threatens remote habitat of tiny rabbit relative
A little-known mammal found only on the mountain tops of Alaska, Yukon and the Northwest Territories has been added to Canada's species at risk list as a species of special concern.
BLOG: The Promise and Perils of Linking Carbon Markets Energy Collective
OPINION: This year's wildfires are bad. Climate change will make future ones worse  Guardian
Solar Impulse completes historic round-the-world trip
The first round-the-world solar powered flight has been completed, after the Solar Impulse aircraft touched down in Abu Dhabi.
El avión solar Impulse II completa una vuelta al mundo histórica
Han sido exactamente 505 días. Son los que ha necesitado el avión Solar Impulse II para dar la vuelta al mundo en un reto que comenzó el 9 de marzo de 2015 en Abu Dabi y que finalmente ha culminado con el aterrizaje de la aeronave en el emirato casi un año y medio después.
El Mundo
Le Solar Impulse II clôt son tour du monde sans carburant
L'avion solaire Solar Impulse II a bouclé mardi son tour du monde sans carburant en se posant à Abou Dhabi, son point de départ, après 16 mois de
Clean Development Mechanism Model for Climate Action on the Ground
As countries strive to increase action on the ground to address climate change, they can draw on the success of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), said the United Nations’ top climate change official, Patricia Espinosa.
Weather disasters raise conflict risk in multi-ethnic nations: study
Multi-ethnic nations are vulnerable to armed conflicts after weather disasters such as heatwaves and droughts in a trend that could worsen with global warming, scientists said on Monday.
A world map of subsidies for renewable energy and fossil fuels
The extent to which fossil fuels and renewable energy sources enjoy public support through subsidy has become a highly charged subject in continuing discussions about how to curb climate change.
Financial Times
ONU revisará afectos de Cambio Climático en Honduras
Para evaluar el impacto y la respuesta de los efectos de El Niño y el Cambio Climático en Honduras, la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU), enviará a la experta Mary Robinson a estudiar el fenómeno en Honduras.
El Tiempo
China entra en etapa de crecimiento posterior a carbón
El consumo de carbón en China podría haber alcanzado su máximo nivel en los últimos años, lo que indica que el país podría haber entrado en la etapa de crecimiento posterior al carbón, se indicó en un comentario publicado hoy en la revista Natural Geoscience.
China's coal peak hailed as turning point in climate change battle
The global battle against climate change has passed a historic turning point with China’s huge coal burning finally having peaked, according to senior economists.
La COP22 fera la part belle à la mer
La COP22, qui se tiendra en novembre prochain à Marrakech, fera indubitablement la part belle à la mer, source précieuse à préserver face aux menaces des changements climatiques et à la crise écologique planétaire qui commence à faire sentir tout son poids, tant sur l'environnement que sur l’économie mondiale.
Libération (Maroc)
Más de 100 empresas mostraron interés por invertir en energías renovables
El Gobierno presentó ayer los pliegos con los que espera atraer inversiones por US$ 1800 millones en energía eólica, solar, biomasa y pequeñas hidroeléctricas; dan amplias garantías
La Nación
EPA clears path to regulate carbon emissions from U.S. aircraft
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday paved the way for new curbs on emissions from passenger jets by ruling that greenhouse gases from airplanes endanger public health.
Duterte: addressing climate change is ‘top priority’ for Philippines
Addressing the nation, Duterte softens position on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but insists industrialization comes first
Climate Home
Rights of Indigenous Peoples ‘Critical’ to Combat Climate Change
No longer it is about restoring the legitimate rights of over 370 indigenous peoples spread across 70 countries worldwide, many of them living in dire situation, but now about their central, critical role in combating climate change.
Sri Lanka prime minister: Mangroves curb climate threat
Sri Lanka's prime minister has said mangroves' ability to swiftly absorb carbon make the forests vital in the fight against climate change.
Mumbai, far interiors to bear brunt of climate change
Maharashtra, including Mumbai, is set to get significantly warmer and wetter in the next few decades, according to projections by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), which could have profound implications for crop growth, water resources, and disease.
Times of India
Desastres naturales aumentan riesgo de guerras en países multiétnicos
Los desastres climáticos incrementan el riesgo de conflicto armado en los países con divisiones étnicas, según un estudio publicado este lunes por la revista especializada Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
El Espectador
A Sequel to the Paris Climate Accord Takes Shape in Vienna
When negotiators from nearly 200 countries gathered outside Paris in December for the United Nations summit meeting on climate change, they reached the first agreement to take action on curbing their planet-warming pollution.
NY Times
Perú ratifica Acuerdo de París sobre Cambio Climático
El presidente del Perú, Ollanta Humala, suscribió hoy la ratificación del Acuerdo de París sobre Cambio Climático, resultado de la COP21, al que consideró como la alianza mundial más grande que se ha formado en la historia.
Deal on cutting greenhouse gases in sight for this year: Vienna delegates
A global agreement on cutting the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) - potent greenhouse gases used in aerosols, refrigerants and air conditioning - seems within grasp, delegates said on Sunday after ten days of talks on climate change in Vienna.
Environment minister meets with African counterparts to prepare for COP22
Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy held a meeting with his counterparts from Gabon, Niger, and Namibia on Sunday in Cairo, in his capacity as the president of the African Ministers Conference on the Environment (AMCEN).
Daily News Egypt
Powered by Google, U.N. flexes tech muscle to fight climate change
New Google-powered software will help the world tackle problems related to climate change, deforestation and food production, a United Nations agency said on Friday, as it presented its revamped online platform.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Disney buys up carbon credits in Mondulkiri
The Walt Disney Company has purchased $2.6 million in carbon credits in the forests of Mondulkuri province – marking the largest carbon credit sale to date in Cambodia and breathing life into a carbon-trading program many had written off as all but dead.
Phnom Penh Post
G20 ready to take action to support economic growth
The Group of 20 pledged continued cooperation on global issues, including the aftermath of the U.K.’s Brexit vote and international financial reforms in a communiqué following their meeting in China this weekend.
Avión solar despega desde Egipto en el inicio del fin de su vuelta al mundo sin combustible
De Egipto a Dubai: esa es la última etapa del avión que soñó con poner al mundo a hablar sobre el uso de la energía solar para propulsar viajes aéreos. Después de varios días de posponerlo por malestares del piloto y olas de calor, el llamado Solar Impulse 2 despegó la madrugada de este domingo desde El Cairo en su última etapa de la vuelta al mundo que podría extenderse entre 48 y 72 horas.
Pacific looks at carbon emissions
PACIFIC Island states have joined hands to reaffirm their commitment to continue to undertake concerted actions within their respective capabilities to address carbon emissions from international aviation.
Fiji Times
Floating Solar Power Plant Comes To Chandigarh
A floating solar power plant pilot of 10 kw peak (kWp) -- the peak power -- has been commissioned at Dhanas lake here amid efforts by the government to develop the Union Territory as a solar city. It has been designed to supply power to fountains at the lake for aeration.
Los registros históricos ignoran un 19% del calentamiento global
Una quinta parte del calentamiento global en los últimos 150 años ha sido pasado por alto por los registros históricos, debido a las peculiaridades en la forma de registrar las temperaturas globales
Europa Press
Nueve países se unen para mejorar la predicción de las inundaciones
Un total de veintitrés socios de nueve países participan en un proyecto para mejorar las predicciones y la gestión de fenómenos hidrológicos como inundaciones y sequías a corto, medio y largo plazo, cuyas conclusiones se aplicarán a las políticas públicas sobre cambio climático de la Unión Europea.
‘World can’t afford to silence us’: black church leaders address climate change
One of the largest and oldest black churches in the US warns that black people are disproportionally harmed by global warming and fossil fuel pollution
Addicted to fossil fuels: Renewable energy sources are becoming mainstream, but that doesn’t mean fossil fuels don’t rule
Here’s the good news: wind power, solar power and other renewable forms of energy are expanding far more quickly than anyone expected, ensuring that these systems will provide an ever-increasing share of our future energy supply.
Les assureurs négligent le risque climat, les Français pas si mal notés
L’Asset Owners Disclosure Project, ONG spécialiste de la notation des acteurs financiers sur le climat, vient de publier un rapport qui analyse la façon dont les 116 premiers assureurs mondiaux gèrent les risques liés au changement climatique.
Dérèglement climatique et interdiction d’insecticides : la France de plus en plus envahie par les moustiques (et tous ne sont pas inoffensifs)

Les inondations et la forte pluviométrie dans le nord de la France au cours du printemps ont favorisé le développement des moustiques.
Climate change: Cities are key to cutting greenhouse gas emissions
The heat that saw forest fires sweep through Uttarakhand and damage the already fragile ecosystem of the Himalayas … the heat spikes that caused deaths in Rajasthan and Bihar … the drought that put severe stress on underground water supplies.
Financial Express
L’UE dévoile le partage de l’effort État par État pour atteindre ses objectifs climatiques
La Commission européenne a présenté mercredi 20 juillet son nouveau paquet législatif sur la décarbonation de l’économie. Le partage de l’effort entre chacun des États membres pour les secteurs non couverts par le marché carbone européen en est un des piliers
Los pueblos indígenas son clave para combatir el cambio climático
Los gobiernos deben hacer mucho más para facilitar las condiciones propicias que necesitan los pueblos indígenas, las comunidades locales, los pequeños productores y sus organizaciones para recuperar los paisajes degradados y lograr mitigar y adaptarse al cambio climático, según la FAO.
2016 on pace to be hottest year ever as climate change trends reach ‘new climax’– UN
Global temperatures for the first six months of this year reached new highs, setting 2016 on track to be the hottest-ever on record, the United Nations weather agency said today.
UN News Centre
OMM advierte que el 2016 podría ser el año más caliente de la historia registrada
Las temperaturas globales durante los seis primeros meses del año continuaron superando los datos previos, lo que haría de este año el más caluroso de la historia registrada, advirtió hoy la Organización Meteorológica Mundial (OMM).
UN News Centre
As climate change threatens transport, Indonesia needs to plan ahead
Mobility is a key issue in urban regional planning and development. As urban population grows, the need for quality and well-performing transportation grows as well.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
WMO: Global Warming Happening Faster Than Predicted
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reported the first six months of this year have seen all previous global warming records broken.The WMO said 2016 is on track to be the world’s hottest year on record with more heat on the way.
Voice Of America
L'année 2016 devrait être la plus chaude jamais enregistrée
La Terre devrait connaître en 2016 son année la plus chaude jamais enregistrée et le taux de dioxyde de carbone devrait être le plus élevé jamais atteint dans l'histoire, contribuant au réchauffement climatique, a annoncé jeudi l'Organisation météorologique mondiale (OMM).
Temps Reel
Le Chili doit prendre des mesures pour réduire les menaces qui pèsent sur son environnement
Le Chili a déjà œuvré pour alléger les pressions accrues que sa croissance économique rapide fait peser sur son environnement, notamment en renforçant ses instances de protection de l’environnement et en appliquant de nouveaux instruments, dont une taxe carbone. Il doit poursuivre dans cette voie et mettre en œuvre pleinement les mesures pour endiguer les risques qui menacent sol, son air et son eau, indique un nouveau rapport de l’OCDE.
Trudeau Commits to Carbon Price Amid Provincial Opposition
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pledging to set a national carbon price to cut emissions, a key message sent as Canada’s provincial premiers meet to discuss how to proceed.
Some global brands are getting creative to lower their carbon footprints
Global name-brand companies are increasingly looking for ways to lower or offset their carbon footprint.
Goverments urged to support global carbon offset scheme for airlines
Governments are being urged to support a proposed United Nations carbon offset scheme to ensure airlines can tackle climate change at a global level.
Travel Weekly
New York Chooses A Clean Energy Standard As The Best Way To Lower Carbon
It’s about time we instituted a true Clean Energy Standard that promotes all low-carbon energy rather than continuing with a Renewable Energy Standard that is narrowly-focused on wind and solar.
El 2016 apunta a ser el año más caluroso desde que se tienen registros: OMM
El planeta registraría en 2016 el año más caluroso del que se tenga registro, mientras los niveles de dióxido de carbono han alcanzado nuevos máximos, lo que alimenta aún más el calentamiento global, dijo el jueves la Organización Meteorológica Mundial (OMM).
Raíces fuertes contra el cambio climático
Expertos en el papel de los bosques apuestan por dar más protagonismo a las comunidades locales
El Pais
Toyota se compromete con WWF en la lucha contra el cambio climático
Fomentar la sostenibilidad de recursos naturales y contribuir en la lucha contra el cambio climático son algunos de los objetivos de la colaboración entre Toyota y la organización World Wildlife Fund (WWF) —Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza—, que han suscrito un acuerdo para los próximos cinco años en los que se plantean la necesidad de acelerar la transición hacia la sostenibilidad en todo el planeta.
UN chief invites leaders to fast-track ratification of Paris climate deal
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is urging world leaders to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change and speed up the process to restrict greenhouse gas emissions.
UN News Centre
La FAO appelle à utiliser les produits du bois pour lutter contre le changement climatique
Un nouveau rapport de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture (FAO), publié mercredi, affirme que les produits du bois contribuent à la séquestration du carbone dans les forêts et appelle à recruter des bûcherons, des architectes et des menuisiers pour lutter contre le changement climatique.
UN News Centre
La extracción de materias primas se triplicó en 40 años, según el PNUMA
El incremento del consumo, alimentado por una clase media en crecimiento, ha triplicado la cantidad de materias primas extraídas del planeta en las últimas cuatro décadas, según un nuevo informe del Panel Internacional de Recursos (IRP por sus siglas en inglés), auspiciado por el Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente (PNUMA).
UN News Centre
Trees contribute to reducing carbon footprints even after being cut down – UN report
Forests can contribute greatly to the fight against climate change even after trees have been logged, according to a new United Nations report which looks at the impact of wood products on carbon storage.
UN News Centre
The electricity price hike blame game: a sad product of a dismal climate change debate
Recent news reports highlighting that the price of generating electricity in South Australia has increased three to four times its historic levels have left politicians, commentators and renewables advocates in an agitated state.
The Guardian
La Commission européenne propose une feuille de route climatique flexible à l'horizon 2030
Pour atteindre les réductions prescrites, les Etats-membres pourront recourir à des artifices comptables leur permettant des rallonges sur leurs émissions réelles grâce aux prairies et aux terres cultivées.
Actu Environnement
L'UE sollicite ses Etats les plus riches pour réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre
L'Union européenne, engagée par l'accord sur le climat de Paris, a dévoilé mercredi une base de négociation pour les objectifs de réduction de gaz à effet de serre d'ici 2030 répartis Etat par Etat, laissant la majeure partie de l'effort à ses membres les plus riches.
Le Vif
12% seulement des assureurs prennent des mesures concrètes pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique
12% seulement des assureurs à travers le monde prennent des mesures concrètes pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique, selon un rapport publié le 19 juillet par l'Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP), une organisation non gouvernementale dont l'objectif est d'améliorer l'accompagnement du changement climatique.
Agence Ecofin
Conseil de la fédération : Ottawa pourrait imposer une taxe sur le carbone
La possibilité que le gouvernement fédéral impose une taxe sur le carbone a provoqué des réactions à Whitehorse, au Yukon, où sont réunis les 13 premiers ministres provinciaux et territoriaux durant le Conseil de la fédération, le premier à se tenir dans un Territoire du Nord canadien.
Ici Radio Canada
Victoria becomes first Australia government to tap green bond market
Victoria’s state Labor government has become the first government in Australia to issue its own green bonds, with the launch of a triple-A rated $300 million issuance to finance a range of new and existing low-carbon projects.
Renew Economy
EU Member States offered climate target flexibility in bid to cut emissions
The draft Effort Sharing Regulation offers countries flexibility in deciding how to make their contribution to a binding EU-wide target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in sectors not covered by the EU’s Emission Trading System (ETS).
Commission sets new emissions targets for EU states
The European Commission on Wednesday (20 July) presented additional measures in the EU strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030, including new targets and more flexibility for member states.
EU Observer
NASA's new mission: improving food security in West Africa
A drive by NASA to stream climate data to West African nations using its earth-observing satellites could boost crop production in a region hit hard by climate change, experts say.
Oceanographers Grow Genome Of Ocean Microbe Important To Climate Change
Sea turtles and whales may be the charismatic critters of the sea, but the true kingpins of the ocean make up 98 percent of the ocean’s biomass — and yet individually are too small to see with the naked eye.
Eurasia Review
Bosques sostenibles contra el cambio climático
Ya no es necesario talar árboles para producir más alimentos
El Pais
45 grados en el metro de Londres, 18 más de lo permitido para el transporte de ganado
Los termómetros se dispararon hasta los 45 grados en el metro de Londres en el día más caluroso del año.
El Mundo
Las aves del Ártico, desahuciadas por el cambio climático para 2070
El cambio climático puede hacer inhabitable gran parte del Ártico para millones de aves migratorias viajan al norte para reproducirse que cada año.
Europa Press
El cambio climático ha llegado: pronto hará demasiado calor como para trabajar
El aumento continuado de las temperaturas provocado por el cambio climático -el pasado mes de junio fue el más caluroso del que se tienen registros- le va a costar a las economías de todo el mundo más de 2 billones de dólares de aquí a 2030 sólo por lo que respecta a las horas perdidas durante los días en que las temperaturas impidan trabajar.
El Economista
La mujer lidera la lucha contra el calentamiento global
Las organizaciones femeninas reclaman poner a la igualdad de género en el centro de los fondos dedicados al desarrollo sostenible durante la Cumbre Mediterránea del Clima
El Pais
Gobierno canadiense se compromete a poner precio a las emisiones de carbono
El primer ministro canadiense, Justin Trudeau, confirmó este miércoles 20 de julio de 2016 que impondrá un sistema nacional de precios de las emisiones de carbono como parte de su programa de lucha contra el cambio climático.
El Comercio
Ban urges burden-sharing, solidarity to combat effects of El Niño and mitigate climate change
The lives and livelihoods of more than 60 millions people around the world have been turned upside down by the extreme weather events linked to the El Niño phenomenon, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today said, calling for a scaled-up, unprecedented response that goes beyond humanitarian action.
UN News Centre
Dans le sillage d'El Niño, Ban Ki-moon appelle à renforcer la résilience aux événements météorologiques extrêmes
Le Secrétaire général de l'ONU, Ban Ki-moon, a appelé mardi la communauté internationale à tirer les leçons des conséquences dévastatrices du dernier phénomène climatique El Niño pour des millions de personnes dans le monde, notamment en réalisant en amont les investissements nécessaires pour renforcer la résilience au changement climatique des populations les plus vulnérables
UN News Centre
ONU alerta de agravamiento de El Niño debido al cambio climático
El reciente episodio de El Niño tuvo un impacto desastroso en muchos países, causando sequías e inundaciones y afectando gravemente a 18 millones de personas sólo en el este y el sur de África.
UN News Centre
La hausse des températures pourrait coûter 2 trillions de dollars à l'économie d'ici 2030
La hausse des températures due au réchauffement climatique risque de coûter 2 trillion de dollars, soit 1,8 trillion d'euros, à l'économie mondiale d'ici à 2030.
Le Figaro
India Plants 50 Million Trees in One Day, Smashing World Record
More than 800,000 volunteers pitched in to help the country fight climate change.
National Geographic
Introducing "vulnerability" to vulnerable people
Can those most at risk from climate change adequately prepare if they don’t understand their risks?
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Too hot to work: global warming to cost $2 trillion in lost productivity
The first three months of 2016 have broken temperature records and 2015 was the planet's warmest year since records began in the 19th century
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Kofi Annan : « Les pauvres aussi ont besoin de systèmes d’alerte météo ! »
En grandissant au Ghana, j’ai appris à quel point l’harmattan peut être violent.
Le Monde
MedCOPClimat: Signature de quatre conventions de coopération
Quatre conventions de coopération ont été signées, lundi 18 juillet à Tanger, entre la région Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceima et des acteurs économiques nationaux et étrangers, dans les domaines industriel et de protection de l’environnement."
