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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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After Paris attacks, increased resolve for UN climate talks
Still gripped by shock and grief, Paris will play host to a long-awaited U.N. climate conference under tragic circumstances that none could have foreseen.
Paris climate pledges can avert extreme warming: study
Pledges made in the lead-up to next week's major Paris climate change conference could limit severe warming, but only if countries turn their words into long-term action, a study said.
Pope, in Africa, says failure of climate summit would be catastrophic
World leaders must reach a historic agreement to fight climate change and poverty at upcoming Paris talks, facing the stark choice to either "improve or destroy the environment", Pope Francis said in Africa on Thursday.
Un fracaso de la conferencia sobre el clima sería “catastrófico”, advierte el Papa
El papa Francisco advirtió hoy de que sería “catastrófico” que en la próxima cumbre de la ONU sobre el cambio climático (COP21) prevalecieran los intereses particulares frente al bien común y se llegara a “manipular la información para proteger sus proyectos”.
RCN Radio
As climate conference looms, investors struggle to factor the environment in
If anyone needed proof of the link between the environment and investment, they need only look at the likely billions of dollars that auto giant Volkswagen looks set to pay in fines and compensation for making its cars appear greener than they are.
Unilever aims to use only renewable energy by 2030
Consumer goods maker Unilever said it would switch to using only renewable energy by 2030 and would stop using energy from coal by 2020, as businesses jostle to highlight their green credentials ahead of a global climate summit.
COP21 : les pneumologues français s'inquiètent des conséquences respiratoires du réchauffement climatique
Le réchauffement climatique causerait une recrudescence de l'asthme et des allergies et une aggravation des maladies respiratoires chroniques.
COP21 : un militant de la Coalition climat assigné à résidence
Deux jours avant le début du sommet, un membre du conseil juridique de la coalition a appris qu'il devait pointer trois fois par jour au commissariat.
Les agences de notation financière alertent sur le risque climat
À trois jours de l'ouverture de la COP21, l'agence de notation Standard & Poor's évalue dans une étude l'impact financier pour les États, de la multiplication des catastrophes naturelles. La Thaïlande apparaît très vulnérable.
Le Figaro
Japón ofrecerá en París 10.000 millones de euros para paliar cambio climático
Japón anunció hoy que ofrecerá 1,3 billones de yenes anuales (10.010 millones de euros) a partir de 2020 a los países en vías de desarrollo para paliar los efectos del cambio climático, de cara a la cumbre que se celebra desde el lunes en París.
Finnish president urges personal climate pledges from nation
Finland's president, who will head the country's delegation at the Paris climate talks, has urged Finns to cut their carbon footprint by half within 10 years.
Uganda, Tanzania Need Gender Sensitive Climate Change Policies
Climate Change needs to be at the top of the country’s agenda, according to a project examining Uganda’s policies. It says the country hasn’t paid enough attention to climate change in national development and agriculture plans and this needs to be turned around before it’s too late.
Worldwide Support for an Ambitious Climate-Change Deal Is Faltering, New Poll Says
A new poll released ahead of the U.N.-led climate change conference in Paris says that support around the world for an ambitious global climate-change deal has slipped in recent years.
Climate Summit in Paris to catch world’s attention
As 2015 is drawing to an end, Paris will once again become the focal point of the "global village." From Nov. 30 to Dec. 11, the 21st meeting of "the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change" (Global Climate Change Conference) will be held here.
Pope says it would be ‘catastrophic' if climate talks are derailed
Pope Francis warned Thursday that it would be "catastrophic" for world leaders to let special interest groups get in the way of a global agreement to curb fossil fuel emissions as he brought his environmental message to Africa on the eve of climate- change talks in Paris.
Paris climate summit: Can a deal be reached at the UN’s meeting?
For many, just getting nearly 200 countries to sign a climate deal would make the Paris meeting a success.
New Scientist
UN weather agency: It's record hot out there this year
Because of man-made global warming and a strong El Nino, Earth's wild weather this year is bursting the annual heat record, the World Meteorological Organization announced on Wednesday.
U.N. climate talks brought forward as new report warns of record heat
Negotiations for a world pact to curb global warming will start in Paris Sunday, a day ahead of schedule, the U.N. said Wednesday as a report warned that 2015 could become the hottest year on record
Yahoo! News
Climat : l'année 2015 partie pour être la plus chaude depuis l'ère industrielle
Le réchauffement risque d'atteindre le seuil record de 1 °C par rapport à l'ère préindustrielle.
Le Figaro
Christiana Figueres : «Pour le climat, on ne peut plus attendre!»
La COP21 s'ouvre le 30 novembre 2015. Au sortir de la rencontre informelle des ministres en charge des questions climatiques avant la conférence de Paris (Pré-COP), la secrétaire exécutive de la Convention-Cadre des Nations Unies sur les Changements Climatiques, Christiana Figueres, est revenue sur quelques-uns de enjeux de ces négociations décisives, de l'avis de tous les experts
Francia refuerza medidas de seguridad antes de COP21
Francia, que ya está en máxima alerta por el terrorismo, planea añadir 8.000 policías y gendarmes en todo el país para asegurar las fronteras nacionales y garantizar la seguridad en su territorio, donde se llevará a cabo la conferencia de Naciones Unidas sobre cambio climático (COP21) la próxima semana, informó este miércoles un funcionario del gobierno.
El Heraldo
Japan pledges $10.6 bln for climate policies in developing nations
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday promised to give $10.6 billion to developing nations by 2020 to help them implement policies against global warming, ahead of the UN climate talks in Paris next week.
Climat : avant la COP21, la parole est à la jeunesse
5.000 jeunes se réunissent à partir de ce jeudi au parc des expositions de Villepinte, au nord de Paris, à l'occasion de la 11ème Conférence de la jeunesse sur le climat organisée par l'ONU (la "COY", Conference of Youth), quelques jours avant la COP21.
COP21 : les 6 alternatives à la grande marche pour le climat annulée
À cause des récents attentats qui ont touché la capitale, la grande marche internationale pour le climat organisée le 29 novembre a été interdite. Il est quand même possible de se mobiliser par d'autres moyens
Obama to meet with leaders of China, India at climate summit
President Barack Obama is hoping to generate early momentum for international climate talks in Paris next week by holding one-on-one meetings there with the leaders of China and India.
Paris climate talks won't beat dangerous global warming but they will try to build a vehicle that can
UN climate meetings are curious events where the future of the world’s climate and everything that’s part of it can come down to the removal of square brackets on documents and the strike of a gavel.
Oxfam cifra en 750.000 millones el coste de los países pobres para adaptarse al cambio climático
Oxfam advirtió este miércoles de que los países en desarrollo podrían enfrentarse a unos costes de adaptación de 790.000 millones de dólares (unos 745.000 millones de euros) en 2050 si no se frena la reducción de emisiones de gases contaminantes o, en su defecto, a unas pérdidas económicas anuales de más del doble de esa cifra.
Year of Paris climate talks is likely to be the hottest on record
World Meteorological Organization says that a record-breaking temperature in 2015 underscores the need for a global climate deal.
French businesses pledge investment to fight global warming
A group of 39 French firms with combined revenue of about 1.2 trillion euros ($1.3 trillion) pledged on Thursday to invest at least 45 billion euros from 2016 to 2020 in renewable energy and low carbon technologies.
Japan's CO2 emissions fall 3 pct to 3-year low in FY2014
Nov 26 Japan's greenhouse gas emissions fell 3 percent to a three-year low in the fiscal year ended March due to reduced power demand and growing renewable energy, preliminary government figures showed on Thursday.
In Paris, a turning point for global climate talks
Long-time participants hope this year's UN climate summit can succeed where past efforts have fallen short.
Christian Science Monitor
Good COP, Bad COP: Will Paris Climate Summit Prevail?
Much has changed in the climate arena since 2009, and observers say there is reason to be hopeful that negotiators may finally seal some sort of deal.
A ‘perfect’ agreement in Paris is not essential Nature
Climate change rains on Nestlé’s Thanksgiving pumpkin pie parade
From craft beers to M&Ms, vodka to kale chips, breakfast cereals to eggnog, Chobani yoghurt to Coffee-Mate, pumpkin-spiced flavouring has become an inescapable feature of US grocery aisles each October and November.
Financial Times
What I expect from the UN climate change conference – Ban Ki Moon  The Malaysian Insider
What I expect from Paris – Climate change conference must be the turning point towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient future: Ban Ki-moon
For the nearly nine years that I have been Secretary-General, I have travelled the world to the frontlines of climate change, and I have spoken repeatedly with world leaders, business people and citizens about the need for an urgent global response.
The Times of India
Obama to meet China's Xi, India's Modi at Paris climate talks: White House
U.S. President Barack Obama will meet China's president and India's prime minister on the first day of the Paris climate talks on Nov. 30 to give momentum to the two-week U.N. negotiations, White House officials said on Tuesday.
Xi to Give Speech at Opening of Paris Climate Conference
BEIJING — President Xi Jinping will speak at a key climate change conference in Paris later this month, before making state visits to South Africa and Zimbabwe, officials announced Wednesday.
New York Times
India’s carbon caution in Paris
India needs to stake a claim on a fair and reasonable share of the global carbon budget. It must also confront the perception that this is a demand for the unrestricted use of coal.
The Hindu
China urges "differentiated responsibilities" on climate change
BEIJING, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- China has called for the upcoming Paris Climate Conference to be realistic about the different capabilities and responsibilities among developed and developing countries.
Paris climate talks: Tim Flannery optimistic global agreement will be reached
Australian Climate Council chief Tim Flannery says he is optimistic world leaders will reach a global agreement on climate change during talks in Paris next week.
Paris climate change summit a powerful rebuke to terrorists: Obama
The climate change summit in Paris next week is a “powerful rebuke” to terrorists and shows the global resolve to fight them, US President Barack Obama said, as he meet other world leaders during the important global meet on climate change in Paris, the city which was rocked by ISIS terror attacks earlier this month.
Climat: un plan de 16 milliards de dollars pour aider l'Afrique
La Banque mondiale a annoncé mardi un plan d'action pour aider l'Afrique à lutter contre le changement climatique qui nécessite un financement de 16,1 milliards de dollars d'ici 2020.
COP21: multiples annonces climatiques dans le secteur financier
Désengagement du charbon, meilleur financement des énergies renouvelables, verdissement des portefeuilles d'actifs... A l'approche de la COP21, banques et grands investisseurs institutionnels français multiplient les annonces en faveur du climat, avec des programmes aux ambitions variables.
Catastrophes climatiques: Plus de 600.000 morts au cours des 20 dernières années
Catastrophes climatiques: Plus de 600.000 morts au cours des 20 dernières années
Plus de 600.000 morts au cours des 20 dernières années en raison des catastrophes climatiques. Ce chiffre plus qu’éloquent est tiré d’un nouveau rapport de l’ONU qui illustre l’urgence d’agir contre le réchauffement, à une semaine de l’ouverture de la grande conférence de Paris sur le climat (COP21).
20 Minutes
20 minutes
China tops global list of clean energy investment
BEIJING, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- China invested 89 billion U.S. dollars in clean energy in 2014, the largest among 55 nations surveyed in a global report, representing the country's commitment to a low-carbon future.
Why India Is Key to a Climate Change Agreement in Paris
When the nations of the world meet in Paris later this month, the focus will be on climate change as well as terrorism. Of the two, climate change has the long-run potential to be more deadly and disruptive than the terrorism that recently reared its ugly head in Paris.
The Diplomat
Factbox: Many hurdles to Paris deal on climate change
Almost 200 nations will meet in Paris from Nov. 30-Dec. 11 for a summit on climate change, seeking a turning point away from an increasing reliance on fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution.
Climate change root cause of Syrian war: Prince Charles
LONDON: Prince Charles has pointed to the world's failure to tackle climate change as a root cause of the civil war in Syria, terrorism and the consequent refugee crisis engulfing Europe.
Times of India
Justin Trudeau promises 'Canadian approach' to climate change
Justin Trudeau says he's heading into the much-anticipated climate change talks in Paris next week with a "Canadian approach" to climate change, one that recognizes the work the provinces have already done.
CBC news
Laurent Fabius : Si la COP21 échoue, "la planète deviendra invivable"
Le ministre des Affaires étrangères Laurent Fabius a annoncé que la planète deviendrait «invivable» si la conférence sur le climat à Paris ne déboucherait pas sur un accord ambitieux.
Paris Match
COP21: faute de marche pour le climat, les ONG se mobilisent autrement
Pour des raisons de sécurité après les attentats de Paris, la société civile sera privée des grands rassemblements des 29 novembre et 12 décembre, initialement prévus dans la Capitale, en marge de la COP21. Quelles alternatives pour les ONG?
Avant la COP21, la France cherche l’appui des émergents
Inde, Afrique du Sud, Brésil. A une semaine de l’ouverture de la conférence des Nations unies sur le climat (COP21), Laurent Fabius a effectué, du 20 au 22 novembre, un ultime tour du monde pour tenter de sécuriser les négociations climatiques.
Le Monde
Las catástrofes se han duplicado por el cambio climático, según ONU
Un nuevo informe de un organismo de la ONU alerta que los desastres provocados por el recalentamiento del clima están aumentando su número y sus víctimas desde 1985.
500 millones de niños en riesgo por el cambio climático
Más de 500 millones de niños viven en áreas con riesgo extremo de inundaciones, y cerca de 160 millones viven en zonas afectadas por fuertes períodos de sequía, consecuencia de los efectos del cambio climático, según un estudio de Unicef del que informa Efe.
Leaders to defy terror threat by attending Paris climate summit
The attacks in Paris are affecting crucial climate change talks in the French capital starting later this month - but more than 120 world leaders strongly support the conference and have confirmed they will attend, a senior UN official said on Friday.
World leaders seek new path to slow warming of planet
Next week, in the waning days of what is set to be the hottest year on record, world leaders meet on the outskirts of Paris for a summit that seeks nothing less than to steer the global economy away from its ever-growing reliance on fossil fuels.
Heads of state confirm Paris climate talks attendance - source
Heads of state invited to climate talks in Paris starting on Nov. 30 have confirmed they will attend even after the Nov. 13 attacks by Islamic State militants that killed 130 people, a French presidency source said.
Brazil can help lead world to climate deal, France says
France is counting on Brazil to convince world leaders to strike a deal to limit annual temperature rise at an upcoming Paris summit, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Sunday.
Claves para entender la Cumbre de Cambio Climático de París, COP21
Representantes de 195 países, más la Unión Europea, acudirán las dos primeras semanas de diciembre a la Cumbre del Clima de París (21 Conferencia de las Partes, COP21) con el fin de alcanzar un pacto global de lucha contra el cambio climático. Estas son algunas de las cosas que debes de saber de cara a esa cita.
Hopes rise for Paris climate summit after terror
The UN climate-change conferences that are held in a different city each year have a habit of being overshadowed by troubles elsewhere — from Afghan wars to EU financial crises.
Financial Times
COP21, appel pour soutenir les femmes premières victimes du déréglement climatique
Malgré les attentats du 13 novembre 2015, le président français François Hollande n'oublie pas la COP21 et les mesures concrètes en vue d'enrayer les bouleversements climatiques annoncés
First ministers meet in show of good intentions to combat climate change
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the country's premiers will take the first steps Monday toward reversing Canada's reputation as an environmental laggard in the international fight against climate change.
El tiempo perdido en la lucha contra el cambio climático
Tras décadas de inacción, 195 países discutirán dentro de una semana en París un pacto global contra el calentamiento
El País
Tuvalu says climate change is a human rights issue
Tuvalu's prime minister says the international community must recognise that inclusive human right principles are key to achieving a solution on climate change
Radio New Zealand International
Prince Charles: Climate change failure is a factor behind Syrian crisis
Prince Charles has suggested the cause of conflict in Syria is climate change, in a wide-ranging interview.
Changement climatique, la finance se mobilise
Si nombre d’investisseurs privés ont déjà intégré l’enjeu climatique dans leur stratégie, beaucoup attendent encore un signal fort des autorités politiques.
La Croix
Comment les multinationales se servent du changement climatique pour imposer leur futur modèle agricole
Les émissions de gaz à effet de serre liées au secteur agricole sont dans le collimateur des gouvernements.
Canada's Alberta to introduce economy-wide carbon tax in 2017
The Canadian province of Alberta, home to the country's controversial oil sands, said on Sunday it will implement an economy-wide tax on carbon emissions in 2017, addressing long-standing criticism it is not doing enough to combat climate change.
Looking for a beacon of hope on climate change in Paris
As Paris recovers from the shock of the recent horrific attacks, the City of Light also stands as a beacon of hope for the world as it prepares to host a historic meeting of world leaders. This event provides a level of optimism not witnessed before, providing the possibility of a global energy technology revolution over the next 40 years.
Irish Times
Paris climate summit: Why more women need seats at the table
Women, particularly those in developing countries, are on the frontlines of a changing climate. Extreme weather events, deforestation and loss of biodiversity threaten their survival and that of their families.
CNN/The Conversation
Yes, the Paris climate change conference can save the planet (by Ed Miliband) Guardian
Indigenous peoples’ voices must be heard at Paris climate change conference, UN agency says
Indigenous peoples own, occupy or manage up to 65 per cent of the Earth’s land surface
UN News Centre
Ahead of UN conference, Reykjavik and businesses sign declaration on climate change
A declaration on climate issues has been signed in Iceland by the city of Reykjavik and more than one hundred businesses and institutions, all pledging to take active measures to cut global warming by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and cut waste.
UN News Centre
La ONU pide objetivos más ambiciosos para la Cumbre del Clima de París
La respuesta de la ONU a los gobiernos que se reunirán a partir del próximo día 30 en París para cerrar el acuerdo sobre Cambio Climático que sustituya al Protocolo de Kioto no deja lugar a dudas: Hay margen para ser más ambiciosos.
El Mundo
BNP Paribas va arrêter à son tour le financement de l'extraction de charbon
La banque va doubler ses financements des énergies renouvelables d'ici à 2020.
Les Echos
139 Countries Could Get All of their Power from Renewable Sources
Energy from wind, water and sun would eliminate nuclear and fossil fuels
Scientific American
Permafrost: hiding a climate time bomb?
Umiujaq (Canada) (AFP) - On the front line of climate change in the Canadian Arctic, scientists hunt for clues to a potentially catastrophic global warming trend: melting permafrost.
UK heritage hit by climate change, warns National Trust
Rising temperatures and more extreme weather posing new challenges for National Trust properties’ gardens, rare books and tapestries
The Guardian
Paludisme, dengue, stress... Le changement climatique devient une urgence médicale
Le changement climatique sera responsable de 250.000 décès supplémentaires par an, avertit l'OMS. Paludisme, dengue, sous-alimentation, maladies respiratoires, stress, sont autant de conséquences du réchauffement.
Climat : octobre 2015 explose le compteur
Avec 1,04°C de plus que la référence climatologique (calculée sur 1951-1980) le mois d'octobre 2015 explose le compteur des températures planétaires.
More Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas Sanctions Carbon Capture and Storage
“CCS must be deployed to make deep cuts in CO2 emissions,” International Energy Agency
Study Urges New York Buildings to Upgrade Heating Systems to Cut Emissions
Mayor Bill de Blasio has set an ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050.
The New York Times
El 30% de los osos polares, en peligro por el cambio climático
Las alarmas se han encendido. La población de osos polares podría verse mermada un 30% en apenas cuatro décadas.
La razon
New UN report cites huge positive policy potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions
18 November 2015 –
A new report packed with best practice climate policies from across the world was released today by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC),
UN News
COP21 climate marches in Paris not authorised following attacks
Major marches which had been planned to coincide with the COP21 international climate talks in Paris will not be authorised for security reasons, the French government has said.
The Guardian
COP21 : le gouvernement interdit les manifestations sur la voie publique
Le gouvernement a décidé, mercredi 18 novembre, l’annulation de la grande manifestation qui devait se tenir à Paris, entre les places de la République et de la Nation, dimanche 29 novembre
Le Monde
Prohibidas en Francia las manifestaciones en torno a la COP21
18 November 2015 – A new report packed with best practice climate policies from across the world was released today by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC
UN News Centre
COP21 : interdiction des manifestations prévues en France
Par mesure de sécurité, les marches pour le climat prévues les 29 novembre et 12 décembre n'auront pas lieu, même si la conférence climat est maintenue.
Barack Obama optimistic of reaching climate change deal at Paris summit
US president Barack Obama said on Wednesday he was optimistic an elusive deal to contain global warming could be forged at an upcoming crunch summit in Paris, and insisted an ambitious deal would boost a flagging world economy.
