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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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Fiji top executives call for more efforts to tackle climate change
Top executives in Fiji on Friday called for more efforts to tackle climate change.
Rechazo de pacto climático crea temor en naciones insulares
Para las pequeñas naciones insulares, cuya geografía está a merced de las olas a su alrededor, el rechazo estadounidense al acuerdo de París sobre cambio climático podría dejarlas tan frágiles y pasajeras como un castillo de arena.
Xi Jinping Is Set for a Big Gamble With China’s Carbon Trading Market
As other countries look to China to take the lead in fighting global warming after President Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate agreement, President Xi Jinping is pushing ahead with an ambitious plan to build the world’s largest market for carbon emissions permits.
New York Times
Top executives in Fiji on Friday called for more efforts to tackle climate change.
WITH the Top Executives (TOPEX) Conference commencing today, the event will focus on the overarching theme of "Responsible Businesses in a Green Economy".
Fiji Times
China-California Pacts Show How States And Nations Can Win On Climate Under Trump
The Paris Agreement is an overwhelming global consensus to fight climate change—with only Syria and Nicaragua failing to sign on—but Donald Trump’s announcement he intends to withdraw America from the accord threatens climate action.
Energy Collective
White House shows no sign of reopening Paris talks
Three weeks after Trump announced he's pulling the U.S. out of the climate accord, everyone is waiting for the White House to move forward.
La UE le recuerda a Trump que el Acuerdo de París "no es negociable"
Los jefes de Estado y de Gobierno de la Unión Europea han reafirmado "firmemente" este jueves su compromiso para implementar con rapidez y de forma completa el Acuerdo de París para combatir el cambio climático y han recordado al presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, que el tratado no es negociable.
Huffington Post
La ola de calor y el cambio climático
Uno de los mayores problemas para comunicar los efectos del cambio climático es cómo relacionar sucesos puntuales, en cualquier lugar del mundo, con los efectos globales y a largo plazo del calentamiento global.
ECUADOR: El Acuerdo de París fue aprobado por unanimidad en la Asamblea Nacional
La Asamblea Nacional aprobó la mañana de este jueves 22 de junio de 2017 la aplicación del Acuerdo de París.
El Comercio
Alcaldes de México, EE.UU, Canada celebrarán cumbre climática en Chicago para apoyar el Acuerdo de Paris
Alcaldes de Estados Unidos, Canadá y México se reunirán en Chicago (EE.UU.) para abordar "nuevos programas e iniciativas" sobre cambio climático que permitan cumplir con el Acuerdo de París, del que se retiró este mes el presidente Donald Trump.
EFE Verde
La ira del cambio climático apunta a los Pirineos
De los registros climáticos más extensos hasta la fecha para esta cordillera se concluye que desde 1970 el aumento de las temperaturas en los Pirineos se ha acelerado sobre todo durante los meses de primavera y verano
National Geographic
Las viviendas eficientes energéticamente salvan vidas
Un informe de WWF asegura que el 30% de la inversión en rehabilitación energética se puede recuperar en ahorro en gasto sanitario.
Europa Press
Y a-t-il un lien entre canicule et réchauffement climatique ?
Le blocage du courant-jet (le fameux "jet stream"), puissant vent de haute altitude, est à l’origine d'un grand nombre de canicules exceptionnelles de ces cinquante dernières années. Et ce phénomène est bien lié au réchauffement climatique, assurent un nombre croissant d’études.
Sciences et Avenir
Des villes plaident pour la réussite de l’Accord de Paris
Après le retrait des États-Unis de l’Accord de Paris, plus d’une centaine de maires du monde entier réunis à Montréal ont décidé d’une même voix de contre-attaquer en s’engageant fermement dans la lutte contre les changements climatiques.
Living Planet: Protecting nature's wonders
The sea turtles of Fiji's Mana Island, cold-water corals in a warming climate, and monkey business and more in Japan's hot springs.
Deutsche Welle
State pushes for smart agriculture
IF the current trend of increasing demand of meat-rich diet, consumption patterns and food waste continue, Fiji will require 60 per cent more food by 2050, a senior government official says.
Fiji Times
Can Hawaii sell tourists on sustainability? GreenBiz
How Do You Offset 6 Million Tonnes of Carbon? One At A Time
"In a recent survey of 1,400 adults believing in climate change caused by humans, 75% agree that there is something they can personally do to help the planet, but yet only 40% have taken action," says Marisa de Belloy, COO of Cool Effect, the crowdfunding site that helps people buy carbon credits simply and affordably.
The invisible revolution making planes lighter
Technology could cut carbon footprint of flying.
Experts: US exiting climate pact may doom some small islands
To small island nations where the land juts just above the rising seas, the U.S. pulling out of the Paris global warming pact makes the future seem as fragile and built on hope as a sand castle.
Climate change could devastate the birthplace of the arabica coffee bean
The world’s most popular coffee bean, arabica, is under threat in the country where it was first found.
A success story in eco conservation
The Kolayad grama panchayat here could not have done a better job for its biodiversity conservation and environmental protection than firm enforcement of decisions to ensure compliance.
The Hindu
Climat : pourquoi les épisodes de canicule vont s’amplifier dans les villes
La canicule a frappé fort cette semaine. Et cela ne va pas s’arranger dans les prochaines décennies : les îlots de chaleur urbain accentuent localement le réchauffement climatique planétaire
Sud Ouest
What Happens to Island Nations That Are Lost to Rising Sea Levels?
Earth’s political boundaries will always shift as conflict rises and regimes fall.
It’s So Hot in Phoenix, Planes Can’t Take Off
An intense heat wave is crippling the West this week, sending the mercury above 120°F in places like Phoenix. In a sign of just how hot things are getting, some airlines have had to cancel flights because of the heat.
Climate Central
Temperaturas de hasta 50 grados fuerzan la cancelación de decenas de vuelos en EE UU

El calor que azota esta semana el sur de Estados Unidos es tan fuerte, que algunos aviones literalmente no pueden volar. La compañía American Airlines tuvo que cancelar por eso solo este martes medio centenar de vuelos que tenían previsto despegar o aterrizar desde el aeropuerto de Phoenix, en Arizona.
El País
États-Unis: des vols annulés dans l'ouest à cause d'une vague de chaleur
43 avions au départ ou à destination de Phoenix sont restés sur le tarmac ce mardi à cause de la température qui avoisinait les 50°C.
Oil, gas giants could waste trillions in a 2C world: report
Thirty percent of investments planned by oil and gas majors over the next decade could be wasted if the world economy retools to cap global warming at two degrees Celsius, researchers warned Wednesday.
The revolutionary technology pushing Sweden toward the seemingly impossible goal of zero emissions
As far as the eye can see, the only thing polluting our pristine environment is the gas-guzzling car I’m riding in.
How climate change will threaten food security of world's poorest countries
Some of the world’s poorest countries will be hit hardest as climate change affects marine fisheries all over the world, according to a new study
Climate Change toolkit being developed for regional policymakers
Antigua & Barbuda and other small island developing states (SIDS) are being encouraged to take full advantage of a new toolkit that will provide countries with a comprehensive source of methods, good practices and knowledge sharing on Climate Change legislation.
Antigua Observer
Sudanese scientist battles climate change in Africas: big companies
Balgis Osman-Elasha is renowned for studying climate change effects in the Horn of Africa and seeking solutions.
Why this leading shareholder advisory firm is now studying climate change
A leading shareholder advisory firm is buying up environmental data and analytics companies, because its says investors are increasingly concerned about the impact climate change will have on their portfolios.
Future Energy: China leads world in solar power production
Ten years ago, Geof Moser had just graduated with a master's degree in solar energy from Arizona State University - but he didn't feel much opportunity lay at his feet in his home country
Researchers are figuring out how to generate solar energy from paint
Researchers at RMIT University in Australia have developed a solar paint that could offer endless supplies of clean energy.
Top global banks still lend billions to extract fossil fuels
Analysis of world's lenders reveals many claim green credentials while still financing fuels like tar sands, oil and coal
FIJI: VOU Dance To Perform Award-Winning Work
VOU Dance Group will be performing its international-award winning shows at the Border Crossings Origins Festival in London this week.
Fiji Sun Online
Comment: Stephen Hawking, Michael Bloomberg Echo Call For US Carbon Tax Huffington Post
OPINION: To lead on climate, leave the ivy tower Guardian
El hidrógeno, paladín del futuro contra el cambio climático
El hidrógeno podría ser el combustible del futuro. Gracias a sus características, el gobierno británico ha elegido este gas para intentar dar un paso adelante en su lucha contra el cambio climático. El ejecutivo de Theresa May ha lanzado un proyecto para estudiar la posibilidad de introducir el hidrógeno como combustible en todos los hogares del Reino Unido.
El Español
In the Red Sea, coral reefs can take the heat of climate change
In the azure waters of the Red Sea, Maoz Fine and his team dive to study what may be the planet's most unique coral: one that can survive global warming, at least for now.
Frenar el cambio climático podría reducir el 30% de inversiones petroleras y gasíferas
En total, serían unos US$ 2.3 billones de dólares en proyectos que ya no serían necesarios por costosos y no muy rentables, indica el informe publicado por la ONG Carbon Tracker.
Climat: plusieurs milliards d'investissements des géants pétroliers et gaziers menacés
Environ 30% des investissements programmés d'ici 2025 par les grandes compagnies pétrolières et gazières pourraient être perdus si l'économie mondiale réussit à limiter le réchauffement climatique à 2 degrés, ont averti des experts mercredi.
100% de los municipios en Colombia están en riesgo por el cambio climático
Colombia corre un riesgo ambiental inminente por cuenta del cambio climático. Así lo demuestra un informe presentado por las autoridades ambientales de Colombia, junto al Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD), que concluyó que el 100% de los municipios del país tiene algún grado de riesgo por el cambio climático.
CNN en Español
OPINIÓN: El cambio climático, problema de salud pública Clarín
L’agence spatiale française s’attaque au réchauffement climatique
Le Centre national d’études spatiales met ses outils technologiques au service de l’observation des émissions de gaz à effet de serre et des problèmes environnementaux qui se posent à la planète.
Le Monde
Record high temperatures grip much of the globe, more hot weather to come – UN agency
Extremely high May and June temperatures have broken records in parts of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the United States, the United Nations weather agency reported today, warning of more heatwaves to come.
UN News Centre
La Organización Mundial de la Meteorología prevé temperaturas récord en 2017
El organismo señaló que se pueden esperar nuevas olas de calor este verano, como la que actualmente está viviendo Europa, tanto en el viejo continente como en partes de Asia.
Las olas de calor mortales continuarán aumentando por la emisión de gases, según un estudio
El 74 % de la población mundial estará expuesta a olas de calor mortales para 2100 si las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero continúan creciendo al ritmo actual, según advierte un estudio que publica hoy la revista británica Nature.
EFE Verde
Incendies, vagues de chaleur : « Les changements climatiques vont frapper davantage l’Europe du sud »
Robert Vautard, spécialiste du climat en Europe, note que les épisodes de canicule et de pluies violentes sont liées aux émissions de gaz à effet de serre.
Le Monde
Cities conference targets U.S. President Trump’s stance on climate change
Mayors from around the world gather to discuss action that can be taken against the spread of global warming.
Toronto Star
Alcaldes reunidos en Montreal impulsan lucha contra cambio climático
El alcalde de Montreal, Denis Coderre, confirmó hoy la voluntad de los responsables de gobierno de casi centenar y medio de urbes para enfrentar el cambio climático, pese a la retirada de Estados Unidos del Acuerdo de París.
Prensa Latina
Schwarzenegger se planta contra Trump por el cambio climático
El exgobernador de California Arnold Schwarzenegger aseguró hoy que la decisión del presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, de sacar a su país del Acuerdo de París no logrará detener la lucha contra el cambio climático.
La UE impulsa vías de acuerdo con EE.UU. sobre el cambio climático a través del mundo local
El Pacto de los Alcaldes para el Clima y la Energía impulsará una cumbre con alcaldes estadounidenses para cumplir los compromisos de reducción de emisiones.
La Vanguardia
America’s hungriest wind and solar power users: big companies
Major U.S. corporations such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc and General Motors Co have become some of America’s biggest buyers of renewable energy, driving growth in an industry seen as key to helping the United States cut carbon emissions.
Exxon, BP and Shell back carbon tax proposal to curb emissions
Oil giants ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and Total are among a group of large corporations supporting a plan to tax carbon dioxide emissions in order to address climate change.
The Guardian
Impuestos contra el cambio climático: la idea que une a Exxon, Santander y Stephen Hawking
Dos semanas después del portazo de Donald Trump a la lucha contra el cambio climático al sacar a Estados Unidos del Acuerdo de París, el empresario Ted Halstead ha puesto en marcha el Consejo de Investigación sobre el Clima, rodeándose de líderes como Raymond Dalio, Stephen Hawking y Michael Bloomberg y de empresas como ExxonMobil, Shell o Banco Santander para impulsar soluciones al problema.
Economía Hoy
Economía.- La OCDE califica de "demasiado lenta" e "insuficiente" la transición energética hacia las energías renovables
La Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económico (OCDE) considera que ningún gobierno está demostrando una adecuada transición energética hacia las energías renovables y la califica incluso de "demasiado lenta" e "insuficiente".
Europa Press
Climate goals: inside California's effort to overhaul its ambitious emissions plan
In the wake of Trump’s Paris withdrawal, California is taking the lead to fight emissions – and it’s rethinking how to get more out of its cap-and-trade program
The Guardian
Le charbon bientôt chassé par l’éolien et le solaire !
Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) prévoit une diminution des coûts de l'énergie solaire de 66%, de l'éolien terrestre de 47% et de l'éolien offshore de 71% d'ici 2040. De quoi supplanter les nouvelles installations fossiles. Prospective sur les modes de production électriques d'ici 2040.
Techniques de l'Ingénieur
L’AFD et la BAD s'allient autour de l'énergie solaire au Burkina
Une énergie propre, suffisante et peu coûteuse, c’est le nouveau défi de l’Agence française de développement et la Banque africaine de développement BAD au Burkina Faso. Cet ambitieux programme qui commence à germer devra attendre 2019.
La Tribune
Indigenous Australians fight coal and climate change
First Australians who have sustained their land for millennia have become the last line of defense in the fight against one of the world's largest coal mines. If it goes ahead, it could damage the Great Barrier Reef.
Deutsche Welle
Raura: Fiji Should Lead Less Fossil Fuel Usage
Serenia Raura is one of the 16 Queen contestants at this August’s Vodafone Hibiscus Festival. Her advocacy message is centred on the use of renewable energy and how we can lessen the use of fossil fuel.
Fiji Sun Online
Navigating towards a ''Paris Agreement for the oceans''?
The first ever UN Ocean Conference came to a close on June 9 with a "Call For Action", over 1,300 voluntary commitments made to support ocean health, and aspirations for a new convention to protect biodiversity in the roughly half of our planet which lies beyond national jurisdictions.
Look to the sky for SE Asia's energy future, says Thai solar pioneer
When Wandee Khunchornyakong Juljarern was looking for loans to build a solar farm in 2009, bank after bank rejected her.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Australia warned it has radically underestimated climate change security threat
Senate inquiry starts as report into political, military and humanitarian risks of climate change across Asia Pacific released
Elon Musk’s Simple Message On Why Climate Change Is Real
For Elon Musk, all you need to check for global warming is a simple thermometer. While that may not be entirely correct, Musk points out the real issue isn't thermometers — it's climate change.
Nordic utilities propose CO2 market 'coherence' mechanism
Three Nordic utilities on Tuesday proposed a "Policy Coherence Mechanism" that would adjust the volume of CO2 allowances auctioned by EU governments to take account of other EU climate and energy policies' impact on the EU Emissions Trading System.
Editorial: He Is Back And It’s No Surprise He Is With The People Fiji Sun Online
A third of the world now faces deadly heatwaves as result of climate change
Study shows risks have climbed steadily since 1980, and the number of people in danger will grow to 48% by 2100 even if emissions are drastically reduced
Climat: vers plus de vagues de chaleur meurtrières, surtout dans les zones tropicales
Les vagues de chaleur meurtrières vont devenir plus fréquentes, notamment dans les zones tropicales, même si la hausse du thermomètre mondial est limitée à 2°C, l'objectif de l'accord de Paris sur le climat, indique une étude publiée lundi.
California's Death Valley to reach a searing 127 F
In Death Valley in eastern California and in the town of Needles near the Arizona border, temperatures are expected to reach 127 degrees Fahrenheit (53 Celsius) this week, National Weather Service meteorologist Tom Fisher said on Monday.
A huge part of Antarctica is melting and scientists say that's bad news
Antarctica is experiencing weird weather, and the changes have some scientists worried about the future.
Del deshielo a la ola de calor: en los polos opuestos del cambio climático
Carmen descubrió el color azul insólito en el verano de 1997. En su primera expedición al Ártico. Un añil único que sólo existe en el interior de los glaciares. Allí estaba la joven Carmen -enfundada en un grueso traje amarillo- suspendida sobre un abismo de hielo.
El Mundo
Exxon Mobil Lends Its Support to a Carbon Tax Proposal
Exxon Mobil, other oil companies and a number of other corporate giants will announce on Tuesday that they are supporting a plan to tax carbon emissions that was put forth this year by a group of Republican elder statesmen.
NY Times
Ready to implement Paris Agreement: Narendra Modi to Candian PM
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday talked to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and reaffirmed India's commitment to take forward the Paris climate agreement.
Deccan Chronicle
Climat: l'accord de Paris "ne peut être renégocié" martèle l'UE
L'Union européenne a déploré lundi 19 juin dans des termes particulièrement musclés le retrait décidé par le président américain Donald Trump de l'accord de Paris qui doit limiter le réchauffement climatique.
Enel chief forecasts green revolution to charge ahead
Renewable power is becoming the “cheapest and most convenient way of producing electricity” and battery technology will gradually reduce the importance of natural gas to energy security, according to the head of Europe’s largest power company by market capitalisation
Financial Times
India contributes FJD$ 2.02 million towards Fiji's COP23 presidency
Fijian Prime Minister and Incoming COP23 President Frank Bainimarama Monday received a cheque donation of FJD$2.02 million (US$1 million) from the Indian Government in support of Fiji’s Presidency of the United Nations ongoing climate negotiations, COP 23.
Papua New Guinea
Myanmar develops resilience to disasters with World Bank financing
A new project financed by the World Bank aims to bolster Myanmar’s capacity to respond to disaster risks.
Myanmar Times
Religious leaders join forces in Oslo to protect rainforests
Religious leaders around the world met Monday in Oslo to urge further efforts to fight deforestation that is wiping out thousands of square kilometres of rainforests each year.
Der "Plastic Soup Surfer" bezwingt den Rhein in 28 Tagen
Stand Up Paddling extrem: Merijn Tinga paddelt mit einem Surfbrett aus alten Plastikflaschen von Konstanz nach Rotterdam. Am Freitag legte er einen kurzen Zwischenstopp in Bonn ein.
Germany Pledges 15M Euros to Aid Costa Rica Deal With Climate Change
During a visit to Costa Rica, Minister Barbara Hendricks of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) of the Federal Republic of Germany, announced support in the amount of 15 million Euros to aid Costa Rica work on mitigation and adaptation to climate change, reported the Costa Rican government.
Costa Rica Star
Alemania da apoyo de 15 mdd a Costa Rica para cambio climático
Durante la visita de la ministra alemana Bárbara Hendricks, del Ministerio Federal de Medio Ambiente, Conservación de la Naturaleza, Construcción y Seguridad Nuclear (BMUB) a Costa Rica, se anunció un apoyo de 15 millones de euros (mde) para la mitigación y adaptación al cambio climático que realiza Costa Rica y que Alemania ha venido apoyando durante los últimos años.
Climate progress is not dependent on Paris accord
A new US bipartisan coalition has effective proposals for emissions reduction
Financial Times
World Bank highlights Jordan’s ‘green growth’ approach
Jordan has embarked on a package of measures to encourage "green growth in the environment" aimed at benefiting from local energies and reducing dependence on costly imports, a World Bank (WB) report has underlined.
Jordan Times
PNG urged to quickly access climate fund
Papua New Guinea has been urged to access the Green Climate Fund (GCF) as quickly as possible.
Climate Change and the Arts Huffington Post
Viticultores llaman a unirse ante los retos del cambio climático
Viticultores de todo el mundo, afectados cada vez más por las sequías o las inundaciones, hicieron un llamado a la unidad contra el cambio climático, no solo para proteger su producción sino también para cumplir con los objetivos del Acuerdo de París.
Global warming brews big trouble in coffee birthplace Ethiopia | Environment
Rising temperatures are set to wipe out half of Ethiopia’s coffee-growing areas, with loss of certain locations likened to France losing a great wine region
La culture du café en Éthiopie menacée par le réchauffement climatique
Le réchauffement climatique pourrait rendre près de 60% des zones de production de café en Éthiopie impropres à la culture de caféiers d'ici à la fin du siècle, informe une étude publiée lundi.
A Maine artist learns, through trial and error, to use art to communicate about climate change
For most of Laurie Sproul’s career as an artist, she created art for art’s sake. Over the last 20 years, Sproul has been carving finely detailed flowers from large blocks of wood, often driving to Portland to buy beautifully grained woods shipped north from Virginia.
Morning Sentinel
BRICS meeting highlights climate change, trade, terrorism
Climate change, trade and terrorism were highlighted Monday at a Beijing meeting of foreign affairs officials from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, known collectively as the BRICS nations.
Merkel: Pope wants her to fight to save Paris climate deal
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Pope Francis encouraged her to work to preserve the historic Paris climate accord despite the U.S. withdrawal from it and shared her goal to "bring down walls" between countries, not build them.
Canoe returns to Hawaii after epic round-the-world voyage
No modern navigation instrumentation guided a Polynesian voyaging canoe as it followed the horizon during a three-year journey around the globe.
Sweden Passes Ambitious Climate Law to Be Carbon Neutral by 2045
Sweden passed a new Climate Act on Thursday, legally binding the country to reach net-zero emissions by the year 2045
Pacific Standard
Carbon capture needed in climate change fight, IEA says
Carbon capture and storage is gradually gaining government attention after being overtaken by investment in wind and solar energy, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) saying the technology will be crucial to limiting global warming.
Sovereign investors tweak portfolios for environmental risk
Some sovereign investors are reducing their exposure to fossil fuels or seeking clean alternatives to protect their portfolios from rising environmental risk.
Interview: We've restored 850k hectares of degraded forests by involving communities
Kenya’s natural resources play a critical role in not only helping Kenya achieve her goals but also in meeting some of the international protocols and obligations. Environment PS Margaret Mwakima outlines to the Star the steps her ministry is taking to make natural resources sustainable.
The Star
Climate change thwarts Canadian climate change study
A $17-million research expedition to study the impact of climate change in Canada’s Arctic was halted off the coast of Newfoundland, and ultimately cancelled earlier this month, when an icebreaker carrying the 40 scientists was diverted to break up hazardous sea ice that floated south, due in part to climate change.
Food shortages due to climate change could fuel violence, unrest - research
Climate change as an issue would not just cause floods and other massive calamities, it could also cause food riots in some parts of the world, researchers say.
Energy Department Closes Office Working on Climate Change Abroad
The Energy Department is closing an office that works with other countries to develop clean energy technology, another sign of the Trump administration’s retreat on climate-related activities after its withdrawal from the Paris agreement this month.
The New York Times
Climate Change News: Ice Area The Size of Texas Melts In Antarctica
As the climate has been changing, Antarctica has started to see some strange and out of the ordinary events take place in the typically cold, icy and snowy environment.
International Business Times
Why India's renewable energy revolution is racing ahead
In 2015, at the climate talks in Paris, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi spearheaded the launch of an international solar alliance to raise $1 trillion to light up the developing world. Nearly two years later, Modi has turned promise into action.
USA Today
Mongolia: New Project to Deliver Reliable Electricity and Scale-Up Renewables
In the context of rapidly growing energy demands, a new project will support Mongolia’s efforts to improve the reliability and sustainability of electricity services.
The Financial
China key to slower growth in energy use, carbon emissions
China played a critical role in the slower growth of global energy demand and consumption as well as the nearly flat growth of carbon emissions in 2016, according to the latest BP world energy report.
China Daily
Cities fight climate change through ecosystem restoration
Flooding and extreme heat are projected to increase over the next few decades and will be extremely costly for cities to manage.
Vietnam commits to Paris agreement on climate change
Experts gathered at a workshop in Hanoi on June 15 to discuss activities to adapt to climate change in the agricultural sector to implement the Paris Agreement
Vietnam Plus
A matter of survival? Big businesses urge EU to step up climate action ambition
A group of Europe's leading businesses has today called on environment, climate, and energy ministers from across the EU to back ambitious climate action or risk undermining the long term future of the bloc's industries.
Business Green
Calls for Scotland to set 100% emissions reduction target
Scotland should continue to lead the world on climate change ambitions and set a new 100 per cent emissions reduction target, according to environmentalists.
The Scotsman
Climate Change Effects: Louisiana's Coast Is Sinking More Rapidly Than Anyone Thought, According to Study
From Antarctica, where a research expedition was canceled due to rising temperatures, to the Arctic Sea, where ice continues to melt, the effects of climate change are being felt around the globe.
Climate change is causing sea turtles to cook in the sand
The dangerous effects of climate change are no longer a far-off possibility. Just ask the baby sea turtles
COMMENT: Why California's Climate Change Fight Is Also About Public Health TIME
European Parliament criticizes U.S. withdrawal from Paris agreement
The European Parliament, after debating the United States withdrawal from the Paris agreement, adopted a resolution Wednesday in Strasbourg to reinforce the European Union (EU) commitment to the climate deal with plans for new carbon reduction rules, and criticized American backpedaling.
Xinhua Net
Ex-UN Chief says Trump must rethink on climate
Donald Trump should stand "on the right side of history" by reconsidering the decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate change accord, former United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday.
Associated Press
Climate change study in Canada's Hudson Bay thwarted by climate change
Warm temperatures create perilous ice conditions off Newfoundland, trapping fishing boats and tankers: ‘It’s not something you would expect to see there’
The Guardian
Chad is the country most vulnerable to climate change – here’s why
Poverty and conflict mean the nation is struggling to deal with rising temperatures
The Independent
Marshall Islands leader appeals for help on climate change
The president of the Marshall Islands is appealing for help to convince US President Donald Trump of the need to fight global warming following his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.
News 24
Marine expert warns of climate emergency as fish abandon tropical waters
Daniel Pauly is calling for a new plan to manage fishing levels as the industry’s expansion combines with global warming
The Guardian
Climate Change Pushing Tropical Diseases Toward Arctic
Temperature changes around the globe are pushing human pathogens of all kinds into unexpected new areas, raising many new risks for people
National Geographic
Wind, solar produce 10 percent of US electricity for first time
Wind and solar produced 10 percent of the electricity generated in the United States for the first time in March, federal energy officials said Wednesday.
The Hill
Climate change: Could melting Antarctic ice actually help to combat it?
A team of scientists has found evidence that ancient volcanoes in Antarctica played a role in global climate and could help combat climate change now.
