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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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EU court overturns carbon market free quotas
The EU's top court on Thursday overturned free quotas for the bloc's carbon market up to 2030, a key part of strategies to curb global warming emissions.
EU High Court Rules Against Businesses on Carbon Credits
The European Union’s highest court on Thursday ordered the European Commission to adjust its emissions-trading program in a way that could raise costs for some of the bloc’s biggest companies.
Wall Street Journal
Rising heat at work is major new climate threat: U.N.
Searing temperatures will cost emerging economies up to 10 percent in lost daytime working hours, if countries do not cut planet-warming emissions further than they have promised so far, U.N. agencies and international labor bodies said on Thursday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
El cambio climático se ceba con las especies ya más amenazadas
Un estudio con los antílopes africanos muestra que los animales con hábitat más reducidos serán los más afectados por el calentamiento global
El País
G-77 Should Adopt South-South Climate Change Program of Action: Ambassador Djoghlaf
The 134 members of the Group of 77 and China (G-77) made their mark on the Paris Climate Change Agreement and should now adopt a program of action to implement it, Ambassador Ahmed Djoghlaf told IPS in a recent interview.
'We will have climate refugees': U.S. secretary talks Arctic climate change
Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the key to dealing with climate change in the Arctic is to have "real conversations" with the Inuit peoples who live there.
Marruecos desvela su hoja de ruta para la próxima cumbre climática COP22
El Gobierno de Marruecos desveló hoy su hoja de ruta para llevar a buen puerto la próxima cumbre internacional sobre el cambio climático (COP22) que se organizará del 7 al 18 de noviembre en la ciudad de Marrakech.
Investor network says utilities should face climate change stress tests
Electric utilities should undergo stress tests to show how their business models are in line with limiting global warming, a global network of investors said on Friday.
Le changement climatique fragilise un milliard de travailleurs
’augmentation de la température due au changement climatique touche le monde du travail, mais la prise en compte du phénomène est plutôt récente.
Le Monde
BID anuncia préstamo por $25 para combate de cambio climático en Honduras
Autoridades del gabinete Económico, anunciaron hoy que el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) brindara un préstamo que asciende a los 25 millones de dólares, para contrarrestar los efectos del cambio climático.
European Union proposes 39-point policy plan for the Arctic
The EU's executive has developed the bloc's first integrated policy for the Arctic, focusing on 39 actions. The proposals center on the environment, sustainable development and international cooperation.
Deutsche Welle
Green Climate Fund Accreditation Sends Positive Signals For Nature Based Solutions
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is a well-known champion for nature-based solutions, the natural and green infrastructure that leverages ecosystems to both mitigate and adapt to a changing climate
Ecosystem Marketplace
Comment Ikea aide ses clients à devenir producteurs d'électricité
Le géant suédois a trouvé un moyen simple pour aider les consommateurs à prendre soin de la planète.
Climate finance must be based on science Climate Home
From Paris to Marrakesh: The Winding Road to a Global Agreement Environmental Leader
EU Carbon Surges as Lawmakers Mull Ways to Strengthen Market
The price of emitting greenhouse gases in the European Union jumped to the highest in more than three months as politicians floated new plans to strengthen the world’s biggest cap-and-trade program.
Bruselas presenta acciones para atajar el cambio climático y promover el desarrollo sostenible en el Ártico
La Comisión Europea ha presentado este miércoles un paquete con 39 acciones para contribuir a atajar el cambio climático y preservar la protección ambiental en el Ártico, así como para promover el desarrollo sostenible de sus recursos y la cooperación internacional en una zona cada vez más importante para los intereses de la UE, incluidos pesqueros y energéticos.
La Vanguardia
China still undecided on ICAO offset scheme
China has not yet taken a position on a global market-based measure (MBM) being negotiated by the UN's International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the EU's commissioner for transport, Violeta Bulc, has said.
Ethiopia: Overview of Climate Resilient Green Economy
Ethiopia is one of the countries in Africa dominated by agricultural society and agriculture contributes 38.8 percent to its GDP, more than 80 percent of livelihood and export.
Ethiopian Herald
Europe : quel impact aurait une hausse du prix du CO2 ?
Les pays membres de l’Union européenne ont réaffirmé en décembre dernier, au cours de la Conférence des Nations unies sur le changement climatique, leur objectif de réduire de 40 % les émissions de gaz à effet de serre d’ici 2030.
Por unanimidad, diputados avalan reformas a ley sobre cambio climático
La Cámara de Diputados aprobó por unanimidad tres dictámenes para reformar la Ley General de Cambio Climático, con el objetivo de hacer frente a este problema que ya afecta al país.
El Banco Mundial enfrenta el cambio climático
El Banco Mundial anunció el jueves 7 de abril, en Washington, un nuevo plan para combatir el cambio climático a través del cual se propone invertir una suma que deberá alcanzar 25 millardos de dólares para el año para el 2020.
El Nacional
Climate Change Threatens Health of Pacific Island Nations
In the urgent campaign to cut carbon emissions and curb global warming, perhaps the most poignant call to action are images of rising sea levels gnawing away at isolated, low-lying Pacific islands where citizens could lose their countries.
Circle of Blue
US$900 million available for climate change programmes
New Commonwealth secretary general, Baroness Patricia Scotland, is on her way to Belize to spearhead the establishment of a climate change centre to assist Jamaica and other member states affected by climate change.
jamaica Gleaner
India’s worst drought in 50 years is shutting down farms, hospitals, and schools
India is suffering. In the midst of the worst drought it has seen in half a century, some 330 million people are currently affected, reports the government.
Deep-sea biodiversity impacted by climate change's triple threat
A new study found that vulnerability of deep-sea biodiversity to climate change's triple threat -- rising water temperatures, and decreased oxygen, and pH levels -- is not uniform across the world's oceans.
Science Daily
Airlines will be CDM’s lifeline, but expect CER price slump first, say analysts
Demand for carbon offsets from airlines can provide a lifeline to the ailing CDM, which in return will be able to comfortably provide supply to an upcoming international market-based mechanism for civil aviation over the next decade, analysts say.
Carbon Pulse
SFU study taps indigenous stories to paint picture of climate change
Researchers at Simon Fraser University have analyzed observations of temperature and rainfall from 92,000 indigenous and non-indigenous people in an effort to fill in knowledge gaps in our understanding of the Earth’s changing climate.
Vancouver Sun
Denmark considers tax on beef, other red meats to combat climate change
The price of porterhouse may soon get beefed up in Denmark-- if the small Scandinavian nation’s Council on Ethics has its way.
FOX News
Washington state readies revised CO2 market plan, mulls limiting use of external credits
The US state of Washington will next month unveil its revised CO2 market plan, with officials considering whether to put limits on the use of out-of-state credits, exclude power generators and set intensity-based targets for heavy industries exposed to carbon leakage.
Carbon Pulse
Paris Pact May Even Take Effect in 2016, U.S. Envoy Says
The United Nations got an even bigger-than-expected turnout on Earth Day when 175 nations signed the Paris climate pact April 22, but one surprising development was the rush of pledges by countries to ratify the deal in 2016—nearly enough to get it into effect by year's end, the top U.S. climate negotiator said in an interview with Bloomberg BNA.
Bloomberg BNA
France to impose carbon price floor on utilities from Jan. 2017
France will set a domestic carbon price floor for power generators from next year, the country’s environment ministry said Tuesday, though it was unclear whether the country would also introduce measures to counter the resulting cut in demand for CO2 allowances.
Carbon Pulse
Prix carbone : la France veut être moteur
Il est sur toutes les lèvres depuis quelques semaines. Cantonné au préambule de l’Accord de Paris, le prix carbone est désormais un élément incontournable du débat climatique.
U.N. Climate Change Advocate Shares Her Negotiating Secret
Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, is no stranger to tough negotiations—she led the climate talks in Paris last year that ultimately produced a long-sought-after agreement to combat global warming.
Mary Robinson on climate and development
Devex caught up with Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland and the president of the Mary Robinson Foundation — Climate Justice, at the Skoll World Forum last week to talk about the link between climate and development and next steps on climate action
Le marché carbone finance le charbon des pays de l'Est, selon Carbon Market Watch
Selon une étude publiée ce mardi 26 avril, le marché carbone européen est utilisé pour financer les énergies fossiles.
Alimentos: el calentamiento global afecta su calidad y seguridad
Al hablar de cambio climático, la primera preocupación que surge suele ser el fenómeno de derretimiento de los polos y el aumento del nivel del agua de los océanos.
Diario Uno
Saudi Prince Shares Plan to Cut Oil Dependency and Energize the Economy
The ambitious young prince who oversees the economy of Saudi Arabia rolled out a grand vision for the future of the kingdom on Monday that aspires to reduce its dependence on oil, stimulate the private sector and reduce government subsidies — all while ensuring rising living standards for Saudi citizens.
NY Times
Galicia y Uruguay exploran vías de colaboración en energías renovables
El presidente de la Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, y el presidente de Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, han evaluado nuevas posibilidades de colaboración entre Galicia y el país sudamericano en lo que respecta a sectores como las energías renovables.
La Voz de Galicia
Australian ‘soft start’ ETS would seek links to international carbon market, but demand seen limited
Australia’s main opposition party on Wednesday revealed plans for an emissions trading scheme with access to international offsets and potential future links to other cap-and-trade systems, although analysts said initial CER demand would likely be limited due to a ‘soft start’ approach.
Carbon Pulse
Do we really need a new U.N. oceans treaty? Yes, and here’s why.
The oceans are in bad shape. The high seas — like the moon, outer space and Antarctica — can’t be claimed by any nation.
Washington Post
BLOG: Why States and Cities Must Lead the Way on Climate Change Wall Street Journal
OPINION/EDITORIAL: After Paris, A More Fluid Approach To Climate Change? Forbes
OPINION/EDITORIAL: Paris deal is signed and sealed. Now it’s time to deliver  Globe and Mail
OPINION/EDITORIAL: Árboles contra el cambio climático Levante
OPINION/EDITORIAL: El calentamiento global se agrava y Santa Fe sufre El Litoral
Paris climate deal: countries with about half of global emissions to join this year
At least 34 countries representing 49% of greenhouse gas emissions formally joined the agreement, bringing it ‘within striking distance’ of entering into force
Accord de Paris : La carte des pays qui ont signé ou qui ont ratifié
175 pays étaient réunis vendredi à New York pour la signature de l’Accord de Paris. Une première étape – symbolique – vers la mise en œuvre du texte qui pose comme principal objectif un réchauffement global en-deçà des deux degrés.
China greening investment to tackle economic blues
China has taken on a tough task: it has made the world's most ambitious commitment to fighting climate change while promising medium-to-high speed economic growth in the next five years.
Le Maroc fortement mobilisé pour réussir sa COP22
Depuis qu'en décembre dernier Marrakech a été choisie pour accueillir la COP22 en novembre prochain, les Marocains s'activent sans relâche.
La Tribune
China Curbs Plans for More Coal-Fired Power Plants
Coal-fired power plants have propelled much of China’s economic rise for decades, helping make the nation the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases. Even with economic growth slackening, and other energy sources taking hold, new coal plants have been added.
NY Times
A global coalition mapping and motivating decarbonization
A coalition of governments, oil companies, and other key parties works for climate action and carbon pricing
La France à l'heure des énergies renouvelables et des «obligations vertes»
La France, très dépendante du nucléaire, veut augmenter la part des énergies renouvelables et sera le premier pays à émettre des «obligations vertes» («green bonds») pour financer des projets environnementaux, a annoncé lundi le président François Hollande.
La Presse
UK envoy: carbon pricing ‘too sluggish’ to meet climate goals
Carbon pricing is “too sluggish a weapon” against climate change, top UK envoy Sir David King said on Monday.
Rise in CO2 has 'greened Planet Earth'
Carbon dioxide emissions from industrial society have driven a huge growth in trees and other plants.
US: Compliance entities calling for straight-line approach to 2030 cap
Multiple California compliance entities are asking the Air Resources Board (ARB) to take a straight-line approach to determine caps post-2020 rather than reconfiguring the cap in 2021 to estimated emissions, according to comments submitted to the regulator.
Países musulmanes se comprometen a luchar contra el cambio climático
La Red Global Musulmana Sobre el Clima, que reúne a musulmanes de todo el mundo, presentó el pasado viernes en la sede de la ONU, en Nueva York, una declaración dirigida especialmente a los países islámicos.
¿Cómo impacta el cambio climático en el sistema eléctrico de Centroamérica?
Centroamérica es una de las regiones más vulnerables frente al Cambio Climático; tanto es así, que si no adopta medidas de prevención y mitigación de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero (GEI), es probable que el impacto de los factores climáticos incida sobre las actividades económicas de la región.
Solar Impulse : "Le Pacifique, c'est fait !"
L'avion solaire, parti jeudi d'Hawaï, s'est posé ce matin en Californie, accomplissant la 9e et la plus dangereuse des 13 étapes de son tour du monde.
Le Point
Wind farms' climate impact recorded for first time
In the first study of its kind, scientists have been able to measure the climatic effect of a wind farm on the local environment.
El cambio climático deja sin luz a Zambia
Incluso ahora, cuando la sequía y los efectos del cambio climático se han vuelto cada vez más visibles por estos lares, la presa Kariba ha sido una fuente constante y casi interminable de algo raro en África: electricidad tan barata y abundante que Zambia podía exportar una parte a sus vecinos.
NY Times
Self-driving cars may end gasoline era
By 2025, self-driving cars could lead to a steep decline in fossil fuels - and in personal car ownership. Smart electric vehicles will pick you up, drop you off, and mostly look after themselves. A realistic scenario?
Deutsche Welle
175 states sign landmark Paris deal on climate change
The historic agreement on climate change marked a major milestone on Friday with a record 175 countries signing on to it on opening day. But world leaders made clear more action is needed, and quickly, to fight a relentless rise in global temperatures.
Récord en la ONU: 175 países firmaron acuerdo contra el cambio climático
Un récord de 175 países, entre ello los dos más grandes emisores de gases de efecto invernadero: Estados Unidos y China, firmaron este viernes en la ONU el histórico acuerdo para combatir el calentamiento global, con la esperanza de mantener el impulso de la conferencia de París.
El País
Climat : un nombre record de 175 pays signent l'Accord de Paris au siège de l'ONU, à New York
Pas moins de 175 pays ont signé vendredi au siège de l'ONU, à New York, l'accord historique sur le climat conclu à Paris en décembre dernier, une participation record saluée par le Secrétaire général de l'Organisation, Ban Ki-moon, qui a toutefois exhorté les signataires à agir rapidement pour ratifier l'Accord de Paris au niveau national.
UN News Centre
World governments vow to end fossil fuel era at UN climate signing ceremony
Representatives of more than 170 countries endorse Paris agreement to cut carbon emissions, with France’s president saying: ‘There is no turning back’
‘Today is an historic day,’ says Ban, as 175 countries sign Paris climate accord
As 175 world leaders signed the Paris Agreement at United Nations Headquarters today, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the next critical step is to ensure that the landmark accord for global action on climate change enters into force as soon as possible.
UN News Centre
‘France will take the lead in pricing carbon’
French President François Hollande, who hosted the Paris climate conference in December 2015, has said that his country would take the lead to set a price on carbon, according to an official UN communiqué, released on Saturday.
The Hindu
China, U.S. pledge to ratify Paris climate deal this year
China and the United States, the world's top producers of greenhouse gas emissions, pledged on Friday to formally adopt by the end of the year a Paris deal to slow global warming, raising the prospects of it being enforced much faster than anticipated.
La Chine va ratifier l'Accord de Paris sur le climat avant septembre
Zhang Gaoli, le vice-Premier ministre chinois qui a signé l'accord sur le climat au nom du Président Xi Jinping, a annoncé vendredi lors d'une cérémonie spéciale à l'Organisation des Nations Unies que la Chine ratifiera formellement l'Accord de Paris avant septembre.
Cambio climático genera costos por $us 100.000 millones en la región
El representante de Consejo Mundial de la Energía manifestó que la región ha sido fuertemente impactada por eventos climatológicos, como sequías e inundaciones
El Deber
Carbon Pricing Becomes a Cause for the World Bank and I.M.F.
The World Bank and International Monetary Fund are pressing governments to impose a price tag on planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions, using economic leverage and technical assistance that institutions like the United Nations cannot muster.
NY Times
Depuis la COP21, les mauvaises nouvelles s’accumulent
Le réchauffement de l’air et la montée des eaux pourraient être plus importants que ce que prévoyaient les scientifiques.
La Croix
Paris climate deal: what comes next
Earth Day ceremony boosts momentum, but further action is needed before the agreement can take effect.
Leonardo DiCaprio Makes Climate Change Speech At UN Gala: "No More Excuses"
During the United Nations gala celebrating the signing of the climate change treaty, Leonardo DiCaprio took it upon himself to speak a few more words addressing the dire need for action against climate threats.
Singapore Is Taking the ‘Smart City’ to a Whole New Level
Government-deployed sensors will collect and coordinate an unprecedented amount of data on daily life in the city
Wall Street Journal
Tanzania: Young TZ Girl Shines At UN Conference
Tanzanian young activist, Getrude Clement, a 16-year-old radio reporter and UNICEF climate advocate, represented the country by gracing the Paris Climate Agreement signing ceremony at the UN General Assembly Hall.
The Citizen
Solar Impulse 2 lands in California after Pacific flight
An experimental plane flying around the world without a single drop of fuel landed in California after a two-and-a-half day flight across the Pacific.
BLOG: Is divesting from fossil fuels the best tactic for tackling climate change?  Guardian
BLOG: Setting a $100 Price on Carbon
As more than 150 world leaders convene at the United Nations for the historic signing of the Paris Agreement, the United Nations Global Compact is calling on companies to set an internal price on carbon at a minimum of $100 per metric ton over time.
Huffington Post
Up to 170 states poised to sign landmark climate agreement
As many as 170 countries are expected to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change Friday as the landmark deal takes a key step toward entering into force years ahead of schedule.
Réunis à New York, plus de 160 pays signent l'accord de Paris sur le climat
Chaque État devra ensuite faire adopter ce texte par ses instances nationales.
Le Figaro
Acuerdo de Paris: Llegó la hora de la verdad
Representantes de más de 165 países, incluyendo varios de América Latina, estarán presentes hoy en Nueva York para firmar el Acuerdo de Paris, un acuerdo global que apunta a reducir las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero para evitar una suba excesiva de la temperatura.
Revista Claves21
Record day one signatures expected for Paris climate deal: U.N.
A Paris deal to slow climate change is set to be signed by more than 165 countries at the United Nations on Friday, the most states to endorse an international agreement on day one, a record backers hope will inspire swift implementation.
Heads of states and top organizations challenge world to quadruple carbon markets by 2030
Leading heads of states along with prominent global organizations, have called today to expand carbon pricing to cover double the current level of global emissions by 2020 – and quadruple it by 2030.
Climate Group
Pressure grows for price on carbon ahead of UN signing
A group of world leaders and international finance chiefs has urged the world to rapidly expand the pricing of carbon pollution.
UN says Paris Agreement on climate change must aim for long-term environmental stability
As global leaders prepare to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change tomorrow at United Nations Headquarters in New York, the head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction today called on signatories to go beyond their existing commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions if the world is to avoid catastrophic future weather events.
UN News Centre
High-level coalition challenges world to double carbon pricing coverage by 2020
A coalition of national, state, and city leaders, along with the heads of the World Bank, IMF, and OECD, on Thursday challenged the world to double its current carbon pricing coverage to 25% of global emissions by 2020.
Carbon Pulse
Uncertainty clouds climate deal as nations prepare to sign accord
As world leaders make their way to the UN in New York for Friday’s formal signing of the ​climate change accord jubilantly agreed in Paris four months ago, the sobering challenge of ​meeting the pact​'s goals​ is evident.
Financial Times
Race to ratify the Paris climate deal starts at the UN
The first significant step to putting the Paris Climate Agreement into practice will take place on Friday.
Christiana Figueres es reconocida como una de las 100 personas más influyentes según Time
"Nunca he conocido a nadie como Christiana. Ella es una fuerza de la naturaleza, una luchadora feroz y gentil que dice las cosas como son, pero nunca titubea en su optimismo implacable".
La Nación
Après l'accord de Paris sur les changements climatiques, le casse-tête de la ratification
Le vrai test de l'accord de Paris sur le climat commence cette semaine. Des représentants d'environ 150 pays, dont une cinquantaine de chefs d'État et de gouvernement, sont attendus à New York vendredi pour la cérémonie officielle de signature; un premier pas vers la longue route de sa ratification.
UN event spotlights 17 goals to end poverty and save planet
A 17-year-old Honduran-American activist called for a youth movement to eradicate poverty and preserve the planet.
Climat: appel international pour donner un prix au carbone
Plusieurs chefs d'Etat, dont François Hollande et Angela Merkel, ont lancé jeudi un appel pour fixer un prix du carbone afin de renchérir le coût des activités polluantes, à la veille de la signature officielle de l'accord COP21.
Cost of solar energy falls every time the sun rises
Installing solar panels on your roof is not just for tree-hugging environmentalists. The increasing ease of the process and the financial returns have made going solar practically mainstream.