The Guardian
Acuerdo de COP21 sería también el mayor tratado de salud pública: OMS
Si se logra un acuerdo en la cumbre COP21 sobre Cambio Climático de París, a finales de este año, "no sólo será un pacto sobre medio ambiente sino uno de los tratados de salud pública más importantes del siglo"
El Tiempo
The Good, the Bad, the Bewildering: 10 Countries’ Climate Pledges
When China and the United States agreed a year ago to scale back greenhouse gas emissions, they set the stage for this month's international climate talks in Paris.
National Geographic
Africa: Indigenous People Ignored in Climate Plans, Seek Voice At UN Talks
Bangkok — The role of the world's more than 370 million indigenous peoples in fighting climate change has been largely ignored
All Africa
Climat: Londres arrêtera ses centrales au charbon les plus polluantes d'ici 2025
Londres - Le gouvernement britannique a annoncé mercredi qu'il souhaitait arrêter les centrales au charbon les plus polluantes du pays d'ici à 2025,
Changement climatique : des étiquettes obligatoires sur les pompes à essence
Le conseil municipal de la Ville de North Vancouver a adopté à l'unanimité un nouveau règlement obligeant les stations d'essence
Radio Canada
Senators Revive Financing Tactic From ’70s for Carbon Emissions
For years, power companies, manufacturers and entrepreneurs have tried to make capturing and storing carbon emissions from industrial operations like burning coal into a business, to little avail.
The New York Times
Colorado Unveils Plan to Manage Water Amid Drought, Demand
DENVER — The snow that falls on the Colorado mountains melts into trillions of gallons of water every year, and most of it flows downstream to Mexico,
The New York Times
Obama 'optimistic' of Paris climate summit success
US President Barack Obama said Wednesday he was "optimistic" a crucial summit in Paris aimed at securing a deal to contain global warming change would be a success.
In Asia, Obama says climate action will be good for business
Weeks away from a deadline, President Barack Obama sought to build momentum Wednesday for a potentially legacy-burnishing global climate change agreement by arguing that bold climate action will be a boon for businesses in Asia and around the world.
France to decide on Paris climate rally by Thursday
France will decide in the next couple of days whether to let climate change activists stage a rally in Paris on Nov. 29, the eve of a U.N. summit, amid worries about security after attacks that killed 129 people, an organizer said on Tuesday.
UN climate change meet should consider role for nuclear power: IAEA head
The upcoming UN climate change conference should consider the role of nuclear of power in producing electricity with low environmental impact, according to Yukio Amano, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
OMS insta a los países a proteger la salud por cambio climático
La Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) instó a los gobiernos a alcanzar un acuerdo internacional en la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático (COP-21) en beneficio de la salud de la especie humana.
El Imparcial
Paris steps up security for United Nations climate change conference
The popular gathering places – a concert hall, a sports stadium, busy bars and cafes – hit last week by shooting and bomb attacks presented extremists with ideal opportunities to inflict major casualties.
LA Times
Climat : le G20 dit sa détermination avant la COP21, non sans peine
Le G20 souhaite que la grande conférence de l'ONU sur le climat accouche d'un «protocole, autre instrument ou accord ayant force juridique» et «s'appliquant à toutes les parties».
Le Parisien
Le Forum Climat COP21 Bordeaux mobilise 400 personnes
Le Forum Cop21 Bordeaux organisé ce matin au Stade Matmut Atlantique s'est déroulé dans un contexte particulier après les attentats perpétrés ce week-end à Paris.
La Tribune
OECD agrees deal to restrict financing for coal technology
Members of the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) struck a deal on Tuesday to restrict subsidies used to export technology for coal-fired power plants, ending months of wrangling.
G20: l'urgence climatique attendra
Les chefs d'Etat et de gouvernement des pays les plus riches ont accouché lundi d'une déclaration a minima. Inquiétant, à moins de deux semaines du début de la COP 21.
Arctic experts optimistic about Paris climate conference, COP21
Arctic experts say they expect the upcoming Paris climate summit to achieve more than previous climate talks and put indigenous issues at the forefront.
Rockefeller Fund: 'The oil age is coming to an end'
Stephen Heintz, president of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, explains to DW how it makes perfect sense that a fund which got rich on oil is now divesting from fossil fuels.
Deutsche Welle
Un Apple Store entièrement alimenté à l’énergie renouvelable pour Singapour
Apple vient de signer un contrat avec Sunseap Group pour alimenter à 100% les infrastructures de la pomme à Singapour. Une première pour Apple et pour le pays.
Le Soir
Clean energy in refugee camps could save millions of dollars
Stretched humanitarian agencies could save millions of dollars – and reduce carbon emissions, deforestation and violence against women and girls – if solar power and other clean energy sources were installed at refugee camps, according to new analysis released today.
Climate change and cities: a prime source of problems, yet key to a solution
Ahead of the COP21 UN climate summit, Nicholas Stern and Dimitri Zenghelis argue that the choices cities make today on transport and industry will determine whether the world can benefit from resource-efficient growth
Paris Climate Conference Represents 'Best Chance' For World To Act
NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to Todd Stern, the U.S. special envoy for climate change, ahead of the Paris Climate Conference. Negotiators from nearly 200 countries will discuss how to slow climate change.
Business not as usual
The B Team is an international group of business leaders leveraging their influence for the common good.
The Hindu Business Line
World leaders back drive for Paris climate deal
Leaders of the world's top economies on Monday backed a drive to curb catastrophic climate change at an upcoming UN conference in Paris, according to a statement drawn up in tough, all-night talks.
Manuel Valls pour une COP21 réduite à la négociation
La COP21, la conférence des Nations unies sur le climat, qui prévoit d’accueillir quelque 40 000 participants du 30 novembre au 11 décembre au Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis), est maintenue
Le Monde
France to limit U.N. climate summit to core talks, ban rallies: PM
France will limit a U.N. climate summit in Paris starting in two weeks' time to core negotiations and cancel planned marches and concerts after the attacks that killed 129 people, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Monday.
La COP21 sera «sans doute réduite à la négociation»
Prévues en marge de la COP21, «toute une série de concerts, de manifestations plutôt festives seront sans aucun doute annulés» à cause des attentats à Paris, a annoncé Manuel Valls ce matin au micro de RTL.
Le Figaro
El G20 asume la necesidad de un acuerdo climático vinculante
Las potencias proponen que el tratado de París sea de obligatorio cumplimiento, aunque aún sin especificar cuotas
El Periódico
India slows progress on ambitious climate change accord
India has blocked G20 efforts to pave the way for an ambitious climate change accord in a sign of deep divisions just two weeks before delegates from almost 200 nations meet in Paris.
Financial Times
Climat : le G20 dit sa détermination avant la COP21, non sans peine
Le G20 souhaite que la grande conférence de l'ONU sur le climat accouche d'un «protocole, autre instrument ou accord ayant force juridique» et «s'appliquant à toutes les parties».
Le Parisien
G20 leaders push for lifting of global growth
Endorsing India's stand, the G20 leaders on Monday pushed for a collective plan to lift global growth, create employment and promote development to eradicate poverty and to ensure equitable, sustained and balanced growth.
Climate change: Paris pact should be balanced, ambitious
In what was the toughest paragraph to be negotiated in the G-20 summit communique this year, leaders of the world’s leading economies said on Monday that the Paris agreement on climate change should be “fair, balanced, ambitious, durable and dynamic”.
Indian Express
Alerta El Niño: va a ser el más fuerte en 15 años y ya se están sintiendo sus efectos
El fenómeno meteorológico es uno de los más virulentos desde 1950 y el más fuerte en 15 años, señaló hoy la Organización Meteorológica Mundial. Anticipó que provocará inundaciones y sequías.
El Niño strengthening, will be among biggest on record: WMO
The El Niño weather pattern, a phenomenon associated with extreme droughts, storms and floods, is expected to strengthen before the end of the year and become one of the strongest on record, the U.N. weather agency said on Monday.
Climate summit under terror's shadow in Paris
Friday's deadly attacks in Paris threaten to cast a shadow on the global climate summit that's set to begin in that city two weeks from now — steering public attention away from the longer-term threat of a warming planet and rising seas toward the more immediate threat of ISIL terrorists.
Climate activists want to march in Paris despite attacks
Environmental activists said Monday that they want to go ahead with plans to march in Paris before the U.N. climate summit later this month, despite the attacks in the French capital.
Un centre suisse sur le climat pour prévenir les catastrophes naturelles
La Confédération se dote d'un centre de compétences sur le climat. Le "National Centre for Climate Services (NCCS)" aidera autorités, économie et société civile à identifier les risques et les opportunités liés à cette question.
Climate change investment up 18 pct in 2014 as clean energy surges
Global investment in activities to reduce planet-warming emissions and vulnerability to climate change grew 18 percent to $391 billion in 2014, as private backing for renewable energy technologies surged, researchers said.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Paris Terror Attacks Could Embolden World Leaders At UN Climate Change Summit
When world leaders meet in Paris this month to negotiate a global agreement on climate change, the wounds of last week’s terrorist attacks will have barely begun to heal.
International Business Times
Benin tackles climate change with sunshine and coconuts
Philomene Ahouansou cooks beans and rice in three giant steel pots by the roadside in Benin's capital, Porto-Novo.
Nepal’s farmers turn ‘climate smart’ as erratic rains bite
Plastic sheeting, plywood and resilient seeds can make a huge difference to communities faced with increasingly tough climate-linked impacts
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On Kenya's climate frontline, female farmers are building a secure future
In drought-ridden Samburu county, support programmes are helping women to provide for their families and build communities’ resilience to climate change
France to go ahead with climate change summit
France plans to go ahead with a global climate change summit in Paris at the end of the month, the prime minister said on Saturday, despite a wave of deadly attacks on Friday night that killed 127 people in the capital.
Attaques à Paris : la COP21 est maintenue
« La COP21 doit se tenir. Elle se tiendra avec des mesures de sécurité renforcées mais c’est une action absolument indispensable contre le dérèglement climatique et bien évidemment elle se tiendra », a déclaré le ministre des affaires étrangères, Laurent Fabius
Le Monde
Francia no suspenderá la cumbre del cambio climático en París
Francia está determinada a celebrar la cumbre del cambio climático (COP21), cuya inauguración está prevista para el próximo 30 de noviembre, aunque planea adoptar "medidas de seguridad reforzadas", informó una fuente diplomática francesa.
El Mundo
France promises ‘enhanced’ COP21 security after terror attacks
Climate summit will go ahead but foreign minister Laurent Fabius indicates policing levels will be increased as a result of IS assault
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Green groups re-think massive Paris climate march after attacks
A massive demonstration planned by environmental activists for the eve of this month's U.N. climate summit in Paris is in doubt as organizers weigh the security risks, and the propriety, of gathering in huge numbers in a city where attacks killed 129 people.
Celac intenta tener ‘voz’ en cumbre de cambio climático
La Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y del Caribe (Celac), que Ecuador preside de manera temporal, buscará que el acuerdo que se suscriba en la conferencia mundial sobre el cambio climático –conocida como COP21–, que empezará en París dentro de dos semanas, incluya aspectos generales que como bloque discuten.
El Universo
Climat: la France veut que le G20 muscle ses engagements
À deux semaines d'une conférence de l'ONU sur le climat à Paris dont le succès reste incertain, la France a réclamé à ses partenaires du G20 plus d'ambition pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique.
Le Paris vert d'Anne Hidalgo
A quinze jours de l'ouverture de la conférence sur le Climat, la maire de Paris inaugure, ce dimanche sur les Champs-Elysées, un «tram» 100% électrique. Une initiative qui fait écho au plan présenté cette semaine pour la transition énergétique de la capitale.
Le Figaro
Thomas Piketty calls for investors to divest from fossil fuels ahead of climate talks
Economist says Paris summit offers a decisive moment in history for investors to move out of the dirty fuels that put the ‘public’s wellbeing at risk’
Paris climate talks could be a light in the darkness of terror  The Conversation
‘Paris climate talks are not just hot air’
Any global climate change agreement reached in Paris next month will be legally binding and have a concrete impact, France’s President and Foreign Minister said yesterday, reacting to US comments that questioned the status of the accord.
CLIMATE COUNTDOWN: When's a warming treaty not a treaty?
It's the elephant in the negotiating room that few officials want to acknowledge: Whatever international deal comes out of Paris climate talks, it likely won't be a treaty that needs ratification by a reluctant Republican U.S. Congress.
Star-studded 24-hour worldwide broadcast on climate change airs Friday
What happens when you combine former Vice President Al Gore, musical acts like Elton John, Jon Bon Jovi, and Hozier, heads of state, and global business leaders? You have "24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth: The World is Watching," a live 24-hour telethon aimed at generating interest around climate change awareness leading to the upcoming UN climate talks in Paris.
Ethiopia: African leaders call for climate-change pact at COP21
A group of African leaders, along with UN experts, have issued a statement calling for an agreement on climate change at the Paris COP21 conference that would address the continent's urgent needs to address this issue
Andalou Agency
Climate-threatened nations seek tougher temperature goal in Paris deal
A coalition of more than 40 countries most at risk from climate change has called for a new U.N. deal, due to be agreed in Paris next month, to enshrine a goal of keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, warning over a billion people are in danger.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Países del G20 completan entrega de sus compromisos por cambio climático
A la vista de los planes entregados hasta el momento, el organismo estima que la temperatura global se lograría limitar en 2,7 grados centígrados este siglo.
Diario Financiero
Cities must take lead role in tackling climate change, says Mexico City mayor
Ahead of the Paris climate talks, Miguel Angel Mancera says countries should change direction and look to cities for inspiration – while revealing plans for a new water fund to address his city’s major shortages
Oxfam slams fossil fuel subsidies, tells rich nations to help poor
Rich nations should take advantage of low oil prices to cut fossil fuel subsidies and channel some of the savings into climate change support for the world's poorest, the aid agency Oxfam said on Friday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
No backpedalling on UN deal, say Africa’s endurance cyclists
Teams of bikers relay climate justice baton across vulnerable continent to drum up support for 1.5C temperature limit
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El 51 % países no tiene plan adecuado de salud y cambio climático
En España, los aspectos relacionados con la salud del Plan Nacional de Adaptación al Cambio Climático “han sido muy poco desarrollados”, y el funcionamiento del Observatorio de Salud y Cambio Climático nacional es “limitado”
Climate risk could undermine investments, report warns
A report has warned that investors could be hit hard amid changes in short-term market swings, triggered by climate impact concerns.
HSBC alloue 1 milliard de dollars à un portefeuille de "Green Bonds"
HSBC a annoncé aujourd'hui son engagement à hauteur de 1 milliard de dollars dans un portefeuille obligataire "vert" qui va investir dans des actifs liquides de haute qualité issus d'obligations vertes, sociales ou responsables.
Website launched for Paris climate change Summit
Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar today launched a website specially created for putting up India's stand and efforts in the run up to the climate change Summit to be held in Paris later this month.
Paris and the Fate of the Earth‏ St. Kitts & Nevis Observer
Global warming rapidly melts massive Greenland glacier
A massive glacier in northeast Greenland has dramatically melted in the past decade and would raise global sea levels by a foot and a half if it thawed completely, according to a study published Thursday.
USA Today
Climate talks: High pressure in Paris Financial Times
Paris climate deal will not be a legally binding treaty
John Kerry, US secretary of state, has warned that December’s Paris climate change talks will not deliver a “treaty” that legally requires countries to cut their carbon emissions, exposing international divisions over how to enforce a deal.
Financial Times
John Kerry soutient qu'un accord à la COP 21 ne sera pas juridiquement contraignant
L'accord qui pourrait émerger à l'issue de la conférence de Paris sur le climat ne sera pas à proprement parler un "traité" impliquant une contrainte juridique, a affirmé le secrétaire d'Etat américain.
Kerry says Paris climate deal will not be legally binding: report
A crunch climate summit in Paris will not deliver a legally binding treaty requiring countries to cut carbon emissions, US Secretary of State John Kerry told the Financial Times on Wednesday.
G20 nations must switch big subsidies from fossil fuel to renewables-report
G20 members are spending $452 billion a year subsidising fossil fuel production - nearly four times global spending on renewable energy subsidies - despite pledging to phase out fossil fuel support to tackle climate change, a new report said on Thursday.
G20: 8 reasons why this weekend’s summit is climate critical
The G20 never used to be a big moment in the climate calendar. But times have changed. What’s decided in Antalya will have ramifications for Paris
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UE: 50.000 millones para adaptación a cambio climático
La Unión Europea (UE) aportará 50.000 millones de euros (unos 53.680 millones de dólares) para apoyar a los países en desarrollo en la adaptación al cambio climático, informó la sede del organismo en Nicaragua.
Deutsche Welle
Egypt targets fossil fuel subsidy phase-out in UN climate pledge
North African state will make consumers pay the full cost of energy within five years, but is not committing to emissions curbs
Climate Home
Países ricos buscan frenar inversiones en la industria del carbón
Estados Unidos y Japón realizaron una acción histórica para frenar el crédito de apoyo financiero para el combustible fósil.
Climat : la demande mondiale d'énergie va augmenter de 30% d'ici à 2040
Charbon, pétrole, émissions de CO2, énergies renouvelables: l'Agence internationale de l'énergie publie les scénarios des grands enjeux énergétiques et climatiques des vingt-cinq ans à venir.
Le Figaro
U.N. climate deal must unlock private funding for forests: experts
A new global deal to curb climate change due in Paris next month must "switch on" forest protection schemes by allowing the carbon credits they produce to help meet country pledges to cut planet-warming emissions, forest experts said.
Climate vulnerable nations appeal for harder UN goal
A coalition of nations most at risk from climate change appealed Wednesday for a crucial UN summit to enshrine a much tougher target on global warming, warning that more than one billion lives were at stake.
Why are oil and gas companies calling for more action on climate change?
This year many of us have increased our advocacy on this issue. And last month, companies responsible for a fifth of the world's oil and gas supply in the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) threw their support behind a new global agreement at the forthcoming UN talks in Paris.
Moving to renewable energy would create millions of jobs, study finds
If you’ve been paying attention to the Republican debates, you’ve likely noticed that the environment doesn’t come up a lot — and when it does, it’s discussed like we can either have jobs or environmental regulations, but not both.
Energy Transition Underway Ahead of Paris Climate Talks
As global leaders prepare to gather in Paris for the international climate negotiations next month, there are signs that a major worldwide energy transition from coal and crude oil to renewables and other less-polluting forms of energy is underway, according to an International Energy Agency report.
Climate Central
Free Lunch: The potential of Paris Financial Times
Climate summit: 'considerable task ahead', says France
Ministers and negotiators from more than 75 nations have made headway in talks ahead of a crunch UN climate summit but "the task ahead is considerable", France's foreign minister said Tuesday
Ambitious climate change agreement in sight: Fabius
An ambitious agreement on limiting global warming is within reach, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Tuesday after a meeting of ministers ahead of the U.N. climate summit in Paris in December.
France says progress made toward UN climate agreement
A step forward has been made toward reaching a climate change deal at a U.N. conference in Paris next month, the French government said Tuesday, following a three-day ministerial meeting to prepare the talks.
The climate revolutionary
In May of last year, Christiana Figueres came up to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. The U.N. climate chief was there to see the Norwegian government-run global seed vault, a kind of Noah’s Ark of most crop samples, preserved near the North Pole in case of environmental catastrophe that signals Norway’s good green intentions.
Climat: une "tâche considérable" avant de parvenir à l'accord de Paris
La tâche reste "considérable" pour parvenir en décembre à Paris à un accord ambitieux contre le réchauffement planétaire, a averti mardi le futur président de la COP21 Laurent Fabius, même si les ministres de 70 pays réunis depuis dimanche ont fait "des avancées".
Le Point/AFP
France Cites Progress on Climate Talks
Top French and U.N. officials are upbeat about chances of reaching an ambitious climate change deal next month, as energy and environment ministers from roughly 70 countries wrapped up the last major set of climate talks in Paris Tuesday before December’s summit.
Voice of America
Saudi Arabia presents climate pledge ahead of Paris summit
Saudi Arabia, whose oil-fueled economy could suffer from global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, on Tuesday submitted a climate action pledge to the United Nations.
La Cumbre del Clima reunirá en París a 117 primeros ministros y presidentes
El optimismo se ha instalado en París durante tres días. Los 70 ministros de Medio Ambiente que desde el domingo han estado preparando en la capital francesa la importante Cumbre del Clima, han constatado el espaldarazo político: 117 primeros ministros o presidentes acudirán a su apertura el 30 de noviembre.
El País
Saudi Arabia says will diversify oil economy to slow climate change
Saudi Arabia, the world's largest crude oil exporter, plans to diversify its economy to help combat climate change in a move that could reduce expected carbon emissions by up to 130 million tonnes a year by 2030, the government said on Tuesday.