ABC News
Replacing trees with bamboos halves the carbon storage capacity of forests
Subtropical forests are among the most important ecosystems in terms of carbon sinks, fixing carbon from the atmosphere.
Virginia to establish cap-and-trade program in push to regulate carbon emissions
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe directed the state's Department of Environmental Quality to begin establishing regulations to limit power plants emissions, including carbon dioxide, which include establishing a mandatory cap-and-trade program.
Utility Dive
Report: Sewers' hidden heat offers carbon-saving opportunity
Harnessing the heat contained in the country's sewers could result in significant greenhouse gas savings and help decarbonise the UK's heat network.
Business Green
California governor named adviser for UN climate conference
California Gov. Jerry Brown was named Tuesday as a special envoy to states at the next United Nations Climate Change Conference, further elevating his international profile as a leader on the issue as President Donald Trump backs away from a key international agreement.
Host of next United Nations climate conference turns to California in the global warming battle
As the president of this year’s United Nations conference on climate change, Fiji’s prime minister is responsible for rallying countries to battle global warming.
LA Times
EU leaders to back closer defense ties, Paris climate accord - summit draft
European Union leaders meeting next week will agree to boost cooperation in the areas of security and defense and express support for global trade and the Paris agreement on fighting climate change, according to a draft joint statement.
Merkel urges bigger fight against climate change after U.S. move
Germany and the rest of Europe should redouble their efforts to fight climate change after the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate pact, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday.
Apple raises $1bn through ‘green bond’ in environmental push
Apple has raised $1bn in debt in a “green bond” to fund environmentally focused initiatives, weeks after the company’s chief executive criticised President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate pact.
Financial Times
Climate change: Apple shows Trump the way, issues $1 bn 'green' bond
Apple move comes just weeks after Trump announced the US will pull out of the Paris climate accord.
BP: Global carbon emissions flat for third year in a row
Global carbon emissions remained flat for the third consecutive year during 2016, as a sharp fall in coal use, rapid growth in renewables, and energy efficiency improvements all combined to hold down emissions levels.
Business Green
Tropical peat forests risk turning from carbon 'drains' to emitters
Peat bogs in tropical forests, long key outlets for greenhouse gases, could dry up due to farming and global warming, further accelerating climate change and putting more pressure on wetlands, a study out Monday found.
Ontario’s second cap-and-trade auction sells out of current allowances
Ontario’s second cap-and-trade auction sold out of its current allowances this month, bringing the program’s total revenue so far to nearly $1 billion.
Global News
Helsinki Airport goes solar
Finavia, the operator of Helsinki Airport, has decided to speed up its ambitious climate program.
European airports double their pledge: 100 carbon neutral airports by 2030
As the 27th ACI Europe Annual Congress formally kicked off in Paris, the European airport industry renewed its commitment to reducing airports’ impact on Climate change, announcing it was doubling its carbon neutrality target for 2030.
Travel Daily News
Tropical peat forests can become carbon emitters
Peat bogs in tropical forests, long key outlets for greenhouse gases, could dry up from farming and global warming, further accelerating climate change and putting more pressure on wetlands, a study out on Monday (Tuesday in Manila) found.
Manila Times
Interview with David Hone, Chief Climate Change Advisor Shell: “Net Zero Emissions Are Achievable. The Timing is Challenging” Energy Collective
Don't ignore young people – we're key to fighting climate change Guardian
US opts out of G7 pledge committing to Paris climate accord
The United States refused Monday to sign on to a Group of Seven pledge that calls the Paris climate accord the "irreversible" global tool to address climate change.
Climate change, the US and Europe: OECD chief
Climate change, the US, Brexit and Europe were all up for discussion when euronews interviewed Angel Gurria, Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
The Larsen C ice shelf collapse hammers home the reality of climate change
Very soon, a large portion of an ice shelf in Antarctica will break off and collapse into the ocean. The name of the ice shelf is Larsen C; it is a major extension from of the West Antarctic ice sheet, and its health has implications for other ice in the region, and sea levels globally.
Emperor penguins may not cope with climate change: study
The iconic Emperor penguins may see devastating decline in their populations by the end of this century, if projections for melting Antarctic sea ice are correct, a new study suggests.
Deccan Herald
Study reveals where climate change is most likely to induce food violence
A new study published in the Journal of Peace Research is the first to take into account the effects of changing weather patterns on violence and the strength of governments around the world – and certain locations will be more susceptible to food violence than others.
When Women Have Land Rights, the Tide Begins to Turn
In Meghalaya, India’s northeastern biodiversity hotspot, all three major tribes are matrilineal. Children take the mother’s family name, while daughters inherit the family lands.
BlackRock urges Exxon to disclose more about climate change-related risks
The world's largest asset manager BlackRock Inc (BLK.N) on Friday urged Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) to "enhance its disclosures" regarding risks related to climate change.
Oil giants need to invest heavily in renewables by 2035, says analysis
Slowing demand for oil and forecasts of rapid growth in green power pose risk to core business, says analyst
London Mayor, Ford, Open Cleantech Hubs in U.K. Capital
The Mayor of London and Ford Motor Co. have both launched new cleantech hubs in the U.K. capital, as the city seeks to cement its place as a tech investment center one year after the Brexit vote.
Turning to renewable energy to combat climate change
The energy and water utilities are working on a number of projects to boost Fiji’s vision of reducing our carbon footprint.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
Lady of the light
HER mornings start before dawn. At the foothills of the Nadarivatu mountain range where the village of Waikubukubu lies, 4am is still a pretty dark time to be up.
Fiji Times
Beijing Motorists Earn Pocket Change by Not Driving
Netizens question whether minuscule monetary rewards will motivate the public to participate in carbon-reduction scheme.
Sixth Tone
U.S., G7 Partners Remain at Odds on Climate at Environment Meeting
Differences between the United States and other leading economies over climate change remain wide and are not likely to narrow, environment ministers from G7 countries said on Sunday.
Converting to circular economy is irreversible process: Italian minister
Converting to a circular economy is "a truly irreversible process" and the circular economy is no longer just environmental policy but economic policy as well, Italian Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti said Sunday.
African Groups demand increased ambition at 2018 Facilitative Dialogue
Ahead of the writing of the Paris Rule Book and preparations for the 2018 Facilitative Dialogue, Major Groups attending this year’s Pre-AMCEN sessions have called on African governments to take stock of the current status of implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and identify barriers that need to be addressed with a view to enhancing ambition beyond what currently exists as NDCs.
Africa Science News
Give us an African Rule Book for Paris Agreement, Groups urge African Ministers
African Climate change activists urged their governments on Saturday to kick-start the process of designing an African Rule Book for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.
Africa Science News
Macron Seeking Stiff Carbon Costs to Avert Climate Change
Emmanuel Macron reached out to Germany to establish a common price floor for carbon dioxide emitted by power utilities as the French president seeks to strengthen his alliance with Angela Merkel after the U.S. decided to exit the Paris climate accord, according to people familiar with the matter.
Finland tackles climate change with circular economy
COMMITTED TO tackling climate change, Finland has set the stage for creating a value chain through by pursuing a circular economy with both public and private companies starting to implement projects aimed at minimising the use of virgin resources and maximising their value.
The Nation
Macron wants American researchers to move to France to fight climate change
The new leader of France won't let go of President Trump's decision to pull out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement.
USA Today
'Positions on Paris accord are far apart and will remain like that' - Italy says as US leaves G7 climate meeting a day early
Differences between the United States and other leading economies over climate change remain wide and are destined to stay that way, Italy's environment minister Gian Luca Galletti said on Sunday, as Washington's environment chief left a Group of Seven meeting a day early.
Shopping centres can play vital role in low-carbon transition, say EU experts
Recommendations from EU-funded research project suggest shopping centres could prove a 'unique trigger point' for wider decarbonisation - if policy levers hit the right note
Business Green
OPINION: Merkel visit offers Latin America an alternative to Trump Deutsche Welle
UN marks World Oceans Day at Ocean Conference
World Oceans Day was celebrated on Thursday at UN Headquarters during the high-level Ocean Conference among some 1,700 delegates advocating healthier oceans, now plagued with pollution, over-fishing and for coastal areas, rising sea levels due to climate change.
Climate change: A simmering threat to our ocean
Plastic pollution and overfishing may currently be in the headlines. But rising CO2 emissions are also a key threat to the ocean that covers 71 percent of the planet, and a major challenge for future life on Earth
Deutsche Welle
COP23 President Backed Up By Experienced Team
Supporting Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama during his presidency of COP23 will be a team of experienced Fijians who will lead negotiations intended to go a long way in saving this planet.
Fiji Sun Online
There’s a New Way the U.S. Is Committing to Paris
It’s been a week since President Trump announced he was pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement. In that time, a remarkable transformation has taken place.
Climate Central
More states sign on to U.S. Climate Alliance to honor Paris agreement
Frustrated by President Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, several governors have joined together to create the United States Climate Alliance.
USA Today
France launches website to lure foreign brainpower on climate change
The French presidency launched on Thursday a website to lure international scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to France following U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of a global climate change deal.
Faced with more drought, Zimbabwe’s farmers hang up their plows
Preparing his three-hectare plot of land for planting each year used to take Musafare Chiweshe – or the laborers he hired – two weeks. Now it takes just hours.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
India's first solar satellite television service brings 'magic' to villages
An Indian social business has launched the country's first solar satellite television service, bringing clean energy powered entertainment to households and businesses through a pay-as-you-go payment scheme.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Chad is the country most vulnerable to climate change – here’s why
Of the 186 countries assessed in a recent survey of climate vulnerability, Chad was rated most in peril.
The Conversation
Green bonds channel private-sector funding to the climate
WHEN Donald Trump announced America’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement on June 1st, he spelled out that it would no longer contribute to the Green Climate Fund.
The Economist
A promise on Paris agreement emerges as world 'wavers' on climate action
EU’s new consensus sets out vision for European development policy, reinforcing the global goals, but critics say commitments do not go far enough
Presidents Kuczynski and Macron Emphasize Paris Climate Accord
President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Agreement on Wednesday, standing on the steps of the Elysee Palace after a meeting that included discussion on climate change and on democracy in Latin America, particularly the situation in Venezuela.
Andean Air Mail & Peruvian Times
Corporate America Is Committing To Carbon Cuts Through Science-Based Targets
Kellogg Company is on a mission to increase its share of world markets while also keeping its greenhouse gas emissions in check.
EBRD approves US$ 500 million for private renewable projects in Egypt
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has taken a major step forward in the rollout of renewable energy with the approval of a US$ 500 million framework to finance renewable energy in Egypt.
The Financial
PM urges Pacific leaders to present a strong case at COP23
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has urged leaders from the Pacific region to unite to present a strong case at COP23, the UN Conference on Climate Change, in Germany in November.
‘Development Not At The Expense Of Environment’
No development in Fiji takes place unless it is environmentally sustainable, says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.
Fiji Sun Online
Record 'green' energy capacity added in 2016 as cost for renewables plunges – UN-backed report
The world is now adding more green energy capacity each year than it adds in new capacity from all fossil fuels combined, a United Nations-backed report revealed today, showing that the “renewables train has already left the station” and those who ignore this will be left behind.
UN News Centre
California, Tsinghua set up U.S.-China climate change institute
The state of California and China's Tsinghua University will establish the U.S.-China Climate Change Institute to cooperate on technology and research in the battle against global warming, the two sides announced on Friday
Climat, technologies vertes : un pacte privilégié entre la Californie et la Chine
Le plus riche des Etats américains, très actif en matière d'environnement et de technologies propres, s'allie avec la Chine. Au menu, véhicules électriques, efficacité énergétique, solaire...
Fiji to invite the 'Terminator' to Suva for climate talks
Fiji is to invite the former governor of California, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to visit Fiji in October for a meeting ahead of the COP 23 climate summit in Bonn.
Radio New Zealand
Carbon tax more cost-effective than electric-car subsidies, report says
Federal and provincial governments should abandon some long-standing environmental policies, such as rebates for electric cars, as carbon pricing is put in place across the country starting next year, argues a new report from the Ecofiscal Commission.
India's Rising Temperatures Are Already Deadly, Study Shows
India is now two and a half times more likely to experience a deadly heat wave than a half century ago, and all it took was an increase in the average temperature of just 0.5 degrees Celsius (less than 1 degree Fahrenheit), a new study shows.
NY Times
La protección de los océanos, pieza clave en la lucha contra el cambio climático
Un estudio internacional detalla los cinco mecanismos que convierten a las áreas marinas protegidas en grandes barreras contra el calentamiento global.
La Vanguardia
Los efectos del cambio climático se miden mejor desde el espacio
El cambio climático tiene muchos efectos negativos en el planeta Tierra, como la subida del nivel del mar o las sequías, pero cuando hablamos de ellos solemos referirnos a lugares muy concretos, como si al resto del mundo no le afectara. Ahora, un equipo de científicos han elaborado un análisis muy detallado de lo que está ocurriendo en nuestro hogar desde hace décadas.
Meteorología en Red
El cambio climático no viene… ¡ya llegó!
Sí, aunque algunos quieran negarlo, lo cierto es que el nivel del mar se está elevando, los océanos se están calentando, el mar se está acidificando y las corrientes interoceánicas, así como los afloramientos de aguas profundas ricas en nutrientes se están debilitando.
La Estrella de Panamá
Las renovables marcan otro récord mundial de capacidad con 161 gigavatios nuevos
Según un informe de REN21, una red global de políticas del sector. La nueva capacidad instalada de energía renovable marcó un nuevo récord mundial en 2016 con 161 gigavatios (GW) instalados, lo que supone un aumento de la capacidad global total de casi un 9% con respecto a 2015, hasta llegar a casi 2.017 GW.