Washington Post
Accord de Paris : tirer les leçons du mécanisme de développement propre
En 1997, le protocole de Kyoto a fixé comme objectif aux États industrialisés de parvenir en 2012 à une réduction de 5 % de leurs émissions de gaz à effet de serre (GES) par rapport à celles de 1990. Les autres États ne sont, eux, pas soumis à une telle contrainte.
The Conversation
Solar Impulse 2 resumes round-the-world flight
The Solar Impulse 2 resumed its record-breaking quest Thursday to circle the globe without consuming a drop of fuel, taking advantage of improved weather to take off from Hawaii.
Study reveals greater climate impacts of 2C temperature rise
Analysis of difference between 1.5C and 2C of warming finds extra 0.5C would mean longer heatwaves, greater droughts and threats to crops and coral reefs
San Francisco adopts law requiring solar panels on all new buildings
Tech capital becomes first large US city to require solar installations on new commercial and residential rooftops
Réchauffement climatique: 93% de la Grande barrière de corail a blanchi
Excédés par le manque d’articles concernant le blanchissement de coraux dans la presse australienne, des scientifiques se sont payés une page de publicité dans le plus grand quotidien du Queensland, un Etat bordé par la mer de Corail, pour dénoncer le phénomène inquiétant.
Earth Day: We're not as doomed as you think CNN
OP-ED: Post-Paris climate talks Kathmandu Post
Five ways we can deliver on the promise of Paris climate talks (Leonardo DiCaprio and Fred Krupp) Guardian
Why there’s no time to dally on the Paris Agreement (Johan L. Kuylenstierna and Marion Davis) Climate Home
Paris climate deal ratchets up interest in low-carbon investment
With world leaders due in New York on Friday to sign the historic agreement on limiting climate change that they reached in Paris last year, local money managers seem determined to help them.
Financial Times
Paris climate deal on track for early start
About 160 countries are expected to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change Friday in a symbolic triumph for a landmark deal that once seemed unlikely but now appears on track to enter into force years ahead of schedule.
Island states come to UN ready to move on climate deal
With their very existence under threat from climate change, the world's island states come to the United Nations Friday not only to sign the Paris climate deal but to be first in line to make sure it goes into force.
How the Maldives are putting climate funds to work
This week all eyes are on United Nations headquarters in New York City, where the international community is gathering to sign the Paris climate change agreement.
Climate Home
Acuerdo de Paris: Ollanta Humala firmará convenio para frenar cambio climático
El presidente Ollanta Humala firmará este viernes el Acuerdo de París, en la sede de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU), en Estados Unidos. El pacto, que nació como medida para frenar el cambio climático, busca mantener la temperatura global por debajo de los 2 grados centígrados.
La Republica
U.N. members fear U.S. 'sabotage' of Obama's climate commitments
Both China and the United States, the world's top emitters accounting together for 38 percent of emissions, have promised to sign then. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to attend.
BRICS bank hands $811m in green energy loans
The New Development Bank, launched by top emerging economies in 2014, will lend US$811 million to clean energy projects in India, China, Brazil and South Africa.
Climate Home
Voluntarily cancelled CERs cross 10-million mark, as CDM project deregistrations begin
More than 10 million CERs have been voluntarily cancelled to date through the UNFCCC, hitting the milestone after the second biggest batch ever was voided but coming following the CDM’s first ever project deregistrations.
Carbon Pulse
Latin America to Redouble Its Climate Efforts in New York
The countries of Latin America will flock to sign the Paris Agreement, in what will be a simple act of protocol with huge political implications: it is the spark that will ignite actions to curb global warming.
Cambio climático acaba con 40% de cultivos en Tlaxcala
En el marco Día Internacional de la Madre Tierra autoridades de Ecología de Tlaxcala, ya trabajan en diversas acciones para disminuir estos efectos que han alterado al medio ambiente
Kerry firmará este viernes el acuerdo de París sobre cambio climático
El secretario de Estado de EEUU, John Kerry, viajará el próximo viernes a Nueva York para firmar el acuerdo sobre cambio climático adoptado en diciembre en París e iniciar un proceso de adhesión que el Gobierno estadounidense espera completar "lo antes posible este año", dijo hoy un alto cargo que pidió el anonimato.
Le dérèglement climatique, une dernière chance pour l’humanité
Vendredi aura lieu au siège des Nations unies à New York la cérémonie de signature de l’accord issu de la COP 21, conclue le 12 décembre à Paris.
ONU: deux évènements majeurs pour célébrer l'action climatique et le développement durable
Le siège des Nations Unies à New York accueillira jeudi et vendredi deux évènements majeurs pour promouvoir l'action climatique et le développement durable, a déclaré l'ONU dans un communiqué.
Accord de Paris : les États doivent réduire leurs émissions dès maintenant
Les contributions nationales actuellement mises sur la table par les États signataires de l’Accord de Paris conduiraient à un réchauffement de 3,5°C à l’horizon 2100
Interview: Prakash Javadekar on India’s coal tax and climate change
Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar will travel this week to New York, where the United States, China and other leading economies will formally accede to the Paris climate change accord forged in December.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
African businesses powered by solar energy
Around the world, as the costs of solar energy plunge, it is increasingly being used to power industry and businesses, a huge step forward from simply supplying lighting and basic electrical power in places like Tanzania, experts say.
One Way The Paris Climate Pact Is Already Having A Huge Effect Huffington Post
BLOG: Political momentum for carbon pricing “unparalleled”, say leading governments and businesses The Climate Group
From Paris to New York, climate pact to cross next hurdle
Four months after settling on a plan to stave off calamitous global warming, more than 160 nations gather in New York Friday to ink the pact whose execution demands a radical overhaul of the global economy.
‘Critical mass’ to support UN climate change deal
Critical mass of major emitters is set for early approval of Paris Agreement, say campaigners, in boost for climate action
Climate Home
UN Chief Seeks Fast-Paced Ratifications for Climate Change Treaty
Over 150 countries are expected to sign the Paris climate change agreement on April 22 but the historic treaty will not come into force until it has been ratified by 55 countries.
¿Quién firmará primero el Acuerdo de París sobre cambio climático?
El Día de la Madre Tierra (Día de la Tierra) de 2016, que se celebra el viernes 22 de abril, pasará a la historia de la diplomacia como la jornada en que el mayor número de países del mundo firmó -en un sólo día- un gran acuerdo internacional.
La Vanguardia
Dalai Lama, Archbishop Tutu Among 250 Faith Leaders Urging Immediate Action on Climate Change
A group of 250 faith leaders from around the world, including the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, signed an Interfaith Climate Statement, urging nations to sign on to the Paris climate agreement and called for scaling up ambition to combat climate change.
Climate Nexus
Un appel de 270 religieux pour ratifier l’Accord de Paris
Une pétition de 270 responsables religieux du monde entier demandant la signature et la ratification de l’Accord de Paris sur le climat a été remise lundi 18 avril au président de l’Assemblée générale des Nations unies, le Danois Mogens Lykketoft.
La Croix
Highest Carbon Tax in Norway Prods Statoil to Try ‘Batwind
The highest carbon tax in an oil producing nation has persuaded Norway’s state-owned driller to experiment with batteries and wind turbines as an alternative for supplying electricity to offshore rigs.
Los médicos hacen un llamado a combatir el cambio climático
Advierten que las enfermedades respiratorias, las insolaciones y las enfermedades infecciosas son amenazas crecientes debido a que el planeta se calienta
Afrique du sud : les énergies renouvelables obtiennent un appui de 180 millions $ auprès de la NDB
L’Afrique du sud a obtenu, auprès de la Nouvelle banque de développement (NBD), un prêt de 180 millions $ pour le développement de son secteur des énergies renouvelables.
Agence Ecofin
EU climate commissioner dismissive of France’s ETS price corridor idea, hints at non-ETS ‘flexibilities’
EU Climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete has signalled his disapproval of France’s idea to establish an EU ETS price corridor through the modification of the MSR.
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Climat: l’Europe pourrait économiser 30 milliards d'euros d'ici 2030
Les efforts de l'Union européenne (UE) en faveur de la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique pourraient lui faire économiser près de 30 milliards d'euros d'ici 2030 grâce à la baisse de ses importations de pétrole, conséquence des engagements pris à la COP21, selon une étude publiée mardi.
Cambio climático favorece la expansión del zika y otros virus
Las temperaturas cálidas debido al cambio climático ocasionan que los mosquitos transmitan virus de una forma más rápida
El Comercio
Marzo fue el mes más cálido en la Tierra desde que hay datos
Superó al pasado enero en la clasificación de los 1.635 meses transcurridos desde 1880
El Periódico
Earth's hot streak continues for a record 11 months
Earth's record monthly heat streak has hit 11 months in a row - a record in itself.
Wind energy increasing share of world electrical production
Wind-power projects around the world accounted for almost half of the new electrical generating capacity installed in 2015, as the cost of turbines fell and pressure mounted to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Globe and Mail
To protect Philippine forests, may the "tribal force" be with you
Indigenous people in the Philippines are calling on the government to authorise a force of tribal rangers to help preserve the country's forests and curb climate change.
ANALYSIS: Korea’s ETS may be long, and looming reforms could bring even more supply Carbon Pulse
OPINION: There's a cheap, proven fix to the world's biggest problem CNN
BLOG: TRIFECTA: A Carbon Tax Done Right Huffington Post
Is the 1.5C climate change target a mirage?
The Paris Agreement to try to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius was a stunning political victory for poor countries threatened by climate change.
Investors urge governments to fast-track Paris Agreement
Ahead of this Friday's official signing ceremony in New York, global investor groups today urged world leaders to quickly sign and ratify the Paris Agreement, in a bid to kick-start the full decarbonisation of the global economy.
Climat: le monde de la finance appelle les grandes puissances à signer l'Accord de Paris
Sept organisations représentant plus de 400 fonds d'investissement ont demandé mardi aux Etats et institutions membres du G20, ainsi qu'à la Suisse et aux Pays-Bas, de "signer et adhérer dès que possible" à l'Accord de Paris sur le climat issu de la COP21.
Le Parisien
Cinco claves para entender los alcances del Acuerdo de París y las oportunidades para América Latina
Christiana Figueres, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático, presentó en un reciente webinar los ejes fundamentales del Acuerdo de París y cómo se enmarca en la realidad de América Latina.
Conexión COP
National emissions trading rollout tricky, caution analysts
China's enhanced efforts to curb pollution through market mechanisms could risk failure without appropriate emission permit allocation and market liquidity, according to analysts.
China Daily
Energies renouvelables : 2015, année record pour les investissements
Les investissements dans les énergies vertes qui visent à accroître la capacité électrique mondiale ont atteint 286 milliards de dollars l'an dernier, c'est 3% de plus que lors du précédent record en 2011
Les Echos
Será el tratado internacional con más rúbricas de Estados en el primer día de la firma. Representantes de 155 países rubricarán este viernes el Acuerdo de París sobre cambio climático, en una ceremonia que se celebrará en Nueva York (Estados Unidos) convocada por el secretario general de la ONU, Ban Ki-moon, con lo que se convertirá en el tratado internacional con más apoyos de la historia durante el primer día de apertura de firmas.
Obama Should Price Carbon Emissions To Curb Climate Change, Report Argues
When government agencies analyze energy projects, they don’t consider the long-term costs of pollution
Huffington Post
Modelling shows move to 100% renewable energy would save Australia money
Transitioning Australia to 100% renewable energy by 2050 would cost less than continuing on the current path, according to a new report.
Les industriels et financiers prennent le risque climatique au sérieux
Une fois la COP21 finie, on pouvait redouter que la question du changement climatique ne retombe dans l’oubli jusqu’au prochain événement médiatique.
México es vulnerable ante el cambio climático: Silvia Garza
La senadora Silvia Garza Galván inauguró el primer Foro Nacional de Adaptación al Cambio Climático en el Senado de la República.
Vanguardia (Mexico)
Does premature Paris climate deal risk a painful birth?
When ministers and climate change negotiators from the world's poorest countries gathered in Kinshasa recently, they were dismayed at a proposal from the Third World Network (TWN) urging them not to rush into signing the new Paris climate agreement at a U.N. ceremony this week.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Call for US and China to pursue clean coal
Crashing prices for coal amid China’s economic slowdown and US investors’ preference for newer, less polluting energy technology has hit the industry hard in both countries.
Financial Times
India surpasses solar energy target for 2015-16 more than one and a half times
India has surpassed its solar energy target for 2015-16 more than one and a half times, commissioning 3018 MW during the year against the 2000 MW it had set itself.
Economic Times
Solar is now cheaper than coal, says India energy minister
Energy minister says power realities are changing fast, predicting a fast uptake in solar energy despite concerns over baseload and storage
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Will the Middle East Become ‘Uninhabitable’?
This is not about any alarming header—it is the dramatic conclusion of several scientific studies about the on-going climate change impact on the Middle East region, particularly in the Gulf area. The examples are stark.
EU ETS needs minimum price to counter traders’ “betting shop” -study
The EU should impose a minimum EU ETS price to create more certainty for investors and counter a recent trend that has allowed it to become a “betting shop for policy decisions”, German researchers recommended.
Carbon Pulse
Ahead of Paris Agreement signing, cyclone-hit Fiji champions climate change action
As Fiji and Governments of more than 100 other United Nations Member States are preparing this week for the historic signing of the Paris Agreement, back in Fiji, residents of the South Pacific country are clearing debris and trying to recover from one of the region's fiercest storm.
OPINION: EU must scrap carbon compensation scheme EU Observer
OPINION: From commitment to action: Signs of progress since the Paris climate talks
Why implementing the Paris Agreement starts at home Climate Home
BLOG: Will China transform the world’s energy market? Financial Times
UN says record 155 countries to sign climate agreement
A record 155 countries will sign the landmark agreement to tackle climate change at a ceremony at U.N. headquarters on April 22, the United Nations said Friday.
US and China lead push to bring Paris climate deal into force early
Early start date would add momentum for deeper emissions cuts and lock a future US president into the deal for four years
As era of climate action dawns, how much aid to developing nations?
Investment is needed to help developing nations adapt to climate change and reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions.
Christian Science Monitor
Signature de l’Accord de Paris : les pays les plus vulnérables interpellent les pays riches et le secteur financier sur le climat
Le V20, qui réunit les ministres des finances du Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), 43 pays parmi les plus vulnérables aux impacts du changement climatique, viennent, dans une déclaration, d’interpeller le G7.
Pérdidas por cambio climático en México ascienden a más de 284 mmdp
La localización geográfica y sus características físicas y sociales hacen de México un país altamente vulnerable al cambio climático, advirtió la Comisión Especial del Cambio Climático en el Senado
Christiana Figueres: ‘Más emisiones de GEI significaría más pobreza en América Latina’
El acuerdo de París fija cuatro ejes de acción para a lo largo de un cierto periodo de tiempo hacerle frente al reto del cambio climático.
El Universal
Les grandes sociétés américaines achètent massivement de l’éolien
Pour assurer leurs besoins croissants d’énergie, Google, Facebook, General Motors et d’autres sociétés du «Fortune 500» concluent des contrats à 20 ans pour s’approvisionner en énergie éolienne.
Le Temps
Le transport maritime, l'océan et le climat
La semaine prochaine, devraient avoir lieu, dans le cadre de l’ONU, les premiers accords sur la protection de l’environnement maritime, une promesse faite à Paris, lors de la COP21 (la conférence climat) en décembre 2015). Un rêve ou une réalité ?
March temperature smashes 100-year global record
The global temperature in March has shattered a century-long record and by the greatest margin yet seen for any month.
Temperatura de marzo bate el récord mundial en 100 años
Según datos de la Agencia Meteorológica de Japón, marzo de 2016 fue el más caluroso a nivel global, con 1.07 grados centígrados por encima de su promedio desde 1981.
El Espectador
Panama NDC outlines REDD hub, mulls carbon market
Panama has submitted its UN climate pledge, making it one of the last nations to hand in their contributions to the Paris Agreement and coming a week before world leaders reconvene to sign the global pact.
Carbon Pulse
Le Giec lance son sixième rapport d'évaluation du climat
A l'occasion de son assemblée plénière réunie à Nairobi (Kenya) du 11 au 13 avril sous la présidence de M. Hoesung Lee, le Groupe intergouvernemental d'experts sur l'évolution du climat (Giec) a lancé les travaux de son prochain rapport sur les changements climatiques.
Report brands New Zealand “climate cheats” over use of dodgy ERUs
New Zealand’s heavy reliance on dodgy ERUs to meet its emissions targets up to 2020 makes it “party to fraud” and could spark serious repercussions from other nations, according to a report released Monday.
Carbon Pulse
Philippines, other developing nations OK carbon pricing in 10 years
Amid the scorching El Niño phenomenon, the Philippines led an expanded group of climate-vulnerable nations to agree in charging each other for the amount of carbon they emit beginning the next decade.
Carbon Pricing: Building on the Momentum of the Paris Agreement
The Paris climate talks in December 2015 delivered a breakthrough consensus after decades of negotiations: the collective commitment of more than 190 countries to hold planetary warming to 2 degrees Celsius or less. Less noticed, but just as important, was how the Paris Agreement accelerated action on carbon pricing — a key tool for accelerating economic transformation away from fossil fuels and toward cleaner production, improved lifestyles and reduced poverty.
World Bank
Première pour la banque des Brics : approbation d’un ensemble de prêts
Une première ! La Nouvelle banque de développement (NDB), nouveau bailleur de fonds multilatéral mis en place par les BRICS vient d’approuver son premier volet de prêts.
Le blog finance
Delivering on the promises of Paris: Why the world’s Muslims are demanding climate action now Huffington Post
After Paris climate deal, now the hard part
Five months after 195 nations sealed the world's first global climate deal, diplomats gather again in the French capital Friday to start translating good intentions into reality.
World's scientists to join forces on major 1.5C climate change report
Special UN report will offer comprehensive assessment of impacts of a 1.5C rise in global warming on sea level, coral bleaching and biodiversity
UN climate panel to explore 1.5-degree warming goal
The U.N.'s scientific panel on climate change will write a special report on how to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) compared with pre-industrial times.
Le fonds souverain norvégien bannit 52 sociétés liées au charbon
Le fonds de pension public norvégien, le plus gros fonds souverain au monde, a banni 52 entreprises liées au charbon, a annoncé jeudi la Banque de Norvège, signe du rôle croissant des investisseurs dans la lutte contre le changement climatique.
Norway's $860 Billion Fund Drops 52 Companies Linked to Coal
Norway’s $860 billion sovereign wealth fund unveiled the first list of miners and power producers to be excluded from its portfolio following a ban on coal investments.
France’s Royal targets a €30 carbon price
Carbon prices worldwide must reach a level of around €30 a tonne to change behaviour of big-emitting industries, France’s environment minister Segolene Royal said Thursday.
Carbon Pulse
World Bank head warns against new coal power plants
The planet is in a race against time to stop construction of new coal-fired power plants across the globe, Word Bank head Jim Kim told media on Thursday.
Climate Home
Consultas retrasan plan para mitigar el cambio climático
Panamá entregará la documentación en la firma del Acuerdo de París, el próximo mes en Nueva York
La Estrella de Panamá
L'Accord de Paris sur le climat pourrait entrer en vigueur plus tôt que prévu
L'Accord de Paris sur la lutte contre le changement climatique pourrait entrer en vigueur plus tôt que prévu dès 2018 d'après les déclarations de Christiana Figueres, secrétaire exécutive de la Convention Cadre de l'ONU sur le Changement Climatique.
Fossil-fuel sector must adapt to low-carbon economy, U.S. climate czar warns
Fossil-fuel companies face a growing risk to their business models as global governments look to accelerate the shift to a low-carbon economy in order to combat climate change, the U.S. climate czar warns.
Globe and Mail
La calidad nutricional de los alimentos se reduce con el cambio climático
El Global Change Research Program de Estados Unidos ha dado a conocer una investigación en la que se relaciona el aumento de las temperaturas y la emisión de CO2, con la reducción de la calidad nutricional de los alimentos.
Caribbean Nations Declare Support For Biodiversity Mainstreaming Efforts
In anticipation of the discussions to take place at the 13th meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP 13) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) later this year, Latin American and Caribbean Ministers of Environment have adopted a decision to enhance implementation of the Convention and its Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020.
Caribbean News Service
EU Lawmaker Proposes Changes to Free Carbon Permits Allocation
The European Union should change its rules on handing out permits to emit carbon dioxide after 2020 to better protect businesses at risk of relocating to regions without pollution curbs, according to a proposal by European Parliament member Fredrick Federley.
To curb climate change, 'we need to move everything': investors
Meeting the goals of a new global agreement to tackle climate change will require social change on an almost unprecedented scale, sustainable investment experts said on Thursday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Development banks eye pension funds in new climate finance drive
Manager of Climate Investment Funds says it wants to de-risk low carbon projects in developing world, unlocking trillions from institutional investors
Climate Home
Investors aware of climate change risks but still slow to act
Investors are still slow to act on climate change, despite being more aware of risks to their portfolios, as they focus more on the short term and are unclear about the costs, senior executives told Reuters.
Carbon price needed to avoid economic disruption from Paris climate goals – analysis
Climate Institute says regulations to phase out coal-fired generators and subsidies to encourage clean energy are needed
The Guardian
China’s ETS law likely pushed to next year, State Council plan shows
China’s State Council this week released its legislative plan for 2016, listing the law that will support the planned emissions trading scheme under “preliminary projects”, meaning it is unlikely to be finalised this year.