Bolivie. Climat : le double discours d’Evo Morales
Le président bolivien, actuellement en visite en Europe, défendra des mesures ambitieuses de lutte contre le réchauffement de l’atmosphère lors de la Conférence sur le climat à Paris. Pourtant, dans son pays, ses décisions contrastent avec ce discours officiel.
Courrier international
Malawi Gets U.S $12.3 Million to Scale Up Early Warning System
The Green Climate Fund Board (GCF) has approved US$12.3 million for Malawi to scale up the use of modernised climate information and an early warning system which is expected to benefit at least 3 million people in the country.
Nyasa Times
UAE’s environment goals set out ahead of crucial Paris conference
Ahead of the 21st session of Conference of Parties in Paris later this month, the UAE has pledged to generate 24 per cent of its electricity from clean energy sources by 202​1, as part of its outline for legally binding actions to be taken to protect the environment.
The National
India makes strong pitch for climate finance ahead of Paris climate summit
With the world expecting to sign a global climate deal in Paris next month, India on Tuesday said that the crucial issue of post-2020 finance would be fundamental to the success of the climate summit in the French capital where the countries would hopefully arrive at an agreement next month.
Times of India
For people of Kiribati, climate change a matter of survival
For Kiribati and other island nations, a lot rides on the negotiations in the Paris climate change conference.
Indian Express
Climate change is hot topic for Africa as temperatures rise
When world leaders begin negotiating a new climate deal in Paris at the end of the month, a new study showing Africa’s temperatures have risen at twice the global rate ought to be crucial to their deliberations.
Irish Times
India sees clean cooking as climate action that saves lives
India, the world's third largest climate polluting nation, has spent decades encouraging cleaner cooking technologies, with limited success. Such a shift would have little impact on India's emissions of climate-warming greenhouse gases, and many of the alternatives pollute as well.
Un mapamundi interactivo muestra las inundaciones del cambio climático
Una aplicación informática visualiza las zonas que quedarían bajo el nivel del mar en ciudades como Barcelona, Valencia o Nueva York
La Vanguardia
Greenhouse gases hit new milestone, fueling worries about climate change
New scientific data released on Monday confirmed 2015’s place as a milestone year for the Earth’s environment, with both temperatures and greenhouse gases crossing symbolic thresholds with ominous implications for future climate change.
Washington Post
Climat: cascade de rapports alarmistes dans la dernière ligne droite avant la COP21
Grandes villes menacées par la montée des océans, concentration record de gaz à effet de serre: les rapports alarmistes sur le dérèglement climatique s'accumulent, mettant sous pression la soixantaine de ministres réunis à Paris pour préparer la conférence de Paris sur le climat.
Le Point
Hollande propone la creación de un "consejo de seguridad medioambiental"
El presidente de Francia, François Hollande, propuso hoy la creación de un "consejo de seguridad medioambiental" para verificar que los países cumplen los compromisos que adopten para combatir el cambio climático.
China promises action on climate ahead of Paris talks
China has changed course and emerged as a leader in curbing greenhouse gas emissions six years after it was accused of obstructing the last high-level climate talks in Copenhagen.
World's climate about to enter 'uncharted territory' as it passes 1C of warming
Global warming milestone is one of three climate records set to be broken in 2015, says UK Met Office
Walking tall: Expect tears as UN climate chief eyes Paris
Christiana Figueres has led the UN’s climate body for five turbulent years – and finally the diminutive Costa Rican has a global deal in her sights
Climate Home
'A one-off in human history': Stern's warning on climate change battle
Speaking before Paris summit, expert says Europe must take urgent steps such as ending fossil fuel subsidies and encouraging electric cars
Peabody reaches deal with New York AG on climate disclosures
Peabody Energy Corp, the biggest U.S. coal miner, said on Monday it had reached an agreement with the New York Attorney General's office to amend its climate change disclosures, bringing to an end an eight-year investigation.
Peabody Energy reaches climate-change settlement
The world's largest publicly-traded coal company has agreed to make fuller public disclosures about the risks climate change poses to its business in a settlement of charges that it misled investors and the public
USA Today
For people of Kiribati, climate change a matter of survival
For an island country that rests barely three meters above the sea level, climate change essentially is a matter of survival.
Indian Express
How France is steering the world to a climate deal
Paris has been on a three-year diplomacy drive to secure success at next month’s critical UN summit
Climate Home
Paris' key climate change pre-talks sets stage for COP 21
U.S. President Barack Obama announced on Friday he was officially rejecting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have carried Canadian oil sands bitumen south through the states.
Réchauffement climatique: les cinq chiffres qui font peur à l'aube de la COP 21
À trois semaines de la conférence de Paris (COP21), qui doit aboutir à un accord mondial pour limiter le réchauffement à +2°C d'ici la fin du siècle, le point sur cinq chiffres alarmants relatifs à l'évolution du climat.
Climate Change Threatens 55 Million in India's Coastal Areas: Report
Climate change threatens nearly 55 million people in India's coastal areas. This could lock in enough rise of sea level to submerge land currently home to more than half a billion people globally if the temperature spikes by four degrees Celsius, which is humanity's current trajectory, according to a new report.
La producción de alimentos en riesgo por la falta de agua, alerta la FAO
La disponibilidad de agua depende del cambio climático, que ha llevado a que en algunas regiones se registre un mayor número de sequías e inundaciones
Shift to Lower-Carbon Energy Is Too Slow, Report Warns
Even as the world shifts toward lower-carbon forms of energy, the changes are happening too slowly to keep global temperatures from rising to dangerous levels in the coming decades, an international research group warns in a report to be released on Tuesday.
NY Times
Trudeau has green light to tackle climate change: Editorial Toronto Star
Rising temperatures could drive 100m into extreme poverty, World Bank warns
Efforts to curb climate change must be twinned with programmes to cut poverty, warns a study of the threat posed by global warming to food security
The Guardian
100 millones más de pobres en 2030 por efectos de cambio climático
Alrededor de 100 millones de personas podrían caer en la pobreza de ahora hasta 2030 si no se toman más medidas para enfrentar el cambio climático, en gran parte debido a sus efectos sobre la agricultura, indicó hoy el Banco Mundial.
El Universal
Climat: Si on ne fait rien, il y aura 100 millions de pauvres en plus d'ici à 2030
A quelques semaines de la COP 21, la menace devrait inciter certains pays à agir. Car la planète comptera 100 millions de personnes supplémentaires vivant dans l'extrême pauvreté d'ici à 2030 si aucune action n'est prise pour limiter l'impact du réchauffement climatique, estime un rapport de la Banque mondiale publié dimanche.
20 minutes
Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline on climate grounds
White House takes symbolic step to axe giant oil project as world prepares for Paris pact to curb greenhouse gas emissions
Climate Home
'A one-off in human history': Stern's warning on climate change battle
Speaking before Paris summit, expert says Europe must take urgent steps such as ending fossil fuel subsidies and encouraging electric cars
The Guardian
Más de 60 ministros de Medio Ambiente intentan en París allanar el camino a la COP21
Más de 60 ministros de Medio Ambiente de todo el mundo se reúnen desde hoy en París para cerrar los últimos detalles antes del inicio de la cumbre del cambio climático (COP21), que comenzará en solo tres semanas en la capital francesa.
Efe Verde
Climat : des ministres à Paris pour une répétition générale avant la COP21
Laurent Fabius, ministre des affaires étrangères, pour qualifier la « pré-COP » qui s’est ouvert dimanche 8 novembre dans la capitale française, rappellent – s’il en était besoin – l’imminence de l’événement.
Le Monde
Once climate villains, Canada and Australia could become allies after coups
Leadership changes in two of the world's highest per-capita emitting countries have yielded potential new climate allies.
Deutsche Welle
Australia faces rising perils from climate change, earthquakes: Munich Re report
Sydney faces almost one-third more hailstorm days, Brisbane is at a rising risk of a direct hit from a category-three cyclone, and south-eastern Australia will have to endure three times as many high-risk bushfire days over the century because of climate change, one of the world's biggest re-insurers says.
The Sydney Morning Herald
Storm and drought: what Europe has to fear from climate change
Climate change represents a clear and growing threat to food security in the Caribbean with differing rainfall patterns, water scarcity, heat stress and increased climatic variability making it difficult for farmers to meet demand for crops and livestock.
Inter Press Service
Leonardo DiCaprio Visits India To Witness Impact Of Climate Change
Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio visited an Indian village last week for a first-hand look at the impact of climate changes affecting poor farmers and residents.
Tech Times
Green Climate Fund approves first 8 projects
The Green Climate Fund board on Friday gave its approval to channel $168 million into eight climate mitigation and adaptation projects across Africa, the Asia-Pacific and Latin America.
Carbon Pulse
New York is investigating Exxon Mobil for allegedly misleading the public about climate change
The state of New York is investigating whether Exxon Mobil misled the public and investors about the risks of climate change, a move sought by environmentalists that could signal a broader reckoning with the conduct of big energy companies.
The Washington Post
Walking tall: Expect tears as UN climate chief eyes Paris prize
Christiana Figueres has led the UN’s climate body for five turbulent years – and finally the diminutive Costa Rican has a global deal in her sights
Climate Home
Decarbonisation risks sidetracking Paris pact, says ex-UN climate chief
Fossil fuel phase-out this century is an ‘impressive sound bite’ but could harm chances of an agreement, says Yvo de Boer
Climate Home
Scientists Study Links Between Climate Change and Extreme Weather
Did climate change cause that heat wave? That hurricane? That drought? A new collection of studies examined extreme weather events last year, including drought, floods and storms, to look for signs that climate change was a cause or contributor — and found mixed results.
The New York Times
El cambio climático elevó en 2014 la intensidad de 14 desastres naturales
La Administración Nacional Oceánica y Atmosférica de EE UU (NOAA, por sus siglas en inglés) ha difundido este jueves su informe sobre los fenómenos climáticos extremos de 2014.
El País
Quand le réchauffement climatique inquiète la finance
La nécessité de lutter contre le réchauffement climatique commence à impacter les stratégies des fonds d’investissement.
Les Echos
Centroamérica y el Caribe apuestan por energías renovables
Cada vez más los países están encontrando problemas para abastecerse de energía, y Centroamérica y el Caribe no son la excepción.
The man who would be the first climate change refugee
With waves breaking at his feet, Ioane Teitiota holds his hand more than a metre above his sea wall to demonstrate how high the water gets during a king tide.
Le double langage de la Corée du Sud sur le climat
D’où vient le nouveau président du Groupe d’experts intergouvernemental sur l’évolution du climat (GIEC) ? Où siège le Fonds vert, l’institution créée en 2010 pour drainer des flux financiers nord-sud vers des plans d’actions contre le réchauffement ? Quel est le premier pays d’Asie à avoir mis en place en janvier un marché national du carbone ? A ces trois questions, une même réponse : la Corée du Sud.
Le Monde
Climate change threatens mega dam project
Zimbabwe’s planned Batoka Gorge power project on the Zambezi River is expected to generate 2 400 megawatts (MW) of electricity, up from an initial 1 600 MW, but the worsening power cuts, blamed on low water levels have renewed concerns about the effects of climate change on mega dams.
Scientists warned the US president about global warming 50 years ago today
On 5 November 1965 climate scientists summarized the risks associated with rising carbon pollution in a report for Lyndon Baines Johnson
The Guardian
Antarctique: plus forte accumulation de neige en trois siècles depuis 30 ans
L’accumulation annuelle de neige sur la côte ouest de l’Antarctique a été plus importante ces trente dernières années que depuis 1712, à cause du changement climatique, a révélé une étude publiée mercredi.
Good Planet
Naomi Klein addresses climate change rally in Vancouver
Best-selling author says now is the time to voice demands to Trudeau’s new government
Vancouver Sun
Being a Woman Affects How You Feel About Climate Change. So Does Being Catholic
When world leaders gather in three weeks in Paris to try to negotiate a climate change agreement, they’ll have three quarters of the global population behind them, according to the latest Pew poll of climate attitudes, published Thursday.
Only 18% in China View Climate Change as ‘Very Serious’ Problem
When it comes to climate change, many Chinese just aren’t as fussed as they used to be.
Wall Street Journal
China Burns Much More Coal Than Reported, Complicating Climate Talks
China, the world’s leading emitter of greenhouse gases from coal, has been burning up to 17 percent more coal a year than the government previously disclosed, according to newly released data
The New York Times
La Chine brûle beaucoup plus de charbon qu’elle ne le disait
La Chine, premier émetteur mondial de gaz à effet de serre, brûle encore plus de charbon que ce qu’elle ne disait : au moins 17 % de plus par an, selon de nouvelles données gouvernementales publiées récemment.
Le Monde
Australian companies sign on for climate change action ahead of Paris conference
Twelve Australian companies — including energy suppliers, banks and a major telecommunications business — have committed to climate change action at a summit ahead of the UN's climate change conference in Paris at the end of November.
UN official 'delighted' at VW scandal, sees clean car 'revolution'
The United Nations climate change chief said on Tuesday she was "delighted" by the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal because the company will now hasten manufacturing of electric and hybrid cars, speeding a global shift away from fossil fuels.
Apple, Google, Microsoft Among Best Companies Protecting Climate
Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Google parent Alphabet Inc. are among the companies doing the most to fight climate change, according to a global ranking that grades corporations according to their environmental credentials.
Germany’s Electricity Will Be 33% Renewable In 2015
On July 25, 2015, Germany obtained 78% of its’ electricity from renewable sources. That was a new record, albeit for a single day.
The Eco Report
Presidential hopeful Sanders to roll out climate change package
U.S. Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders will roll out a series of environmental proposals to coincide with this month's United Nations climate-change conference in Paris that could also put pressure on party front-runner Hillary Clinton.
Hollande exhorte à "partager les technologies" pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique
Durant un déplacement à Séoul, le président français a estimé que les pays développés devaient partager leurs technologies avec les pays émergents pour obtenir un accord lors de la COP 21 à Paris.
Sciences et Avenir
Cambio climático fortalece a mosquitos transmisores de virus
El cambio climático, al cual Perú particularmente vulnerable, ha modificado el comportamiento del mosquito del dengue, haciéndolo más poderoso y transmisor de males desconocidos en el país, dijo a la AFP el ministro de Salud, Aníbal Velásquez.
El Comercio
Colombia posee un enorme potencial en energía renovable
Colombia tiene la ventaja de contar con un enorme potencial para el aprovechamiento de energías renovables en el sector hidroeléctrico, gracias a su riqueza en fuentes de agua en gran parte de su territorio, reveló hoy un estudio.
20 Minutos
Energy efficient cars, fridges seen aiding climate, GDP
Tougher energy efficiency standards ranging from cars to fridges could cut annual world greenhouse gas emissions by about a tenth by 2030 while also spurring economic growth, an international report said on Thursday.
5 entreprises françaises dans la liste des leaders climatiques du CDP
"Nous avons atteint le point de bascule, où les entreprises sont prêtes à donner leur plein potentiel en termes de lutte contre le changement climatique", se réjouit Paul Dickinson, le président du CDP (ex-Carbone Disclosure Project) lors de la publication de son rapport annuel sur le changement climatique ce 4 novembre.
California revs up for Paris climate-change summit
In the wonky world of climate change, California’s presence at the United Nations summit in Paris next month is expected to be a star-studded affair.
Los Angeles Times
Climate change blamed for putting Belgium beer business at risk
Unusually warm autumns mean traditional open air brewing can no longer take place causing concern for artisan brewers
The Guardian
Can UN climate talks catch up with the real world?
While companies and citizens find ways to cope with climate change on the ground and push governments to swap fossil fuels for clean energy, officials negotiating a U.N. deal to curb global warming often appear stuck in a time warp, experts say.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Why the Paris climate summit will be a peace conference Le Monde diplomatique (English edition)
UN climate chief: Global warming above 2 degrees C is not an option
The path to a transformational energy revolution must be forged quickly and intentionally, UN climate chief Christiana Figueres said at a Monitor-hosted event Tuesday.
Christian Science Monitor
Can Paris talks produce a climate change deal that sticks?
Countries from around the world will meet in a few weeks to try to reach agreement on limiting greenhouse gasses. Previous climate summits have been fraught with disagreement. Will the Paris meeting produce results? Jeffrey Brown speaks to UN climate chief Christiana Figueres about what to expect.
PBS Newshour
UN food security expert warns about impact of climate change
A U.N. expert is warning that more extreme weather, higher temperatures, floods, droughts and rising sea levels linked to climate change are threatening people's access to food over the long term.
US 'playing catch-up to China' in clean energy efforts, UN climate chief says
China is now leading the world when it comes to fighting climate change – handily beating the US’s efforts under Barack Obama to move to a clean energy economy, the United Nations climate chief said on Tuesday.
Les plus pauvres émettent 2 000 fois moins de gaz à effet de serre que les plus riches
Les quantités de gaz à effet de serre émises dans l’atmosphère ne présagent pas seulement de l’évolution du changement climatique à venir, elles constituent aussi un solide indicateur des énormes disparités économiques dans le monde.
Le Monde
French President Hollande seeks climate accord ally in Seoul
French President Francois Hollande visited South Korea on Wednesday (Nov 4), looking to bring Seoul fully on board as a "very useful" ally in securing a global climate change deal in Paris next month.
New Straits Times
Compromisos de países para bajar emisiones son insuficientes para la ONU
Propuestas de reducción, previas a cumbre del clima, no alcanzan a evitar calentamiento bajo los 2,7 °C.Si la temperatura del planeta sube sobre 2 °C, los impactos serán catastróficos, dicen los científicos.
La Tercera
'Please save us': Fiji urges developed nations to take greater action on climate change
The Fijian high commissioner to Australia has urged developed countries to take greater action on climate change less than a month before the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.
Canberra Times
CEOs to the rescue: Can business save the world from climate change?
PwC says private and public sector has tools to limit warming to below 2C danger zone, if COP21 in Paris delivers green investment framework
Climate Home
Countdown to COP21: Caribbean climate change campaign gets Jamaican endorsement
With less than a month to go before the start of what is likely to be final negotiations for a new international climate deal, Jamaican officials have given the thumbs up to the '1.5 To Stay Alive' campaign being rolled out in the Caribbean.
jamaica Gleaner
Zambia signs $300,000 climate change pact
THE Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Zambia have signed a US$300,000 grant to build capacity for the national designated authority (NDA) to mitigate challenges of climate change.
Zambia Daily Mail
Lancement à Kinshasa de la campagne d’information du public sur la CoP 21
Le ministre de l’Environnement et Développement durable, Robert Bopolo, a donné mardi au Jardin botanique de Kinshasa le coup d’envoi de la campagne d’information du public sur la Conférence des parties sur les changements climatiques (CoP21) prévue du 29 novembre au 11 décembre à Paris, en France.
Agence congolaise de presse
Evo Morales buscará en Alemania acuerdos sobre energía renovable
El presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, buscará en su visita oficial de dos días esta semana a Alemania acuerdos sobre energía renovable, nuevas inversiones y establecer convenios bilaterales en diferentes áreas.
El Mundo
Lancement de l'Alliance mondiale contre le changement climatique : la contribution de l'UE à la lutte contre le changement climatique dans les pays en développement
Le commissaire Neven Mimica a lancé la nouvelle phase du partenariat «Alliance mondiale contre le changement climatique», qui réunit l'UE et les pays en développement les plus vulnérables dans la lutte contre le changement climatique.
Paris climate summit goals a patchwork of confusion
Wildly differing promises by countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions over the next 15 years have turned into a patchwork of confusion in advance of the United Nations-sponsored climate summit in Paris this month, making it unlikely that draconian global action to fight “climate change” will be implemented at the urgent pace that supporters say is needed to meet the problem.
FOX News
Meet the climate scientists running and cycling to Paris
Daniel Price and Erlend Knudsen are travelling from the ends of the Earth to spread awareness of climate change ahead of critical COP21 summit
Climate Home
In Bhutan, the road to green development is paved with plastic
Bhutan has come up with a new way to pave its roads: waste plastic.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
We're winning the war against coal (by Michael Bloomberg) CNN
China and France seek five-year reviews of planned UN climate deal
China and France agreed on Monday to push for long-term monitoring of a U.N. accord to combat climate change due in Paris next month by reviewing cuts in greenhouse gas emissions every five years.
Climate Change Is Top Threat to India's Economy, Modi Aide Says
Climate change is the top threat to the world’s fastest growing major economy as erratic monsoon rains cause distress in a sector that employs more than half of India’s billion-plus population, the country’s junior finance minister said.
China y Francia abren el camino a un pacto sobre cambio climático en París
China y Francia han dado un paso que han calificado de “histórico” para combatir el cambio climático y garantizar el éxito de la reunión de París que comenzará el próximo día 30.