Medias 24
MedCOP Climat : Adoption de la Charte de gouvernance des territoires de la Méditerranée
Les présidents des régions, les maires des villes du pourtour méditerranéen et les grands réseaux d'autorités locales ont adopté, mardi à la clôture du 2ème Forum du climat (MedCOP Climat) à Tanger, dans le nord du Maroc, la Charte de gouvernance des territoires de la Méditerranée.
French China Org Cn
Accord climat: réunion à l'ONU le 21 septembre
Le secrétaire général de l'ONU Ban Ki-moon a invité les pays ayant conclu l'accord de Paris sur le climat à une réunion à New York le 21 septembre pour le signer ou pour déposer les documents confirmant sa ratification.
Le Figaro
Changement climatique : les températures continuent à monter, monter, monter
Selon la NASA, les six premiers mois de 2016 ont été les plus chauds jamais enregistrés sur la planète, avec 1,3°C de plus qu'à la fin du 19ème siècle.
Nouvel Obs
L’économie mondiale victime du réchauffement climatique
Une étude néo-zélandaise relayée par l’ONU parue ce mardi prévoit que la hausse des températures va engendrer une perte de productivité au niveau national
Canada moves on carbon tax, but U.S. won't follow
Canada will initiate a nationwide tax on carbon emissions to combat the threat of climate change.
Washington Examiner
Rotterdam offers burial at sea for greenhouse gases
A scheme to collect millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases and bury them under the North Sea off the coast of Rotterdam is Europe's best hope of showing it can make carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology work.
La ONU convoca a líderes mundiales para avanzar en ratificación acuerdo clima
La ONU anunció que ha invitado a los líderes de todo el mundo el próximo 21 de septiembre en Nueva York para hacer avanzar el proceso de ratificación del acuerdo de París contra el cambio climático.
Efe Verde
Los efectos del cambio climático no entienden de espacio Schengen, dice el secretario general de la UpM
“No existe un reto que un país pueda resolver unilateralmente, ni dos países"
Efe Verde
2016: hacia el año más cálido del registro
El año 2016 va camino de convertirse en el año más cálido del registro global, que comenzó en 1880.
El Mundo
Seis ejemplos de resiliencia
Los desastres naturales, el cambio climático o la violencia amenazan la vida de millones de personas. Así se lucha en diferentes países para resistir el golpe y recuperarse
El Pais
New UN report links farming, forestry and improved food security
Agriculture and forestry can improve food security, according to a new United Nations report released today, at the start of World Forest Week.
UN News Centre
FAO aboga por una agricultura sostenible que no destruya los bosques
La agricultura sigue siendo la principal causa de deforestación a nivel global, según datos de un nuevo informe de la Organización de Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO).
UN News Centre
La FAO appelle combler le fossé entre foresterie et agriculture afin d'améliorer la sécurité alimentaire
L'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture (FAO) a appelé lundi à une meilleure coordination entre la foresterie et l'agriculture afin de mettre en place des systèmes agricoles durables et d'améliorer la gestion des forêts et la sécurité alimentaire.
UN News Centre
Global warming set to cost the world economy £1.5 trillion by 2030 as it becomes too hot to work
If you are physically active in work, the hotter it is, the slower you work
The Independent
National gender roadmap on climate change underway
Plans are now underway to implement the Paris accord and Nigeria’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), as the federal authorities have began moves for the creation of a National Gender Roadmap on climate change, which will mainstream gender concerns into national policies, plans and programmes at all levels.
The Guardian
Soaring temperatures will make it too hot to work, UN warns
Searing temperatures caused by climate change may cost global economies more than US$2 trillion by 2030, restricting working hours in some of the poorest parts of the world, according to United Nations research.
Business Times
The Elders Group Demand Commitment to Fighting Climate Change
Experienced politicians of the group ''The Elders'' have called on world leaders to translate into action the commitments made in the Paris Agreement on climate change.
Prensa Latina
Can we feed the world without cutting forests? It can be done, says U.N.
Agriculture is the biggest driver of deforestation globally fueled by a growing demand for food, yet it is possible to feed the world without cutting forests, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Monday.
Review Nepal
Researchers create means to monitor anthropogenic global warming in real time
A research team including a Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego climate scientist simulated in a computer model, for the first time, the realistic evolution of global mean surface temperature since 1900.
Science Daily
Global warming set to cost the world economy £1.5 trillion by 2030 as it becomes too hot to work
Global warming will cost the world economy more than £1.5 trillion a year in lost productivity by 2030 as it becomes too hot to work in many jobs, according to a major new report.
The Independent
The case for re-engineering the way we adapt to climate change
Around the world, countries as diverse as the United Kingdom, Mexico and the Philippines are adapting to climate change. Many are aligning this – and ongoing efforts to manage disaster risks – with infrastructure investments and economic growth, a recent report by the U.S. General Accounting Office found.
Environmental Leader
Climat : comment les entreprises peuvent-elles concrétiser l’Accord de Paris ?
C’est un fait établi. Depuis la COP21, les entreprises jouent un rôle essentiel dans la mise en œuvre de l’accord sur le climat. Mais quels sont les outils à leur disposition ?
Energies renouvelables : une ferme solaire perchée dans les nuages
Comment capter l'énergie solaire dans les meilleures conditions ?
Bati Web
California Wants to Up the Ante On Cap-and-Trade Program. Will it Fly?
Setting out to be a national example, California nows say it wants to extend its cap-and-trade program through 2050.
Environmental Leader
Low-carbon movement requires $7trn in green infrastructure, warns Bank of England
Close to $7trn will need to be spent on new green infrastructure across the globe in order to cut carbon emissions over the next 20 years, the Bank of England's governor Mark Carney has claimed.
Carbon tax study highlights flaws in New Zealand emissions scheme
A carbon tax targeting emissions-intensive industries and a revamp of New Zealand's much criticized emissions trading scheme (ETS) could boost economic growth, according to a study out Monday.
News Xinhuanet
Seoul to update emissions trading rules
The government will update the country’s emissions trading system to allocate more permits to industries that claim shortage, Vice Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Woo Tae-hee said on July 18.
Korea Herald
Los países del Mediterráneo se unen contra el cambio climático
El camino hacia la cumbre del Clima que tendrá lugar en Marrakech el próximo 7 de noviembre (COP22) comienza a trazarse.
El Mundo
Enegía eólica: en Dinamarca construyen las aspas más grandes del mundo
Serán parte de un aerogenerador off-shore y proveerá a 10 mil hogares una vez que se instale en una plataforma marítima; tendrá un diámetro mayor al mirador London Eye
La Nacion
Planta eólica en Oaxaca producirá 100 MW
Una nueva planta eólica se alista para Oaxaca. Se trata del Parque Eólico Ecowind, cuya inversión asciende a los 240 millones de dólares, el cual fue ingresado a evaluación ambiental apenas el pasado 13 de julio ante la Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Semarnat)
El Economista
UK Government Shuts Down Climate Change Department In Major Reshuffle
In a major departmental reshuffle in the United Kingdom, the government has decided to shut down the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), following a series of political events in the country, starting with Brexit and the appointment of a new prime minister.
Nature World News
Patricia Espinosa toma posesión como nueva jefa climática de la ONU
Patricia Espinosa, hasta ahora embajadora de México en Alemania, tomó hoy posesión como nueva secretaria ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre Cambio Climático (UNFCCC).
Tánger acoge MedCOP Clima, foro euromediterráneo contra el cambio climático
Cerca de 2.000 expertos europeos y de países mediterráneos, representantes políticos y de la sociedad civil se darán cita a partir de mañana en el foro mediterráneo contra el cambio climático en Tánger (Marruecos), con el objetivo de lograr una agenda euromediterránea contra el calentamiento global.
EFE Verde
Ouverture de la MedCop à Tanger sur les enjeux méditerranéens du changement climatique
Le cité du détroit accueille pour deux jours des rencontres de responsables publics et de la société civile autour du climat et de l'environnement. Sur fond de réussites mais aussi de dysfonctionnements des politiques publiques en la matière. Et en préfiguration de la COP22 qui se tiendra au Maroc à Marrakech en novembre.
Usine Nouvelle
UN criticises UK and Germany for betraying Paris climate deal
Ban Ki-moon’s climate change envoy has accused the UK and Germany of backtracking on the spirit of the Paris climate deal by financing the fossil fuel industry through subsidies.
The Guardian
Les participants au Forum « Vision 360º sur le Carbone », qui s’est tenu les 15 et 16 courant à Marrakech, ont plaidé, samedi pour une tarification du carbone qui constitue un signal fort encourageant pour les investissements dans les pays qui souhaitent réaliser un développement décarboné.
Usine Nouvelle
Mark Carney warns of climate risks
Only a third of the 1000 biggest companies in the world are disclosing enough to investors about the potential impact of carbon pricing on their businesses, according to Bank of England governor Mark Carney.
The Australian
BoE’s Carney Sees Up to $7 Trillion Invested in Renewable Energy
As much as $7 trillion of investment will flow into clean technologies that can help curb pollution and climate change over the next two decades, Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney said.
Route 66 goes green with charging stations, solar panels
Route 66, the historic U.S. highway made famous for attracting gas-guzzling Chevrolet Bel Airs and 1957 Cadillacs traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles, is turning green.
The AP
Fuentes renovables generaron 96,36 por ciento energía en Costa Rica
La generación eléctrica con fuentes renovables ascendió a 96,36 por ciento del total en el primer semestre de 2016, según datos preliminares del Centro Nacional de Control de Energía (Cence).
Prensa Latina
UN Human Rights Council declares climate a priority
At the beginning of this month, the Human Rights Council adopted by consensus a new resolution on Human Rights and Climate Change,1 emphasising the links between UN climate negotiations and the protection of human rights.
Climate Change News
Denmark’s Tourism Industry Is About To Get A Big Boost From Global Warming
Denmark’s typically cold, wet climate is about to turn into a coastal paradise this summer thanks in part to global warming, according to a report from Danish magazine Fagbladet 3F.
The Daily Caller
DiCaprio's foundation grants USD 15.7 M to stop climate change
Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio's foundation is set to donate USD 15.7 million to help solve environmental issues, such as climate change.
Business Standard
COP 22 : Les pays africains souhaitent parler d’une même voix en faveur de l’eau à Marrakech
Les rideaux sont tombés sur la conférence internationale de l’eau et du climat, ce mardi 12 juillet 2016 à Rabat, la capitale administrative marocaine, a remarqué sur place votre quotidien en ligne, Guinéenews.
Guinee News
Loss and damage, here and now
Despite strenuous efforts by many rich governments, loss and damage due to climate change is evident everywhere; UN environment and climate bodies suggest some ways to deal with it.
Eco Business
ONG lamenta que la CE pueda beneficiar a colistas climáticos con una nueva propuesta
La red de ONG dedicadas al clima Climate Action Network (CAN) avisó de la CE podría beneficiar a los países europeos que menos esfuerzos han hecho para reducir sus emisiones de CO2.
Efe Verde
Vancouver to eliminate new greenhouse gas building emissions by 2030
The proposal is part of the City's plan to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world
CBC News
A América Latina le llegó la hora de adaptarse al calentamiento global
Unos 14 millones de latinoamericanos viven en zonas de alto riesgo ante el cambio climático
El Pais
Extreme measures are needed': Namibia's battle with drought comes to its cities
Two weeks ago, the President of Namibia officially declared the country to be in a state of emergency. The country is facing its most severe drought in more than 25 years.
The Guardian
Ireland currently imports 85 percent of its energy, 35 percent above the European average, just behind Malta, Cyprus and Luxembourg.
In the first six months of 2016, wind energy has ‘saved’ Ireland €70 million in foreign energy imports.
Energy Digital
Global warming implicated in dinosaur extinction
New technique for measuring ancient temperatures finds two pulses of climate warming at the end of the Cretaceous
The Guardian
Financements verts : L’Afrique veut un traitement particulier
L’eau apparait comme un élément clé en Afrique eu égard au fait que dans les différents plans d’adaptation et d’atténuation, 92 % ont trait à elle.
Le Soleil
L’UNESCO dévoile la liste des six sites les plus menacés par le changement climatique
En ce début de semaine, le Comité du Patrimoine Mondiale de l’UNESCO se réunit à Istanbul, en Turquie.
Paris dévoile les résultats de son bilan carbone pour 2004-2014
Pour lutter contre le dérèglement climatique, Paris s’est engagée dès 2007 à réduire l’empreinte carbone de son territoire.
Business Immo.
Les jeunes du monde lancent l’appel de Dakhla pour le développement durable
Des jeunes venus des quatre coins du monde ont lancé, depuis Dakhla, un appel pour la mise en œuvre effective des décisions de l’Accord de Paris.
Le Matin
Aviation industry preparing for ‘eleventh hour’ deal on emission trading
An agreement on curbing emissions from international flights will be reached at the ICAO general assembly this autumn, according to industry sources, while biofuels continue to struggle to emerge as a long-term solution for greening the sector.
California to Extend Cap-and-Trade System to 2050
The price of allowances will rise also, encouraging businesses to clean up emissions
Scientific American
Carbon Floor Crucial for Unlocking Clean-Tech Funding, HSBC Says
Minimum prices for greenhouse gas emissions will help attract financing for the $80 trillion needed to wean the world’s economy off fossil fuels, according to HSBC Holdings Plc.
Why are the world’s cap-and-trade markets struggling to keep prices up?
Since 2011, California has used a greenhouse gas cap-and-trade market as one of its programs aimed at reducing carbon emissions over time.
The Sacramento Bee
EU Launches Emissions Trading Projects in Korea, China
The European Union has launched a cooperative project with the Republic of Korea to support the implementation of East Asia’s first national emissions trading system.
Global Trademag
Avión Solar Impulse 2 aterriza en Egipto, penúltima etapa de la vuelta al mundo
La aeronave despegará en los próximos días rumbo a Abu Dabi, destino de la última etapa de su vuelta al mundo.
La Tercera
Proyectos de energía renovable generaron más de 25,500 empleos en California
El 65% de trabajos vinculados a este tipo de proyectos se generaron en Inland Empire y el Valle de San Joaquín, áreas de mayoría hispana y de bajos recursos
La Opinion
Cambios en la distribución de las nubes, otra evidencia más del calentamiento global
La distribución de las nubes en la atmósfera de la Tierra está sufriendo, desde hace tres décadas, cambios que dirigen las trayectorias de las tormentas hacia los polos, lo que amplía el mapa de las zonas secas subtropicales.
Efe Verde
DiCaprio dona 14 millones para combatir el cambio climático
Leonardo DiCaprio ha anunciado que su fundación donará 15,6 millones de dólares (14 millones de euros) para financiar programas de conservación y medioambiente para combatir el cambio climático.
El Pais
UN launches ‘Sendai Seven’ campaign aimed at boosting disaster risk management
The United Nations envoy dealing with disaster risk reduction today launched a new multi-year campaign that aims to reduce disaster losses, improve management of disaster risk, and save lives.
UN News Centre
Réchauffement climatique : un rapport préconise de relever le prix à payer pour les émissions de CO2
Comment évoluer vers des économies dites « bas carbone » et, ainsi, tendre à l’objectif des réductions d’émissions de CO2 et lutter contre le réchauffement climatique ?
Le Monde
Africa: What Africa's Drought Responses Teach Us About Climate Change Hotspots
The world may still argue about whether or not climate change is for real.
All Africa.
Aviation industry preparing for ‘eleventh hour’ deal on emission trading
An agreement on curbing emissions from international flights will be reached at the ICAO general assembly this autumn, according to industry sources, while biofuels continue to struggle to emerge as a long-term solution for greening the sector.
El Niño played a key role in Pacific marine heatwave, as did potentially climate change
The Northeast Pacific's largest marine heatwave on record was at least in part caused by El Niño climate patterns.
Science Daily
Oui, les énergies renouvelables pourraient créer 1 million d’emplois
Un rapport de l’Ademe démontre que le choix du 100% renouvelable ferait bondir notre PIB dans les trois décennies à venir.
Temps Reel
Global warming is shifting Earth's clouds, study shows
The reaction of clouds to a warming atmosphere has been one of the major sources of uncertainty in estimating exactly how much the world will heat up from the accumulation of greenhouse gases, as some changes would enhance warming, while others would counteract it.
The Guardian
Gold’s hidden climate footprint
The lure of mining for precious metals in South America and Europe is creating new carbon emissions not controlled by international agreement.
Climate News Network
Technological and cultural innovations amongst early humans not sparked by climate change
Environmental records obtained from archaeological sites in South Africa's southern Cape suggest climate may not have been directly linked to cultural and technological innovations of Middle Stone Age humans in southern Africa after all.
Namibia: German Experts Help Harvest Floodwaters
Rainwater and floodwater harvesting for irrigation purposes in north-central Namibia are meant to increase agricultural production especially during inter-seasonal dry spells.
All Africa
Britain advised needs to prepare more for climate change
Severe heatwave of 2003 could become norm by 2040s, along with increased flooding and water shortages
Thomson Reuters Foundation
China Airlines announces new sensor system for monitoring global warming and air pollution
China Airlines (CAL) announced the acquisition of a monitoring sensor for the purposes of providing data on global warming and air pollution in the Asia region and began operations on July 7.
China Post
California seeks to extend landmark climate-change effort
California's landmark cap-and-trade program to fight climate-changing pollution from fossil fuels would survive long past Gov. Jerry Brown's time in office under a state proposal Tuesday.
East Bay Times
When it comes to saving energy, it’s really not all about the money
A recent psychological study has provided suggestive evidence that when people decide to take steps to use less energy at home, and so to protect the environment, they don’t merely do so because they want to save a little bit of cash on their electricity bills. If anything, it suggests, some forms of materialistic or competitive thinking may inhibit deep or long-lasting conservation attitudes.
Washington Post
In former ‘Dirtiest City in America,’ clean transportation is thriving
In October of 1969, Walter Cronkite announced to America that Chattanooga, Tennessee had been anointed the “Dirtiest City in America” by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Southeast Energy News
Tourisme et changement climatique Le lancement de la declaration de Casablanca
Des ministres du Tourisme des pays du Dialogue 5+5 ont appelé, lundi 11 juillet a Casalanca, a recenser et partager les etudes d'evaluation des impacts des changemments climatiques sur le tourisme, realises par les Etats de la Mediterranée occidentale.
El Niño 760 millions dollars pour sauver les pays africains touchés
Les Nations unies ont indiqué avoir besoin de 760 millions de dollars sur les 12 prochaines années pour répondre aux besoins alimentaires urgents de sept pays d’Afrique durement touchés par une sécheresse accrue.
Le Matin
Inician particulares generación eléctrica de fuentes renovables
La primera asignación de contratos de largo plazo a empresas particulares para generar energía renovable concluyó este martes con el acuerdo de que añadirán dos mil 85 megavatios de capacidad instalada, lo cual representa una inversión por dos mil 600 millones de dólares para los siguientes tres años.
Una mujer guardiana del clima en medio de la guerra
La guerra no solo destruye vidas humanas, sino también la naturaleza y con ello los medios de subsistencia.
Deutsche Welle
French carbon pricing committee proposes tax on coal-fired power
A French government advisory committee has recommended that France increase taxation on coal-fired power plants, or set stiffer carbon emissions standards, to encourage a shift to gas-fired plants to reduce carbon emissions.
Francia aplicará una tasa de carbono en 2017, concentrada en el carbón
La ministra francesa de Ecología, Ségolène Royal, anunció hoy que el compromiso de su país de imponer una tasa a las emisiones de carbono (CO2) se cumplirá desde enero de 2017 con un mecanismo aplicado a las centrales de carbón, lo que deja entrever que no se verán afectadas las de gas.
La Vanguardia
Tanger est prête à accueillir la MedCop22
A une semaine de l’ouverture de la MedCop à Tanger, qui se tiendra lieu les 18 et 19 juillet, le president de la region Tanger Tétouan Al Hoceima, Ilyas El Omari, affirme que la ville du Détroit est prête à accueillir cet événement international, qui réunira 25 délégations étrangères et 2.000 participants.
Medias 24
Tánger acoge la segunda MedCOP Clima, un foro mediterráneo contra el cambio climático
La región de Tánger-Tetuán-Alhucemas y la Unión por el Mediterráneo han firmado un convenio para que la MedCOP Clima, foro que reúne la próxima semana a los actores estatales y no estatales del Mediterráneo, se convierta en "un auténtico punto de partida" para diseñar un plan de acción que contribuya a avanzar en la agenda mediterránea en la lucha contra el cambio climático.