La Información
Musician Cody Simpson to be named 'Ocean Advocate' for UN development agency
To mark World Oceans Day, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will name Australian musician Cody Simpson as its first-ever Ocean Advocate to help raise awareness of the crucial role the ocean plays in the health of the planet and people.
Vessel on coral health tour
A 16-man crew research vessel on a two year tour of the world on coral reef research will present some findings in Suva today.
Fiji Times
Act now to protect our oceans: Abreu
A French ship dedicated to studying the seas, Tara Pacific Exhibition’s Head of International Policy, Andre Abreu, says they have discovered significant coral bleaching and are afraid that the degradation of our oceans is worsening.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
HISTOIRE EN PHOTOS : le changement climatique et les océans du monde
Le lien vital entre les océans et le changement climatique fait partie des points principaux à l’ordre du jour de la Conférence des Nations Unies sur les océans qui se déroule à New York du 5 au 9 juin.
Centre d'actualités de l'ONU
Les ventes mondiales de voitures électriques ont crû de 40% en 2016
Les ventes mondiales de voitures électriques ont progressé de 40% en 2016 à 750.000 unités, permettant de porter leur parc roulant à plus de deux millions, a révélé mercredi l’Agence internationale de l’énergie (AIE).
COMMENT: The G20 must govern the shift to low-carbon energy Nature
Op-ed: The Mayors of Pittsburgh and Paris: We Have Our Own Climate Deal NY Times
La facture du changement climatique dans les villes pourrait doubler
Le réchauffement climatique sera plus important que prévu dans les villes, conclut une étude publiée dans Nature Climate Change. En cause, un effet complexe connu sous le nom d'îlot de chaleur urbain.
Sciences et Avenir
La Suisse ratifie l'Accord de Paris sur le climat sans histoire
Après l’indignation provoquée la semaine dernière par la décision de Donald Trump, les sénateurs radoucissent l’ambiance. Le Conseil des Etats plébiscite le texte par 39 voix contre 3
Le Temps
Bainimarama urges global crusade to save oceans
PRIME Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says Fiji seeks the commitment of all 7.5 billion people on planet Earth to ensure the health of the oceans is improved.
Fiji Times
Existing climate efforts expected to keep US goals on track
More than a dozen governors representing nearly 40 percent of the U.S. economy have signed new climate change pledges since President Donald Trump announced he was pulling out of the Paris climate accord.
At Ocean Conference, UN agencies commit to cutting harmful fishing subsidies
As the international community focuses this week on preserving the health of global oceans and seas, the United Nations agencies on agriculture, environment and trade are committing to the sustainable trade of fisheries.
UN News Centre
"Save Our Ocean" exhibition opens at United Nations
The world's Ocean takes center stage this month with new exhibitions now on display at United Nations Headquarters and across the five boroughs of New York City.
China CO2 market launch set for November at earliest: government researcher
China will launch its nationwide carbon emissions trading system by November at the "very earliest", a government researcher said on Tuesday.
'Spectacular' drop in renewable energy costs leads to record global boost
Falling solar and wind prices have led to new power deals across the world despite investment in renewables falling
La temperatura subirá 2,7 grados sin nuevos compromisos climáticos, según la Agencia Internacional de la Energía
Limitar el calentamiento global por debajo de 2 grados en el horizonte de 2100 conforme al Acuerdo de París es técnicamente factible, pero la temperatura subirá 2,7 grados sin nuevos compromisos y sin una acción política firme, según la Agencia Internacional de la Energía (AIE).
EFE Verde
Les énergies renouvelables progressent… mais pas assez vite pour sauver le climat
Malgré un nouveau record mondial d'installations de capacités en 2016, les investissements sont en baisse. Le secteur des transports est à la traîne et les subventions massives aux énergies fossile et nucléaire freinent la transition.
Líderes estatales, locales y empresariales de Estados Unidos apoyan el Acuerdo de París
El lunes 5 de junio de 2017, el enviado especial del Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas para las ciudades y el cambio climático, Mike Bloomberg, envió una carta al Secretario General de la ONU, António Guterres, y a la Secretaria Ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático, Patricia Espinosa, en la que cientos de alcaldes, gobernadores, procuradores y líderes empresariales, entre otros, se comprometen a cumplir los objetivos de reducción de emisiones a los que Estados Unidos se había comprometido en el marco del Acuerdo de París sobre el cambio climático. La declaración lleva por nombre “We Are Still In” (“aún estamos dentro”).
CMNUCC Noticias
Dirigeants étatiques, locaux et chefs d’entreprise soutiennent l’Accord de Paris
Lundi 5 juin 2017, l’envoyé spécial des Nations Unies pour les villes et le changement climatique, Mike Bloomberg, a adressé une lettre au Secrétaire général des Nations Unies, Antonio Guterres, et à la Secrétaire exécutive de la Convention-Cadre des Nations Unies sur les Changements Climatiques (CCNUCC), Patricia Espinosa, présentant la déclaration "We Are Still In", signée par des centaines de maires, gouverneurs, procureurs, dirigeants d’entreprise et autres personnalités des États-Unis, engagés à réaliser les objectifs de réduction des émissions auxquels les Etats-Unis s’étaient engagés dans le cadre de l’Accord de Paris sur les changements climatiques.
CCNUCC Actualités
Hawaii becomes first state to enact law that aligns with Paris agreement
Hawaii has become the first state to enact a law that aligns with the Paris agreement after its governor signed two bills into law Tuesday that "support the commitments and goals" of the accord, Gov. David Ige's office announced Tuesday.
ABC News
French envoy: US climate exist may signal multipolar world
U.S. President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord may be perceived as "the birth certificate of the multipolar world," France's U.N. ambassador said Tuesday.
Climat: l'UE prône la coopération avec les villes américaines
Après l'annonce du retrait des Etats-Unis de l'accord de Paris, l'UE entend doper les coopérations sur le climat entre les collectivités locales des deux côtés de l'Atlantique, a assuré mardi le vice-président de la Commission, Maros Sefcovic, saluant "l'activisme" des maires américains.
U.S. airlines affirm aviation emissions deal after Trump's Paris pullout
U.S. airlines on Tuesday affirmed their support for a plan to curb emissions from flights, under review by the administration of President Donald Trump who recently decided to take the country out of Paris climate change accord.
Oslo is Europe's Green Capital 2019 - finally
After Stockholm and Copenhagen, another Scandinavian city has won the title European Green Capital, honoring green urban achievements. It is the third time Norway's capital Oslo was shortlisted.
Deutsche Welle
UN turns attention to water problems
The United Nations was inundated on Tuesday by water issues: The Ocean Conference focused on rising, polluted seas while the Security Council examined the threat to international peace and security by conflicts involving fresh water that crosses borders.
Accord de Paris: Thomas Pesquet juge "irresponsable" le retrait américain
L'astronaute français Thomas Pesquet, qui est rentré sur Terre vendredi après 200 jours dans l'espace, a jugé mardi "irresponsable" le retrait des Etats-Unis de l'accord de Paris sur le climat.
El actor Adrian Grenier, nuevo Embajador de Buena Voluntad de Naciones Unidas
El actor y activista estadounidense Adrian Grenier fue nombrado Embajador de Buena Voluntad de Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente, durante un acto celebrado en el rascacielos neoyorquino Empire State que se iluminó de verde en conmemoración del Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente.
Centro de Noticias ONU
UN chief warns oceans are 'under threat as never before'
Secretary-General Antonio Guterres opened the first U.N. conference on oceans Monday with a warning that the seas are "under threat as never before," noting one recent study warns that discarded plastic garbage could outweigh fish by 2050 if nothing is done.
Save our seas and oceans – PM opens World Oceans Conference
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama opened the UN Oceans Conference today is calling to act now to reverse the damage done to our seas.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
La ONU insta a conservar los océanos para evitar una catástrofe global a largo plazo
El secretario general de la ONU, António Guterres, alertó hoy sobre la amenaza que supone el deterioro de los océanos y urgió a "dejar a un lado el beneficio nacional a corto plazo para evitar una catástrofe global a largo plazo".
EFE Verde
Face au changement climatique, l’ONU veut inciter à la création d’aires marines protégées
Une synthèse d’études scientifiques, publiée le 5 juin, montre que ces aires protégées « peuvent contribuer à l’atténuation des bouleversements en cours ».
Le Monde
Bloomberg Delivers US Pledge to Continue Paris Climate Goals to UN
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg submitted a statement to the United Nations on Monday that over 1,000 U.S. governors, mayors, businesses, universities and others will continue to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement abandoned by President Donald Trump last week.
Voice of America
California Gov. Brown says US will stay in climate fight
California Gov. Jerry Brown predicts that President Donald Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord will prove temporary because of the urgency of the issue.
Top U.S. diplomat in China quits over Trump climate policy
David Rank, the chargé d'affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, has left the State Department over the Trump administration's decision to quit the 2015 Paris agreement to fight climate change, a senior U.S. official said on Monday.
EEUU: mil empresas, estados y ciudades denuncian "error" de Trump sobre el clima
Gobernadores, alcaldes, empresas y universidades denunciaron el lunes en una carta con más de mil firmas el "grave error" del presidente Donald Trump de retirarse del Acuerdo de París sobre el clima y prometieron a la ONU luchar para reducir sus emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero.
6 de cada 10 estadounidenses se oponen a la retirada del acuerdo climático de París
Seis de cada diez estadounidenses se oponen a la retirada de su país del Acuerdo climático de París que el presidente, Donald Trump, anunció la semana pasada, según una encuesta publicada este lunes por el Washington Post y ABC News.
Etats-Unis : le camp pro-climat s'organise
Etats, villes, entreprises et organisations font alliance pour compenser le retrait des Etats-Unis de l'accord de Paris sur le climat.
Bound by climate change
PRIME Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says New Yorkers are bound with Fijians in tackling climate change after the dual natural disasters of New York's Cyclone Sandy in 2012 and Fiji's Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston in 2016.
Fiji Times
California, China defy U.S. climate retreat with new cleantech tie-up
California said it will cooperate with China on clean technology, emissions trading and other "climate-positive" opportunities as it bids to fill the gap left after President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris climate accord last week.
California, China sign agreement on climate, cleantech
Partnership designed to drive innovation in carbon capture and storage, as well as advanced information technology to cut greenhouse gas emissions
Norway’s $960bn fund wants banks to disclose carbon footprint of loans
Norway’s $960 billion sovereign wealth fund will ask the banks in which it has invested to disclose how their lending contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, its chief executive told Reuters on Friday.
Coal to solar switch could save 52,000 US lives per year
Swapping out coal energy for solar would prevent 52,000 premature deaths in the United States every year, according to a new analysis from Michigan Technological University.
Daily Climate
UN official warns of costly effects of climate-change
Failure in the battle to restrain global climate change will entail more costly and devastating impact than any effort to transition off fossil fuels, the head of United Nations Environment Programme warned Sunday.
The Globe and Mail
The world's first commercial carbon-capture plant opens in Switzerland
A groundbreaking plant where carbon dioxide is sucked from the air before being resold has opened in Switzerland.
La primera planta comercial para la captura de CO2 es inaugurada en Suiza
La empresa Climeworks ha decidido luchar contra el efecto invernadero, inaugurando en Suiza la primera planta comercial del mundo para la captación de gases de invernadero, informa la revista Science.
Sin Embargo
La Suisse vient d'inaugurer la première usine au monde de capture de CO2
La première usine de capture de CO2 vient d'être installée à Zurich en Suisse. Une solution qui pourrait révolutionner la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique.
France 24
Trump abandons global climate pact; allies voice dismay
President Donald Trump said on Thursday he would withdraw the United States from the landmark 2015 global agreement to fight climate change, a move that fulfilled a major campaign pledge but drew condemnation from U.S. allies and business leaders.
US withdrawal from Paris Agreement "deeply disappointing", says Bainimarama
"Deeply disappointing," is how the incoming President of COP23, Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, this morning responded to the decision by the Trump administration to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change.
Matangi Tonga Online
US decision to withdraw from Paris climate accord a 'major disappointment' – UN
The Spokesman for the United Nations Secretary-General today said the decision by the United States to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change is a major disappointment for global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote global security.
UN News Centre
UN to hold 2018 climate meeting in heavily polluted Katowice
The United Nations announced Thursday that it will hold its 2018 Climate Change Conference in Katowice, a Polish city in the heart of a coal-producing region that is one of the most polluted areas in all of Europe.
Climate agenda is not just about global commitments, it directly impacts people's lives: Patricia Espinosa
The United Nations’ climate chief Patricia Espinosa is no stranger to challenges. As foreign minister of Mexico she presided over the 2010 UN climate change talks in Cancun, bringing countries back to table, rebuilding their confidence in the multilateral process after the failure in Copenhagen the year before.
Economic Times
Fiji’s COP 23 leader vows climate fight ‘far from over’
The head of upcoming UN climate talks vowed Friday that the fight against global warming would continue despite Washington’s “unfortunate” decision to abandon the Paris climate deal.
World leaders reaffirm fight against climate change after Trump quits Paris deal
Top European leaders pledged Thursday to keep fighting against global warming as President Donald Trump announced he was pulling out of the Paris climate accord, but they rejected his suggestion that the deal could later be renegotiated.
Trump retira a EE UU del Acuerdo de París contra el cambio climático
El presidente da un giro aislacionista y abandona la lucha contra uno de los desafíos más inquietantes de la humanidad.
El País
Climat : après l’annonce du retrait américain, une onde de choc et des questions
Le président Donald Trump a annoncé, jeudi, que son pays quittait l’accord de Paris signé en décembre 2015, mettant en danger notamment le financement prévu.