El País
China and France say Paris climate pact should have five-year reviews
François Hollande and Xi Jinping say that any climate change deal agreed in Paris must include future checks on whether countries are cutting emissions
La lutte contre le réchauffement climatique: une "immense opportunité" selon le MEDEF
Pour Pierre Gattaz,la lutte contre le changement climatique est une "immense opportunité" pour les entreprises françaises, à condition que certaines lignes rouges ne soient pas franchies.
Business leaders send Paris wish list to finance ministers
Hundreds of multinationals including Sky, Coca-Cola and Starbucks behind letter calling for a strong climate deal next month
Climate Home
Climat: 60 millions d'emplois potentiels d'ici 2030
À un mois de la COP21, l'Organisation internationale du travail chiffre jusqu'à 60 millions le potentiel de postes supplémentaires d'ici à 2030 dans le monde liés à l'économie verte.
Le Figaro
Cambio climático: la alimentación, en la mira
El desperdicio y los modos de producción son analizados por los expertos frente a los escenarios de aumento de la temperatura y cambios en los regímenes pluviales
La Nación
Climat: une exposition géante au Grand Palais pendant la COP21
L'esprit des Expositions universelles, selon ses initiateurs: le Grand Palais accueillera à Paris début décembre la manifestation +Solutions COP21+, dont le programme est dévoilé mardi et où seront réunies entreprises, associations et personnalités actrices de la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique.
Poor nations struggle to spend climate aid billions - charity
Billions of dollars pledged by developed nations in climate finance over the last decade remain unused as poor countries that often most need the money are ill-equipped to spend it, international charity WaterAid said on Tuesday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
French weatherman fired after slamming climate conference
A weather forecaster for French state television has been fired after releasing and promoting a book criticizing politicians, scientists and others for what he calls an exaggerated view of climate change.
Is carbon trading poised for take-off?
Carbon pricing mechanisms around the world will raise approximately $22bn this year, as more countries and businesses launch national carbon markets in efforts to control emissions.
What Success at the Paris Climate Conference Looks Like New Republic
Pacific islands make last-ditch plea to world before Paris climate change talks
Amid the rustling palm trees, blissed newlyweds and colourful attire of a tropical island resort, Pacific leaders have been getting blunt with wealthy nations about the unfolding calamity of climate change that is gradually gnawing away their remote idylls.
French president heading to China to promote climate talks
French President Francois Hollande hopes to use a state visit to China to boost difficult climate negotiations, a month before a U.N. conference in Paris aimed at slowing global warming.
Climate Change Is Top Threat to India's Economy, Modi Aide Says
Climate change is the top threat to the world’s fastest growing major economy as erratic monsoon rains cause distress in a sector that employs more than half of India’s billion-plus population, the country’s junior finance minister said.
Australia must help Pacific islands at Paris climate summit, says PNG leader
The region’s largest economic power should push hard for a deal to help the Pacific islands at the summit beginning on 30 November, says Peter O’Neill
France's Hollande says Chinese support ‘essential’ at climate talks
French President François Hollande said Monday that Chinese support was "essential" to reaching an effective deal at the forthcoming climate change conference in Paris as he began a two-day state visit to the Asian giant.
Ségolène Royal calls on UN summit to raise fossil fuel cost
The UN summit due to finalise a new global climate change agreement in Paris next month should look at raising the cost of burning fossil fuels, says French cabinet minister, Ségolène Royal.
Financial Times
'Los países deben hacer más para evitar que el cambio climático sea catastrófico'
A falta de un mes para la conferencia de París, la costarricense Christiana Figueres, al frente de la Ponencia Marco de la ONU para el Cambio Climático (UNFCCC), ha lanzado un órdago mundial: "Todos los países deben hacer más para no superar la barrera de los dos grados que recomiendan los científicos".
El Mundo
Penn optimistic about Paris climate talks
Hollywood actor Sean Penn believes the UN climate change conference to be held in Paris in early December is the last great hope to combat climate change.
Horizonte 2100: ¿Cómo afectará el cambio climático al turismo en España?
Investigadores advierten que en 2100 el nivel del mar en las costas españolas podría subir entre 75 y 85 centímetros. Suficiente para inundar buena parte del litoral y, de paso, tumbar el sector turístico
El Confidencial
Ghana ready to join Alliance of Solar-Rich Nations
President John Dramani Mahama has declared Ghana’s readiness to sign up to the Alliance of Solar-Rich Nations, which is being spearheaded by India.
Graphic Online
Sean Penn says Paris climate talks 'last great hope'
Hollywood star Sean Penn said Sunday the upcoming climate talks in Paris were the "last great chance" to stop the planet overheating.
Dubai hosts Montreal Protocol ozone meet
Ministers from 197 countries attend opening day of meeting to discuss ozone depletion
Gulf News
Renewables key in race against climate change clock
Any plausible game plan for capping the rise of Earth's surface temperature depends on replacing fossil fuels with energy sources that generate little or no carbon pollution.
Back from Bonn to square one on climate change IANS
Climate curbs will slow temperature rise; more needed for 2C goal-UN
Plans by about 150 countries to curb greenhouse gas emissions will slow climate change this century and keep alive a goal of limiting a rise in temperatures to two degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit), the United Nations said on Friday.
Climate pledges keep 'door open' to warming under 2C: UN
Carbon-cutting pledges from 146 nations for a universal climate rescue pact leave the "door open" to capping global warming below the danger threshold, the United Nations said Friday, a month ahead of crunch talks in Paris.
UN climate chief: emissions pledges good step toward global-warming goal, but not enough
The U.N.'s top climate official says emissions-cutting pledges made by governments ahead of a December conference are a good step toward achieving an international global-warming goal, but they aren't yet enough.
UN: Climate plans must go further to prevent dangerous warming
The UN has released its assessment of national plans to limit climate change, submitted by 146 countries.
La ONU alerta de que los recortes de emisiones de CO2 son 'insuficientes'
La ONU ha alertado de que las reducciones en gases contaminantes a que se han comprometido voluntariamente los países "no son suficientes" para frenar la subida de las temperaturas por debajo del límite de seguridad de los dos grados centígrados.
El Mundo
UN: Paris climate plans slow emissions growth to 2030
The UN has released a mixed report card on nearly 150 plans submitted by countries ahead of a proposed global deal to slash greenhouse gas emissions.
Climate Home
World's climate pledges not yet enough to avoid dangerous warming – UN
Analysis of plans put forward by nearly 150 countries suggests temperatures will reach just under 3C by the end of the century rather than 2C target
Les engagements des Etats encore insuffisants pour limiter le réchauffement climatique à 2 °C
Le compte n’y est pas. A exactement un mois de l’ouverture de la conférence mondiale sur le climat de Paris (COP21), les Nations unies ont dressé, vendredi 30 octobre, le bilan des engagements nationaux de réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre
Le Monde
Paris 2015: Carbon promises lock in 2.7 degrees of warming, UN says
The world remains on course to exceed dangerous temperature increases even if nations carry out pledges they make at next month's global climate summit in Paris, the United Nations says.
Sydney Morning Herald
COP21 : l'ONU juge les engagements encourageants, mais insuffisants
Les contributions déposées début octobre ne permettraient de limiter la hausse de la température qu'à 2,7°C à la fin du siècle selon les Nations unies. L'organisation estime néanmoins que l'objectif de 2°C reste envisageable.
Le Figaro
UN report flags inadequacy of INDCs, says average global temperature may rise by around 2.7 degree Celsius by 2100
Promises made by 146 countries as part of their efforts to fight climate change will slow emissions into the atmosphere and also bring down per capita emissions in next 15 years, but these commitments are not enough to keep the global temperature rise below 2 degree Celsius by 2100 — a scenario which will have major disastrous consequences all around the world in the form of sea-level rise and extreme weather events.
Times of India
United Nations finds 'new era' of global ambition on climate change
The world is on track to make a "significant dent" in cutting greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing economic growth, according to a report released today from the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat.
UN says carbon-cutting pledges keep climate targets within reach
The United Nations (UN) has said that carbon-cutting pledges from 146 nations for a global climate rescue agreement would help to slow the world's temperature rise. The plans will be finalized in Paris next month.
Deutsche Welle
Climate action plans of 146 nations may lower global temperature
The consolidated climate commitments of 146 countries, including the Philippines, may contribute to the lowering of global temperatures in the long-term, a United Nations (UN) body said Friday.
UN: INDCs fail to meet 2C target
Official analysis from UN confirms INDC pledges are insufficient to meet agreed threshold, but suggests target still in reach
Buddhists call for strong Paris climate deal to limit warming
Senior Buddhists have called on world leaders to agree a new climate change agreement at a conference in Paris next month.
Prince Charles to address world leaders at 'crucial' Paris climate change talks
Prince of Wales hails "crucial milestone" of UN talks as he announces he will address world leaders at summit in Paeris next month
The Telegraph
Asean ministers adopt statement on climate change
The 2015 ASEAN joint statement on climate change was adopted by participants of the 13th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Environment (AMME), which wrapped up, here, Thursday.
New Straits Times
British foreign minister discusses climate change in Gulf
Speaking from a Gulf nation whose skyscrapers rose on oil wealth, Britain's foreign secretary called Thursday on the rest of the wealthy Arab world to put their money toward renewable and clean energy ahead of the landmark climate change conference in Paris later this year.
Segolene Royal, Prince Charles target Paris deforestation goal
French environment chief and Crown Prince urge governments to take tough line on destruction of world’s forests ahead of COP21 summit
Climate home
India to launch alliance of ‘sunshine nations’ in Paris
Seeking to present a group of sunshine countries as a block to get a better deal in the rising renewable energy market, India will launch an "alliance of solar-rich countries" in Paris on November 30 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the French capital along with other top world leaders to attend inaugurals of the crucial climate summit.
Times of India
India-Africa summit: PM seeks cooperation on climate change
At the third India-Africa summit in Delhi, visiting leaders backed Modi’s call for a “comprehensive” agreement on climate change at a UN conference to be held in Paris, while the PM pointed out that India and Africa contribute very little to global warming.
Hindustan Times
UN to showcase 'game changing' climate projects at Paris Summit
Momentum for Change Awards handed to an eclectic mix of on-the-ground projects addressing climate change
Inauguran en Barbados el Centro de Energía Renovable del Caribe
El Gobierno de Barbados inaugura hoy el Centro de Energía Renovable y Eficiencia Energética del Caribe, entidad encargada de la puesta en marcha de proyectos y actividades para promover la economía verde que impulsa la Comunidad del Caribe (Caricom).
Los 5 proyectos americanos para frenar el cambio climático premiados por la ONU
Las Naciones Unidas han anunciado este martes a 16 ganadores de todo el mundo de los premios contra el cambio climático 2015,
El Hierro, île pionnière de l’énergie renouvelable
L’île espagnole, située dans l’archipel des Canaries, est devenue cette année la première île au monde 100% autonome en électricité grâce aux énergies renouvelables.
Le Parisien
Indian group bags UN's climate award
An Indian environment group was awarded this year's UN Climate Solutions Awards for their work with waste pickers and e-waste to tackle climate change.
Biggest Climate Threat You Never Heard of Is Stronger Than CO2
Climate negotiators from across the globe will gather in the Persian Gulf city to debate how to get rid of hydrofluorocarbons -- a class of hundreds of artificial chemicals used in refrigerators, air-conditioners, fire suppressants and other widely used products.
Everyone’s favorite climate change fix
On the first day of the hottest June ever recorded, a letter from a group of concerned citizens arrived at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Rising greenhouse-gas emissions, the letter warned, would warm the planet to dangerous levels unless more action was taken to transition to cleaner energy.
Christian Science Monitor
Latin America needs stronger climate pledges – analysts
Brazil and Peru get a “medium” rating, while Chile and Argentina emissions targets are “inadequate”, says Climate Action Tracker
Climate Home
El Salvador produce semilla de frijol resistente a cambio climático
Una nueva variedad de semilla de frijol rojo resistente a la sequía y a las plagas fue presentada este jueves en El Salvador para atenuar el impacto del cambio climático, que este año provocó pérdidas por 100 millones de dólares.
Climate change action the focus of new Waikato group
Waikato Climate Action is dedicated to helping the community engage with climate change issues and put pressure on the government to set realistic emissions targets.
Meet the Real Climate Warriors Going to Paris Huffington Post
Paris climate conference is a rare opportunity — grab it (by John Kerry) Financial Times
Pacific Nations Meet in Fiji in Preparation for Climate Change Conference
Leaders of Pacific countries are in Fiji for the climate resilience conference, as a platform to prepare Pacific nations for the upcoming COPS 21 summit in Paris next month.
La ONU considera insuficientes los esfuerzos contra el cambio climático
Los esfuerzos de los Gobiernos para atajar el cambio climático son insuficientes. La ciencia ha fijado como límite para el planeta que la temperatura a final de siglo aumente dos grados respecto a los niveles preindustriales
El País
Pacific interests may be 'sacrificed' at Paris climate talks
Fiji's prime minister says Pacific Island countries hoping for a strong outcome at major United Nations climate talks in Paris next month may come away feeling disappointed.
Radio New Zealand International
Figueres: La temperatura aumentará 2,7 grados con los compromisos recibidos para París
Las promesas de reducción de emisiones propuestas por 147 países para el acuerdo global de lucha cambio climático que se prevé adoptar en la Cumbre del Clima de París, en diciembre, supondrán un aumento de la temperatura planetaria de 2,7 grados, una cifra superior a los 2 grados fijados por la ciencia.
Costa Rica climate avenger takes questions on Reddit
The woman charged with corralling the world’s leaders to come up with a clear plan for saving the planet took to the popular social network Reddit on Wednesday to answer questions about climate change and the upcoming Paris climate talks.
Tico Times
Carbon c-Reddit: UN climate chief takes on internet
The diplomat steering UN climate talks put herself at the mercy of the internet on Wednesday.
Climate Home
National climate plans could face 2018 review under UN deal
Fears that emission reductions could drop off the agenda post Paris are driving support behind an early assessment of global carbon cuts
Climate Home
Before we drown we may die of thirst
The island nation of Kiribati is one of the world's most vulnerable to rising sea levels. But residents may have to leave well before the ocean claims their homes.
Governments to raise $22 billion from carbon pricing in 2015: report
Governments around the world will this year raise around $22 billion from schemes putting a price on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions such as taxes or emissions trading systems, a report on Wednesday showed.
L'électricité 100% renouvelable en 2050, c'est possible et pas si cher selon l'Ademe
Une étude démontre que les technologies éoliennes et solaires ne seraient pas plus onéreuses que le nucléaire à l'horizon 2050.
Cleanopolis, un jeu EDF sur le changement climatique
Avec Cleanopolis sur iOS et Android, EDF veut sensibiliser les enfants et leurs parents aux bons gestes du quotidien pour aider à lutter contre le réchauffement de la planète.
Paris climate deal to ignite a $90 trillion energy revolution Telegraph
Paris climate deal will not include global carbon price, says UN climate chief
Christiana Figueres tells investor event that a climate deal to be agreed in Paris in December will not be able to come up with a global carbon price
UN Climate Chief 'Optimistic' On Paris Summit
Christiana Figueres expects a deal but says it will fall short of the aim of keeping global warming below two degrees.
SKY News
Christiana Figueres, Secretaria de Convención sobre Cambio Climático: 'París no será Copenhague'
En Naciones Unidas no hay nadie que tenga un puesto más alto que Christiana Figueres cuando de cambio climático se trata.
La Nación
Prince Charles warns financial sector of climate risk
Heir to British throne asks investors if they will be ‘future takers’ or ‘future makers’ at City of London event on stranded assets
Climate Home
Paris deal 'departing station' for climate action - UN's Figueres
A new global deal to combat climate change, due to be agreed in December in Paris, must be "the departing station" for more ambitious efforts to move the world away from fossil fuels, the United Nations' top climate official said this week.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Climat: Paris attend de Moscou un soutien pour un accord "contraignant"
La France attend un soutien de la Russie pour parvenir à un accord "contraignant" sur la réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre pendant la conférence mondiale de Paris (COP21), a déclaré mardi la ministre française de l'Ecologie, Ségolène Royal.
Climat: 80 chefs d'État seront au coup d'envoi de la conférence de Paris
Afin d'éviter le fiasco de Copenhague, la France mise sur la présence des grands de ce monde dès le premier jour de la grande conférence climat le 30 novembre à Paris, l'Américain Obama, le Chinois Xi Jinping et l'Indien Narendra Modi ayant d'ores et déjà répondu présent.
China vows UN climate change support
China on Tuesday pledged to work with the international community to promote the UN conference on climate change to be held in Paris at the end of this year to achieve a new agreement.
Climate envoys should try harder after Paris, poorer nations say
The global push to fight climate change must intensify after a major meeting in Paris, said poorer nations on Tuesday, who are reconciled to disappointment in any upcoming deal.
We are not giving up on a 2 degrees warmer world, says UN climate chief
The executive secretary for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) says major progress has been made in the fight against global warming, and staying within a 2 degree temperature rise is still possible.
The Engineer
Climat : le président polonais ne ratifie pas le prolongement du protocole de Kyoto
Le président conservateur polonais Andrzej Duda a opposé mardi son véto à l'amendement prolongant jusqu'en 2020 le protocole de Kyoto.
France warns thorny issues unresolved as climate summit nears
Delegates to a climate summit in December remain divided over fundamental issues including a framework for measuring carbon emissions, the envoy of the host nation said on Tuesday, though she believes a deal to cut global warming will be signed
Fiji PM fears COP21 will be a cop out
Speaking at the closing of the 2015 Pacific Ministerial consultation on climate change and health in Nadi last night, Bainimarama says there can be dozens of speeches by world’s biggest polluters yet they are stalling on taking the hard decisions required to ensure our future and save our planet. - See more at:
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
Fiji conference regional foundation for COP21
It's hoped the outcomes of a climate resilience conference in Fiji will give the region a good platform before next month's global climate change conference in Paris.
Radio New Zealand International
IMF to factor climate risk into world economic forecasts
Influential finance body is mainstreaming climate concerns in move that could spotlight threats to oil exporters, say experts
Climate Home
Cambio climático: la mitad del planeta puede ser una zona árida en 2100
Cambio climático. Más de la mitad de la superficie terrestre podría convertirse en una zona árida en 2100 si las emisiones de gases contaminantes continúan al ritmo actual, según un estudio publicado en la revista Nature Climate Change.
La Prensa
Too hot to work? Maybe in 30 years’ time
Climate change could slash labor productivity in some countries by as much as 25 percent over the next 30 years, according to a report by Verisk Maplecroft on Wednesday.
Global warming could be more devastating for the economy than we thought
A new study published in Nature by scientists at Stanford and UC Berkeley has made waves for its finding that thus far we have dramatically underestimated the damage human-caused climate change will do to the global economy.
The Paris climate talks could jolt private sector investments worldwide
Climate deal more important for your health than you realise - WHO
A new global agreement to combat climate change, due to be reached in December in Paris, is more important for everyone's health than many people realise, a senior World Health Organization (WHO) official said on Tuesday.
To slow climate change, major economy needs to take the lead
In a new paper, climate scientists argue that the disagreement over how to combat climate change isn't all that complex. Effective solutions would fall into place, they say, if a single major economy would step up and lead on the issue.
University of California unveils plan to curb climate change
Reducing the human carbon footprint is a "moral imperative," University of California President Janet Napolitano said Tuesday as she vowed to turn the system's 10 campuses into a living laboratory for solutions that can be scaled up to state, national and global levels.
World's Catholic bishops issue appeal to Paris climate talks
Catholic patriarchs, cardinals and bishops representing five continents appealed to climate negotiators on Monday to approve a "transformative" and fair, legally binding agreement that sets global temperature limits and goals for eliminating fossil-fuel emissions.
Líderes del mundo católico piden un acuerdo justo para combatir cambio climático
Los líderes católicos de todo el mundo hicieron el lunes un llamamiento conjunto para que la próxima conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el cambio climático genere un acuerdo "justo, vinculante y verdaderamente transformador".
Cop 21 : l’appel des Cardinaux, patriarches et évêques du monde
Ce lundi 26 octobre 2015, depuis la Cité du Vatican, des Cardinaux, des Patriarches et des Évêques du monde entier représentant les groupements continentaux des conférences épiscopales nationales lancent un appel aux négociateurs de la COP21 à Paris afin qu’il œuvrent à l’adoption d’un accord sur le climat équitable, juridiquement contraignant et synonyme de véritable transformation.
Église catholique en France
Big firms say EU carbon reforms do not go far enough
Proposed reforms to the EU carbon market do not go far enough and need to be supplemented by a phase-out of fossil fuel subsidies, a group of major companies said in an open letter to European Union environment ministers meeting on Monday.
Paris pledges to cut GHGs by 4bn t CO2e: UNFCCC
The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will announce this week that pledges tabled so far under a new global climate deal to be agreed in Paris will result in greenhouse gas (GHG) abatement of around 4bn t of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) in 2020-30.