Carbon Pulse
Apple Will Donate App Sales to the Environment
The company said on Thursday that it would donate all the proceeds from certain app purchases and in-app purchases, from now until April 24, to the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) “vital global conservation work.”
Solar power is reshaping energy production in the developing world
RAED KHADER, a Jordanian driver, has an alarming habit of thumbing his mobile phone while at the wheel—albeit on a straight road cutting across the desert. But after scrolling back through almost two years of photos, he finds a picture that tickles him: of camels against a sandy backdrop.
The Economist
Adapting To A More Extreme Climate, Coastal Cities Get Creative
Coastal cities across the globe are looking for ways to protect themselves from sea level rise and extreme weather. In the U.S., there is no set funding stream to help — leaving each city to figure out solutions for itself.
BLOG: Carbon Pricing: An Inevitable Opportunity Huffington Post
INTERVIEW: IETA's Forrister says carbon markets could help countries go beyond minimum Paris commitments
As world leaders prepare to attend next week's signing ceremony of the Paris Agreement, how are the 90 countries that mentioned carbon markets in their commitments initiating the conversation on trading?
E&E News
Ban urges insurance industry to take leadership in climate change response
The insurance industry is a key actor in forging new instruments to anticipate and manage climate risks, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, urging the industry to continue to work with the United Nations to manage and reduce such risks and ultimately ensure a more sustainable world for all.
UN News Centre
Récord de generación de energía eólica en EE.UU. en 2015
Decenas de miles de empleos nuevos generados gracias a la mejora en la tecnología de producción
El Nuevo Dia
La Chine veut alimenter le monde en énergie propre
L’entreprise chinoise State Grid Corporation of China souhaite construire un réseau électrique mondial de 50 milliards de dollars d’ici 2050.
Paris Match
Norway strikes CER deal with home-grown firm Scatec Solar
Norway has agreed to buy 330,000 CERs from a solar power PoA in western Africa developed by Scatec Solar, the latest deal in the country’s ongoing open tender to help meets its 2020 Kyoto emissions target.
Carbon Pulse
French think-tank backs EU ETS reserve price starting at €20
France-based think-tank The Shift Project is urging the EU to set a steadily increasing ETS auction reserve price under the MSR starting at €20 to help prevent higher price spikes in future.
Carbon Pulse
Interview with Abdellatif Khattabi on Adaptation to Climate Change in Morocco
Water resources are subject to increasing and continuous anthropogenic pressures induced by driving forces such as the increase of needs for water that evolve with population growth, the country’s socio-economic development, and the changes in consumption patterns. These pressures are exacerbated by climate change which is becoming a reality.
Morocco World News
Impact of climate change on Indigenous communities
Climate change is a looming threat for Indigenous peoples. The 2016 Boomerang Festival brought together leaders in the fight against climate change to share their experiences.
ABC Australia
Estas madres han declarado la guerra al cambio climático
Son las que sostienen económicamente a sus hogares, son el motor de los cambios en escuelas y en organizaciones comunitarias, religiosas y sociales y las idóneas para pedir un cambio de mentalidad que salve el planeta
La Vanguardia
Israël approuve un plan de réduction des émissions des gaz à effet de serre
Le plan accorde 800 M NIS pour améliorer l’efficacité énergétique dans le cadre des engagements contre le changement climatique
Times of Israel
Why companies like Google and Walmart are buying so much wind power
The U.S. wind energy industry had a memorable 2015, from installing thousands of new turbines across the country to supporting a growing number of jobs.
Washington Post
Plantarán un millón de árboles en Málaga para luchar contra el cambio climático
La Diputación de Málaga ha proyectado un plan para liderar la lucha contra el cambio climático en la provincia, por lo que se plantarán un millón de árboles sobre unas 2.500 hectáreas con riesgo de erosión muy elevado.
Disney estrena centro de energía solar
Los 48,000 paneles solares forman la cara de Mickey Mouse
El Nuevo Dia
Masdar and ONEE Reach Milestone for Home Solar Installations in Rural Morocco
Abu-Dhabi-based company, Masdar, announced on Saturday that it has installed 50% of the home solar energy systems in a project aiming to electrify remote homes in the rural regions of Morocco.
Morocco World News
Climate Change Hits Hard in Zambia, an African Success Story
Even as drought and the effects of climate change grew visible across this land, the Kariba Dam was always a steady, and seemingly limitless, source of something rare in Africa: electricity so cheap and plentiful that Zambia could export some to its neighbors.
NY Times
ANALYSIS: Provincial preparations, speed bumps ahead of China’s national ETS
Jiangsu province has identified 398 companies that meet the criteria to participate in China’s national cap-and-trade programme due to be launched next year, as officials and emitters across the country scramble to meet government deadlines.
Carbon Pulse
U.N. climate chief predicts Paris deal will take effect early
A new global pact to tackle climate change, agreed in Paris in December, could come into force two years earlier than the planned date of 2020, the U.N. climate chief has said.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
World needs new vision for urbanisation: UN chief
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the world needs a new vision for urbanisation, a "New Urban Agenda," to help protect the environment and limit climate change.
Ban Ki-Moon on Enforcing the Paris Agreement
One of the biggest events of the past year in energy and environmental policy was the Paris climate talks. More countries than ever have pledged significant carbon cuts. Yet in many people’s views, those pledges fall far short of what a lot of scientists say is necessary
Wall Street Journal
U.N. panel to study a cap on global warming that may be out of reach
Top climate scientists will launch a study this week of how hard it would be to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit), although many of them fear it might be too late to reach that level.
Why early entry of the Paris climate pact looks likely
Support from the US and China will make it extremely difficult for any other country or bloc to credibly threaten entry into force of the UN deal
Climate Home
El 97% de los científicos culpa al hombre del cambio climático
Un equipo de investigación confirma que el 97 por ciento de los científicos del clima está de acuerdo en que el cambio climático es causado por los seres humanos
La Razón
Shell CEO van Beurden sees a global carbon price as inevitable and calls for greater innovation in LNG design and construction
The head of one of the world's largest oil and gas companies says market forces will eventually result in a global price on carbon.
Cambio climático: dejar de desperdiciar comida, una herramienta de mitigación
Se podría disminuir hasta el 14% de las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero si hubiera políticas en ese sentido, indica un estudio de un instituto alemán
La Nación
Le réchauffement climatique dangereux pour les actifs financiers
Une étude évalue le risque du réchauffement à 2.500 milliards de dollars, soit 1,8 % des actifs mondiaux.
Les Echos
Obama’s rapid move to join the Paris climate agreement could tie up the next president
In late March, when the United States and China jointly declared that they’d be moving to immediately sign and then join the Paris climate agreement “as early as possible this year,” it was seen as the latest show of joint leadership by the two largest emitters.
Washington Post
Le GIEC va étudier la faisabilité d’un objectif de 1,5°C de réchauffement climatique
Le GIEC va étudier la faisabilité de l’objectif proposé dans l’Accord de Paris sur le climat de limiter le réchauffement climatique à 1,5°C par rapport au niveau préindustriel.
Faith groups call for more international climate funding
More than 120 religious groups are encouraging lawmakers to approve President Obama’s proposed $750 million contribution to an international climate change fund.
The Hill
US: Washington moving forward with carbon proposal
Washington state is still working towards creating a carbon programme by 2017, and state officials expect a new set of draft regulations to be released in mid-to-late May.
Investors with $6 trillion in assets back ExxonMobil climate change resolution: UK Church fund
Institutions managing $6 trillion in assets plan to back a call for U.S. oil major ExxonMobil to disclose the impact of climate change policy on its business, one of the organizers of the vote said On Tuesday.
Those ambitious global warming goals? The world may not know how to reach them
In 11 days, on Earth Day, world leaders will assemble at the United Nations in New York to sign the Paris climate agreement. That document pledges to hold the planet’s warming to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, and even to aspire to a 1.5 degree C temperature limit.
Washington Post
Political storm clouds outlook for Brazil's climate change plan
As at least 130 countries prepare to sign the Paris climate agreement in New York later this month, environmental experts have warned that enthusiasm for climate change action may be waning in Brazil.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Climate change is drying up small islands, study says
A new study projects that 73 percent of the world’s small island groups could face reduced freshwater availability and increased aridity by 2050 due to climate change.
This is how far seas could rise thanks to climate change
If climate change continues, we can expect a large rise in sea level this century
Paris Climate Deal Seen Taking Effect Two Years Ahead of Plan
The global climate change agreement brokered in Paris in December by 195 nations will come into effect two years earlier than originally planned, the top United Nations climate diplomat predicted.
UN energy envoy urges investors to consider 1.5C warming limit
Finance sector should be prepared for more aggressive emissions curbs to hit value of carbon majors, says Rachel Kyte
Climate Home
World heading for a 'decarbonized' economy: Figueres
We are heading towards an increasingly low-carbon global economy, according to the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
UN launches campaign to enlist women in boardrooms to take up climate issue
‘Two Degrees of Change’ to encourage female executives to demand action from their companies to stave off the threat of global warming
Les préparatifs de la COP 22 vont bon train
Les préparatifs de la Conférence mondiale sur le climat (COP22), prévue à Marrakech en novembre prochain, avancent avec un échéancier et une échelle de priorités dûment respectés, a affirmé, lundi à Rabat, Abdeladim Lhafi, Commissaire général de la COP 22.
La Nouvelle Tribune
U.N. panel to study a cap on global warming that may be out of reach
Top climate scientists will launch a study this week of how hard it would be to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit), although many of them fear it might be too late to reach that level.
Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo duplica financiación contra el cambio climático
El incremento de la financiación, que pasa del 14 % actual hasta un 30 % en 2020, sigue siendo una pequeña fracción de lo que la región necesita para paliar los efectos del cambio climático en la región.
Allianz prêt à doubler ses investissements dans le renouvelable
Le groupe a l'intention de multiplier par deux ses investissements dans le secteur des infrastructures et dans les projets d'énergies renouvelables au cours des deux ou trois prochaines années.
La Tribune
Menos agua potable en las islas a causa del cambio climático
En el año 2050 serán más áridas y con menos acceso al agua dulce
El Nuevo Dia
Climate indices to extend their reach along the 'investment chain'
Asset Owners Disclosure Project announces plan for new indices to track response to climate risk of investment consultants, proxy advisers and ratings agencies, as well as asset managers
Exxon faces calls for climate change ‘stress test’
Dozens of investors are backing the call for ExxonMobil, the US oil group, to “stress test” the potential impact on its business of policies to address the threat of climate change.
Financial Times
Researchers outline path for Australia to bipartisan, market-based climate policy
Australia could create investor certainty and break its political deadlock over climate policy by making simple changes that would establish a carbon market while upholding both major parties’ main core principles, according to think-tank the Grattan Institute.
Carbon Pulse
Argentina aims for $5 bln investment in renewable energy by 2018
Argentina aims to rake in $5 billion in investments in renewable energy by 2018 with the goal of reducing its energy deficit, a government official told Reuters, as hopes for near-term increased output from the Vaca Muerta shale field fade.
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El cambio climático altera el eje de rotación de la Tierra
Un buen globo terráqueo simula a nuestro planeta en tres dimensiones girando de forma perfecta sobre un eje que une el Polo Norte y el Polo Sur pero la realidad es un poco más compleja: el eje de rotación de la Tierra oscila constantemente -aunque sea en una medida relativamente pequeña.
La Vanguardia
BC carbon tax to stay frozen until 2018, says env. minister
British Columbia will keep its carbon tax frozen at C$30/tonne until at least 2018, the Canadian province’s environment minister said late last week, rejecting calls for an earlier increase.
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Today's CO2 may become tomorrow's concrete
As carbon emissions continue to rise and cause the planet to warm up, we need to find ways to reduce them. Capturing carbon at the source of its emission is one of the solutions, but there is still the problem of storing all the carbon sucked out of the atmosphere.
Paris climate deal to be signed by over 130 countries at UN ceremony
Landmark event on 22 April to mark the record for highest number of countries signing an international treaty
Nations seek rapid ratification of Paris climate deal, four-year lock
Many nations are pushing for swift ratification of a Paris agreement to slow climate change and lock it in place for four years before a change in the White House next year that might bring a weakening of Washington's long-term commitment.
Climate-Related Death of Coral Around World Alarms Scientists
Kim Cobb, a marine scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology, expected the coral to be damaged when she plunged into the deep blue waters off Kiritimati Island, a remote atoll near the center of the Pacific Ocean. Still, she was stunned by what she saw as she descended some 30 feet to the rim of a coral outcropping.
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World Bank to shift focus to climate change
The World Bank announced Thursday it is making a "fundamental shift" away from financing efforts to ease global poverty, towards tackling climate change.
La Banque mondiale présente un plan de lutte contre le changement climatique
Ce jeudi 7 avril, la Banque mondiale (BM) a présenté son plan pour la préservation de l'environnement.
UN: Ratify Paris climate deal or face exclusion from decisions
Head of legal affairs outlines implications of early entry into force for Paris deal, and voting rights of countries slow to approve treaty
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Climate change: Budget for adaptation inadequate, say activists
The government has come under fire after allocating 3.5 billion rupees ($52.8 million) for climate change adaptation in Budget 2016 presented by Arun Jaitley in Parliament over the next two financial years, a sum which environmental experts say is woefully inadequate given the size of the country and the challenges it faces.
Le plus grand parc d'énergie solaire des Caraïbes en République Dominicaine
Le Président Danilo Medina a inauguré cette semaine le premier parc d'énergie solaire dans le pays et par la même occasion le plus grand des Caraïbes.
Radiotelevision Caraibes
Tata Steel benefited from EU climate policies, studies show
Company has taken more than £700m in free carbon allowances and offsets, according to analysis of emissions trading scheme data
The Guardian
La société émiratie Masdar installe des milliers de panneaux solaires dans des villages marocains
Elle l'avait annoncé en mars 2015. Masdar, la société d'énergies renouvelables basée à Abu Dhabi, aux Emirats arabes unis, a lancé son projet d'électrification des zones rurales marocaines.
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Post-Paris Pivot to Fast Near-term Climate Mitigation
In the first test of post-Paris climate mitigation, Parties to the Montreal Protocol made significant progress last week to eliminate warming from super greenhouse gases known as hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, used primarily as refrigerants in air conditioners and other equipment. HFCs are one of the six main greenhouse gases.
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NZ Market: Strong push from buyers extends NZU gains
Continued demand from carbon emitters pushed NZUs to further highs Monday, hile some observers urged the government to announce the ETS review outcome sooner rather than later to bring certainty for market participants.
Carbon Pulse
Carbon Futures Market Shrinks by Record as Glut Persists: Chart
The tally of outstanding contracts in Europe’s carbon futures market is waning as a centralized reserve to reduce a glut of emission allowances won’t start until 2019
Can you power a business on 100% renewable energy? Ikea wants to try
An increasing number of big businesses including Google and Mars are opting to get their power from renewables – helping the planet and their profit margins
COMMENT: Here’s a way to make carbon markets work better
Carbon markets could play a crucial role in delivering promises made at the Paris climate conference.
The Conversation
Record number of countries expected to sign historic Paris climate accord
A record number of countries are expected to sign a historic climate agreement at a signing ceremony on April 22, the deputy UN spokesman said here Thursday.
PMA ampliará asistencia a afectados por la sequía en Centroamérica y Haití
El Programa Mundial de Alimentos (PMA) se comprometió hoy a asistir a más de 1,5 millones de personas afectadas por la intensa sequía que asola a Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador y Haití.
UN News Centre
Face aux sécheresses aggravées par El Niño en Amérique centrale et en Haïti, le PAM augmente son aide dans quatre pays
Le Programme alimentaire mondial des Nations Unies (PAM) s'est engagé jeudi à aider 1,6 million de personnes vulnérables en Amérique centrale et dans les Caraïbes, victimes des sécheresses aggravées par El Niño, ainsi qu'à renforcer leur résilience contre les futurs chocs climatiques.
UN News Centre
COP21: les émissions de gaz à effet de serre moitié moins élevées que prévu
Les émissions de gaz à effet de serre de la conférence de Paris sur le climat en décembre ont été près de deux fois moins importantes que prévu, avec 9.200 tonnes équivalent carbone, ont indiqué jeudi les organisateurs.
Programmation pluriannuelle de l'énergie : la partie sur les renouvelables mise en consultation
Ségolène Royal a signé mercredi 6 avril la feuille de route pour le développement des énergies renouvelables en France, dans le cadre de la Programmation pluriannuelle de l’énergie (PPE).
Dejar de desperdiciar comida frenaría el cambio climático
Se estima que entre el 30% y el 40% de los alimentos que se producen en el mundo nunca son consumidos por diversos factores
El Nacional
Climate models underestimate global warming by exaggerating cloud brightening
Many clouds surround the Southern Ocean. Lawrence Livermore scientists have found that climate models don't accurately portray clouds and in turn underestimate global warming.
Science Daily
World Bank Hikes Aid to Poor Nations Fighting Global Warming
The World Bank is boosting spending to help poorer countries battle global warming and power 150 million homes with renewable energy.
ABC News
Climate-change models wrong on predicting rain, drought extremes: study
Andrea Jones walks past a stranded car to get to her vehicle in receding street flooding, after severe rainstorms moved through New Orleans
Washington Times
Voting opens for the Annual Voluntary Carbon Market Rankings
For the seventh year, Environmental Finance is conducting its annual rankings of the voluntary carbon markets.
Environmental Finance
How smartphones can help track illegal deforestation
Deforestation in Cameroon has increased fourfold from 2006 to 2014, but the spread of cheap smartphones can be used to turn this tide
The Guardian
We Waste So Much Food that It’s A Major Contributor to Climate Change
Worldwide, 1.3 billion tons of food per year is wasted or lost. This amounts to one-third of the world’s food, and it is enough to feed 2 billion people. Yet despite this waste, 795 million people are going hungry around the world.
The Climate Post: Antarctic Ice-Sheet Collapse Could Trigger Rapid Sea-Level Rise
A study published in Nature finds that Antarctic ice-sheet collapse driven by greenhouse gas emissions could double the sea-level rise predicted for this century — from 3.2 feet according to a three-year-old United Nations estimate to upward of 6.5 feet by 2100.
Huffington Post
Maroc: le Comité de pilotage dévoile l’identité visuelle officielle de la COP22
Le Comité de Pilotage chargé de l’organisation de la COP22 a dévoilé, jeudi à Rabat, l’identité visuelle de la 22ème Conférence des Parties à la Convention-Cadre des Nations Unies sur les Changements Climatiques (COP22), prévue du 7 au 18 novembre prochain à Marrakech.
Star Africa
75 pays feraient faux bond à l’accord de Paris
120 pays signeront l'accord de la COP 21 le 22 avril
Paris Match
Carros que circulan en el país tienen en promedio 16 años
Antigüedad de vehículos opaca esfuerzo por lograr combustibles limpios
La Nacion
Acuerdo para enfrentar cambio climático será histórico
Acuerdo para enfrentar cambio climático será histórico
El Universal
BASIC nations oppose proposed carbon emission taxes in airline industry
The BASIC countries - Brazil, South Africa, India and China - are opposed to any move of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to propose carbon emission tax on airlines in the garb of offsetting emission in the aviation sector as they believe that the step would impose inappropriate economic burden on developing countries. .
Times of India
European diplomats criticise UN plan to curb airline emissions
ICAO blueprint criticised for having too many exemptions to be credible, too little detail to be trustworthy and for contradicting Paris climate deal
The Guardian
The challenges of linking Asia-Pacific carbon markets
Asia-Pacific nations are building carbon markets at an unprecedented pace, but their vastly different circumstances could mean they risk hampering future efforts to link the schemes.
Carbon Pulse
Carbon Pricing Is Necessary, But Has Limits
Carbon pricing is starting to take off globally as a key lever in the fight against global warming. However, it faces political challenges, which means it will be very unlikely to be sufficient by itself.
Clean Technica
UN: Hug a tree for the Paris Agreement signing
International body teams up with Earth Day in bid to plant nearly eight billion trees by 2020
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Climat : Royal soutiendra finalement la candidature de Tubiana à la CCNUCC
Revirement de situation. Alors que le refus par le gouvernement de soutenir la candidature de Laurence Tubiana au poste de secrétaire exécutive de la CCNUCC (Convention Cadre des Nations-Unies sur les Changements Climatiques) a suscité un début de polémique et de nombreuses réactions, la ministre de l’Environnement, Ségolène Royal, a finalement annoncé ce midi, en conférence de presse, qu’elle soutiendrait la candidature de l’ambassadrice française pour le climat.
US and Canada continue climate alliance with move to curb methane emissions
Meeting represents one of the last chances to grow on climate partnership agreed on by Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama before US president leaves office
The Guardian
L’été en mars ? Le changement climatique bouscule les saisons
Une récente étude montre que les premiers jours d’été en Europe ont été avancés de dix jours ces quarante dernières années.
National Geographic
Alerta de enfermedades por el cambio climático
Hoy, 7 de abril, se celebra el Día Mundial de la Salud, y un tema que durante los últimos años ha preocupado a los científicos es el aumento de muertes y enfermedades por el calentamiento mundial. El cambio climático está afectando a todos los niveles de la sociedad, desde la salud de la economía mundial a la salud de los niños.