Le Monde
Comunicado de la CMNUCC sobre la decisión de Estados Unidos de retirarse del Acuerdo de París
La secretaría de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático (CMNUCC) lamenta el anuncio hecho por el Presidente de Estados Unidos de que su gobierno se retirará del Acuerdo de París sobre el cambio climático.
ONU Cambio Climático
ONU considera la retirada de EEUU del Acuerdo de París una "gran decepción"
La ONU calificó hoy como una "gran decepción" la decisión de Estados Unidos de retirarse de los compromisos recogidos en el Acuerdo de París sobre el cambio climático.
Climat : la décision des Etats-Unis de se retirer de l'Accord de Paris est une « déception majeure », selon le chef de l'ONU
Le Secrétaire général de l'ONU, António Guterres, estime que la décision des États-Unis de se retirer de l'Accord de Paris sur le changement climatique est une déception majeure pour les efforts mondiaux visant à réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre et à promouvoir la sécurité mondiale, a dit vendredi son porte-parole.
UE y China buscan dar señal de apoyo al Acuerdo de París tras retirada de EEUU en su cumbre de este viernes
La Unión Europea y China buscarán dar una señal de apoyo a la vigencia del Acuerdo de París en su cumbre de este viernes en Bruselas después de que el presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, haya anunciado la retirada de Estados Unidos del acuerdo y su objetivo de renegociar términos "más justos" para el país.
Europa Press
Climat: l'UE et la Chine déterminées à porter le flambeau après la décision de Trump
L'Union européenne et la Chine, réunies en sommet vendredi à Bruxelles, sont déterminées à porter le flambeau de la lutte contre le changement climatique, après le retrait des Etats-Unis de l'accord de Paris décidé par Donald Trump.
Alemania, Francia e Italia le responden a Trump: "El Acuerdo de París no puede renegociarse"
En una dura reacción las tres naciones europeas reaccionaron de manera conjunta a la idea del presidente de EEUU de negociar un nuevo pacto contra el cambio climático tras anunciar su retiro.
EU, China to unite on global warming after Trump withdrawal
China and the European Union will show unity in fighting global warming at a summit in Brussels on Friday, a day after President Donald Trump announced he would withdraw the United States from an international climate pact.
Apple, Facebook among tech giants to reject Paris pullout
The heads of some of the largest and most influential American technology companies expressed their “deep disappointment” at Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord.
Climat : les grands patrons américains choqués et déçus par la décision de Trump
De nombreux grands patrons américains ont exprimé leur déception après le retrait des États-Unis de l'accord de Paris sur le climat. Ils sont déterminés à poursuivre leurs efforts pour réduire les émissions de CO2.
Le Figaro
China is getting serious about fighting climate change at home. Abroad, its investments tell a different story
China has signed billions of dollars in agreements with Pakistan to help the country alleviate its chronic energy shortages, primarily by burning coal.
LA Times
Two more airports in Europe become carbon neutral
Gatwick Airport and Lyon-Saint Exupéry become the latest carbon neutral airports in Europe. There are now 27 carbon neutral airports in Europe, 4 in Asia and 1 in North America. The 27 carbon neutral airports in Europe welcome 18.9% of European air passenger traffic.
Travel Daily News
Trump to announce decision on global climate deal on Thursday
President Donald Trump said he would announce on Thursday his decision whether to keep the United States in a global pact to fight climate change, as a source close to the matter said he was preparing to pull out of the Paris accord.
Trump to announce decision on Paris climate deal as possible pullout looms
President Donald Trump will announce Thursday whether the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord, as aides reportedly said a pullout is likely.
World Awaits Trump Decision on U.S. Future in Paris Accord
Momentous arguments inside the West Wing over the future of the Paris climate accord became a messy public spectacle on Wednesday, with some aides saying that President Trump had decided to abandon the landmark global warming agreement while others insisted that no decision had been made.
NY Times
Trump anuncia hoy la salida o permanencia de EEUU en el Acuerdo de París
El mandatario no detalló cuándo hará ese anuncio ni confirmó que vaya a abandonar el Acuerdo de París, como adelantan hoy algunos medios estadounidenses con base en fuentes oficiales anónimas conocedoras de la decisión de Trump.
EFE Verde
Climat : Donald Trump va trancher sur l’accord de Paris jeudi
Maintenant le suspense, le président des Etats-Unis a dit sur Twitter qu’il annoncerait sa décision jeudi soir. Selon plusieurs médias, un retrait américain de l’accord est probable.
Le Monde
EU and China strengthen climate ties to counter US retreat
Tighter alliance comes as US prepares to announce decision on Paris accord withdrawal
Financial Times
Europa y China reafirman su compromiso con el acuerdo de París
Bruselas no tiene aún confirmación oficial de la intención estadounidense de retirarse del Protocolo de París, el acuerdo global contra el cambio climático. Pero la UE reaccionó este miércoles a las noticias que llegaban desde Washington prometiendo que el acuerdo seguirá en pie y que Europa será el líder global que lo impulse.
Climat : l'UE et la Chine serrent les rangs face à Trump
En pleine agitation médiatique due à la menace de plus en plus pressante que brandit Donald Trump de sortir de l'accord de Paris, Bruxelles et Pékin annoncent la publication d'une déclaration commune réaffirmant leurs engagements climatiques.
States, cities pledge action on climate even without Trump
If President Donald Trump withdraws support for the Paris climate change accord, will efforts in the U.S. to fight global warming dry up?
Shareholders force ExxonMobil to come clean on cost of climate change
‘Historic’ vote by nearly two-thirds of shareholders will force annual ‘stress test’ to measure how regulation will affect assets
Oil futures rise on U.S. stockpile draw, doubts over climate accord
Oil futures rose on Thursday from a three-week low touched the previous session, buoyed by expectations the United States could pull out of a global climate accord and by a report that showed U.S. crude stockpiles had fallen more than expected.
Paris climate deal: EU and China rebuff Trump
Chinese and EU leaders are to agree a joint statement on the Paris climate agreement saying it is "an imperative more important than ever".
Governor Brown Looks Abroad For Climate Change Allies
Looking for allies in the fight against climate change, California Gov. Jerry Brown heads to China this week in a push to build foreign support for carbon-cutting efforts that have found resistance in Washington.
Emissions Trading Scheme needs 'big changes'
New Zealand must make big changes to its Emissions Trading Scheme to even come close to meeting its Paris Agreement climate requirements, a consultants' report says.
Radio New Zealand
Climat: des artistes nagent dans un aquarium géant à Times Square
Des artistes en mouvement dans un aquarium géant: l'arrivée à Times Square de ce "happening" dédié au changement climatique tombe à pic, alors que les Américains attendent de savoir si Donald Trump va retirer ou non les Etats-Unis de l'accord de Paris sur le climat.
UN chief Guterres says climate deal is essential
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said it is "absolutely essential" that the world unite to combat the threat from climate change.
UN chief urges Trump to keep US in Paris climate accord
Guterres says withdrawal from 2015 agreement would harm American economy and security
Financial Times
L'action climatique est « une chance pour un avenir pacifique et durable », affirme le chef de l'ONU
Le Secrétaire général de l'ONU, António Guterres, a lancé mardi un appel à l'action pour faire face au défi du changement climatique, soulignant que l'action pour le climat n'est pas seulement une nécessité mais une chance pour un avenir pacifique et durable.
Nations Unies
Amid U.S. doubt, U.N. chief says climate deal essential, 'get on board'
Climate change is undeniable and it is "absolutely essential" the world fight the problem together, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres argued on Tuesday, as U.S. President Donald Trump considers pulling out of the Paris climate deal.
Guterres asegura que el pacto del cambio climático sobrevivirá a la eventual salida de EEUU
Los miembros de las Naciones Unidas se mantienen a la espera de que el presidente Donald Trump aclare su posición sobre el acuerdo de París.
El País
Google, Apple y otras empresas que apoyan el Acuerdo de París, pese a Trump
La presión está al tope: el presidente Trump dice que decidirá esta semana si permanece en el acuerdo climático histórico de París. Si Trump sale del acuerdo, que ha sido firmado por 195 países, lo hará frente a la objeción de cientos de importantes negocios estadounidenses.
We head Ocean Conference with full force
When Fiji takes centre stage next week at the United Nations (UN) Ocean Conference, it is going to be much more than having Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama co-presiding.
Fiji Sun Online
U.S. resists plan to link climate change, ocean health: U.N. co-chair
The United States is resisting plans to highlight how climate change is disrupting life in the oceans at a U.N. conference of almost 200 nations next week, Sweden's deputy prime minister, who will co-chair the talks, said on Tuesday.
Exxon Facing Off With Shareholders in Climate Showdown
Presiding over his first annual meeting since predecessor Rex Tillerson left to become U.S. secretary of state, Woods will be tested Wednesday on everything from climate change to his own paycheck.
Trump isolated as world unites on Paris climate deal
President Donald Trump could announce he is pulling the US out of the Paris accord this week, but experts say nonetheless international commitment to the landmark climate deal signed in France in December 2015 remains strong.
Trump signals he's ready to exit Paris climate accord, but decision not final
President Donald Trump has signaled he's ready to withdraw or dramatically alter the landmark Paris climate agreement ahead of an expected announcement this week, though he is still weighing a final decision amid new pressure from foreign governments, business leaders and members of his own party to remain committed to the carbon reduction pact.
'Green' mutual funds bounce back after Trump-induced retreat
After U.S. President Donald Trump's election last November, investors pulled nearly $68 million from so-called "green" mutual funds, reflecting fear that his pro-coal agenda would hurt renewable energy firms.
Gujarat: Government constitutes panel to set up renewable projects at Kandla port, says Nitin Gadkari
The Centre has constituted a panel to explore setting up 200 MW solar and wind energy project on the land at Kandla port in Gujarat, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said today.
Financial Express
Renewables grow to 17% of electricity mix as sector calls for certainty
Clean Energy Council report says while Australia is on track to deliver the 2020 renewable energy target, ‘clear policy direction and support is required beyond 2020’
Climate change puts heritage sites in danger, says Grange
THE RECOGNITION of the threat posed to heritage sites in Jamaica has been brought into sharp focus, as the Government, in addition to various stakeholders, attempts to find more sustainable ways to combat climate change.
Jamaica Gleaner
For faith-based organizations, climate change is a natural fit
With scientists warning future typhoons will become even stronger in Asia due to global warming, it’s critical that families such as Ijan’s are better prepared to respond.
Retooling the emissions trading scheme to ‘decarbonise’ NZ
There are practical ways to change the NZ ETS so it delivers clear and predictable emission price signals. This would ensure that New Zealand’s emitters reduce their greenhouse gases more quickly than is currently happening.
COMMENT: Saving the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol Energy Collective
Argentina: Advierten que el cambio climático agravará más las inundaciones en el país
Un estudio de investigadores del Conicet anticipa que las lluvias serán más intensas y las olas de calor, más largas; esos problemas se repetirán hasta fines de siglo.
La Nación
Expertos aseguran que está en marcha transición de México hacia energías renovables
Expertos reunidos en la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) aseguraron que si bien no hay una sola fuente renovable que pueda competir con el petróleo, la transición del país hacia ese tipo de energías lleva una marcha ascendente.
Climat : les villes pourraient gagner 8°C d'ici 2100
Le phénomène connu sous le nom d'«ilôts de chaleur urbains» pourrait avoir des conséquences bien plus graves que prévu.
Climat : un mix énergétique mondial encore trop carboné malgré le recul du charbon
Le bilan énergétique mondial 2016 publié ce mardi par le cabinet Enerdata montre qu’en dépit des progrès observés en Chine, la décarbonation des économies et en particulier de la production d’électricité demeure trop lente au regard des objectifs fixés par l’Accord de Paris.
La Tribune
Climate change could make cities 8C hotter – scientists
Under a dual onslaught of global warming and localised urban heating, some of the world’s cities may be as much as 8C (14.4F) warmer by 2100, researchers have warned.
Big business wants Trump to stick with Paris climate accord
The heat is on: President Trump says he will decide this week whether to stick with the landmark Paris climate accord.
Sky-high carbon tax needed to avoid climate catastrophe, say experts
Economists, including Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas Stern, say taxes of $100 per metric tonne could be needed by 2030
The Guardian
Steel CEOs say EU carbon reforms threaten jobs, investment
Steelmakers in Europe have written to EU leaders urging them not to burden the industry with extra carbon emissions costs they say would make them uncompetitive against foreign rivals and raise the risk of job losses and plant closures.
Insomniac? Climate change could make that worse
The researchers said if climate change is not addressed, warmer temperatures could cause six additional nights of insufficient sleep per 100 individuals by 2050 and approximately 14 extra nights per 100 by 2099,.
Zee News
Morocco capitalises on early lead in renewables
Nation’s expertise in local solar and wind technology counts in sub-Saharan market
Financial Times
King Tides are just more evidence of climate change reality for Maui
The fact that the ocean is creeping up ever further on Maui and Hawaii shores is a reality anyone here can see.
Maut Time
GIS NEWS: Caribbean considers new climate change approaches
Recently, Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland welcomed high commissioners and climate change innovators to a Commonwealth-facilitated conference in London, calling on all to work together on technologies and approaches that have the potential to reverse climate change.
St. Lucia News Online
Carbon cap rule in Washington state faces legal challenge
Even as the Trump administration seeks to roll back Obama-era rules to curb greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants, Washington state is forging ahead with its own rules to cap carbon pollution from big industrial facilities.
Urban 'heat islands' seen doubling city costs for climate change
Heat trapped by dark-colored roads and buildings will more than double cities' costs for tackling global warming this century by driving up energy demand to keep citizens cool and by aggravating pollution, scientists said on Monday.