UN’s Bonn Climate Talks End Up Better Than They Started
Friday marked the end of the week-long October international climate meeting (11th part of the second session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action) in Bonn, a runup to the first global climate change agreement in 18 years this December.
Developed nations must do more to combat climate change: India
India on Monday said that developed nations should come out with more ambitious climate action plans and hoped the coming climate change summit in Paris does not end up in "failure."
El cambio climático, responsable de la mayor virulencia de los huracanes
El huracán Patricia, supuestamente el mayor registrado hasta la fecha, se ha convertido en tormenta tropical al tocar tierra por lo que su efecto no ha sido tan devastador como se preveía en un principio.
Dérèglement climatique : la solution est (aussi) dans nos assiettes
L’alimentation est le poste de consommation des ménages qui a le plus fort impact sur le dérèglement climatique.
Warming could make oil-rich Gulf 'intolerable' by 2100 - study
Global warming could make life in the oil-rich, desert kingdoms of the Gulf "intolerable," with summer temperatures exceeding 60 degrees Celsius (140 F) by 2100 if action is not taken to curb fossil fuel emissions, a study warned on Monday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Climate change to turn Persian Gulf into another Danakil Desert – the cruellest place on Earth
The Persian Gulf will one day look like the Danakil Desert or Danakil Depression, a barren landscape in Ethiopia dubbed one of the cruellest and hottest places on Earth with no permanent human settlement
International Business Times
Morocco poised to become a solar superpower with launch of desert mega-project
World’s largest concentrated solar power plant, powered by the Saharan sun, set to help renewables provide almost half the country’s energy by 2020
Nigeria: Shipowners Express Concern Over Imo's 2016 Climate Deadline
European shipowners have expressed concern over the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) effort to eliminate the emission of carbon dioxide from vessels by 2016.
Phl joins calls to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees
The Philippines, sitting as president of the climate vulnerable forum (CVF), has joined more than 100 countries in calling for worldwide support to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.
Philippine Star
UN to reveal scale of challenge facing Paris climate summit
Will the 150+ national climate plans submitted to the UN be enough to limit warming to below the 2C danger zone?
Climate Home
Les négociations sur le climat, un monde à part
Bilan décevant pour la dernière session de négociation de l’ONU avant la COP 21.
La Croix
El primer paso hacia la Cumbre Climática de París
Después de una semana de reuniones, delegados de 195 países lograron un borrador del acuerdo que se discutirá en la capital francesa. Muchos lo critican por su extensión y su ambigüedad.
El Espectador
UN deal on land restoration could inform Paris climate talks
Full implementation of UNCCD target could reduce global warming by half a degree
Irish Times
No secret Paris climate deal in making, stresses Tubiana
Plan B does not exist says France’s top climate diplomat, urging envoys to accelerate work on new text for global pact
Climate Home
Fiji talks on health and climate change links
Adapting to the inevitable effects of climate change by improving the health of the vulnerable will be the focus of a major conference in Fiji this week.
Radio New Zealand International
Climate change a factor in resurging Pacific diseases
A health conference in Fiji has heard how climate change is fuelling the re-emergence of infectious diseases, putting pressure on already strained health systems.
Radio New Zealand International
El comité científico del clima se replantea su papel
Críticas al IPCC, que estrena presidente al tiempo que comienza la Cumbre de París de la ONU sobre cambio climático
Climate change action boosting renewables: IEA
It might not all be bad news for the renewable energy industry. While plummeting oil and coal prices make fossil-fuel power projects more attractive, aggressive government support is making sure the renewable sector is still in the picture.
Turkey's plan to help farmers adapt to climate change? Ask a tablet
After years of fighting climate change - and usually losing - Turkey's farmers are turning to modern technology for a deceptively simple solution.
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Africa: Young Tanzanian Switching On Rural Areas With Solar Energy
In 2003, nine-year-old George Mtemahanji left his home in Ifakara, a small rural town in Tanzania's Kilombero District, to move to Italy where his mother had managed to secure work.
Anzisha Prize (Johannesburg)
Fending off climate change: Taking a leaf out of Nepal’s book
As climate change becomes an increasing threat, food security concerns have become a priority for policymakers.
The Express Tribune
Solar panels empower indigenous people in Canada's north
Daniel T'seleie, an indigenous activist in Canada's far north, is campaigning to help his people wean themselves from a worrying dependence on imported fuel and food, recover old traditions and win greater autonomy from the government.
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Il va falloir mettre le climat dans votre business model
Former les conseils d'administration à intégrer les enjeux climatiques aux stratégies d'entreprise va devenir incontournable.
Les Echos
Talks on climate deal heat up over bill for global warming
The trillion-dollar question of who should pay for global warming is coming to a head in talks on an international climate pact, as developing countries worry they won't get enough money to tackle the problem.
Climate finance dispute slows UN talks as time runs short for Paris
Disputes over financing for poor nations hampered negotiations on Friday among almost 200 countries racing against the clock to seal an accord on combating global warming at a U.N. climate summit in Paris in December.
A Bonn, les négociations sur le climat piétinent
Les 195 Etats, plus l'Union européenne, qui négocient depuis le début de la semaine sur le climat, à Bonn, en Allemagne, doivent présenter ce vendredi le texte qui servira de base de travail pour la COP 21 à Paris.
Climate talks fail to break deadlock
Tense talks aimed at smoothing the way for a new global climate change accord ended on Friday with an emotional appeal from Mexico’s envoy for delegates to stop bickering as his country prepared to be struck by one of the strongest hurricanes on record.
Financial Times
Outline of UN climate deal reached after fractious talks
Envoys have reached an outline for a UN global climate pact to be reached in Paris in five weeks. The five day negotiations in Bonn have been marked by fractious arguments between developed and developing countries.
Deutsche Welle
Climate negotiators end Bonn mission with expanded draft text, issue of finance remains unresolved
Developing countries including India could get their major suggestions inserted into the expanded draft text of the climate agreement during the meeting in Bonn on Friday, but the road to a global climate deal in Paris does not appear to be smooth as this round of negotiation could not help much in resolving the sticking points of finance.
Times of India
La lucha contra el cambio climático se vuelca en la tierra
Tras años olvidado, el combate contra la degradación de las tierras de cultivo se convierte en clave de la cumbre de París
El País
Paris climate summit: 'sprint needed' to secure emissions deal in December
Observers say draft text shows countries close to consensus after Bonn talks to hammer out final details of global agreement on greenhouse gas emissions
Poorest Nations Resisting Push to Widen Climate Donor Group
A drive by the European Union and other developed nations to expand the base of those contributing aid for climate-related projects is facing resistance from developing nations, creating a road block in the effort to craft a deal to rein in global warming.
Final pre-Paris talks conclude with extended draft for climate pact
United Nations negotiators on Friday wrapped up their work at the last round of climate talks before the upcoming Paris conference with an extended draft for a new global climate agreement set to be inked.
Post-Kyoto deal shaping up as a tie that doesn't bind
A new international accord on reducing greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020 will likely set targets for cuts without holding parties responsible for achieving them -- a compromise meant to ensure participation by such major emitters as the U.S., China and India.
A more balanced draft for Paris agreement emerges from Bonn
The Bonn climate change negotiations produced a third and more balanced draft for the Paris agreement by Friday afternoon.
Times of India
Avant la COP21, les négociateurs adoptent un projet d’accord sur le climat
A quelques semaines de la conférence mondiale sur le climat de Paris (COP21), les représentants de 195 pays ont approuvé, vendredi 23 octobre à Bonn, en Allemagne, un texte de négociation qui doit déboucher sur un accord mondial et ambitieux pour contenir le réchauffement climatique
Le Monde
Can a phrase change the world? Some diplomats here hope so
As countries skirmish here over money and carbon emission cuts, a seemingly abstract debate is shaping up with real-world implications for investors and governments alike.
Le G77, poids lourd des négociations sur le climat
Ce n’est pas une affaire d’Etat, mais une illustration éloquente de la tension qui règne à Bonn, en Allemagne, à mi-parcours d’une semaine de négociations climatiques marquées par la lenteur.
Le Monde
Climate pact: The rocky road to Paris... and beyond
Diplomats crafting a global pact to defuse climate change are under no illusion that the quest will end in Paris in December.
UN calls for ministers as climate talks head for Paris
As fraught final round of interim talks ends, diplomats turn to their political masters to land an elusive global deal
Climate Home
Copenhagen ghosts haunt climate talks BBC
Latecomers submit Paris Summit climate action plans to UN
Burkina Faso, Sri Lanka, the UAE and Afghanistan take number of countries submitting INDCs past the 150 mark
Still a rocky road from Bonn to Paris COP21
Negotiators struggled against the clock in Bonn this week to prepare a text for the key Paris climate conference at the end of November. Meanwhile, scientists confirmed 2015 has so far been the warmest year on record.
Deutsche Welle
Paris climate summit will hinge on climate aid - poor nations
More funds to help poor nations cope with climate change will be the make-or-break issue when a Paris summit seeks a U.N. deal in December to slow global warming, the main group of developing nations said on Thursday.
French Envoy Calls for Joint Global Effort against Climate Change
French Ambassador Bérengère Quincy spoke extensively about the upcoming 21st United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) during her Oct. 19-22 visit to Kazakhstan
Astana Times
Paris climate pledges 'will slow energy emissions'
Pledges on greenhouse gas emissions made by governments ahead of landmark climate talks this December will result in a rapid and dramatic slowdown in the growth of carbon from the energy sector - but will not reverse that growth within the next 15 years, the world’s energy watchdog said on Wednesday.
Bonn climate talks: Questions over cash dominate
Negotiators meeting in Germany say that questions over cash are the biggest barrier to a new global climate deal.
Conférence sur le climat: on commence enfin à parler du prix du carbone
Un appel international pour un prix du carbone vient d’être lancé par plusieurs organisations internationales (FMI, Banque mondiale, OCDE) et des chefs d’État ou de gouvernement (dont François Hollande et Angela Merkel). Il était temps!
COP21 : dompter la finance pour la mettre au service du climat
« Un moment de vérité pour le climat et le développement soutenable. » Tel est le titre d’une déclaration publiée lors de l’ouverture de la réunion de Bonn cette semaine, dernière rencontre préparatoire à la conférence mondiale sur le climat (COP21) qui se tiendra à Paris en décembre.
Le Monde
Financiamiento contra cambio climático definirá negociaciones
Un total de 195 partes negocian el borrador definitivo de un acuerdo sin precedentes para controlar el aumento de la temperatura del planeta
El Mundo
Green Climate Fund aims to fund first projects in November
The Green Climate Fund, which is due to deliver billions of dollars to help poorer nations deal with climate change in the coming years, is aiming to allocate money to a first set of projects in November, ahead of a major U.N. climate conference in Paris.
OPEC nations plan to join UN climate drive
OPEC members Iran and Saudi Arabia, the top greenhouse gas emitters yet to submit national strategies for tackling climate change, say they will do so before a U.N. summit in December in a sign of widening participation even by oil producers.
Does climate change affect income? New study sees robust link
In the runup to a global climate conference in Paris, study finds evidence that economic performance in all regions is tightly linked to climate change.
Christian Science Monitor
Countdown to COP21: Nobel laureate stresses mitigation in fight against climate change
Likening the planet to a human body afflicted by illness, Nobel laureate Professor Anthony Chen has prescribed urgency in treating climate change - the key to which, he advanced, is deep and sustained greenhouse gas (GHG) emission cuts.
jamaica Gleaner
Bill Gates calls for rethink on climate change cash
Bill Gates has weighed into one of the most fraught climate change debates by calling for a rethink of how rich countries can help poorer nations deal with the effects of global warming.
Financial Times
Apple expande su inversión en energías verdes en China
La idea es llegar a generar 200 megavatios con energía solar con paneles instalados en regiones del norte, sur y este del país asiático.
El Espectador
Climat : la transition énergétique promise par les Etats n’est pas assez rapide
Après une première phase de collecte le 30 mars, puis un état des lieux plus global le 1er octobre, les contributions nationales (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions ou INDC, en anglais) atteignent une troisième marche, celle des évaluations
Le Monde
World's top banks ill-prepared for climate risk - industry report
The world's biggest banks are
ill-prepared for the effects of climate change and lenders are
making insufficient effort to fund a transition to a low-carbon
economy, an industry report said on Thursday.
Why clarity is lacking on Paris climate treaty implications for renewables BusinessGreen
Figueres: climate change is ‘a shared responsibility’
Can this week’s climate talks in Bonn come up with a draft text for COP 21 in Paris to suit all parties? DW talks to UN climate chief Christiana Figueres.
Deutsche Welle
Paris climate pledges 'will slow energy emissions'
World energy watchdog says commitments would result in rapid slowdown in growth of carbon from energy sector if followed through
The Guardian
Centroamérica busca inclusión en acuerdos sobre cambio climático
América Central intenta que el acuerdo histórico de lucha contra el cambio climático, en negociación actualmente, reconozca específicamente su vulnerabilidad ante los desastres naturales, informaron este miércoles jefes negociadores de la región en Bonn.
La Prensa
Climat : le Nord paiera-t-il les dégâts au Sud ?
Crispation à Bonn lors des réunions préparatoires à la COP 21 sur le dédommagement des impacts du changement climatique dans les pays en développement par les pays développés, pollueurs historiques.
NGOs criticise closed-door UN climate negotiating sessions
Shut out to allow climate diplomats to work on text in private, civil society groups warn secrecy bodes ill for Paris summit
Climate Home
Wind and solar power likely to match gas on cost by 2020, say UK climate advisers
Climate Change Committee say that onshore windfarms and large solar projects will soon be cost competitive with gas, given expected cost of carbon
The Guardian
México proyecta cuadruplicar su capacidad en energía eólica con inversión de 46,000 mdd
México proyecta cuadruplicar su capacidad en el área de la energía eólica como parte del esfuerzo del presidente Enrique Peña Nieto destinado a transformar el sector energético del país.
Economía Hoy
Disney, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s back White House climate drive
Leading multinationals sign up to Obama climate pledge as president braces for GOP showdown over COP21 Paris deal
Climate Home
Climat : le bras droit de Ban Ki-moon se réjouit de l'arrivée de Justin Trudeau
À quarante jours de la conférence de Paris sur le climat, le secrétaire général adjoint des Nations unies pour le climat, Janos Pasztor, accueille avec enthousiasme l'élection de Justin Trudeau. Il se réjouit que le nouveau premier ministre désigné fasse de la question climatique une priorité.
Radio Canada
Climate change taught to rural communities
Funding from the Adaption Fund will help improve the lives of the people living in areas where the project will take place.
News 24
Water remains largely marginalised in climate talks
US Secretary of State John Kerry last week turned the spotlight on the “record number” of extreme weather-related events the world is witnessing these days.
Corporate Pioneers Unite Around Climate Change
As the world awakens more every day to the urgent problem of climate change, some companies are stepping up in impressive ways to forge solutions.
INTERVIEW: Figueres: climate change is 'a shared responsibility'
Can this week's climate talks in Bonn come up with a draft text for COP 21 in Paris to suit all parties? DW talks to UN climate chief Christiana
Deutsche Welle
Climate envoys regroup after rocky start to talks
Talks on a climate rescue pact got back on track Tuesday after an acrimonious start to the final negotiating session before world leaders open a UN summit to seal the deal.
UN expands climate text in bid to placate developing nations
Fresh draft of the negotiating text, released in the early hours of this morning, revives discarded elements following fractious first day of negotiations in Bonn
Climat: Fabius à Bonn pour donner un élan aux négociations lors d'une semaine "critique"
Le ministre français des Affaires étrangères Laurent Fabius a appelé mardi à Bonn les délégués de 195 pays à "avancer" dans leurs négociations sur le climat, jugeant la semaine "critique" pour obtenir un succès à la conférence de Paris contre le réchauffement planétaire.
Le Point
París, satisfecho con acuerdos contra el cambio climático
El ministro de Exteriores francés, Laurent Fabius, se mostró satisfecho por las últimas aportaciones de los países en vías de desarrollo al borrador para el acuerdo global contra el cambio climático que se quiere sellar a final de año en París.
Climat : quand Hollande et Merkel plaident ensemble pour la tarification du carbone
Une coalition de plusieurs chefs d'Etats, dirigeants d'organisations internationales et de collectivités locales a lancé lundi un appel destiné aux autres pays et à l'ensemble des entreprises. Il insiste sur la nécessité d'instaurer un prix du carbone afin d'accélérer la transition écologique.
La Tribune
Faith leaders call for zero carbon future
More than 150 religious leaders from around the world urged UN climate negotiators in Bonn Tuesday to bequeath a liveable planet to future generations.
“It is our duty to leave this Earth behind to our children and grandchildren to ensure sustainable and acceptable living conditions in future for all,” they said in a statement submitted to the UN
Sense of deja vu as slimline climate deal expands again
Anger among developing countries that key proposals had been slashed from the latest draft version of a new global deal to tackle climate change drove the first fractious day of talks Monday in the last round of negotiations before the key Paris talks that begin next month.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Pakistan's climate change 'time bomb' is already ticking
The sprawling megacity lies crumbling, desiccated by another deadly heatwave, its millions of inhabitants suffering life-threatening water shortages and unable to buy bread that has become too expensive to eat.
Incoming Canadian PM Justin Trudeau pledges new action on climate change ahead of Paris meeting
The newly-elected Canadian leader Justin Trudeau will arrive in office with a pledge to improve the country's battered environmental image, promising a new strategy for global climate negotiations in Paris this December.
ABC Australia
Pathway to $100bn emerging ahead of Paris climate summit
Cash demands from developing countries reinserted into text during UN talks in Bonn, as World Bank official hails progress
Climate Home
Dalai Lama says strong action on climate change is a human responsibility
Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader says humans causeed global warming so must now take action to protect fragile environments including Himalayan glaciers
PH pushes for gender rights in climate negotiations
The Philippines proposes that 'parties should be guided by gender equality and ensure the full and equal participation of women in all climate actions and decision making processes'
The Bumpy Road to Paris
In the world of climate negotiations, there are many blocs—some of them overlapping—that jostle for influence.
New Yorker
La campaña “El cambio climático nos hace pobres. Es tiempo de actuar”
ECODES ha presentado la campaña “El cambio climático nos hace pobres. Es tiempo de actuar” que busca llamar la atención de la ciudadanía, las organizaciones de la sociedad civil, las empresas y las administraciones públicas sobre la inequívoca vinculación entre el calentamiento del planeta y el empobrecimiento progresivo de sus habitantes.
Tension ahead of last round of UN climate talks before Paris
African countries on Sunday dismissed an early draft of a U.N. climate accord as "unbalanced" and demanded amendments to even consider it at the final negotiating session before a landmark conference in Paris.
Conférence de Paris sur le climat: «Il y aura un accord», promet Hollande
«Il y aura un accord à Paris» lors de la conférence de l'ONU sur le climat en décembre, a affirmé lundi pour la première fois le président français François Hollande, soulignant toutefois que sa portée restait à préciser.
Climat: tension à la reprise des négociations, appels à la mobilisation de Ban et Obama
Le président Barack Obama et le secrétaire général de l’ONU Ban Ki-moon ont appelé lundi à la mobilisation contre le réchauffement au moment où les négociations sur le climat redémarraient difficilement lundi à Bonn sur fond de grogne des pays en développement
South Africa likens draft climate deal to apartheid
South Africa on Monday criticised a draft United Nations accord on fighting climate change as a form of "apartheid" against developing nations.
Obama logra una alianza con grandes empresas contra el cambio climático
Unas 80 compañías se comprometen a establecer medidas concretas para reducir las emisiones que causan el calentamiento
El País
G77 denuncia el desequilibrio en el borrador del acuerdo sobre el clima
La última etapa negociadora antes de la conferencia sobre el cambio climático de París (COP21) se abrió ayer con disensiones entre países del norte y sur.
El Telégrafo
Path to Climate Ambition Must Be Paved With Equity: India
India has warned that global efforts to arrive at a climate deal in Paris later this year will not succeed if they are laced with persistent attempts to dislodge the balance of responsibilities between developed and developing countries, stressing that the path to climate ambition must be paved with equity.
Dozens more companies sign US pledge on climate change -W.House
More than 60 global companies, including Alcoa Inc, General Electric Co and Procter & Gamble, have joined onto a U.S.-sponsored pledge supporting action to combat climate change, the White House said on Monday.
From hearing aids to farming, solar energy powers climate innovation
Set against the might of climate change, can small measures like solar-powered batteries or drip irrigation make a difference?
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Against climate change, nations talk, but cities act
When Jean-Claude Juncker his first State of the European Union speech in September, he spoke so long about migration that he had little time left to talk about the road to Paris.