El Comercio
Infographie - Les glaciers pyrénéens menacés de disparition
Selon le glaciologue Pierre René, les glaciers pyrénéens, suivis à la loupe depuis une quinzaine d’années, diminuent inexorablement et pourraient avoir entièrement fondu en 2050.
La Croix
Carbon Recovers as Germany Open to Talks on Stronger EU Market
European Union carbon-dioxide prices rebounded as the German environment ministry said it is willing to consider measures that would strengthen the European Union’s emissions trading system.
Global warming, El Nino leave 36 per cent of coral reefs on death watch
The coral on the sea floor around the Pacific island of Kiritimati looked like a boneyard in November — stark, white and lifeless. But there was still some hope.
CBC News
C40 launches guides for cities to tackle climate change
Megacities network C40 has launched 11 Good Practice Guides offering 100 successful case studies, including from Singapore, on climate solutions that can be replicated across the world.
Eco Business
Australia to sign Paris agreement on climate change
Australia will be among the first countries in the world to sign the Paris agreement on climate change, with a "very senior" representative being sent to a signing ceremony in New York later this month, according to government sources.
ABC News
Implementarán tarifa promocional para quienes inyecten energías renovables a la red eléctrica
El gobierno provincial presentará este martes el programa a través del cual entrará en vigencia la tarifa promocional para aquellos clientes de la Empresa Provincial de la Energía (EPE) que generen e inyecten energías renovables a la red eléctrica.
UNO Santa Fe
On spending CO2 cash, economists urge Canada’s provinces to choose wisely, adjust often
Canada’s provinces should make wise choices when deciding what to do with the proceeds of their carbon pricing schemes, and ensure that any spending programmes are regularly adjusted as the governments’ priorities change.
Carbon Pulse
Climate change fears put wolverine on endangered species watch
The solitary, aggressive wolverine faces few threats in the wild — even humans tend to give the remote creatures a wide berth — but it does need snow to create dens.
Washington Times
Climate change buffer and keeper of ecology balance
Gurgaon: As long as the 21st-century man will continue to tamper with natural buffers like the Aravali hills, hotter summers (and warmer winters) will become a way of life.
Times of India
Climate smart villages campaign launched
Former Brazilian President Inácio ¡§Lula¡¨ da Silva may be in hot water these days, but he was riding cool and easy in 2009, when he pledged to reduce his country's greenhouse-gas emissions to a level roughly 17% below 2005's emissions by 2020.
Huffington Post
Soil crisis brought about by climate change may hit global food production, claims alarming new research
The world is facing a soil crisis that could badly hit food production, according to alarming new research.
Significant achievements made in completing third TNC programme
The Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, through its Sustainable Development and Environment Division, will be hosting a consultation under the Vulnerability and Adaptation (V&A) Assessment Component of its Third National Communication (TNC) Programme to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
Saint Lucia News
Cities Are the Front Lines for Action on Climate Change
From the intermountain West to the subtropical Florida peninsula, we must unite to cut carbon emissions
The Afar: The toughest people on earth?
Living above a magma chamber is not without its hazards, and yet the Afar have done so for generations.
John Kerry Urges Business to Act on Climate Change
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday called on private businesses to move rapidly away from fossil fuels—both to prevent devastating climate change and to drive global economic growth.
California’s REDD move could outpace Paris Agreement
California may not need to wait for UNFCCC endorsement to use foreign REDD credits in its cap-and-trade programme because the US state may transfer units before the Paris Agreement takes effect from 2020, officials told a workshop on Tuesday.
Carbon Pulse
Thailand Joins World Bank Climate Change Alliance; Country to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Policy Help from the Partnership for Market Readiness
Thailand Government officials today discussed plans for advancing Thailand’s climate policy through membership in the World Bank Group’s Partnership for Market Readiness, a global alliance of more than 30 nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in developing countries.
World Bank
Plante, abrace o dibuje un árbol si apoya al acuerdo de París
El próximo 22 de abril, cerca de 200 gobiernos de todo el mundo están convocados en la sede de Naciones Unidas en Nueva York a la firma del acuerdo del clima de París; la fecha coincide con el Día de la Madre Tierra, que este año está dedicado a los árboles, por lo que la ONU ha pedido a los ciudadanos que muestren su apoyo al pacto de lucha contra el cambio climático plantando, abrazando o dibujando un árbol.
EFE Verde
Les initiatives citoyennes se multiplient à l’approche de la COP 22
La ville de Marrakech accueillera, du 7 au 18 novembre prochain, la 22e Conférence de la Convention-cadre des Nations unies sur les changements climatiques (COP 22).
Le Matin
Los países de América Latina que más y menos invierten en energías renovables
2015 fue el año en el que por primera vez fue el mundo en desarrollo el que dedicó más dinero a energías limpias que los países desarrollados. Según el décimo Informe sobre Tendencias de Inversión en Energías Renovables, la inversión global fue de US$285.900 millones, de los cuales China, India y Brasil aportaron US$156.000 millones.
BBC Mundo
Soil crisis brought about by climate change may hit global food production, claims alarming new research
Study of microbes – the tiny bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms that determine soil health – reveals them to be far less adaptable to changing conditions than expected
The Independent
How to help the countries most vulnerable to climate change
Money is critical, but embracing change is key.
Christian Science Monitor
Costa Rica reconoce a Christiana Figueres por su liderazgo ambiental
El Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía (Minae) le entregó este lunes a Christiana Figueres el premio Guayacán al liderazgo ambiental. La ceremonia tuvo lugar en el Auditorio Nacional, ubicado en el Museo de los Niños, y contó con la presencia del presidente de la república, Luis Guillermo Solís, como testigo de honor.
La Nación
Climate Change Dries Up Nicaragua
A three-year drought, added to massive deforestation in the past few decades, has dried up most of Nicaragua’s water sources and has led to an increasingly severe water supply crisis.
Mali : Autonomisation des femmes : Le changement climatique est un facteur entravant
La marche vers la normalité aborde un segment délicat et décisif. Dans lequel les quiproquos ne doivent surtout pas prospérer
Mali Actu
How the global aviation industry could help save the world's forests
Carbon trading body argues integration of aviation market-based mechanism and existing REDD+ scheme could provide win-win for the climate
Business Green
El Ártico, el infalible termómetro del cambio climático
Todo lo que ocurre en el Ártico es utilizado por los científicos como un eficaz sistema de alerta temprana capaz de indicar que es lo que va a pasar en el resto de las zonas afectadas por el cambio climático en un futuro próximo. Un grupo de profesores de la Universidad de Málaga ha tenido la oportunidad de comprobarlo directamente en la última década viajando a un remoto lugar, perteneciente a Noruega, llamado Ny-Alesund y situado a apenas mil kilómetros del Polo Norte.
Málaga Hoy
Comment les pollueurs veulent enterrer la COP21, avec l'aval des gouvernements
Des ONG, militants et citoyens, réunis à Pau, bloquent et dénoncent la tenue d'un sommet des plus grandes entreprises pétroliers et gazières du monde, du 5 au 7 avril.
Huffington Post
Why Human Wellness Is Critical To Combatting Climate Change
A new paper reveals seven important social concepts needed for a sustainable future.
Huffington Post
Bloquer l'industrie fossile, un impératif climatique, Attac France, Alternatiba, Amis de la Terre, Surfrider, ANV COP21 s'associent à l'occasion de l'importante mobilisation post-COP21 (actions de désobéissance, blocage, rassemblement et manifestation) qui se tient à partir d'aujourd'hui à Pau, où ces organisations vont bloquer un sommet international qu'accueille Total visant à étendre l'exploration et exploitation pétrolières et gazières offshore.
How will climate change affect YOUR weather? Daily Mail
Climate change will wipe $2.5tn off global financial assets: study
Losses could soar to $24tn and wreck the global economy in worst case scenario, first economic modelling estimate suggests
The Guardian
La 'factura' del cambio climático: entre 2,2 y 21 billones de euros
Las peores consecuencias del cambio climático, como los eventos climáticos extremos, podrían amenazar a más de 21 billones (europeos, es decir, millones de millones) de euros en activos financieros globales (el 17 % del total) poniendo en un brete la economía mundial, según un estudio publicado en la revista científica Nature Climate Change.
El Mundo
Risque climatique : 2 500 milliards de dollars d’actifs menacés par un réchauffement de 2,5°C
Une nouvelle étude du Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment de la London School of Economics et du cabinet de conseil Vivid Economics, publiée ce lundi 4 avril dans la revue Nature Climate Change, montre l’ampleur du risque climatique.
Climate change threat to public health worse than polio, White House warns
Obama administration report details the diversity of risks and claims global warming is a far more challenging danger than polio virus in some cases
The Guardian
EE.UU. alerta ante los peligros del cambio climático para la salud pública
El Gobierno de Estados Unidos publicó hoy los resultados de un extenso estudio llevado a cabo durante tres años por varias agencias federales y que concluyó que el cambio climático tendrá efectos nocivos para la salud pública de los ciudadanos estadounidenses en los próximos años.
El Diario
Anne Hidalgo brigue la présidence d’un réseau de villes engagées pour le climat
Anne Hidalgo est déterminée à devenir le fer de lance de la mobilisation des villes en faveur de l’environnement et du climat. La maire de Paris a annoncé, lundi 4 avril, sa candidature à la présidence du C40, un réseau qui fédère 83 des plus grandes métropoles du monde, représentant plus de 600 millions de personnes et un quart de l’économie mondiale.
Le Monde
REDD+ on the radar for airlines as green groups urge ICAO to steer clear of offsets
Interest groups are sharply divided over whether a global deal to rein in aviation emissions should feature offsets as officials gathered to study the latest proposals for a global market-based measure.
Carbon Pulse
Les pays arabes peuvent économiser 750 mds USD avec les énergies renouvelables (responsable)
Les pays du Moyen-Orient et d'Afrique du nord (Mena) peuvent économiser jusqu'à 750 milliards de dollars s'ils réalisent leur objectif en matière d'utilisation des énergies renouvelables à l'horizon 2030, a indiqué lundi un haut responsable.
L'Orient Le Jour
Mining, oil and gas companies look to carbon pricing and renewable energy to reduce emissions amid strengthening global movement
A climate change consultant says Australian mining, oil and gas companies will not lose out to other countries if Australia adopts a carbon price or enters into an emissions trading scheme.
COP21: une mission sur le prix du carbone pour orienter les investissements
Dans le cadre de la coalition pour un prix du carbone, mise en place lors de la Conférence sur le climat (COP21), le Gouvernement attend d'ici au 1er juillet un nouveau rapport sur le prix du carbone au niveau européen, confié au PDG de Engie Gérard Mestrallet, à l'économiste Alain Grandjean, et à l'ancien ministre, expert du climat et directeur du WWF, Pascal Canfin.
Una póliza que protege a los campesinos del cambio climático
Resulta descorazonador que el trabajo de un año termine en nada. Pero es aún más dramático cuando el esfuerzo y la inversión en tiempo y dinero de millones de agricultores terminan bajo el agua o llevados por el viento. Según un estudio de la FAO, entre 2003 y 2013, las inundaciones, sequías y otros desastres causaron el 83 % de las pérdidas de cultivos y ganado en los países en desarrollo. En América Latina, las pérdidas en el sector agrícola durante ese periodo fueron de 11.000 millones de dólares, en su mayoría por los desastres asociados al clima.
El País
More Bankable, Viable Projects Needed for Faster Asia Climate Action
Scaling up climate action in Asia will take increased know-how and finance, some 150 policymakers, public sector officials, climate specialists and representatives of the private sector heard at a regional conference in Bangkok, Thailand, 31 March–1 April.
UNFCCC Newsroom
UK steel crisis solution may hinge on carbon pricing
The UK’s carbon floor price is coming under closer scrutiny as a potential suitor for Tata’s stricken UK steelmaking operators said its interest depends on the government rolling back the policy.
Carbon Pulse
Which countries are most at risk from climate change and how can we help?
The countries most vulnerable to climate change are among the poorest and least able to respond. How to resolve that dilemma and help these places adapt to a warming world remains among the knottiest problems facing climate financing.
Los Angeles Times
OPINION: A Renewable Energy Boom The New York Times
India to ratify COP 21 climate agreement on April 22
India, along with 100 other nations would ratify the Paris 'COP 21 Global Climate Agreement' in New York on April 22, Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said on Saturday.
Economic Times
France’s Royal forms high-level taskforce to push EU carbon price proposal
French Environment Minister and COP-21 President Segolene Royal has tasked three high-level energy and climate experts to develop proposals on how to implement a price floor for EU carbon allowances as well as for European electricity generation.
Carbon Pulse
UN’s Paris climate deal could enter into force this year
Operational UN global warming pact would be a significant step on path to a safe and stable climate, but requires careful management says former Marshall Islands advisor
Climate Home
Le risque climatique fera bientôt son entrée aux AG des groupes français.
Total a échappé de justesse au dépôt d'une résolution externe par PhiTrust sur le risque climatique.
Les Echoes
El cambio climático ya afecta a los ríos
El impacto del cambio climático sobre el caudal de los ríos y los arroyos podría reducir hasta un 60 % la capacidad de producción de electricidad en el mundo entre 2040 y 2069. Ello, según un estudio publicado en la revista científica Nature Climate Change.
Diario Uno
No 'science for science sake': emails show CSIRO plans to cut climate research
Australia's national science organisation planned to stop "doing science for science sake" and would no longer do "public good" work unless it was linked to jobs and economic growth, according to internal emails between CSIRO senior managers.
Sydney Morning Herald
Economic Impact of Climate Change a Key Concern of IDB
The adverse economic impacts of climate change on Latin American – and especially Caribbean – countries will be a central issue at the Inter-American Development Bank’s annual meeting, which gets under way next week in the Bahamas.
Latin American Herald Tribune
First report from climate risk task force reveals 'fragmented and incomplete' landscape of climate disclosure
Initial report from high-profile task force sets out current landscape of climate risk reporting and identifies seven principles for effective disclosure to underpin its recommendations due later this year
Business Green
Seul un tiers des 1000 premières entreprises mondiales évaluent le risque climatique
Les impacts du changement climatique intéressent particulièrement le monde de la finance, au premier chef les assureurs, mais les obligations vertes demeurent marginales, souligne un nouveau rapport.
Actu Environnement
Climat : comment les agences spatiales vont mesurer le CO2
Les agences spatiales mondiales vont coordonner leur mesure des gaz à effet de serre .
La Tribune
Call for EU carbon market overhaul as emission cuts slow down
Low carbon price and glut of free permits give power sector and industry little incentive to reduce their climate impact, say analysts
Climate Home
Expedición al Polo Norte: una hazaña para alertar sobre el cambio climático
Desde que arribaron a Longyearbyen cinco días atrás -su última "base" de adiestramiento en el archipiélago noruego de Svalbard, situada a 1100 kilómetros de su objetivo-, nueve argentinos se aclimatan al frío ártico, practican maniobras de rescate en el hielo y ensayan otras de alto riesgo sobre grietas y ríos congelados para avanzar en su asalto final: conquistar el Polo Norte geográfico, hacer flamear fugazmente la bandera argentina y blandir, en un gesto simbólico hacia el cielo, la encíclica papal Laudato Si', para concientizar sobre el derretimiento de los polos por el cambio climático.
La Nación
Costa Rica incursionó en energía renovable hace 132 años
A Costa Rica la ilumina el agua desde 1884 gracias a la primera planta hidroeléctrica que tuvo el país en barrio Aranjuez, en el centro de San José. “Demos gracias a esos costarricenses por empezar la trayectoria de energía renovable desde ese año. Este es un país que nació con una estrellita”, comentó, visiblemente emocionada y orgullosa, Christiana Figueres, quien ocupa el cargo de secretaria ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático (CMNUCC).
La Nación
Climate predicts bird populations
Populations of the most common bird species in Europe and the US are being altered by climate change, according to an international study.
Obama and President Xi of China Vow to Sign Paris Climate Accord Promptly
President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China said Thursday that they would sign the Paris Agreement on climate change on April 22, the first day the United Nations accord will be open for government signatures.
NY Times
Estados Unidos y China firmarán el acuerdo climático de París el 22 de abril
Los presidentes de Estados Unidos y China, Barack Obama y Xi Jinping, respectivamente, han anunciado este jueves en un comunicado conjunto que sus gobiernos firmarán el acuerdo sobre clima emanado de la cumbre de París el próximo 22 de abril.
La Informacion
MEP Duncan calls EU ETS “an irritant” amid current low prices
The EU’s carbon market is “at best an irritant right now” with its current low prices and therefore must change, wrote Ian Duncan, the UK MEP steering ETS reforms through the bloc’s parliament, in a glossy feature for Parliament Magazine.
Carbon Pulse
EU, India outline climate and clean energy package
Delhi and Brussels summit dominated by terror threat, but agree new range of measures to allow India greater access to finance and green technologies
Climate Home
US shareholder votes on climate change hit record
US companies are facing a record number of shareholder votes on climate change related issues at this year’s annual meetings, as pressure from investors has grown and regulators have become increasingly sympathetic.
Financial Times
Changement climatique : ExxonMobil visée par 2 nouvelles enquêtes
Les procureurs généraux des Iles Vierges et du Massachussetts ont annoncé qu’ils rejoignaient le procureur de l’État de New York, Eric T. Schneiderman, dans son enquête pour savoir si ExxonMobil a menti sur l’impact de ses activités sur le réchauffement climatique.
Bloomberg climate risk initiative to release first report
A Financial Stability Board-led venture to coax companies into revealing their exposure to an overheating planet will publish preliminary findings on Friday, according to its head Mark Carney.
Climate Home
Pays-Bas : les véhicules diesel et essence bannis en 2025
Les Pays-Bas ambitionnent d’interdire dès 2025 la commercialisation de véhicules diesel et essence sur leur territoire.
Las aves que pierden y ganan con el cambio climático
A la curruca rabilarga (Sylvia undata) el cambio climático la está llevando cada vez más al norte.
El País
From anger to laughter: what happens when three top comedians walk into the UN?
What happens when three top comedians leave their Hollywood comfort-zone and walk into the United Nations to talk climate change and sustainability?
UN News Centre
Can imams drive action on climate change in Pakistan?
Imams and other religious leaders are an under-used means of pushing action to combat climate change, experts and religious scholars say.
COMMENT: The Brave New World of Carbon Pricing EcoWatch
Study: Antarctic ice may melt faster than expected
Warmer air, less frigid water and gravity may combine to make parts of Antarctica's western ice sheet melt far faster than scientists had thought, raising sea levels much more than expected by the end of the century, according to a new study.
Climate forecasts underestimate sea-rise impact of Antarctic thaw: study
Sea levels could rise 50 cm (20 inches) more this century than had been expected, according to a report published on Wednesday which found that Antarctic ice will melt faster than previously thought.
In Stockholm, UN chief highlights climate change and human mobility as pressing issues
Visiting Sweden today, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon underscored the many challenges the world currently faces, including one of the most pressing of them – climate change.
UN News Centre
Tianjin extends pilot ETS regulations to June 2018
The Tianjin municipal government has extended the rules of the city’s cap-and-trade programme by two years to 2018 to allow it to continue after this year’s compliance deadline, which originally was meant to be the last for China’s regional pilot markets.
Carbon Pulse
Hundreds of UK churches set to go green, switch to renewable energy-charities
More than 400 churches in the United Kingdom plan to switch to clean energy providers for their light and heat, shifting spending of 1 million pounds ($1.4 million) to renewables from fossil fuels, two Christian charities said on Wednesday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Installations fined for ignoring EU ETS rules up by a third in 2014 -report
Thirty-five installations were fined for failing to comply with EU ETS rules in 2014, up by a third year-on-year, while as many as 10% of aircraft operators also snubbed the measures, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA).
Carbon Pulse
NGO: Poor should take 'wait and see' approach to climate deal
A Malaysian advocacy group is urging poor countries to skip a signing ceremony for the landmark Paris climate agreement in New York next month.
Cambio climático seca a Nicaragua
Una sequía de tres años, que se sumó a la deforestación masiva de sus bosques durante las últimas décadas, secaron la mayoría de las fuentes superficiales hídricas de Nicaragua y sumieron a su población en una crisis cada día más acuciante de acceso al agua potable.
El cambio climático acorrala Isla Mauricio
El fenómeno de El Niño podría afectar a finales de año el arrecife de coral de Isla Mauricio, ya de por sí golpeado por el cambio climático.
La Prensa
1 billion Asians will face severe water shortages by 2050
Countries in Asia will face severe water shortages by 2050 if current environmental, demographic and economic trends remain unchanged.
Business Insider
L'Antarctique va faire monter le niveau des mers
Selon de nouvelles estimations, si les émissions de gaz à effet de serre gardaient le rythme actuel, l'Antarctique pourrait faire monter le niveau des eaux des mers d'un mètre d'ici 2100.
Link between fossil fuels and Great Barrier Reef bleaching clear and incontrovertible
Data shows bleaching of corals on the Great Barrier Reef coincides with record warm ocean temperatures in the region
Etude : des vendanges de plus en plus précoces sous l’effet du changement climatique
A la lumière des registres historiques où étaient consignées les dates de vendanges de nombreuses régions célèbres pour la qualité de leurs vignobles, comme la Gironde, la Bourgogne ou la Vallée de la Loire...
