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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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Climate change could cut world food output 18 percent by 2050
Global warming could cause an 18 percent drop in world food production by 2050, but investments in irrigation and infrastructure, and moving food output to different regions, could reduce the loss, a study published on Thursday said.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Lima was a reality check, and leaders need to step up for Paris
The differences between how the developed and developing countries view their responsibilities will hinder agreement at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, unless top political leaders provide the momentum needed to seal the deal, says Achim Steiner.
EPA chief: Extreme weather boosting climate-change plan
Extreme weather events from typhoons to heat waves are helping make the case to Americans on the need to address climate change, the head of the EPA says, although opposition from congressional Republicans to the Obama administration's ambitious plan remains unrelenting.
USA Today
Green bonds sell big in 2014 as finance bids to help climate
A "green" bond market has taken root this year, with municipalities and corporations issuing new environmentally-focused bonds and money managers jumping in to buy them.
Shrinking ship bubbles ‘could counteract climate change’
Getting ships to generate smaller bubbles as they sail across the oceans could counteract the impact of climate change, a study suggests.
Warming leads to more run-ins with polar bears
Word spread quickly: a polar bear, then two, were spotted near this remote Inuit village on the shores of Hudson Bay, about 1,800 kilometers (1,120 miles) north of Montreal.
Asia-Pacific LDCs meeting vows sustainable graduation by 2020
Least developed countries (LDCs) of Asia-Pacific region have envisaged sustainable graduation of the LDCs of the region during the ministerial meeting that concluded here today by issuing a 24-point declaration, which is fully focused on meeting the graduation criteria by 2020 as per their commitment in Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA).
Himalayan Times
Europe's Record Heat Tied Directly to Climate Change
As 2014 comes to a close, Europe is virtually certain to lock in its hottest year in more than 500 years, and according to research by three independent teams of climate scientists, the record can be closely attributed to climate change.
Weather Channel
The Role of Religions at COP 20 Huffington Post
Is the UN’s climate change body still fit for purpose? RTCC
We can't let climate change turn droughts, flash floods and mudslides into the new normal (comment) Guardian
Green bonds sell big in 2014 as finance bids to help climate
A "green" bond market has taken root this year, with municipalities and corporations issuing new environmentally-focused bonds and money managers jumping in to buy them.
From Kalimantan to Lima: Where do women stand in climate?
When UN-backed forest protection scheme REDD+ came to central Kalimantan in Indonesia, it promised employment to the indigenous community.
UN's Clean Development Market Mechanism Future in Doubt, Largely Sidelined in Lima
The United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism, a plan to use market forces to curb greenhouse gas emissions that once was hailed as among the most important and resilient parts of the UN process to confront climate change, is fighting to survive and remain relevant.
Bloomberg BNA
Vietnam submits BUR to UNFCCC Secretariat
Vietnam has submitted its first Biennial Update Reports (BUR) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat at the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP 20) held recently in Lima, Peru.
Washington governor proposes carbon pollution cap
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Wednesday proposed an ambitious cap-and-trade program to require the state's largest industrial polluters to pay for every ton of carbon they release.
Front Yards Turn to Wetlands as Climate Change Takes Toll
Climate change is beginning to take a toll on real estate in the coastal city, about 80 miles (130 kilometers) southeast of Richmond, as insurance costs soar and residents resort to putting their homes on stilts or opening up space underneath for the water to flow through.
Unilever, Cargill push to green their palm oil chain
Facing growing concerns about deforestation in Asia, companies are pledging to use green palm oil.
Burundi: German-Burundi-Israel Cooperation for Climate Change and Agriculture
The government of Israel is seeking a collaboration with Burundi to support climate change adaptation and agriculture. With their 'Africa Initiative' Israel and Germany aim to implement strategies and tools to reduce the vulnerability of the rural population to climate change impacts in vulnerable regions of Burundi.
Could carbon pricing enhance energy poverty?
Scientists and development institutions agree that putting a price on carbon is one of the most effective ways to fight climate change.
Arctic squirrels blamed for climate change damage
Rodents have been accused of everything from the Black Death to electrical fires over the centuries – now climate change can be added to the long list of mishaps for which they are to blame.
These Are The Countries And Regions Most At Risk From Climate Change
The climate change deal that United Nations member states agreed to in Lima, Peru, on Sunday will raise billions of dollars to assist developing countries in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and extreme weather. U.N. member states will issue new standards to reduce carbon emissions by next year.
International Business Times
More climate-change dollars for the developing world
WITH THE Green Climate Fund (GCF) set to come on stream next year and a recent infusion of capital into the Adaptation Fund (AF), developing countries have a better shot at preparing for climate-change impacts.
Jamaica Gleaner
Global NGOs differ with political leadership over outcome of Lima climate talks
Political leadership including from India, the COP presidency and the UNFCCC might have praised the Lima climate talks' outcome, but the NGOs across the globe have differed and said the result fell short of expectation and public demand as it was guided more by political expediency than the scientific urgency and concerns of the most vulnerable countries.
Times of India
India-US climate talks to focus on clean energy, tech R&D
India and the United States are expected to announce a joint effort to tackle climate change with focus on clean energy and technology R&D during President Barack Obama's visit to the country in January.
Economic Times
'Lima held no hope for an India facing extreme weather patterns'
The recently-concluded climate change talks in Lima failed to catalyze any optimism for the next round at Paris 2015, signalling little hope for India that is already reeling under extreme weather patterns, experts said.
California pensions should divest coal assets -state senate leader
California pension plans would divest all assets related to the coal industry under a measure the leader of the state senate said he will propose to reduce support for an industry that critics blame for contributing to climate change.
Malta to push climate action during Commonwealth meeting
Climate action will be one of the main themes to be discussed at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting which will be hosted in Malta in November 2015.
Malta Today
2014 warmest year in Europe since 1500s
Climate change is very likely to have helped make 2014 Europe’s warmest year since the 1500s, scientists have found.
Financial Times
Europe's record hot year made at least 35 times more likely by climate change, say scientists
This year is on track to be the warmest ever recorded in Europe, and greenhouse gas emissions played a major role, according to new research. Scientists have analysed centuries of temperature records to conclude that this year’s warmth was made at least 35 times more likely because of climate change.
South African Brewer Tackles Climate Change
Governments failed to come to a breakthrough agreement at last week's climate summit in Peru. But South African mega-brewer SAB Miller sent delegates to the talks, and says it is one of many private companies taking their own steps to fight climate change.
Voice of America
Climate change will leave Christmas trees in hot water
Our warming climate is bad news for Christmas trees. Norwegian spruces risk getting cold feet as the insulating blanket of snow that protects their roots from Scandinavian winters thins.
New Scientist
Lima climate conference needed to have real outcome to make a difference, says Seychelles climate ambassador
After bitter disputes and major compromises, the much talked-about climate conference in in Lima, Peru, ended on Sunday, and the Seychelles islands delegation left South America with concerns that the agreement reached in Lima is ‘ not on track’ for a targeted reductions in global temperature rises.
Seychelles News Agency
From Copenhagen to Lima: An Observer's Take on Why the Lima Call to Action Matters Huffington Post
It's Time to Deploy This Special Weapon on Climate Change (by Christiana Figueres and Luis Neves) Huffington Post
Nations' climate laws key to global pact
With the prospects for a comprehensive, global treaty carrying the required ambition remaining uncertain in 2015, there is growing consensus that a better and faster response to climate change is badly needed.
Straits Times
How to talk climate change in Paris The Hindu
For the First Time, Lima Climate Accord Puts Burden on Developing Countries Huffington Post
China climate negotiator says Lima deal ‘balanced’
Chinese media coverage of the Lima climate change talks included comments by the country’s top climate negotiator who described the deal reached as “balanced”.
Developing states left in dark on 2020 climate finance goal
Major questions persist over how rich countries will boost funding for poorer nations to tackle climate change in the next five years, after U.N. climate talks failed to decide on clear plans.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
The long road from Lima to a global climate deal
Just weeks after Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping breathed unexpected life back into the Paris climate change talks, unveiling a bilateral pact on reducing emissions, another slightly fainter puff has come from the direction of Lima.
Financial Times
Rough seas ahead for climate talks, says Oxfam
International humanitarian aid group Oxfam says increasingly extreme and destructive weather and new political momentum were not yet enough to boost the scope of UN climate talks in Peru.
jakarta Post
‘Monsters’ line road to Paris climate deal with rich-poor divide
The path to a climate deal in Paris a year from now is littered with obstacles, foremost among them how to differentiate between what industrialized nations led by the U.S. will do to cut fossil-fuel pollution, and what commitments developing ones such as India, Brazil will take on.
Lima deal leaves ominous climate questions
The U.S. and other nations were applauding this weekend’s climate change agreement on Monday, but the deal’s difficult negotiations showed all too clearly the major hurdles that lie ahead as officials try to reach a much more sweeping pact next year in Paris.
New Climate Treaty Struggles to Reconcile Rich and Poor
They fought about money, categories and assessments. They skirmished over scopes and road maps and timetables.
Coal demand set to break 9bn tonne barrier this decade
Global coal use is on an upwards march despite calls to halt fossil fuels demand at a UN climate summit in Peru and will hit a record 9bn tonnes by 2019, according to the International Energy Agency.
'Lima Call for Climate Action' Falls Short of What Science Urges and People Demand Huffington Post
What do Lima climate talks have in common with 'Stone Soup'?
Folklore may be an odd place to look for an analog to two weeks of global climate talks in Lima, Peru, which ended over the weekend. But the tale of "Stone Soup" may be as good a place to start as any.
Christian Science Monitor
China’s Double-Edged Pact (op-ed) NY Times
The new climate denialism: More carbon dioxide is a good thing (opinion) Washington Post
Climat : une question de méthode (editorial) Le Monde
At UN climate talks, a crack in rich-poor barrier
A last-minute deal that salvaged U.N. climate talks from collapse early Sunday sends a signal the rich-poor divide that long held up progress can be overcome with a year to go before a landmark pact is supposed to be adopted in Paris.
Paris climate summit faces tougher job after modest Lima deal
A Paris summit in 2015 will face a tougher task to agree a U.N. deal to slow climate change after the hopes of many that cooperation between Washington and Beijing would be a magic key to end global gridlock dissolved in chaotic preparatory talks in Lima.
Fossil-Fuel Limits in All Nations Closer After UN Deal
A plan to limit fossil-fuel pollution in all nations for the first time came a step closer as envoys from more than 190 countries agreed on the key parts of a deal they plan to adopt next year to fight global warming.
UN climate agreement reached in marathon session
The fortnight it took for UN climate talks to finally stagger to an end in Lima on Sunday morning has shaken many assumptions about what it will take to achieve the historic global climate deal due to be sealed in Paris next December.
Financial Times
Late deal in Lima saves UN climate talks from collapse
UN talks in Peru have concluded with agreement on a pathway towards a deal to address climate change in Paris next December.
Keeping the show on the road
Peru's environment minister...and the host of this year's UN climate talks, had confidently predicted that negotiations would wrap up on schedule at 6.00pm on December 12th with a pisco sour, the country's national cocktail.
The Economist
UN climate deal in Peru ends historic North-South split
Unexpectedly, for a city that is in a desert area, rain drizzled from the night-time sky over Lima early on Sunday. Just as unexpectedly, the gavel came down on UN climate talks that had almost collapsed because of wide gaps between the positions held by rich and poor nations
COP20: Ban Ki-moon hails delegates for paving way to 'meaningful' climate agreement
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has hailed the outcome of a United Nations-backed climate conference recently concluded in Lima, Peru, praising delegates for setting the groundwork for a more conclusive agreement to be reached in 2015, a spokesperson for the Organization today announced.
UN News Centre
Lima climate change talks avert a disaster
It is so decided,” said Peruvian Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, his gavel hitting the table. And, the torturous 13 days of UN climate change negotiations ended with 196 countries adopting the ‘Lima call to climate action’ document at around 1 am on Sunday morning.
Business Standard
Climate Talks Yield Plan to Spread Burden of Emission Cuts
The U.S. and other wealthy countries persuaded their developing-nation peers to advance a framework that for the first time would spread the burden of economically painful emission cuts across all nations.
Wall Street Journal
What now for the Paris accord?
Four years ago, the world's nations vowed to forge a pact by the end of 2015 that would tame climate change and bequeath a safer planet to future generations.
UN climate change deal in Peru attacked by environmental activists as 'weak' and 'ineffectual'
The UN climate deal agreed between nearly 200 countries in the early hours of Sunday morning was welcomed by politicians – but environmentalists and climate activists denounced it as both weak and ineffectual.
The Independent
UN agrees way forward on climate change – but path is unclear (by Nicholas Stern) Guardian
Enough With The “Weak UN” Talk About Lima COP20! Cleantechnica
Deal reached at U.N. climate talks in Peru
LIMA, Peru — The latest round of United Nations climate talks ended in the early hours of Sunday morning — nearly 33 hours later than scheduled — with a deal that barely kept hopes for a meaningful global agreement next year. The conference, which started on Dec. 1., had two main goals: to agree to a series of measures aimed at reducing the greenhouse gases scientists say cause climate change in the near term, and to pave the way for an agreement that will include action from all countries by the end of the next edition of the talks, a year from now in Paris.
USA Today
Difficult Lima talks reach acceptable deal on climate change
LIMA, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- The annual United Nations climate talks finally wrapped up in Lima, Peru, in the wee hours of Sunday, achieving an acceptable but not satisfying result and leaving unresolved issues to the climate conference in Paris in December 2015.
Lima climate talks: India, 189 UN members reach deal
Negotiators today adopted a compromise draft for national pledges to cut global carbon emissions at marathon UN climate talks here that addressed all of India’s concerns and paved way for a new ambitious and binding deal to be signed in Paris next year to combat climate change.
The Financial Express
Modest global climate deal comes together
Climate negotiators from around the world came up with a modest agreement early Sunday for every nation to do its part to address global warming — but the Obama administration’s aggressive environmental regulations and last month’s landmark deal with China weren’t enough to keep the talks from nearly coming apart during a tense weekend of last-minute wrangling.
UN members agree deal at Lima climate talks
Delegates have approved a framework for setting national pledges to be submitted to a summit next year. Differences over the draft text caused the two-week talks in Lima, Peru, to overrun by two days.
UN pushes ahead on 2015 climate deal after marathon
UN members pressed ahead Sunday with a vision for a historic pact to defeat climate change by adopting a format for national pledges to cut Earth-warming greenhouse gases. At a marathon conference in Lima, they also approved a blueprint to guide negotiations for the deal due to be sealed in Paris in December 2015.
Climate talks adopt format for carbon pledges
U.N. members on Sunday adopted a format for national pledges to cut greenhouse gases, the heart of a planned pact to defeat climate change. At a marathon conference in the Peruvian capital of Lima, they also approved a broad blueprint for negotiations leading up to the historic deal, due to be sealed in Paris in December 2015. “The document is approved,” declared Peruvian Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, as exhausted delegates cheered and clapped.
COP20 Climate Forum: Lima UN talks agree on building blocks for 2015 climate deal
About 190 nations have agreed on the building blocks of a new-style global deal due in 2015 to combat climate change amid warnings that far tougher action will be needed to limit rising world temperatures.
Radio Australia
Climate Change Deal Agreed At UN Negotiations In Peru
United Nations member states have agreed an agreement on tackling climate change at negotiations in Peru, that ran days longer than scheduled. The deal will see each country set a target to reduce carbon emissions by next year. It also significantly departs from one of the core principles of recent international climate change negotiations -- that rich countries should carry the burden of emissions reduction, according to the Guardian.
International Business Times
UN Climate Talks Reach 'Watered-Down' Deal
Negotiators at United Nations talks in Peru have reached a compromise deal which sets the stage for a global climate pact to be made next year in Paris. After late-night wrangling, delegates from more than 190 nations meeting in Lima adopted a format for national pledges to cut greenhouse gases and approved a blueprint to guide negotiations for the Paris pact in December 2015.
Sky News
Lima climate talks agree on just one paragraph of deal with 24 hours left
Negotiators working on a deal to fight climate change have agreed on just a single paragraph of text, casting a shadow over the prospects for a strong outcome in Lima.
The Guardian
Kerry to climate talks: No excuses, get to work
Secretary of State John Kerry tried to spur slow-moving U.N. climate talks Thursday, telling nations to stop bickering over who is to blame for global warming and to shun the cheap route of high-polluting coal to grow their economies.
Associated Press
As Lima climate talks stutter, business remains positive
While delegates inside negotiating rooms at the UN climate talks in Lima crawl towards a conclusion, many business and civil society leaders attending the meet say they feel cautiously optimistic.
Cutting carbon a good business opportunity, private sector told
Whatever the global climate agreement reached next year in Paris looks like, the private sector will need to dramatically step up efforts to cut global carbon emissions, negotiators and analysts said at U.N. climate talks in Lima Thursday.
Talks in gridlock, meet head says let’s not leave Lima empty handed
With the climate talks remaining deadlocked at the end of Thursday, the head of the Lima round of negotiations, Manuel Pulgar Vidal, lashed out at the delegations saying they had not come only to enjoy the city and must ensure that they do not go back empty handed from Peru.