EU Observer
Beating climate change is key to making nutritious food needed to beat hunger
Supporting smallholder farmers will improve the quantity and quality of their output – but first the climate factors that hamper their work must be addressed
Climate negotiations begin as Typhoon Lando devastates PH

UN Climate Deal Stuck at `Low End of Ambition' as Talks Resume
Climate negotiators are meeting today in Bonn to take a last crack at a draft plan aimed at nudging the world into a post-carbon era.
Bonn, última etapa antes de la conferencia del clima en París
Delegaciones del mundo entero regresarán el lunes a la ciudad de Bonn (Alemania) para una última semana de negociaciones antes de la conferencia mundial sobre el clima de diciembre en París, con el fin de reducir la distancia que las separa de un acuerdo para limitar el calentamiento global.
La Nación
Négociations Climat: dernière ligne droite avant Paris
A six semaines de la conférence de Paris sur le climat, 195 pays entament lundi une dernière semaine de négociation avec un "sentiment d'urgence" et une mission: avancer sur le texte d'un accord mondial pour freiner le réchauffement de la planète.
Le Parisien
Tension ahead of last round of U.N. climate talks
African countries on Sunday dismissed an early draft of a U.N. climate accord as “unbalanced” and demanded amendments to even consider it at the final negotiating session before a landmark conference in Paris.
Al Arabiya
Developing countries balk at climate change agreement draft in Bonn
Developing nations are crying foul over the latest draft of a global climate agreement to be inked in Paris. A rift has opened between developing and developed countries on how to share the task of curbing emissions.
Deutsche Welle
UN scientist Jacquie McGlade raps UK over renewables
Cuts in support for renewable energy in the UK have been criticised by the UN's chief environment scientist.
Climate Change: Lagos could be wiped out, says French envoy
Ambassador Stephane Gompertz, France’s Ambassador for Climate Change, has called for a robust participation from Nigeria at the climate change conference in Paris to protect the city of Lagos.
The News
France launches global drive for climate deal
Diplomats mobilised for unprecedented PR push, with Paris summit seen as last chance to reach agreement
The Guardian
Beating climate change is key to making nutritious food needed to beat hunger
Supporting smallholder farmers will improve the quantity and quality of their output – but first the climate factors that hamper their work must be addressed
The Guardian
Países ricos no hacen lo que deberían para luchar contra cambio climático: estudio
Estados Unidos y otras naciones ricas están haciendo menos de lo que deberían para luchar contra el cambio climático, mientras que China se ha superado, de acuerdo con un estudio de 18 asociaciones civiles publicado el lunes.
«La menace la plus importante sur la sécurité»
Le secrétaire d'Etat américain John Kerry a averti samedi que le réchauffement climatique menaçait la sécurité mondiale et avait déjà attisé des crises comme celles des réfugiés en Europe ou le conflit syrien.
20 Minutes
Rich nations lag in ‘fair share’ of climate action: Study
The US and other rich nations are doing less than their fair share to fight climate change under a U.N. accord due in December while China is outperforming, a report by 18 civil society groups said on Monday.
Financial Express
Global campaign kicks off to put health in climate talks
Dubbed “Our Climate, Our Health”, a global campaign kicked off last October 12 in more than a dozen countries to unite the health sector under one banner in the lead-up to the Paris climate conference this December.
Kerry urges 'ambitious' climate deal, warns on food security
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urged global leaders on Saturday to agree an "ambitious" deal at a climate conference in Paris in December, saying global warming was the biggest threat to global food security.
Climate change, food security key to global stability, Kerry says
The stability of the world is directly linked to climate change and its impact on food security for billions of people, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday.
Environment Agency makes landmark pension move
The UK’s Environment Agency Pension Fund is to become the first scheme to run its assets in accordance with the UN-agreed principles of preventing global temperatures from rising by more than 2C.
Financial Times
Exclusive Q&A with Chinese President Xi Jinping
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Britain on Monday for a state visit at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II, the first state visit to the United Kingdom by a Chinese leader since 2005.
Arctic powers gather for Alaska talks as pace of global warming threatens ice cap
Scientists in Alaska will raise the vexed issue of methane and “black carbon” pollution as they discuss tipping-point dangers posed by global warming in the Arctic.
The Observer
Climate change can be tackled by adopting alternative sources of energy
Union Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Saturday said that he has instructed his ministry officials to develop more cost effective and efficient electrical lamps and other solar devices for the benefit of people.
Financial Express
US cancels drilling rights auctions in Alaskan Arctic
The United States has announced it is calling off two auctions for oil and gas drilling rights in the Arctic off Alaska and has denied requests for lease extensions by Shell and Statoil.
Financial Express
Need for funds, tech not a negotiating issue: Jairam Ramesh
The adequacy of India’s climate change targets should not be under review under the Paris Climate Change agreement, says ex-Environment Jairam Ramesh
Business Standard
Diplomatie : l’Afrique, nouveau souffle du mécanisme de développement propre grâce au carbone
Dans une lettre ouverte et co-signée par plusieurs gouvernements africains, de nombreuses entreprises et acteurs de la société civile dans le cadre de la préparation de la COP21 qui se tiendra en décembre à Paris, la secrétaire générale de la Convention cadre des Nations unies contre les changements climatiques (CCNUCC), Christiana Figueres, évoque le futur Mécanisme de développement propre (MDP)
It’s far worse than it sounds: Climate change is making our winters shorter
If winter comes… spring’s going to be closer-than-usual behind. New research shows that as a result of rising temperatures caused by global climate change, the first leaves and buds of spring will begin arriving at least three weeks ahead of time in the United States.
French president in Iceland to see global warming's damage
The French president took a few steps on an Icelandic glacier Friday to experience firsthand the damage caused by global warming, ahead of major U.N. talks on climate change in Paris this year.
France seeks 'strong progress' at preparatory climate talks
Foreign minister Laurent Fabius of France urged negotiators to make "strong progress" at home-stretch talks in Bonn next week for a climate rescue pact.
Bonn set for fireworks as UN climate talks resume
Envoys arrive to discuss a revised set of proposals that was slashed from 85 to 20 pages by the two officials chairing these talks, and published at the start of October.
Climate Home
As UN climate deal looms, pressure on nations to ditch demands
A draft agreement that ditches cherished ideas of almost 200 nations about how to fight climate change could spark "fireworks" at a final round of negotiations to design a U.N. agreement to be held in Paris in December.
UN climate talks: Tough issues on the table
Diplomats convene in Bonn Monday for the last five-day negotiating session before 195 nations try to ink a global climate pact in December.
Energy groups pledge to tackle climate change
Chief executives from 10 of the world’s largest oil and gas groups, including Saudi Arabia’s state oil company, have vowed to do more to fight global warming ahead of the December UN climate conference in Paris.
Financial Times
Oil and Gas Companies Make Statement in Support of U.N. Climate Goals
Ten of the world’s big oil companies, mainly from Europe, jointly acknowledged on Friday that their industry must help address global climate change and said that they agreed with the United Nations’ goals of limiting global warming.
NY Times
Oil bosses fight 'bad guy' image ahead of climate talks
Oil and gas industry bosses pledged on Friday to curb gas flaring as they sought to boost their image in the climate change debate ahead of a United Nations summit later this year, but disagreed on putting a price on carbon emissions.
Oil companies pledge support for Paris climate deal
The chief executives of 10 of the world's biggest oil and gas companies have pledged support for an "effective" deal to fight global warming at a Paris conference next month.
EU wants deal 'valid for century' at Paris climate talks
The European Union will push for an U.N. deal to cap global warming that spans the century and for checks on progress every five years, Europe's climate chief said on Friday.
« La COP21 ne pourra pas ignorer la question de la faim »
Dans le document qu’elle remettra le 27 octobre, Hilal Elver, rapporteure spéciale des Nations unies pour le droit à l’alimentation, s’alarme des impacts négatifs sur la sécurité alimentaire que peuvent avoir les politiques mises en place pour faire face au changement climatique
Le Monde
Cop21 : Des associations environnementales en conclave à Libreville
En prélude à la 21e Conférence des parties à la Convention-cadre des Nations-unies sur les changements climatiques (CCNUCC), l’Institut Français de Libreville abrite une rencontre des organisations environnementales.
Gabon Review
UN climate chief: ‘Let the oil lie’
Christiana Figueres, the UN climate chief who earlier has called for an end to coal mining on Svalbard, is reluctant to criticize Norway for its coal and oil operations. At a conference in Oslo this week, however, she made it clear that most fossil fuel resources should be left lying in the ground.
UN climate talks: Tough issues on the table
Diplomats convene in Bonn Monday for the last five-day negotiating session before 195 nations try to ink a global climate pact in December.
Ban Ki-moon 'reasonably optimistic' on Paris climate talks
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is "reasonably optimistic" about a world climate conference due to open in Paris at the end of next month, he said in an interview published Thursday
Oil bosses fight for relevance before climate talks
Oil and gas industry leaders will launch a final charm offensive on Friday to highlight the sector's relevance in the global fight against climate change before a key summit in Paris later this year.
El papa Francisco aseguró que espera "decisiones concretas" en la cumbre del cambio climático de París
El Sumo Pontífice reconoció que en la conferencia de Naciones Unidas "se necesita el compromiso de todos" para "proteger al hombre de su propia destrucción"
UN warns human-induced activities turning Earth into wide ‘desert’
World leaders and delegates from 192 countries across the globe have gathered in Ankara, Turkey, to discuss the worrying land degradation and global desertification on the 12th session of the Conference of the Parties, or COP12
International Business Times
Climat : record en vue pour 2015
Les températures planétaires du mois de septembre montrent que l'année 2015 tient toujours la corde pour devenir l'année la plus chaude depuis le début des relevés thermométriques.
Cambio climático adelantaría la primavera
Científicos afirman que la primavera, la temporada de crecimiento de las plantas, llegará unas tres semanas antes de lo normal en los próximos cien años.
Voz de América
In climate bid, Obama expands steps to cut refrigerants
President Barack Obama is ordering new steps to reduce refrigerants that contribute to climate change as he works to secure a global climate treaty.
L'énergie des métros qui freinent permettra bientôt de recharger votre voiture
Cette méthode était déjà utilisée pour faire rouler des motrices. Elle permet désormais de faire fonctionner escalators et éclairages dans les stations. Elle pourrait, à terme, alimenter des véhicules, des bâtiments publics ou des industries.
Le Figaro
Rising sea levels pose a threat to the UAE?
In an interview with Khaleej Times, de Perthuis noted that low-lying coastal cities in the Gulf - such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi - will eventually face an existential threat if sea levels continue to rise due to increasingly warm waters.
Khaleej Times
Kenya : Le changement climatique menace les droits humains
La santé, la sécurité et les moyens de subsistance sont menacés dans la région de Turkana
Countries see climate change action 'in own interest' - experts
The process of countries building their own national plans to use more clean energy and cut climate-change risks - the basis for a new global climate deal - has kick-started genuine action in many of those countries, climate experts argued on Thursday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Changement Climat : Rabat se prépare pour la COP22
Le Maroc présidera la COP 22. La ministre marocaine de l’Environnement, Hakima El Haite, a indiqué que « Lima est la COP des négociations, Paris est celle des décisions ». Ajoutant : « la COP22 sera la conférence de l’action ».
Agence d'information d'afrique central
Energy giants want to be part of a green agenda but will they go far enough?  Guardian
How the Green Climate Fund Can Help Us Realize Global Goal 2 and End Hunger Huffington Post
France warns about security risks caused by global warming
U.N. conference on climate in Paris this year will also be a "conference for peace," given that global warming threatens the world's security, a top French official said Wednesday.
Le réchauffement climatique, un enjeu majeur pour la paix dans le monde
Les changements climatiques et leur corollaire, la réduction des ressources naturelles, constituent une "menace pour la paix" qui doit être prise en compte dans les politiques de défense et la sécurité internationale, ont relevé mercredi responsables politiques et militaires lors d'une conférence à Paris.
La Croix
BP, Shell, Rio Tinto offer support to Paris climate deal
Major oil, mining and IT companies say they are behind plans for a global climate deal that includes the world’s leading economies
Climate Home
El calentamiento climático, una cuestión mayor para la paz mundial
El cambio climático y todos sus corolarios, entre ellos la reducción de los recursos naturales, constituyen una "amenaza para la paz" que debe ser tenida en cuenta en las políticas de defensa y de seguridad internacional, revelaron este miércoles en una conferencia en París responsables políticos y militares.
Réchauffement climatique: Hollande se rend vendredi en Islande
A Reykjavik, le président français participera à la conférence annuelle du Cercle arctique. La conférence rassemble une quarantaine de pays et vise à aborder les questions climatiques et de recherche scientifique.
Canada election winner to set new climate direction
After nearly two decades of foot-dragging on carbon emissions, the winner of Canada's upcoming legislative elections will negotiate new CO2 cuts at year-end talks in Paris.
Rendez-vous before Paris: Climate pre-party in Oslo
As part of the launch of the four partners to collaborate at COP21, this evening will see Bellona and CICERO hosting “Norway’s biggest unofficial climate pre-party” in Oslo.
Low rainfall and crippling power shortages hit Zambia's economy
Brenda Nglazi Zulu has tried to adapt to the power cuts that sometimes leave her home in the capital Lusaka without electricity for half the day. She bought a gas stove and installed solar panels to help keep her lights on.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Germany has to show that its energy is clean
Country is on a path to achieving the hard task in renewables while flunking the simple one in coal
Financial Times
PNG plans new home for islanders fleeing volcano, climate impacts
F or 11 years, the people of Manam Island, a volcano rising out of the Bismarck Sea around 15 km off Papua New Guinea's north coast, have waited to be resettled after fleeing devastating eruptions in 2004.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Countdown to COP21: Jamaica finalises work on emissions reduction contributions
Jamaica has completed the technical work on its intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction, in accordance with its obligations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
jamaica Gleaner
Mexico Challenges Other Nations to Act Boldly against Climate Change
Across the dusty 1,954-mile border between Mexico and the United States, international companies are gearing up to spend more than $10 billion on thousands of miles of steel tubes carrying cheap natural gas from Texas to hungry markets on the other side of the Rio Grande.
Scientific American
Jakarta talks tough over climate-change summit
Indonesian officials are convinced that the country has plenty to gain from a highly anticipated global conference on climate change to be held in Paris in December, although they are aware that tough, politically charged negotiations lie in store at the convention.
Today Online
Deshielo de la Antártida aumentará el nivel del mar tres metros
Científicos de la Universidad de Victoria (Nueva Zelanda) aseguran que el deshielo de la Antártida, como consecuencia del cambio climático, podría aumentar el nivel del mar hasta en tres metros para el 2300, según un estudio publicado en la revista "Nature".
El Comercio
A shift in climate (editorial) Nature
China Agricultural Bank sells $1 bln debut "green bond" in London
Agricultural Bank of China , the country's third-largest listed lender, completed its debut sale of $1 billion dual currency bonds late on Tuesday in London - the first "green bond" from a Chinese bank.
Expected Polish election winner urges EU climate deal renegotiation
The likely winner of Poland's Oct. 25 parliamentary election called on Tuesday for a renegotiation of a climate deal agreed last year by the European Union, saying the country needed more coal-based power stations.
UN to quiz Saudi Arabia, Qatar over missing climate plans
Secretary General’s advisor says his office will be on the phone to those countries yet to deliver greenhouse gas slashing proposals
Climate Home
Pacific nations beg for help for islanders when 'calamity' of climate change hits
Coalition of Fiji, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Tokelau ask wealthy nations to help their people migrate and find work if they have to flee because of rising sea levels
Proponen crear atlas para prevenir enfermedades por cambio climático
Diputados de Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) propusieron reformar la Ley General de Cambio Climático para crear el Atlas de Clima y Salud Nacional, con el fin de prevenir enfermedades generadas por los efectos del cambio climático.
Indonesia Optimistic About Outcome of Paris Climate Talks
Indonesian officials are convinced that the country has plenty to gain from the highly-anticipated global conference on climate change in Paris this December, although they are aware that tough, "politically charged" negotiations lie in store at the "make or break" convention.
Jakarta Globe
"Décarboner" l'économie mondiale, la nouvelle ambition du secteur financier
Dans le cadre des réunions du FMI et de la Banque mondiale à Lima le week-end dernier, le secteur financier affiche de plus en plus d'implication dans la lutte contre le changement climatique. De bon augure avant la COP21.
Quebec y México firman acuerdo para fomentar la cooperación en materia de cambio climático
El primer ministro de Quebec, Philippe Couillard se encuentra en México, en una visita de trabajo que tiene como objetivo acercar aun más a estas dos economías, estrechamente vinculadas desde hace ya varias décadas.
Noticias Montreal
Climate change: Pakistan urged to explore funds for adaptation projects
A review of various energy generation options available in the country tells that coal is the most feasible, Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, the additional chief secretary for energy, said on Tuesday.
The Express Tribune
Saudi Arabia to host carbon sequestration event
The development of cost-effective technologies for the separation and capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) for its transport, utilisation and long-term safe storage, will be in focus at a conference to be held in Saudi Arabia, next month.
TradeArabia News Service
Quand la route devient centrale photovoltaïque, une première mondiale française
Colas, la filiale routière de Bouygues, a conçu un revêtement pour routes et parkings avec des cellules photovoltaïques. En couvrir 2,5% des surfaces routières assurerait 10% des besoins énergétiques de la France.
Les Echos
Yeb Sano heads for Paris, praying for a climate miracle
Former Philippines negotiator says world needs new economic order to overcome global warming and ensure development among the planet’s poorest
Climate Home
Why this guy is running (yes, running) from Arctic Norway to Paris
When I called up Erlend Moster Knudsen on Monday, the climate scientist already had run more than 21 miles since morning -- and was expecting to complete a marathon by nightfall.
Crisis of our time brings Wolf of Wall Street to Delhi
DiCaprio will be in Delhi this month, in eco-friendly clothing, to profile Sunita Narain of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) for an untitled, yet-to-be-announced documentary film on climate change that will "explore the crisis of our time in a way that has never been done before".
The Indian Express
Uganda rally to kick polluters out of climate talks (opinion) New Vision
AP Interview: EU climate boss says emissions cuts not enough
Europe's climate chief has acknowledged for the first time that climate pledges made by national governments ahead of a major U.N. conference fall short of meeting the international goal of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).
Global climate pledges not enough but good start: European Commission
National pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions, even if fully implemented, would cap global warming at 3 degrees Celsius rather than the 2 degrees targeted to avoid dangerous consequences, the European Commission said on Monday.
Ecuador's Correa prepares for ideological battle at COP21
Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said at a climate change event in Bolivia on Monday (12 October) that the world's peoples must unite to confront "the powerful" nations he said were responsible for environmental damage and global warming.
La declaración de la Conferencia sobre el cambio climático plantea el vivir bien
La Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos Sobre Cambio Climático y Defensa de la Vida (CMPCC) realizada en Tiquipaya- Bolivia aprobó en plenaria el documento síntesis trabajado por 12 mesas temáticas que debatieron sobre el cambio climático y cuyas conclusiones serán expuestas en la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático (COP21) que tendrá lugar en París, Francia, en diciembre próximo.
El País
Evo Morales Closes Climate Change Summit in Bolivia
In his closing remarks of a three-day climate change summit near Cochabamba, Bolivian President Evo Morales said that capitalism is to blame for climate change, and that the conclusions made at the summit will be directly taken to the Paris climate change conference later this year.
Paris climate summit must deliver long-term framework: US
Ahead of the crucial Paris climate summit, the United States has said the much-awaited global meet must deliver a long-term transparent framework that ratchets down future emissions over time.
Economic Times
Une vingtaine d’entreprises s’engagent pour le climat à Paris
A quelques semaines de la conférence internationale sur le climat (COP 21), le monde de l’entreprise se mobilise : une vingtaine de sociétés et d’établissements aussi divers que le musée du Louvre, la Poste, Vinci, LVMH ou le groupe Casino ont signé lundi avec la mairie de Paris une charte « Paris Action Climat », qui fédère les initiatives pour lutter contre le dérèglement climatique.
Les Echos
Once de las mayores eléctricas del mundo dirigen una carta a los negociadores en la Cumbre del Clima de París
Los responsables de once empresas que producen un tercio de la electricidad a nivel mundial, entre ellas la española Iberdrola, instan a los gobiernos a acordar «políticas claras y de largo plazo para apoyar el cambio hacia un sistema energético bajo en carbono».
ABC España
Climat : la course aux 100 milliards de dollars est bien engagée
En 2009, la conférence de Copenhague avait achoppé sur la question du financement de la lutte contre le dérèglement climatique. A priori, ce ne devrait pas être le cas de la COP21 – elle se tient à Paris du 30 novembre au 11 décembre – si l’on en juge par les progrès qui ont été accomplis vendredi 9 octobre à Lima, et par l’ambiance qui régnait dans la capitale du Pérou, en marge des assemblées annuelles du Fonds monétaire international (FMI) et de la Banque mondiale.