Efecto “Islas de calor” duplicarán costos de ciudades para combatir cambio climático
El calor retenido por caminos y edificios de color oscuro duplicará con creces los costos de las ciudades para abordar el calentamiento global este siglo al elevar la demanda por energía para mantener frescos a los ciudadanos y agravar la polución, dijeron científicos este lunes 29 de mayo.
Cañete considera que EEUU seguirá apostando por la eficiencia energética pese a las políticas de Trump
El comisario de Acción por el Clima y Energía de la Comisión Europea, Miguel Arias Cañete, ha considerado que Estados Unidos, a pesar de la posición del nuevo Gobierno de Donald Trump, seguirá aplicando políticas "ambiciosas" de renovables y eficiencia energética.
Europa Press
Repsol prevé reducir un 25 % sus emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero en 2020
Repsol prevé que sus emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero en 2020 sean un 25 % inferiores a las que tuvo en 2005, según ha informado la compañía, que desde ese año ha reducido en 4,3 millones de toneladas de CO2 anuales el impacto en emisiones de efecto invernadero de sus operaciones.
EFE Verde
Falta de sueño, efecto del cambio climático: estudio
El aumento de las temperaturas a consecuencia del cambio climático hace que las personas disminuyan el tiempo de sueño y por consiguiente se sientan cansadas e irritadas, reveló una investigación.
Réchauffement climatique : près d'un tiers de la Grande barrière de corail détruite
La hausse des températures de l'eau en mars et avril, induite par le réchauffement climatique, a généré en 2016 le pire épisode de blanchissement de coraux jamais connu par le récif de 2.300 kilomètres.
Emission imminente d’obligations vertes souveraines au Nigeria
Le Nigeria devrait dans quelques semaines procéder au lancement des premières obligations vertes (green bonds) a affirmé Amina J. Mohammed, maintenant secrétaire générale adjointe aux Nations unies à Thomson Reuters. L’émission de ces obligations devrait générer environ $20 milliards de nairas (€56 millions) pour la première tranche. Cette somme sera utilisée pour financer les projets dans les énergies renouvelables, les transports et l’agriculture.
G7 leaders divided on climate change, closer on trade issues
Under pressure from Group of Seven allies, U.S. President Donald Trump backed a pledge to fight protectionism on Saturday, but refused to endorse a global climate change accord, saying he needed more time to decide.
Climate change agreement 'will survive' - Antonio Guterres
Speaking to the BBC, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who is also in Sicily for the meeting, said that the accord would survive regardless of Mr Trump's position.
Trump se desmarca del acuerdo del G7 sobre el cambio climático
Los miembros del G7 salvo Estados Unidos reiteraron hoy su compromiso de implantar «rápidamente» el Acuerdo del Clima de París y reconocieron que Washington aún no está en posición de sumarse a esta línea.
Au G7 en Sicile, Trump plus que jamais seul au monde sur le climat
Plus que jamais, Donald Trump s'est affiché contre le reste du monde sur la question cruciale du réchauffement climatique lors du sommet du G7 ce week-end en Sicile. Les dirigeants des sept grandes puissances mondiales ont reconnu ce samedi 27 mai à Taormina leur incapacité à convaincre sur le climat un président américain résolu jusqu'au bout à jouer sa propre partition.
Huffington Post
Osorio Chong clausura plataforma global sobre desastres naturales
Durante la clausura de la Plataforma Global para la Reducción de los Riegos de Desastre 2017, que se realizó en Cancún, Quintana Roo, el secretario de Gobernación, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, llamó a representantes de más de 180 naciones a tender puentes, a abrir un diálogo mundial responsable más allá de ideologías para enfrentar de mejor manera los retos del cambio climático, y los desafíos sociales tales como la desigualdad y la migración.
Island nation Kiribati says in dire need of cash to combat climate change
The Pacific island nation of Kiribati is in dire need of aid as drought pushes it closer to declaring a state of emergency and it struggles with rising seas and other effects of climate change which could cost "billions", said President Taneti Mamau.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
China may limit coverage of carbon market ahead of launch - researcher
China has already launched seven pilot regional trading schemes, and promised to roll out a nationwide market
Thomson Reuters Foundation News
EU-China Summit to Focus on Trade, Climate Change (video) Bloomberg
An insight into carbon tax in India
The public’s recognition of global warming has driven lawmakers around the world to negotiate greenhouse-gas reductions. Among the suggestions, carbon tax is more popular.
The Hans India
Wildfires on the rise due to drought and climate change
Fighting wildfires in America cost federal agencies almost $2 billion last year including more than half the budget of the U.S. Forest Service.
Artist makes work in reaction to climate change
Over the past century, man’s impact on the Earth’s makeup has become ever more pronounced. With rising levels of carbon emissions, as well as industrial pollution caused by the mismanagement of natural resources, we have arrived at a critical stage in the Anthropocene epoch where awareness to the issues is more salient than ever.
Times of Malta
El cambio climático obliga a los osos polares a cambiar focas por huevos
El deshielo complica la caza de mamíferos marinos, que están siendo sustituidos por ataques a nidos.
El País
Climat: un rapport plaide pour une forte hausse du prix du carbone
Un rapport de haut niveau publié lundi plaide pour une forte augmentation du prix de la tonne de CO2, qui devrait atteindre au moins 40 à 80 dollars en 2020, puis 50 à 100 dollars en 2030, afin de respecter l'objectif de limitation du réchauffement climatique.
Acciona se convierte en la primera empresa eléctrica en el mundo en ser neutra en carbono
José Manuel Entrecanales, presidente ejecutivo de Acciona, afirmó este miércoles en Barcelona que "un precio del carbono significativo es fundamental para conseguir una economía limpia".
Le Canada détaille son plan de lutte contre les émissions de gaz à effet de serre
Ottawa a annoncé une réglementation plus sévère pour limiter les rejets de méthane issus du secteur pétrolier et gazier, qui s’ajoute à une taxe carbone pour le CO2.
Le Monde
European Investment Bank Partners With Caribbean Development Bank For $110 Million In Financing
The European Investment Bank has partnered with the Caribbean Development Bank to sign a financing agreement for $110 million that will support climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience projects across the Caribbean.
Clean Technica
Fijians to engage in climate change activities
Minister for Local Government Parveen Kumar will reveal the climate change adaptation program in the next two weeks. - See more at:
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
Everything to know about this year’s G7 summit
In his last leg of a four-country trip, President Donald Trump is set to attend the annual G7 Summit held in the Italian town of Taormina, Sicily, on Friday and Saturday.
Barack Obama on food and climate change: ‘We can still act and it won’t be too late’
During the course of my presidency, I made climate change a top priority, because I believe that, for all the challenges that we face, this is the one that will define the contours of this century more dramatically perhaps than the others.
The Guardian
Climate change: 84% of Britons want Theresa May to have a word with Donald Trump
More than eight out of 10 British people want Theresa May should use her influence to persuade Donald Trump to keep the United States within the Paris Agreement on climate change, according to a new poll.
Terrorismo, refugiados y cambio climático centran la agenda de la cumbre del G7 en Sicilia
Donald Trump, Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron y Paolo Gentiloni debutan en una cumbre de los países más industrializados del mundo, donde Angela Merkel y Shinzo Abe son los más veteranos.
El Mundo
Acuerdo de París, ante desafío de un G7 con Trump
¿Será la lucha contra el calentamiento global una prioridad en la cumbre del G7 en Taormina?
Greenpeace y Oxfam piden al G7 acciones concretas sobre clima y hambre
Las ONG Greenpeace y Oxfam pidieron hoy a los líderes del G7, que se reúnen mañana y pasado en Taormina (sur de Italia), acciones concretas para avanzar en la lucha contra el cambio climático y contra el hambre en el mundo.
EFE Verde
España comienza la transición hacia un modelo bajo en carbono
El presidente del Gobierno, Mariano Rajoy, anunció ayer que su equipo va a activar los mecanismos necesarios para llevar a cabo la transición hacia un modelo de desarrollo bajo en carbono, en el que se ha comprometido a que habrá una apuesta firme por las energías renovables.
El Día
Increase in malaria cases linked to deforestation
Researchers have found a link between deforestation and increasing malaria rates across developing nations.
The Health Site
Community practices often relegate women's tenure rights solely to land access and use rather than full control over customarily governed land and natural resources
Mumbai, May 25 - Inadequate rights for indigenous and rural women are jeopardising forests and common lands across the globe as demand for land and resources grows, underlining the urgent need for legal reforms, researchers said on Thursday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
A New Power Plant Burns Fossil Fuels Without Any Carbon Emissions
Fossil fuel plants, particularly coal-fired and natural gas plants, still make up a majority of the world’s energy sources. As such, they remain the largest contributor of climate-warming greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, the most notable of these being carbon dioxide.
Australian farmers adapt as changing climate impacts crops
Australian farmers have spent years battling droughts, with dry years becoming more common in the face of climate change.
New Approach Predicts Threats to Rainforests
With rain forests at risk the world over, a new collaboration is equipping conservationists with the tools to predict and plan for future forest loss.
University of Oxford
Tesco uses Honeywell refrigerant to reduce carbon emissions by up to 40 percent
Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced that Tesco, one of the world’s largest supermarket chains, is converting more than 1,200 stores across the United Kingdom to Honeywell’s Solstice® N40 refrigerant in order to meet its carbon reduction commitments. The conversion will take place over the next three years, with the first 60 stores already converted.
International Supermarket News
U.S. must not abandon Paris climate deal, U.N. official says
CANCUN, Mexico - The United States must not backtrack on the Paris climate change agreement, as its participation sends a vital signal to other nations that the pact is critically needed, a top United Nations official said on Thursday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
2 Solar Power Records In 2 Days In India
Two marathon competitive auctions for a cumulative solar power capacity of 750 megawatts yielded new record-low solar tariff bids in India this month.
Clean Technica
Climate change action needed now's why
On an individual level, this was not a matter of just adding a few ice cubes to your beverages or hydrating with more water; the impacts of this heat was a lot more serious for communities across the globe.
Trinidad Express
Global warming is not ‘leveling off’, so stop saying it is
Has the Earth already reached peak warming? Has climate change leveled off, leaving us to adjust to a new, warmer normal? Not according to satellite measurements, say the authors of a paper published yesterday in the journal Scientific Reports.
Popular Science
U.S. states taking up wind energy mantle
Gains in wind power in the United States are coming up from the state level, with California among the leaders, an industry report found.
Laurence Tubiana : « L’Europe doit rendre l’accord de Paris sur le climat inéluctable »
Dans une tribune au « Monde », l’économiste, cheville ouvrière de la COP21, estime que l’UE peut offrir une véritable alternative à l’indécision de l’administration américaine.
Le Monde
Accord de Paris : les Américains soufflent le chaud et l’effroi
Les Etats-Unis, deuxième pollueur mondial, doivent décider après le sommet du G7 s’ils se désolidarisent du texte adopté lors de la COP 21. Deux courants s’affrontent dans l’entourage du Président.
Since 2005 the G7 has Recognized Threat of Climate Change
Since 2005, the Group of Seven (G7) countries have recognized the threat of climate change and the need for a global agreement to address the issue.
Paris espère un "engagement ambitieux" sur le climat au G7
La France espère un engagement "ambitieux" en faveur de la lutte contre le changement climatique lors du sommet du G7 qui réunit vendredi et samedi en Sicile les sept pays les plus riches de la planète, dont les Etats-Unis qui ont menacé de sortir de l'accord de Paris âprement négocié en décembre 2015.
UE tratará de sensibilizar a Trump sobre la lucha contra el cambio climático
La Unión Europea espera que la reunión este jueves entre el presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, y los representantes de las instituciones europeas sirva para construir "una relación de confianza" y para sensibilizar al mandatario de Estados Unidos sobre la lucha contra el cambio climático.
USD 110 million of new support for climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience projects across the Caribbean as EIB and CDB sign new financing agreement
The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) have signed a USD 110 million financing agreement to support investment projects in the Caribbean under CDB’s climate action policy
How clean are Australia’s ‘clean coal’ power stations?
How clean are Australia’s ‘clean coal’ power stations?
Para la OCDE invertir en cambio climático impulsará el crecimiento económico
La integración de medidas para hacer frente al cambio climático en la política económica tendrá un impacto positivo en el crecimiento económico a mediano y largo plazo, según un nuevo informe de la OCDE.
La ONU pide otorgar igual prioridad a gestión de riesgos y desastres
La vicesecretaria general de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU), Amina J. Mohammed, destacó hoy la necesidad de dotar a la gestión de riesgos con la misma prioridad que el manejo de desastres.
La Vanguardia
España abre hoy el debate sobre su descarbonización
El debate sobre cómo lograr que España sea un país prácticamente neutro en emisiones a mediados de siglos, de manera que no se emita más CO2 del que pueden absorber los ecosistemas, arranca con un foro en el que la administración y la sociedad abordarán la regulación para alcanzar esta meta.
EFE Verde
Gobierno y empresas trabajarán en una plataforma de España contra el cambio climático
El Gobierno y las empresas están impulsando la creación de la plataforma española para la acción climática con el objetivo de acelerar la lucha contra el cambio climático, según ha explicado hoy la ministra de Agricultura, Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, Isabel García Tejerina.
EFE Verde
Activated Carbon Market 2013 Research Methodology of Top Key Players & Forecast to 2029
The report provides a detailed analysis and forecast of the activated carbon market on a global as well as regional level. The demand forecast is given for the period ranging from 2013 to 2019, based on volume (kilo tons) as well as revenue (USD million).
Eight in 10 people now see climate change as a “catastrophic risk” – survey
Are you willing to change your standard of living to contribute to a more resilient future? An increasing number of people who now recognise that climate change is a global catastrophic risk say yes.