The Indian Express
France climate chief admits Lima talks may not deliver clear result
France’s diplomatic machinery is starting to ramp up the gears, 12 months before countries are scheduled to sign off a UN climate deal in Paris.
Kerry feels heat on Keystone oil pipeline at U.N. climate talks
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday urged countries at U.N. climate talks in Lima to move away from using fossil fuels while demonstrators gathered outside the meeting urged him to reject the Keystone oil pipeline.
Dried Out Amazon Could Speed Up Climate Change
A new NASA-funded study has found that a dried out Amazon, which has experienced a decline in rainfall over the last decade, could speed up global climate change due to the subsequent drop in vegetation.
Nature World News
Chefs promote sustainable cooking at COP20
As negotiations at the United Nations climate change summit run into their last stretch after nearly two weeks of deliberations, top world leaders took a brief pit stop to savor food prepared sustainably, by two of the country’s top chefs.
Andean Air Mail & Peruvian Times
Analysis: EU carbon market reforms heading for an early start
Reforms to reduce a glut of emissions in Europe's carbon market look increasingly likely to kick off in 2017, four years earlier than initially proposed, as support grows among lawmakers for an early start.
Slow progress at Lima climate talks “costing lives” says Oxfam chief (interview)
“This slow progress is costing lives. It is not just the money they spend here and the carbon footprint flying round the world for meetings that don’t have solutions, it is lives are being lost.”
International law stays silent on the responsibility for climate change (comment)
The world of international law is behaving as though the problem of climate change does not exist.
The Guardian
At Lima climate talks, UN launches new coalition to promote renewable energy
The launch of a new coalition spearheaded by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and focused on boosting renewable energy usage around the world was announced today as Member States head into the final three-day stretch of a major UN climate conference in Lima, Peru aimed at tackling the imminent threat of climate change.
UN News Centre
Chinese cities targeting emissions peak next year
Some Chinese cities will peak their greenhouse gas emissions as early as next year, lead climate official Xie Zhenhua said on Wednesday.
Global group of Catholic bishops call for end to fossil fuels
Catholic bishops from around the world are calling for an end to fossil fuel use and increased efforts to secure a global climate treaty. Catholics, they say, should engage with the process leading to a proposed new deal to be signed in Paris next year.
The statement is the first time that senior church figures from every continent have issued such a call.
BBC News
Pressure rising on Delhi to target ambitious carbon cuts
India’s contribution to global carbon emissions was only 7% last year, yet there are fears being expressed in the western world that rapid population growth and development will mean this vast country will soon be a major polluter − like its neighbour, China.
'Berlin Wall' climate divide looms over Lima
As UN climate talks enter their final days, the "Berlin Wall" that has for years divided rich and poor countries once again looms large as negotiators race to write a draft of a global deal that is meant to tear it down.
Canete: Climate talks moving 'slower than we want'
There is still a long way to go before agreement can be reached during the international climate negotiations in Lima, the European Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete said at a press conference in the Peruvian capital on Wednesday.
Late Night Lima – envoys battle to contain expanding climate deal
With three days to go until the Lima climate conference is officially scheduled to end, talks aimed at developing a global agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions appear stuck in slow motion.
Thousands of marchers demand just solution at UN climate talks in Lima
From the Amazon to the Andes, thousands of activists marched through the streets of Lima on Wednesday to demand a just solution to climate change.
The Guardian
A climate idea comes of age: Zero emissions
Zero emissions idea floated by climate 'nerd' getting traction at UN conference in Peru.
Associated Press
Bangladesh: Poor nations expect too much climate aid from west
Poor countries have been piling too much pressure on the rich west, Bangladesh’s environment minister Anwar Hossain Manju has suggested.
Increasing Concern Over Climate Change May Be Driving Increase In Sustainable Investing
Sustainable investing is growing at an accelerating rate, according to a recent report on trends from the US SIF or The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment.
Watch: Climate change explained in 60 second animation
Climate scientists at the Royal Society produce a 60 second guide addressing common assertions made by people who dismiss climate change.
The Telegraph
How energy reforms will make it easier to slow global warming (opinion)
The prospects for movement on energy are bright in the coming years. And as reforming ideas spread and energy systems become cleaner and more efficient, the prospects for slowing global warming look brighter now than they have been in decades.
The Washington Post
Australia pledges $165 million to Green Climate Fund
Australia has announced that it will deliver AUS $200 million to the UN’s green bank. Foreign minister Julie Bishop announced the pledge to the Green Climate Fund, which amounts to US $165 million, at a high level meeting on climate finance on Tuesday.
With Compromises, a Global Accord to Fight Climate Change Is in Sight
Diplomats from 196 countries are closing in on the framework of a potentially historic deal that would for the first time commit every nation in the world to cutting its planet-warming fossil fuel emissions — but would still not be enough to stop the early impacts of global warming.
The New York Times
Ban urges Lima conference to agree draft text as basis for 2015 climate deal
Urging the 20th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to “act now,” UN officials in Lima, Peru stressed today that fully tackling the impacts of man-made climate change requires a transformation – not mere “tinkering” with past agreements and pledges.
Un News Centre
Engulfed by Rising Seas, Islands Gain Moral Voice at UN
Some of the world’s smallest island nations have become the loudest voices in the debate about how to fight global warming.
Lima Climate Talks: U.S., EU Wrangle Over Legal Basis of Emissions Targets
Officials from nearly 200 countries working to negotiate a climate-change agreement are wrestling with the most basic question: whether key sections of the final pact should be legally binding.
The Wall Street Journal
Exxon Issues Energy Reality Check as UN Debates Emissions
The world’s largest oil company sees emissions in the developing world surging 50 percent, a forecast that suggests the diplomatic push to draft an accord to curb global warming stands to fall short.
Lima climate talks: India says it does not support ex-ante review of INDCs
Javadekar echoes demands of developing countries, says INDCs must be comprehensive and should not just focus on mitigation
Business Standard
Oil price slump a “golden opportunity” to price carbon – IEA
Lead energy analyst says low fuel cost allows policymakers to slash fossil fuel subsidies without hurting consumers
World’s Mayors Adopt New Tool to Calculate Climate Emissions
The first global standard to measure greenhouse gas emissions from cities was launched Monday in tandem with the ongoing UN climate summit in Lima.
Environment News Service
Workers must lead transition to green economy, unions say at climate talks
As global climate negotiators meet in Lima, Peru, for the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP 20) — a prelude to world climate talks in Paris next year — international union representatives say labor needs a stronger voice in planning the transition away from fossil fuels.
Al Jazeera America
Thousands of Carbon-Capture Plants Needed to Curb Warming
Thousands of power plants and factories will need to be fitted with carbon-capture and storage equipment to limit global warming to safe levels, former World Bank chief economist Nicholas Stern said.
Gender equality must guide 2015 climate deal, U.N. envoy says
Gender equality must be a key part of a new global climate change deal due to be reached in Paris next year even though achieving it will be a struggle, U.N. climate envoy Mary Robinson said on Tuesday.
Lima climate talks: Helping cities with credit ratings can foster low-carbon progress (comment)
In the debate over how to address climate change, there is a glaring gap between the levels of carbon reductions the world must achieve to avert the worst consequences of global warming and the levels of reductions that national governments have been willing to make thus far. Bridging that gap will require cities and businesses - the chief drivers of carbon emissions - to play a leading role, and Lima's experience points the way forward.
The Age
Global warming threat cut slightly, still severe: study
Projected global warming this century has slowed but is still at a severe rate after promises by China, the United States and the European Union to limit greenhouse gas emissions, a scientific study showed on Monday.
Decarbonisation push emerges at UN climate talks
Countries will be asked to decarbonise their economies by 2050 and then move to negative emissions under a controversial proposal to be negotiated as part of international climate change talks in Lima.
The Sydney Morning Herald
Backyard inventors: The new environmental 'game changers?'
The good news is that there are thousands of examples of entrepreneurs around the world who are finding a constantly expanding market for their solutions -- they are part of the United Nations Climate Change secretariat's Momentum for Change initiative.
World Bank chief calls for “zero net emissions” climate goal
The head of the World Bank has added his backing to calls for countries to agree a long term carbon cutting target at UN climate change talks taking place in Lima, Peru this week.
Lima climate talks: South American diplomats hopeful of progress on deal
South American diplomats expect to make progress towards a global climate deal at this week’s UN talks in Lima, despite growing criticism from NGOs that governments in the region are backtracking on pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment.
The Guardian
China stresses South-South cooperation, common development in tackling climate change
China attaches great importance to South-South cooperation in tackling global climate change, and efforts to achieve common development, a senior Chinese official said in Lima on Monday.
US denies backtracking on climate change goals
Lead US climate official Todd Stern has defended his government against claims it has backtracked on a previous target to reduce emissions 30% by 2025.
Brazil’s taps run dry as deforestation worsens
For weeks, the taps in Sao Paulo have run dry as the city has suffered its worst drought in eight decades, with rainfall at one-third the normal level. A growing consensus of scientists believes the answer to what is happening lies not in the sky, but in decades of deforestation of Amazon rainforest hundreds of kilometers away.
The Associated Press
Heat Waves in Europe Will Increase, Study Finds
Three scientists from the Met Office, the British weather agency, have concluded that human-caused global warming is going to make European summer heat waves “commonplace” by the 2040s.
The New York Times
Deforestation cuts into climate change goals
Mines, palm oil plantations, large farms and mining projects are contributing to an alarming pace of forest destruction, a new report has found, hampering efforts to curb global warming.
Satellite imagery indicates that more than 30,000 hectares of forest are lost daily, said the report "Securing Forests, Securing Rights", launched in Peru on Monday by a coalition of rights groups during international climate change talks.
Shell makes climate pitch as UN targets zero carbon planet
The role of fossil fuel lobbyists at UN climate talks came under fire on Monday, as activists mobbed a side event in Lima.
Earth at ‘tipping point,’ UN General Assembly President warns, urging climate reform
Planet earth is “moving towards the tipping point” warned the President of the United Nations General Assembly at UN climate talks in Peru, where he called for world leaders to take urgent action towards a climate agreement that promotes socio-economic development in a sustainable manner.
UN News Centre
Tackling climate change on a global scale – the COP 20 in Peru (opinion)
The UN framework convention on climate change (COP 20), under way in in the Peruvian capital Lima, will not produce a global climate treaty. That will depend on reaching a series of agreements with the 20 nations that emit 80% of total global greenhouse emissions (GHG), and the economic sectors that have the biggest impact on the world’s climate. However, it could pave the way for a treaty being signed in Paris next year that will be seen as a turning point in reducing global warming.
The Guardian
Latin America Countries Agree to Tackle Deforestation
On Sunday, eight Latin American countries presented a major program to recover millions of square kilometers of forests on the continent. The plan by Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru and Chile aims to recover some 20 million square kilometers – more than 49 million acres – of deforested land.
teleSUR English
EU raises the pressure on COP 20 conference
As the UN Climate Conference got under way in Lima last week, the EU set out its stall with an ambitious call for "quantifiable and comparable" national commitments on the reduction of CO2 emissions; a position refuted by some developing countries, who see the odds stacked against them.
Oil companies at climate talks dismiss ‘carbon bubble’ fears
As diplomats in Lima work towards a global deal to combat climate change, oil industry representatives are taking comfort from the slow pace of talks.
Lima climate change talks: Countries discover the chasm at the end of a week
If the ministers, landing in Lima over the weekend, want to ensure their bosses — heads of states — don’t also end up in the same situation in Paris in 2015 poring over the fine print and syntax to churn out a global agreement, they have their task cut out over the next week.
Business Standard
Lord Stern calls for "dynamic" international climate change treaty
Lord Stern will today become the latest high profile figure to urge world leaders to deliver an ambitious climate change treaty at next year's Paris Summit, while warning they should not become too hung up on ensuring the agreement is legally-binding.
Business Green
Debate on emissions to heat up week 2 of Lima climate talks
Its week 2 at the climate talks being held in Lima, Peru. Ministers began arriving today and more huddles are expected to break the deadlock over climate change. The most important agenda is to determine how the world will cut emissions to stay below the 2°C increase guardrail.
The Economic Times
Peru climate change talks slowed by clashes of rich and poor nations
International climate talks in Lima, Peru, are entering their final week, with few hints of whether a newfound optimism that marked the start of negotiations will ultimately translate into an agreement that would rein in climate change.
Los Angeles Times
High-level reinforcement for final climate push
Ministers and the UN chief fly into Lima this week to bolster negotiators in a final push for consensus on key elements of a world pact to curb potentially disastrous global warming.
Channel NewsAsia
Oil-rich Arab emirates duck climate finance obligations
The United Arab Emirates needs its wealth to diversify away from fossil fuels, argues lead negotiator.
Old Laptop Batteries Could Help Light Developing Countries
IBM researchers in India have discovered that 70% of discarded laptop batteries have enough capacity to power an LED light bulb for 4 hours per day for a year. This is due to the fact that laptops lose their portability long before their batteries are completely dead (or their battery life becomes unacceptably short), so they are discarded early.
Can solar power replace oil in the Middle East? (editorial)
The rise of shale has posed a rare challenge to Middle Eastern oil, culminating in a global oil price war and moving OPEC members to slash profits to retain market share. But at a time when OPEC's hegemony over the oil markets has been challenged, let us not forget there is another abundant natural energy resource the Middle East possesses - the sun.
Lost in Lima: Why climate finance figures can’t be trusted (opinion)
Sorting out the complicated world of climate finance has long been talked of as a key goal for the UN climate talks currently taking place in Lima, Peru. One problem is that not enough money is flowing to developing countries, making it harder for them to invest in greener forms of energy and prepare for the worst impacts of climate change, such as floods, heatwaves and rising sea levels.
UN: climate change costs to poor underestimated
The cost to poor countries of adjusting to ever-hotter temperatures will be two or even three times higher than previously thought, the U.N.'s environment agency said Friday - and that assumes a best-case scenario in which greenhouse gas emissions are dramatically reduced.
Rift widens among greens over burying carbon as climate fix
A rift is widening among the world's biggest environmental groups over a little-tested technology for burying carbon that might help cut the cost of fighting climate change.
COP20: Peru must give indigenous people means to combat climate change
Peru is home to the second largest block of Amazon rainforest after Brazil and has promising forest protection schemes (including REDD+) in four national parks. But the country has a poor record for fighting deforestation, with rampant illegal mining and logging, slash and burn agriculture and insufficient land titling for indigenous groups.
Peru's COP20 to leave a "legacy" for the nation and the world
Peru’s organized COP20 will leave “a legacy” for the world by creating the draft containing the new targets needed to face climate change, expressed on Friday Peru’s Environment minister, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal.
‘Stranded assets’: Will efforts to counter warming render energy reserves worthless?
A major threat to fossil fuel companies has suddenly moved from the fringe to center stage with a dramatic announcement by Germany’s biggest power company and an intriguing letter from the Bank of England.
Lima climate talks split on role of adaptation, finance in new deal
Negotiators at U.N. climate talks in Lima are divided over whether governments should include finance and adaptation commitments in the national offers of action they are due to put forward early next year as the building blocks of a new global climate change deal.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Norway Pledge Brings Green Climate Fund To $9.95 Billion
The Green Climate Fund is now within $50 million of the $10 billion goal that most observers see as the bare minimum to achieve credibility at climate talks in Lima. The fund is designed to handle roughly $100 billion in climate finance annually.
Ecosystem Marketplace
Peru: Indigenous Demand Justice For Murder of Environmentalists
Indigenous women from Saweto, Peru, and their supporters held a demonstration today inside the COP 20, the 20th United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Lima demanding the Peruvian state do something about the murder of indigenous environmentalist leaders.
India says carbon emissions will grow as it drives to beat poverty
The world must accept that India's per capita carbon emissions will need to rise rapidly if it is to eliminate poverty, the environment minister said on Friday, as delegates meet in Lima for key UN climate change talks.
Ban Ki-Moon says Canada must do more on climate change
Ban Ki-moon, in an exclusive interview with CBC News, says Canada needs to stop stalling on setting climate change goals, and instead become "ambitious and visionary."
Cost of adaptating to impacts of climate change much more than previous estimates: UN report
Reinforcing the enormity of the challenge in dealing with climate change, a new UN report has said that even if greenhouse gas emissions were cut in the most optimistic manner from now on, the costs of adapting to the impacts of climate change would be at least two to three times more than previous estimates of just a few months earlier.
Indian Express
UN climate fund woefully behind $100B goal
A new United Nations report warned that the cost of adapting to a warmer world is soaring for developing nations and funding is falling short. CCTV America’s Dan Collyns reported this story from the U.N. climate negotiations currently underway in Lima, Peru
CCTV America
Is it too late to save the Maldives from climate change
Three years ago, thanks to its enterprising president, the Maldives was leading a global climate change response. Now, that president is out of office, living under armed guard, and watching his country wilt under the threat of extremism and rising sea levels
The Independent
A Fossil Fuel Scandal at the Climate Talks in Lima Huffington Post
China outlines vision for 2015 UN climate change deal
As the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter, China is critical to the success of international efforts to tackle climate change. When softly spoken lead negotiator Su Wei held a press briefing on day four of UN climate talks in Lima, journalists hung on his every word.