Le Monde
Can a country planning 80 coal-fired power plants get serious about climate change?
Driving along the E5 highway, this ancient city's jumble of concrete block high-rises and Ottoman-domed mosques recedes into the distance. The future gleams.
Climate change is getting worse — and U.N. climate reports are getting harder to understand
Let’s face it: Climate science isn’t always the easiest subject to explain to non-scientists. However, the political charge surrounding global conversations about climate change makes it all the more important to communicate the science to the general public as clearly and accurately as possible
Washington Post
Conférence Climat : Jean-Louis Borloo, sauveur de la COP 21 ?
Et si, à côté des grands engagements planétaires et des chiffres mirobolants qui seront brandis pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique, le véritable succès de la COP 21, à la fin de l’année, était l’électrification de l’Afrique ?
Le Parisien
Climate change threatens future of Canada's northern hunters
I ndigenous hunter Jim Antoine has watched the decline of caribou herds with alarm, convinced that global warming is at least partially responsible for the crisis in Canada's far north.
Climate Change Clips Wings of Migratory Birds: Ornithologist
It takes the dexterity of a lacemaker to remove the tiny bird caught in nets strung between pine trees on Poland's Baltic coast, a veritable paradise for dozens of migratory species.
Climate change could triple Amazon drought, study finds
When thinking about greenhouse gas emissions, there are a few obvious sources that come to mind, such as cars or coal-burning plants. But there are also some huge natural reservoirs of carbon on Earth, known as “carbon sinks,” which could pour huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere if they were unleashed.
Washington Post
Seafood hit by climate change, Australian study finds
A global marine food chain collapse due to greenhouse gas emissions could hit many popular eating fish, an Australian study has found.
Sydney Morning Herald
Caribbean poet issues call to action on climate change
“The arts can make us act, and we need action in response to the threats, the realities of climate change”.
Climate change is a threat to global security that demands a global response  BusinessGreen
Development banks boost funding to fight climate change
The world's top development banks pledged Friday to boost their funding to lessen climate change's impact, aiming for the goal of $100 billion a year that rich countries have pledged to transfer to developing countries by 2020.
Development banks boost funding vs climate change
The world’s top deve-lopment banks pledged on Friday to boost their funding to lessen climate-change impact, aiming for the goal of $100 billion a year that rich countries have pledged to transfer to developing countries by 2020.
El FMI y BM aumentan financiamiento contra el cambio climático
El FMI y el Banco Mundial prometieron el viernes incrementar su financiamiento para reducir el impacto del cambio climático, yendo en pos de la meta de 100.000 millones de dólares por año que las naciones ricas prometieron transferir a países en desarrollo para 2020.
President: Peru proved good economic management and security for investments
The Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the WBG/IMF held in Lima on October 5-11 have enabled Peru to stress the proper economic management and the security provided as an investment destination, Peru’s President Ollanta Humala affirmed.
Laws help enforce some environmental treaties - but not on climate
If and when a global deal to curb climate change is done in Paris this December, the matter of enforcement is likely to be left not to sanctions but to peer pressure.
Bolivia: UN's Ban Ki-Moon Demands Action on Climate Change
The U.N. head told the People’s Conference on Climate Change in Bolivia that there is ‘’No Plan B on climate change because there is no Planet B.’’
Ban urge a alcanzar un acuerdo "creíble" sobre cambio climático porque "no hay plan B"
"No hay plan B porque no hay planeta B". O sea, o nos ponemos las pilas en la lucha contra el cambio climático o afrontamos sin remedio el desastre que nos hemos buscado.
Huffington Post
Climate talks: Mind the emissions gap
Global experts are meeting in Morocco to assess the adequacy of politicians' pledges to protect the climate.
Paris climate summit: UN negotiations 'need redesign'
The UN climate negotiations are heading for failure and need a major redesign if they are to succeed, scientists say.
Paris strives to transform into sustainable city
As a city where 2 million residents coexist with several million visitors and an average of 28 million commutes are made every day, Paris, like many other metropolitan cities, considers tackling air pollution and emissions as a top priority to solving public health issues.
Korea Herald
Kuwait calls for coordinating Arab stands on climate change
Kuwait's Assistant Foreign Minister for Legal Affairs Ghanim Al-Ghanim stressed Sunday the importance of coordinating stands among Arab states on negotiations of UN Treaty on climate change, and its impacts on different aspects, particularly economy.
U.K. Leads G-20 in Carbon Cuts Before Climate Summit, PWC Says
The U.K. led the G-20 last year in reducing the carbon intensity of its economy, a key measure of success in the battle against climate change.
Sinking Low-Lying Island Nations In Pacific, Indian Oceans Seeking Solutions Before It's Too Late
Even though battling climate change was added as one of the new sustainable-development goals during the recent session of the United Nations General Assembly, the organization’s definition of a refugee has remained focused on people escaping persecution, excluding climate change as a factor.
International Business Times
World will pass crucial 2C global warming limit, experts warn
Carbon pledges from 147 nations to Paris climate summit ‘are not enough to stop temperature rise’, experts conclude
The Observer
Electricity firm CEOs urge clear policies for low-carbon shift
Heads of 11 companies that generate a third of the world's electricity urged governments on Sunday to agree clear, long-term policies to underpin a shift to lower-carbon energy as part of a U.N. agreement on climate change due in December
Soft touch climate deal
Negotiators have several terms for the way they plan to enforce any deal reached at critical global climate talks in Paris this December.
What do Paris climate action pledges mean for business? BusinessGreen
UN official praises "huge progress" in fight against climate change
The world has made huge progress in its fight against climate change in the past five or six years, UN climate talks chief said on Wednesday.
La note d’espoir de Christine Lagarde à Lima
La directrice générale du Fonds monétaire international (FMI), Christine Lagarde, et le président de la Banque mondiale, Jim Yong Kim, ont donné, jeudi 8 octobre, le coup d’envoi officiel des assemblées annuelles de leurs institutions, en Amérique latine pour la première fois depuis quarante-neuf ans et dans un contexte de croissance affaiblie et de lutte contre le dérèglement climatique.
Le Monde
IMF chief seeks climate breakthrough at Lima meet
Christine Lagarde calls on governments to back carbon pricing, slash fossil fuel subsidies as finance leaders gather in Peru
Climate Home
Twenty nations vulnerable to climate change seek more action
Twenty of the countries most vulnerable to climate change, from the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan to the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, will form a new group on Thursday to press for tougher action to curb warming.
Las naciones más vulnerables al cambio climático crean el 'Bloque V20'
Ministros de 20 países vulnerables al cambio climático lanzaron este jueves en Lima el Bloque V20 para reunir recursos que les permitan combatir el impacto del calentamiento global en sus territorios.
La Republica
China says must make $315 billion - $630 billion green investments per year
China must make green investments of between 2 trillion and 4 trillion yuan ($315-630 billion) per year over the next five years, but the government can only cover 15 percent of that, China's central bank deputy governor, Yi Gang, said on Thursday.
Pressure grows for global climate cash to help hard-hit poor
As finance ministers from 20 developing states agreed on Thursday to work on boosting funding for climate action, officials and experts called for more finance to protect the world's poor from the effects of global warming.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
EDF lance «la plus importante» obligation verte libellée en dollars
Le groupe français EDF a annoncé jeudi avoir levé avec succès 4,75 milliards de dollars d'obligations pour renforcer la structure de son bilan, dont 1,25 milliard d'obligation verte libellée en dollars, «la plus importante» émise par une entreprise industrielle.
State to lobby EU for lower climate change targets
Government to cite recession and agriculture as reasons for cuts to emissions goals for 2030
Irish Times
Belgian ambassador to Caricom says ‘no plan b for climate change’
Climate change and sustainable development “are vital issues for the planet” according to Belgian Ambassador Guy Sevrin.
Jamaica Observer
Effects of climate change seen across Jamaica
In an interview with The Gleaner, the resident of Seaforth, St Thomas, lamented the devastating effects a prolonged drought has been having on her livelihood. By extension, the drought is one of several climate-change consequences being experienced by Jamaica
jamaica Gleaner
Couillard toujours déterminé à lutter contre le réchauffement climatique
Précisant que les pas qui restaient à faire seraient difficiles, le premier ministre Philippe Couillard a réitéré son intention de lutter contre le réchauffement climatique en ouverture de la conférence scientifique «L'Arctique, sentinelle du réchauffement climatique» mercredi au Musée de la civilisation de Québec.
La Presse
Growth, climate in focus as world economic leaders meet
The search for billions of dollars still needed to fight climate change topped the agenda Thursday as world economic leaders met seeking to kick-start growth while tackling global warming.
Burundi's solar plans forge ahead despite political unrest
As violence erupts in the capital, plans for the country’s first major solar plant bring hope to thousands whose lives will be transformed by electricity
India ‘disappointed’ at draft Paris climate change agreement
India on Wednesday expressed disappointment over the first draft text of the Paris climate change agreement, which was presented to the governments two days ago, and said the country would oppose it during the next round of negotiations at Bonn.
Times of India
France Uses 'Climate Train' to Raise Awareness
A train is chugging its way across France this month to raise awareness about climate change and what is at stake during December's climate summit in Paris.
Voice of America
Pumpkin pie may be missing by Christmas, thanks to climate change
Crop yields are down by half in the Illinois town that produces 85% of the world’s canned pumpkin, threatening to deprive Americans of their beloved pie
Jared Leto Tours The Arctic In A New Virtual Reality Climate Change Campaign
Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto has teamed with the Sierra Club, Environmental Media Association, and non-profit VR studio RYOT for the first virtual reality climate change public service announcement.
IMF Chief: We're cooked if we fail on climate change
International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde said Wednesday that failure to take urgent action on global warming will condemn humanity to the same fate as the Peruvian poultry that so many delegates to the group's annual meeting are enjoying this week in a country famed for its cuisine.
Croissance et climat, les deux casse-tête de l'économie mondiale à Lima
Doper la croissance tout en répondant à l'urgence climatique: les grands argentiers du globe réunis à Lima s'attaquent jeudi à cette difficile équation sur fond d'incertitudes persistantes sur l'économie planétaire.
Paris climate talks should not put figure on finance, says World Bank vice-president
Rachel Kyte says governments at the 2009 summit agreed funding for developing countries by ‘picking a $100bn figure out of the air’
OECD estimates climate finance flows at $60 billion
Report aims to build confidence in funding for poor countries ahead of Paris summit, but analysts say challenges remain
Climate Home
Climat : nouvelle piste de financements pour les pays les plus pauvres
Une taxe sur le carburant des compagnies aériennes et de la marine marchande est préconisée dans un rapport du Sénat.
Le Figaro
Aumenta el impulso al financiamiento del cambio climático
Serán un importante elemento de las negociaciones durante el período previo a la COP21 de París, donde se espera que los países concluyan un nuevo acuerdo internacional.
El Economista
Progress made in fundraising for poor to fight climate change
The world's richest countries mobilized $61.8 billion in public and private funds in 2014 to help poor countries combat and adapt to climate change, almost two-thirds of a goal to raise $100 billion a year starting in 2020, according to a report released on Wednesday.
Report on OECD contributions to combating climate change faces scrutiny
Wealthy countries are channelling around $57bn a year to help poorer nations deal with global warming, according to new findings on one of the most contentious issues in UN climate talks.
Financial Times
Oil firm bosses to hold climate change talks
The leaders of eight of the top oil companies will meet in Paris next week to explain how they will help combat climate change, part of an offensive ahead of a United Nations (UN) summit later this year.
UN drops plan to help move climate-change affected people
A previous draft of the deal to be thrashed out by nations included a “climate change displacement coordination facility” that would provide “organised migration and planned relocation”, as well as compensation, to people fleeing rising sea levels, extreme weather and ruined agriculture.
U.K. Said to Consider Closing All Coal-Fired Plants by 2023
The U.K. is considering whether to close all of its 12 coal-fired power plants by 2023 as part of its effort to reduce the greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, an official with knowledge of the discussions said.
California busca usar más energías renovables
El gobernador Jerry Brown incrementó drásticamente el miércoles las metas de California encaminadas a contrarrestar el cambio climático, comprometiendo al estado a utilizar energía renovable para obtener la mitad de su electricidad y hacer que los edificios existentes dupliquen su eficiencia energética en sólo 15 años.
EL Nuevo Herald
California wants renewable energy for half its power by 2030
Gov. Jerry Brown dramatically increased California's climate-change goals on Wednesday, committing the state to use renewable energy for half its electricity and make existing buildings twice as energy-efficient in just 15 years.
African countries turn to insurance to safeguard against climate change
An African Union agency designed to respond quickly and effectively to natural disasters is transferring the burden of climate risk from governments to markets
Canadian cities: Step up and act on climate change (by Michael Bloomberg and Gregor Robertson) Globe and Mail
Korean energy economist to head UN climate science panel
A South Korean professor of climate change economics will lead the Nobel Prize-winning group of climate scientists who keep track of global warming.
South Korea's Lee to head U.N. panel of climate scientists
South Korea's Hoesung Lee, chosen on Tuesday to head the U.N.'s panel of climate scientists, favours wider pricing of carbon dioxide output to curb emissions of the greenhouse gases the group blames for global warming.
El surcoreano Hoesung Lee, elegido nuevo presidente de IPCC
El científico surcoreano Hoesung Lee fue elegido hoy en Dubrovnik (Croacia) nuevo presidente del Panel Intergubernamental de Expertos en Cambio Climático (IPCC), en la 42 sesión de este máximo órgano mundial sobre la ciencia del calentamiento de la Tierra.
Pacific low-lying islands unite on climate change
The Prime Minister of Tuvalu and President of Kiribati have called for a strong and effective climate change agreement at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) to be held in Paris at the end of this year.
Matangi Tonga Online
Shell chief: Business must account for cost of climate change
Ben van Beurden says industry, regulators should rally behind Shell and European oil majors’ joint call to make polluters pay
Climate Home
CEO analizan con frialdad oportunidades ante cambio climático
Los CEO ven más oportunidades de crecimiento de sus negocios hoy que en los últimos tres años, según encuesta de PwC
El Comercio
California governor to sign aggressive climate change bill
Gov. Jerry Brown is expected on Wednesday to sign an ambitious climate change measure to increase California's renewable electricity use to 50 percent and double energy efficiency in existing buildings by 2030.
Africa: Head of African Group of Climate Change Appreciates Outcomes of Khartoum Meeting
The chairman of the African Group for the Climate Change, Dr. Najm-Eddin Qutbi has commended the outcomes of the group meeting hosted by Khartoum last week at the Salam Rotana Hotel.
Sudan News Agency (Khartoum)
Climat: l’Afrique attend des centaines de milliards USD pour financer ses projets
Les parties engagées à la Convention cadre des Nations unies pour le changement climatique avaient jusqu’au 1er octobre pour annoncer leurs engagements en matière de réduction de gaz à effet de serre.
Radio Okapi
E.P.A. Strategist Is Appointed to Fine-Tune Global Warming Agenda
As President Obama doubles down on climate change as a legacy issue, the White House has appointed Thomas Reynolds, a top communications strategist at the Environmental Protection Agency and a seasoned political operative, to a new position dedicated solely to messaging Mr. Obama’s global warming agenda.
NY Times
China's green economy could create enormous business opportunities
China's march toward a low-carbon economy and establishing a global energy network will bring more opportunities than risks, experts said.
Climat : « Il faut faciliter l’accès des collectivités aux fonds de financement »
Le Comité des régions de l’UE s’apprête à adopter le rapport d’Annabelle Jaeger sur la COP 21 lors de la session plénière qui se tient à Bruxelles le 13 octobre.
La Gazette
COP21 : le nouveau brouillon du texte de négociation épuré et clarifié
A moins de deux mois de la Conférence des Nations unies sur les changements climatiques à Paris (COP21), les deux co-président de l’Assemblée des négociateurs aux Nations unies, l’Algérien Ahmed Djoghlaf et l’Américain Dan Reifsnyder, ont publié lundi 5 octobre un texte de négociation épuré et clarifié. Ce document servira de base aux travaux que doivent reprendre les 196 parties lors de l’ultime séance préparatoire à Bonn qui se tiendra du 19 au 23 octobre.
Green beer cuts Tanzanian brewery's costs and carbon emissions
Green beer may not sound too appealing, but in Mwanza, it's going down a treat. A locally produced "greener" brew not only slakes thirst but is reducing the carbon footprint of the country's second largest city.
The Global South Will Make Its Contribution to Fighting Climate Change
Seen for years as passive actors in the fight against global warming, more than 100 countries of the Global South have submitted their national contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonising their economies.
Climate change puts Inuit culture on thin ice
Residents of the sub-Arctic village of Umiujaq wistfully remember the good old days, when the ice-fishing season was long and the catch bountiful.
Climate change could displace half a million people from islands
Residents of the Marshall Islands in the North Pacific know they have it bad. Flooding is on the rise and many face the real possibility that their island homes will disappear by the end of the century.
Hunt: Paris is just the start of bigger emission cuts
The Environment Minister is treading a very fine line between his enthusiasm and optimism about international efforts to address climate change and the need to defend and cater to his Party’s very reluctant approach to lowering carbon emissions.
Business Spectator
In the fight to stop climate change, forests are a vital weapon (comment) Guardian
UN publishes draft of slimmed-down Paris climate change deal
A new draft of the potential global agreement on climate change, to be negotiated this December in Paris, has been published by the United Nations.
UN unveils first draft agreement ahead of climate talks
The agreement on global action against climate change, due to be signed in Paris in two months time at the COP21, has reached an important stage. It was made public and presented to governments on Monday.
El borrador de acuerdo de París propone poner fecha al fin de las emisiones
El documento reduce a menos de un cuarto el texto existente hasta ahora y concreta qué estará en el futuro tratado y qué en la Decisión acordada que lo desarrolle.
Draft climate text released - but what about the emission gap?
Implementation of the 146 national climate action plans submitted in preparation of the Paris climate summit would result in global warming of 2.7 degrees Celsius - which is still above the target of 2 degrees Celsius.
Deutsche Welle
Toughen climate action every five years, U.N. draft suggests
All nations should agree to toughen curbs on greenhouse gas emissions every five years under a U.N. accord to combat global warming due in December, according to a first suggested text of a U.N. agreement on Monday.
Leaders ‘will not negotiate’ at Paris climate talks
Summit organizers want them to show up at the start, not the end, to avoid a repeat of the Copenhagen disaster.
India leads Asia's dash for coal as emissions blow east
Deep in the thickly forested hills in its east, India last month started production at what it hopes will in five years be Asia's biggest coal mine.
UNDP tasks FG on climate change negotiations
United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, has urged Nigeria to rally other African nations with a view to canvassing common position to address climate change challenges and its negative effects on people’s livelihood at the forthcoming COP21, holding in Paris, France.
National Mittor
L’Afrique peut quadrupler la part des énergies renouvelables d’ici 2030
Les énergies renouvelables, de moins en moins chères, pourraient couvrir près du quart des besoins énergétiques du continent africain d’ici 2030, soit quatre fois plus qu’actuellement, selon un rapport publié lundi 5 octobre par l’Agence internationale des énergies renouvelables (Irena).
le Monde/AFP
Germany offers India €2 billion in solar, clean energy funds
Leaders Modi and Merkel agree renewables finance package and to cooperate on plans for global climate deal in Paris
Climate Home
Alemania e India firman acuerdos, entre ellos de energías renovables
El primer ministro indio, Narendra Modi, y la canciller de Alemania, Angela Merkel, anunciaron hoy en Nueva Delhi la firma de 18 acuerdos bilaterales en sectores como defensa, industria, energías renovables o educación, entre otros, en un salto en las relaciones bilaterales entre ambos países.
La Vanguardia
Ahead of Paris meet, Berlin's billions put India firmly on low-carbon track
Recognizing "renewable energy" and "efficient use of energy" as the most effective routes to mitigate climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions, India and Germany on Monday decided to move on this path more aggressively under the new 'Indo-German Climate and Renewable Alliance'.
Times of India
UN battle looms over finance as nations submit climate plans
Divisions over money between rich and poor countries re-emerged as nations submitted their plans for tackling climate change to the UN.
Intégration du changement climatique dans le plan Maroc Vert
L’Agence pour le développement agricole a présenté, lundi à Rabat, le bilan des réalisations dans le cadre du projet d’intégration du changement climatique dans la mise en œuvre du plan Maroc Vert à l’occasion de sa clôture. Plus de 2.500 agriculteurs ciblés ont pu adopter des mesures d’adaptation et 3.000 autres ont bénéficié de formation.