Sud Ouest
Climate change could put eucalypts at risk of death from air bubbles
Extreme droughts could lead to widespread death of eucalypts from embolisms, researchers say.
ABC Australia
Les Pays-Bas soutiendront le Vietnam dans sa lutte contre la sécheresse
Le vice-Premier ministre Nguyen Xuan Phuc a reçu le 31 mars à Hanoi la ministre hollandaise des Infrastructures et de l’Environnement Melanie Schultz Van Heagen, en visite au Vietnam.
Why Fixing Climate Change is Women’s Work
Natural resource scarcity and unpredictable weather affect women first, yet they’re often the last to be heard on how to combat it. That’s slowly changing.
Yes! Magazine
COMMENT: How to Manage Carbon Emissions — and Carbon Policy — Across the Value Chain Environmental Leader
Tiempo de acelerar la lucha contra el cambio climático (por Achim Steiner, Christiana Figueres) La Nación
WMO: Climate change could outpace mitigation efforts
Climate change has reached the point where it may outstrip the quickening efforts to slow it by reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, scientists say.
Climate Home
Papua New Guinea becomes first country to file offical national climate action plan
The Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) that enabled the successful finalisation of last year's historic Paris Agreement climate change deal are turning into Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), and Papua New Guinea has this week been named as the first country to officially file its new climate action plan with the UN.
Japan environment minister won’t give up on carbon pricing
Japan Environment Minister Tamayo Marukawa on Tuesday released her long-term vision on climate change, opting to include carbon pricing as part of her preferred future policy portfolio despite lingering opposition in other quarters of government.
Carbon Pulse
Australie: la Grande barrière menacée par le blanchissement de coraux
Des observations aériennes de la grande Barrière ont révélé l’un des plus graves épisodes de blanchissement des coraux de cet écosystème australien unique, ont annoncé mardi des scientifiques.
Anuncian coalición en la lucha contra cambio climático en Estados Unidos
El exvicepresidente de Estados Unidos Al Gore y 17 fiscales generales del país anunciaron una gran coalición para unir esfuerzos en la lucha contra el cambio climático y apoyar los progresos de la Administración de Barack Obama.
El Salvador
China’s NDRC passes emissions trading bill to State Council
A bill on China’s planned national emissions trading scheme has been passed to the State Council for approval by the country’s top economic planning agency, with no changes from an earlier draft, a leaked document showed on Tuesday.
Carbon Pulse
El lago de Chalco, pieza clave en la historia del cambio climático
Un grupo de científicos de la UNAM busca reconstruir 500.000 años de historia climática de la cuenca del Valle de México
El País
Chile invierte en energía renovable
Según informe de la ONU, en el país inversión llegó a US$ 3.400 millones, 151% más respecto a 2014.
Le Maroc plus visible sur le radar des investissements dans les énergies renouvelables
Une autre consécration pour l’engagement du Maroc dans les énergies renouvelables. Le Royaume est cité par le dixième rapport annuel sur les «Tendances mondiales des investissements dans les énergies renouvelables» du Programme des Nations unies pour l'environnement (PNUE) comme l’un des pays en développement qui ont consenti un important effort dans ce domaine en 2015
Le Matin
Todd Stern on Paris, the future and learning from the past
Todd Stern says struggling through Kyoto, Japan, and Copenhagen, Denmark, helped teach him what a climate deal would need to succeed.
Nicolas Hulot : "Sans la COP21, on aurait perdu la guerre climatique"
Le président de la Fondation pour la nature et l'homme, invité exceptionnel de la Matinale d'Europe 1, est revenu sur l'accord obtenu après la COP21.
Energy companies warned against building new power stations
Energy companies can only keep building new coal and gas power stations for one more year if the world is to avoid dangerous levels of global warming, Oxford university researchers have found.
Financial Times
Tonga policy aims to build climate change resilience by 2035
An ambitious National Climate Change Policy to build a Resilient Tonga by 2035 was launched by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Climate Change, Hon. Siaosi Sovaleni
Matangi Tonga Online
UN Begins Negotiations on Treaty to Protect Marine Resources
The United Nations has begun negotiations for a new legally binding treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological resources in the world’s oceans – nearly 64 percent of which lie beyond national jurisdiction.
The enormous carbon footprint of food that we never even eat
Discussions about how to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions frequently center on clean energy, more efficient transportation and sustainable agriculture.
Washington Post
Now is the time to fast-track climate action (by Achim Steiner and Christiana Figueres) Japan Times
Tolba, former UN environment chief, dies at age 93
Mostafa Tolba, an Egyptian scientist and former executive director of the U.N. Environment Program whose call for "development without destruction" helped bring about the agency he led for 17 years, died Monday at the age of 93, a U.N. official said.
Christiana Figueres destaca entre los 50 mejores líderes del mundo, según revista Fortune
La revista estadounidense Fortune, especializada en negocios, incluyó a la costarricense Christiana Figueres entre los 50 mejores líderes del mundo.
La Nación
La CGEM se mobilise pour la COP22
Le Maroc accueillera la 22ème Conférence des Parties sur le changement climatique en novembre prochain.
Arctic sea ice reaches new record low mark for wintertime
The growth of Arctic sea ice this winter peaked at the lowest maximum level on record, thanks to extraordinarily warm temperatures, federal scientists said Monday.
Too early to hail dip in China's CO2, despite coal fall-study
Reports of a historic dip in China's carbon dioxide emissions in the past two years are premature because of uncertainty over data showing the pace of a decline in coal use by the world's biggest consumer, a study showed on Monday.
Le Canada se rêve en géant ver
Et si l’exemple venait du ciel ? Avec ses « vaisseaux solaires » à moteur hybride et à ailes gonflables et solaires, la société canadienne SolarShip symbolise l’ambition du nouveau gouvernement dans les énergies renouvelables et les technologies propres.
Le Monde
Un uruguayo, impulsor de la energía renovable, entre líderes mundiales de la revista Fortune
El físico uruguayo Ramón Méndez, incluido este año en la lista de los 50 líderes mundiales de la revista Fortune, junto a personalidades como el papa, dijo a Efe que este constituye un reconocimiento al "trabajo colectivo" realizado en el país para impulsar las energías renovables.
Overlooked Tool to Fight Climate Change: A Tweak in Fuel Standards
One of the best new opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions might be to tweak a bureaucratic regulation we’ve had around for close to four decades.
NY Times
El blanqueo afecta al 95 % de la zona norte de la Gran Barrera de Coral
En el caso de la Gran Barrera, patrimonio de la humanidad, el blanqueo proviene del aumento de la temperatura de la superficie del mar
Le stress hydrique gagne des régions du monde... La preuve en Île-de-France
Du 7 au 18 mars, les télévisions nous ont transmis des images de manœuvres qui ont mobilisé 110 sapeurs-pompiers et 200 sauveteurs dans la simulation d’une crue du siècle, toujours possible en Île-de-France. La dernière grande crue date de 1910.
These Latinos Are Among The World’s Greatest Leaders
Fortune released their annual list of the world’s most influential pioneers. This year’s list honors a several of today’s most triumphant Latinos across various sectors of society.
Cambio climático podría frenar auge turístico: Inecc
Los principales destinos turísticos de México están altamente expuestos a los efectos del cambio climático, por lo que a futuro se prevé una reducción de los visitantes hacia estas zonas como consecuencia del mal tiempo, según datos revelados por el Instituto Nacional de Ecología y Cambio Climático (Inecc), cuya directora general es María Amparo Martínez Arroyo.
El Sol de México
Baby steps for Japan’s JCM as it seeks to break new ground
Japan’s Joint Crediting Mechanism is inching forward by registering a handful of new projects, but progress is slow with no firm demand and as regulators take a firm line in tackling issues not previously faced in international carbon markets.
Carbon Pulse
Hubei exchange to launch carbon forward contract on Apr. 20
The Hubei carbon exchange will launch a forward contract for CO2 allowances, it announced Friday, making it the first of China’s seven pilot emissions trading schemes to offer on-exchange forward trading.
Carbon Pulse
OPINION: Overlooked Tool to Fight Climate Change: A Tweak in Fuel Standards New York Times
Climate, weather and the politics of energy (blog) Financial Times
UN banking on record support at Paris climate deal signing
Officials hope strong show of support will drive momentum behind global efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions in a year expected to be warmest in history
Climate Home
Rockefeller family charity to withdraw all investments in fossil fuel companies
A charitable fund of the Rockefeller family – who are sitting on a multibillion-dollar oil fortune – has said it will withdraw all its investments from fossil fuel companies.
COP22 : Les premières attributions
Le staff de la COP22 est dans ses murs, à Hay Riad à Rabat. Le logo et le site officiel (en plusieurs langues) seront officiellement dévoilés dans les jours qui viennent. L’appel d’offres pour l’accompagnement stratégique de communication de la COP22 vient d’être lancé.
U.S., Argentina take steps to tackle climate change
U.S. President Barack Obama and Argentina's President Mauricio Macri agreed on Wednesday to take joint steps to fight climate change including working to cut carbon emissions from air flights and integrating solar and wind power into electricity grids.
Cambio climático: Obama dijo que con Macri están comprometidos con la agenda verde
"Queremos que nuestro nietos puedan compartir el planeta, un planeta sano, y la belleza de la Argentina y de EE.UU., a partir de cuidar todo lo que hace a la problemática del cambio climático", señaló.
La Voz
Climat : division des pays européens sur l’application de l’Accord de Paris
Si les chefs d’Etat européens se sont mis d’accord à Bruxelles sur le principe d’une ratification de l’Accord de Paris "la plus rapide possible", sa mise en application divise les 28 pays membres
679 millions d'euros pour «l'énergie propre»
L'Australie va investir un milliard de dollars australiens (679 millions d'euros) dans un fonds dédié à l'innovation dans les énergies propres.
Un troisième leader de la COP21 jette l’éponge
Après le départ, de Laurent Fabius du Quai d’Orsay et la démission annoncée de Christiana Figueres, le négociateur américain quitte la scène.
Traders expect offset supply rush for China’s pilot CO2 markets -survey
Chinese offset traders surveyed by analysts at Point Carbon expect to nearly triple the amount of CCERs they have been issued by June, suggesting that the pilot emissions trading schemes might face additional downward pressure on prices before the mid-year compliance deadlines.
Carbon Pulse
España afrontará sequías más intensas y duraderas, afirma un climatólogo
La tendencia de los inviernos en España, más suaves y con un 30 por ciento menos de precipitación, especialmente en el sur peninsular, incrementará la intensidad y la duración de las sequías, el desastre natural que más preocupa a los españoles.
Diario de Navarra
L'accord de Paris sur le climat transmis au Parlement
Le Parlement pourra se prononcer sur la participation de la Suisse à l'accord de Paris sur le climat. Le Conseil fédéral a approuvé mercredi le texte visant à réduire d'ici 2030 les émissions de CO2 de 50% par rapport à 1990. L'agriculture devra participer à l'effort.
Exxon Mobil must allow climate change vote: U.S. SEC
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has ruled Exxon Mobil Corp must include a climate change resolution in its annual shareholder proxy, a defeat for the world's largest oil producer, which had argued it already provides adequate carbon disclosures.
Amenaza cambio climático la seguridad del agua: UNICEF
En la víspera de la conmemoración del Día Mundial del Agua, la UNICEF señaló que el esfuerzo de llevar agua potable a millones de personas en todo el mundo será más problemático, debido al cambio climático, el cual amenaza el abastecimiento y seguridad del agua.
Azteca Noticias
Switzerland approves Paris Agreement, outlines strategy to meet climate pledge
Switzerland’s Federal Council on Wednesday approved the Paris Agreement and outlined its strategy for meeting its carbon reduction pledge, setting it up as one of a handful of nations intending to make substantial use of international credits.
Carbon Pulse
Climate change might be good news for French wine — until it isn’t
Global warming might just make certain wines tastier, according to a new study — at least until we reach a temperature tipping point that wrecks it all.
Washington Post
Leonardo DiCaprio prépare un docu sur le dérèglement climatique
Lors d’une conférence de presse à Tokyo, Leonardo DiCaprio a révélé travailler sur un film documentaire sur le dérèglement climatique. Il en a également profité pour fustiger une classe politique qu’il juge “irresponsable”.
Les Inrocks
BLOG: How the EU ETS restricts climate ambition Argus
Australian prime minister announces greener policies
Australia's prime minister on Wednesday distanced himself from the man he replaced by announcing a new fund to promote clean energy innovation as the country heads toward a likely early election in July.
Australia announces A$1 billion clean energy fund, in break with past
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Wednesday said the country would establish a A$1 billion ($761.60 million) clean-energy innovation fund, in a major departure from his predecessor's much maligned approach to combating climate change.
World Water Day: UN calls for ‘better water and better jobs’
With nearly half of the world’s workers employed in water-related sectors, sustainable access to safe water can change lives and livelihoods, the United Nations today said, underscoring the link between water and jobs, this year’s theme for World Water Day.
UN News Centre
World Meteorological Organisation urges world leaders to ratify Paris Agreement to avert climate disaster
Some of the world's foremost meteorologists have issued an urgent appeal for world leaders to ratify the Paris Agreement as soon as possible to protect the planet from runaway global warming.
Solar power reflects Morocco’s energy ambitions
When production officially began at the world’s biggest concentrated solar power plant at Ouarzazate in southern Morocco in February, the country was widely celebrated for its achievement.
Financial Times
Meet Jonathan Pershing, the new US climate envoy
Veteran diplomat and energy analyst steps back into the heart of UN climate talks tasked with implementing 2015 Paris agreement
Climate Home
En 2016 continuarán los desastres provocados por el clima
La OMM afirma que la temperatura de la Tierra es actualmente 1 grado centígrado más alta que a comienzos del siglo XX
China likely to allow banking of pilot CO2 permits, reduce free allocation
China is likely to let allowances from the pilot carbon markets be banked to the national emissions trading system, but at the expense of reduced allocation levels, the market’s lead architect said Wednesday.
Carbon Pulse
Morocco plans for less reliance on volatile farming
The recent drought in Morocco has highlighted how vulnerable the country’s agriculture is to unpredictable weather patterns.
Financial Times
Madagascar intègre l’initiative « Scaling Solar »
La Société financière internationale (IFC), membre du groupe de la Banque mondiale annonce ce 21 mars 2016 qu’elle a signé un accord avec le gouvernement malgache pour la conception et la soumission d’une offre de partenariat d’énergie solaire dédiée à la production privée de 30 à 40 mégawatts d’énergie solaire raccordée au réseau, dans le cadre de l’initiative « Scaling Solar » qui vise la création d’un marché viable pour l’énergie solaire en Afrique.
Madagascar Tribune
EU carbon prices to see data bump followed by summer slump -analysts
EU Allowances will see a short-lived bump following the release of data next week showing higher-than-expected 2015 emissions, a team of New York-based analysts said, but prices are then expected to fall to new lows this summer.
Carbon Pulse
Crece población en EE.UU. que cree en el cambio climático
Encuesta Gallup mostró que el 65% dice que el fenómeno es producido por el hombre, la cifra más alta desde que se aplica el sondeo.
La Tercera
Gaz à effet de serre: le réchauffement climatique atteint un rythme inédit
Une étude parue dans nature Climate Change explique que le rythme des émissions de gaz à effet de serre serait dix fois supérieur à celui constaté lors de périodes de réchauffement des 66 millions d'années passées. Les chercheurs se disent inquiets de cette situation qui pousse le monde en terrain dangereux.
World Bank advises govt to introduce carbon tax
World Bank has advised the government to impose carbon tax. It said the tax would be a “fiscally prudent measure” by protecting the country’s revenue - See more at:
Dhaka Tribune
Climate change warnings for coral reef may have come to pass, scientists say
As coral bleaching threat is raised for Great Barrier Reef, experts say events show that dire projections for reefs under global warming were not alarmist
Aprueban fondo para proyecto de adaptación al cambio climático en sector pesquero
El ecosistema marino costero del Perú y sus pesquerías recibirán apoyo para reducir los impactos que inciden de forma negativa en dichas zonas.
Le República
China Is on an Epic Solar Energy Binge
It’s worth taking a minute to appreciate the sheer scale of what China is doing in solar right now.
MIT Tech Review
Apple se veut aussi champion de l'environnement
Ferme solaire, énergies renouvelables, futur campus 100% écologique : Apple a fait de la défense de l'environnement son cheval de bataille depuis de nombreuses années.
How will ASEAN members cope with their climate change challenge?
COP21 : transformer les bonnes intentions en actions Les Echos
Three Pacific island nations are first to ratify Paris climate deal
The Marshall Islands will become the third country to ratify the Paris climate change agreement, after its parliament approved the step on Friday - following two other Pacific Island nations also highly vulnerable to the impacts of the changing climate.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Climat : les îles Marshall, 3e État à ratifier l’Accord de Paris
Les États insulaires du Pacifique montrent la voie après l’adoption de l’Accord de Paris, le 12 décembre dernier lors de la COP21 du Bourget. Les îles Marshall sont ainsi le 3e pays à avoir ratifié l’accord après les îles Fidji et Palau le mois dernier.
Carbon emissions highest in 66 million years, since dinosaur age
The rate of carbon emissions is higher than at any time in fossil records stretching back 66 million years to the age of the dinosaurs, according to a study on Monday that sounds an alarm about risks to nature from man-made global warming.
Climate changing at 'unprecedented' rate: UN
January and February 2016 smashed temperature records, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Monday as it warned climate change was advancing at an "unprecedented" rate.
"El ritmo alarmante del cambio climático no tiene precedentes"
"Nuestro planeta está enviando un poderoso mensaje a los líderes mundiales para que firmen y apliquen el Acuerdo de París sobre cambio climático", indica un informe de la Organización Meteorológica Mundial.
Climat : des records de chaleur en janvier et février selon l'OMM
Les records continuent à tomber en matière de chaleur et de climat depuis le début de l'année 2016, après une année 2015 inscrite dans les annales, a averti lundi l'Organisation métrologique mondiale (OMM), une agence de l'ONU basée à Genève.
Lead US climate negotiator stepping down
The Obama administration's lead negotiator for last year's global climate deal is stepping down.
Las emisiones humanas de carbono, sin precedentes en 66 millones de años
El estudio profundiza en los cambios de la temperatura terrestre y el dióxido de carbono atmosférico (CO2) desde el final de la era de los dinosaurios
Le changement climatique menace l’approvisionnement et la sûreté de l’eau
À l’occasion de la journée mondiale de l’eau, le 22 mars, l’Unicef signale dans un communiqué lundi que le changement climatique et le manque d’assainissement menacent la sûreté de l’eau pour des millions de personnes.
#Climatechain: UN to launch campaign illustrating water-environment-climate change link
As the global community marked World Water Day during a special event at United Nations Headquarters, the UN Children's Fund reported that rapidly changing weather conditions are limiting access to safe drinking water for millions, and announced the launch of a new campaign on the link between water, the environment and climate change.
UN News Centre
China’s central bank backs national ETS in confidence boost for carbon market
The head of China’s central bank on Sunday gave his full support to the national cap-and-trade programme and said the bank would develop ETS-related risk management guidelines that observers say are likely to boost investor participation in the market.
Carbon Pulse
Un pays sur 2 pas prêt face au réchauffement
La moitié des Etats membres de l'OMM n'investissent pas dans des systèmes d'alerte adaptés à des catastrophes climatiques.
New Green Challenge: How to Grow More Food on Less Land
If the world is to have another Green Revolution to feed its soaring population, it must be far more sustainable than the first one. That means finding ways to boost yields with less fertilizer and rethinking the way food is distributed.
Yale Environment 360
El cambio climático altera el ciclo del vino
El cambio climático ha alterado una de las etapas clave en la elaboración del vino en regiones de Francia y Suiza, lo que podría obligar a variar los tiempos y técnicas de producción, revela un estudio publicado por la revista Nature, informa Efe.
La Razón
Island nations seek UN help combatting climate change
More than a dozen small island nations made an urgent appeal to the UN Security Council Thursday for help in combatting climate change, which they said poses a threat to their very existence.
Emissions-cutting aviation deal must be enforceable: NGOs
A deal this fall to cap carbon emissions from global aviation at 2020 levels must be enforceable and set long-term goals in line with the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change, a coalition of environmental groups said on Monday.
Europe’s largest floating solar farm powers up
The size of eight football pitches, the solar array will power a water treatment plant on the outskirts of London.
Briton charged in Germany for conspiracy over emissions certificates
German prosecutors have charged a British national with conspiring to evade taxes worth 136 million euros (£106.5 million) while buying and selling carbon emissions certificates, they said on Monday.
Brooklyn : un microgrid permet aux habitants de partager de l’énergie renouvelable entre eux
Une start-up new-yorkaise est en train de perturber le marché énergétique local en développant la présence de microgrids communautaires.
Les Smartgrids
DIALOGUE: Will France’s ETS price corridor plan gain traction amongst EU lawmakers? Carbon Pulse
Can Apple's $1.5bn green bond inspire more environmental investments?
Apple’s willingness to borrow billions to address the economic impact of climate change could pave the way for other businesses to do the same
Earth Hour 2016: UN goes dark to spotlight climate change
The United Nations this evening dimmed the lights at its iconic Headquarters complex in New York and other facilities around the world in observance of 'Earth Hour,' an annual global event to put the spotlight on the issues facing the planet and to inspire millions across the world to live more sustainably.