Le 7e Sommet mondial des villes s'ouvre à Singapour
Le 7e Sommet mondial des villes s’est ouvert le 10 juillet à Singapour sur le thème "Villes habitables et durables : villes innovantes d’opportunités", destiné à examiner comment les villes peuvent mieux gouverner et renforcer la résilience à travers la politique, les technologies et les innovations sociales.
Le Courrier du Vietnam
La OMS urge un plan global contra el impacto del cambio climático en la salud
La Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) ha reclamado un fuerte plan de acción global para reducir los riesgos para la salud del cambio climático, ya que están relacionados con millones de muertes en todo el mundo y se prevé que entre los años 2030 y 2050 cause unas 250.000 adicionales.
Europa Press
UK poorly prepared for climate change impacts, government advisers warn
A 2,000 page report by Committee on Climate Change predicts global warming will hit UK with deadly heatwaves, more flooding and water shortages
The Guardian
Climate change funding
Government has set aside $200,000 to establish a secretariat within the Ministry of Economy in the hope of harnessing climate funds from the global community.
Fiji Times
Selon l’ADEME et la New Energy Outlook l’économie sera verte d’ici 2040
A nouvelle ère économique sera basée sur l’utilisation des énergies renouvelables. Les conclusions des derniers rapports de l’ADEME et du « New Energy Outlook 2016 » confirme cette tendance.
L’OCDE critique les insuffisances de la politique environnementale de la France
Bien, mais peut et doit mieux faire. En cette période de résultats aux examens, la France reçoit, lundi 11 juillet, son carnet de notes de l’Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques (OCDE) sur ses engagements et sa politique environnementale.
Le Monde
Solar plane on second-to-last leg of globe-circling voyage, leaves Spain for Egypt
The Solar Impulse 2 flew out of Seville airport on Monday, July 11, 2016, and is Cairo-bound, for the near-completion of a trip from the United Arab Emirates in March of 2015, the starting point and final destination.
El Solar Impulse 2 inicia la penúltima etapa de su periplo
El avión Solar Impulse 2 despegó ayer de Sevilla, en el sur de España, rumbo a El Cairo, en la penúltima etapa de su vuelta al mundo utilizando el sol como única fuente de energía. Pilotado por el suizo André Borschberg, el avión solar despegó a las 06:20 locales (23:20 del domingo en Ecuador) en esta 16ª etapa, que durará unas 50 horas. Se espera que llegue a la capital egipcia el 13 de julio a media jornada.
To adapt to climate change, Mekong Delta provinces must unite: Deputy PM
Deputy Prime Minister Vương Đình Huệ urged local governments to perform better administration reforms to attract more investment to the Mekong Delta
Viet Nam News
Énergie et climat : et si la sagesse était (un peu) suédoise ?
Le gouvernement suédois, coalition minoritaire sociaux-démocrates et Verts, vient de fixer avec l’opposition ses orientations de politique énergétique. Chacun devrait s’y plonger : la vision allemande est connue, mais nous négligeons trop les autres choix, en particulier suédois, tchèques et britanniques. Mieux les comprendre aiderait à évaluer les options européennes et nationales.
Les Echos
Even the clouds altered by climate change, says study
Clouds, which act as thermal regulators for Earth, have altered in character and global distribution due to climate change, and could in turn make warming worse, a study said.
New Zealand Herald
Mary Robinson: World's poorest pay the price for our emissions
UN envoy Mary Robinson has called for schoolchildren to be taught more about how their lives directly impact climate change.
Irish Examiner
By 2030, climate shift may kill 250k more per year
Climate change is likely to kill 250,000 more people each year by 2030, latest assessment by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows.
The Times of India
Changements climatiques: des milliers de décès supplémentaires annoncés par an
<> Ces propos sont de Richard Kinley, le responsible du secretariat de la Convention cadre des Nations unies sur les changement climatiques (Ccnucc).
¿Qué nos depara la COP22 de Marrakech?
La Cumbre del Clima de París, la COP21, supuso un avance en la lucha contra el cambio climático. ¿Qué nos depara la COP22 de Marrakech? Eso es, precisamente, lo que se está discutiendo en Viena, durante la vigésimo séptima sesión anual en el Fórum de Crans Montana.
EU, Korea launch emissions trading scheme
The European Union delegation to Korea and Korea’s Ministry of Strategy and Finance launched a project last week to tackle greenhouse gas emissions as part of bilateral cooperation to curb climate change.
Korea Herald
UE colabora con Corea del Sur en proyecto de comercio de derechos de emission
La Unión Europea (UE) ha puesto en marcha un proyecto de cooperación con Corea del Sur sobre comercio de derechos de emisión por valor de 3,5 millones de euros, según informó hoy el Ejecutivo comunitario en un comunicado.
Ciudades resilientes, claves en la lucha contra el cambio climático
Alcaldes, líderes urbanos e investigadores se reunieron durante esta semana en un foro mundial organizado por Gobiernos Locales para la Sostenibilidad (ICLEI) en Bonn, para trabajar juntos sobre este desafío global.
Deutsche Welle
Le réchauffement climatique et la spéculation sont les vecteurs de l’insécurité alimentaire
Une conférence mondiale sur le thème « Santé et Climat » se tenait le 7 et le 8 juillet à Paris.
Massive mangrove die-off on Gulf of Carpentaria worst in the world, says expert
Climate change and El Niño the culprits, says Norm Duke, an expert in mangrove ecology, after seeing 7,000ha of dead mangroves over 700km
The Guardian
S'pore lays out plan to address challenges of climate change
President Tony Tan unveils Climate Action Plan to cut emissions, adapt to climate shifts
Business Times
Conférence Internationale sur l’Eau et le Climat / Un livre bleu sur l’eau présenté à la COP 22
Rabat abrite, aujourd’hui lundi et demain mardi, la Conférence Internationale sur l’Eau et le Climat.
China's Guangdong carbon market to include aviation sector
China's southern Guangdong province will include the aviation sector in the final year of its pilot scheme for trading carbon emissions permits, the local government said on Friday.
Climate change killed Europeans in 2003 heat
Hundreds of west Europeans were killed in the 2003 heat wave by human-induced climate change, scientists say in a ground-breaking report.
Climate News Network
In China, Ban highlights country’s leadership on sustainable development, climate change
In China, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the country’s relationship with the Organization, noting in particular its crucial role in improving tensions, building peace and promoting the agenda on climate change.
UN News Centre
À Pékin, Ban Ki-moon encourage la Chine à continuer sur la voie de la transformation et des réformes
En visite dans la capitale chinoise Pékin, le Secrétaire général de l'ONU, Ban Ki-moon, a encouragé jeudi le pays à continuer sur la voie de la transformation et des réformes, notamment en créant l'espace nécessaire pour que la société civile puisse jouer un rôle crucial.
UN News Centre
Ban alienta a líderes chinos a crear espacios de participación para la sociedad civil
El Secretario General de la ONU alentó hoy a los líderes de China “a crear el espacio que hace falta para que la sociedad civil desempeñe un papel crucial” en la vía de transformación y reforma que transita el país.
UN News Centre
Changements climatiques : la santé au centre de la conférence internationale de Paris
Les impacts des changements climatiques sur la santé ont été sous-estimés. L'OMS et le gouvernement français organisent ces 7 et 8 juillet la 2e Conférence mondiale Climat et santé afin d'accélérer la prise de conscience.
Actu Environnement
How solar energy can be transformed into fuel
A new study look into the quest for sustainable fuel, and how solar energy can be transformed into exactly this. The new procedure uses the sun's thermal energy to convert carbon dioxide and water directly into synthetic fuel.
Science Daily
Pacific’s Small Island States Adopt New Climate Change Strategy
Pacific island nations are among some of the most vulnerable islands that stand in the forefront of climate change, facing the challenges of sea level rises, compromising their land, health, social, economic aspects and their way of life, including threats to sustainable development.
EM TV online
How Buddhist monks are battling deforestation in Cambodia
Cambodia has one of the world's highest deforestation rates. But a group of Buddhist monks are stepping up efforts to save forests by publicly revealing wrongdoings and mobilizing local villagers. Ate Hoekstra reports.
Deutsche Welle
How New York State is engaging local communities on climate change
New York State’s adaptation and mitigation measures are securing a climate resilient future for its citizens, a new briefing from The Climate Group shows.
The Climate Group
Climate Change Claims a Lake, and an Identity
Llapallapani, Bolivia — The water receded and the fish died. They surfaced by the tens of thousands, belly-up, and the stench drifted in the air for weeks.
The New York Time
Global warming: Is it time to phase out fossil fuels?
They are one of the world’s energy generators and many countries highly rely on them to power industries, transport and energy sectors.
New Times
La reina Letizia pide luchar contra el cambio climático para mejorar la salud
La reina Letizia ha instado a la comunidad internacional a hacer de la lucha contra el cambio climático un instrumento básico en la mejora de la salud global, sobre todo para garantizar una mejor nutrición en todo el mundo
Efe Salud
Ministra francesa aboga por armonía entre ser humano y medio ambiente
La ministra francesa de Medio Ambiente, Ségolene Royal, afirmó hoy que el combate contra el cambio climático es por establecer relaciones armoniosas entre el ser humano y el medio ambiente.
Prensa Latina
Un mandato con pasión y competencia
La costarricense Christiana Figueres terminó su mandato como secretaria ejecutiva de la CMNUCC. Varios expertos han valorado su rol que será recordado por el Acuerdo de París.
Deutsche Welle
Costa Rica inicia trámite para ratificar compromiso sobre emisiones de carbono
Nuestro país es uno de los 195 Estados que acordaron recortar sus emisiones de carbono para contener el aumento de la temperatura media del planeta por debajo de los dos grados Celsius (2 °C)
Por qué el cambio climático es una cuestión de educación
El cambio climático nos afecta a todos, pero todavía no estamos actuando con la celeridad que deberíamos para enfrentar sus causas, mitigar el cambio y adaptarnos a sus efectos. Mucha gente no entiende los riesgos que plantea el cambio climático a las estructuras económicas y sociales mundiales.
Project Syndicate
Final French carbon price proposal to be published July 11: source
The taskforce in charge of delivering France's national carbon price floor proposal for the power sector will publish its final report next Monday, a source close to the discussions said Thursday.
Carbon tax essential for decarbonising our economies
A decade ago, as part of its commitment to tackling the problem of global warming, the European Union introduced a scheme to force a reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases from electricity generation and heavy industry.
Irish times
La Chine et l'ONU conviennent de renforcer leur coopération
Le président chinois Xi Jinping a appelé jeudi à renforcer la coopération avec les Nations unies lors de sa rencontre avec le secrétaire général de l'ONU Ban Ki-moon, qui en est à sa dixième visite en Chine.
French China Org CN
Why Climate Change Is an Education Issue
Climate change affects us all, but we still are not acting as quickly as we should to address its causes, mitigate the damage, and adapt to its effects.
New Europe
A cheap, simple experiment just found a very effective way to slow deforestation
In a convincing new study conducted in Uganda and based on a program sponsored in part by its government, a team of researchers have found an effective and affordable way to combat deforestation in a country showing some of the fastest tree loss rates in the world.
Washington Post
Laurent Fabius urges rapid ratification for Paris Agreement
Former French foreign minister and chairman of the UN climate talks calls on businesses gathered at the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards to ensure the 'spirit of Paris' lives on
Business Green
L'ONU appelle à allouer plus de ressources pour faire face aux conséquences du phénomène El Niño
Les gouvernements et la communauté internationale doivent intensifier leurs efforts pour mettre fin à la souffrance des populations, renforcer la résilience et protéger les moyens d'existence suite aux effets dévastateurs du phénomène El Niño dans le monde entier, ont déclaré mercredi les responsables de trois agences des Nations Unies basées à Rome.
UN News Centre
Google et la bataille pour le climat
L'accord passé entre Google et la FAO des Nations Unies est un probable tournant dans la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique. D'abord, parce que le contenu est très concret avec un impact immédiat.
L'Accord de Paris pourrait entrer en vigueur l'an prochain
L'Accord de Paris, un pacte mondial historique destiné à lutter contre les changements climatiques, pourrait entrer en vigueur dès le début de l'année prochaine, a déclaré mardi la responsable des Nations unies (ONU) sur le climat, Christiana Figueres.
L’Unesco appelé à la rescousse pour protéger la plus vaste mangrove du monde
Une pétition lancée par l’ONG a été présentée à l’UNESCO, mercredi 6 juillet, l’exhortant à ajouter à sa liste des sites en péril les Sundarbans au Bangladesh.
Le Monde
Cette espèce de manchots d'Antarctique pourrait diminuer de 60% d'ici la fin du siècle
Ils pèsent à peine 4 kg, passent le plus clair de leur temps dans l'eau et vivent paisiblement dans l'Antarctique.
Huffington Post
Fondo Verde para el Clima aprueba US$49 millones para nueve proyectos de energía solar en Chile
La directora de Ambiente y Cambio Climático del Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina, Ligia Castro, destacó que el programa de Energía Solar en Chile supone el primer proyecto de financiación estructurado aprobado por el Fondo Verde en su historia.
El Mostrador
Merkel: la lucha contra el cambio climático es una cuestión de supervivencia
La canciller alemana, Angela Merkel, calificó hoy la lucha contra el cambio climático como "una cuestión de supervivencia" y apeló a seguir el camino trazado por el acuerdo de París para detener el calentamiento de la tierra.
El Diario
Bachelet anuncia nuevos programas de cooperación sobre cambio climático con la Caricom
Durante su intervención ante la trigésima séptima convención del bloque en Guyana, la Mandataria destacó un nuevo aporte de medio millón de dólares para fortalecer los organismos similares a la Onemi en los paises del Caribe.
Cancillería tica acoge taller de capacitación sobre Acuerdo de París
La cancillería realiza hoy aquí un taller de capacitación sobre el Acuerdo de París y las negociaciones climáticas multilaterales, primera actividad de Costa Rica como presidenta de la Asociación Independiente de América Latina y el Caribe (Ailac).
Prensa Latina
L’OMS préoccupée par les impacts du changement climatique sur la santé humaine
De plus en plus d'animaux marins se retrouvent dans les eaux californiennes entraînant la joie des touristes et des amoureux de la nature mais aussi la méfiance des maîtres-nageurs.
Sciences et avenir.
7e dialogue de Petersberg sur le climat : "l’Accord de Paris entrera en vigueur dès 2017"
é le mercredi 06 juillet 2016 à 11h48

Le 7e dialogue de Petersberg s’est achevé mardi soir à Berlin, en Allemagne. Réunissant une quarantaine de ministres, ce rendez-vous annuel, créé en 2010 par la chancelière Angela Merkel après les résultats décevants de la COP de Copenhague, vise à faciliter le travail des présidences successives des COP et permet des échanges informels et directs entre des pays représentant les grands groupes de négociation au sein de la convention Climat.
Séoul investira 42.000 Mds de wons dans les énergies renouvelables d'ici à 2020
La Corée du Sud investira un combiné de 42.000 milliards de wons (36,6 milliards de dollars) dans le secteur des énergies renouvelables d'ici à 2020 dans le cadre des efforts pour développer le système d'alimentation électrique écologique du pays, a fait savoir ce mardi le ministère du Commerce, de l'Industrie et de l'Energie.
Agence de presse Yonhap
Africa: Investable Climate Projects Will Deliver Sustainable Growth in Africa - World Bank Official
Last week, at the African Carbon Forum convened in Kigali, African countries committed to achieve climate change resilience and to make the Paris Agreement on climate change a reality.
All Africa
Court Decision on Climate Plan Jolts Carbon Prices
A temporary halt to the federal government’s plan to cut electric power plant emissions has caused carbon prices in the Northeast’s only cap-and-trade program to plummet, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
Climate Central
Researchers recommend an EU-own flight ticket tax
Several EU member states have failed to introduce taxes on air traffic. Now, researchers from the EU-funded FairTax project, coordinated by Umeå University in Sweden, suggest in a paper that the EU should introduce an EU tax on flight tickets, to contribute to a more sustainable development in the EU.
Germany pledges support for developing countries at Petersberg climate meeting
Germany says developing countries need more help to meet the climate change targets agreed to in Paris. The government is presenting a new support initiative at a two-day climate meeting in Berlin.
Deutsche Welle
Le 7è dialogue de Petersberg souligne la nécessité de ratifier l’accord de Paris avant la COP 22
Le dialogue de Petersberg sur le climat, dont la 7ème édition s’est ouverte lundi à Berlin, a souligné la nécessité de ratifier l’accord de Paris avant la 22-ème Conférence des parties à la convention-cadre des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques à Marrakech (COP22).
Atlas Info
Segolene Royal: EU should approve UN climate deal in 2016
The European Union could formally approve the UN’s new greenhouse gas slashing deal by the close of 2016, France environment minister Segolene Royal told a meeting of climate envoys on Monday.
Climate Home
Berlín reclama rápida entrada en vigor del acuerdo del clima de París
El Gobierno alemán reclamó la entrada en vigor lo más rápido posible del acuerdo climático mundial firmado en París en diciembre, en el marco del VII Diálogo de Petersberg sobre Cambio Climático que dio comienzo hoy en Berlín.
Pre-2020 climate actions needed to curb emissions: Prakash Javadekar
"Cooperation is the key for taking (climate) actions. Every country is at a different stage of development. We need cooperation. We have the will to act," said Environment Minister.
Indian Express
La Chine et l'Europe vont relier leurs marchés carbone
L'Union européenne va investir 10 millions d'euros dans un nouveau projet de coopération avec la Chine. L'objectif est de raccorder le système ETS d'échange de quotas d'émissions à celui que la Chine prévoit de créer.
Environnement Magazine
La ONU aplaude el acuerdo sobre energías limpias entre EEUU, Canadá y México
El director de la Oficina de la ONU para la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres, Robert Glasser, ha descrito este lunes como "un gran hito" el acuerdo anunciado la semana pasada por Canadá, México y Estados Unidos para elevar al 50 por ciento su producción de energías limpias.
Europa Press
L'ONU salue un nouveau partenariat nord-américain sur le climat et la réduction des risques de catastrophe
Le chef du Bureau des Nations Unies pour la réduction des risques de catastrophe (UNISDR), Robert Glasser, a salué lundi l'annonce d'un nouveau partenariat entre le Canada, les Etats-Unis et le Mexique, en vertu duquel les dirigeants des trois pays se sont engagés à prendre des mesures importantes pour atteindre 50% de production d'énergie propre d'ici 2025 et à coopérer davantage en matière de réduction des risques de catastrophe.
Paris climate deal needs fossil fuel giants to ‘implode’
Research shows that a “controlled implosion” of the fossil fuel industry and a technological explosion of renewable energy are needed to meet climate targets.
Climate Home
L'Europe, victime du charbon polonais et allemand
Selon une étude de WWF, les émissions des centrales au charbon ont un impact majeur sur la santé de tous les pays européens. Les parcs de l’Allemagne et de la Pologne ont entraîné le décès de plus de 7000 personnes en Europe en 2013
L'Usine Nouvelle
Kenya: In Kenya, Companies Now Liable for Climate Change Damages
Climate change lawsuits are gaining momentum as citizens are increasingly turning to domestic courts to hold governments and corporations accountable for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
España y Finlandia acuerdan colaborar en materia de meteorología
El acuerdo se enmarca dentro de la estrategia de la Aemet de colaborar en la política internacional
Nigeria: Centre for Biodiversity Takes Off in Niger Delta
The Centre for Biodiversity, Climate Change and Watershed (ICBCW) has taken off in the Niger Delta region following its inauguration to commence research, training and education in the region.
Leadership (Abuja)
How India's 'smart villages' are centralising solar power
The Indian government has committed 980bn rupees ($14.5bn; £10.9bn) to a flagship smart cities' programme, but the social entrepreneur behind the country's first smart village thinks they've missed some low-hanging fruit.
IKEA: why businesses should 'go all in' on sustainability  BusinessGreen
First 6 months of 2016 hottest ever recorded in New Zealand
Ski fields are struggling to open and winter electricity consumption is down in New Zealand after the first six months of 2016 proved to be the hottest start to a year that scientists have ever recorded.