Speculation over Indian emissions goal fuels hopes of Lima Summit progress
The Lima Climate Summit received a boost this week as further details emerged of talks between India and the US about a potential emissions goal for the emerging economy.
Business Green
Stalemate at Lima climate talks set to end as UN officials relent
After three days of stalemate and ever-rising bitterness, the climate change talks looked set for a breakthrough on Thursday morning at Lima, Peru.
Business Standard
UN chief lauds China-U.S. accord on greenhouse gas emissions
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon on Thursday lauded as an "encouraging development" a joint statement on climate change issued last month by China and the United States to limit greenhouse gas emissions, which many believe represents a great momentum toward reaching a global climate change agreement next year.
Saarc joins hands in climate fight
India and its seven neighbours on Wednesday moved to make Saarc a separate pressure group to represent them at the climate talks here.
The Times of India
UN's definition of 'climate finance' comes under scrutiny
The UN's definition of 'climate finance' came under the scrutiny of developing countries and civil society here today after it emerged that about $1 billion in Japanese funding meant for combating global warming was used to build three coal-fired power plants in Indonesia.

The Economic Times
Climate change: UN projects for poorest 'feared frozen'
Hundreds of United Nations-backed projects to help the world's poorest countries cope with the most urgent impacts of climate change have not been acted upon, the BBC has learnt
BBC News
Christiana Figueres: “El acuerdo ideal debe sumar a todos los países del mundo”
Christiana Figueres, máxima autoridad de la Convención de las Naciones Unidas para el Cambio Climático (Unfccc) recibió a Los Tiempos en una entrevista exclusiva en la que declara su optimismo para un nuevo acuerdo global que permita luchar contra el cambio climático.
Los Tiempos
Climate Activists Showing Their Colors in Lima
As the first delegates landed in Peru this week for the latest United Nations climate talks, activists were already taking to the streets of Lima to demand that world leaders take aggressive action against global warming.
InsideClimate News
Insurance Industry Is Leader on Climate Change, Report Says
The insurance industry is being called out by an international research institution for its progressive attitude on climate change.
A white paper put out by the nonprofit Urban Land Institute this week urges the real estate sector and government planners to take an active role in climate change adaptation.
Insurance Journal
Gobal emissions scheme talks renewed
Negotiations to agree on a global deal to reduce flight emissions are advancing as countries initially blocking the talks seem ready to cooperate, the European Commission said on 2 December.
Brazil to launch new satellite to track deforestation
Brazil will launch a satellite from China Sunday to keep an eye in the sky on deforestation in the Amazon, the National Space Agency (Inpe) said Thursday.
The New Age Online
Big oil must pay for climate change harm to world’s poorest (opinion)
The residents of the Philippines region of Tacloban know what loss and damage from climate change looks like. This weekend, this exact same region is now bracing for super typhoon Hagupit, due to hit on Saturday as a catastrophic Category 5 storm.
Climate Projects Reap $650 Billion a Year as Aid to Poor Rises
Finance for projects aimed at limiting global warming has reached at least $650 billion. That will need to double to protect the planet from overheating, a United Nations agency said.
UN Lima talks: 2014 set to be hottest year on record
Delegates at the 190-nation UN Climate Conference in the Peruvian capital, Lima, were told that 2014 is on track to become the hottest year on record, or will at least join the ranks of being one of the warmest.
Deutsche Welle
UN sets modest hopes for climate pledges at 2015 Paris summit
Government pledges due in 2015 to cut rising world greenhouse gases will be too weak to avert the worst of global warming and merely be part of a long haul to agree far tougher curbs, the United Nations said on Wednesday.
Green Climate Fund to start funding projects in 2015
The UN’s green bank will start converting its $9.7 billion purse into real projects in by June 2015, it announced today.
Countries Racing to Adopt Low-Carbon Technologies, UNFCCC Chief Says
The countries taking part in the latest annual edition of the United Nations’ climate-change conference are in a race to adopt low-carbon technologies, according to the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, who said their speed in making that switch will depend on the commitments they make under a new global accord.
Latin American Herald Tribune
UN carbon market fights for its future at Lima talks
Carbon markets are a cost-effective way to tackle climate change, say proponents, and should be supported by a deal next year in Paris. It is a hot topic in Lima, where negotiations are under way to produce a draft agreement.
Ambition Meets Wariness as U.N. Climate Change Talks Begin in Lima
The U.S., Europe and China are about to confront the gulf between their carbon-cutting ambitions and those of less industrialized countries.
Wall Street Journal
India makes a strong case for adaptation measures at Lima climate talks
With the countries here negotiating crucial points in the run up to next year's global climate agreement, India on Wednesday made a strong pitch for giving more weight-age to adaptation measures in the new agreement at a time when rich nations are more obsessed with mitigation efforts and goals.

Economic Times
Germany Moves to Speed Renewable Energy Goal
Germany sought to steer its ambitious shift to renewable energy back on track after its plans to phase out nuclear power triggered an increase in carbon-gas emissions over the past two years.
The Wall Street Journal
Most Americans Believe in Climate Change, Survey Says
More than 80 percent of Americans now believe that climate change is occurring, according to a new survey conducted by global reinsurance giant Munich Re America.
The Weather Channel
UK solar “competitive without subsidies” by 2020
Solar power will prosper without subsidies in Britain as early as 2020, calculated a report which found that electric utilities could face similar disruption as they are already experiencing in Germany.
The Next Big Climate Question: Will India Follow China? (opinion)
For more than 20 years, international climate talks have been dominated by a schism between those who created the problem of climate change (largely the United States and nations of the European Union) and those who would greatly contribute to it moving forward (largely China and India). But as climate negotiators meet in Lima, Peru, this week and next, and news reports are full of gloomy predictions that the negotiations will produce little, there are increasing signs that this stalemate may have been broken.
The New York Times
EXPLAINED: The biggest hurdles plaguing a global climate accord (opinion)
It was not with starry-eyed optimism, but with fierce determination that global climate negotiators launched their treaty talks in Lima on Monday. Nobody is suggesting that it will be easy to draft a comprehensive pact to be signed in Paris next year.
Business Spectator
Lima climate talks: EU and US at odds over legally binding emissions targets
The European Union (EU)’s delegation at the climate change conference in Lima has argued that legally binding cuts applying to all countries are necessary and should be adopted by 2015 and entered into force by 2020.
The Guardian
UN plans for 2015 climate deal favour rich, say developing countries
A tense atmosphere marked the beginning of today’s UN climate talks in Lima, as African countries accused co-chairs of driving an imbalanced process.
Will Rollout of Green Technologies Get a Boost at Lima Climate Summit?
The road towards a green economy is paved with both reward and risk, and policymakers must seek to balance these out if the transition to low-carbon energy sources is to succeed on the required scale, climate experts say.
Inter Press Service
Germany's $132 Billion Green Energy Lead Is Fortified by EON's Split With Fossil Fuels
EON SE (EOAN)’s plan to spin off its fossil-fuel plants marks a watershed moment in Germany’s renewables effort that will likely bolster the country’s already leading position in clean energy.
Fossil fuel investors risk being stranded by tougher climate rules
A major threat to fossil fuel companies has suddenly moved from the fringe to centre stage with a dramatic announcement by Germany's biggest power company and an intriguing letter from the Bank of England.
Sydney Morning Herald
Ignoring indigenous rights in Amazon fuels global warming: study
More than half the carbon in the Amazon region could be released into the atmosphere unless indigenous land rights are protected, a new study said on Tuesday, as a UN climate conference got under way in Peru.
Rich nations urged to lead emission cuts
Developed countries must not pass the buck when it comes to shouldering their fair share of the burden of cutting carbon emissions, China's foreign ministry said ahead of a crucial climate change summit in Lima, Peru.
Global Times
Lima climate talks may lead to global deal - HSBC
The latest round of climate change talks - which began yesterday in Lima, Peru - should provide the basis for a global climate agreement in Paris next year, according to HSBC analysts.
Financial Times
Yeb Sano absence casts shadow over Lima climate talks
Mystery surrounds the absence of one of the most colourful and vocal climate diplomats from UN climate talks taking place in Lima, Peru.
Cabinet clears India’s stance at climate talks
India’s stance at the ongoing 20th Conference of Parties on climate change received the stamp of approval from the Cabinet on Tuesday. India has been insisting on the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities to make a case for lower emission targets.
Hindu Business Line
Civil society returns to UN climate talks, but for how long?
Whisper it quietly, but civil society is back at the UN’s climate change negotiations. Last year Greenpeace, WWF, Oxfam and Friends of the Earth were among a coalition of NGOs to walk out of Poland’s national stadium in Warsaw, the scene of the main climate conference of 2013.
Emissions targets are biggest challenge for Lima climate talks (opinion)
As this year’s UN climate change conference opens in Lima, Peru, a series of unexpected political developments in recent months has created a mood of surprising optimism. But dark clouds remain.
The Guardian
New York's Energy Czar: We Need Clean Energy Markets, Not Programs or Mandates (opinion)
In the wake of an election season that pitted climate warriors against coal defenders, mostly along partisan lines, progressives on energy policy were disappointed after Republicans gained control of the U.S. Senate earlier this month. But not everyone working on climate and clean energy policy feels a sense of dismay about inaction or partisanship.
Energy Collective
UN Climate chief sets out four-point plan for Lima Summit
A fortnight of international climate change talks starting in Peru must deliver concrete steps towards a global deal on curbing rising global temperatures next year, including putting a draft agreement on the table, the head of the United Nation's Climate Change Secretariat said yesterday.
Business Green
After years of finger pointing, world leaders finally ready to tackle global warming
As global leaders gather in Peru Monday to start negotiating a new U.N. climate deal, there is a sense that finally the world may be ready to take action.
CBS News
U.S. sees voluntary emissions cuts as key to a climate change accord
The United States is championing a new international approach to cutting greenhouse gases that offers the best chance of prompting countries to take action to avert the worst effects of global warming, the nation's chief climate negotiator said Monday.
Los Angeles Times
China: climate laggards must join in pre-2020 efforts
In recent months, hype has been building around prospects for a global climate change deal in Paris next year. If agreed, that will kick in from 2020. Meanwhile this decade, there is no international framework obliging countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Hottest Year Ever Adds Urgency to Drive for Climate Steps
With 2014 on track to be the world’s hottest on record, United Nations officials pressed for urgent action to prevent the most damaging impacts of climate change at the opening of an annual summit on global warming in Lima.
UN climate talks set sights on historic Paris pact
To fresh warnings and appeals to seize the political momentum, UN talks opened in Lima yesterday tasked with drawing the outlines of a 2015 deal to roll back climate change.
UN Climate talks kicked off in Lima
Amid hope to seal the climate deal in Paris next year, crucial negotiation under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was kicked off in Peruvian capital on Monday with key UN body appealing the world to step up their actions to deal with disastrous consequences of global warming.
The Times of India
Pacific Islands lead largest ever climate fast
Activists around the world have staged the largest fast for the climate so far, as UN negotiations get underway in Lima. An estimated 10,000 people across the globe gave up eating on Monday in an attempt to prompt stronger action on climate change.
At climate talks, UN calls fossil fuels 'high risk' investment
Falling oil prices show the "high risk" of fossil fuel investments compared with renewable energies, the U.N.'s climate chief said on Monday at the start of 190-nation talks on a deal to slow global warming.
Research confirms how global warming links to carbon emissions
A team of researchers from the Universities of Liverpool, Southampton and Bristol have derived the first theoretical equation to demonstrate that global warming is a direct result of the build-up of carbon emissions since the late 1800s when man-made carbon emissions began.
Hotter, weirder: How climate has changed Earth
In the more than two decades since world leaders first got together to try to solve global warming, life on Earth has changed, not just the climate. It's gotten hotter, more polluted with heat-trapping gases, more crowded and just downright wilder.
Associated Press
Time to show carbon markets matter in Lima (opinion)
The message out of September's climate summit in New York was loud and clear: politicians are committed to a deal in Paris next year - and carbon pricing must play a role. Momentum has continued to roll since then. As negotiators meet this week in Lima, the business community is eagerly watching to see what they do with this renewed energy.
Business Green
Bloomberg: Plunging Oil Prices Won't Kill Clean Energy Push (opinion)
While OPEC is helping drive down global oil prices, it’s having less success squeezing the $250 billion green energy industry.

Global Warming: UN Climate Summit To Begin In Peru Amid Dire Predictions By Scientists
Following commitments to cut emissions of greenhouse gases from two of the world’s top polluters - China and the United States - leaders from over 190 countries have gathered in Lima, Peru, for the twentieth session of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, scheduled to begin Monday. The summit will aim to hammer out a new international climate change deal ahead of key talks in Paris next year.
International Business Times
Record temperatures raise pressure on UN climate talks
Two weeks of UN climate change negotiations start in Lima today, with time running out for countries to develop the structure of a global agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
Climate change adaptation comes of age in U.N. talks: TRFN
In Peru, where two weeks of U.N. climate talks begin Monday, melting glaciers and more extreme weather such as hot spells and flash frosts are already harming crops and incomes, and keeping people in poverty, aid workers say.
Countries urged to resolve impasse on climate finance
All countries must use COP 20/CMP10 in Lima from Dec.1 to Dec.12 to resolve the impasse on climate finance and make critical talks in Paris in December 2015 successful, an international humanitarian agency has said.
Jakarta Post
As climate talks open, human rights issues take the spotlight
For all the flack the U.N. climate talks have taken over the past 20 years, one major achievement will be on display as the next round of negotiations open in Peru today. Climate change has been inextricably linked to social justice
The Daily Climate
COP20 is a forum for regional green policies not just global climate targets
The 2014 UN climate conference begins today in Latin America, a region where climate change is already having substantial impacts. The summit in Lima will not just be a chance to agree global climate targets, but will also present the opportunity to discuss regional green policies.
The Guardian
Cities could lead emissions reductions
Cities could make a significant contribution to cutting greenhouse gas emissions at zero net cost, according to a report published today by the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy at the University of Leeds and London School of Economics and Political Science.
The Australian
Canada's climate inaction leaves it 'increasingly isolated' ahead of COP 20
Canada is looking "increasingly isolated" as former climate policy laggards such as the U.S. and China take action to tackle climate change, policy experts say.
COP20: Cautious optimism as delegates descend on Lima ahead of UN climate talks
This week delegates from more than 190 nations are descending on Lima, Peru, for COP20, the 20th climate change conference and the last ministerial meeting before a new global deal is due to be inked in Paris in a year's time. So is the world any closer to a new deal? Here are five things you need to know.
Yahoo!7 News
Will Lima climate talks pave way for a binding treaty in Paris in 2015? (opinion)
Failure will condemn developing countries to unchecked climate change for another generation, and the poorest countries will be worst hit.
The Guardian
Climate rhetoric faces the devil in the detail (opinion)
Politically sidelined since a 2009 UN summit almost ended in a bustup, climate change has resurfaced as a priority but faces a brutal test at talks opening in Lima today. The 12-day haggle will show what happens when high-minded global vows enter an arena where national interest rules the roost.
Optimism Faces Grave Realities at Climate Talks (opinion)
After more than two decades of trying but failing to forge a global pact to halt climate change, United Nations negotiators gathering in South America this week are expressing a new optimism that they may finally achieve the elusive deal.
The New York Times
COP20: ´Lima hará historia´, dice Christiana Figueres, jefa del CMNUCC
La secretaria ejecutiva de las Naciones Unidas para el Cambio Climático (CMNUCCI), Christiana Figueres, manifestó su confianza que "en Lima se hará historia" tras la realización de la Vigésima Conferencia de las Partes de la Convención Marco de la Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático, COP20.
Figueres: vamos a hacer historia en Lima con la organización de la COP20
La secretaria ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático, Christiana Figueres, afirmó hoy que Lima hará historia tras la realización de la Vigésima Conferencia de la partes sobre cambio climático (COP20) que se iniciará este lunes 1 de diciembre en la capital.
One year to save the planet from climate change disaster, Ed Davey warns
Agreeing global deal to cut carbon emissions next year is only way to protect "way of life we take for granted", energy secretary says, ahead of UN climate change summit in Lima
Lima climate change talks best chance for a generation, say upbeat diplomats
UN climate negotiations opening in Lima on Monday have the best chance in a generation of striking a deal on global warming, diplomats say.
Coal conversion plants sap China’s emissions targets
Chinese negotiators attending this week’s climate change talks in Lima have come armed with a long and detailed list of measures to rein in the coal use that creates smog at home and climate change worries abroad.
Financial Times
Experta confía en que cumbre COP20 logrará acuerdo histórico
La secretaria ejecutiva de la Convención Marco sobre el Cambio Climático, Christiana Figueres, se declaró hoy optimista sobre el logro de un acuerdo de consenso en la Cumbre COP20 a comenzar el lunes próximo en Perú.
Prensa Latina
Testing the Limits of European Ambitions on Emissions
The European Union has long been a world leader on climate change, and its new agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2030 keeps it at the forefront of that effort.