UN News Centre
Une Heure pour la planète : le siège de l'ONU à New York éteint ses lumières samedi soir
Le siège de l'ONU à New York a éteint ses lumières samedi soir, dans le cadre des célébrations de la dixième édition d'Une Heure pour la planète, un événement annuel mondial visant à sensibiliser les individus sur le réchauffement climatique et les inciter à vivre de manière plus durable.
UN News Centre
ONU colabora en la celebración de la Hora del Planeta
El Secretario General de la ONU señaló que la Hora del Planeta, que se celebra hoy, llega este año en un momento esencial.
UN News Centre
Ban Ki-moon nomme Red des 'Angry Birds' ambassadeur de l'ONU pour la Journée du bonheur
A l'occasion de la Journée internationale du bonheur, célébrée ce dimanche, les Nations Unies ont nommé vendredi Red, le personnage principal du jeu mobile 'Angry Birds', en tant qu'envoyé de l'Organisation chargé de promouvoir l'action climatique en faveur d'un avenir durable et heureux pour tous.
UN News Centre
Quelle est la responsabilité de la Chine dans le changement climatique ?
Une équipe de chercheurs franco-chinoise vient de mettre au point une nouvelle méthode permettant de cerner les responsabilités des différentes zones géographiques dans le réchauffement climatique.
La Croix
UN appoints Red from the 'Angry Birds' as Honorary Ambassador for International Day of Happiness
The United Nations today appointed Red, the leader of the “Angry Birds” mobile game characters, as an envoy to inspire climate action toward a sustainable and happier future for all.
UN News Centre
La ONU busca alegrar el día a los “Angry Birds”
Los Angry Birds, los populares “Pájaros Enojados” protagonistas del famoso videojuego para dispositivos móviles, se unieron hoy a los festejos por el Día Internacional de la Felicidad, que se celebra el próximo domingo.
UN News Centre
Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching threat raised to highest level
Australian environment minister Greg Hunt has been accused of going silent on climate change as the cause of dying coral in the Great Barrier Reef after a bleaching alert was raised to its highest level.
The Guardian
Climate Council call for action against global warming amid record-breaking March heat
AUSTRALIA’S record-breaking autumn heat is just a taste of what’s to come if we continue to lag behind global powers who are moving away from fossil fuels to combat climate change.
Investors may shun thermal projects for solar energy
The private sector may be giving up on greenfield thermal power projects and
looking to solar energy
instead. Installation and generation costs have risen for thermal plants
following an increased coal cess and stricter pollution norms, experts said,
adding that are likely to go even higher.
The Economic Times
Walls to protect Zanzibar resorts threaten fishing communities
A visitor to the Nungwi Peninsula in Unguja, one of Zanzibar's twin islands, has their pick of luxury resorts, all promising access to golden beaches.
BP strikes deal for China's biggest carbon permit buyback contract
Energy giant BP (BP.L) has struck a deal with a local power company in China for the largest carbon permit buyback contract in the short history of the country's nascent carbon market.
Mobiliser l'opinion publique contre les effets néfastes du réchauffement climatique
La ville de Marrakech a célébré samedi soir son engagement pour préserver la planète en se joignant, pour la première fois cette année, à des dizaines de villes à travers le monde qui ont éteint la lumière pendant une heure et allumé des "bougies pour la vie".
Fotogaleria: Apagón mundial por la 'Hora del Planeta'
Edificios y monumentos de más de 170 países apagan sus luces para hacer conciencia sobre el peligro del cambio climático y sus consecuencias
Día de la Felicidad: ONU hace un llamado a actuar ante cambio climático
Desde 2013, la ONU celebra cada 20 de marzo este día para reconocer la importancia de este sentimiento en las personas del mundo
Americas noticias
Bosques autóctonos: aliados en la lucha contra el cambio climático
En el Día Internacional de los Bosques 2016, Ecologistas en Acción recuerda la importancia de los bosques autóctonos en la lucha contra el cambio climático y para los recursos hídricos después de que el quinquenio 2011-2015 haya sido el más cálido desde que se tienen registros.
Tercera Informacion
DiCaprio alaba los esfuerzos de China por combatir el cambio climático
El actor estadounidense Leonardo DiCaprio "alabó los esfuerzos de China por combatir el cambio climático", señaló la cadena oficial china CCTV, durante la promoción hoy de su última película, "The Revenant", en Pekín.
Noticias Terra
Native American tribe to relocate from Louisiana coast as sea levels rise
A small Native American community in coastal Louisiana is to be resettled after losing nearly all its land partly due to rising seas, a first in the United States.
Entreprise : le changement climatique, un risque ou une chance ?
Le dernier rapport du Forum Économique Mondial sur les risques dans le monde classe désormais le changement climatique à la première place.
Les Echos
Anfibios, termómetro del cambio climático
Los cambios de temperatura, de humedad y en sus hábitats más las nuevas enfermedades han acabado con más de 200 especies Una de cada tres están en peligro de extinción
An Opportunity to Develop a North American Price on Carbon
Instruments for pricing carbon are beginning to proliferate.
Climat : des emails à l’e-book, l’impact du numérique n’a rien de virtuel
Eteindre les grands monuments du monde mais aussi réfléchir à nos gestes quotidiens, par exemple nos usages numériques : l’opération "une heure pour la planète" vient rappeler samedi soir que l’énergie que nous consommons a un coût, pour les ressources et le climat.
Aviation et changement climatique : la Commission organise une consultation
Jusqu’au 30 mai 2015, tous citoyens et organisations européennes et tout particulièrement les parties prenantes et les experts dans le domaine de l’aviation ou du changement climatique sont invités à répondre à un questionnaire mis en ligne sur le site de la Commission européenne.
Environnement magazine
Doubler la part des énergies renouvelables pourrait rapporter jusqu'à 15 fois leurs coûts
Selon un nouveau rapport de l'Agence internationale pour les énergies renouvelables (Irena), publié ce jeudi 17 mars, le doublement de la part mondial des énergies renouvelables pourrait réaliser une économie annuelle de quelques 4 200 milliards de dollars – un montant 15 fois supérieur à leurs coûts – à l’horizon 2030.
German energy bourse EEX to launch China carbon offset futures contract
German energy bourse EEX plans to launch a futures contract for Chinese carbon offsets, Carbon Pulse has learned, a move that would allow foreign traders to take positions on price moves in what is soon to be the world’s biggest carbon market.
Carbon pulse
US, Canada Leaders Agree to Slash Methane Emissions, Increase Climate and Trade Cooperation
The US and Canada are aiming to increase their cooperation on a range of climate and trade issues, leaders from both countries announced last week, including by taking steps to cut methane emissions from oil and gas sources dramatically.
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
La Hora del Planeta: 10 ciudades de México "se apagarán" el sábado
Este sábado se llevará a cabo la Hora del Planeta en más de 7 mil ciudades alrededor del mundo, en una iniciativa para hacer un llamado a la reflexión a la ciudadanía, gobiernos y empresas sobre los desafíos climáticos que enfrenta el mundo.
Climat: l'impact du numérique n'a rien de virtuel
Éteindre les grands monuments du monde mais aussi réfléchir à nos gestes quotidiens, par exemple nos usages numériques: l'opération «une heure pour la planète» vient rappeler samedi soir que l'énergie que nous consommons a un coût, pour les ressources et le climat.
Techno La Presse
Les émissions mondiales de CO2 stagnent pour la deuxième année de suite
Pour la première fois depuis le début des années 1980, un monde en croissance réussit depuis deux ans à stabiliser ses émissions de CO2.
February records 'unprecedented' heat around the world
Global temperatures smashed records for the 10th straight month in February, which was a whopping 2.18 degrees above average, according to data released Thursday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
USA Today
How the World Has Changed Since the Paris Agreement on Global Warming
A list of progress and failures in the wake of the historic agreement to combat climate change
Scientific American
World Economy Grows without Growth in Global Warming Pollution
Energy-sector emissions of CO2 remains flat for second year in a row
Scientific American
Welcome to the climate emergency: you’re about 20 years late
February 2016 saw global warming records tumble with new data suggesting more Australians think humans are the cause
The Guardian
U.S., Canada Announce Methane Reduction Plan
In a move that could help the United States and Canada meet pledges they made at last year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a plan to cut oil and gas industry methane emissions 40–45 percent, compared to 2012 levels, by 2025.
National Geographic
Global energy sector CO2 emissions flat in 2015: IEA
Global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the energy sector were flat in 2015, despite an uptick in economic growth, the IEA said on Wednesday.
Economic growth no longer translates into more greenhouse gas: IEA
Global economic growth did not translate into more harmful greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector last year, the IEA said on Wednesday, a strong indication that growth and increased pollution no longer go hand in hand.
Climate change, energy is back on EU summit agenda: draft
EU leaders meeting in Brussels this week will debate the Paris Agreement on climate change, a draft EU text showed, after officials previously said the migrant crisis had knocked it off the agenda.
Doubling global share of renewables could save over $4tr a year, says IRENA
Analysis of 40 countries finds savings from renewables boom would be up to 15 times more than initial costs
Doubler les énergies renouvelables générerait des milliards d’euros d’économies
Au lendemain de la conférence sur le climat de Paris (COP21), l’Agence internationale pour les énergies renouvelables (Irena) avait publié, en janvier, un rapport en forme d’appel à la mobilisation générale.
Le Monde
France summons climate envoys back to Paris
Host of 2015 UN summit plans April rendez-vous to crank up diplomacy machine ahead of Morocco summit
Climate Home
U.K. Treasury Will Get $648 Million Bonus in Carbon Tax Reform
The U.K. government will get a 460 million pound ($648 million) bonus by scrapping one unpopular carbon tax while it increases another levy in 2019, despite claiming the move is cost neutral.
Ribera: «Los gobiernos deben ser más drásticos ante el cambio climático»
Teresa Ribera, Directora Instituto de Desarrollo Sostenible y Relaciones Internacionales, La experta asegura que el deshielo del Ártico afectaría a la salinidad del océano y provocaría el calentamiento de la superficie terrestre
El Diario Vasco
UAE ‘meeting climate change demands of COP21’
Stopping the effects of climate change will require better cooperation among countries, delegates at a forum have heard.
The National
Coca-Cola, Starbucks among new entrants in Beijing cap-and-trade system
Western conglomerates Coca-Cola and Starbucks are among the companies that will see their Beijing-based CO2 emissions covered by the city’s carbon trading scheme from this year, according to an announcement by the Chinese capital’s municipal government.
Carbon Pulse
Tokelau calls on NZ for more help in climate change fight
Tokelau is frequently left out of the discussion on climate change, according to a representative of the territory calling on New Zealand to do more to voice their plight.
Radio New Zealand International
Could climate-change warnings on gasoline pumps actually work?
Later this year, someone stopping to fuel up in North Vancouver will be the first customer to see the controversial warning labels. They’ll be wrapped around the gas pump handles.
At South By Southwest, Carbon Offset Sellers Aim For New (And Offbeat) Buyers
The 29th annual South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) kicked off in Austin, Texas on Friday, and hundreds of thousands of concertgoers are flocking to the city. Most are coming by plane, bus, and automobile – emitting greenhouse gases in the process.

If they’re coming to speak on panel discussions, they’ll have their emissions neutralized by festival organizers, who are purchasing carbon offsets on their behalf from Green Mountain Energy Company. But eco-minded fans have been on their own – until now.
Ecosystem Marketplace
Plants won't boost global warming as much as feared: study
Vegetation will release far less extra carbon dioxide in a warming world than previously assumed, giving humans a bit more room in the fight against climate change, scientists reported Wednesday.
Las plantas se adaptarían bien al cambio climático
Un estudio reciente arroja un panorama esperanzador sobre los efectos en el medioambiente del cambio climático. Una investigación publicada en la revista Nature encontró que ante el incremento de temperatura del cambio climático las plantas adaptan su metabolismo de forma más eficiente de lo que se pensaba hasta ahora.
El Colombiano
La région de Souss-Massa signe un partenariat avec la coopération allemande
«Le changement climatique peut avoir des répercussions directes sur les entreprises, en causant des dommages aux bâtiments ou en entravant la production en raison de la surchauffe des machines.
Le Matin
BLOG: Delivering on the Paris Agreement: Is there a Carbon Pricing Opportunity for India? World Bank
OPINION: Emissions trading: Seeing through the smoke Radio New Zealand
Mary Robinson: ‘climate justice’ must play a key role in the Paris Agreement  The Conversation
OPINION: Precios del petróleo y cambio climático El País
Paris climate change treaty to be enshrined in UK law
A key Paris climate treaty commitment to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions will be enshrined in UK law, the Government has said.
UN welcomes UK pledge to enshrine zero emissions goal
The UN’s climate body has welcomed news the British government will enshrine a zero emissions goal into law, calling on other countries to follow suit.
Climate Home
Climate battle bears early fruit as global energy emissions stall
Carbon pollution levels stayed flat for the second year in a row last year new data show, even though the global economy kept growing, in a sign that efforts to tackle climate change may be bearing fruit faster than thought.
Financial Times
Japan details plan for post-Paris Agreement carbon cut
Environment Ministry unveils new plan to step up energy saving measures and cut emissions 26 per cent by 2030
China to introduce unified CO2 market standards - expert
China is expected to impose unified national standards when it launches a national emissions trading scheme next year, an expert familiar with the design process said this week.
Supermarkets pledge to cut food waste 20% by 2025
Local authorities and retailers including Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco sign voluntary Courtauld 2025 agreement to reduce food and drink waste
L’Uruguay, champion de l’éolien
Alors que l’environnement était au coeur des discussions pendant la COP21, l’Uruguay fait figure d’exemple en matière de développement durable.
Government reacts in fits and starts to Paris agreement
Three months after India committed to an ambitious set of targets under the global climate change Paris agreement, the government is working in fits and starts to put the architecture, policy and regulations in place to achieve what it promised
Business Standard
La Unesco busca alinear las reservas de la biosfera con el acuerdo climático de París
Las reservas de biosfera son zonas con ecosistemas terrestres, marinos y costeros que fomentan soluciones para conciliar la conservación de la biodiversidad con su uso sostenible, el desarrollo económico, la investigación y la educación
Environmental migration a real possibility for island states
Scientists predict that if there is an increase in global temperature of up to 4° Celsius — which the current trajectory has us reaching by the end of this century, small island developing states (SIDS) face the threat of extinction.
Jamaica Observer
Lutte contre le réchauffement climatique : L’ONG WWF organise une opération planétaire
« Une heure pour la planète » pour sensibiliser au changement climatique
Questioning its future role, the CDM continues to scour for demand lifelines
The CDM’s Executive Board is monitoring post-Paris developments to see how the Kyoto Protocol scheme could fit into a new international carbon market regime, while continuing to scour the global landscape for new sources of demand.
Carbon Pulse
World’s first 100% renewable energy grid being built in the Azores
The world’s first “100 per cent renewable” grid is being built by German-US clean technology company Younicos for the island of Graciosa in the Azores.
Climate Action
La energía renovable como motor de la industria nacional
La transformación energética que se viene desarrollando en nuestro país, ha tenido un fuerte impacto en la industria, la generación de empleo y en la generación de valor agregado bruto.
El País
Peru Tries to Adapt to Dangerous Levels of UV Radiation Brought on by Climate Change
The brisk March morning air is a shock after the tourists have recently, regretfully unpacked themselves from their cozy alpaca wool blankets and climate-controlled buses.
Des millions de foyers américains engloutis en 2100
À quelque 3 millimètres par année, la hausse des océans est presque imperceptible. Mais elle menacerait les habitations d'au moins 4,2 millions d'habitants des comtés côtiers des États-Unis en 2100.
La Presse
China national ETS launch likely in second half of 2017 -sources
The launch of China’s national emissions trading scheme will likely be pushed to the second half of 2017 as more time is needed put in place the necessary legal groundwork, the market’s lead designer told a conference in Guangzhou this week, according to sources who attended the event.
Carbon Pulse
Población en riesgo de inundación en Florida es 3 veces mayor al estimado
Florida además de ser considerada una de las zonas que tendría más pérdidas económicas debido al fenómeno, es ahora, según el nuevo estudio, la más afectada en número de personas
Miami Diario
Big carbon emitters to lose ETS subsidy: Bennett
Big industrial emitters of greenhouse gases will lose their right under the emissions trading scheme to offset only half of their emissions, Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett told an international energy conference in Wellington today.
TransCanada torpille indirectement le plan climatique d'Obama
Au moment où elle tente de convaincre les Canadiens des bienfaits de l'oléoduc Énergie Est, TransCanada finance indirectement une poursuite intentée aux États-Unis pour contrer le plan climatique annoncé par le président Barack Obama.
La Presse
Climate change deal: 'Zero carbon' laws promised by government
Climate laws will be tightened to cut carbon emissions effectively to zero, the government has said.
Zero carbon emissions target to be enshrined in UK law
The UK will enshrine in law a long-term goal of reducing its carbon emissions to zero, as called for in last year’s historic Paris climate deal.
Record surge in 2016 temperatures adds urgency to climate deal, say scientists
A record surge in temperatures in 2016, linked to global warming and an El Nino weather event in the Pacific, is adding urgency to a deal by 195 governments in December to curb greenhouse gas emissions to slow climate change, scientists said on Monday.
Le secteur de la construction veut réduire ses émissions de carbone
En marge de la rencontre économique Maroc-France organisée par la CGEM le 10 mars 2016, une convention de partenariat entre le Morocco Green Building Council (MGBC) et Cerway a été signée, dont l’objet est de permettre au MGBC de contribuer au rayonnement et à la connaissance des certifications HQE au Maroc.
12,6 millions de morts par an à cause de l'environnement
L'OMS publie un rapport selon lequel un quart des décès dans le monde seraient attribuables à un environnement insalubre.
Le Figaro
Hora del Planeta, una acción para reflexionar sobre cambio climático
Diferentes instituciones se preparan para uno de los eventos más simbólicos, la Hora del Planeta, que se realizará el 19 de este mes. Según estudios, en Bolivia el 2030 la temperatura aumentará 4 grados más y la escasez de agua será más notable.
El Mundo
Millions in US at risk from rising seas driven by climate change: study
Rising sea levels driven by climate change could upend the lives of more than 13 million Americans by the end of the century, according to a study released on Monday (March 14).
Temperatura global de febrero alcanza un nuevo récord
Datos publicados por la agencia espacial estadounidense NASA revelan que la temperatura global durante febrero alcanzó un nuevo récord.
EU Industry Got $27 Billion Cap-and-Trade Windfall, Study Says
European Union industry landed a 24-billion-euro ($26.7 billion) windfall from an emissions cap-and-trade program that was intended to moderate emissions by putting a price on pollution, according to an environmental consultancy.
Cleaner Air Could Actually Make Global Warming Worse
A significant amount of the climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions in the past century has been hidden from us, scientists say - by another type of pollution that actually cools the climate and temporarily cancels out some of the warming.
Washington Post
Huge supply of cheap offsets could open for two-tiered carbon market in Australia, reduce need for UN units -Reputex
Australia could generate 300 million carbon credits at a cost of only A$1-4 each and another 200 million below A$16, potentially paving the way for a two-tiered domestic carbon market and reducing the need for international units, analysts Reputex said Tuesday.
Carbon Pulse
La Tunisie prévoit de satisfaire 30% de ses besoins énergétique grâce aux renouvelables d'ici 203
La Tunisie prévoit de couvrir 30% de ses besoins énergétiques grâces aux énergies renouvelables d’ici 2030. C’est ce qu’a déclaré Chokri Rejeb, le chef de cabinet du ministre de l’Industrie, de l’énergie et des mines.
Agence Ecofin
Guangdong CO2 exchange calls for local authorities to help regulate China’s national ETS
China’s central government should regulate China’s national emissions trading scheme but regional authorities should play a part in drawing up trading rules and ensure compliance, the China Emissions Exchange in Guangzhou said Monday.
Carbon Pulse
Solar micro-grids launched in three remote villages
Three remote villages in country’s Okhaldhunga and Khotang districts have just been switched on to round-the-clock power from nearby solar micro-grids that will save money, avoid carbon emissions, and provide the communities with fresh economic opportunities.
Himalayan Times
"El cambio climático es sin duda la prioridad número uno"
La actriz Shailene Woodley estrena 'Leal' de la saga 'Divergente'. La tercera entrega y penúltima de la serie.
Earth Hour 2016 is this weekend, here’s why you should switch your lights off for an hour
What are you up to this Saturday evening? If it’s nothing essential you can take part in an event that will be carried out across the planet with the noblest of causes – protecting its future.
Using Technology to Help Farmers Adapt to Climate Change (blog) Huffington Post
Climate chief expects 80-100 signatures on landmark treaty
The official in charge of global climate negotiations says between 80 and 100 countries are expected to sign the landmark agreement to tackle climate change reached in Paris in December at a ceremony at U.N. headquarters on April 22.
Exclusive– “We can’t wait any longer”: France floats EU ETS price support proposal
France wants to modify the EU carbon market’s Market Stability Reserve to introduce a “soft collar” for allowance prices because it says existing reforms fall short, a senior French government source told Carbon Pulse.
Carbon Pulse
L’après-COP21 accumule les difficultés
Laurent Fabius, Christiana Figueres, Ban Ki-moon et Laurence Tubiana. La « dream team » de l’accord de Paris sur le climat est en pleine déliquescence.