Small Island States adopt new climate change strategy
The Small Island States of the Pacific Islands Forum have adopted a new climate change strategy to ensure their vulnerabilities are addressed as part of the regional policy agenda.
Radio New Zealand
A Remote Pacific Nation, Threatened by Rising Seas
One clear bright day last winter, a tidal surge swept over an ocean embankment here in the remote, low-lying island country of Kiribati, smashing through the doors and windows of Betio Hospital and spewing sand and debris across its maternity ward.
NY Times
La adaptación al cambio climático debe centrar la cumbre de Marrakech
El comisario de la COP22, Abdeladim El Hafi, asegura que las políticas de adaptación no pierden de vista el gran objetivo de la reducción de las emisiones
INDCs: Africa In Need Of Trillions To Combat Climate Change
It has been projected that African countries need at least $2.7 trillion for mitigation measures and another $488 billion for adaptation to climatic change to be met in 2030, according to the estimates from Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) for adaptation to climate change.
Climate Change Response Requires Finance, Cooperation and Participation
Success tackling climate change and achieving sustainable development in Africa will take finance, cooperation and real engagement with non-state actors, participants heard in high-level sessions that wrapped up this year’s Africa Carbon Forum.
Pourquoi Total fait le pari de l’électricité
Le pétrolier vient de racheter coup sur coup SAFT et le belge Lampiris. Une percée dans l’électricité qui répond à une stratégie de long terme, dans un contexte où les énergies propres vont de plus en plus s’imposer dans le monde.
Les Echos
La Reina intervendrá en Conferencia de París sobre Salud y Cambio Climático
La Reina Letizia intervendrá el próximo jueves 7 en la jornada inaugural de la Segunda Conferencia Global sobre Salud y Cambio Climático, organizada en París por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) y el Gobierno francés, han informado hoy fuentes de la Casa del Rey.
La Vanguardia
L'EPFL s'attaque à l'injection de CO2 dans le sol pour lutter contre le réchauffement
Injecter et stocker le CO2 dans le sol pourrait bien être l'une des solutions pour limiter l'impact des gaz à effet de serre sur notre environnement. L'EPFL a développé un outil capable de simuler l'impact géologique de ce type de procédés.
La Côte
Norway bids to capture business by capturing carbon
A Norwegian prime minister once compared the difficulty of capturing carbon and storing it underground to a “moon landing.” But just as the lunar program transformed the U.S. economy, this technology could do the same for Norway.
La mangrove, un piège à carbone aux potentiels encore méconnus
Ecosystème peu étudié, la mangrove fait l'objet pour la première fois d'un vaste programme de recherche, initié depuis la Nouvelle-Calédonie, sur ses capacités à piéger les gaz à effet de serre.
Sciences et avenir
Migración aumenta por cambio climático: Mayans
El presidente de la Comisión Frontera Sur del Senado, Humberto Mayans Canabal (PRD), advirtió que aumenta el flujo migratorio de centroamericanos a México, tras diversas devastaciones naturales generadas por el cambio climático.
El Universal
El crimen empeora el cambio climático (y viceversa)
Dos estudios sugieren que hay una relación entre el calentamiento global, el aumento de las temperaturas y el crimen.
‘Ethiopia hit by climate change despite negligible emissions’
Former president of Ireland Mary Robinson has said it is unfair that Ethiopians are suffering the worst effects of climate change as 10m people are hit by food shortages following the worst drought in 50 years.
Irish Examiner
Update national soil mapping data to mitigate climate change effects: Agri chief
In order to prepare the country for the effects of climate change especially on agriculture, newly appointed Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel "Manny" Pinol has ordered the updating of soil analysis data nationwide.
Philippines News Agency
208m trees planted during spring season surpassing official target
At least 26.5 percent more trees were planted this year during spring season across the country.
Daily Times
We have saved the planet once, now let’s do it again
Global action is healing the ozone hole and can tackle climate change
Financial Times
UN highlights risk reduction, mitigation to combat El Niño’s impact in Central America’s Dry Corridor
One of the areas most affected by extreme hazards, in particular natural hazards, is the Dry Corridor of Central America, with recurrent droughts, excessive rains and severe flooding affecting agricultural production.
United Nations News Centre
Amérique centrale : l'ONU appelle à agir pour réduire l'impact d'El Niño
L’une des zones les plus touchées par les risques naturels extrêmes est le Couloir sec d’Amérique centrale, qui subit des sécheresses récurrentes, des pluies excessives et de graves inondations qui affectent la production agricole.
United Nations News Centre
FAO urge a movilizar asistencia al Corredor Seco de Centroamérica luego de El Niño
El impacto del fenómeno El Niño en el Corredor Seco de Centroamérica resultó devastador para 3,5 millones de personas que ahora precisan ayuda humanitaria en El Salvador, Guatemala y Honduras.
United Nations News Centre
What Brexit Means for Addressing Climate Change
The future of energy and environmental policy in the United Kingdom and the European Union has been thrown into question following the U.K.’s vote to leave the E.U. last week, despite promises from the current Conservative Party leadership that the country would deliver on commitments.
COP22 : Le privé engagé pour le climat selon Miriem Bensalah
Mme Miriem Bensalah-Chaqroun, présidente de la CGEM, a réaffirmé à Londres l’engagement fort du secteur privé dans la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique, et ce dans le cadre d’une approche proactive, volontariste et responsable.
La tribune
Climat : les investisseurs intégrent davantage les coûts du réchauffement global
La deuxième journée du Business and Climate Summit, qui se déroulait au cœur de la City de Londres, était consacrée à la finance.
Warning sounds on global warming
The record warm start to the year will be the new normal within the next few generations, scientists say.
New Zeland Herald
Africa Needs Over $3 Trillion to Mitigate Climate Change
African countries need at least $2.7 trillion for mitigation measures and another $488 billion for adaptation to climatic change to be met in 2030, according to the estimates from Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) for adaptation to climate change.
All Africa
Climate Change Response Requires Finance, Cooperation and Participation
Success tackling climate change and achieving sustainable development in Africa will take finance, cooperation and real engagement with non-state actors, participants heard in high-level sessions that wrapped up this year’s Africa Carbon Forum.
Le Forum africain du carbone s’engage dans le développement durable en Afrique
Les mesures pour contrer le changement climatique telles que des politiques vertes, les approches de marché et les financements peuvent guider le développement durable en Afrique, tel est le message phare livré par les participants au Forum africain du carbone à son ouverture officielle mercredi à Kigali, la capitale du Rwanda.
Afrique 7
Expertos de 19 países analizan las políticas de mitigación y adaptación al cambio climático en el sector agropecuario
Una representación de expertos de entidades y organizaciones internacionales y de las oficinas de cambio climático de 19 países participan esta semana en un taller regional sobre “Políticas y Medidas de Mitigación y Adaptación al Cambio Climático en el Sector Agropecuario”, en el Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española en Santa Cruz
"Ya existen tecnologías limpias para frenar el cambio climático"
Su abuelo, Auguste Piccard, fue la primera persona que vio con sus propios ojos la curvatura de la Tierra, además de ser también el primero en utilizar una aeronave presurizada.
El Mundo
'Country can earn up to $2 billion per annum by selling carbon credits'
Pakistan can earn from $400 million to $2 billion annually by selling carbon credits in the international market and the federal government is committed to completing a viable plan under Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) by 2018.
Business Recorder
The Latest: North America leaders tackle global warming
The Latest on President Barack Obama's summit Wednesday with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto (all times local):
Fox news
Paris climate summit put planet on course for 'catastrophic' warming despite being seen as success, study finds
While countries agreed to try to limit global warming to a rise of 1.5C, the actions they actually promised could see temperatures go up by twice that amount
Ministros de Energía del G20 estudian aplicación de los acuerdos de París
Los ministros de Energía del G20 se reúnen desde hoy en Pekín con la búsqueda de fórmulas para aplicar los acuerdos alcanzados en la cumbre sobre el cambio climático de París (COP21) de diciembre pasado como principal objetivo.
Déclaration des leaders sur le partenariat nord américain en matière de climat, d’énergie propre et d’environnement
Le premier ministre Justin Trudeau, le président Barack Obama et le président Enrique Peña Nieto s’engagent conjointement à l’égard d’une économie et d’une société nord‑américaines concurrentielles, durables et à faibles émissions de carbone.
Premier Ministre du Canada
EU commits 10 million euros to ramp up emissions trading
EU steps up cooperation on emissions trading with China: new 10 million euros project announced
Londres promet de tenir ses engagements sur le climat
La secrétaire d'Etat britannique à l'Energie et au changement climatique Amber Rudd a promis mercredi que la Grande-Bretagne tiendrait ses engagements contre le réchauffement mondial malgré le Brexit.
Les dirigeants polynésiens inquiets pour leur océan
Les représentants des Etats et territoires membres du groupe des dirigeants polynésiens ont signé ce mardi une déclaration commune sur la protection de l’Océan (Te Moana o Hiva).
Rwanda: Bank of Kigali to Plant One Million Trees in Climate Change Mitigation Effort
Bank of Kigali says it will invest part of its annual operations budget in supporting efforts by a local non-profit environmental conservation organisation to plant one million trees in Nyagatare District as part of activities to mark 50 years, this December, since it was incorporated in 1966.
Africa: Over 43 Million Africans Face Extreme Poverty Due to Climate Change By 2030
The World Bank has warned that the current level of climate adaptation funding which is insufficient could trigger extreme poverty in Africa by 2030.
Human-Caused Climate Change is Occurring, Leading Scientific Groups Remind US Congress
Human-caused climate change is real, some of the leading scientific groups in the United States remind lawmakers.
Nature World News
Climate change forces European graziers to consider Aussie cattle
Rising temperatures and variable weather patterns caused by climate change will lead to a growing demand for tropical varieties of cattle in Europe, according to a German breeder.
Humans Put Amazon to More Danger, Fires
Threats to the Amazon rainforest are more wide-ranging than people realize, revealed a new study in Nature that looks at human activities to which conservation programs have not given adequate attention.
Nature World News
Tanzania: Sh18 Billion Climate Change Programme Launched
The government has embarked on a five-year programme to mitigate the impact of climate change.
Les «trois amigos» conviennent d’un partenariat sur le climat
Le Canada, les États-Unis et le Mexique ont annoncé une série de mesures pour s’attaquer aux changements climatiques, en marge du Sommet des leaders nord-américains qui se tenait mercredi.
Journal de Montreal
La cumbre de Ottawa cierra acuerdo energético y clama contra las subvenciones siderúrgicas
Obama invita a Peña Nieto a Washington "una última vez" y ambos condenan juntos los atentados de Estambul.
Deutsche Welle
Nicaragua apunta a tener una matriz renovable para el 2020
Para el 2020 la meta que tiene el país es lograr tener una matriz energética noventa por ciento renovable y un diez por ciento térmica, por esa razón cada año se están impulsando proyectos de energía limpia comentó el diputado Edwin Castro, en el Primer Simposio “Oportunidades de Eficiencia Energética, Energía Renovables y Producción más Limpia para la Empresa”
La Prensa
Acuerdo entre RD y Panamá busca bajar emisiones contaminantes
República Dominicana y Panamá firmaron un convenio de cooperación técnica en tres sectores (energía, cemento y manejo integral de residuos) como primer esfuerzo internacional para reducir emisiones en esos tres campos.El acuerdo se firmó en una reunión sostenida con ministros de Medio Ambiente de la región y autoridades ligadas al cambio climático, como parte de las actividades anexas a la inauguración del Canal Ampliado de Panamá.
El Caribe
UN climate chief urges Britain to remain a global warming leader
Christiana Figueres tells business leaders that Brexit vote is not an obstacle to continued cooperation between Britain and the EU on global warming
The Guardian
Le « Brexit » affaiblit davantage la politique climatique de l’Europe
Le climat, l’énergie et l’environnement n’ont pas fait partie des préoccupations mises en avant par les pro ou les anti-« Brexit » , qui ont ferraillé sur la « bureaucratie » bruxelloise, la souveraineté nationale ou les migrants. Il s’agit pourtant d’enjeux essentiels, sur lesquels le choix des Britanniques de tourner le dos à l’Union européenne (UE) est susceptible d’avoir un impact majeur.
Le Monde
Climat : les ambitions sous condition des entreprises
Une étude publiée à l’ouverture du « Business & Climate summit » à Londres révèle le potentiel de réduction d’émissions de gaz à effet de serre dont disposent les entreprises… à condition que les pouvoirs publics les y aident.
La Tribune
CaixaBank se propone que todo su consumo eléctrico sea renovable en 2018
Caixabank ha iniciado un plan para que en 2018 el 100 % del consumo eléctrico provenga de energías renovables, informó la compañía en un comunicado. Este compromiso se ha anunciado en el Business&Climate Summit 2016 en Londres impulsado por The Climate Group y We Mean Business con el apoyo de otras instituciones.
Business & Climate Summit : des partenariats entre entreprises au chevet du climat
La deuxième édition du Business & Climate Summit, qui se déroule en ce moment à Londres, dresse un constat clair : seuls, les États ne parviendront pas à contenir les émissions de gaz à effet de serre "bien en-deçà des 2°", tel que le prévoit l’Accord de Paris.
Business Can Deliver 60% of Paris Pledges to Cut Emissions
A new research report, ‘The Business End of Climate Change’ launched today at the Business & Climate Summit in London’s Guildhall puts a figure for the first time on what greenhouse gas emissions cuts could be achieved by business worldwide.
UNFCCC Newsroom
Climate Action Can Drive Sustainable Development in Africa
Action on climate change in the form of green policy, finance and market approaches can drive sustainable development in Africa, government, business and civil society representatives heard on the opening day of Africa Carbon Forum.
Les experts recommandent des économies à faibles émissions carboniques en Afrique
Les experts participant au 8ème Forum sur le carbone en Afrique (ACF), à Kigali, capitale du Rwanda, ont appelé les gouvernements africains à se concentrer sur la réduction de leurs émissions de gaz carbonique dans l'industrialisation de leur économie.
Moody’s calls for rapid Paris climate deal approval
Credit giant says speedy ratification will calm markets, pledges to use UN climate pact as benchmark for rating companies
Climate Home
FAO advierte sobre efecto devastador de El Niño en Centroamérica
El efecto devastador del evento climático El Niño dejó a 3,5 millones de personas en situación de inseguridad alimentaria en el Corredor Seco de América Central, advirtió la FAO.
Agencia Andina
Climate change 'most serious' environmental issue for New Zealand – report
Climate change is the most serious environmental issue New Zealanders face, according to a new report by the Environment Commissioner.
El Caribe une sus fuerzas para salvarse del calentamiento global
La región tiene una biodiversidad como pocos lugares en el mundo pero sus altas temperaturas se podrían elevar aún más por el cambio climático
La Vanguardia
WorldGBC Reveal Innovative Climate Change Project
Today the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) unveiled a new innovative project which aims to fulfil the targets of the Paris Agreement.
Blue and Green Tomorrow
Wind Fuels the North Sea’s Next Energy Boom
As oil declines, huge wind farms are providing electricity to Northern Europe.
MT Technology Review
OPINIÓN: América Latina debe ratificar el Acuerdo de París
Tras la firma del acuerdo por parte de 177, países la responsabilidad de ratificarlo es de las legislaturas. Varios países latinoamericanos se preparan para iniciar el proceso este año.
La Tercera
Paris climate deal approval on course, say analysts
Brexit unlikely to slow momentum towards global climate deal coming into force
Climate Home
Climate Home
Contaminación del aire causa 6,5 millones de muertes prematuras
Un total de 6,5 millones de personas mueren cada año de forma prematura debido a la contaminación del aire, según reveló la Agencia Internacional de la Energía (IEA).
Pollution de l’air : augmenter les investissements dans l’énergie diminuerait le nombre de décès selon l’AIE
Il suffirait d’augmenter de 7% les investissements mondiaux dans l’énergie jusqu’en 2040 pour réduire significativement le nombre de morts causés par la pollution de l’air.
Climate Change High on Agenda as Obama and Trudeau Meet for Summit
When Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, appeared at the United Nations this spring to sign the Paris climate accord, the rapturous ovation he received was worthy of the celebrity he had become, a leader full of promise and of promises, especially on climate change.
The New York Times
Vers une entente nord-américaine sur le climat?
Les dirigeants des États-Unis, du Mexique et du Canada s'efforceront mercredi, lors d'un sommet à Ottawa, de définir en commun les moyens de lutter contre les effets du réchauffement climatique au niveau du sous-continent nord-américain.
Les Affaires
Le Business climate summit s'ouvre à Londres
Ségolène Royal ouvre ce 28 juin à Londres la deuxième édition du Business climate summit.
Environnement Magazine
Environnement Magazine
Insurers’ pledge to help developing countries on climate change
When powerful earthquakes rocked New Zealand and Haiti in 2010, each measuring 7.0 magnitude, very different dramas unfolded: New Zealand, though hit hard, was able to start recovering relatively quickly; Haiti, meanwhile, was brought to its knees.
One major reason for the difference was the role insurance played in the two island nations’ recoveries.
Financial Times
Futuros gobiernos deben fomentar prevención frente a cambio climático
El ministro de Agricultura y Riego, Juan Manuel Benites, consideró que los siguientes gobiernos en el Perú deben concentrar todos sus esfuerzos para mantener políticas dirigidas a la agricultura familiar y fomentar el aspecto preventivo frente a los efectos adversos del cambio climático.
Ratifier l’Accord de Paris sur le climat, un long parcours d’embûches
La mise en oeuvre de l’accord pourrait être repoussée au-delà de l’échéance fixée à 2020.
Le Temps
Climate change: communities and councils fill void on zero emissions targets
In the absence of ambitious climate action by the federal government, communities are leading Australia in setting renewable energy targets
The Guardian
José Sarukhán: México, con red meteorológica pobre
Tenemos enormes deficiencias en los sistemas de predicción, lo cual dificulta la elaboración de modelos climáticos más detallados que permitan prever el impacto del cambio climático en los ecosistemas, advirtió José Sarukhán Kermez, Coordinador Nacional de la Comisión Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad (CONABIO).
El Universal
Tackling carbon emissions in China
Beijing symposium explores imposing usage tax to augment planned emissions-trading system
Harvard Gazette
Universidades firman acuerdo de energías limpias en Colombia
Como una forma de encarar las responsabilidades que Colombia adquirió en la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático (COP 21), este lunes se firmó el “Acuerdo de Energías Limpias por Colombia”, cuya finalidad es afianzar los conocimientos sobre energía renovable en el país.
El Espectador
Changes in rice cultivation can curtail climate change
At a time when climate change is set to impact rice production in Asia, simple water management by farmers as an adaptation strategy will minimise the damage.
The Hans India
Study Links 6.5 Million Deaths Each Year to Air Pollution
A sobering report released on Monday by the International Energy Agency says air pollution has become a major public health crisis leading to around 6.5 million deaths each year, with “many of its root causes and cures” found in the energy industry.
NY Times
India consider umbrella legislation on climate change
India is considering the possibility of bringing an umbrella legislation on climate change to move ahead towards the ratification of the Paris climate agreement—a legacy that the US President Barack Obama wants to leave before his term draws to an end.
Economic Times
Prochaine réunion des experts africains au Rwanda sur les émissions de carbone
Plus de 600 experts sur le changement climatique des gouvernements du continent africain et d'autres régions devraient participer au Forum Afrique Carbone (ACF) de cette année, prévu la semaine prochaine dans la capitale rwandaise Kigali.
Marruecos crea una nueva agencia para gestionar todas las energías renovables
El Consejo de Gobierno de Marruecos ha creado con un proyecto de ley la Agencia Marroquí de Energías Renovables, MASEN, siglas en inglés, que gestionará el campo de las energías renovables, principalmente solar y eólica.
Paris Agreement to Drive Development - Asia Pacific Carbon Forum, 5-7 September 2016 Jeju Island, Republic of Korea
The Paris Climate Change Agreement has put fresh wind in the sails of climate policy, which governments and the private sector will seek to harness to drive development at the Asia Pacific Carbon Forum, 5-7 September 2016, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea.