NY Times
China's commercial banks inch towards carbon financing
Chinese commercial banks are moving into the country's fledgling carbon markets, competing to deliver new financial products in order to help industrial clients hedge carbon trading risks and finance new investment in cutting carbon emissions.
As Mexico Addresses Climate Change, Critics Point to Shortcomings
For six years, while drought ravaged Chihuahua State, Mario Ruiz clung to his small herd of cattle.
NY Times
US ambassador: COP20, big step to respond to climate change
Peru has successfully organized the UN world summit on climate change COP20, said US ambassador Brian A. Nichols when referring to his country’s great expectations regarding this international event starting on Monday.
India to press for green fund operationalisation at Lima climate meet
The Lima meeting, coming soon after the U.S.-China climate deal, seeks to set the tone for the "Paris Protocol" and countries will be wrangling over their Intended Nationally Determined Contribution
The Hindu
Casi un centenar de personas en delegación oficial de EEUU en COP20
Casi un centenar de autoridades y personalidades integrarán la delegación oficial de Estados Unidos en la cumbre mundial sobre el cambio climático COP20, entre ellos el exvicepresidente Al Gore y el actor Leonardo Di Caprio, informó hoy el embajador norteamericano en Perú, Brian Nichols.
COP 20: costa peruana perderá 40% de agua por cambio climático
El estado del agua en el Perú no tendría un buen futuro, según el último reporte de los especialistas, que se ha dado a conocer a solo horas del inicio de la COP 20
El Popular
Climate change talks offer India new opportunity (opinion) Boston Globe
Rare optimism ahead of climate talks in Lima
Energized by new targets set by China and the United States, the world's top climate polluters, U.N. global warming talks resume Monday with unusual optimism despite evidence that human-generated climate change is already happening and bound to get worse.
Climate rhetoric faces devil in the detail at Lima talks
Politically sidelined since a 2009 UN summit almost ended in a bust-up, climate change has resurfaced as a priority but faces a brutal test at talks opening in Lima on Monday.
Peru president inaugurates site of climate-change summit
Peruvian President Ollanta Humala inaugurated here Friday the site for the latest annual edition of the United Nations' climate-change conference, touting the event as a chance to "forge the biggest alliance in history" through a new accord to combat global warming
Humala espera un ‘resultado airoso’ del COP20 de Lima
El presidente peruano, Ollanta Humala, exhortó a resolver “de manera airosa” los temas de la Conferencia de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) sobre cambio climático en Lima (COP20), del 1 al 12 de diciembre, de cara a lograr un acuerdo definitivo en la COP de París en 2015.
La Razón / AFP
Ahead of Peru climate summit, cautious hope for strong draft text
The two-week United Nations climate conference in Peru, which begins Monday, is the final pit stop before Paris in 2015, where negotiators aim to strike a deal obligating, for the first time, all countries to combat climate change.
In Lima, at last, there is hope for progress in a climate summit
The recent pledges from the US, China and the EU to reduce emissions have given renewed hope to climate discussions
Annual United Nations climate conference held in Peru, the human face of climate risks
A town living with the daily noise and images of a disintegrating glacier is the human face of climate change that the world rarely sees.
The Age
Peru's President: COP20 is an opportunity to build largest alliance in History
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Conference of the Parties (COP20), to be held in Lima, is an opportunity to build the largest alliance in History against global warming, said Peru’s President, Ollanta Humala.
Spanish pledge raises climate fund close to $10 billion goal
A Spanish pledge of 120 million euros ($150 million) to a fund to help poor nations cope with global warming has raised the total close to the $10 billion U.N. target before a U.N. meeting in Peru next week to work on a climate deal.
COY10: Young people against climate change
Lima is hosting over 1000 young leaders from 100 countries for the Tenth World Youth Conference on Climate Change (COY10) aimed at defining actions of young people against climate change and promoting sustainable lifestyles.
UN Expert: Lima Climate Change Talks Is a Key ‘stepping stone’
The outcomes of the upcoming Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru will likely determine the agenda for all future negotiations.
UN official sees upcoming Lima climate talks as ‘stepping stone’ for universal treaty
As Governments prepare to meet for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru, starting on Monday, a top UN official has highlighted the session as an opportunity to raise immediate awareness on climate change and lay the foundation for a new universal agreement to be adopted in 2015.
UN News Centre
Peru climate talks to pave way for Paris treaty
The annual UN climate conference gets underway in Lima, Peru on December 1. It is more important than ever. Negotiators will hammer out the nitty gritty of a new World Climate Agreement to reduce CO2 emissions.
Deutsche Welle
Women on climate change frontline make big impact on small grants
In London, Paris and Washington, where leaders have made little progress in curtailing climate change, global warming may seem a merely theoretical problem – too far in the future, or too far away geographically, to matter.
COP20 headquarters: spacious rooms and high technology
COP20 headquarters feature two plenary halls, a VIP salon to shelter Heads of States and high-level authorities attending the mega-event, expressed Peru's Environment minister, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal.
What Would Success At COP 20 In Lima Look Like? (By Jennifer Morgan and David Waskow) Cleantechnica
Lima climate talks: setting the ground for a Paris agreement in 2015
A 17-member government delegation, led by environment minister Prakash Javadekar, is set to negotiate at the coming United Nations (UN) climate change talks at Lima, Peru. Even as the government draws up the formal strategy, which needs Cabinet approval, some of the negotiators have left for Lima to begin talks with partner countries before the formal fortnight-long negotiations are kicked off on December 1.
Business Standard (India)
China Pledges to Honor Emission-Cut Commitments
The UN Climate Conference in Lima comes on the heels of China and the U.S. reaching a major agreement on climate change at the APEC Summit in Beijing earlier this month. As part of that deal, the Chinese side has agreed to cap its carbon-emission growth by 2030, on top of generating one-fifth of its power through renewable sources by that same time.
Beijing Review
Pope Francis backs global efforts to tackle climate change
Pope Benedict was dubbed the first green pontiff because of his sermons on protecting the environment and installation of solar panels at the Vatican. His successor Pope Francis appears keen on maintaining this relatively new tradition, telling the UN’s lead climate official Christiana Figueres that the environment will be one of his priorities for 2015.
Call for UN climate deal to support carbon market links
Countries around the world are developing an array of different carbon taxes and trading systems to control greenhouse gas emissions. The more these can be joined up, experts say, the cheaper it will be to tackle climate change.

Twitter watch: Who to follow at the UN climate talks in Lima
From 1 December, Twitter will be abuzz with the latest news from the corridors of the UN climate talks. Follow the right people, and you’ll have a steady stream of inside information from politicians, negotiators, NGOs and generally insightful people as they work on the UN’s new climate treaty in Lima.
Paris deal unlikely to meet 2C warming limit, say climate veterans
The global mood on climate change is shifting, but there’s little sign that the proposed 2015 agreement will be enough to avert dangerous levels of warming. Envoys from over 190 countries meet in Lima, Peru next week to continue work on efforts to slow greenhouse gas emissions, which the World Meteorological Organisation says are rising faster than ever before
In Climate Negotiations, Women Gaining a Stronger Voice
Beginning on December 1, representatives from nearly 200 countries will meet in Lima, Peru, to forge progress on global climate-change policy, an effort that could well determine the success of future negotiations on critical climate change issues.
Live Science
Pacific delegates in Peru for UN climate change talks
Delegates have gathered in the Peruvian capital, Lima, for the 20th annual UN Conference on Climate Change. It's taking place ahead of next year's meeting in Paris where a new global agreement on emissions reductions is due to be finalised.
Radio Australia
Delegates to Peru climate change conference to use "green" cars
LIMA, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) -- Some 10,000 delegates attending a UN climate change conference in the Peruvian capital of Lima next month will get around in ecological cars, the state Andina news agency reported Wednesday.
(Opinion) What’s At Stake in Lima Climate Talks
The Kyoto Protocol of 2008 through 2012 succeeded in introducing the world to the concept of coordinated climate action. Aside from creating a weak European carbon market, however, it did little to actually ratchet greenhouse gas levels. Nations that met their obligations under the protocol did so with the help of economic downturns.
Climate Central
Obama to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions
The Obama administration is expected to release on Wednesday a contentious and long-delayed environmental regulation to curb emissions of ozone, a smog-causing pollutant linked to asthma, heart disease and premature death.
NY Times
China fears US Republican opposition in climate change talks
Chinese climate change negotiators fear US Republican Party opposition could hamper a deal to limit greenhouse gas emissions, they warned ahead of talks beginning next week in Lima, Peru.
Financial Times
Extreme El Nino weather stunted growth of Peruvian children
Children in Peru on the front line of a severe cyclical warming of the Pacific Ocean in 1997-98 suffered stunted growth, showing how extreme weather can cause lasting damage to health, a study said on Tuesday.
U.S. EPA expected to tighten long-awaited ozone standards: sources
The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose on Wednesday more stringent air quality standards for ground-level ozone, the main culprit in smog, sources said.
China participating in global effort against climate change
At a press conference in Beijing, a senior official in China's top economic planning body described what the country is doing to battle climate change.
New Carbon Market Is Key Part of Climate Agreement, U.K. Says
A new carbon market that will spur emerging nations to cut emissions is the key element of next year’s planned global climate accord, a U.K. official said.
Naciones Unidas premia iniciativas a soluciones climáticas
Varios proyectos de América Latina, África y Asia, fueron premiados con los Galardones Actividades Faro 2014, iniciativa de la secretaría de cambio climático de Naciones Unidas, que busca destacar algunos de los mejores ejemplos de soluciones ambientales.
Prensa Latina
Germany cuts coal to reach climate targets
Germany wants to reduce coal power to achieve its climate goal - and send a positive signal to the climate summit in Peru in early December. The government is planning new legislation.
Deutsche Welle
56 nations put price on carbon capture
Fiscal incentives for carbon capture should be part of the global climate change agreement that replaces the Kyoto Protocol, 56 countries belonging to the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe said on Tuesday.
Deccan Chronicle
Lima mayor: cities will win fight against climate change
Fast growing cities like Lima, which hosts global climate talks next week and the Pan American Games in 2019, have been identified as key battlegrounds for tackling climate change
Russia's Rate of Global Warming Twice as High as World Average
Russia is heating up 2.5 times faster than the rest of the world, but may yet stand to benefit from it, the country's chief meteorologist said in comments carried by the Interfax news agency.
Moscow Times
Rare UN honour for Aaranyak
Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) at Bonn in Germany have announced 2014 Lighthouse Activity Award jointly for Aaranyak and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.
Assam Times
COP20 en Lima es reunión clave para acuerdo climático global
El ministro del Ambiente, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, aseguró que la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático (COP20), a realizarse en Lima, es una reunión “clave” que debe dejar todo listo para la suscripción de un acuerdo global sobre el tema.
Rich Countries Pony Up (Some) for Climate Justice The Nation
The Climate Change Conundrum: Light at the End of the Smog? Huffington Post
China insists rich nations must do more at Lima climate meeting
Developed countries must do more than their less wealthy counterparts to tackle climate change, the world's biggest polluter China said on Tuesday, reaffirming its longstanding position before a United Nations climate conference next month.
Obama’s climate change envoy: fossil fuels will have to stay in the ground
Todd Stern claims the world will have to forgo developing reserves of oil, coal and gas in order to solve global warming
Los ecologistas piden más concreción en la hoja de ruta contra el cambio climático
Las cinco principales organizaciones ecologistas de ámbito estatal han considerado que la hoja de ruta del Gobierno para luchar contra el cambio climático es un documento "bueno y ambicioso", pero han exigido "mayor concreción y coherencia" para asegurar que las 43 medidas que propone se lleven a cabo.
China Plans National Carbon Market by 2016 Amid Emission Pledge
China, the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, plans to start a nationwide carbon market in the next two years following a pledge to cap emissions by 2030.
Bloomberg Businessweel
COP20: el anfitrión Lima presenta su orgullo de sostenibilidad urbana
La vigésima Conferencia llamada COP20 oficialmente se realizará entre 1 y el 12 de diciembre de 2014 en Lima, aunque ya iniciaron los pre-eventos
Proofing communities against glacial melt impact
Nepal will seek an opportunity to draw global attention towards the plight of the mountains that are retreating at an alarming rate and its impact on the lives and livelihoods of millions of people, in the upcoming global climate summit which takes place in Peru next month.
"Beyond Carbon" Benefits The Talk Of The Forest Carbon Markets
Much of the discussion during next month’s international climate negotiations in Lima, Peru will revolve around halting tropical forest loss to reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. But Ecosystem Marketplace’s latest report on the voluntary and compliance markets shows forest carbon projects already having an impact – an impact that could multiply if the right policy signals are sent.
Ecosystem Marketplace
Germany's new push for carbon cuts
Germany is Europe's biggest economy - and it's biggest producer of greenhouse gases. But now, Angela Merkel's government is aiming to change that. It has unveiled a controversial new plan to make dramatic cuts to German carbon emissions.
Deutsche Welle
Nigeria: CSOS Seek Draft From 2015 Climate Change Confab
The coalition of Nigerian civil societies have demanded that the meeting of nearly 200 governments in Peru later this year for the 20th Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) should produce the first draft of a global deal to cut emissions.
Daily Independent (Lagos)
Indonesia finalizes forest reference emission levels
The Managing Body for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (BP REDD+) is familiarizing all stakeholders with the Forest Reference Emission Levels (FREL) as the final step before it is passed as a state document.
India digs its heels in on phasing out refrigerant
It's not going to be easy to make India budge over the controversial climate-damaging hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) issue. It will move on its phase-out path only after hard bargaining.
Times of India
Extreme El Nino weather stunted growth of Peruvian children
Children in Peru on the front line of a severe cyclical warming of the Pacific Ocean in 1997-98 suffered stunted growth, showing how extreme weather can cause lasting damage to health, a study said on Tuesday.
Heat of climate debate will rise as private sector moves in (opinon) Financial Times
World Bank warns of climate perils
A “frightening world” of global instability lies ahead unless governments tackle the threat of man-made climate change, the president of the World Bank has warned.
Financial Times
Some climate change impacts unavoidable: World Bank
Some future impacts of climate change, such as more extremes of heat and sea level rise, are unavoidable even if governments act fast to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the World Bank said on Sunday.
Ministers of Environment and Foreign Affairs: COP to bring investments to Peru
The United Nation’s 20th Edition of the Conference on Climate Change (COP 20) will enable to attract more investments to Peru, forecasted the minister of Environment, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal.
Top Chinese legislator holds talks with Peruvian president
China's top legislator Zhang Dejiang held talks here Friday with Peruvian President Ollanta Humala on bilateral ties.
Prospects rise for a 2015 U.N. climate deal, but likely to be weak
A global deal to combat climate change in 2015 looks more likely after promises for action by China, the United States and the European Union, but any agreement will probably be too weak to halt rising temperatures.
Xi's talks with Pacific leaders focus on climate and infrastructure
Samoa's Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, says climate change formed a major part of talks with the Chinese President Xi Jin Ping at the weekend.
Radio New Zealand International
Botswana: Climate Change Worsens - Lesolle
Growing evidence suggests that climate change is worsening through droughts and other severe weather events such as cyclones, tornadoes, floods and wildfires, says University of Botswana Department of Environmental Science Lecturer, Mr David Lesolle.
Botswana Daily News
Sun's finally shining on India's climate change fight
In India, fighting climate change means turning to the sun. In Baramati in the western state of Maharashtra, construction is under way on a solar power plant that will generate 50 megawatts (MW), enough to power a small town.
Straits Times
Should Endowments Divest Their Holdings in Fossil Fuels?
College and university endowments have roughly $22 billion, or 5% of their assets, invested in energy and natural resources, according to the National Association of College and University Business Officers.
Wall Street Journal
Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park
What will they call this place once the glaciers are gone? A century ago, this sweep of mountains on the Canadian border boasted some 150 ice sheets, many of them scores of feet thick, plastered across summits and tucked into rocky fissures high above parabolic valleys. Today, perhaps 25 survive.
NY Times
Green Climate Fund gets $9.3 bln in pledges at Berlin conference
Donor nations pledged a total $9.3 billion on Thursday to a U.N. fund to help developing countries tackle climate change, but environmental campaigners said the funds fell short of what is needed.
UN climate fund falls short of $10 billion target
A U.N. fund that will help poor countries tackle climate change has fallen short, for now, of its target of collecting $10 billion, officials said Thursday.
Green Climate Fund: Wealthy countries pledge cash in Berlin
Thirty nations meeting in Berlin have pledged $9.3bn (£6bn) for a fund to help developing countries cut emissions and prepare for climate change.
Countries agree to informal discussion on management of HFCs
In a significant development, nations assembled here on a UN platform today agreed to a European Union proposal to have an informal discussion on the management of climate-damaging hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).
Shell boss hopes US-China climate deal will “reinvigorate” UN talks
Ben van Beurden calls for gas and renewables to replace coal, argues Shell wants to be part of solution to climate challenge
Faith groups divided over God’s role in climate change, natural disasters
Americans largely concur that God created the Earth. But when it comes to how he wants its environment treated, and how much he’s willing to intercede – the agreement ends.