Le Monde
Clean Development Mechanism to have evolving role in international climate action
The Board that oversees the United Nation’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is looking for innovative ways to support the international response to climate change.
Cómo hacer negocio con el cambio climático en Centroamérica
Los grupos económicos centroamericanos no pueden permanecer pasivos ante el enorme reto que presenta el cambio climático en una de las regiones más vulnerables del mundo. Las empresas pueden ver en el cambio climático una problemática que presenta tanto desafíos como oportunidades.
El Faro
UN-backed green fund to wean major banks off fossil addiction
New alliance with HSBC and Credit Agricole takes flak from civil society, but GCF heads say finance giants are now part of transition away from fossil fuels
Climate Home
China backs ‘revolutionary’ clean coal
Environment minister promotes power station technology to cut pollution as China sets out five-year energy blueprint
Climate Home
Record mondial de chaleur en février
La NASA vient de publier des chiffres inquiétants qui n'inquiètent pas les candidats républicains à la primaire présidentielle
Vous avez plus chaud la nuit? C’est à cause du changement climatique
Depuis les années 1960, la température des nuits a augmenté deux fois plus rapidement que celle des journées. On sait maintenant pourquoi.
Cambio climático afectó los cultivos de caña y café
La variabilidad del clima es una situación que ya afecta a Centroamérica. Los cultivos de caña de azúcar y de café resultaron impactados por las sequías y por las lluvias que ocurrieron en 2014.
La Prensa Grafica
Siddarth Goenka helps villages fight global warming with biogas plants
Having seen the hinterlands while extending his family's dairy business in Rajasthan in 2010, Goenka started the Pragathishali Rural Development Charitable Trust in 2014 to promote and develop biogas production and usage in rural areas.
Economic Times
Bolivia’s water people are left high and dry
Almost a decade ago the UN warned that “indigenous peoples are among the first to face the direct consequences of climate change, owing to their dependence upon the environment and its resources.” In Bolivia, largely an indigenous country, that is already happening.
Financial Times
Les changements climatiques affecteront l'industrie de la pêche
Les changements climatiques ont déjà un impact sur l'industrie de la pêche et le sujet n'a pas échappé aux participants au grand rassemblement des acteurs du secteur au Seafood Expo 2016 à Boston.
Arctic forum to shine light on climate, energy, Maine
A forum about Arctic diplomacy slated to take place in Maine's largest city will focus on issues like climate change and shipping, and put a spotlight on its host, organizers said.
BLOG: How a Voluntary Carbon Fee is Helping Microsoft and the Planet Huffington Post
COMMENT: Tax off, eh! Moving beyond a national carbon price in Canada Carbon Pulse
Chancellor urged to invest public money in renewable energy
Analysis by Green Alliance finds subsidies for fossil fuel generation more costly than simplified system favouring renewables
BLOG: 10 practical steps to create an Emissions Trading System World Bank
OPNION: Six years to ensure a sustainable future by Paul Polman BusinessGreen
Scotland's climate change progress 'exemplary'
The UN climate change secretary has praised Scotland's progress on climate change as "exemplary".
Ottawa va serrer la vis aux émetteurs de méthane dans le secteur pétrolier et gazier
Le premier ministre canadien a annoncé jeudi à Washington qu'il se joint à une initiative américaine visant à réduire les émissions de méthane provenant du secteur pétrolier et gazier de 40 % à 45 % par rapport au niveau de 2012, d'ici 2025.
Obama y Trudeau se alían contra el cambio climático
La primera visita de un líder canadiense en casi 20 años a EE UU empezó ayer con las bromas típicas generadas por la rivalidad y vecindad entre los dos países, en una intervención que el presidente Barack Obama utilizó para celebrar la agenda liberal del nuveo primer ministro canadiense, Justin Trudeau.
La Razón
Obama and Trudeau confirm ambitious and wide-ranging US-Canada climate pact
US and Canada commit to cutting methane emissions by 40 per cent, promise to work with ICAO to cut aviation emissions, build a clean energy alliance, and beef up protection of the Arctic
Business Green
US, Canada partner to cut methane, vow more collaboration on carbon markets
The US and Canada on Thursday announced a joint effort to curb methane emissions from their oil and gas sectors, and said they would expand their collaboration on carbon markets by working together to ensure the environmental integrity of new emissions units.
Carbon Pulse
Managing disaster risk vital for sustainable development, UN official stresses
Nearly 350 reported disasters, over 22,000 deaths, 98.6 million people affected, and $66.5 billion in economic damage. That was the devastating toll of disasters worldwide in 2015, according to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR). At the helm of the Geneva-based office is Robert Glasser, an experienced development official who took up his post at the start of this year.
UN News Centre
Los ministros de Agricultura de Centroamérica analizan los problemas del cambio climático
Los ministros de Agricultura y Ganadería de los países del Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (SICA) analizaron hoy en Honduras los efectos negativos del cambio climático en la región, informó una fuente oficial.
France to Weigh EU Carbon Price Corridor in Global Pricing Push
France seeks to stimulate a push for global carbon pricing and may weigh a price corridor to strengthen the European Union’s emissions trading system should countries worldwide agree to act, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.
Spurred by Paris, shareholder climate resolutions reach new high
Corporate shareholders this year filed more resolutions specific to climate change with U.S. companies than ever before, according to a new report on stockholder engagement.
Réchauffement climatique au Liban : une facture estimée à 21 milliards de dollars en 2020
Une étude conjointe du ministère de l'Environnement et du Pnud évalue, pour la première fois, le coût du réchauffement climatique sur l'économie libanaise.
L'Orient le Jour
¿Cuánto cuesta cumplir con el pacto de París contra el cambio climático?

España debe invertir 10.000 millones al año para cumplir el pacto de París, según Deloitte
Todos los coches deberán ser eléctricos en 2050 y el 90% de la electricidad renovable
El País
Climate change in Mongolia destroying pastures on which nomadic herders rely
Overgrazing and a cycle of summer drought and winter snow has degraded vital pastureland in Mongolia, killing livestock and jeopardising livelihoods
Le Kenya mise sur la géothermie pour son électricité
Tirant profit de sa position géographique, le Kenya a résolument pris le pari de la géothermie, une source d'énergie propre, renouvelable et plutôt bon marché, dont il espère qu'elle lui permettra à terme de garantir son approvisionnement en électricité.
Le Fonds vert pour le climat accrédite le Crédit Agricole et HSBC malgré les protestations des ONG
Le Fonds vert pour le climat a finalement bien donné son accréditation aux banques HSBC et Crédit Agricole le 9 mars. Et ce, malgré les protestations de 170 ONG.
CO2 levels make largest annual leap in 56 years – NOAA
The last time the Earth saw such a sustained increase was over 11 millennia ago, says US agency
Climate Home
World Bank’s PAF sparks secondary trade as CER supply concerns build ahead of 2nd auction
The World Bank-steered Pilot Auction Facility’s first auction has triggered secondary dealing in both the mechanism’s put options as well as the underlying CERs, as the winning companies aim to ensure enough supply is available to sell to government buyers while preparing for the next auction.
Carbon Pulse
OPINION: Obama and Trudeau Should Establish a U.S.–Canada Carbon Market TIME
Dangerous global warming will happen sooner than thought – study
Australian researchers say a global tracker monitoring energy use per person points to 2C warming by 2030
COP21: La France pourrait ratifier l'accord dès cet été
Trois mois après le coup de marteau décisif qui a conclu la COP21, la France se prépare à ratifier le texte de l’accord de Paris
Obama y Trudeau cerrarán nuevos acuerdos sobre cambio climático
Las áreas de “potencial cooperación” son la reducción de las emisiones de metano de las industrias del petróleo y el gas así como más protecciones para el Ártico
EU climate goal review off leader’s meeting agenda -Bloomberg
EU leaders don’t plan to discuss whether to alter the bloc’s 2030 climate goals at a Mar. 17-18 Council summit, which will focus on migration, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing two anonymous sources.
Carbon Pulse
Climate kids take on the feds
Nearly two dozen kids -- ages 8½ to 19 -- appeared in federal court here on Wednesday morning.
Queensland emissions boom threatens Australia’s CO2 target
Greenhouse gas emissions in Queensland are projected to rise 35% by 2030, jeopardising Australia’s chances of meeting its climate commitments, the Queensland state government said.
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Indonesia Aims For Top-Tier Carbon Accounting Across All Land Types By 2018, But Peat Proves Problematic
The Tropical Forest Alliance is holding its general assembly in Jakarta this week, and it’s hard to imagine a more appropriate setting.
Ecosystem Marketplace
Climat: des projets polluants de plusieurs pays visés par les ONG
De grandes ONG engagées dans la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique ont annoncé mercredi préparer une série d’actions citoyennes en mai sur des sites exploitant les énergies fossiles (pétrole, charbon, gaz) notamment aux Etats-Unis, en Turquie et au Nigeria.
UP le mag
El almacenaje de energía renovable, clave para cumplir objetivos climáticos
Lograr y extender el almacenaje de energía renovable será la clave para acelerar la transición energética y que los países puedan cumplir los compromisos asumidos en el acuerdo del clima de París (COP 21) para que la temperatura del planeta no aumente más de dos grados a finales de siglo.
EFE/El Comercio
Face à la sécheresse, une stratégie d’adaptation s’impose en Tunisie
Un article de l’agronome et ancien directeur du Centre de recherche en génie rural (CRGR) Slaheddine El Amami cosigné avec un chercheur français résident en Tunisie était intitulé : «La sécheresse en Tunisie, réalité permanente ou phénomène accidentel? ou comment intégrer le risque de sécheresse comme donnée de base de la production agricole».
“Centroamérica puede estar a la vanguardia de las energías limpias”
Según la opinión de Christiana Figueres Olsen, considerada por la revista Foreign Policy entre los Pensadores Globales más influyentes del Mundo en 2015, lo que fue un imposible durante seis años en materia de negociaciones sobre cambio climático ahora se puede lograr con el acuerdo hecho en París.
Des éoliennes volantes pour capter les vents de haute altitude (vidéo)
Les énergies fossiles ont de moins en moins la cote, contrairement aux énergies renouvelables qui ont le vent en poupe ces dernières années.
Le Soir
La Caisse de dépôt prend pied en Inde
La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec ouvre un bureau en Inde et ses premiers investissements seront dans le secteur des énergies renouvelables.
TVA Nouvelles
Whole Foods Plans 100 Rooftop Solar Systems
The grocery chain plans to install as many as 100 rooftop solar systems, mainly through the power provider NRG Energy, on nearly a quarter of its stores and distribution centers, the companies said on Tuesday.
NY Times
How Climate-Change Negotiator Todd Stern Mastered His Diplomatic Skill
Climate-change negotiations are usually doomed by the sheer scope, complexity, and divisiveness of the issues involved—which makes the results of last December’s talk in Paris, where nearly 200 countries agreed to be held accountable for decreasing global-warming levels, even more impressive.
Vanity Fair
Positives emerge from Green Climate Fund link with HSBC
Big banks are not a natural partner for the UN’s flagship green fund, argues Friends of the Earth US’ Karen Orenstein, but alliance may have progressive consequences
Climate Home
Climate change adaptation post-Paris: next steps for the Green Climate Fund Thomson Reuters Foundation
¿Cuál es la relación del zika y otras enfermedades con el cambio climático?
Altas temperaturas, lluvias, derretimiento de glaciares y sequías tienen una estrecha relación con la aparición de enfermedades como el zika, la fiebre amarilla y el cólera.
A Fierce Reminder Why Europe Needs to Uphold the Paris Agreement (blog) Huffington Post
Ban marks UN’s 20th year in Bonn, stresses need for ‘shared responsibility’ on migration
Continuing his visit to Germany, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today celebrated the 20th anniversary of the United Nations offices in Bonn, praising the work of the Organization’s agencies based there, and discussed a range of issues with the country’s leaders, including the challenges associated with mass migration.
UN News Centre
Ban marks UN’s 20th year in Bonn, stresses need for ‘shared responsibility’ on migration
Continuing his visit to Germany, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday celebrated the 20th anniversary of the United Nations offices in Bonn, praising the work of the Organization’s agencies based there, and discussed a range of issues with the country’s leaders, including the challenges associated with mass migration.
Christiana Figueres: “Centroamérica puede estar a la vanguardia de las energías limpias”
E&N valora la actuación de cuatro mujeres centroamericanas que actúan en la cúspide del poder global y manejan agendas que impactan a millones en todo el mundo.
Estragía & Negocios
Ségolène Royal met à l'honneur les femmes engagées pour le climat
Ségolène Royal, ministre de l'écologie, du Développement durable et de l'Energie a souhaité, à l'occasion de la journée internationale de la Femme, réunir et rendre hommage aux femmes scientifiques et écrivaines autour d'un déjeuner.
CDM Board elects Chair and Vice-Chair for 2016
The Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism has elected Eduardo Calvo of Peru and Frank Wolke of Germany as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, for 2016.
White House seeks new climate measures, trade progress in Trudeau visit
President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are set to discuss new ideas for curbing climate change and expanding trade during an Oval Office meeting this week, White House officials said during a preview on Tuesday.
Corporate Leaders unveil latest Low Carbon Business Compendium
Some of the world's leading green businesses have featured in an updated edition of the Low Carbon Business Compendium, designed to highlight the steps the corporate sector can take to slash carbon emissions and tackle climate risks in the wake of the historic Paris Agreement.
German plan for extra carbon credits against EU law -court adviser
A German proposal to get extra free carbon permits to help four energy-intensive industries ran counter to European Union law, an adviser to the bloc's highest court said on Tuesday.
Deeper RGGI target could push prices above $10 -analysts
The carbon price in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) would climb above $10 if states deepen their annual reduction targets after 2020, analysts ClearView Energy Partners said.
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Morocco Has All Assets to Ensure COP 22 Success: COP22 Commissioner
Morocco has all the assets to ensure the success of the 22nd session of the United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference (COP22), which will be held on November 7-18 in Marrakech, COP22 Commissioner Abdeladim Lhafi said Tuesday.
Morocco World News
Maroc:Une délégation à Bonn pour les préparatifs de la COP22
Le comité de pilotage de la 22ème session de la Conférence cadre des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques (COP22), représenté par Abdelâdim Lhafi, commissaire de la COP22, effectue une visite de travail à Bonn, dans le cadre des préparatifs de la COP22.
U.S. climate change campaigner dies snorkeling at Great Barrier Reef
Award-winning American environmental photographer Gary Braasch died on Monday while snorkeling at the northern end of the Great Barrier Reef.
Gary Braasch, le photographe du climat, a été retrouvé mort
La photographie environnementale est en deuil depuis lundi, avec la découverte du corps de Gary Braasch, un pionnier du genre. Le photographe américain a été retrouvé flottant près de Lizard Island, au nord de l'Australie, alors qu'il réalisait un travail documentaire sur la Grande Barrière de corail.
Inauguran la planta fotovoltaica flotante de Balbina
El ministro de Energía y Minas, Eduardo Braga [en la imagen, a la derecha], ha dejado inaugurado la primera planta fotovoltaica en aguas del embalse de la central hidroeléctrica de Balbina, que se encuentra cerca de la ciudad de Presidente Figueiredo, estado de Amazonas. Se trata del primero de dos proyectos pilotos anunciados en marzo del año pasado.
Energiás Renovables
U.S. Solar Growth Will More Than Double in 2016, Study Finds
U.S. solar installations are expected to more than double this year, driven by falling equipment prices and federal tax credits.
Why women are key to tackling climate change
Nine leaders from Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America explain why women are the key to transforming society and helping communities become more climate resilient
Climate Home
Costa Rican women who made us cheer this year
In case you missed it, not one but two Costa Rican women have been singled out by multiple news sources as leading candidates to become the next Secretary General of the United Nations. Considering that Costa Ricans constitute approximately 0.06 percent of the world population, that’s pretty staggering stuff.
Tico Times
El cambio climático extinguirá a un tercio de las especies animales, según WWF
La afirmación fue hecha en medio del encuentro “Los años más cálidos de la historia. ¿Por qué se calienta nuestro planeta?”, llevado a cabo en Madrid.
El Espectador
Climate deadline looms for African food crops
Researchers have produced a timescale of how projected climate change is set to alter the face of agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa.
L’agriculture d’Afrique subsaharienne joue la montre contre le changement climatique (étude)
Si des actions de mitigation des effets du changement climatique ne sont pas menées, la production de certaines cultures vivrières sera impossible dans certains endroits, en Afrique subsaharienne. C’est la conclusion d’une étude sur les effets du changement climatique sur neuf cultures, menée par des scientifiques.
Agence Ecofin
Clash between countries stymies aviation emissions talks
International aviation talks have hit a roadblock over a plan to limit carbon emissions for aircraft in a clash between developed and developing countries on how they view their responsibilities, two sources familiar with the matter said.

Daily Mail
Hotter planet spells harder rains to come – study
Planners told to boost flood defences, especially in dry regions, as global warming intensifies water cycle, reports Climate Home
South Africa aims to publish offset rules next month
South Africa aims to publish draft regulations in late April establishing which domestic offset types can be used to comply with the country’s planned carbon tax.
Carbon Pulse
Kiwi expertise leading the world on emissions trading
A New Zealand economist has just helped launch a report that will help any country in the world set up an emissions trading system.
BRIEFING: The World Bank’s triple-play for the future of carbon pricing Carbon Pulse
Climate chief: It's time for a woman to lead United Nations
The United Nations' lead official on climate change says the next U.N. leader should be a woman, but she has no plans to seek the job.
China's carbon emissions still increasing: China envoy
China's carbon emissions did not peak in 2014 and are still increasing, China's senior climate change envoy, Xie Zhenhua, said at a press briefing in Beijing on Monday.
Deluges increasing in world's wettest and driest regions: study
Extreme downpours are increasingly hitting both the wettest and driest regions of the world and global warming will raise the risks of bigger cloudbursts for the rest of the century, a study showed on Monday.
EU Commission launches aviation carbon market consultation ahead of 2017 ETS “clock” restart
The European Commission on Monday launched a public consultation on policy options for using market-based measures (MBMs) to cut CO2 from international aviation, including during the years before the proposed 2020 start of the global mechanism due to be agreed by the sector’s UN body later this year.
Carbon Pulse
Obama administration pays out $500m to climate change project
The first chunk of a $3bn commitment made at the Paris climate talks ‘shows the US stands squarely behind climate commitments’, the State Department said
La Mujer, agente esencial en la lucha contra el cambio climático
En las zonas rurales de Tanzania, el 85% de las mujeres se dedica a la agricultura.
Climat: la banque JPMorgan arrête de financer les projets liés au charbon
La puissante banque américaine JPMorgan Chase a annoncé lundi qu'elle n'allait plus financer les projets liés aux mines et centrales à charbon dans les pays riches.
For Mongolians, climate change is as personal as it gets
When the world adopted the newest climate agreement during the United Nations climate change conference — or COP21 — in Paris, France, last December, an urgent warning was sounded: The effects of climate change will only worsen if nothing is done to address the problem.
Time short to protect Africa's food supply from climate change - scientists
Without action to help farmers adjust to changing climate conditions, it will become impossible to grow some staple food crops in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, with maize, beans and bananas most at risk, researchers said on Monday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
La relación entre el cambio climático y la agricultura se ha subestimado, según un estudio
La investigación aborda desde una nueva perspectiva el impacto que tendrá en el futuro el calentamiento global sobre el suministro de alimentos en el mundo.
Greg Hunt sees first carbon-neutral precinct by 2017
Australia aims to have its first carbon-neutral city or precinct next year after expanding the National Carbon Offset Standard, Environment Minister Greg Hunt will say on Tuesday.
The Australian Financial Review
SK Market: Korean CO2 price hits new highs in face of bearish news
Prices in the Korean carbon market surged to new all-time highs this week despite recent changes in the administration of the ETS that have brought widespread anticipation that supply will increase.
Carbon Pulse
170 ONG appellent le Fonds Vert pour le Climat à rejeter l'accréditation du Crédit Agricole et de HSBC
170 organisations (Climate action Network, les Amis de la terre, le GERES,, etc.) appellent le conseil du Fonds Vert à rejeter les demandes d'accréditation du Crédit Agricole et de HSBC.
COMMENT: How energy efficiency helps business prepare for carbon pricing GreenBiz
China's CO2 emissions may have peaked in 2014: study
China's carbon emissions, by far the world's highest, may have peaked in 2014, according to a study published on Monday, potentially putting Beijing under pressure to toughen its climate pledges.
Revamped Satellite Data Shows No Pause in Global Warming
Climate change doubters may have lost one of their key talking points: a particular satellite temperature dataset that had seemed to show no warming for the past 18 years.
Germany, Austria call for higher EU 2030 climate ambition
Environment ministers criticise ‘very weak’ European Commission response to Paris climate pact – but other states defend existing target
Climate Home
China's carbon emissions may have peaked already, says Lord Stern
Report co-authored by renowned climate change economist claims Chinese emissions have peaked years earlier than its leaders pledged
UN Official Pleased With Efforts to Implement Sustainable Development Goals
The United Nations is pleased with the ongoing global efforts to implement the Sustainable Development Goals countries committed to implement to improve the lives of their citizens, according to Jan Eliasson, U.N. Deputy Secretary-General.
