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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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UN expects upcoming Samoa small island conference to generate vital partnerships
21 August 2014 – The United Nations expects over 300 initiatives to be announced two weeks from now at a major world conference aimed at fostering partnerships with small island developing States, a top UN organizing official today said. Speaking to reporters in New York before he leaves for the Samoan capital, Apia, the Conference's Secretary-General, Wu Hongbo, said that with much of the political work already agreed on, participants can focus on how to take these decisions forward and on generating sustainable partnerships.
UN News Centre
Africa to Add More Renewables in 2014 Than Past 14 Years
Growing demand for electricity and falling costs for wind and solar power mean more renewable-energy projects will be commissioned this year in sub-Saharan Africa than were added from 2000 through 2013.
Atlantic heat sink explains global warming “pause”
It is the question most vexing climate scientists right now: if the world is warming, why have air temperatures flatlined since the late 1990s?
Seized on by climate sceptics as proof the whole thing is a hoax, the global warming “pause” has many possible explanations. The latest data analysis locates most of that missing heat deep in the Atlantic Ocean. While average surface temperatures hold steady, deep seawater is warming up.
Renewable energy patents boom in Germany
Germany may not have much sun, but it is positioning itself to sell products to those who do. But while some solar manufacturers continue to struggle, German patent registrations have boomed in recent years – not only for solar, but for wind power as well.
Energy Transition
How solutions based journalism can drive global climate action
NEW YORK: News articles which focus on the positive solutions to societal issues are more likely to attract greater engagement from readers, separate studies from the University of Texas and the University of Pennsylvania have confirmed. The Engaging News Project which is based at the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life at the University of Texas recently released a report which found that articles which offer readers information on problem mitigation are perceived as more interesting and informative than those which merely describe the bleak reality.
The Climate Group
Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change
Recently I learned about “Prius repellent” — a tricked-out truck takes deep swigs of diesel and spews black smog all over a tailing vehicle, preferably a hybrid. These ominous clouds signal that, in our national conversation about climate change, something has gone very wrong.
The Washington Post
Coal gas boom in China holds climate change risks
HEXIGTEN, China (AP) — Deep in the hilly grasslands of remote Inner Mongolia, twin smoke stacks rise more than 200 feet into the sky, their steam and sulfur billowing over herds of sheep and cattle. Both day and night, the rumble of this power plant echoes across the ancient steppe, and its acrid stench travels dozens of miles away.
The AP
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