Washington Post
Harvard sued over push for fossil fuels divestment
Seven Harvard University students have filed a lawsuit asking a judge to force the university's governing body to divest from fossil fuel companies.
Cold snap caused by climate change-weakened jet stream, scientists suggest
Arctic conditions in eastern United States this week may have been the result of climate change-induced stressors on the jet stream that regulates weather over the northern hemisphere, according to meteorologists.
Curbing population growth not the answer to climate change, say experts
The planet is facing huge environmental challenges and although it’s controversial some argue curbing population growth could help. But UNFPA's Daniel Schensul tells DW controls won't achieve much in the short-term.
Deutsche Welle
S Korea’s Park faces climate change test
“Climate change is the greatest challenge of the 21st century,” South Korean President Park Geun-hye told a UN climate summit in New York in September, urging delegates to see environmental action as an opportunity not a burden.
Financial Times
AfDB to lend Kenya $133 mln to extend access to power
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a $133 million loan to fund a project aimed at improving access to electricity among poor populations in Kenya's rural areas.
Global Temperatures Are the Hottest on Record for a Fifth Month This Year
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced Thursday that the average global temperature for October was 58.43ºF (14.74ºC).
"Greening Silk Road Partnership” to address land degradation and climate change
A partnership to combatting land degration and climate change was officially announced today in Sydney jointly by the UNCCD and the China Elion Foundation at the 6th World Park Congress.
People's Daily Online
EBRD unveils $350m financing facility for energy efficiency improvements in Turkey
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has unveiled a new $350m financing facility for energy efficiency improvements in Turkish homes.
Clean Technology Business Review
Two California cities weigh putting climate-change warning on gas pumps
Officials in San Francisco and Berkeley are considering what they say would be a first-in-the-nation move to require warnings about climate change to be placed at gas pumps at filling stations in the two California cities.
Green Climate Fund hopes to raise billions in Berlin
Hitting the initial financial goal for the so-called Green Climate Fund would be seen as a key step ahead of international talks in Peru next month, and in France a year later, on slashing worldwide carbon emissions
UN official lauds China's steps on carbon emissions
China is ramping up efforts to curb domestic carbon emissions and to bridge differences in global negotiations, a welcome sign from a "constructive leader" in climate change, the United Nations' top climate official said on Tuesday.
China Daily
Voices for Climate seeks to raise social awareness on climate change
On the occasion of COP20, the Peruvian government has created Voices for Climate, an open space for dialogue, learning and action designed to help society members understand and be aware of the risks and challenges posed by climate change.
UN: World not close to avoiding dangerous warming
The world still isn't close to preventing what leaders call a dangerous level of man-made warming, a new United Nations report says. That's despite some nations' recent pledges to cut back on carbon dioxide emissions.
Current pledges not enough to stop global warming: UN report
Pollution is still rising despite world pledges to cut carbon emissions, and more action is needed to rein in climate change in the coming years, a UN report said Wednesday.
UK pledges £720m to climate change fund for poor countries
Energy secretary Ed Davey warns against ‘little Englander’ approach as donation to UN’s Green Climate Fund announced
Green Queen signs up to UK carbon-cutting club
British monarchy joins National Trust carbon cutting club to make its palaces greener
U.S. voters view climate change at 'hyperlocal' level: Dem donor
Climate change resonates with voters more on a local than a national level, billionaire hedge fund trader turned Democratic fundraiser Tom Steyer said Wednesday, reflecting on the 2014 mid-term elections.
Climate change to increase flood, crop insurance losses
Climate change could substantially increase losses in taxpayer-backed flood and crop insurance programs in coming decades, according to a new government report.
USA Today
Brazil carbon emissions rise for the first time since 2004 -report
Brazil's annual greenhouse gas emissions increased last year for the first time since 2004 after years of reductions as deforestation and the use of thermal power plants rose, a new study found.
Google To Power New European Data Center With Wind
The new €600 million data center Google is building in Eemshaven in the Netherlands will be completely powered by renewable energy from its first day of operation. This new announcement from Google on its Green Blog touts the new long-term agreement the internet and advertising giant has signed.
Britain should be proud of its pledge to the Green Climate Fund (by Ed Davey) Guardian
Nitin Desai: From equity to intensity Business Standard
Officials confident Green Fund will top $10bn target at Berlin meeting
Austria, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and the UK are some of the countries expected to commit or increase their pledges to the UN’s Green Climate Fund in Berlin on Thursday.
French and Australian leaders discuss climate
The French president told Australia's prime minister Wednesday that countries should make their own decisions on how to achieve any binding greenhouse gas reduction targets that emerge from a United Nations climate change conference in Paris next year.
Keystone XL pipeline bill rejected by U.S. Senate
The U.S. Senate rejected a bill to speed approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, proposed to run from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast, in a Tuesday evening vote.
Poor can't be burdened with fight against climate change
In a strong message to the developed nations, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan has said that sustainable development and a victory in the war against climate change cannot be attained on the backs of the poor.
Economic Times
THE ROAD TO LIMA | Crunch time for climate finance, UN climate deal
In just two weeks, representatives of nearly 200 governments will gather in Lima, Peru for a major climate change summit with an ambitious goal: generate substantial initial fund pledges from rich countries and produce the draft of a global deal to cut emissions.
Australia stands firm against G20 pack on climate change
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Wednesday warned that next year's landmark climate change summit in Paris will fail if world leaders decide to put cutting carbon emissions ahead of economic growth.
India targets 500% increase in solar power generation
India’s energy minister promises 100 GW of solar power by 2022 across sunny India, but coal concerns remain
US-China climate deal's ambition fails to impress India
Indian think tank says the US-China climate deal is neither historic nor ambitious, and would lead to dangerous temperature rises
2015 will be a year of global climate action, says Najib
Malaysia will continue working with other developing nations to prove that climate action towards a greener economy would bring about greater opportunities, rather than costs, for the people.
Renewable energy as efficient as coal for Turkey, report
Renewable energy would not be more costly than coal power for Turkey, an analysis report released on Tuesday has revealed Anadolu Agency reported.
Google and Ikea up investments in wind farm
Google and Ikea have doubled down on green energy with each unveiling a new wind farm deal in the other's home region.
Financial Times
The moral issue of climate change Washington Post
Vice premier: China backs global climate change effort
China is contributing to the global effort to address climate change, Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli said in Beijing Monday
French president to visit PH, climate change tops agenda
French President François Hollande is scheduled to visit the Philippines next year and climate change will be on top of his agenda, the Embassy of France in Manila said.
White House offers climate change help to U.S. cities
After announcing two major global initiatives on climate change last week, the Obama administration pivoted on Monday to American towns and cities to help them adapt to the impacts of global warming.
Viceprimer ministro chino se reúne con jefa de cambio climático de ONU
El viceprimer ministro chino, Zhang Gaoli, se reunió este lunes en Beijing con Christiana Figueres, secretaria ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático
Rich countries 'backsliding' on climate finance
The $10bn (£6bn) in climate aid which Britain and other rich countries are expected to formally pledge this week represents a backsliding on earlier climate finance transfers, according to observers.
Coal Rush in India Could Tip Balance on Climate Change
Decades of strip mining have left this town in the heart of India’s coal fields a fiery moonscape, with mountains of black slag, sulfurous air and sickened residents.
NY Times
El mundo deposita sus esperanzas en COP20
En diciembre, 195 naciones más la Unión Europea participarán en la crucial Vigésima Conferencia de las Partes de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático (COP20), que se desarrollará en Lima y en que se debe presentar el primer borrador completo de un nuevo acuerdo mundial sobre el clima.
El Peruano
French president Francois Hollande launches funding for Pacific nations hit by climate change
French president Francois Hollande has announced funding for Pacific island nations to help restore ecosystems affected by climate change.
ABC Australia
Japan CO2 emissions hit record yearly high: official
Japan's carbon dioxide emissions hit a record high in the year to March due to the nation's reliance on fossil fuels following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, an official said Monday.
Obama stakes final 2 years on climate change
With just two years left in power, President Barack Obama is elevating his efforts to combat global warming above almost all else as he seeks to leave an imprint on the world that will endure after he's gone.
Church of England faces new pressure to divest fossil fuel holding
Diocese of Oxford demands divestment, and promises to review its own investments in fossil fuels
Tanzania: Private Sector Challenged On Climate Change Adaptation
PRIVATE sector should invest in climate change mitigating projects including establishing plantation and natural forests which will start attracting payment from polluters in a post Kyoto Protocol due in 2016.
Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)
Zambia: Climate Change Impact On Zambian Elephants
CLIMATE change is real, "Climate change" affects more than just a change in the weather, and it refers to seasonal changes over a long period.
Times of Zambia
COP 20: Indigenous voices to be heard, now more than ever Peru This Week
Germany debates programme to save 2020 climate target (analysis blog)
Germany plans to its cut emissions by 40 per cent by 2020. But three years of increasing emissions have raised questions about whether Germany can stick to its target.
Carbon Brief
G20 pledges lift Green Climate Fund towards $10 billion U.N. goal
A promise by Japan on Sunday to give up to $1.5 billion to a U.N. fund to help poor nations cope with global warming puts the fund within sight of a $10 billion goal and brightens prospects for a U.N. climate pact next year.
Climate change 'won't stop at the Pacific Islands', Angela Merkel tells Australia
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has added to international calls on Australia to reveal its plans for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, telling an audience in Sydney that climate change "won't stop at the Pacific Islands".
Sydney Morning Herald
India welcomes G-20's endorsement of energy efficiency
For India, a small yet important success has come in the form of the G-20's endorsement of energy efficiency as important to ensuring sustainable development and growth, and the push to industrialised countries to provide and "mobilise" finance to address climate change, including contributing to the Green Climate Fund.
Economic Times
Canada breaks with Australia to contribute to Green Climate Fund
Stephen Harper changes mind, saying he is prepared to contribute to UN fund to help poor countries adapt to climate change
Japan confirms $1.5 billion for UN fund on climate change
Japan confirmed Sunday plans to give up to $1.5 billion to the UN-backed Green Climate Fund, joining a US pledge of $3 billion to mitigate the impact of global warming on poor nations.
Business Recorder
Cameron set to donate £650m to ‘green climate fund’
David Cameron is expected to allocate £650m to a global “green climate fund” this week, risking the wrath of some Conservative MPs and the UK Independence party.
Financial Times
Hollande raises specter of war over climate change
French President Francois Hollande said failure to address global warming could lead to war, and called on G20 countries to act ahead of a climate change conference in Paris next year.
G20 commits to higher growth, fight climate change
Leaders from the G20 group of nations agreed on Sunday to boost flagging global growth, tackle climate change and crack down on tax avoidance but ties between the West and Russia plummeted to a new low over the crisis in Ukraine.
G20 urges 'strong and effective action' on climate change
The world's most powerful economies Sunday urged "strong and effective action" on climate change, catapulting the issue onto the final statement of G20 talks despite pressure from Australia to stick to economic matters.
The Caribbean’s case on the impact of climate change is among the most pressing in the world
In a few weeks’ time in Lima, Peru, the twentieth session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will take place.
Stabroek News
Brave little Denmark leads war against coal
Germany has been credited for paving Europe’s way to a renewables-led, zero-carbon future. But the world’s true climate champion is Denmark, which has just set the bar another notch higher than Germany by proposing to accelerate its phase out of coal-fired power plants.
Dealing with denial
FIVE years ago next month, disagreement between America and China, the world’s biggest greenhouse-gas emitters, scuppered the UN’s Copenhagen climate-change conference. On November 11th Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping announced a deal on carbon emissions.
The Economist
After U.S.-China climate deal, focus on India to follow suit
After this week's carbon deal between the United States and China, No. 3 emitter India faces growing pressure to devise a clear strategy and step out of China's shadow during pivotal global climate talks.
Netherlands pledges €100 million to Green Climate Fund
The Netherlands has pledged €100 million (US $125m) to the Green Climate Fund. Minister of foreign trade and development cooperation Lilianne Ploumen announced the contribution during a visit to Rwanda on Thursday.
Climate action for Pacific on agenda for Pacific leaders and French president
Pacific Island leaders will gather in Noumea, New Caledonia, on Monday (17 November 2014) to discuss critical issues linked to climate change with the visiting President of the Republic of France, François Hollande.
Solomon Star News
China climate negotiator defends flexible carbon target
China's top climate change negotiator on Friday defended the vagueness of Beijing's target to peak carbon emissions "around 2030", suggesting developed nations may need to make more ambitious cuts.
Mining companies lead new push for carbon capture and burial
Supporting action on climate change while continuing to export coal is not the easiest policy tightrope to walk, but the likes of BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto believe they can do it with the help of people like Dr Richard Aldous.
Sydney Morning Herald
China must change economy to meet climate targets
Chinese leaders pledged for the first time to cap the country's decades-long growth of greenhouse gas emissions.
US at odds with Australia as it pledges billions to climate change fund
Barack Obama will make a substantial pledge to a fund to help poor countries fight climate change, again putting the US at odds with Australia, which has argued against diplomatic efforts for G20 leaders to promise more contributions to the fund
American Carbon Market Seen as Winner With China Accord
The U.S. carbon market that faded over the past decade as European Union trading took off is getting a fresh look after President Barack Obama signed a deal with China to curb emissions.
Bloomberg Businessweel
Index launched for green bond growth
A new green bond index family, measuring the global market of fixed income securities issued to fund projects with direct environmental benefits, has been launched by Barclays and MSCI.
Financial Times
Something is missing at the G-20
A high dose of the jitters shot through Brisbane, as world leaders arrived for a meeting of the globe's 20 major economies.
Deutsche Welle
Researchers studying climate change adaptation among Tamil Nadu farmers
Researchers from Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) and Azim Premji University (APU) have initiated an 18-month study on climate change adaptation among farmers in the Manimutharu Irrigation area in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.
Times of India
China Hunger for Clean Energy to Leave No Rooftop Behind
China, the world’s biggest solar market for two years running, is pushing to install more panels at factories, schools and even greenhouses as it seeks to meet its goals under a historic climate agreement with the U.S.
AOSIS calls for a fair climate treaty amid reports that funding pledges have not been honoured
Despite being hardest-hit by the devastating impacts of climate change, finding the funding to battle its effects remains one of the biggest headaches experienced by small island nations.
Seychelles News Agency
Climate change may mean 50% more lightning by 2100
Lightning has the power to spark wildfires and kill, and scientists said Thursday that climate change may lead to 50 percent more of it by century's end.
India's UN resolution on Yoga gets backing of about 130 states
In an overwhelming response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for commemorating an International Day of Yoga, about 130 countries have joined as co-sponsors to an India-led UN General Assembly resolution recognising yoga's benefits.
Pope Francis and the G20 Agenda (opinion) ABC Australia
Op-Ed: Hybrid approach to climate policy required in Paris (by Valli Moosa and Harald Dovland) Daily Maverick
Xi and Obama have shown leadership on emissions (by Kevin Rudd) Financial Times
UN climate chief hails China-U.S. announcement on climate change
United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres on Wednesday hailed a joint announcement by China and the United States on climate change as providing momentum towards a new climate agreement in Paris in 2015.
China’s Climate Change Plan Raises Questions
When the presidents of China and the United States pledged on Wednesday to reduce or limit carbon dioxide emissions, analysts and policy advisers said, the two leaders sent an important signal: that the world’s largest economies were willing to work together on climate change.
NY Times
China-US climate pact 'heartening' but short of what's needed: IPCC
A deal between China and the United States to combat global warming is "heartening" although it falls short of the action needed to avert the worst impacts, the head of the U.N. panel of climate scientists said on Wednesday.
Climate conference calls for unified voice of mountain people
The international conference on 'mountain people adapting to change: solutions beyond boundaries' concluded in Kathmandu on Wednesday, developing a list of actions urgently needed to help the residents of the Hindu Kush Himalayas (HKH) deal with severe impacts of climate change
China-U.S. Move to Curb Global Warming Loosens Climate Logjam in Developing World
China’s decision to join with U.S. President Barack Obama in reining in greenhouse gases jump-starts the global fight against climate change, removing an excuse for inaction in developing nations.
Scientists: US-China pact won't slow warming much
Don't expect the landmark U.S.-China climate change agreement to nudge the world's rising thermostat downward much on its own, scientists say.
Republicans vow EPA fight as Obama touts China climate deal
Republican congressional leaders on Wednesday wasted no time in criticizing what they called President Barack Obama's "one-sided" climate deal with China, using the announcement to declare war on the administration's plan to use executive actions to combat carbon emissions.
California leads by example on climate change
As the U.S. and China - the world's top two polluting nations - turn to implementing new rules aimed at curbing climate change, the countries can look to the most populous U.S. state as an example of the costs and challenges of fighting global warming.
Business can save ecosystems and support economic development
Business has long been seen as a barrier to the sustainable use of natural resources but the example of Virunga National Park proves otherwise
Peru's forests store more CO2 than US emits in a year, research shows
Carbon mapping by the Carnegie Institute for Science reveals nearly seven billion tonnes of carbon stored in Peru’s rainforests, in a technique that could help preserve such stores to reduce carbon emissions
Xi and Obama revive hopes on climate (view) Financial Times
US-China climate deal lowers expectations of strong global climate deal in 2015 (opinion) Business Standard
China agrees CO2 peak by 2030, US to cut emissions by quarter
China will aim to cap greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, while the United States will cut total emissions by more than a quarter by 2025, the world's two biggest carbon polluters said in an unprecedented joint pledge at a summit in Beijing on Wednesday.