UNFCCC Newsroom
La BM soutient l'adaptation au changement climatique et la croissance verte au Vietnam
La Banque mondiale (BM) a approuvé un crédit de 90 millions de dollars en faveur du Vietnam pour l'aider à s'adapter aux changements climatiques et soutenir sa croissance verte, conformément au Plan d'action sur le changement climatique du groupe de la BM.
Le Courrier du Vietnam
Líderes religiosos se alían con la ciencia para incluir el cambio climático en sus sermones
Científicos internacionales y a líderes religiosos de ocho confesiones firman una declaración en la que instan a «fomentar la colaboración de la ciencia y las principales religiones en la conservación del medio ambiente»
ABC España
«La verdadera tragedia del cambio climático es que tiene solución»
El climatólogo indio y profesor de Ciencias Climáticas y Atmosféricas de la Scripps Institution of Oceanography de la Universidad de California Veerabhadran Ramanathan charla con ABC horas antes de recoger el Premio BBVA Fronteras del Conocimiento en Cambio Climático
ABC España
La salida de Reino Unido obligará a recomponer las políticas climáticas europeas
La salida del Reino Unido obligará a recomponer a las políticas de cambio climático en la Unión Europea, según explica a Efe el coordinador de políticas ambientales de la ONG española SEO/BirdLife, el británico David Howell.
COP22: Une nouvelle proposition « l’Oasis Durable »
Le Maroc présentera une nouvelle proposition « l’Oasis Durable » lors de la COP22.
Agri Maroc
Finance climatique : La bonne idée du Maroc, un ‘‘Fast Track’’ mondial
Le Maroc propose de mettre en place un guichet unique pour mobiliser la finance climatique et accélérer l'accès à ces financements pour les projets bancables, notamment pour les pays en développement, a indiqué, hier à Rabat, le président du Conseil économique, social et environnemental (CESE), Nizar Baraka.
Infomediaire Maroc
EU Carbon Slumps Most Since 2014 as Brexit Sparks Doubts
Carbon prices in the European Union’s emissions market, the world’s biggest, plunged the most in 27 months as the U.K. vote to leave the 28-nation bloc triggered uncertainty about the future of the cap-and-trade program.
Renewable energy set to get a separate power trading market
With the increasing share of renewable energy in the grid and its likelihood to disturb existing power systems, the government is preparing a separate power trading platform for clean energy.
Business Standard
Rwanda: Call for More Research to Combat Climate Change
The effects of climate change have been felt through destruction of crops, and property by floods and prolonged drought.
The New Times
Africa’s Charcoal Economy Is Cooking. The Trees Are Paying
When Julien Andrianiana started selling charcoal 14 years ago, he was just one of a few dealers around. Most households in Toliara, a coastal city in southwestern Madagascar, still used firewood for cooking.
NY Times
Estrategia climática para América del Norte (opinion) El Universal
Indian bags UN honour for corporate sustainability initiative
An Indian social entrepreneur has been named among 10 "champions and pioneers" by UN Chief Ban Ki-moon under the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative that calls on companies to align with universal principles of human rights, environment and anti-corruption.
Business Standard
Christiana Figueres agradece el Premio Princesa de Asturias de Cooperación Internacional
La secretaria ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático, Christiana Figueres, ha agradecido este miércoles al comité del Premio Príncesa de Asturias 2016 y a los jueces "por otorgar el Premio Princesa de Asturias a la Cooperación Intercional 2016 a nuestro trabajo y contribución".
Europa Press
La próxima COP22 de Marrakech deberá centrarse en mecanismos de transparencia
La próxima cumbre sobre el cambio climático de Marrakech (COP22) está prevista para el próximo mes de noviembre.
EU countries meet 2020 carbon-cutting targets 'six years early'
The European Union has hit its carbon-cutting targets six years early, according to new data, prompting praise from some quarters but also criticism that the goals were not tough enough.
Climat : une nouvelle méthode de stockage du CO2 découverte en Islande
Malgré la progression fulgurante des énergies renouvelables, le nombre de centrales thermiques en activité et en projet à l’heure actuelle reste très important à l’échelle internationale, et impose la mise en œuvre de technologies de purification des fumées.
Bangladesh vulnerable to climate change as coastal residents are getting displaced
Bangladesh is vulnerable to climate change and many people are getting displaced because of it in the coastal areas, says noted economist Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, who was Bangladesh's lead negotiator in the Paris climate conference.
Hans India
Naissance d'un grand groupe énergétique en Afrique
Une nouvelle entité à même de booster la capacité de production d‘énergie électrique en Afrique vient de voir le jour.C’est le fruit du rapprochement de deux institutions financières panafricaines spécialisées dans le financement des infrastructures sur le continent.
Infrastructures : un vent de changement dans l’énergie africaine
L'objectif de production d'énergie verte en Afrique pour 2030, 300 GW, est ambitieux.
Jeune Afrique
Zimbabwe: Trade Unions Embrace Climate Change
TRADE unions in Africa are moving to embrace climate change and green collar jobs that preserve or restore the environment in traditional sectors such as manufacturing and construction, or in emerging green sectors such as renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Financial Gazette (Harare)
El arma secreta de Colombia contra el cambio climático
Más ingresos, más producción y todo eso con un impacto menor en el cambio climático. Esos logros ya son realidad en una iniciativa pionera en Colombia, impulsada por el Centro de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), y la universidad UniCauca
BBC Mundo
California regulators voice support for cap and trade program
Staff for California's air regulator on Thursday recommended the state extend its carbon cap and trade system beyond 2020, a move supported by utilities and some environmental groups but opposed by environmental activists representing low income communities.
One year later, how a Pope's message on climate has resonated
Catholics worldwide are showing a new zeal for combatting climate change since Pope Francis highlighted the issue in 2015, experts say.
Christian Science Monitor
COMMENT: Time to Link Northeast Asia's Carbon Markets
The time is now for carbon market cooperation among China, Japan, and South Korea.
The Diplomat
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and Paris Agreement win Asturias Award
The Princess of Asturias Award for International Cooperation was announced today in Oviedo, in Northern Spain. The prestigious award, equivalent to Spain’s version of the Nobel Prizes, was awarded to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement.
La lucha contra el cambio climático, premio Princesa de Asturias
El jurado del galardón a la Cooperación Internacional distingue el Acuerdo de París del 2015
El Periódico
UN climate accord panel wins major Spanish prize
The U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Accord panel have been awarded Spain's Princess of Asturias award for international cooperation.
Premio al pacto mundial por la Tierra
El galardón de Cooperación Internacional reconoce la lucha de la ONU contra el cambio climático. La Convención Marco de Naciones Unidas y el Acuerdo de París de 2015 que suma la voluntad de 195 países sedujeron al jurado
El Comercio
Cities forge world's largest alliance to curb climate change
Cities in six continents joined up to form the world's largest alliance to combat climate change on Wednesday, a move intended to help making ground-level changes to slow global warming.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Les villes du monde s'allient contre le changement climatique
Les deux principales alliances de villes de l'Union européenne et dans le monde engagées dans la lutte contre le changement climatique ont annoncé aujourd'hui à Bruxelles leur association pour créer le plus grand réseau de métropoles dans le domaine.
Le Figaro
EU, UN create largest coalition of mayors to combat climate change
Wednesday marked the creation of the new Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, the world’s largest coalition of mayors, spanning six continents, representing 7,100 cities and 119 countries.
Réchauffement : Paris élue capitale 2016 de la lutte climatique
La capitale française a été choisie par le Fonds mondial pour la nature (WWF) en tant que ville "modèle", en raison de "sa politique volontariste, innovante et participative".
La Tribune
Perú hace frente a los impactos del cambio climático en el país
Perú lleva a cabo un agresivo programa de reforestación y mayor infraestructura hídrica, así como medidas para impulsar el agro, frente a los impactos del cambio climático en el país, sostuvo hoy el ministro de Agricultura, Juan Benítes.
UN boss: Brexit would mean rewriting Paris Agreement on climate change
Christiana Figueres, one of the architects of the historic deal struck last December to limit warming to no more than two degrees above pre-industrial levels, said the international pact, “would require recalibration”. It is currently in the process of ratification.
From high above the Atlantic, Solar Impulse team launches International Committee of Clean Technologies
Over two days into his solar-powered transatlantic flight, Dr. Bertrand Piccard announces the launch of new international clean tech body
Caribbean region must boost efforts to prepare for increased drought – UN report
Climate change is expected to increase the intensity and frequency of droughts in the Caribbean, so countries in the region must enhance their capabilities to deal with this and other extreme weather-related challenges to ensure food security and hunger eradication, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has said in a new report.
UN News Centre
Royal Bank of Canada backs adoption of carbon price
The Royal Bank of Canada has thrown its considerable weight behind the adoption of stringent and rising carbon prices that would be high enough to drive this country’s transition to a low-carbon economy.
The Globe and Mail
Three amigos summit seen as rare chance for big moves on climate change
The North American leaders should seize their rare moment of political agreement on climate when they meet next week in Ottawa, says a new report.
Brexit Vote Threatens Europe’s Carbon Market With Worsening Glut
European Union pollution permit prices are poised to plunge should voters in the U.K., the carbon market’s second-biggest emitter, opt to leave the European Union.
Climate Change In NYC: Hot Summers Could Cause Over 3,000 Deaths A Year By 2080
New York City summers bring to mind images of children running through open fire hydrants, free concerts in the park, and a feeling of carefreeness not associated with any other season
Medical Daily
Climate Change: India Plans Women-Friendly Agricultural Equipment
Men are migrating to cities, leaving behind women in villages. That's impacting agriculture as women find it difficult to use heavy equipment used for farming. But that is going to change as the government plans to develop women-friendly equipment to sustain agriculture.
U.S. On Track To Achieve 2030 Emissions Goals In 2016
A dramatic slump in coal production has pushed U.S. carbon emissions so low that, were the trend to continue, the U.S. would achieve its 2030 emissions goals this year, according to one professor’s analysis of data from the Energy Information Administration.
Arctic’s red algae speeding up global warming, causing glaciers to melt fast
A study has revealed that fields of red-coloured algae are forming on world’s glaciers and it is accelerating global warming.
International Business Times
Our new alliance unites 600m city dwellers in fight against climate change (Michael Bloomberg and Maroš Šefčovič) Guardian
EU environment ministers urge Paris ratification and carbon trading reform
Governments across Europe may be distracted by the threat of Brexit, but despite the potential fallout from Thursday's vote the EU's day-to-day work is continuing.
Maldives urges rich countries to rapidly ratify Paris climate agreement
Environment and energy minister of small island state, one of the countries most at risk of global warming impacts, says ‘no time to waste’ on Paris deal
Norway ratifies Paris Agreement
Norwegian ambassador deposits instrument of ratification to UN Secretariat, leapfrogging France in race to formally ratify Agreement
Noruega deposita su instrumento de ratificación del Acuerdo de París
El 20 de junio de 2016, Noruega depositó en las Naciones Unidas su instrumento de ratificación del Acuerdo de París.
UNFCCC Newsroom
La Norvège ratifie l'accord de Paris sur le climat
La Norvège a ratifié l'accord de Paris sur le climat pour devenir le 18ème pays à boucler le processus d'adoption de ce texte négocié fin 2015 en vue de contenir le réchauffement de la planète, ont rapporté mardi des médias.
Radio Algérie
Environment ministers fear the Paris Agreement will come into force without the EU
Europe’s environment ministers have called for the Paris agreement, concluded last December at COP21, to be ratified as quickly as possible, both at EU and member state level.
Grâce aux énergies renouvelables, le Maroc va diviser le prix de l’électricité par deux en 10 ans
Les investissements importants consentis par le Maroc dans le domaine des énergies renouvelables pourraient permettre au pays de diviser par deux le coût de l’électricité en moins de 10 ans.
La ayuda a refugiados y el cambio climático optan al Princesa de Cooperación
La organización no gubernamental MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station), dedicada al rescate de emigrantes en el mar, y la Convención Marco de Naciones Unidas sobre el cambio climático figuran entre las veintisiete candidaturas que optan al Premio Princesa de Cooperación Internacional que se fallará mañana.
Elon Musk wants to build a clean-energy juggernaut, merging Tesla and SolarCity
Elon Musk is hoping to create a single "end-to-end" clean energy company that would handle everything from solar power to batteries to electric cars.
Tesla veut racheter SolarCity pour devenir un géant des énergies renouvelables
Les actionnaires de Tesla ne sont pas convaincus par la pertinence de l’acquisition car Elon Musk brûle déjà énormément de cash pour produire son nouveau modèle de voiture électrique.
Les Echos
Premio BBVA de Cambio Climático: España puede ser el mayor exportador solar del mundo
Veerabhadran Ramanathan, uno de los “padres” de la ciencia del cambio climático, considera “un desastre” que el Gobierno de España haya puesto trabas a las renovables.
Vatican marks ‘Laudato Si” anniversary with new website
Marking the first anniversary of Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment, the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace launched a new website dedicated to the document and efforts around the world to put its teaching into practice.
CBCP News Service
Centroamérica examina Plan de Acción contra cambio climático
Autoridades y representantes sociales de Centroamérica examinaron hoy un plan de acción regional para reducir el impacto del cambio climático y sus repercusiones en la producción agropecuaria y los desastres naturales.
As sea levels rise, Rotterdam floats to the top as an example of how to live with water
When a big storm hits a coastal city like New York or New Orleans, it's often the storm surge that does the most damage — the rising water that comes with low atmospheric pressure.
Public Radio International
New crop varieties 'can't keep up with global warming'
Crops yields around the world could fall within a decade unless action is taken to speed up the introduction of new varieties.
Asia’s Rising Prosperity, Climate Change Taking Toll on Food Security
Asia’s economic growth over the last decade has been relentless, bringing with it a rising population and an influx of people from the countryside to the cities in search of prosperity. These trends are not expected to abate.
Centuries-old African soil technique could combat climate change: scientists
A farming technique practiced for centuries in West Africa, which transforms nutrient-poor rainforest soil into fertile farmland, could combat climate change and revolutionize farming across the continent, researchers said on Tuesday.
CO2 emission reduction measures must be global and apply equally to all ships
“We believe that shipping, together with all other industry sectors, must be part of the solution to limit the increase in global temperature, as we clearly are a global contributor to carbon emissions”, said ECSA President Niels Smedegaard, addressing a symposium on decarbonisation of shipping held in Antwerp today.
Hellenic Shipping News
OPINION: Carbon market omission: The cement industry EurActiv
Climate change campaigners welcome China's plan to halve meat consumption
Climate change campaigners have welcomed new guidelines which urge Chinese consumers to eat 50 per cent less meat, even though food experts say enticing the country’s growing urban middle classes away from beef and pork will be a huge challenge.
Ministers Accept EU Emission Trading Scheme Needs Review
Today EU Environment Ministers acknowledged the need for a reform of the EU carbon market
Blue & Green Tomorrow
Ministros piden actuar urgentemente para frenar cambio climático en el Ártico
Los ministros de Exteriores de la Unión Europea (UE) reconocieron este lunes la necesidad de "una acción global urgente" para reducir y prevenir "los riesgos significativos causados por el cambio climático y otros impactos medioambientales en la región ártica".
Ultima Hora
Solar Impulse 2 affronte l'Atlantique pour rallier l'Europe
Le pilote suisse Bertrand Piccard est seul aux commandes de l'avion qui fonctionne grâce à des batteries se rechargeant grâce à environ 17.000 cellules photovoltaïques.
Global coral bleaching event expected to last through 2016
After the most powerful El Nino on record heated the world's oceans to never-before-seen levels, huge swaths of once vibrant coral reefs that were teeming with life are now stark white ghost towns disintegrating into the sea.
Netherlands Eyes Firmer Carbon Market in Call Welcomed by Canete
The Dutch presidency of the European Union is seeking political support from member states to enshrine in a carbon market reform a flexibility provision that would enable strengthening the world’s biggest cap-and-trade program.
U.S. contest challenges video-game makers to battle climate change
Video-game developers are competing this week in a contest that will reward games that combat neither mortal enemies nor monsters but climate change.
Treasury calls for carbon tax comment
South Africa: The Treasury is asking for public comment by July 29 on draft regulations published at the weekend, detailing how companies can offset their liability for a carbon tax that will be introduced in 2017.
Business Day
Durante el 2015 hubo crecimiento récord en energías renovables
La idea de un país funcionando por completo con la energía proveniente del sol, el viento y el agua por muchos años se consideró ficción, pero se ha hecho realidad en las últimas semanas en países como Portugal y Uruguay.
El Tiempo
China to generate a quarter of electricity from wind power by 2030
Report says figures could rise to nearly one-third with power sector reforms, making it the world wind energy leader by a large margin
World’s First 24/7 Solar Power Plant Powers 75,000 Homes
Crescent Dunes is the first utility-scale facility in the world to use molten salt for power energy storage capabilities, a technology also known as concentrated solar
Cambio climático afectará rendimiento de los cultivos
El rendimiento de los cultivos se reducirá en la próxima década debido al cambio climático a no ser que se adopten medidas inmediatas para acelerar la introducción de nuevas variedades mejoradas, según advierten los expertos.
This is how China can live up to its huge wind energy potential
As the world’s biggest producer of greenhouse gas emissions, China’s national climate goals are critical to the success of the Paris climate agreement and the world’s climate future.
Washington Post
Les glaciers reculent rapidement en Chine
Le Glacier Jianggudiru sur le Mont Geladaindong dans une partie isolée de la province de Qinghai a diminué de 34 mètres au cours des six dernières années.
95% of glaciers on Tibetan plateau receded
Due to degradation of their fragile eco-systems and impact of climate change, the deserts are undergoing a slow transformation which is having far reaching impact on flora, fauna and humans.
Times of India
Shift from coal to renewable energy sources, investors urged
The Philippines has “nothing to lose but all to gain” if it would shift investors away from coal to renewable energy (RE) sources, particularly solar, wind and geothermal energy, an official of the Climate Change Commission (CCC) has said.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
La mobilité électrique à la conquête des routes
Une étude révèle qu’à partir de 2040, la voiture électrique devrait constituer la norme. L’impact de cette tendance dominante sur le développement des énergies renouvelables sera clairement mesurable.
Ludovico Einaudi toca entre los icebergs del Ártico
El pianista actúa sobre una plataforma flotante para apoyar una campaña de Greenpeace por la protección del oceáno
El País
Solar plane to take off in New York
The Solar Impulse 2 will soon take off on the next leg of its attempt to circumnavigate the world - a flight across the Atlantic Ocean expected to take 90 hours.
Scientists battle to save world's coral reefs
After the most powerful El Nino on record heated the world's oceans to never-before-seen levels, huge swaths of once vibrant coral reefs that were teeming with life are now stark white ghost towns disintegrating into the sea.
Why business must act on climate change
Rachel Brown spells out what climate change means for New Zealand businesses and why they need to take it seriously.
NZ Business
China climate goals trigger launch of new derivatives
China's clean energy pledges are prompting a supply of new financing tools to fund the estimated 43 trillion yuan ($6.53 trillion) needed to switch from heavy, polluting industries to clean projects. The Beijing Environment Exchange endorsed a call option backed by 20,000 local carbon permits on Thursday, the first of its kind in China, which was bought by trading firm CMB Sinolink.
Obama advierte sobre efectos del cambio climático
El presidente Barack Obama advirtió hoy que los efectos del cambio climático ya se están sintiendo en los parques nacionales estadounidenses, uno de los mayores atractivos turísticos y claves para la supervivencia de muchas especies animales y vegetales.
El Nuevo Día
Tata of India Follows Norway’s Statoil on Carbon-Price Path
Tata Group, India’s biggest conglomerate, is following oil and mining companies including Statoil ASA in preparing to pay for their emissions.
Tanger accueillera le deuxième forum méditerranéen pour le climat
La région de Tanger-Tétouan-Al-Hoceima accueillera les 18 et 19 juillet prochains la MedCOP Climat, deuxième forum méditerranéen pour le climat, à l'hôtel Movenpick de Tanger.
El cambio climático altera las alergias
La variación en el tiempo durante los mayores brotes de alergias está relacionada con el cambio climático.