Le Matiin
Low carbon cities are US$17 trillion opportunity, says New Climate Economy
Low carbon urban development represents a US$16.6 trillion opportunity by 2050, according to a new working paper report from The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, a major international initiative to analyse and communicate the economic risks and opportunities of climate action.
Companies Struggle to Make Carbon Capture Viable
Deep in Canada’s oil country, a group of energy companies is trying to perform something close to a miracle: making dirty fossil fuels green.
NY Times
Climate change is a global problem. Climate action is a local solution (comment) Guardian
Upping the ante at COP21 (opinion) EurActiv
Here's What the G-20 Nations are Pledging on Climate Change
The United Nations last December set a deadline of Oct. 1 for countries to submit pledges on what they’re prepared to do to rein in fossil-fuel emissions as part of their contribution to a new deal to fight climate change.
India promises to slash emissions, but wants help
India submitted its long-awaited climate pledge on Thursday, vowing to reduce the intensity of its emissions 33 to 35 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.
Business Spectator
France to consider phasing out diesel tax breaks: minister
France is considering raising taxes on diesel over the next five years to end an advantage over gasoline and encourage drivers to choose cleaner cars, Environment Minister Segolene Royal said.
Angela Merkel to focus on climate change in talks with Modi
The two countries are expected to sign deals on green energy and rejuvenation of the Ganga at the meeting
Philippines aims to cut carbon by 70 percent by 2030, if it gets help
The Philippines aims to cut its carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030 but only if it gets financial and technical help to meet that target at international climate change talks this year, a presidential aide said on Friday.
Francia inaugurará cumbre climática
El presidente Evo Morales informó ayer que el canciller de Francia, Laurent Fabius, inaugurará la segunda Cumbre Mundial de los Pueblos sobre Cambio Climático, que se realizará en la población de Tiquipaya (Cochabamba), del 10 al 12 de este mes.
La Razón
Six experts vie for top U.N. climate science job
Six candidates are vying to become head of the U.N.'s top authority on climate change science this week, seeking to narrow down uncertainties about future warming to guide a trillion-dollar shift to greener energies.
El Panel de Expertos en Cambio Climático elige nuevo presidente
El Panel Intergubernamental de Expertos en Cambio Climático (IPCC) elige esta semana nuevo equipo directivo, que deberá guiar el trabajo de miles de investigadores en el mundo durante los próximos 5 a 7 años, cuando se espera un nuevo informe de evaluación sobre el estado de la ciencia del clima.
ABC España
Are solar panels now as cheap as fossil fuels?
SolarCity has released the most efficient and most affordable solar panels. Does this make solar a viable alternative to traditional energy sources?
Christian Science Monitor
La part du renouvelable va augmenter rapidement prédit l'Agence internationale de l’énergie
La progression s’accélère. De quoi parler de bascule. Le rapport publié ce vendredi 2 octobre par l’Agence international de l’énergie (AIE) prédit que les énergies renouvelables fourniront 26 % de l’électricité mondiale en 2020.
Usine Nouvelle
Sur l’île de Pâques, les guetteurs de l’océan
Les eaux de cette terre lointaine et isolée sont pillées par les navires industriels chinois, espagnols, coréens, russes
Le Monde
Vivienne Westwood's Paris show
Bold prints and floating jackets prevailed at Vivienne Westwood's Gold Label catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week on Saturday.Westwood, known for her environmental activism, said she picked an underlying theme of saving the Italian city of Venice from the effects of climate change for the spring/summer 2016 collection
The Guardian view on the Paris climate change summit: reasons to be cheerful Editorial guar
Why Business Innovation Will Help Build a New Climate Economy Forbes
A Big Boost for the Climate Summit (editorial) NY Times
India vows to cut carbon intensity in Paris pledge
As the last major economy to submit a target for a global climate pact, India is pledging to reduce the intensity of its carbon emissions and boost the share of electricity produced from sources other than fossil fuels to 40 percent by 2030.
Insurance bosses call for collective action on climate change
Lloyd's of London and other insurers called for collective action to address climate change on Thursday, after a report from the UK regulator this week highlighted risks to their industry from global warming.
'Not ideal': climate change experts criticize emissions pledges ahead of Paris summit
At least 140 countries have submitted their tentative pledges to limit greenhouse gas emissions ahead of the Paris summit. A quartet of climate research bodies has criticized the pledges saying they're "not ideal."
Deutsche Welle
Philippines commits to cut emissions by 70 per cent
The Philippines’ initial commitments to help achieve a below two degree Celsius increase in global temperatures were transmitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change on Thursday as part of the nation’s contributions to the climate negotiations this year.
Los planes nacionales contra el cambio climático siguen siendo insuficientes
El Climate Action Tracker afirma que con los compromisos presentados hasta ahora ante la ONU por los grandes paises emisores de gases invernadero, la temperatura del planeta subirá 2,7 grados
La Vanguardia
Paris Climate Deal Should be Comprehensive, Equitable: India
Calling for a comprehensive and equitable climate change agreement at Paris summit later this year, India today said developing countries can do more if they are enabled in their efforts with the provision of finance, technology transfer and capacity building support from developed countries.
Los estados insulares reclaman medidas urgentes para hacer frente al cambio climático
Los estados insulares del Pacífico y el Caribe han reclamado este jueves ante la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas que se tomen medidas urgentes para hacer frente al cambio climático, con el presidente de Micronesia hablando de un "potencial genocidio" a causa del incremento del nivel del mar.
Europa Press
COP 21 : l’Inde s’engage a minima sur le climat
L’Inde n’est pas prête à sacrifier son développement : dans sa contribution à la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique remise à l’ONU, le jeudi 1er octobre, le gouvernement de Modi s’est engagé sur une promesse, l’augmentation de la part des sources d’énergies propres à hauteur de 40 % de sa production d’électricité d’ici 2030, plutôt que sur un objectif contraignant de réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre.
Le Monde
La température devrait augmenter au-delà de la limite des 2°C d'ici 2100
COP21- Cette projection se base sur les promesses de réduction des gaz à effet de serre faites avant la COP21 par les principaux pays émetteurs. La dernière fois que le climat a été plus chaud de 2°C, c'était il y a 125.000 ans...
Le Figaro
World leaders take stock of progress made on climate change ahead of talks in Paris
As countries submitted their national climate action plans, or to in the UN negotiations jargon intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs), it became clear that collectively all the contributions would not meet the reductions as required by science to meet the temperature goal.
Economic Times
Atténuation des effets du changement climatique : Les acteurs se forment en évaluation des besoins technologiques
Depuis hier, et ce, pour trois jours, des ressortissants de sept pays (Panama, Guyane, Honduras, Pakistan, Jordanie, Burkina Faso et Mozambique) suivent, à Dakar, une formation, en vue de renforcer leurs capacités dans l’évaluation des besoins en transferts technologiques dans le cadre de la lutte contre le changement climatique.
Le Soleil
Skiing, climbing, global warming: French Alps show dilemma
The Alps are the birthplace of downhill skiing and a crucible for mountain climbing - but now the French government is trying to help their winter tourist towns adapt to a warming world.
Building a Global Climate Agreement That Will Work: Country Action by All Major Emitters Huffington Post
Creating the climate for action: Lessons from the UN global goals process Devex
It’s getting hotter
At climate talks in Paris later this year, negotiators should ponder the damage already done
The Economist
France to be 'extra vigilant' on climate negotiations
French President Francois Hollande says that France must be "extra vigilant" over upcoming climate change negotiations in order to reach an ambitious agreement at a global summit in December in Paris.
Food industry CEOs call for 'sound' deal on climate change
The CEOs of several major food and beverage companies are calling on world leaders to push for a meaningful agreement at the United Nation's conference on climate change later this year in Paris.
Shun negativity, discuss lifestyle and climate justice: Javadekar
Advocating bringing in positivity before the Paris conference on climate change, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Wednesday called for discussions on issues like lifestyle and climate justice.
India is all set to submit its 'climate action plan' within UN deadline
India will on Thursday submit its post-2020 'climate action plan' to a UN body in Bonn, specifying what the country will do to fight the threat of climate change.
Economic Times
UN sees over 30 national climate action plans submitted in just three days
Israel, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Congo among latest flurry of INDC submissions
Airlines commit to climate action ahead of Paris
Airbus, Boeing and Rolls-Royce among signatories to open letter pledging a carbon market to curb aviation emissions
Climate Home
Nueva Zelanda busca salvar zona natural única
No es común que un país pretenda proteger una zona natural más allá de su territorio. Eso es lo que persigue Nueva Zelanda en una zona de difícil acceso e inigualable biodiversidad.
Deutsche Welle
World's energy systems at risk from global warming, say leading firms
The world’s energy infrastructure is at risk from the extreme weather expected to result from climate change, a group of prominent energy companies has warned.
CREDIT AGRICOLE prend de nouveaux engagements pour le climat
Dans le contexte des négociations internationales sur le climat et en amont de la COP 21,
Ex-climate negotiator hopes for 'miracle' on people's pilgrimage
Armed with Pope Francis’s blessing, Filipino Yeb Sano begins 1,500km walk from Rome to Paris where he will arrive before crunch climate change summi
Climat : l’avertissement de la Banque d’Angleterre aux investisseurs
Selon Mark Carney, gouverneur de la Banque d’Angleterre, les investisseurs sous-estiment les pertes potentielles liées au réchauffement climatique.
Les Echos
Kyrgyzstan: Living with global warming
The Pamir Range is home to more than 5,500 plant species and a habitat for exotic animals. But this biodiversity is threatened.
Deutsche Welle
Bhutan reaffirms to remain carbon neutral
Bhutan has reaffirmed to remain carbon neutral and pursue low emission development to achieve the ambitious global targets of climate change post 2020.
Kuensel online
Millions face hunger due to climate change, "super El Nino" - Oxfam
At least 10 million poor people face hunger this year and next because of droughts and erratic rains linked to record global temperatures and an expected "super" version of the evolving El Nino weather pattern, aid charity Oxfam has warned.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Crean Observatorio de la Selva Maya de la Península de Yucatán
Con la apertura del Observatorio de la Selva Maya (OSM), la Península de Yucatán se convirtió en la primera región del país en contar con un organismo que contribuye al monitoreo y creación de políticas públicas dirigidas a reducir la deforestación y la degradación de su territorio, que permite combatir los efectos del cambio climático.
Yucatan a la Mano
China's Xi Jinping Announces Cap-and-Trade Carbon Program: Will it Work?
China’s President Xi Jinping won kudos for announcing on his state visit to Washington, D.C. in late September that China will by 2017 enact a cap-and-trade system designed to cut carbon emissions
The $100 Billion Question on Climate Starts to Find an Answer
Industrial nations are starting to answer the question of how they will scale up aid for projects that curb global warming, unleashing development banks to help catalyze investment.
Free Lunch: The road to Paris Financial Times
Small islands remain ‘humanity’s moral compass,’ leaders tell UN, urging action on climate change
The President of the Dominican Republic, among other leaders of small island developing States addressing the General Assembly today, noted the importance of tackling climate change as a key part of the broader work of ensuring sustainable development for all.
UN News Centre
African nations and donors agree plan to protect Congo forests
Six African nations have agreed with donors on a plan to protect the tropical forests of the Congo basin, the second biggest in the world after the Amazon's, to help ease poverty and combat climate change.
BoE's Carney say firms must be more open about carbon footprint
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said on Tuesday that companies must be more open about their "climate change footprint" to avoid abrupt changes in asset prices that could destabilize markets.
Zambian President Blames Global Warming for Worst Power Crisis
Zambian President Edgar Lungu said global warming was partly to blame for the "unprecedented" power crisis robbing the economy of jobs and restraining productivity.
The Marshall Islands 'Will Go Under' If The Paris Climate Talks Fail, Foreign Minister Says
An interview with the foreign minister of a country that could disappear.
Huffington Post
BRICs Ministers Support comprehensive, balanced and equitable outcome at COP 21.
"The Ministers expressed their full support for a successful outcome at the COP 21 later this year. They called for a comprehensive, balanced and equitable agreement with legal force for the post 2020 period that is in conformity with the principles and provisions of UNFCCC to be attained in an open, transparent and inclusive negotiating process," the joint statement said.
New Kerala
Climat : les calottes sont cuites ?
Alors que les relevés publiés en août confirment le réchauffement des températures, la réduction de la surface glaciaire au niveau des pôles inquiète les scientifiques.
Pacific states face volatile seas as warming intensifies El Nino
Scientists warn greenhouse gas emissions will cause bigger swings in ocean levels, threatening vulnerable coastal communities
Climate Home
Eficiencia energética: Latinoamérica tiene ejemplos para dar al resto del mundo
El programa Energía Sostenible para Todos de la ONU (SE4ALL), que promueve los centros mundiales de energía sostenible, está llevando a cabo un proyecto destinado a elevar la eficiencia energética mundial con el fin de frenar el cambio climático. La iniciativa ha llegado a América Latina, que, por su parte, ya tiene ejemplos para dar al resto del mundo en este campo.
Solar-powered cars spark South Africans' interest in clean tech
Teams from two South African universities have taken solar-powered cars to Australia to compete in an international rally and showcase their government’s efforts to inspire green technology at home.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Long road of climate action to follow Paris, officials say
Ahead of Paris, negotiators are trying to determine how much money developed nations should contribute to help more vulnerable ones adapt to climate change as well as nail down what each nation will pledge to do to cut carbon emissions and increase the use of renewable energy.
Can pledges to cut emissions save the world from climate change?
Many nations are pledging to curb greenhouse gas emissions, but these plans may not be enough.
Christian Science Monitor
Asocian el cambio climático con bajo peso en el nacimiento
Un nuevo estudio dirigido por la Universidad de Utah se suma a la lista cada vez mayor de los impactos negativos que el cambio climático puede tener sobre los seres humanos: bajo peso al nacer.
Europa Press
Getting to $100 Billion in Climate Change Aid
The world’s advanced industrial nations committed to “mobilizing jointly $100 billion a year by 2020, to address the needs of developing countries.” The money was to come from “a wide variety of sources, public and private, bilateral and multilateral, including alternative sources of finance.”
NY Times
Why Cities Are the Next Frontier in the Fight Against Climate Change
Cities represent more than 70% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions
L’avenir du climat passe aussi par la place financière suisse Le Temps
Modi calls for climate change agenda that helps developing countries
India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi met U.S. President Barack Obama and France and Britain's leaders on Monday, and called for a climate change agenda from upcoming global talks in Paris that helps developing countries with access to finance and technology.
Devant l’ONU, la France promet d’augmenter ses financements climat
« Accélérer ». Le message de François Hollande sur le climat, martelé jusqu’à la fin de son déplacement aux Nations unies, lundi 28 septembre au soir, avait le mérite de la simplicité.
Le Monde
Francia aumentará a 5.000 millones año contribución contra cambio climático
El presidente francés, François Hollande, anunció hoy que su Gobierno aumentará de 3.000 a 5.000 millones de euros su presupuesto anual para financiar acciones contra el cambio climático.
France to raise contribution to climate change finance to 5 bln euros
France will increase its contribution to helping developing countries tackle climate change from 3 billion euros to five billion euros, President Francois Hollande said on Monday.
India backs solar power as Paris climate talks loom
Under a blistering sun, workers install a sea of solar panels in a north Indian desert as part of the government's clean energy push --- and its trump card at upcoming climate change talks in Paris.
United Nations: 'Too late' for world if no climate deal in Paris, French president Francois Hollande says
Reaching a successful climate deal in Paris at the end of the year is the last chance to save the planet, France's president Francois Hollande has warned.
ABC Australia
At UN, Putin bids to sponsor climate forum
Russian president slips in desire to host international climate forum in New York speech
Climate Home
Paris greens itself ahead of climate summit
As part of a new climate action plan, Paris went car-free this past Sunday. Among other things, the French capital intends to build out bicycling and renewable energy to cut emissions. Can it become a model green city?
Deutsche Welle
Egypt: Sisi Expounds Egyptian and African Viewpoint On Climate Change At UN Meeting
President Sisi asserted at the meeting the importance of reaching at Paris meetings a sustainable and balanced agreement that is congruent with the size of challenges emanating from climate change, added the spokesman.
Egypt State Information Service
National climate pledges to curb temperature rises: study
National promises to curb greenhouse gas emissions will help avert the worst levels of global warming by 2100, but more action is needed to keep temperature rises within the 2 degree limit set by governments, a study showed on Monday.
Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group call for an end to fossil fuel subsidies
The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) has announced its support for the Friends of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform Communiqué, calling for reform, and ultimately, elimination, of fossil fuel subsidies.
Blue & Green Tomorrow
Al Gore previene del cambio climático en Miami Beach
El exvicepresidente de Estados Unidos Al Gore alertó este lunes en Miami sobre las consecuencias del cambio climático y la subida del nivel del mar, en un día en el que la costa sur de Florida (EEUU) está en alerta de inundaciones debido a las mareas altas y las tormentas, informa Efe.
La Razón
Malawi: NYNCC Take Youth Voices to COP Meet
The National Youth Network on Climate Change (NYNCC) on Friday presented its agenda towards the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties (COP)
Malawi News Agency (Lilongwe)
France's Hollande says climate talk promises must now become action
French President Francois Hollande said on Sunday he was encouraged by promises made by leaders at the U.N. General Assembly to reach a climate change deal in Paris in November, but said those words now had to be turned into concrete action.
Climat : Hollande exhorte les dirigeants mondiaux à “accélérer”
Le président français a jugé dimanche qu'il y avait « encore beaucoup de travail » avant de sceller un accord « crédible » lors de la COP21 en novembre à Paris.
Les Echos
Brazil pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions
Brazil on Sunday became the first major developing country to pledge an absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for an envisioned global pact against climate change.
Limited Progress Seen Even as More Nations Step Up on Climate
The pledges that countries are making to battle climate change would still allow the world to heat up by more than 6 degrees Fahrenheit, a new analysis shows, a level that scientists say is likely to produce catastrophes ranging from food shortages to widespread extinctions of plant and animal life.
NY Times
President Humala proposes a responsible forest management to face climate change
Peruvian President Ollanta Humala highlighted the responsible forest management, Peru’s contribution to face climate change, as well as “better uses” uses of technology in several economic activities.
Cop 21 : François Hollande estime qu'il reste beaucoup de travail à faire
Le président français a jugé dimanche qu'il y avait encore beaucoup de travail avant de sceller un accord crédible lors de la conférence sur le climat fin novembre à Paris.
Peru says to crack down on palm oil-related Amazon deforestation
Peru will confront the deforestation of its Amazon region by issuing a decree next month putting palm oil plantations under federal rather than local authority, Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal said on Sunday.
Obama calls for 'strong' climate deal in Paris
US President Barack Obama on Sunday urged world leaders to step up efforts for a "strong" climate agreement at year-end talks in Paris.
African renewable energy fund reaches $200m investment target
TOWARDS supporting sustainable private-sector led economic growth, the African Renewable Energy Fund (AREF), a dedicated renewable energy fund focused on sub-Saharan Africa, announced that it successfully reached its final close at its hard cap, with US $200 million of committed capital to support small- to medium-scale projects.
The Guardian (Nigeria)
China climate announcements turn tables on Congress foes
Donald Trump was succinct last week when asked how the United States should respond to climate change.
Cameron pledges £6bn to fight global climate change
Encouraging developing countries to adopt solar energy and rolling out mobile banking will be among the projects to benefit from the funding
The Telegraph
Talks on climate change reveal broad support for durable deal in Paris: Ban
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reported on Sunday that ahead of an upcoming United Nations climate conference in Paris, world leaders have voiced broad support for reaching a durable agreement that will accelerate investments in clean energy and spur a global, low-carbon transformation well before the end of the century, consistent with a below 2 degrees Celsius pathway.
To build a greener economy, Bhutan wants to go organic by 2020
Farmer Phub Zam, 55, is in a hurry. Monsoon rains have hit her farm in Bhutan’s Paro valley and Zam is rushing to harvest her broccoli before crop is damaged.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Réchauffement climatique: de nouveaux pays, régions et villes s’engagent
Quatorze villes, régions et pays se sont engagés jeudi à réduire de manière drastique leurs émissions de gaz à effet de serre d’ici 2050, rejoignant les 24 qui en avaient déjà fait de même.
Global Warming Hits New York City Ballet's Swan Lake
There is no lake in this 20th century Swan Lake. Which may be a warning from Danish set designer and geologist Per Kirkeby about the crisis of global warming.
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Le "Train du Climat" dans toute la France, du 6 au 25 octobre 2015
Initié par SNCF et «les Messagers du climat», un collectif de scientifiques et médiateurs impliqués dans le partage des connaissances sur le climat, le Train du Climat accueillera le public qui souhaite s’informer sur la question des changements climatiques.
Climate change and the myth of stranded assets (blog) Financial Times