US, China unveil ambitious climate change goals
The United States and China pledged Wednesday to take ambitious action to limit greenhouse gases, aiming to inject fresh momentum into the global fight against climate change ahead of high-stakes climate negotiations next year.
Unite or drown, small island nations told at climate meeting
The president of the Seychelles on Tuesday urged the planet's small island nations to unite for an unprecedented campaign against climate change or else drown.
Obama must deliver at climate fundraiser in Berlin
Next week’s Green Climate Fund pledging conference gives the US president a chance to show commitment on climate
EU carbon prices hit 8-month high on market reform prospects
European carbon prices rose to an eight month high on Tuesday after the new European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy urged nations to agree speedy reforms of the bloc's carbon market.
Faith leaders commit to Worship for WASH to save children and women
Nine prominent leaders from the major faiths in India came together today to announce the launch of a globally unprecedented initiative to save millions of Indian children, the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA India)
Kell: 'Climate change is bad for business'
One thousand companies as well as investment powerhouses such as BlackRock and BT Pension and the Rockefeller and Rothschild funds are pushing for a global carbon deal. UN Global Compact founder Georg Kell tells DW why.
Deutsche Welle
South Africa: SA Taking Bold Steps to Fight Climate Change
South Africa has taken bold steps to fight climate change, says Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa. (Tshwane)
Google-backed SA solar farm comes online
A 96MW photovoltaic solar plant backed by Internet giant Google has gone live in the Northern Cape
Renewables industry celebrates wind energy jobs surge
Latest RenewableUK study reveals number of people employed by wind energy industry has increased by 6,300 in the past four years
EXCLUSIVE: Leonardo DiCaprio confirmed to attend Lima UN Climate Conference
Leonardo DiCaprio will be attending COP 20, the Lima Climate Change Conference in December, diplomatic sources have told Peru this Week.
Peru this Week
John Kerry: China, America and Our Warming Planet NY Times
GOOD FOR EARTH? US, China leaders to meet on climate change
Barack Obama and Xi Jinping have few areas of common ground as they meet this week in Beijing, but could find themselves warming to each other on one longstanding sticking point: climate change.
Climate change: India to keep up pressure on first world
India will remain firm on its demand for greater commitments by developed countries at the UN conference on Climate Change in Peru, in December.
The Hindu
Rich countries subsidising oil, gas and coal companies by $88bn a year
Rich countries are subsidising oil, gas and coal companies by about $88bn (£55.4bn) a year to explore for new reserves, despite evidence that most fossil fuels must be left in the ground if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change.
Coal versus climate in Australia
Australia continues to frustrate efforts by fellow G20 members to include climate change on the agenda at the upcoming leaders' summit in the eastern city of Brisbane this weekend.
Ahead of Global Talks, All Eyes on U.S. Contribution to Climate Fund
Next month's climate talks in Peru are a pivotal point in the push for global action on climate change. But it's a far less publicized gathering in Berlin that holds the key to whether the Lima negotiations succeed—and whether a useful climate treaty might be possible in the end.
InsideClimate News
Peabody sees reprieve from US carbon cuts push
The Republican party’s victory in US congressional elections last week has raised industry hopes for a rollback of the Obama administration’s plan to slash emissions from coal-fired power plants, according to Peabody Energy, a vehement opponent of the proposal.
Financial Times
A Tricky Transition From Fossil Fuel
Denmark, a tiny country on the northern fringe of Europe, is pursuing the world’s most ambitious policy against climate change. It aims to end the burning of fossil fuels in any form by 2050 — not just in electricity production, as some other countries hope to do, but in transportation as well.
NY Times
Study: Global warming worsening watery dead zones
Global warming is likely playing a bigger role than previously thought in dead zones in oceans, lakes and rivers around the world and it's only going to get worse, according to a new study.
UN official urges bracing for ramifications of climate change
Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Michel Jarraud on Monday said "Climate change is happening and will not wait for us to be prepared, especially the least equipped.
Kuwait News Agency
Chevrolet Buys Carbon Credits From Sustainable Universities
​Every year, colleges across the U.S. engage in ​an ​awareness-raising drive to promote clean energy and energy efficiency. As educational institutions, they play a key role in educating future professionals in their role to preserve the environment.
Polar bears added to UN protection list as Arctic ice shrinks
The polar bear has long been an emblem of the climate change movement; its icy Arctic habitat shrinking as a result of manmade global warming.
Will 2014 be the year companies woke up to deforestation threat?
New CDP Forests report highlights rise in businesses pledging to end deforestation in their supply chains, but says more work is now needed to make good on those commitments
Climate Caravan shows the way
It’s no secret that Bangladesh is one of the countries most at risk from the ongoing consequences of climate change. Yet, while people in this region are acutely aware of this, the government is still at odds with its own population, announcing a new 1,320-megawatt coal-based power plant to be completed in 2019
New Internationalist
The Climate Change Game: A Two-Minute Warming (blog) Huffington Post
Don't cave in on climate policy, Senate leaders urge Obama
Four Senate leaders on Friday urged President Barack Obama not to retreat from promises of strong domestic carbon cutting goals and significant aid to developing countries to combat climate change given new Republican leadership in Congress, which is expected to be hostile to such policies.
India Eyes $100 Billion Investment In Renewable Energy
The new Indian government is taking serious initiatives to boost the power sector, which is in dire need of financial and structural reforms. A large number of these reforms will be implemented in the renewable energy sector.
C20 calls on G20 to act on inequality, tax avoidance and climate change
The C20 (Civil Society 20) is calling on G20 leaders to take action this weekend to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in society.
ABC Australia
Las potencias deben pagar la mitigación de daños al clima
El ministro de Medio Ambiente y Agua, José Antonio Zamora, pidió a los países desarrollados, a nombre de Bolivia, recursos económicos para afrontar los problemas del cambio climático en el mundo. La autoridad participó de la cumbre PreCOP en Venezuela.
La Razón
'India firming up stand it will present at Lima conference'
India was firming up its stand which it will present in the crucial UN conference on climate change to be held in Peruvian capital Lima next month, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said today.
Economic Times
Caricom draws climate change deal red line
The 15-member Caribbean Community (Caricom) is making it clear that it is prepared to walk out of the world climate change talks in Peru next month if rich countries are not prepared to agree on a deal that will reduce the impact of climate change on the region.
Jamaica Observer
International conference on climate change kicks off in Kathmandu
An international conference on "mountain people adapting to change" kicked off in Kathmandu Sunday, aiming at providing a platform to discuss best ways to help mountain communities to deal with adverse impacts of climate change.
ASEAN leaders urged to act on climate change
A coalition of NGOs has warned leaders attending the ASEAN Summit in Myanmar that a year after Typhoon Haiyan struck the region, causing massive destruction and many deaths, things will only get worse unless serious action is taken on climate change
Jakarta Post
Green energy 'creates more jobs than fossil fuels', study says
Investing in renewables adds half a job per gigawatt hour of electricity generated, report claims, with around 10 jobs created for every £1m invested
Ethical investing: An understanding of grey areas is crucial for success in business
Investors’ long-term success may increasingly depend not just on the narrow financial performance of the companies whose shares they buy, but on how well they manage the ethical questions that will ultimately shape the outcomes for those companies.
Financial Times
Climate change inspires rise of 'cli-fi' flicks
The giant, inflatable whale in this Gulf Coast city signals not only the arrival of one of the world's biggest documentary festivals, but also the emergence of film as a way to tell the story of climate change.
Why Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are buying up wind energy
As of now, the top three most widely used search engines, by a considerable margin, are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing.
NZ Herald
Review: 2071, Royal Court Theatre
It was heartening to see some interest in climate change in Sloane Square – one of London’s richest neighbourhoods, better known for Russian oligarchs than eco-warriors.
On climate change, Australia will be left behind by China, the US and the EU (comment) Guardian
Philippine climate envoy to end epic walk at typhoon haiyan ground zero in Tacloban
Philippine climate change envoy Naderev Sano will on Saturday reach ground zero of the strongest typhoon ever to hit land, completing an epic march he believes will help spur global warming action.
ONU considera indispensable un marco regulatorio global sobre cambio climático
Luego de una ardua jornada de trabajo, los movimientos sociales y representantes ministeriales de 47 países del mundo se sentaron este jueves en una misma mesa a debatir sobre el cambio climático.
El Sol de Margarita
On International Day, UN urges protection of environment from ravages of war
From the contamination of land to the plundering of natural resources, the environment has long been a “silent casualty” of war, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon affirmed today as he warned that the fast-changing dynamic of contemporary conflict required steadfast solutions for future peacebuilding and sustainable development.
UN News Centre
Venezuela reafirma compromiso contra el capitalismo durante la PreCOP Social
El canciller venezolano, Rafael Ramírez, reafirmó hoy el compromiso de Venezuela en la lucha contra el capitalismo "depredador" durante de la Pre Conferencia de las Partes para el Cambio Climático (PreCop- Social) que se celebra en la isla venezolana de Margarita
El Tiempo
India targets renewables in $250bn power plan
India will need $250bn of investment in power generation and transmission over the next five years to meet its goal of doubling electricity output and connecting everyone to the grid, according to the new government.
Financial Times
Typhoon Haiyan: millions of lives still blighted one year on
A year after typhoon Haiyan devastated central areas of the Philippines, aid workers and officials are warning that millions of people are still living in temporary shelters and evacuation centres.
Climate economics expert urges "critical" investment shift
The next 20 years must see a "critical" investment shift from high- to low-carbon energy sources to limit damaging global warming, Nicholas Stern, an authority on the economics of climate change, said Thursday.
SABIC wins CDM registration for innovative carbon reduction project; demonstrates commitment to low carbon economy
An innovative carbon reduction project initiated by SABIC at its manufacturing affiliate, Al-Jubail Fertilizer Company (Al-Bayroni), has been registeredby the Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).
Arab stance on pollution sought
The undersecretary of Meteorology and Environment Protection for Environment and Sustainable Development Affairs, Abdul Bassette Al-Sairafi, has urged all Arab countries to take a unified stance against the high pollution rates and develop a clear strategy to face environment challenges.
Arab News
Study: Global warming will increase pollen and allergen exposure
The icebergs are melting and the sea levels are rising. Studies show droughts could become longer and more frequent, coastal storms more damaging, and forest fires more expansive. Now, researchers say climate change is also likely to bring about more pollen-induced sneezing.
El Salvador Restores Biodiversity in the Face of Climate Change
Carlos Menjívar has been ferrying people in his boat for 20 years in this fishing village in western El Salvador surrounded by ocean, mangroves and wetlands, which is suffering the effects of environmental degradation.
Netherlands to be Home of First Bike Path Running on Solar Energy
Solar technology continues to evolve, as next Wednesday, Nov. 12, will see the opening of the first bike path in the world to run on solar energy in the Netherlands.
Suzlon sets up world’s tallest hybrid wind turbine in Kutch
Suzlon Energy, on Thursday, put into operation the world’s tallest hybrid wind generator turbine here. The turbine, it is claimed, will generate 12-15 per cent more energy.
The Hindu
Venezuela: Global Social Movements Unite to Tackle Climate Change
Delegates from environmental groups from around the world have gathered on the Venezuelan island of Margarita as part of the country's "Social Precop," coordinated by the Venezuelan government in a bid to take the "voice of the people" into the United Nations talks on climate change.
Fabius: "le climato-fatalisme est dangereux, le climato-volontarisme nécessaire"
"Je suis un climato-volontaire", a déclaré le ministre, en rappelant que la France accueillerait fin 2015 la conférence de l'ONU sur le climat où un accord déterminant pour l'avenir de la planète doit être scellé.
Amplifying women’s voices in climate change solutions focus of UN conference
Aiming to develop more gender-sensitive services, a United Nations-led conference kicking off in Geneva today is spearheading a drive to ensure that weather and climate services reduce women’s vulnerability to disasters and climate change, and help them realize their potential as champions of community resilience.
UN News Centre
Camino a la cop20
El distrito más verde de Lima, San Borja, es el espacio reservado para ser la sede oficial de la COP20: 90,000 metros cuadrados diseñados en el Cuartel General del Ejército exclusivamente para la cita mundial, que se realizará del 1 al 12 de diciembre.
El Peruano
Brazil: Rich nations must reduce carbon emissions
Brazil's environment minister said Wednesday that her nation will be a protagonist at an upcoming climate change conference in Peru and will hold developed nations accountable for strong commitments to reduce carbon emissions.
UN Climate Change Report 2014: The End Of The IPCC?
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, has been a leading voice in discussions about global warming since the panel was formed 26 years ago, and it has devoted countless hours and resources to understanding the planet’s complex and ever-changing environment.
International Business Times
Narendra Modi government reconstitutes climate change panel, no member from industry
Barely three weeks before crucial negotiations in Lima, the government has reconstituted the Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change, reducing its size and dropping members, including sole industry representative Ratan Tata and Centre for Science and Environment director general Sunita Narain.
Economic Times
For India, China-backed lender may be answer to coal investment
India is hoping a new China-backed multilateral lender will fund coal-based energy projects, an official said, putting it in direct conflict with the World Bank, whose chief has maintained that it would stick to its restrictions on such lending.
Asian Economies Underinvest in Climate Change Response, Oxfam
Many governments in developing Asia, including Indonesia and the Philippines, continue to under invest in projects that would improve their resiliency to climate change, despite the devastation they suffer from extreme weather events, a study by global development group Oxfam shows.
Wall Street Journal
Solar latecomer France builds Europe's largest plant
France has made up some lost ground against its neighbors with the start to construction of what will be Europe's biggest photovoltaic solar power plant.
Climate change is a window of opportunity for Finland
Energy and climate policy are key issues for the whole of humanity because of global warming and climate change. They are important for me as well. I have worked around them as an engineer and for the last 18 years as politician.
Helsinki Times
Rwanda farmer test may prove value of climate forecasts
An experiment is beginning in Rwanda to test whether farming communities are more likely to adapt their agricultural practices to cope with climate change if the government provides timely weather forecasts.
UN climate talks: one month, three knotty problems (opionion/analysis) RTCC
Kerry: U.S., China should set example by agreeing on climate goals
The United States and China, the world's largest carbon emitters, have an opportunity to agree on ambitious targets to reduce climate-warming gas emissions and set the stage for a global deal, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday.
Venezuela será sede del debate sobre cambio climático
Representantes de alrededor de un centenar de movimientos sociales y Organizaciones No Gubernamentales (ONG) de 48 países comenzaron en la isla de Margarita un debate sobre el cambio climático de cara a la cumbre mundial sobre el tema del próximo diciembre en Perú.
Japan, Indonesia launch greenhouse gas emission trade
The government has adopted a plan to offer Indonesia energy-saving technology in a trade for greenhouse-gas emission rights, the Environment Ministry said Tuesday.
Climate talks: India mulls shift in stand
Climate negotiations in the run-up to the global deal in Paris next year may not to be on predictable lines. After trade, the Narendra Modi government is now contemplating a strategic shift during talks, delinking India’s position from China.
Times of India
China issues key layout on climate change
An official plan was issued on Tuesday by the National Development and Reform Commission to cope with climate change from 2014 to 2020.
Carbon capture technology could take off this decade – report
The development of technology allowing power plants to burn fossil fuels without spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is accelerating, a report has found.
Latin America’s Climate Vanguard
Latin America may have weathered the global economic slowdown, but for many, the potential impact of global warming, and the measures required to avoid its worst effects, may undermine the region’s fragile political, economic, and social balance – and roll back years of progress.
Project Syndicate
Zimbabwe: 'Take Bold Decisions On Climate Change'
AS the world heads for the watershed climate talks in Paris next year, Environment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere wants to see stronger action from rich countries to help control unprecedented climate damage in Africa.
The Herald
Seychelles: U.S.$10 Million for Environment Related Projects in Seychelles - UNDP-GEF
A six year project to support climate change adaptation measures on the Seychelles main and second most populated islands of Mahé and Praslin is underway with a key focus on water scarcity and flooding.
Seychelles News Agency
IRENA calls for a massive global scale-up of renewable energy
The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA, Abu Dhabi, UAE) on November 3rd, 2014 gathered representatives from over 90 countries in Abu Dhabi to review and recommend actions to scale-up renewable energy around the world.
Germany looks to fast-track exit from coal, as well as nuclear
Germany is looking to achieve exactly what Australia says is not possible – and wean one of the world’s largest manufacturing economies off coal – as well as shutting down nuclear.
Church of England failing to heed call to divest from fossil fuels
Despite advice from Desmond Tutu to divest from of coal, oil and gas, the Church of England is choosing to delay a decision until late 2015
The big loser in this election is the climate
In the lead-up to the 2014 midterms, a lot of green groups were hoping that this might finally be the election in which climate change became a defining issue.
UN official: Parts of climate accord should be binding
Climate chief for the United Nations Christiana Figueres thinks parts of the global climate change accord need to be binding.