ABC España
Montréal devient cette semaine capitale mondiale du transport électrique
L'événement réunira 2000 intervenants engagés dans l'électrification des transports, incluant des conférenciers, chercheurs, manufacturiers et décideurs venus de partout dans le monde.
La Presse Canadienne
Cuba fomenta uso de energías renovables como contribución al medio ambiente y a la economía local
El gobierno cubano impulsa en la actualidad múltiples proyectos encaminados a promover el uso de fuentes renovables de energía, en la búsqueda por implementar alternativas viables y sostenibles que protejan el medio ambiente.
America Economica
Financial engineering helps fight cancer and climate change
The rebirth of financial engineering over the past few years has been every bit as striking as the returns once promised by some of the discipline’s more daring adherents.
Financial Times
On climate change, rain forest: Asean youth take the challenge
CLIMATE change affects people of all ages and races. It affects all living things in the world. Actually, threats of elimination of many living species have been evident, making international organizations to initiate mitigation and adaptation strategies.
Business Mirror
Centroamérica se une para combatir el cambio climático
El Foro “Medio Ambiente, Cambio Climático, Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional” tendrá lugar los próximos días 21 y 22 en Guatemala con el propósito de analizar los efectos del cambio climático en la región y trabajar en alternativas para combatirlos.
Radio La Primerisima
Mombasa island threatened by climate change
Scientists in the country have put Mombasa residents on high alert over the possibility of the island submerging.
With New Norway-US Forest Cooperation, Support Grows To Save Forests By Offsetting Flights Ecosystem Marketplace
ANALYSIS: Carbon capture and storage is unlikely to save coal in the long run BusinessGreen
Pope's Climate Encyclical Raises Action
This week marks the first anniversary of the call by Pope Francis to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics to join the fight against climate change, which was pivotal in building momentum for the historic Paris Climate Change Agreement and for sustainable development.
UNFCCC Newsroom
El cambio climático causará 250.000 muertes adicionales al año a partir de 2030
El cambio climático ya está provocando enfermedad y mortalidad, pero a partir de 2030, los efectos del calentamiento provocarán al menos 250.000 muertes adicionales cada año. Son datos de un estudio del Observatorio de Salud y Medio Ambiente DKV Ecodes, que compila la literatura científica y los documentos de organizaciones internacionales en la materia.
Antarctic CO2 hits 400ppm for first time in 4m years
Carbon dioxide has been steadily rising since the start of the Industrial Revolution, setting a new high year after year. There’s a notable new entry to the record books. The last station on Earth without a 400 parts per million (ppm) reading has reached it.
The Guardian
Kerry visita el Ártico para ver impacto del cambio climático
El secretario estadounidense de Estado, John Kerry, visitó hoy el extremo norte de Noruega para observar de cerca las zonas donde el cambio climático ha derretido el hielo y ha abierto nuevas rutas marítimas.
Green bonds must keep the green promise
Robust standards are urgently needed to channel capital debt markets into climate-friendly projects, says WWF France chief Pascal Canfin
Climate Home
« Paris, une place majeure dans le domaine de la finance verte »
Il y a un peu plus d’un an, le 22 mai 2015, se tenait à Paris le Climate Finance Day. La France venait d’annoncer qu’elle allait rendre obligatoire pour tous ceux qui gèrent notre épargne la mesure et la réduction de leur exposition aux risques liés au changement climatique.
Le Monde
Global sunblock could slow climate change
Pumping a sun-reflective aerosol into the atmosphere could help slow global warming, so David Keith and Gernot Wagner say the US should begin to research albedo modification
Irish Examiner
EU environment ministers must fix the carbon market
Environment Council meeting on Monday should be used to demand deeper reform, or risk locking in low ambition for 15 years
Climate Home
Cambiar el modelo de transporte, clave para cumplir los objetivos climáticos
España tiene que tomar "medidas importantes" para cambiar el modelo de movilidad si quiere cumplir los objetivos climáticos que se ha marcado, ya que el transporte es la mayor fuente de emisiones de los llamados sectores difusos.
EFE Verde
Que faire de l’argent du carbone ?
Encore modestes, les revenus de la tarification des émissions de gaz à effet de serre sont appelés à croître dans les prochaines années. Où affecter cette manne annoncée ?
UN aviation talks: time to come down to earth?
The International Civil Aviation Authority is unjustifiably smug about its climate record; it must play its part in efforts to limit warming to 1.5C…Next week the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the sector’s global regulator, has an opportunity to finally take a step forward on climate action. ICAO will discuss the impact of the Paris Agreement on the sector, and specifically the next steps for an aviation carbon offsetting scheme currently under negotiation.
Climate Home
California: Battle lines emerging in fight to extend carbon caps
Lawmakers working to extend California's landmark carbon cap have some hard decisions before them.
E&E Publishing
700-year-old West African soil technique could help mitigate climate
Ancient farming practice could be the answer to offsetting CO2 emissions and preventing food shortages
Bramble Cay Melomys: First mammal declared extinct from climate change
A rodent that resembles a mouse from a Great Barrier Reef island is the first mammal to become extinct from man-made climate change, Australian researchers say.
Bloomberg BNA
BLOG: How Climate Change Could Make the Ground Collapse The New York Times
France ratifies the Paris Agreement on climate change
France's President Francois Hollande has ratified the Paris Agreement, a deal on curbing global warming reached last year by 195 countries.
COP21 : Hollande ratifie l’accord de Paris sur le climat
Le président de la République, François Hollande, a signé, mercredi 15 juin, à l’Elysée, le décret de promulgation permettant la ratification de l’accord sur le climat conclu le 12 décembre à Paris à l’issue de la COP21.
Le Monde
Francia, primer país industrializado en ratificar el Acuerdo de París
El presidente de Francia, François Hollande, ha ratificado este miércoles el Acuerdo de París, adoptado el pasado mes de diciembre, con lo que el país se convierte en la primera nación industrializada en dar tal paso.
Europa Press
COP21 : Hollande ratifie l'Accord de Paris
François Hollande a signé, mercredi 15 juin à l'Elysée, le décret de promulgation de la loi de ratification de l'Accord de Paris
California's landmark cap and trade program faces uncertain future
California's greenhouse gas reduction program is in a battle for its life, and uncertainty about its future has spooked buyers of its carbon permits.
Gov. Jerry Brown wants to extend California's climate change law beyond 2020
Gov. Jerry Brown is endorsing an extension of the state's main climate change law.
LA Times
Energía renovable y bancos mueven la IED en Centroamérica
La IED en Centroamérica aumentó un 6% en 2015 y llegó a los US$11.808 millones, así lo anunció este miércoles la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (Cepal).
Estragía & Negocios
Kerry tours Arctic Circle to see climate change impact
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting Norway's extreme north to view areas impacted by climate change with melting ice and the opening of new sea lanes
US News & World Report
Cambio climático con mayor impacto en Latinoamérica
Las consecuencias del cambio climático serán más notorias en Latinoamérica que en muchas regiones del mundo debido a la gran diversidad del continente y a la fuerte dependencia del sector primario en la economía de estos países.
El Universal
Global call to embrace renewable energy
LEADERS of three key climate change negotiating blocks have called for more global use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
The Namibian
Colombia debe invertir US$ 11.000 millones para enfrentar cambio climático
Colombia necesita invertir en los próximos 14 años unos 11.000 millones de dólares en proyectos de energía renovable para enfrentar el cambio climático, dijo una experta de la Corporación Financiera Internacional (IFC), miembro del Banco Mundial.
La Norvège vise la «neutralité carbone» dès 2030
La Norvège, gros producteur d'hydrocarbures, va viser la « neutralité carbone » dès 2030, 20 ans plus tôt que prévu, a décidé le Parlement norvégien, une conséquence, très onéreuse selon le gouvernement, de l'accord de Paris sur le climat.
Expertos resaltan la adaptación al cambio climático de las industrias alimentarias
La directora general de la Oficina Española de Cambio Climático (OECC), Valvanera Ulargui, ha defendido la cooperación entre la Administración, los científicos y las firmas alimentarias
COP22: ‘Much Work Was Done’ to Meet Morocco’s commitments
Moroccan Foreign Minister, Salaheddine Mezouar, said, Wednesday in Rabat, that “a lot of work has been done” to meet the commitments of Morocco, which chairs the next World climate Conference (COP22).
Morocco World News
Sweden faces climate test as voters oppose brown coal sale
The Swedish government is expected to decide this week whether to allow the sale of some of Europe’s most polluting assets.
Climate Home
Malawi: Ebafosa an Answer to Addressing Nsanje District's Climate Change Effects
Nsanje authorities say the implementation of Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly (EBAFOSA) is vital in an effort to make the communities in the district have adequate knowledge and skill in mitigation effects of climate change.
Malawi News Agency (Lilongwe)
Egypt: For Entrepreneurs, Going Green Makes Business Sense (analysis) Thomson Reuters Foundation
Global warming is causing a 'fundamental change' in the world's weather UN warns as Nasa reports hottest spring in history
The U.N. weather agency is warning of 'fundamental change' afoot in the global climate and continued warming, accompanied recently by unusually high rainfall in parts of the US and Europe.
Daily Mail
Nouveaux records de chaleur sur le globe en mai, selon la NASA
La Terre a enregistré de nouveaux records de chaleur en mai, selon des relevés de la NASA publiés mardi. L'hémisphère nord a notamment connu cette année son printemps le plus chaud depuis le début des relevés en 1880.
California's landmark cap and trade program faces uncertain future
California's greenhouse gas reduction program is in a battle for its life, and uncertainty about its future has spooked buyers of its carbon permits
L’accumulation de CO2 dans l’atmosphère bat des records
Nouvelle preuve de l’ampleur de la crise climatique mondiale. Des données publiées par le service national britannique de météorologie indiquent que la concentration de dioxyde de carbone franchira un seuil dangereux cette année, tout en poursuivant sa croissance marquée.
Le Devoir
Reform May Cut EU Carbon-Market Glut, Lead Lawmaker Duncan Says
The European Union should further reduce supply of permits in its ailing emissions market, the world’s biggest cap-and-trade program, instead of mulling fixing prices, according to the European Parliament’s lead lawmaker on a carbon program reform.
AL, rezagada en desarrollo de energía renovable
América Latina “ha sido lenta” en el desarrollo de energías renovables, dijo el secretario general del Consejo Mundial de Energía Eólica (CMEE), Steve Sawyer, presente en Montevideo para un encuentro de dos días que reúne a expertos en esta materia.
Climate change: Victoria aims to generate 25% of electricity via renewables by 2020
Energy minister Lily D’Ambrosio reveals renewable energy targets, saying investors have ‘lost faith’ in national target
Financiamiento climático: elemento fundamental para la transición hacia economías bajas en carbono
Conozca las principales conclusiones del webinar que se llevó a cabo el jueves 2 de junio, organizado por el Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental (CEMDA) en colaboración con el Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente (PNUMA) y EUROCLIMA.
Conexión COP
Study: Going vegetarian can cut your food carbon footprint in half
If you're looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, try eating less meat. That's one upshot of a big recent study on diets in the United Kingdom.
COP22 : L’UNICEF appelle à une protection des droits des futures générations
A l’occasion de la journée mondiale de la lutte contre la désertification et la sécheresse et à la veille de la tenue de la COP22, l’UNICEF lance son appel pour une véritable concrétisation des engagements pris par la communauté internationale pour l’atténuation des effets des changements climatiques sur les enfants.
La Tribune
Desaparece la primera especie de mamífero a causa del cambio climático
Un pequeño roedor australiano sería el primer mamífero extinto por los daños provocados por los seres humanos.
La Tercera
Indigenous rights and private funding key to slowing deforestation, says Norway minister
Efforts to save the world's forests hinge on securing private sector funds and ensuring indigenous communities in tropical forests are more involved in protecting their environment, Norway's environment minister said.
Un premier mammifère a disparu en raison du réchauffement climatique
Des chercheurs australiens affirment que l’élévation du niveau de la mer a provoqué l’extinction du melomys rubicola, un petit rongeur australien.
Les Echos
Free Lunch: Beyond fossil fuels
The forward march of carbon-free energy
Financial Times
BLOG: Carbon Trading and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Joined at the Hip, In for the Haul Huffington Post
Paris Agreement, six months on: What's changed? BusinessGreen
UN elects Fiji ambassador to top General Assembly post
The U.N. General Assembly, in a rare contested election, chose Fiji's U.N. Ambassador on Monday as president of its 71st session beginning in September.
Thomson's election "momentous" for Pacific
The Pacific Community says the election of Fiji's Peter Thomson to the UN General Assembly presidency is momentous for the Pacific.
Radio New Zealand
Cheap global gas, coal prices won't deter investment into renewables: Energy report
Renewable energy sector is set to get an investment of nearly $7.8 trillion in the coming decades, New Energy Outlook 2016 forecast said.
COP 22: C’est parti pour les travaux
COP22, c’est parti! Les travaux d’aménagement du site de Bab Ighli où se tiendra la conférence internationale sur le climat du 8 au 11 novembre viennent de démarrer à Marrakech.
Bloomberg: mercado energético a punto de cambiar radicalmente y crecimiento de demanda de combustible fósil finalizará en menos de 10 años
El fin del consumo de combustibles fósiles llegaría no porque se estén agotando las reservas de carbón y gas, sino porque se están encontrando alternativas más baratas
El Mostrador
Revealed: first mammal species wiped out by human-induced climate change
Human-caused climate change appears to have driven the Great Barrier Reef’s only endemic mammal species into the history books, with the Bramble Cay melomys, a small rodent that lives on a tiny island in the eastern Torres Strait, being completely wiped-out from its only known location
¿Qué planeta quiere?
En un trabajo de etnografía rural el año pasado, Candilejas publicó la historia, entre otros, del agricultor Juan Fonseca Gamboa, oriundo de Chiral de Birrisito, Cartago.
La República
Scottish greenhouse gas figures due
Scotland's latest greenhouse gas emission figures are to be published by the Scottish government.
Medio Ambiente y BM lanzan proyecto para detener efectos cambio climático
El (BM) lanzaron hoy el Proyecto de Preparación para la Reducción de Emisiones por Deforestación y Degradación de los Bosques (mejor conocido como REDD+) que promoverá el uso sostenible de los recursos forestales en el país.
L'Inde annule la construction de 16 GW de centrales à charbon
Le ministère indien de l'Energie annule quatre projets de centrales à charbon d'une capacité totale de 16 GW, soit l'équivalent de près de neuf fois la puissance de la centrale nucléaire de Fessenheim. Une décision que le gouvernement indien explique par sa volonté de cesser ses importations de charbon afin de réduire les coûts de son électricité
Producción industrial, otro daño colateral del cambio climático
Las cadenas de producción que países industrializados tienen en países con climas más cálidos pueden verse afectadas por los estragos derivados del cambio climático, esto de acuerdo con un nuevo estudio.
El Financiero
Oregon Could Widen Carbon Trading across North America
A plan under study would link the state to California and Quebec
Scientific American
L'énergie renouvelable fournira 70% de l'électricité d'Europe en 2040
Grâce à la baisse de leurs coûts, les énergies renouvelables vont continuer à se développer massivement dans les prochaines années jusqu'à produire 70% de l'électricité européenne en 2040 et dépasser le gaz aux Etats-Unis, selon un rapport d'experts publié lundi.
Attention, villes en surchauffe
Les villes doivent s'adapter au réchauffement climatique. Des experts ont présenté leurs solutions lors d'un séminaire international à Berne
Le Temps
Solar plane pilots promote clean energy in NY
A sun-powered aircraft roving the world has made a pit stop in New York to promote the project’s clean energy use and multiple adaptations.
Andalou Agency
OPINION: The Paris climate agreement needs coordinated carbon prices to be successful  The Conversation
Enter the suits: business must deliver on the Paris climate deal (by Mark Kenber) Climate Home
Christiana Figueres: How to achieve global change with a 'moonshot attitude'
In one of her final interviews as UN climate chief, Christiana Figueres reveals why she believes the world has turned a corner in the fight against climate action – and why businesses are now seeing climate action as an opportunity
Scientists use climate, population changes to predict diseases
British scientists say they have developed a model that can predict outbreaks of zoonotic diseases – those such as Ebola and Zika that jump from animals to humans – based on changes in climate.
Carbon price corridor system could fix Europe ETS: French committee
A carbon price corridor mechanism with floor and ceiling prices, and an auction system, could help fix the European Emissions Trading System (ETS), in which prices have tumbled due to a glut of permits, according to a proposal by a French committee.
EU CO2 market reform must work around existing cap: lawmaker
Reform of the EU Emissions Trading System is not likely to include a steeper annual decline in Europe's CO2 cap and must focus on voluntary cancellation of surplus permits, the European Parliament's lead lawmaker on the EU ETS, Ian Duncan, said Friday.
Honduras Reducing Emissions with Help of UN Mechanism
In the wake of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, Honduras is stepping up its efforts to measure and curb greenhouse gas emissions, making use of the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism to do so.
UNFCCC Newsroom
Uruguay es "modelo" en avance de energías renovables, según BID
La fuerte penetración que registraron las energías renovables en Uruguay con un rol clave de la inversión privada, es destacada y tomada como una "referencia" para el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), que pone al "modelo uruguayo" como ejemplo para el camino que prevén transitar en esta materia países de la región como Argentina
El Observador
EU gears up to approve Paris climate agreement
The Brussels bureaucracy made its first step towards ratifying the Paris climate agreement on Friday.
Climate Home
CE urge a los países miembros a ratificar acuerdo de París lo antes posible
La Unión Europea (UE) necesita que los Veintiocho sometan el acuerdo a sus parlamentos nacionales, de manera que se ratifique por separado para que la implementación del tratado se haga efectiva.
L’avion solaire Solar Impulse 2 a atterri à New York, dernière étape de sa traversée des Etats-Unis
L’avion solaire Solar Impulse 2 a atterri, samedi 11 juin avant l’aube, à l’aéroport JFK de New York, terminant ainsi sa traversée des Etats-Unis.
Le Monde
Cambio climático en zonas tropicales amenaza economía mundial
Según un estudio, el actual aumento de temperatura disminuye la productividad del trabajo en las industrias al aire libre
El Comercio
Asegura Semarnat que cambio climático ya afecta a Sonora
Para México el cambio climático no es algo del futuro sino un problema que ya nos afecta gradualmente con el aumento en la temperatura y fenómenos hidrometeorológicos externos que, aunados a la contaminación de suelos y cuerpos de agua, están desencadenando la migración de la fauna en ciertas regiones, entre otras consecuencias, señaló Rodolfo Lacy Tamayo.
El Imparcial
What the future of the petrol station looks like, from renewable energies to driverless cars
It’s a wonder Istvan Kapitany, executive vice-president of retail at Royal Dutch Shell, gets any work done
Scientists turn chief global warming gas into harmless stone
Scientists have a found a quick way - but not a cheap one - to turn heat-trapping carbon dioxide gas into harmless rock.
Appel à l'accélération des ratifications de l’Accord de Paris
Les participants à un colloque organisé jeudi au Sénat français ont appelé à l’accélération, dans les différents pays signataires de l’Accord de Paris, des processus de ratification de ce texte, une étape importante pour poursuivre à mi-chemin entre la COP21 et la COP22.
Le Mstin
Una solución al cambio climático: convertir CO2 en roca bajo tierra
El cambio climático supone uno de los mayores retos a los que se ha enfrentado la Humanidad. Prueba de ello es el éxito del llamado Acuerdo de París para limitar el aumento de la temperatura global por debajo de los 2ºC, que ha sido firmado por 195 países de todo el mundo.
El Mundo
Experts find climate change's fingerprints in French floods
An international team of scientists has found that man-made climate change nearly doubled the likelihood of last month's devastating French flooding.
Paris deluge made up to 90% more likely by climate change, scientists say
Just a few days after the heavy rain that caused widespread flooding across northern Europe, scientists are already able to tell if it had been influenced by human-caused climate change.
Carbon Brief
Hallan rastros de cambio climático en inundación de Francia
Un equipo internacional de científicos ha hallado que el cambio climático causado por el hombre casi duplicó la probabilidad de la devastadora inundación ocurrida en Francia el mes pasado.