Al Gore gets standing ovation for climate change doc at Cannes
Al Gore got partying out of the way early at the Cannes Film Festival — dancing with girlfriend Elizabeth Keadle at Vanity Fair/HBO’s bash — before he switched gears and screened his climate change movie “An Inconvenient Sequel” on Monday.
REDD+: Countries’ readiness under review
Nigeria’s national efforts towards Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) received a boost this week as its proponents intensified the initiative, enjoying the support of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF).
The nation on line
Destruction and Deforestation of the Peruvian Amazon, Threats to Community Leaders
RSPO Ruling Condemns Plantaciones de Pucallpa for Its Destruction of Over 5000 Hectares of the Peruvian Amazon but Deforestation and Threats to Community Leaders Continue
Global Research
Comment: Carbon pricing is on the rise: How your business can benefit
What do HSBC, China, LafargeHolcim and California have in common? Despite the continuing debate in some corners about the ways and means of climate change, they are getting down to business — assigning a price to carbon pollution and then letting the market uncover profitable emissions reductions opportunities.
Clean Development Mechanism Market: How It Is Since 2005 the G7 has Recognized Threat of Climate Change
Since 2005, the Group of Seven (G7) countries have recognized the threat of climate change and the need for a global agreement to address the issue.
MIL Tech
Beef ban can mitigate climate change: US researchers
Banning cow slaughter has become a major political and social issue in India but a study published by US researchers suggests this may indeed help mitigate global warming.
Financial Express
Goodbye smokestacks: Startup invents zero-emission fossil fuel power
Between the energy hub of Houston, Texas, and the Gulf Coast lies a sprawling petropolis: a sea of refineries and oil storage tanks, power lines, and smokestacks, all dedicated to converting fossil fuels into dollars.
Science Mag
Quebec-California cap-and-trade auction sells out current allowances
The latest Quebec-California cap-and-trade auction sold out of its current allowances, a stark improvement from the previous one in which only 18 per cent of its offerings sold.
More people heading to court to spur action on climate change, study finds
Governments around the world are increasingly being challenged in court to do more to combat the threat of climate change, with litigation ranging from a group’s attempt to stop an airport runway in Austria to a Pakistani farmer suing his government over its failure to adapt to rising temperatures, a new study has found.
The Guardian
Le changement climatique mange notre agriculture
En 2016, la valeur ajoutée agricole a baissé de presque 12 % en France. Ce sont les cultures de céréales qui ont été les plus touchées (mais pas les seules), la production baissant de plus de 25 % cette année-là. La France n’est pas le seul pays européen touché, puisque la Belgique, la Suède, les Pays-Bas ou encore le Royaume-Uni ont aussi connu une baisse importante des productions céréalières. Seule l’Espagne a tiré son épingle du jeu et compensé en partie la baisse de la production européenne (de l’ordre de 10 000 tonnes de céréales en moins en 2016, dont -18 000 en France) par une hausse de sa production de l’ordre de 4 000 tonnes.
Alternatives économiques
Une entreprise canadienne de technologies propres aidera le Chili à lutter contre les changements climatiques en réduisant les émissions de méthane provenant des sites d’enfouissement
Les changements climatiques constituent un problème mondial qui exige une solution mondiale, et le gouvernement du Canada s’est engagé à contribuer à la réduction des polluants nocifs pour le climat, au pays comme à l’étranger.
Environnement et Changement climatique Canada
Merkel vows to convince climate change ‘doubters’
German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed Tuesday to work to convince climate change “doubters” as the world waits to see whether US President Donald Trump will endorse the Paris agreement.
Petersberg dialogue: Extent of US role a concern at climate meet
The annual Petersberg Climate Dialogue concluded in Berlin with a stronger and clear commitment to the Paris Agreement and a call for cooperation in fighting climate change, despite anxiety over the extent of the US’ continued participation.
Economic Times
We must push on with Paris Agreement - PM
Prime Minister and incumbent COP23 President Voreqe Bainimarama has appealed to the goodwill of the international community to work together to harness efforts in the global fight against climate change.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
Petersberg Climate Meet raises concerns over US withdrawing from Paris Agreement
The eighth edition of Petersberg Climate dialogue began here with serious concerns over United States withdrawing from an active role in climate change leadership.
Economic Times
Merkel urge acción contra el cambio climático a los países
La canciller alemana, Angela Merkel, instó hoy a todos los países a trabajar conjuntamente en la lucha contra el cambio climático, diseñando estrategias, promoviendo inversiones sostenibles y avanzando en el Acuerdo del clima de París, porque el mundo comparte un "destino".
EFE Verde
Climat: le Canada, la Chine et l'Union européenne unissent leurs forces
Le Canada, la Chine et l'Union européenne ont décidé qu'ils n'attendraient pas de savoir ce que le président américain Donald Trump fera de l'Accord de Paris sur le climat avant d'agir.
La Presse
Xie Zhenhua : la Chine prépare un « Plan chinois » pour la mise en œuvre de l'« Accord de Paris »
Xie Zhenhua, envoyé spécial de la Chine sur le changement climatique, a déclaré à Berlin le 22 mai que la Chine est en train de préparer un « Plan chinois » sur les questions relatives à la mise en œuvre de l'« Accord de Paris ». La détermination de la Chine à faire progresser le processus de gouvernance climatique mondiale est sans faille, et elle continuera à travailler avec les parties concernées, afin de faire en sorte que le processus de négociations multilatérales permette d'obtenir des résultats positifs.
UN resilience ‘scorecard’ to help cities curb disaster losses from climate change, other risk drivers
As world leaders and civil society representatives gather today in Cancun, Mexico, for a biennial United Nations forum on preventing and mitigating disaster impacts, the UN today launched an updated plan to increase the number of cities and towns with the capacity to reduce their disaster losses by 2020.
UN News Centre
La Côte d'Ivoire et le Ghana rejoignent l'Alliance solaire internationale
L’Alliance solaire internationale (ASI), une organisation initiée par la France et l’Inde en 2015 en marge de la COP21 en 2015, fait de plus en plus d'émules en Afrique, notamment en Afrique de l'Ouest.
Factory Farms Put Climate at Risk, Experts Say in Urging Health Officials to Speak Out
In a letter, 200 experts called on the next director-general of the World Health Organization to confront the role factory farming plays in climate change.
Inside Climate News
Cash in on businesses to help boost disaster protection, says U.N. risk chief
Businesses are quickly grasping the benefits of investing to cut disaster risks, so it is crucial for governments to work with them to protect people from climate change impacts, said the head of the U.N.'s disaster risk agency.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Lucha contra cambio climático favorecería crecimiento económico de los países
Formular políticas que permitan reducir las emisiones de carbono y enfrentar los impactos del cambio climático conducirían a los países del G20, grupo que reúne a economías industrializadas y otras en desarrollo como México y Brasil, a incrementar en más de 2,8% su producto interno bruto (PIB) al 2050.
La Nación
Cambio climático y los migrantes, claves de la cita entre Donald Trump y el Papa
En el que fue su primer encuentro oficial, ambos se mostraron distendidos ante los fotógrafos y dialogaron durante más de veinte minutos . La ecología del planeta, la inmigración y la desigualdad social fueron algunos de los temas que abarcaron durante la reunión.
Expertos acordarán en Cancún medidas para mitigar impacto de desastres
El balneario mexicano de Cancún acoge a partir de mañana a 7.000 líderes mundiales y de la sociedad civil para acordar medidas para mitigar el impacto de los desastres, que se calcula cuestan a la economía global 520.000 millones de dólares y arrojan a 26 millones de personas a la pobreza cada año.
UNFCCC Process Looks at Climate Change Adaptation, Sustainable Development and DRR Integration
The Adaptation Technical Expert Meeting highlighted that early action can protect the lives and livelihoods of millions of people throughout the world.
Trump propone duros recortes a programas climáticos
La primera propuesta presupuestaria del presidente de EEUU, Donald Trump, incluye profundos recortes a programas de combate al cambio climático, además de en ayuda humanitaria y de salud global.
EFE Verde
8 in 10 people now see climate change as a 'catastrophic risk': survey
Nearly nine in 10 people say they are ready to make changes to their standard of living if it would prevent future climate catastrophe, a survey on global threats found Wednesday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
G20 must support good jobs in the low carbon transition
If we are serious about holding global warming well below 2C as the Paris Agreement states, all sectors, industries and jobs will have to change.
Climate Home
Small-scale renewables cheapest for rural Africa, says Dutch report
Africa’s quest for full access to electricity needs governments to support small, off-grid projects that are typically disregarded by investors
Climate Home
Le gouvernement luxembourgeois consacre 120 millions EUR entre 2014 et 2020 au financement de mesures de protection du climat dans les pays en développement
Le financement de la lutte contre les changements climatiques est l’un des aspects les plus importants des efforts déployés à l’échelle mondiale pour faire face au défi des changements climatiques.

Au cours des dernières années, le Grand-Duché de Luxembourg a livré une assistance financière et technique considérable pour soutenir les activités liées à la lutte contre le changement climatique dans les pays en développement.
More people heading to court to spur action on climate change, study finds
Governments around the world are increasingly being challenged in court to do more to combat the threat of climate change, with litigation ranging from a group’s attempt to stop an airport runway in Austria to a Pakistani farmer suing his government over its failure to adapt to rising temperatures, a new study has found.
Polish environment minister to preside over COP24 conference
Polish Environment Minister Jan Szyszko has been chosen to preside over the COP24 climate summit which will be held in Poland in 2018.
Radio Poland
Trump treading water over climate change deal, says deputy UN chief
Amina Mohammed says president seems to be avoiding making decision on whether US will renege on historic agreement
NATO lawmakers warn climate change may worsen Middle East security risks
Climate change will worsen food and water shortages in the Middle East and north Africa, and risk triggering more conflict and mass migration, with serious implications for the wider world, lawmakers from NATO's Parliamentary Assembly said Monday.q
Thomson Reuters Foundation
China Urges Balance on Environment, Economy in Antarctica
A Chinese leader on Tuesday urged international representatives to strike a "proper balance" between environmental and economic interests in Antarctica, as the frozen continent's vulnerability to climate change raises worries that some nations could seek to exploit its natural resources.
Trump told he risks ‘lasting damage’ to ties between U.S. and Europe
The Trump administrations risks causing “lasting damage” to relations with key European allies if the the United States abandons the Paris climate agreement, a key German official has warned.
Washington Post
California Engages World, and Fights Washington, on Climate Change
The environmental ministers of Canada and Mexico went to San Francisco last month to sign a global pact — drafted largely by California — to lower planet-warming greenhouse pollution.
NY Times
Island nations on front line of global struggle to build disaster resilience Thomson Reuters Foundation
VIII Diálogo Climático de Petersberg: países abogan por mantenerse unidos e impulsar el Acuerdo de París
Con un llamado a seguir unidos e impulsar el Acuerdo de París, y en respuesta a la posibilidad de que Estados Unidos se convierta en la primera nación en abandonar dicho tratado, este lunes se inauguró el VIII Diálogo Climático de Petersberg en la ciudad de Berlín, en Alemania.
La Nación
Climate-threatened Bangladesh to impose carbon tax in June
Bangladesh is set to impose its own carbon tax on fuel next month – despite the hugely climate-vulnerable country producing relatively tiny per capita emissions.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Al Gore on 'An Inconvenient Sequel': 'Not even a president can stop the climate movement'
"We know after four months of the Trump Administration that no one person, not even a president, can stop the climate movement," Al Gore told press today at the Cannes Film Festival.
A green way to travel in Morocco
Morocco wants to be ahead of the pack with its ambitious climate and green mobility plan. In some of the country's major cities, sustainable transport is already an everyday reality.
Deutsche Welle
India power minister promotes renewables and ‘cleaner’ coal
Piyush Goyal insists electrification compatible with curbing carbon emissions growth
Financial Times
Agir contre le changement climatique peut stimuler la croissance économique
Selon un nouveau rapport de l’OCDE établi dans le cadre de la présidence allemande du G20, intégrer à la politique économique courante des mesures de lutte contre le changement climatique peut avoir un impact positif sur la croissance économique à moyen et long terme.
Action on climate change will boost economy: OECD
Integrating measures to tackle climate change into regular economic policy will have a positive impact on economic growth over the medium and long term, according to a new OECD report prepared in the context of the German Presidency of the G20.
TradeArabia News Service
Al Gore regresa a Cannes con filme sobre cambio climático
El ex vicepresidente de Estados Unidos es el protagonista de un documental que busca crear conciencia sobre los daños que el humano ha hecho en la naturaleza y cómo revertirlos.
Lower growth in CO2 emissions expected in China and India
China and India are lowering their use of coal and are likely to cut their projected emissions of carbon dioxide, says a new analysis.
Chemical & Engineering News
Climat: Al Gore revient à Cannes, pour «une suite qui dérange»
Entre documentaire sur un monde en ébullition et portrait personnel, Al Gore est revenu en héros du climat à Cannes dans un nouveau film montré lundi hors compétition, dix ans après un premier opus phénomène.
El aumento del nivel del mar va el doble de rápido de lo calculado
En los últimos 25 años, la subida del nivel del mar en todo el planeta ha crecido el doble de lo previsto, según un estudio internacional publicado hoy en Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
EFE Verde
Neox y laSexta, unidas con Greenpeace para 'salvar el clima' en la nueva campaña de Hazte Eco
Hazte Eco, la campaña de Responsabilidad Corporativa de Neox por la defensa del medio ambiente, suma alianzas junto a laSexta para apoyar y difundir la nueva campaña de Greenpeace en lo que supone un nuevo llamamiento para 'salvar el clima'.