The Hill
Pulgar Vidal: IPCC leaves politicians with “no excuses”
Science report and New York summit sent strong political signals for UN climate deal success, says Peru’s environment minister - See more at:
'Remarkable Opportunity' for Global Economy in Upcoming Climate Change Talks
An estimated $90 trillion will be invested in infrastructure over the next 15 years: the crucial question is whether this will go into the old brown economy of the past or a new, resource-efficient, low-carbon economy of the future.
Bloomberg BNA
After 5 reports: Future of UN climate body debated
After a six-year scientific marathon that involved about 4,000 authors, contributors and reviewers and 30,000 climate studies, the U.N.'s expert panel on climate change has published its latest assessment on global warming. Now many wonder what's next.
Trini holds key role in global climate talks
In December, Trinidadian Kishan Kumarsingh will, together with the European Union’s Artur Runge-Metzger, lead an international working group tasked with the challenge of hammering out a critically-needed global agreement to address climate change.
Guardian (Trinidad and Tobago)
Climate change hopes for G20 diminished
Climate change will remain all but absent from the G20 summit, with a related energy efficiency plan omitting mention of global warming as a motivation for curbing energy use, according to a draft.
Sydney Morning Herald
Hollande calls on Canada to fight climate change
French President François Hollande, whose country will host global climate talks next year, told Canadian lawmakers on Monday that he is counting their oil-exporting country to help in the fight against warming.
The Local
Climate change an issue at the polls, among non-white voters in particular
A report from FiveThirtyEight using data from the Pew Research center found that non-white voters were more concerned than white voters with climate change as an important policy issue in this year's polls.
Developing countries switching to low carbon economy at twice the pace of developed nations
Developing countries are increasing their clean energy capacity twice as fast as developed nations, a new study suggests.
Climate Group
Uganda Still Grapples with Inadequate Funds to Tackle Climate Change
Until last month, Allen Nambozo’s only source of income was the cabbages, carrots and bananas she grew along the slopes of Uganda’s Mount Elgon in the eastern district of Bulambuli.
Beating water and land shortages in the Middle East and north Africa
Focusing on the nexus between scarce resources is the only route to sustainable supplies of water, food and energy
Wind energy sector in India expected to attract Rs 20,000 crore of investments
India's sluggish wind energy market is set for a revival following the restoration of a depreciation incentive, which is expected to attract about Rs 20,000 crore of investments next year as companies across sectors add 3,000 MW of capacity powered by this renewable source of energy.
Economic Times
Rwanda: Government Optimistic New Tax Incentive Will Attract Investments in Energy
The government is optimistic it will attract more investiments into the energy sector once it has fixed a tax incentive proposed in the new Investment Code.
The New Times
Small Town In Victoria Sets 100% Renewable Energy Goal For 2022
It seems that it is not just towns in New South Wales that are looking to meet all their own electricity needs with renewable energy – a small township in Victoria is also looking to become 100% renewable within a decade.
UN panel adopts landmark climate report
The United Nations' expert panel on climate science on Saturday finished a report on global warming that the UN's environment agency said offers "conclusive evidence" that humans are altering the Earth's climate system.
IPCC report warns governments on failure to check climate change
The message from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is loud and unequivocal: the window of opportunity for the world to stave off the severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts of global warming is limited.
Economic Times
Ban Ki-moon: World leaders are ready to sign climate deal
World leaders are ready to sign an international agreement to combat climate change, says UN secretary general Ban
Invest now or face 'irreversible' effects of climate change, U.N. panel warns
The cost of fighting climate change will only climb if industrialized nations don't take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nations' panel on the matter warned Sunday in its wrap-up report.
IPCC: rapid carbon emission cuts vital to stop severe impact of climate change
Most important assessment of global warming yet warns carbon emissions must be cut sharply and soon, but UN’s IPCC says solutions are available and affordable
Climate change fight affordable, cut emissions to zero by 2100-UN
Governments can keep climate change in check at manageable costs but will have to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2100 to limit risks of irreversible damage, a U.N. report said on Sunday
Fossil fuels should be phased out by 2100 says IPCC
The unrestricted use of fossil fuels should be phased out by 2100 if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change, a UN-backed expert panel says.
France, US lead voices of alarm at climate report
France and the United States headed a chorus of alarm on Sunday after a major UN report on climate change warned that the Earth was on track for potentially disastrous global warming.
Denmark considers phasing out coal by 2025 in big green shift
Denmark should ban coal use by 2025 to make the Nordic nation a leader in fighting global warming, adding to green measures ranging from wind energy to bicycle power, Denmark's climate minister said on Saturday.
Religious leaders bring faith to bear on saving earth at climate change forum today
Spiritual and religious leaders will gather for an interfaith forum today to examine what climate change means to the faith community and kick off Asia's chapter of an online "prayer petition".
South China Morning Post
Africa adopts sustainable transport plan
African countries have moved closer to a cleaner, greener system of cars and public transport after ministers adopted a continent-wide sustainability strategy today.
Climate change to be discussed at G20 summit
The Abbott government has reluctantly agreed to discuss climate change at the G20 summit in Brisbane, but the G20 group will not make any new commitments to act on emissions.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Rio says it will offset 3.6 million tonnes of carbon emissions at 2016 Olympic Games
The Rio 2016 local organizing committee set a target on Thursday to offset the total amount of greenhouse gases estimated to be produced by the world's largest multi-sport event.
Daily News & Analysis
IPCC preparing 'most important' document on climate change
Scientists and officials are meeting in Denmark to edit what's been termed the "most important document" on climate change.
The IPCC Synthesis Report will summarise the causes and impacts of - and solutions to - rising temperatures. It will be the bedrock of talks on a new global climate deal.
BBC News
EU car makers already beating 2015 emission targets
Car makers have hit CO2 emissions goals several years ahead of their deadlines, according to updated data from the European Environment Agency (EEA).
Business Green
Oil guzzling Malta proposes climate change law
Malta has proposed a new climate law, creating a legal obligation for the country to hit its emission reduction targets.
Banks invest record €66bn in coal sector
Commercial banks poured record sums of money into coal last year, despite mounting evidence of the climate risks.
How climate change will affect global water scarcity by 2100
Global warming will affect the whole of the world's water supplies over the coming century, but it will not affect them equally. Hundreds of millions of people will experience new or aggravated forms of water scarcity by 2100.
As Climate Changes, Central America Lags on Improving Food Security
While poverty and violence have pushed thousands of Central Americans to take the long and dangerous trek to the United States, the embattled region now faces another challenge: Droughts and torrential rains have all but ruined the harvests of hundreds of thousands of impoverished farmers in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. And even though climate extremes were exacerbated in recent years by temporary weather phenomena, ill-prepared governments and climate change have put food security in the region permanently at risk.
World Politics Review
Minor EU emission cuts masks underlying apathy on 2C
Latest GHG data from Brussels shows we have achieved nothing of significance relative to scale of the climate challenge.
Brazil's first solar power auction to clear 500 MW of new plants
Brazil will take its first leap into commercial solar power generation on Friday with a rights auction of at least 500 megawatts of new solar parks, adding a new energy source as a drought reveals the danger of depending on hydropower.
Formula could shed light on global climate change
Wright State University researchers have discovered a formula that accurately predicts the rate at which soil develops from the surface to the underlying rock, a breakthrough that could answer questions about greenhouse gases and has potential applications in agriculture.
A New Flank in China's War on Pollution? Controlling Emissions From Ports and Shipping (opinion)
As President Obama and other Asia-Pacific leaders gather in Beijing for the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, climate change and air pollution will undoubtedly be on the agenda. This summit therefore provides an important opportunity for these leaders to address one of the most significant -- and largely unregulated -- sources of toxic air pollutants and black carbon emissions in Asia: its ports and shipping system.
Huffington Post
Renewables & Energy Efficiency Responsible For 70% Of Carbon Emission Drop Since 2007
Renewable energy development and implemented energy efficiency measures are responsible for 70% of the the drop in US carbon dioxide emissions seen since 2007 (when a slow decline began), according to a new report from Greenpeace.
Australia govt wins backing for emissions scheme
Australia's government has reached a compromise with independent senators and a key opposition party to secure support for a A$2.5 billion ($2.2 billion) fund to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Environment Minister Greg Hunt said Wednesday.
Solar Grid Parity In All 50 US States By 2016, Predicts Deutsche Bank
Rooftop solar PV will reach grid parity in 50 US states by 2016 – up from just 10 now – setting the scene for a dramatic increase in the uptake in household and commercial rooftop solar in the world’s biggest economy.
Australia divestment war shows investment is now the main climate change battleground
The fallout over Australian National University’s decision to divest from fossil fuel companies shows the language of climate risk is now in dollars and returns not degrees centigrade.
The Guardian
Emissions trading will be back in the game if Direct Action proves ineffective
Australia’s global promise to cut emissions seems certain to test Greg Hunt’s determination to resist carbon pricing.
The Guardian
A bioeconomy to fight climate change
The use of biomass for energy generation is helping European Union countries meet their renewable energy and emissions targets, but demand from other sectors means policy needs to be developed for maximum climate benefits.
ASOS and M&S pledge to make deforestation unfashionable
More than 20 major fashion retailers, including Marks and Spencer, Levi Strauss and ASOS, have this week signed up to a new industry campaign that aims to eliminate deforestation from their supply chains.
Business Green
Methane Emissions May Swell from behind Dams
What if reservoirs that store water and produce electricity were among some of the world’s largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions?
Scientists are searching for answers to that question, as they study how much methane is emitted into the atmosphere from man-made reservoirs built for hydropower and other purposes.
Scientific American
Chuck Hagel: We Should Worry About Climate Change Like We Worry About ISIS
The Islamic State may be the most immediate challenge facing the Defense Department, but Secretary Chuck Hagel said Wednesday that one of the biggest long-term security threats to the U.S. isn't a terrorist group. It's climate change.
Huffington Post
Why you should bother to read the IPCC synthesis report
UN science panel’s final report this year will indicate how serious governments take the threat of climate change.
Climate-Savvy Investing: Insurance Sector Is Ignoring Risks & Rewards (opinion)
Two years after Superstorm Sandy devastated large swaths of the East Coast and cost our economy an estimated $65 billion, the insurance industry – which is on the frontlines of climate change – is still not doing enough to address the risks associated with extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts or more intense coastal storms.
8 foods you're about to lose due to climate change
As worsening drought and extreme weather devastate crops, you may begin seeing global warming when you open your fridge.
The Guardian
China, India set pace in global clean energy growth
China, India and other emerging economies could see their levels of clean energy installations overtake rich countries in 2014.
EU set to overachieve 2020 carbon emissions goal
The EU is on track to overachieve on its climate targets for 2020, according to the European Environment Agency. New greenhouse gas data shows emissions fell 1.8% between 2012 and 2013, leaving the bloc just 1% off its goal to cut emissions 20% on 1990 levels by 2020.
Climate change could spark conflict in emerging economies, study finds
Climate change vulnerability and food insecurity could damage economic growth and amplify the risk of conflict in India, Bangladesh, and a number of other major emerging markets, according to risk analysts Maplecroft
Business Green
Scientists Trace Extreme Heat in Australia to Climate Change
The savage heat waves that struck Australia last year were almost certainly a direct consequence of greenhouse gases released by human activity, researchers said Monday. It is perhaps the most definitive statement climate scientists have made tying a specific weather event to global warming.
New York Times
Public 'needs information on climate change solutions' says survey
Public support for measures to cut carbon would increase if people heard more about the solutions to climate change, a poll suggests.
Climate Change Concerns Push Chile to Forefront of Carbon Tax Movement
These are rough times for carbon taxes, aimed at mitigating climate change. Australia recently repealed its carbon tax. South Korea delayed a carbon-based tax on vehicle emissions. South Africa put off a planned carbon tax until 2016. And yet, for environmentalists, a sliver of hope exists in the shape of Chile, one of Latin America’s fastest-growing economies, which last month approved the first carbon tax in South America.
New York Times
Climate Change: IPCC Warns of Species Extinction and Food Insecurity Among Other Severe Impacts from Inaction
A draft of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Synthesis report warns of "severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people, species and 27 ecosystems," unless action is taken, and taken soon.
International Business Times UK
Chinese vice premier meets Obama's adviser on climate change
Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli met with U.S. President Barack Obama's adviser John Podesta, vowing to make their cooperation in countering climate change a highlight of bilateral relations in Beijing on Tuesday. Facilitating climate change cooperation between China and the United States, the largest developing and developed country in the world, meets the common interests of both and helps the healthy growth of bilateral ties, Zhang said.
Power Plants May Get More Time to Cut Carbon in EPA Plan
The Obama administration is considering a change in its timetable to curb carbon-dioxide emissions from power plants, a proposal that would give electric utilities more time to meet the reduction targets.
British-Made Wave Power Technology One Step Closer To Reality
Ecotricity believes that generating electricity in Britain from wave power has taken its next step, due to the successful first stage of testing of its “innovative” Searaser, the brainchild of British inventor Alvin Smith.
US military refuses to be 'too late' on climate change (opinion)
Today, as we pass another global heat record, we run the risk of being too late on climate change, endlessly debating causes at the expense of sensible actions. Just as we have underestimated recent threats, such as the Islamic State and a revanchist Russia, we are in danger of underestimating those threats that follow a changing climate.

Sydney Morning Herald
Saving Lives: Global Alliance For Clean Cookstoves Interview
Radha Muthiah, Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, recently took time out from her busy schedule to answers some questions for CleanTechnica about the benefits of distributing clean cookstoves.
Climate change: Our guide to feeling less hopeless
Leading experts say tackling climate change is not hopeless. So what little things can everyone do?
BBC Radio 1
Giant tower to monitor climate change in the Amazon
Taller than the Eiffel Tower, the observatory will capture vital data on how climate change is impacting the rainforest
Great Barrier Reef protection plan 'ignores the threat of climate change'
The Australian government’s multimillion dollar plan to halt the worrying decline of the Great Barrier Reef does nothing to address the leading threat of climate change and is likely to prove largely ineffectual, scientists have warned.
The Guardian
Drying Amazon Could Be Major Carbon Concern
The Amazon rainforest inhales massive amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping keep the globe’s carbon budget in balance. But as a new study shows, since 2000 drier conditions are causing a decrease in lung capacity.
Climate Central
IPCC report is “roadmap” to Paris climate deal – Pachauri
Scientists and delegates from more than 100 governments are meeting in Copenhagen this week to thrash out the definitive round-up of climate science.
Saharan solar power opens energy corridor to Europe (video)
The TuNur project aims to generate clean energy from a giant solar plant in the Tunisian Sahara from where it will be connected to the European electricity grid via a dedicated undersea cable. TuNur say their initiative will produce roughly twice as much energy as any current nuclear power plant and can even produce energy when the sun is down.
Host of next UN climate summit sets out goals
In December, Peru will host governments, key players and sectors from different countries brought together by a common goal: to steadily and urgently deal with the global consequences of climate change.
'Climate Talks should Go Beyond Carbon Cuts'
Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday said that any global agreement on climate change should not only be about mitigation and emission cuts, but must take into account adaptation and common but differentiated responsibilities.
The New Indian Express
Gamesa To Invest €100 Million In India Over Next Five Years, Eyes Solar Power Projects
India’s changing renewable energy scenario is attracting investment from some leading companies across the world. Gamesa, one of the leading wind energy companies is also looking to invest millions in the wind energy sector and eventually expand operations into solar energy as well.
Aviva responds to Bank of England on climate change impact
UK insurance company Aviva (AV.L) has responded to a letter from the Bank of England asking it to comment on the impact of climate change on its business model, a spokeswoman from the company said on Monday.
Reuters UK
Ikea launches solar panels in the Netherlands
Ikea has launched a range of residential solar panels in the Netherlands. It is the second country to stock the panels, after the UK pioneered the Swedish furniture giant’s venture into green home improvement in September 2013.
Solar power a must for Saudi Arabia
Oil-rich and sun-blessed Saudi Arabia has no choice but to invest in solar energy, a senior official of the national electricity provider said yesterday.

“Solar energy is a must, not a choice,” Hamed al-Saggaf, an executive director with the Saudi Electricity Company, told a conference on sun power.

The Rakyat Post
How To Eat For The Climate
Consumers have unrealized power to steer the close marriage between agriculture and the climate toward healthier outcomes, according to food-policy activists at the Green Festival in Chicago Saturday.
Workable global accord on climate needed as Bonn talks deliver little
The world’s governments are running out of time to conclude an effective international agreement on climate change by the end of next year, following a relatively fruitless round of UN-sponsored talks in Bonn last week.
The Irish Times
UN climate change draft sees risks of irreversible damage
Climate change may have "serious, pervasive and irreversible" impacts on human society and nature, according to a draft U.N. report due for approval this week that says governments still have time to avert the worst.
Global warming has doubled risk of harsh winters in Eurasia, research finds
The risk of severe winters in Europe and northern Asia has been doubled by global warming, according to new research. The counter-intuitive finding is the result of climate change melting the Arctic ice cap and causing new wind patterns that push freezing air and snow southwards.