Voice of America
Malta calls for early ratification of Paris climate agreement
Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change Leo Brincat called for early ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement during the EU Environment Council Meeting held in Brussels today.
Canada’s BC mulling carbon tax increase
British Columbia is considering increasing its carbon tax, the premier of Canada’s westernmost province said last week.
Carbon Pulse
Climate change could region cost US$72b - PNG
Climate Change would cost the Pacific nearly 72 billion US dollars if issues are not addressed appropriately, according to Papua New Guinea's Climate Change and Development Authority acting director.
Radio New Zealand
Shimla, Hamirpur to go solar
The Union ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) approved final master plans for development of Shimla and Hamirpur as solar cities. The Ministry has conveyed the sanction of 15kWp solar power plant at Panchayat Bhawan, Shimla, 20 kWp solar plants each at Ridge, Shimla and old bus stand.
Times of India
Este es el primer aeropuerto que funciona con energía solar en África
Sudáfrica ha mejorado sus credenciales ecológicas al dar a conocer el primer aeropuerto del continente impulsado por energía solar.
Une action pour le climat réunit 7000 villes du monde entier
Earth Hour - une heure pour la planète - a lieu cette année pour la dixième fois. Cette action organisée à l'échelle planétaire veut sensibiliser la population au thème du climat. L'édition 2016 veut surtout célébrer les réussites comme celles du traité de Paris.
Climate change could cause 4450 deaths in Myanmar
Researchers have predicted that climate change will have such severe impact on food production that it could lead to 4450 deaths in Myanmar by 2050.
Myanmar Times
San Luis planta "Kiri" el árbol que frena el cambio climático
Originario de China, el “Kiri” o Paulownia, es capaz de crecer en suelos infértiles y absorbe diez veces más dióxido de carbono que cualquier otra planta; por lo que los expertos en la materia confían en que podría salvar al mundo.
Día a Día
L’adaptation climatique, une autre inégalité Nord-Sud
Le financement de l’adaptation au changement climatique progresse dans les grandes métropoles, mais reste très en-deçà des besoins dans les pays du Sud, révèle une étude publiée dans Nature Climate Change.
OPINIÓN: Una realidad del cambio climático EL Nuevo Herald
The Real Downton Abbey Powers Into the Future as TV Show Ends
Unlike the TV countess, grief-stricken fans bidding cheerio to the British blockbuster—its last episode airs Sunday in the United States—may console themselves knowing that the real-life Downton is planning for an eco-minded future.
National Geographic
Intense heatwaves could become ‘annual events’ by 2075
Researchers warn that more areas of the world will swelter more often in potentially lethal heatwaves unless greenhouse gas emissions are drastically curtailed
Climate Home
Piden más recursos para prevenir efectos de cambio climático en Latinoamérica
Los recursos financieros destinados a mitigar los efectos del cambio climático en América Latina deben orientarse cada vez más hacia la prevención, aseguró hoy Heloísa Schneider, experta en economía del cambio climático
La Vanguardia
Climat : L'hiver 2015-2016 le plus chaud depuis 1900
Sur l'ensemble de la saison, « la température moyennée sur la France a atteint 8 degrés, dépassant la normale de 2,6 degrés », selon Météo-France. Cette valeur place l'hiver 2015-2016 en tête des hivers les plus doux depuis le début des mesures, loin devant l'hiver 1989-1990 (+ 2 degrés) et les hivers 2006-2007 et 2013-2014 ex aequo (+ 1,8 degré).
Les Echos
Norway Will Spend Almost $1 Billion on New Bike Highways
As part of a plan announced last week, the country will spend a massive 8 billion Norwegian Kroner ($923 million) creating 10 broad, two-lane, cross-country bike tracks in and near Norway’s nine largest cities, allowing longer-distance cyclists to travel with a speed and safety hitherto impossible
Brazil's Clean-Energy Boom Running Out of Steam
Brazil’s renewable energy industry is poised for a setback this year as the slumping economy dries up credit, curbs power demand and threatens new transmission lines needed to connect projects to the grid.
El dengue llegó para quedarse por el cambio climático", afirmó el secretario de Salud Comunitaria
“El dengue llegó para quedarse con este cambio climático que afecta la Argentina con un clima subtropical que hace que desde septiembre hasta abril haya un entorno favorable para el desarrollo” del vector, afirmó el directivo médico en declaraciones al canal TN.
Justin Trudeau repousse ses engagements sur le climat
Le premier ministre Justin Trudeau a repoussé jeudi de six mois la décision sur les mécanismes visant à respecter ses engagements pour satisfaire aux contraintes de réduction des gaz à effet de serre (GES) pris à la conférence sur le climat de Paris.
Davantage d'efforts sont nécessaires après la COP21, rappellent les négociateurs sur le climat
Un dialogue a eu lieu mardi entre les négociateurs du climat chinois, canadiens et d'autres participants sur la façon dont l'Accord historique de Paris adopté en décembre dernier pourra se traduire en actions concrètes.
New 'Coalition for Higher Ambition' calls on EU to step up efforts to honour Paris Agreement
Newly formed business and civil society group calls for more climate action from Europe to bring it into line with pledges made in Paris deal, as Commission praises bloc's role in delivering historic agreement
Carbon tax wrangling center stage at Canada climate change talks
Strains over stalled Canadian oil pipeline projects and Ottawa's push to impose a national carbon price hung over talks on Thursday between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the country's 10 provinces on how to tackle global warming.
Wind leads the renewable energy charge
Renewable power is proving a success, with wind energy surpassing the 1GW milestone in SA. Costs are falling and it is quicker to construct and safer.
Mail & Guardian
Is El Niño or climate change behind the run of record temperatures?
As February breaks another global record for the hottest month, we assess the impact of El Niño on the recent succession of extraordinary weather events
Peppa Pig se suma a la lucha contra el cambio climático y ‘La Hora del Planeta’
La participación de los más jóvenes puede ser decisiva en la lucha contra el cambio climático y la defensa del medio ambiente en general.
La Vanguardia
Climate Action After Paris: Not the Yellow Brick Road (blog) Huffington Post
EU nations hand out 535 million free carbon permits for 2016
European nations have handed out a combined 535 million free European Union carbon permits to industry to cover 2016 emissions, the European Commission said on Thursday.
Science Has Found a Brilliant New Use for Your Kitchen Scraps
Turns out, dumping compost on grasslands can do a suprising amount for the planet.
Mother Jones
Investments boom in renewable energies (blog) Financial Times
COMMENT: What does South Africa’s 2016 budget mean for implementation of the carbon tax? Carbon Pulse
Climate impact predicted to cause 500,000 extra deaths in 2050
Climate change could cause significant changes to global diets, leading to more than half a million extra deaths in 2050 from illnesses such as stroke, cancer and heart disease, experts said on Wednesday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
El cambio climático en la agricultura matará a 500.000 personas
Los efectos del cambio climático en la agricultura y la cadena alimentaria pueden provocar más de medio millón de muertes en adultos en el año 2050, según estima un estudio que publica la revista The Lancet.

La Razón
L’impact du climat sur la production alimentaire entraînera plus de 500 000 décès en 2050
L’impact du changement climatique sur la production alimentaire pourrait causer en 2050 quelque 529 000 décès supplémentaires dans le monde, selon l’étude d’une équipe de l’université d’Oxford publiée jeudi 3 mars dans la revue médicale The Lancet.
Le Monde
Global airline deal to pave way for international carbon trade as countries move slowly
A global carbon market mechanism for aviation is being tipped to shape international emissions trade as governments are likely to move more slowly in crafting new measures under the Paris Agreement, a conference heard on Wednesday.
Carbon Pulse
Climate scientists worry about the costs of sea level rise
As humans add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, it not only warms the planet, but also raises the oceans.
Changement climatique : Paris investit le plus
Une étude du University London College dédiée aux dépenses de dix mégalopoles face au changement climatique révèle de grandes disparités entre villes du Nord et du Sud. Ramenées au nombre d’habitant, Paris est la ville qui y consacre le plus de moyens.
La Tribune
Climate victims and investors need Paris deal ratification
Strong support for the COP21 deal in April is vital to ensure momentum and confidence in a low carbon transition is maintained, argues Christian Aid’s top climate advisor
Climate Home
Solar energy is poised for an unforgettable year
New statistics just released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration suggest that in the coming year, the booming solar sector will add more new electricity-generating capacity than any other — including natural gas and wind.
Washington Post
No further fixes for EU ETS before MSR launch, says European Commission official
The European Commission will not propose further measures to address low carbon prices or the oversupply in the EU ETS before 2020, a senior Commission official said Wednesday.
Carbon Pulse
China Urged to Avoid Excess Carbon Quotas in National Trading
Operators of two local pilot carbon-trading programs in China are urging designers of a national trading scheme to avoid allocating more emissions quotas than the market needs in order to avoid some of the supply imbalances the European Union has experienced with its own program.
Middle East Summers Could Become Unlivable By End Of Century
James Hansen has a dire warning for the Middle East and tropical areas: Summer is coming.
Huffington Post
New Zealand carbon market hotting up
New Zealand’s carbon market is on the move, breaking the $10 barrier today, says Carbon News, the country’s specialist daily carbon market publication.
Promoting Cooperative Climate Action in Africa
Africa Carbon Forum 2016 in Kigali, 28–30 June
UNFCCC Newsroom
EU should focus on current 2030 goals until 2018 UN stocktake, keep handing out free EUAs -Commission
The EU should focus on meeting its current proposed 2030 climate and energy goals until a worldwide stocktake of climate pledges in 2018, the European Commission said on Wednesday, disappointing environmental campaigners who say the bloc’s CO2 reduction aim falls short of globally-agreed commitments.
Carbon Pulse
Algas marinas y las lilas generan energía renovable
El Instituto de Innovación en Biotecnología e Industrial (IIBI) logró producir biogás a través del uso de las algas marinas que están invadiendo las playas y además descubrieron que los residuos pueden ser utilizados como alimento para ganado.
Hoy Digital
How Climate Change May Affect Your Diet
Climate change’s effects on global food supply could lead to more than 500,000 deaths by 2050 as people around the world lose access to good nutrition, according to new research.
In the Unlikely Venue of Abu Dhabi, the World Charts a New Clean Energy Course (blog) Huffington Post
Al Gore's green investment firm announces carbon pricing research push
Partnership between Generation Investment Management and Ecofys aims to explore how carbon pricing can facilitate sustainable global economic growth
Business Green
Paris climate deal triggering surge in green investment
The multinational agreement to curb global warming struck late last year in Paris has created a new wave of interest among institutional investors in corporate efforts to boost their green credentials.
Morocco climate summit faces funding drought due to EU spat
Brussels is withholding €12m contribution to COP22 in a diplomatic row over Rabat’s claim on Western Sahara
Climate Home
The developing world faces a silent killer. Could a $1 solar light help?
A Filipino social enterprise is bringing cheap solar lighting to more than 20 countries helping improve safety, reduce air pollution and cut energy costs
Cambio climático: este febrero fue el más cálido en la historia de la Ciudad
Según informó el Servicio Meteorológico Nacional, la temperatura promedio superó en una décima el registro de 1943; el mes que acaba de terminar tuvo una media de 25°8
La Nación
EU set to emit 2bn tonnes more CO2 than Paris climate pledge
Note from the European commission reveals emissions trading system allowance numbers are not in line with global 2C target
Nueva York dedica 100 veces más al cambio climático que Adís Abeba
Las grandes ciudades son muy vulnerables a los efectos del cambio climático. Ya sea por su densidad de población, sus infraestructuras o porque en ellas se acumula el poder económico y político, el impacto de los eventos climáticos allí puede ser devastador.
El País
Reformed ETS to quadruple refiners' carbon costs -industry
The next phase of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) will nearly quadruple European refiners' carbon costs to around 23 euro cents per barrel, up from six cents now, the head of the European refiners' industry body said on Tuesday.
Market-based conservation programs slow deforestation in Chile, study finds
Together, two eco-certification programs and one clear-cutting moratorium reduced deforestation by up to 23 percent on participating plots. The most effective program, run by the Forest Stewardship Council, also entailed the greatest collaboration between industry and conservation groups.
New project batch set to add 5.8 mln offsets a year to China’s carbon market
China on Tuesday announced it has approved 71 more projects to earn offset credits that they can sell to companies brought into the nation’s carbon market.
Carbon Pulse
World's biggest floating solar farm powers up outside London
Five years in planning and due to be finished in early March, more than 23,000 solar panels will be floated on the Queen Elizabeth II reservoir near Heathrow and used to generate power for local water treatment plants
Inde : le gouvernement double la taxe sur le charbon pour stimuler les énergies propres
Lors de sa présentation du budget 2016/2017, le ministre des Finances indien a annoncé son intention de doubler sa taxe sur le charbon pour stimuler les investissements dans les énergies propres. Celle-ci devrait passer de 200 roupies/t à 400 roupies/t (environ 6$/t) pour les compagnies minières.
Are climate-change adaptations tied to protecting property or people? Study follows the money
As climate change continues, scientists have observed a disturbing trend: The money that megacities spend to adapt to climate change seems to be linked more to protecting valuable capital, and less to protecting vulnerable people.
LA Times
Alberta Premier to back nationwide carbon price floor -reports
The Premier of Canada’s biggest-emitting province will back a nationwide carbon price floor when premiers meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau later this week, but only as long as the revenue stays in the province it is raised.
Carbon Pulse
Greening the clothing industry isn’t just about cotton and water. The message counts, too
The fashion industry isn’t known for its climate sense. Depending on who you ask, textiles and apparel account for something on the order of 10 percent of global carbon emissions.
COMMENT: Governance is key for pricing carbon in China
President Xi Jinping last year announced a plan to launch China’s national carbon market in 2017. Now comes the first major deadline as local governments scrambled to submit, by the end of last month, to the national planning commission their lists of companies in sectors that are subject to carbon emission caps, including power, oil refining, petrochemicals, steel, and aviation.
Carbon Pulse
OPINION: Does a Carbon Tax Work? Ask British Columbia The New York Times
EDITORIAL: An impossible task? Nature
EU not seen increasing emissions targets despite Paris deal: draft
EU regulators will say this week the European Union does not need to set a more ambitious greenhouse gas target until the next decade, a text seen by Reuters shows, even though the Paris climate deal stipulates a preliminary review of goals in 2018.
World Bank to hold $20 million carbon credit auction
The World Bank will hold a $20 million auction for carbon credits from projects designed to cut methane emissions, offering up to 10 times the current market value, the bank said on Monday.
El alegato ecologista de Leonardo DiCaprio: "El cambio climático es la amenaza más urgente"
"El Renacido es una película sobre la relación del hombre con la naturaleza y el pasado año 2015 fue el más caluroso del que tenemos registros. El cambio climático es algo real, está sucediendo en estos momentos y es la amenaza más urgente a la que se enfrenta nuestra especie y tenemos que trabajar juntos para hacerle frente".
El Mundo
China confirms 2015 emissions fall as solar, wind break records
Carbon pollution declines for second year on falling coal consumption, says statistics agency
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Energie : le Maroc veut montrer la voie à l'Afrique
Le pays hôte de la COP22 met l'électrification de l'Afrique en haut de l'agenda.
Les Echos
Trudeau, Canadian provinces set for tough climate change talks
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces a challenging day of climate change talks on Thursday with leaders of the country's 10 provinces, one of whom opposes a key part of Ottawa's plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Canadian govt to press ahead with national CO2 price, likely above C$15/t -reports
The Canadian government will press ahead with plans to impose a nationwide minimum carbon price despite opposition from some provinces and territories, but it will likely be higher than C$15/tonne, local media has reported.
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L'élévation du niveau de la mer accélère les dommages économiques (étude)
Entre 1900 et 2000, les océans et les mers de la planète ont monté d'environ 14 centimètres
Light for Life: Rebuilding with Solar Energy in Nepal
2.3 billion people worldwide lack access to reliable electricity. In Nepal roughly 80% of the population live in rural mountainous regions that have little to no access to electricity
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Énergie renouvelable: le Canada perd du terrain
Le Canada prend du retard par rapport à ses principaux partenaires commerciaux en ce qui concerne l’énergie renouvelable, selon un rapport publié lundi par un groupe qui milite en faveur de l’énergie propre.
La Presse Canadienne
Record d'investissements dans les "Cleantech" en France
Les "Cleantech" regroupent les techniques et les services industriels qui utilisent les ressources naturelles, l'énergie, l'eau, les matières premières...
Japón triplicará su energía eólica
Japón triplicará su capacidad para producir energía eólica de aquí a 2020 con base en los planes de inversión de dos de los principales desarrolladores japoneses en este sector.
Diario Uno
EU set to emit 2bn tonnes more CO2 than Paris climate pledge
Note from the European commission reveals emissions trading system allowance numbers are not in line with global 2C target
The Guardian
Aboriginal leaders are warning of the mental health cost of climate change in the North
First Nations and Inuit communities in the North are coping with growing despair over climate change, a problem observers are connecting to mental health and social problems.
Toronto Star
Uruguay apunta a ser el país con más energía eólica en su matriz eléctrica a nivel global
El presidente de la Asociación Uruguaya de Energía Eólica (AUDEE), Fernando Schaich, explicó que la veintena de parques eólicos que operan o están en construcción en el país sumarán a final de año una potencia de 1.400 Megawatts (mw).
América Economía
Meet the world's largest floating solar-energy farm
As the global proliferation of solar power continues, energy experts are coming up with new ways – and locations – to implement the cheap fuel alternative.
Christian Science Monitor
Cash for cycling? Polluted Milan wants to pay commuters to bike to work
Famed for Vespas, Fiat 500s and a somewhat erratic driving style, Italy is not a land known for a thriving urban cycling culture. While the metropolises of northern Europe have invested in innovative solutions to get citizens on their bikes, in the bel paese the car remains king.
Which mega-cities offer best protection from climate change?
The world's wealthy cities received a large part of the $323 billion governments spent on measures to adapt to climate change last year, but vulnerable cities in the developing world are falling behind, said a study published on Monday.
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Leonardo DiCaprio Wins First Oscar, Says "Climate Change Is Real"
"Climate change is real. It is happening right now. It's the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together," said DiCaprio, who earned best actor honors for 'The Revenant' on Sunday night.
Hollywood Reporter
Leonardo DiCaprio gagne et sensibilise au changement climatique
La quatrième fois était la bonne. Leonardo DiCaprio a remporté l'Oscar du meilleur acteur pour son rôle événement dans The Revenant.
As sea levels rise, economic damage piles up even faster: study
As sea levels rise, threatening cities from New York to Shanghai, the economic damage will increase even faster, scientists said on Monday.
L’Allemagne finance la centrale solaire de Midelt
L’Allemagne vient de mettre 400 millions d’euros sur la table pour le financement de la nouvelle centrale solaire de Midelt.
South Korea abandons 2020 GHG target, puts ETS in new hands and lifts early action credit cap
South Korea on Friday announced a raft of climate policy changes, including abandoning its GHG emissions target for 2020, stripping the Ministry of Environment of its responsibility for the emissions trading scheme, and lifting a cap on Early Action Credits that observers say could boost the market’s supply by more than 40 million tonnes.
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Paraguay acogerá cita sobre financiación contra cambio climático
Paraguay acogerá el 3 y 4 de marzo la cuarta cumbre de "Finanzas del Clima de América Latina y el Caribe", un evento que reunirá a representantes de 20 países para buscar soluciones para hacer frente a la adaptación al cambio climático, que a la región podría costarle un 1 % de su PIB para el 2030.
Ultima Hora
UN countries urged to 'go the extra yard' for Fiji
Fiji has made a plea at the UN for immediate assistance from member countries as it says it can't handle the effects of Cyclone Winston alone.
Radio New Zealand International
NZ ministers dismissed carbon price floor -Treasury
New Zealand Cabinet ministers have already considered and dismissed putting a floor price on carbon permits in the emissions trading scheme, even though the issue is part of the ongoing ETS review, a confidential Treasury document has showed.
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Proyecto de FAO sobre cambio climático incidirá en Uruguay
El proyecto de la Organización de Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO) "Apoyando a los países menos desarrollados y países en desarrollo en la integración de los sectores agrícolas en los planes nacionales de adaptación" promoverá beneficios que alcanzarán a la realidad uruguaya, según explicó a El Observador Vicente Plata, representante del organismo en Uruguay.
El Observador
Greenhouse gas emissions from Australia's biggest polluters on the rise
Greenhouse gas emissions from Australia's biggest companies are on the rise. Eight of the top 10 largest polluters increased their greenhouse gas emissions during the past financial year, according to a new analysis.
Sydney Morning Herald
Japan to target 80% emissions cut by 2050
The Japanese government plans to target an 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 from the current level, according to a draft report obtained by The Nikkei on Monday.
Global group to assess human impact on nature over three years
A global scientific group on Sunday launched a three-year assessment of mankind's impact on nature to help protect plants and animals from threats ranging from pollution to climate change.
Climate change adaptation platforms for youth, children
Interactive online platforms are highly educative and sustainably communicative. They provide collective teaching and learning processes that are long lasting, especially for the tech-savvy youth and highly inquisitive children.
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Washington considers nation's first carbon emissions tax
Washington could become the first state in the nation to impose a direct tax on carbon emissions from fossil fuels such as coal, gasoline and natural gas.
Energías renovables: una oportunidad 150.000 empleos Los Andes