El Informador
Le Maroc adopte un projet de loi sur l'Accord de Paris
Voilà plus de cinq mois que le soufflé est retombé et que l'euphorie de la COP21 a pris fin. Le Maroc, qui été l'un des premiers signataires de l'Accord de Paris sur le changement climatique le 22 avril à New York, semble toujours plongé dans cette euphorie environnementale.
HuffPost Maghreb
Despite Low Prices, Users Of Voluntary Offsets See More Sophisticated Carbon-Neutral Strategies In 2016
Prices for voluntary carbon offsets plunged to a record low in 2015, according to Ecosystem Marketplace’s latest “State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets” report, but market participants see the Paris Agreement and a flurry of tangential initiatives lifting prices in 2016.
Ecosystem Marketplace
Cement companies must innovate to survive: CDP
Three Indian cement makers have significantly reduced emissions among the top 12 producers of the building material in the world, a report revealed by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) said on Thursday.
Times of India
L’utilisation du pétrole augmente, mais les émissions stagnent
Les émissions mondiales de dioxyde de carbone liées à la consommation d’énergie ont augmenté de seulement 0,1 % en 2015 et celles de la Chine ont reculé pour la première fois en 18 ans, mais l’utilisation du pétrole à l’échelle de la planète a crû de 1,9 %, soit deux fois plus vite que la moyenne des dernières années
Le Devoir
Nasa to map coral reefs from the air to show impact of climate change
Scientists hope large-scale maps will offer new insight into effects of warming and pollution as previous studies have almost always been done up close in the water
Green shoe brand helps Ethiopia walk tall on global stage
Brightly colored shoes, boots and sandals, handmade in Ethiopia, nestle in tyres and wooden pallets hung with ropes on the white walls of this former butcher's shop in Gràcia, a fashionably bohemian district of Barcelona.
Companies Use Voluntary Carbon Markets for More Than Just Offsetting
William Theisen says his heart sank when he opened the latest edition of Ecosystem Marketplace’s annual survey of voluntary carbon markets, entitled Raising Ambition: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2016.
Huffington Post
BLOG: Climate change and Pacific food systems: navigating a perfect storm Huffington Post
French senate formally approves Paris climate deal
France’s senate has unanimously backed a law on Wednesday to ratify the Paris climate change agreement.
Climate Home
COP21: le Parlement donne son feu vert à une ratification
Le Parlement a donné son accord pour la ratification de l'accord sur le climat conclu lors de la COP21. La signature définitive du président de la République est attendue pour le 15 juin.
France Soir
Christiana Figueres: Protecting the vulnerable is my priority
Outgoing UN climate chief talks ‘project smile’, women’s rights, Donald Trump and her belief the world will avoid 1.5C warming
Climate Home
Ban Ki-moon welcomes India-US commitment to climate agreement
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the commitment of India and the United States to Paris Agreement on Climate Change and their mission to reduce greenhouse gases as a sign of the growing global momentum for implementing the pact.
On World Day, UN urges meaningful action to protect future health of oceans
Healthy oceans are critical to sustaining life on Earth, by regulating the climate and providing a wide range of services, including natural resources, nutritious food and jobs that benefit billions of people, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared today, as the UN kicked off its celebrations to mark World Oceans Day.
UN News Centre
200 experts réunis à Berne pour faire face au changement climatique
Quelque 200 spécialistes suisses, allemands et autrichiens ont discuté du changement climatique mardi et mercredi à Berne. A la question "Comment s'adapter au réchauffement de la planète?", diverses solutions ont été présentées.
Green bond market faces growing pains
The market is swelling as the push by governments to lower global carbon emissions, underlined by December’s Paris climate change accord, provides fresh impetus for trillions of dollars of investment into cleaner energy.
Financial Times
Nicaragua pide indemnización a países responsables de cambio climático
La posición de Nicaragua ante las Naciones Unidas y el acuerdo de París apuntan a que los países no culpables del cambio climático tienen derecho a pedir y recibir indemnizaciones de parte de los países con responsabilidades, dijo el secretario
America Economica
Ontario Climate Action Plan: Province To Spend Up To $8.3B, Offer Financial Incentives
Ontario's climate change action plan, which will provide billions of dollars in subsidies and incentives to businesses and homeowners, was greeted with cautious optimism Wednesday by environmentalists and businesses.
Canadian Press
Le plan de 8 milliards de l’Ontario contre les changements climatiques
Le gouvernement ontarien doit dépenser de 5,9 à 8,3 milliards de dollars sur cinq ans pour lutter contre les gaz à effet de serre dans le cadre de son plan vert tant attendu, qui mise notamment sur les véhicules électriques et l'efficacité écoénergétique.
Radio-Canada/La Presse Canadienne
Ocean models support Madagascan adaption to climate change
A new project will use global ocean models to identify the most effective way for low income countries, such as Madagascar, to adapt to climate change.
Analizan en Honduras ejecución de proyectos de adaptación al cambio climático
Funcionarios y especialistas de Latinoamérica y el Caribe analizaron hoy en Honduras la ejecución de proyectos orientados a combatir y adaptarse al cambio climático, informó una fuente oficial.
Germany slows pace of green energy transition
Germany on Wednesday moved to slow the rapid growth of subsidised renewable energy to cap rising costs, drawing fire from environmentalists who charged it is betraying its ambitious climate goals.
Allemagne : coup de froid sur la transition énergétique
Berlin présente aujourd'hui en Conseil des ministres une réforme de la loi sur les énergies renouvelables. Une réforme hautement controversée.
Battery-power investments energise UK renewables sector
Storage solutions could help green energy pose a competitive threat to conventional power stations
Financial Times
US-China climate change summit to be held in Boston in 2017
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh have announced that Boston will host an international climate change summit next year.
Takashi Hongo: South Korea's emissions trading scheme bears watching
Last December, at the 21st annual session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, better known as COP21, countries negotiated the Paris Agreement, pledging to set national goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In Asia, South Korea's efforts bear special attention. South Korea has set a target of cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 37% from "business-as-usual" levels in 2030.
Nikkei Asian Review
Observando el cambio climático
Guggenheim, Armstrong, Orlowski o Rothwell nos acercan a la emergencia climática del planeta. Vean sus documentales
OPINION: California’s Cap-and-Trade Law Is a Success
The purpose of California’s cap-and-trade program is to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. By that crucial measure, California’s program is working well.
The Wall Street Journal
OPINION: Why the shrill posturing on my ETS reforms? (Ian Duncan) EurActiv
In boost to Paris climate pact, India says it aims to join this year
India has agreed to work toward joining the Paris Agreement on climate change this year, India and the United States said on Tuesday, giving a jolt of momentum to the international fight to curb global warming.
Modi traslada a Obama su voluntad de aplicar el acuerdo climático este año
El primer ministro de India, Narendra Modi, ha expresado este martes ante el presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, su voluntad de ratificar este mismo año el acuerdo del clima alcanzado a finales de 2015 en París.
Europa Press
Climat: l’Inde veut ratifier l’accord cette année
L’Inde a l’intention de se joindre à l’entente de Paris sur les changements climatiques d’ici la fin de l’année, a affirmé, mardi, l’administration Obama, alors que le premier ministre Narendra Modi a rencontré le président Barack Obama à la Maison-Blanche.
US and India vow to push to ratify Paris climate deal
The US and India pledged on Tuesday to try to ratify the Paris climate change agreement this year, an important step for a White House which wants to implement the deal before Barack Obama leaves office in January.
Financial Times
China says important glacier is melting due to climate change
A glacier that is one of the largest at the source of China's Yangtze River is fast retreating because of climate change, state media said.
Changements climatiques : Mark Carney recommande des politiques intégrées
Le gouverneur de la Banque d'Angleterre, Mark Carney, recommande aux gouvernements de se doter de politiques intégrées en matière de climat et d'énergie.
Nigeria to ratify Paris Agreement in September
African oil-giant Nigeria is set to formally join the Paris climate change agreement in September, bringing the deal’s entry into force a step closer.
Climate Home
Saudi Arabia Scales Back Renewable Energy Goal to Favor Gas
Saudi Arabia is curtailing renewable-power targets as the world’s biggest oil exporter plans to use more natural gas, backing away from goals set when crude prices were about triple their current level, according to Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih.
Un compromiso frente al cambio climático
Nuestra relación con la comida y la bebida es el referente de cómo entendemos nuestra manera de vivir. En familia o con amigos, como centro de cualquier celebración, como base de la dieta mediterránea o como ejemplo para otros países, el sector de alimentación y bebidas forma parte de nuestra cultura y de nuestro carácter.
Cinco Días
Ontario’s Wynne to Expand Green Push With Ambitious Climate Plan
Premier Kathleen Wynne will unveil the next step of Ontario’s climate plan Wednesday, which is said to include a series of incentives to cut emissions from vehicles and buildings...
Ontario is launching a cap-and-trade emissions reduction program in 2017 that Wynne projects will raise C$1.9 billion annually and be reinvested in “green projects.”
Cambio climático y conflictos detrás de históricas migraciones
Las poblaciones costeras corren un riesgo particular porque el mar se elevará entre 0,36 y 0,73 metros para 2100 con un aumento de la temperatura global de entre 1,1 y 3,1 grados centígrados, lo que impactará en las áreas bajas por sumersión, inundaciones, erosión o intrusión de agua salada, precisó el Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente (Pnuma).
Record month for wind energy puts a temporary halt to rising carbon emissions
A blustery May across south-eastern Australia helped smash wind energy generation records, placing a temporary halt to climbing carbon emissions from the electricity sector, according to a report by consultants Pitt & Sherry.
Sydney Morning Herald
Water conservation has saved energy, cut greenhouse gas emissions, study finds
As debate continues in San Diego County and around the state over how aggressively to conserve water amid a historic drought, a new study finds that reductions in urban water use have saved significant amounts of electricity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
LA Times
How climate change threatens panda conservation
Pandas do not like it hot and rising temperatures can also put pressure on their food supply by eliminating vast amounts of bamboo plants, researchers say.
OPINION: Cutting Carbon And Costs Ecosystem Marketplace
UN asks governments for 2050 plans to phase out coal, oil and gas
Laurence Tubiana and Hakima El-Haite deliver ‘roadmap’ to COP22 climate summit, call on governments to think long-term
Climate Home
US and India set to join UN climate deal and agree on renewables
It would firmly put the Paris deal on the road to becoming a reality. When he meets with US President Barack Obama on Tuesday, India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, is likely to announce that his country will ratify the 2015 Paris agreement to limit global warming.
New Scientist
FTSE Russell launches green revenue index
The Paris climate change agreement has had a shot in the arm on Monday with the launch of an investment tool the UN says could help shift big sums of money into the green economy.
Financial Times
China Prods U.S. to Do More on Climate Change for Poorer Nations
China said the U.S. should do more to help developing nations to cope with climate change and bring the Paris deal on greenhouse gases into force, raising an issue that has divided the main presidential contenders.
China y EEUU expresan disposición a cooperar sobre cambio climático
Altos funcionarios de China y de Estados Unidos expresaron hoy su buena disposición a enfrentar juntos el cambio climático, durante una conferencia sobre el cambio climático parte de la VIII Ronda del Diálogo Estratégico y Económico (DEE) China-Estados Unidos.
La Chine et les Etats-Unis sont prêts à coopérer sur le changement climatique
De hauts responsables de la Chine et des Etats-Unis ont exprimé lundi leur volonté de traiter ensemble le changement climatique, lors d'une conférence conjointe spéciale sur le changement climatique, dans le cadre du 8e cycle du Dialogue stratégique et économique sino-américain qui s'est ouvert lundi à Beijing.
Will Modi Seal Paris Climate Deal?
A big climate announcement could come this week in Washington.
Voice of America
The Louvre's closure proves art cannot survive climate change
The flooding in Paris is a stark warning of the danger posed by climate change to everything human civilisation has achieved – no matter how priceless
Agenda de Acción Climática Global
Las paladinas del clima de Francia y Marruecos han establecido una agenda detallada para impulsar acciones de cooperación entre gobiernos, ciudades, empresas, inversores y ciudadanos para rápidamente frenar las emisiones y ayudar a los países vulnerables a adaptarse a los impactos climáticos y a desarrollar su propia energía limpia y futuros sostenibles.
UNFCCC Newsroom
$1 billion promised for green energy projects in Pacific islands
New Zealand and other major international donors have promised more than $1 billion for sustainable energy projects in Pacific island nations.
Q&A: Crisis and Climate Change Driving Unprecedented Migration
Climate change is now adding new layers of complexity to the nexus between migration and the environment.
Norway to 'completely ban petrol powered cars by 2025'
Norway will ban the sale of all fossil fuel-based cars in the next decade, continuing its trend towards becoming one of the most ecologically progressive countries on the planet, according to reports.
Rising number of Qantas travellers paying premium for carbon offsets
Individual travellers and corporate customers of Qantas Airways are increasingly choosing to pay a premium for voluntary carbon offsets amid growing awareness of the global environmental impact of the aviation industry.
The Sydney Morning Herald
Maná convoca a crear video para concientizar sobre cambio climátic
El grupo mexicano de rock Maná lanzó hoy un concurso mediante su fundación "Selva Negra" para crear un videoclip que ayude a concientizar sobre la protección del medio ambiente y el cambio climático.
ICS Starts Major Campaign on MRV
The member national shipowners' associations of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) have agreed to commence a co-ordinated campaign aimed at European Union (EU) institutions, including Member States, Parliament and the European Commission. The goal is to persuade the EU of the vital necessity of aligning its unilateral regulation on the monitoring of shipping's CO2 emissions with the mandatory worldwide CO2 reporting regime that has been agreed by the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO).
Maritime Professional
Neuf pays entourant la Mer du Nord s’entendent pour développer l’éolien en mer
Neuf pays des régions des mers du Nord se sont engagés lundi à renforcer leur coopération pour développer l’énergie éolienne en mer, non seulement sa production mais son intégration au marché européen de l’énergie, a annoncé la Commission européenne.
RGGI Carbon Price Sinks to $4.53 at Latest Auction
The price of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative carbon allowances continued to slide in the latest auction, selling for $4.53 each, the initiative announced June 3.
Bloomberg BNA
La géothermie alimente en énergie son premier site industriel en France
La centrale de géothermie de Rittershoffen en Alsace, inaugurée ce mardi 7 juin, fournit 25% des besoins en chaleur d'une usine d'amidon. Le projet a été soutenu par Électricité de Strasbourg et la Caisse des Dépôts.
Climate change and the value of daring Guardian
'Go wild for life,' UN says on World Environment Day
Marking World Environment Day, which this year focuses on the illegal trade of wildlife, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is calling on everyone to “go wild for life” and take action to help safeguard species under threat for future generations.
UN News Centre
Fossil fuel groups warned not to ignore Paris accord
Lord Stern points to disturbing gap between agreed steps and what businesses assume
Financial Times
El cambio climático amenaza seis Patrimonios de la Humanidad iberoamericanos
Seis lugares naturales y culturales de América Latina, considerados Patrimonios de la Humanidad, están siendo amenazados por el cambio climático.
Climate change, Pacific cooperation top agenda with Mod
“Advancing the ambitious climate change and clean energy agenda” and “further enhancing our security and diplomatic cooperation across the Indo-Pacific region,” would be focus of the discussions between India and the U.S during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit this week, a State Department official told The Hindu.
The Hindu
Initiative to raise awareness on climate change impacts
An initiative has been formed to help African and Asian societies understand climate change-related impacts such as extreme weather events and prepare for future ones.
Global standard to measure food waste aims to put more on plates
A new global standard for measuring food loss and waste will help countries and companies step up efforts to store, transport and consume food more efficiently, its backers said on Monday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
El sector de energías renovables puede crear 60.000 empleos
La ley 27.191 y su respectiva reglamentación, contenida en el decreto 531/2016, marcan el rumbo hacia una matriz energética sustentable y competitiva, integradora del conjunto de la economía productiva, del desarrollo industrial, del trabajo y del consumo.
La Nación
Airlines support carbon emissions deal despite costs: trade group
Airlines want one global deal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from air travel despite higher costs, in order to avoid a patchwork of regulation that would be harder to manage, an executive of the International Air Transport Association trade group said on Friday.
Climate change: 'I fear Kiribati will be gone forever'
The country where I'm from is known as Kiribati. We refer to our home as the "kiss of the Pacific". It is a country with 33 islands or atolls which are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Perú es atractivo para invertir en energías renovables
Perú ubica el puesto 24° del tabla mundial de países atractivos para la inversión de energías renovables y es el cuarto más atractivo de América del Sur, de acuerdo al último ránking Recai 2016 de EY (ex Ernst & Young)
El Comercio
Airlines can offset carbon without cutting corners, WWF argues
WWF report claims airlines can meet climate targets through committing to high-quality carbon credits and sustainable fuels
Business Green
Emissions Reduced, Lives Saved: New Metrics For The New Normal
In 2015, the United Nations forged the Paris Agreement and launched the Sustainable Development Goals – officially linking climate protection with poverty alleviation, biodiversity conservation, and the empowerment of women. Participants in the voluntary carbon markets said, “At last!” And then they started jockeying for position.
Ecosystem Marketplace
Global energy leaders look to nitty gritty of climate accord
Energy leaders from countries that pump out 75 percent of the world's climate-changing emissions talked Thursday on the nitty-gritty of putting last year's Paris climate accord into action, including funding the needed global technology overhaul.
México aumentará su inversión en la investigación y desarrollo de energías renovables a US$310 millones
Con estas inversiones, se desarrollarán los cinco centros mexicanos de innovación en energía (Cemie) existentes: geotérmica, solar, eólica, bioenergía y océano, y próximamente se instalará uno de redes inteligentes y otro en captura de carbono.
América Economía
La Journée mondiale de l’océan célébrée par l’UNESCO
Dans le sillage de l'Accord de Paris sur le climat adopté en décembre 2015, la Commission océanographique intergouvernementale de l'UNESCO rappellera le rôle crucial que joue l'océan dans la régulation du climat, à l'occasion d'un événement organisé au siège de l'Organisation (salle II) dans le cadre de la Journée mondiale de l'océan, célébrée chaque année le 8 juin.
Savoirs & Connaissances
EU Power-Price Boost on Hold as Traders Doubt Carbon Tax
French Environment and Energy Minister Segolene Royal said last month that the nation will introduce a floor price for carbon of about five times current permit levels.
Washington State updates emission trading scheme proposal
The US state of Washington has updated its draft plan for an emissions trading scheme following feedback from businesses and environmental organisations, with a view to establishing the state's first carbon cap-and-trade market from next year.
Business Green
El Caribe frente al Cambio Climático
La VII Cumbre de la Asociación de Estados del Caribe, (AEC), prevé entre sus líneas de acción, la concertación de estrategias para fortalecer y preservar la integridad medio-ambiental, y uno de los ejes del encuentro que se efectúa en la capital cubana, es la evaluación de los retos y desafíos para enfrentar la adaptación al cambio climático en la región
Radio Rebelde
Lack of water limits Madagascar's climate-smart agriculture
Most days, Hitasoa ignores breakfast and lunch. She is too busy finding enough money to buy food for dinner - and even that is a challenge in Madagascar's dry south, where the worst drought in 35 years has wiped out the maize crop.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Climate fund gets Tk100cr
The government has proposed earmarking Tk100 core for the Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund (BCCTF) to reduce the negative impacts of global warming in the new budget.
Dhaka Tribune
Panama's indigenous tribes launch drones to fight deforestation
Indigenous people in Panama are using drones as a new weapon to monitor deforestation on their lands as thousands of hectares disappear every year in one of the world's most biodiverse rainforests, the United Nations said.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
A switch to ecological farming will benefit health and environment – report
The world needs to move away from industrial agriculture to avoid ecological, social and human health crises, say scientists
Impacto del cambio climático será más severo sobre la región de occidente
Diferentes instancias gubernamentales, de cooperación internacional y otras organizadas por la sociedad civil se unieron para buscar alternativas que contribuyan a mejorar la conservación de áreas protegidas, cuencas de agua y reservas naturales privadas, al igual que mitigar o disminuir el impacto del cambio climático en el país.
La Prensa
Small scale industries urged to go green, use solar power
The small scale industries in Coimbatore were on Thursday urged to generate solar power to reduce fuel-based power consumption and also carbon dioxide emissions.