The Guardian
São Paulo running out of water as rain-making Amazon vanishes
South America’s biggest and wealthiest city may run out of water by mid-November if it doesn’t rain soon.
No concrete result reached in UN climate talks in Bonn
The third round of United Nations’ 2014 climate talks wrapped up in Bonn, Germany, on Saturday, reaching no concrete result and leaving heavy workload to climate conference in Lima, Peru, in December.
Daily Times
Deep rifts remain at UN talks on global climate pact
With a 2015 deadline looming large for a global pact on curbing climate change, six days of UN talks closed in Bonn on Saturday with delegates and observers deflated over a lack of progress.
Yahoo News
Climate change: Carbon trading edges closer as UN brokers deal
The world is on the brink of enlisting market forces in the fight against climate change on a truly global scale for the first time, United Nations officials have claimed. After years of opposition, hundreds of the world’s major companies and investment firms – including several oil giants – have agreed that there should be a charge for the damage done to the planet by greenhouse gases.
The Solar Energy Revolution Everyone’s Ignoring… Is In Bangladesh
We put a lot of cyber ink into the German, Australian, US, Chinese, Indian, Chilean, and Japanese solar energy revolutions. However, I think the Bangladeshi solar revolution is one we don’t write about enough. One of the biggest reasons for that is probably that it doesn’t compare to the others on a total capacity basis. However, that doesn’t mean the market isn’t huge.
Ministry of new and renewable energy seeks loan from KfW to promote solar project
The ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) wants the government to back a 1-billion loan (aboutRs 7,750
crore) sought from German bank KfW to promote rooftop solar systems across the country.

The Economic Times
Get Ready, Get Set, Go: Offshore Wind in the USA
Everybody, hold onto your hats. The moment we have been waiting for may have finally arrived – or, well, it’s not very far off. American offshore wind is on the horizon, figuratively and literally, and approaching fast.
Energy Collective
6 action items after the Bonn climate negotiations (opinion)
Following a recent meeting among climate negotiators in Bonn, Germany, director of the World Resources Institute International Climate Initiative David Waskow sets out what needs to be done in Lima for a effective global climate agreement.
EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030
European leaders have struck a broad climate change pact obliging the EU as a whole to cut greenhouse gases by at least 40% by 2030. But key aspects of the deal that will form a bargaining position for global climate talks in Paris next year were left vague or voluntary, raising questions as to how the aims would be realised.
The Guardian
EU strikes compromise to set new climate target
European Union leaders struck a deal on a new target to cut carbon emissions out to 2030, calling it a new global standard but leaving critics warning that compromises had undermined the fight against climate change.
European Leaders Agree on Targets to Fight Climate Change
The 28 leaders of the European Union agreed early on Friday on targets for protecting the climate and generating greener power despite deep divisions among their nations over how to produce energy.
The New York Times
Green Bonds Expected To Top $100 Billion In 2015
Another strong quarter for issuances of green bonds has taken the year’s total up to $32 billion, more than double the total issued during 2013, and fuelling predictions that 2015 could see $100 billion worth of green bonds issued.
Climate Change Fears: South Florida City Wants To Split With North, Form 51st State
South Florida lawmakers are proposing to sever ties with the northern counties and form the 51st American state. The political stunt is an attempt to draw attention to the dangers that low-lying communities face from climate change. The measure’s backers charge that state politicians aren’t doing enough to protect the southern half of Florida from impending sea level rise and increased flooding. The solution? Go it alone.
International Business Times
Sales Of Plug-In Cars Exceed 600,000 Worldwide
It hasn’t even been four full years since the first plug-in hybrid and electric cars went on sale across the globe, and in many places plug-in cars are still few and far between. Yet across the world, consumers are turning to plug-in cars in greater numbers, with the top ten countries now accounting for over 600,000 plug-in vehicle sales according to a tally by Hybrid Cars.
'We will succeed in these negotiations'
Peru's Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal tells DW what he hopes to achieve at the COP20 this December. Representatives from most of the world's countries will gather in Lima to discuss climate change challenges.
Deutsche Welle
Road to Paris: EU 2030 climate package holds key to UN deal (opinion)
By the end of this week European leaders meeting in Brussels will – unwittingly or otherwise – have helped determine whether UN efforts to secure a global climate treaty will be a success.
Sustaining Africa’s Development by Leveraging on Climate Change
By leveraging knowledge about climate change, through adopting improved agriculture technologies and using water and energy more effectively, Africa can accelerate its march towards sustainable development.

Inter Press Service
Climate change to reduce Europe's bird population: ecologists
Climate change will lead to a sharp decline of common species of birds in Europe, ecologists attending a meeting on birdlife here warned on Thursday.
SEA countries share experience on building resilience to climate change impacts
More than 200 delegates from Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia are attending a three-day international forum on climate change, which opened on Oct 23 in Preah Sihanouk Province, Cambodia.
VietNamNet Bridge
Warren Buffett Puts Wind in Berkshire’s Sails
Warren Buffett is synonymous with his hometown of Omaha, Neb., but for a glimpse into the future of his investment empire, look east…to Iowa. In the neighboring Hawkeye State, the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. chairman has sunk billions into wind-farm projects, part of a big gambit on renewable energy by a utility company he acquired in 2000 and has built into one of the country’s largest power suppliers.
Wall Street Journal
China’s coal consumption drops for first time this century
China’s coal use has fallen for the first time this century – a turning point for a country which currently consumes almost half of the world’s coal supplies.
Kew spreads climate change word
The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew has issued a "position paper" saying that man-made global warming is changing the outlook for plants and trees worldwide.
BBC News
Climate change rivals Ebola at World Health Summit
Climate change is expected to cause 250,000 additional deaths per year between 2030 and 2050, affecting the poorest countries with weak health care systems - a global challenge that rivaled Ebola as one of the top issues at the World Health Summit in Berlin this week. EurActiv Germany reports.
Recently discovered microbe is key player in climate change
As permafrost soils thaw under the influence of global warming, communities of soil microbes act as potent amplifiers of global climate change, an international study has shown.

China readies legal framework for carbon market, hefty fines possible
China is planning hefty fines for companies that fail to comply with the rules of its national carbon trading market but has yet to decide how to set emission caps for big polluters, according to a draft government document seen by Reuters.
Can art inspire climate change action? An ice installation aims to do just that
To coincide with the latest IPCC climate report, 12 blocks of Greenland ice will be left to melt in Copenhagen City Hall Square as a visual representation of climate change.
The Guardian
Sea level could rise ‘height of man' by 2100
For those who think climate change means deep trouble, some comfort: there is a limit to how deep. Danish-led researchers have looked at all the projections and satisfied themselves that, at the very worst, sea levels this century will rise by a maximum 1.8 metres − roughly the height of an average man.
7 industries at greatest risk from climate change
Rising temperatures and sea levels, along with increased incidence of extreme weather events, pose a threat to the global economy. Global infrastructure spending, public food supply, health and surging demand for energy are among the demographic themes that could come with steep climate-change costs.
There’s a surprisingly strong link between climate change and violence
Earlier this year, when a study came out suggesting global warming will increase the rates of violent crimes in the United States -- producing "an additional 22,ooo murders, 180,000 cases of rape," and many other crime increases by the year 2099 -- it drew widespread criticism. "This ... is what people who are losing the argument look like," noted the conservative publication National Review. One study may seem easy to dismiss. But the combined results of 56 of them? Not so much.
The Washington Post
Poland isolated as pressure mounts on EU to deliver 2030 climate deal.
Poland is the only country resisting a 40% carbon target as part of the European Union’s 2030 package, sources close to negotiations say.
Divestment campaigners set their sights on UK banks
British banks are being urged to pull their money out of polluting fossil fuels, in the latest twist of the divestment movement. The UK’s five biggest banks have more than £66 billion invested in coal, oil and gas extraction, according to a report by European Greens.
US Energy Efficiency Ranks Released: How’d Your State Do?
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) 8th annual State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, released today, shows policymakers in most states are taking action to cut energy demand, with Massachusetts retaining its crown as the most energy-efficient state for a remarkable fourth consecutive year.
Agriculture, Lumber Industries Drive Deforestation
International agriculture and lumber industries are main drivers of tropical deforestation, according to a new study. More than a third of recent deforestation can be tied to production of beef, soy, palm oil and timber alone. "The trend is clear, the drivers of deforestation have been globalized and commercialized," assistant professor Martin Persson, of Chalmers University of Technology, said in a statement.

Nature World News
Sweden pledges $500m to Green Climate Fund
Sweden will pay half a billion dollars into the UN’s green bank, the government will announce in its 2015 budget.
US, EU want UN to stress low cost of climate change fight - draft
The United States and European Union want the U.N. to stress the low cost of fighting climate change in a draft handbook on the issue that it is compiling, a leaked document showed on Tuesday.
U.S. insurance firms failing to address climate change risk -report
Most U.S. insurance companies are completely unprepared to address the risks related to climate change, a new survey published Wednesday found, a finding that could have negative consequence for the wider debate over how to tackle the issue.
US greenhouse gas emissions rise despite Obama's new climate change push
America’s energy-related carbon pollution rose 2.5% last year despite President Barack Obama’s efforts to fight climate change, according to new federal data. The rise in emissions from burning coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels was one of the steepest on record in the last 25 years, according to the Energy Information Administration’s Monthly Energy Review.
The Guardian
The Global Green Economy Index Winners And Losers
The authors of the latest Global Green Economy Index have raised concerns about the “perceptions” of developed countries such as Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States, suggesting that “perceptions of their green economic performance dramatically exceed their actual performance on the [Global Green Economy Index].”
Carbon footprint: US awards Indian-origin teenager for innovative design
An Indian-American student has won 'America's Top Young Scientist' award for his innovative design of an eco-friendly device that seeks to reduce carbon footprint while offering power for household usage.
US Wind Industry Booming, Already Surpassing 2013 Levels
The US wind industry is booming, installing more in the first 9 months of 2014 than was installed throughout all of 2013. The figures come from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), which predicts 2014 will finish strong and push through to stepped-up installations throughout 2015.
UN climate debt swap is 'fundamentally unjust', say development agencies
A UN proposal that would see small island states offered debt relief to pay for climate change contains a “fundamentally unjust” blind spot, according to development groups.
The Guardian
Marshall Islands poet says youth must lead climate fight
Star of UN climate summit says support in New York left her stunned, and determined to save country from rising sea levels
Climate change warning stickers on SF gas pumps?
Gasoline pumps in San Francisco could soon carry a warning: Burn this fuel, and contribute to global warming.

SF Gate
Climate change: Europe's unfinished business (opinion)
Former Costa Rican president challenges EU to think of the next generation, rather than the next election.
Skyonic dedicates its carbon-capture plant
Austin-based Skyonic Corp. on Tuesday dedicated its first-of-a-kind factory in San Antonio, one that captures carbon dioxide emissions from a cement plant for conversion to byproducts that can be sold profitably to other industries.
San Antonio Express-News
'Build bridges for Lima climate talks'
The UN’s climate chief urged country negotiators on Monday to “build bridges” at talks in Bonn towards a new, global pact that received fresh endorsement from world leaders last month.
The Guardian
Bonn climate talks: Key steps to support the world’s most vulnerable
What are the key issues with which negotiators will be grappling during this round of UN talks in Bonn?
Prakash Mathema: Poorest countries have the most to lose at UN climate talks
Nepal's Prakash Mathema is leading the UN climate change negotiations for the group of Least Developed Countries Group (LDC). According to him, an ambitious outcome at the 2015 Paris UN summit can only be reached if vulnerability to climate change impacts of poorest countries are taken into consideration.
EU climate talks enter end game with everything still to play for
Diplomatic and lobbying activity across the EU stepped up a notch today, as governments and industry groups sought to set out their stall ahead of this week's crucial European Council meeting on the bloc's 2030 energy and climate change package.
Business Green
EU summit to debate multi-billion carbon quota 'transfer' system
EXCLUSIVE: European leaders meeting later this week for an EU summit on energy and climate change will discuss proposals allowing energy-rich nations like France and Germany to transfer 10% of CO2 emissions quotas to member states such as Poland, who are struggling to diversify their energy mix.
UPDATE 2-Britain targets 2017 for start of European carbon market reforms
Britain wants reforms to Europe's Emissions Trading System (ETS) to start from 2017, four years earlier than proposed, hoping to tackle the scheme's massive oversupply and boost investment in clean technologies.
Denmark's plan to offset transport emissions sparks EU row
A Danish bid to expand carbon offsetting to the transport sector has triggered uproar among NGOs and academics, with one new analysis saying it would devastate efforts to reign in fuel emissions.
The Guardian
These Last 6 Months Were The Warmest Humans Have Ever Recorded On Earth
Collectively, the past six months have been the hottest since humans started keeping track of global temperatures. Last month was the warmest September humans have recorded, according to both NASA's Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climatic Data Center.

Business Insider
Arctic ice melt sends Alaskan temperatures soaring by -7c
Scientists in the northern Alaska outpost of Barrow have linked 7C temperature rise to the decline in Arctic sea ice
Europe emission targets 'will fail to protect climate'
Prof Jim Skea, a vice-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, says the EU’s plan to cut CO2 emissions 40% by 2030 is too weak. He says it will commit future governments to “extraordinary and unprecedented” emissions cuts.
BBC News
Brazil must target smallholders to curb rising deforestation
Farmers with smallholdings are not responsible for most of the destruction of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, but their contribution to deforestation is rising and must be addressed if the country is to hold on to recent gains, according to an environmental research group.
The Guardian
UN’s Green Fund says all obstacles for pledges now removed
The head of the UN-backed Green Climate Fund is expecting further pledges of financial support after the board resolved key questions over its governance.
Big Box Retail's Latest Bright Idea: Solar Power
Big companies are finally beginning to see the light. Over the past two years, the top 25 corporate solar users in America have more than doubled their capacity, according to a new report by the Solar Energy Industries Association. Cumulatively, these companies produced enough electricity last year to power more than 115,000 homes.
Climate talks in Bonn to lay groundwork for new deal
Delegates from all parts of the world have gathered in Bonn for the last round of negotiations on a new climate agreement prior to this year’s UN climate conference in Lima, Peru, which starts at the end of next month.
The Irish Times
UN climate talks set to test New York summit gains
The impact of Ban Ki-moon’s New York summit on UN efforts to curb climate change faces its first test on Monday in Bonn, where envoys from over 190 countries meet for a week of negotiations. - See more at:
Global Clean Energy Investment Grows 11%
According to the Clean Energy Pipeline, global clean energy investment jumped 11% in the third quarter of 2014 over figures a year earlier, clearing $64 billion.
Qingdao prepares China’s 8th regional carbon market
A Chinese city of 9 million people is seeking to introduce a carbon market, which would be the eighth in the country.
India Expands Solar Power Target, Will Add 15 GW Over Next Five Years
The new Indian government has delivered on its promise to enhance the solar power capacity addition targets under the ambitious National Solar Mission announcing revised guidelines for capacity allocation.
Cheap African solar energy could power UK homes in 2018
Investors are seeking funding from the UK government for an ambitious plan to import solar energy generated in North Africa.
Under the scheme, up to 2.5 million UK homes could be powered by Tunisian sunshine by 2018.
BBC News
America Can Nearly Quadruple Its Renewable Electricity By 2030
A recent Union of Concerned Scientists (USC) study found that America can nearly quadruple its renewable electricity in the next 15 years, reaching 23% by 2030. This comes in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal that America set a modest goal of 12% renewable energy by 2030.
This is the Fortune 500 of companies taking the lead to fight climate change
CDP, a British environmental nonprofit, receives data from almost 2,000 companies around the world showing what they do to fight climate change. From that, the group has compiled a list of the 187 best companies—firms such as Apple, Samsung, and BMW—into a kind of elite (and much smaller) Fortune 500 for environmentally-conscious companies, dubbed the Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI), and it says those companies are outperforming the rest of the market.
First plant in Morocco solar mega-project to open in 2015
Morocco's first solar energy plant will begin operating in 2015, an official said Sunday, as part of a multi-billion-euro project the oil-scarce kingdom hopes will satisfy its growing energy needs.
Yahoo News
Global shipping emissions set to rise unchecked
Shipping is responsible for a billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year, a little more than Germany. Its share of global emissions fell from 3.2% in 2007 to 2.5% in 2012, according to the latest figures approved by the UN’s International Maritime Organization. But with no strategy to curb emissions, they are set to rise 50-250% by 2050, depending on the rate of economic growth.
IKEA may tighten carbon rules to protect environment
OSLO: IKEA Group, the world’s biggest furniture retailer, may introduce an internal carbon emissions price to help its drive to protect the environment and create a “new and better” company, chief executive Peter Agnefjall said.
Daily Times
Leo DiCaprio Changes Conservationist Climate With $2 Million Grant
Leonardo DiCaprio changes the productivity climate for ocean conservationists with a $2 million grant donation that will be used to help protect large areas of the Arctic and Pacific Islands. DiCaprio, actor and activist for environmental issues, submitted the grant to the collaborative international fund organization, Ocean 5, in order to help stop overfishing, build marine reserves, and allow the organization to expand its initiatives.
Guardian Liberty Voice