Times of India
Tired of Running From the River: Adapting to Climate Change on India’s Disappearing Islands
Rising waters are quickly submerging the Sundarbans and drowning its livelihoods. As the region’s men leave to find stable income, women make the best of what remains.
Yes! Magazine
Higher air fares on the way as airlines tackle greenhouse gas emissions
Passengers will have to pay for a scheme to tackle airlines’ greenhouse gas emissions due to be agreed later this year.
The Irish Times
La croissance du secteur pétrolier nuirait à l'économie, dit une étude
Une étude laisse croire que le Canada ne peut pas faire croître le secteur énergétique canadien et respecter ses cibles de réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre (GES) sans infliger de lourds dommages aux autres secteurs de l'économie.
La Presse
Les panneaux solaires pourraient fournir un tiers de l'électricité des villes en 2050
Installer des panneaux solaires sur les toits des bâtiments pourrait permettre de fournir un tiers de la consommation électrique des villes d'ici à 2050, indique l'Agence internationale de l'énergie (AIE) dans son rapport annuel sur les technologies de l'énergie publié mercredi.
Clean fuel from 'bionic leaf' could ease pressure on farmland: scientists
A new clean technology to turn sunlight into liquid fuel could drastically shrink the need for large plantations to grow crops for biofuels, while combating climate change, Harvard University researchers said on Thursday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Review: ‘Time to Choose’ Extols Renewable Energy to Combat Global Warming
Charles Ferguson’s latest documentary, “Time to Choose,” is a sobering polemic about global warming that balances familiar predictions of planetary doom with a survey of innovations in renewable energy technology that hold out some hope for the future.
NY Times
The Future of Clean Energy Meets in San Francisco This Week
Billionaire energy investors, policy makers, and the Energy Secretary are in the Bay to talk energy.
Las energías renovables superan la dura competencia del petróleo barato
Las energías renovables -en especial la eólica y la solar- siguen creciendo a buen ritmo en prácticamente todo el mundo pese a la fuerte competencia provocada por el precio relativamente bajo del petróleo y otros combustibles fósiles.
La Vanguardia
Énergies renouvelables : les pays en développement détrônent les pays riches
2015 a été une année record pour les investissements dans les énergies renouvelables, conclut une nouvelle étude. Et pour la première fois, les pays en développement ont investi davantage que les pays riches dans ce secteur.
Energy ministers gather in San Francisco to reboot climate ‘moon-shot’
Bill Gates and officials from over 20 governments will meet to discuss plans for a vast hike in clean-tech funding by 2020
Climate Home
A West Coast climate accord, a new Clean Air Rule announced for state
West Coast governors, a British Columbia cabinet minister and mayors from six cities convened in San Francisco on Wednesday to sign a Pacific North America Climate Leadership Agreement, covering a region with 53 million residents
American Nations to Start Carbon-Price Talks, World Bank Says
Four American nations are set to start talks on ways to co-operate on carbon pricing, according to the World Bank. Government officials from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru will meet late June through July 1 in Santiago to discuss emission-reduction tools including markets and taxes, according to Thomas Kerr, the head of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, a World Bank program to promote climate protection among business, government and the public.
Le Maroc dans le top 5 des pays qui investissent le plus dans les énergies renouvelables
Énergies renouvelables - Le Maroc compte parmi les cinq pays qui investissent le plus dans les énergies renouvelables. Grâce à son plan solaire, le royaume arrive même au premier rang des marchés les plus dynamiques en termes de construction et de planification de centrales solaires.
Huffington Post
Marruecos invertirá 27.000 millones en energías renovables
Marruecos elevará su capacidad instalada en 10.000 megavatios (MW) adicionales procedentes de energías renovables de aquí a 2030, dentro de su transición energética hacia una economía baja en carbono, según anunció hoy el ministro de Energía, Minas, Agua y Medio Ambiente de Marruecos, Abdelkader Amara.
UN envoy warns of impending Sahel climate crisis
Climate change, environmental degradation and the unchecked rise in terrorism threatens to deliver a “horrific future” in the Sahel, Ban Ki-moon’s envoy to the region has warned.
Climate Home
Crédit carbone : les revenus sont passés à vingt-six milliards $ en 2015
Les derniers chiffres de Carbon Pricing Watch 2016 ont confirmé une hausse de 60 % par rapport à 2014.
Agence d'information d'Afrique centrale
Washington limits carbon pollution from largest sources
Washington state regulators on Wednesday unveiled an updated plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions from large polluters, the latest attempt by Gov. Jay Inslee to push ahead with a binding cap on carbon emissions after struggling to win approval from legislators.
México: Incluyen en ley el desplazamiento de personas por cambio climático
La Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Semarnat) publicó modificaciones a la Ley General de Cambio Climático para incluir el desplazamiento interno de personas provocado por fenómenos relacionados con éste en planes y políticas de actuación de los gobiernos.
Cooperación internacional ayuda en la adaptación de fincas lecheras al cambio climático
Study: Climate change makes our food more poisonous
Extreme weather is increasing toxins in our food - which can be fatal. As temperatures keep rising, it seems the problem will only get worse. DW interviews a chief scientist at UNEP.
Deutsche Welle
Niger Basin member countries earmark $274m to fight climate change
Nine-member countries of the Niger Basin Authority yesterday pledged to commit $274m to implement the Programme for the Integrated Development and Adaptation to Climate Change, PIDACC, in the region.
National Mirror
Markets and Market Mechanisms Crucial for Climate Action Plans
Development banks, United Nations bodies and other international organizations say they are ready to support the integration of markets and market mechanisms into national climate action plans submitted to the UN as part of the Paris Climate Change Agreement clinched last year.
UNFCCC Newsroom
Adapting to change: Climate change policy sent to govt for approval
The Climate Change Cell working under the K-P Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has completed its climate change policy—the first by any province. It has now been sent to the government for approval and implementation.
Express Tribune
Cooperación internacional ayuda en la adaptación de fincas lecheras al cambio climático
Fondos por $1,5 millones (¢817 millones) procedentes de la cooperación internacional se utilizarán para realizar programas piloto de adaptación al cambio climático en 41 fincas lecheras modelo de Costa Rica.
La Nación
Panama's indigenous tribes launch drones to fight deforestation
Indigenous people in Panama are using drones as a new weapon to monitor deforestation on their lands as thousands of hectares disappear every year in one of the world`s most biodiverse rainforests, the United Nations said.
Zee News
South Korea Considers Shutdown Of Old Coal Power Plants To Reduce Emissions
The South Korean government announced Wednesday that the country was considering closing aged coal-fired power plants in a bid to curb fine dust emissions. The move comes in light of worsening air pollution.
International Business Times
How Climate Change Will Destroy Our Global Heritage
Last week, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization issued a report called “World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate.”
New Yorker
Why open markets are our best hope to fight climate change
Claims free trade is the enemy of climate action are dangerously misleading and must be rebutted, argues head of International Chamber of Commerce
Climate Home
Scientists debate experimenting with climate hacking to prevent catastrophe
Funding for geoengineering computational experiments was mysteriously included in a Senate appropriations bil
Christiana Figueres: Business and government must move from conversation to collaboration
A fundamental change is needed in the dynamic between business and governments in a post-Paris Agreement world, the UN's outgoing climate chief Christiana Figueres has said today.
Hakima El Haité: «La COP 22 est beaucoup plus importante que la COP21»
«La COP 22 est beaucoup plus importante que la COP21», estime la ministre. Les responsables du comité d’organisation ne cessent de le rappeler, l’enjeu de la conférence de Marrakech est de rendre concrets les engagements de l’accord de Paris, en cherchant les solutions pour les rendre réalisables.
Clean Energy Ministerial addresses next steps in climate change
When the world’s countries signed the Paris climate change accord, the scoffing quickly began. How would these nations find ways to knock down heat-trapping emissions pouring from tailpipes and smokestacks and retool their economies?
SF Chronicle
Climate change strategy sessions move from Paris to San Francisco
Energy ministers from the world’s largest economies — including the United States, China, India, Japan, Germany and Saudi Arabia — will converge on Union Square to discuss how to meet the Paris accord’s lofty goals.
SF Gate
Conférence internationale sur l'eau, l'énergie et le changement climatique (WECC2016) à Marrakech
Le Centre national d'Études et de Recherche sur l'Eau et l'Énergie (CNEREE) relevant de l'Université Cadi Ayyad (UCA) organise, du 1 au 4 juin à Marrakech, une Conférence internationale sur l'eau, l'énergie et le changement climatique (WECC2016), en perspective de la COP22.
Interview: Caribbean Summit to call for unity to tackle climate change
An upcoming summit attended by heads of state and government of the Caribbean countries on Saturday will call for unity to tackle the climate change problem.
Japan Caribbean climate change project invests $72m in Jamaica
The Government of Japan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will this morning launch the Jamaican component of the US$15-million Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (J-CCCP) at the Spanish Court Hotel.
Jamaica Observer
New York to cut emissions by 100%
Lawmakers in New York have introduced a bill aimed at cutting the state's greenhouse gas emissions by 100 per cent by 2050.
Climate Action
More Carbon-Market Cuts Eyed as EU Parliament Starts Debate
The European Parliament will consider enabling faster carbon reductions in Europe’s emissions market after an assessment in 2023, the strongest signal to date that a global climate deal may prompt tougher caps on companies.
Le Maroc va investir 27 milliards d’euros dans les énergies renouvelables
10.000 mégawatts supplémentaires issus des énergies renouvelables seront lancés par le Maroc d’ici 2030, a déclaré Abdelkader Amara , ministre de l’Energie et des Mines.
Nature is now a weapon against threat of global warming
Assets such as grass roofs, parks and plants can protect the man-made environment
Financial Times
UK to fight North Sea’s £1.5bn EU carbon burden
The UK is set to fight an EU loophole which stands to burden North Sea explorers with spiralling carbon emissions costs of £1.5bn in the next decade.
The Telegraph
Les investisseurs se mobilisent face au risque climatique
Les investisseurs doivent rendre davantage de comptes sur leur approche du risque climat. Leur démarche a un effet d'entraînement sur l'ensemble de l'industrie
Les Echos
Climate Change Is Rewiring Government-Citizen Relationships
Today, federally funded teams are attempting to learn from these failures as they try to protect low-income communities from storm surges and heat waves as the climate continues to change and weather becomes more destructive.
Alcalde de La Paz: “Enfrentamos los retos del cambio climático”
Luis Revilla Herrero, alcalde municipal de La Paz, visitó la sede de DW en Bonn y aprovechamos para preguntarle sobre su gestión, los retos de la ciudad sede del Gobierno boliviano y el conflicto limítrofe con Chile.
Deutsche Welle
El año 2015 fue el mejor de la historia para las energías renovables
El informe "Renewables 2016 Global Status Report", de la organización REN21, señaló que las inversiones en renovables también alcanzaron niveles históricos en 2015: 286,000 millones de dólares
El Nuevo Diario
EU carbon price forecast inches up on reform plans
‘Cautious’ proposals from lawmaker Ian Duncan will strengthen carbon market, say analysts, but not enough to meet long term climate goals
Climate Home
Cambio climático: advierten que debe haber deforestación cero en cuatro años
El diputado nacional por Cambiemos, Juan Carlos Villalonga expuso su posición en un seminario; de no trabajar en el ordenamiento territorial Argentina no cumplirá con los compromisos del Acuerdo de París
La Nación
Renewable energy surges to record levels around the world
Investments in renewables during the year were more than double the amount spent on new coal and gas-fired power plants, the Renewables Global Status Report found.
Charles Ferguson's new documentary explores global warming causes and solutions
Now, a new documentary from Academy Award-winning director Charles Ferguson, who directed The Inside Job and No End In Sight, tackles climate change in a comprehensive way by telling the stories of key players on this issue.
China set to blitz 2020 climate goal as emissions flatline
Ahead of the release of China’s five-year energy strategy, Greenpeace analysts say real world carbon intensity cuts are ahead of target
Climate Home
Extreme weather increasing level of toxins in food, scientists warn
As they struggle to deal with more extreme weather, a range of food crops are generating more of chemical compounds that can cause health problems for people and livestock who eat them, scientists have warned.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Laurence Tubiana : « Les entreprises devraient se désintoxiquer des énergies fossiles »
Laurence Tubiana, la négociatrice française pour le climat, assure que la « France doit être le gardien du temple de l’accord de Paris », signé fin décembre à l’issue de la COP21. Pour l’experte, il faut maintenir la pression sur le secteur énergétique et imposer des réductions d’émissions aux acteurs du transport maritime et aérien.
Le Monde
Presentan plataforma para enfrentar el cambio climático
Autoridades del sector ambiental, asociaciones civiles de diez países mesoamericanos presentaron el Centro de Excelencia Virtual en Monitoreo Forestal en Mosoamérica (CEVMF), una plataforma digital dedicada a compartir metodologías y prácticas para enfrentar el cambio climático a través del monitoreo de bosques y selvas.
El Universal
Changement climatique : où en sont les promesses des entreprises ?
Depuis une quinzaine d’années, nombre d’entreprises – répondant aux incitations du GHG Protocol, du CDP et d’autres classements – se sont engagées à mettre en place une comptabilité carbone et à se fixer des objectifs de réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre (GES) liées à leurs activités.
The Conversation
El Ayuntamiento cree que Madrid tiene que cambiar su modelo energético
La gran mayoría de la energía que Madrid consume, proviene de fuentes externas, dato al que se suma que cada madrileño, consume el equivalente a más de una tonelada de petróleo
Sustainable energy: inside Iceland’s geothermal power plan
Thanks to its position on a volatile section of the Mid-Atlantic ridge, Iceland is a world leader in the the use of geothermal energy, and of the six geothermal power plants in Iceland, Hellisheiði (pronounced “het-li-shay-thee”) is the newest and largest
Ces entreprises qui font la chasse au CO2
Seize grandes entreprises françaises se sont engagées à réduire leurs émissions de gaz à effet de serre dans le cadre d'un programme créé par les Nations Unies et trois ONG environnementales.
Le Parisien
La papa peruana lucha por superar los efectos del cambio climático
Hoy el Perú celebra el Día Nacional de la Papa. De ella se sabe que sus potencialidades alimenticias son altas, que es un producto milenario y que, incluso, los científicos analizan la posibilidad de sembrarla en Marte; sin embargo, este tubérculo de los Andes peruanos ya comienza a sentir las amenazas del cambio climático.
La República
La COP22 transformera le rôle de la BAD
La Banque africaine de développement (BAD) ne fera pas de la figuration à Marrakech, en novembre prochain
Zambia: AfDB Meet Tackles Climate Change Head-On
LAST week, Zambia played host to the 2016 annual meetings of the African Development Bank (AfDB) meeting whose theme was 'Energy and Climate Change'.
Times of Zambia
Rural women battered by climate change
THE effects of climate change have hit hard on rural women in developing countries. This transpired during a three-day conference on climate change effects, especially on rural women organised by UN Women Multi Country Office in Benoni, Johannesburg last week
Swazi Observer
Nepal assesses forests for maximum carbon credits
Nepal has begun reassessing the state of forests in the politically sensitive southern Terai plains following a national woodlands survey, the results of which were published five months ago.
Tokyo’s cap and trade scheme goes beyond hitting the bullseye
The city-wide Tokyo Cap and Trade Program has stimulated energy efficiency in the commercial and industrial sector so effectively it has achieved double its emissions reduction goal across the 1300 properties covered, according to a recent research report.
Eco Business
Cool, cheap and green: Polystyrene homes catch on in Kenya
Building companies are trying out polystyrene construction which offers good insulation, and uses less water and wood
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Home of South Africa's national flower‚ the King Protea‚ is at risk from climate change
The Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa as well as the canal city of Venice and Britain's mystic Stonehenge in Europe are all at risk from climate change‚ according to a joint United Nations report.
Times Live
Homeowners kept in dark about climate change risk to houses, says report
The risk that houses in some areas of Australia are likely to become uninsurable, dilapidated and uninhabitable due to climate change is kept hidden from those building and buying property along Australia’s coasts and in bushfire zones, a Climate Institute report says.
COMMENT: European Researchers: Include Consumers in the EU Emission Trading Scheme Energy Collective
G7 nations pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2025
Leaders of the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the EU urge all countries to join them in eliminating support for coal, oil and gas in a decade
Climat : les négociateurs quittent Bonn avec un agenda… et des frustrations
En quittant le Convention Center des bords du Rhin, jeudi 26 mai au soir, les « négociateurs climat » s’interrogeaient sur l’atmosphère qui dominerait leur prochaine rencontre officielle, la conférence mondiale de Marrakech, ou COP22, en novembre au Maroc.
Le Monde
Saudi diplomat at UN climate talks proud of her global role
Saudi diplomat Sarah Baashan who has been appointed to a key position in the UN climate negotiations spoke to Okaz/Saudi Gazette about her new role.
Saudi Gazette
Négociations climat : ces femmes qui cachent la forêt de costards
A Bonn, si les postes clés pour préparer la COP 22 de novembre à Marrakech étaient féminins, lors des moments forts, les hommes reprennent la main au sein des délégations.
UN Draws BNP Paribas for Green-Bond Push to Unlock Funding
The United Nations is on a mission to make green bonds even greener and has linked up with BNP Paribas SA to make it happen.
G7 leaders call on aviation industry to agree market-based measure
Joint statement from G7 leaders in Japan recognises the “urgent need” for the aviation industry to adopt zero-carbon growth strategy by 2020
Business Green
Chinese G20 presidency to boost innovation-based growth
OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20, Gabriela Ramos, has hailed China's G20 presidency's efforts in seeking to integrate efforts of G20 countries to reboost global growth as "encouraging" and "ambitious."
Slash greenhouse gases 57%, investors tell David Cameron
The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change, which is made up of 122 big investors including BlackRock, Amundi and UBS, has called on the prime minister to ensure proposals put forward by the Committee on Climate Change, the body that advises the UK government on meeting its environmental targets, are not watered down.
Financial Times
UN calls for public policy to promote ICT innovation in building smart cities
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) have launched a global initiative to advocate for public policy to use ICT in transitioning to smart sustainable cities.
German Reserve for Dirty Coal Plants Seen Hurting Carbon Demand
Germany’s plan to place lignite-burning power plants into a reserve from later this year may cut demand in Europe’s carbon market, according to a former government official.
Third of coral 'dead or dying' in parts of Barrier Reef
At least 35 percent of corals in parts of Australia's Great Barrier Reef are dead or dying from mass bleaching caused by global warming, scientists said Monday.
Mass coral bleaching cast shadow over future of Great Barrier Reef
Mass coral bleaching has destroyed at least 35 percent of the northern and central Great Barrier Reef, Australian scientists said on Monday, a major blow to the World Heritage Site that attracts about A$5 billion ($3.59 billion) in tourism each year.
East Africa: Lake Victoria Waters On the Rise As Climate Change Hits
Encroachment on wetlands, destruction of forests and poor agricultural practices have destabilised the ecosystem in the Lake Victoria Basin.
The East African
S’il est élu président des Etats-Unis, Trump pourra-t-il « annuler l’accord de Paris » sur le climat ?
« Je vais annuler l’accord de Paris sur le climat. » Donald Trump, candidat républicain à la Maison Blanche, s’est une fois de plus illustré par ses promesses tonitruantes, jeudi 26 mai, lors d’une conférence de presse à Bismarck, dans le Dakota du Nord.
Le Monde
Energies renouvelables : emplois et investissements en accroissement
La part des énergies renouvelables dans la production d’électricité s’élèvera à 40% à l’horizon 2030, soit près du double de la part actuelle, a indiqué récemment l'Agence internationale de l'énergie renouvelable (IRENA).
Maghreb Emergent
Cambio climático arrasa con las islas
Islotes del archipiélago de las Islas Salomón, en el océano Pacífico, han desaparecido, lo cual tiene que ver con un proceso de elevación de la superficie del mar.
Reciclar dióxido de carbono, la nueva meta contra el cambio climático
Desde el descubrimiento del motor a explosión, que posibilitó el desarrollo de la revolución industrial, la atmósfera fue tratada como un enorme tacho de basura, ya que la emisión de gases, como el dióxido de carbono (CO2), desembocaron en la crisis del calentamiento global.