Antena 3
OPINIÓN: La banca frente al reto del cambio climático
Según el BBVA Research, la regulación ambiental, derivada de los esfuerzos de mitigación y adaptación al cambio climático, puede afectar el valor de las carteras de préstamos que incluyen empresas con altas emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero.
Inician en Cancún trabajos de plataforma global sobre reducción de desastres
El coordinador nacional de Protección Civil de la Secretaría de Gobernación (Segob), Luis Felipe Puente Espinosa, entregó a la ONU, a nombre del presidente Enrique Peña Nieto, las instalaciones que albergará en Cancún, Quintana Roo, la Plataforma Global para la Reducción de Desastres 2017.
"L'arche de la fin du monde" prend l'eau avec le réchauffement climatique
C'est un peu comme si dans la légende, l'Arche de Noé avait eu un trou dans la coque. En effet, la chambre forte enterrée en Arctique qui abrite la réserve mondiale de semences du Svalbrad et, depuis peu, une bibliothèque de la fin du monde, est inondée, rapporte le Guardian.
Huffington Post
Stark warning issued to Caribbean concerning climate change
A warning has been issued to governments across the Caribbean, including Jamaica, to do more to make countries resilient to climate change as there is a price to pay if nothing is done.
Jamaica Gleaner
Access to adaptation funds a concern: Usamate
FIJI'S Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jone Usamate, says the country's top foreign policy agenda in 2017 includes climate change and its impacts on Small Island Developing States, especially the Pacific islands.
Fiji Times
US warned on dangers of abandoning Paris climate accord
Ben van Beurden, chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell, has warned that Donald Trump will put American companies at a disadvantage and weaken the US’s global standing if he pulls out of the Paris climate deal.
Financial Times
Uganda: Study Reveals the Gender Gap in Tanzania, Uganda Climate Policies
Climate change is negatively affecting many regions of the world.
The Conversation
Climate change should look beyond image of polar bear: Oxford-based think tank
Getting more people-focused images into the media and into other public communications could help more people identify with the problem: Research director at Climate Outreach
Indian Express
Climate change CSOs call for meteorological policy
The Civil Society Network on Climate Change (CISONECC) has called on Malawi government to approve a draft national meteorological policy in the country.
Norway to boost climate change defences of 'doomsday' seed vault
Norway on Saturday said it would boost protection of a seed storage vault designed to protect the world's crops from disaster, after soaring temperatures caused water to leak into its entrance.
Shell shareholders to vote for new climate change goals
Investors including the Church of England and activists will send signal to Anglo-Dutch company’s board at AGM this week
Berlín y Pekín animan a EEUU a permanecer en el Acuerdo del Clima de París
Los Gobiernos de Alemania y China animaron hoy a EE.UU. a no abandonar el Acuerdo de París para frenar el cambio climático, mientras la administración de Donald Trump continúa con la revisión de este tratado que suscribió el anterior presidente, Barack Obama.
EFE Verde
Patricia Espinosa y Robert Glasser: Los desastres del cambio climático impulsan la pobreza y causan enormes daños públicos
Es un hecho que, si seguimos batiendo récords de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero a la atmósfera, multiplicaremos los riesgos de sufrir desastres, una amenaza mundial que planea sobre nosotros y las próximas generaciones.
El Cronista
Expertos debaten en Barcelona sobre inversiones para frenar cambio climático
Más de 150 expertos debatirán sobre las inversiones públicas y privadas necesarias para cumplir los acuerdos de París en la primera edición del salón Innovate4Climate, que abrirá mañana sus puertas en la Fira de Barcelona para abordar los grandes retos de la financiación contra el cambio climático.
El Periódico
"Biodiversidad, arma contra el cambio climático"
La protección de la biodiversidad es la major arma para combatir los efectos del cambio climático, porque de ella depende la seguridad alimentaria de la población y la supervivencia del ser humano en la Tierra, afirmó Cristiana Pasca Palmer, secretaria ejecutiva del Convenio sobre la Biodiversidad Biológica.
El Universal
L’Antarctique verdit rapidement sous l’effet du changement climatique
La végétation a poussé de plus en plus vite en Antarctique ces dernières décennies sous l’effet du changement climatique, révèle une étude publiée jeudi selon laquelle ce vaste continent blanc pourrait devenir de plus en plus vert.
S’attaquer au changement climatique est bon pour les économies africaines
À la veille de l’édition 2017 du Forum régional africain qui sera lancé ce jeudi, une réunion sur le développement durable préconise une transformation verte et une industrialisation qui ne nuisent pas à l’environnement.
Climat : « Il faut renforcer les droits fonciers des populations autochtones d’Amérique latine »
Edwin Vasquez et Candido Mezua, représentants des habitants des forêts d’Amérique du Sud, alertent le président français sur l’importance du maintien de populations en Amazonie comme moyen de protéger cet écosystème.
Le Monde
Paul Magnette sur le réchauffement climatique : « L’Europe et l’Afrique peuvent jouer un rôle de leader »
Une alliance objective entre l’Europe et l’Afrique sur la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique. C’est là une idée défendue par le Ministre-Président du gouvernement de la Wallonie, Paul Magnette. En visite au Sénégal cette semaine, Paul Magnette était l’invité de l’Institut Africain de Management (Iam), dans le cadre de ses cycles de conférences «le Cercle du Perchoir ».
Le Soleil
UN top climate official calls for commitment to Paris Agreement
United Nations top climate officials have called for the commitment of contracting parties to the Paris Agreement on Thursday.
Trump 'can't escape climate change' impacts says Fiji PM
Fiji's Prime Minister has issued a coded warning to Donald Trump about the dangers of climate change.
Fiji says U.S. faces climate risks, urges Trump to "stay in canoe"
Fiji, due to lead global talks on climate change, said on Thursday that rising sea levels threaten New York and Miami and urged U.S. President Donald Trump to "stay in the canoe" alongside other nations in the fight against global warming.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Fiyi, país que presidirá la COP23, espera que EEUU siga en Acuerdo de París
Fiyi, isla del Pacífico sur que presidirá la cumbre del clima (COP23) que se celebrará el próximo noviembre en la ciudad alemana de Bonn, expresó hoy su esperanza en que Estados Unidos mantenga su apoyo al Acuerdo de París y subrayó que sea cual sea la decisión, lo importante es que el resto siga trabajando.
EFE Verde
Terminan negociaciones en conferencias de cambio climático de la ONU con incertidumbre sobre EE UU
Los delegados del clima del mundo entero concluyen el jueves en Bonn diez días de negociaciones, en medio de las incertidumbres sobre una salida de la administración estadounidense de Donald Trump del acuerdo de París sobre el cambio climático.
Fin des négociations climat à Bonn, l’incertitude américaine demeure
Les délégués climat du monde entier ont conclu jeudi à Bonn dix jours de négociations bousculées par la menace du retrait américain de l’accord de Paris, premier pacte universel jamais conclu contre le réchauffement.
Optimism at climate conference, despite US hesitation
Climate protection is progressing, said delegates at the climate conference in Bonn this week. Are there good prospects despite Trump?
Deutsche Welle
U.N. climate talks wrap up under threat of U.S. exodus
U.N. climate talks concluded in Bonn Thursday with envoys putting on a brave face despite the threat of an American exodus from the global pact to stem global warming.
AFP/Jiji Press
Avances en las alertas reducen las muertes por desastres naturales
El desarrollo de los sistemas de alerta ha reducido el número de muertes causadas por los fenómenos meteorológicos extremos, que sin embargo han aumentado en los últimos 150 años debido al cambio climático, informó hoy la Organización Meteorológica Mundial (OMM).
El Nuevo Día
Rajoy lanza su Cumbre nacional contra el cambio climático
España celebrará la próxima semana, los días 25 y 26, una gran reunión para fijar los objetivos de la Ley de Cambio climático y transición energética. El evento lo abrirá el presidente del Gobierno, Mariano Rajoy, y contará con la presencia del comisario de Energía, Miguel Arias Cañete, así como de los ministros de Agricultura y Medioambiente, Isabel García Tejerina, y de Energía, Álvaro Nadal.
El Economista
Living Planet: The elephant in the room at climate talks
The presence of fossil fuel lobbyists at UN climate conferences is hardly new, but the issue caused quite a stir at the climate talks in Bonn this week
Deutsche Welle
US works on climate interests relevant if Trump stays in UN pact
A pared-down U.S. delegation has quietly worked to promote long-standing U.S. climate interests at global talks in Germany even though President Donald Trump is threatening to pull out of an agreement largely designed by Washington.
US stance holding up nations' pledges on climate change
Strong statements on the need to combat climate change have become staple fare at global summits - a problem, like terrorism, that all leaders traditionally agreed needs to be tackled even if they differed on the details.
Fiji to take decisive actions on climate change: PM
Fiji's Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama on Friday emphasized his country's commitment to addressing climate change, outlining the island nation's vision for COP23 in Bonn, Germany in November.
PM holds series of meetings in Bonn
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama held a brief meeting in Bonn, Germany with Patrica Espinosa Cantellano, the Executive Secretary of the UN Climate Change Secretariat.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
Bonn talks reveal uncertainty over Paris Agreement
While diplomats in Bonn work on the operating manual for the Paris Agreement, Washington ponders withdrawing from climate action.
COP23 website lauched at UN Climate Talks in Bonn
A dedicated website to support Fiji’s presidency of COP23 has been launched by the Prime Minister and incoming COP President Voreqe Bainimarama.
La planification de la conférence climat de l’ONU COP23 est en cours
Les préparatifs de la conférence de l’ONU sur le changement climatique de Bonn prévue à la fin de l’année (COP23), du 6 au 17 novembre, sont en bonne voie pour permettre de fournir l’infrastructure et les conditions nécessaires à une réunion réussie. Cette réunion doit pouvoir jouer son rôle dans l’avancement des objectifs et des ambitions de L’Accord de Paris.
Climate change could potentially wipe tiny island nations off the map: Prince Charles
The discourse on global warming and climate change has taken over a larger domain in the last few years and its rapidly growing effects have raised questions on Earth's habitability in the future.
Zee News
How Fiji can bring climate damages home
With a Pacific island presiding over climate talks, this could be the year to levy funds for global warming’s biggest victims
Climate Home
The Dutch Government Is Piloting A Voluntary Carbon Program, And It’s Not Alone
Mid-year climate talks are wrapping up here in the former German capitol of Bonn, with a focus on “accelerating climate action” – the motto that looms large as countries establish rules for “ratcheting up” their pledges to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions under the Paris Climate Agreement.
Ecosystem Marketplace
Why monetary policy should go green Financial Times
The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became unstoppable
The shift to cleaner power is disrupting entire industries. Will the 21st century be the last one for fossil fuels?
Financial Times
La Antártida se está volviendo verde por el cambio climático
La vida vegetal en la Antártida crece rápidamente debido al cambio climático, según un equipo de científicos que ha constatado un fuerte aumento en la actividad biológica en los últimos 50 años.
Europa Press
Fiji and China set to defend Paris Agreement
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama held separate meetings with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and President Xi Jinping in Beijing to build support for Fiji’s presidential agenda at COP 23, namely the defence and implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
Debate over fossil fuel lobby heats up at UN climate talks
For two decades, fossil fuel industry representatives have had easy access to the UN climate negotiations, but this may soon change thanks to growing calls for measures to avoid a conflict of interest in the talks.
A Bonn, haro sur les conflits d'intérêts
Faut-il laisser les représentants du secteur privé prendre place à la table des négociations sur le climat ? La question s'est à nouveau posée lors de l'intersession de la Convention-cadre des Nations unies sur les changements climatiques (CCNUCC) à Bonn en Allemagne, et divise jusque dans la société civile.
Conference to discuss climate adaptation issues
THE India-Pacific Islands Sustainable Development Conference on issues such as the blue economy, adaptation mitigation for climate change and disaster preparedness will be held in Fiji next week.
Fiji Times
EU to back developing nations fighting climate with $890M US package
EU will also provide 3M euros to support Fiji, which will oversee United Nations negotiations in 2018
Pour la première fois, des actionnaires d'un pétrolier américain, Occidental Petroleum, ont voté en faveur d'une résolution imposant à l'entreprise de communiquer sur le risque climat. Ils se sont opposés à la direction du groupe qui y était clairement réfractaire.
Trump Acting as 'Bully' on Climate Galvanizes Work at UN Talks
President Donald Trump’s threat to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement on climate change has catalyzed envoys from much of the rest of the world working to give the deal a boost at United Nations talks in Germany this week.
Nicolas Hulot, bien accueilli et très attendu sur les dossiers écologiques
L’arrivée du médiatique leader écologiste à la tête du ministère de la transition écologique et solidaire suscite beaucoup d’espoirs et quelques interrogations sur ses capacités à « peser de l’intérieur » d’un gouvernement libéral.
Le Monde
Conference to address critical issues around the Pacific
The Indian- Pacific Islands Sustainable Development Conference will be a space to address critical issues happening around the Pacific.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
Virginia governor orders cap-and-trade regulation for power plants
Virginia's governor issued an order on Tuesday to lay the groundwork for a cap-and-trade system to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, saying it would "fill the void" left by the Trump administration which has been rolling back federal climate rules.
The EU: What happened to climate's poster child?
The 28-member European Union, the third-largest emitter of planet-warming greenhouse gases after China and the United States, has long been held up as the poster child of efforts to save Earth's climate
The Times of India
Where Donald Trump doesn't exist
There's a building here in Germany where Donald Trump doesn't exist -- or where people are trying very hard to believe that.
Face à l'incertitude américaine, les pays vulnérables appellent à défendre l'action climatique
Des pays parmi les plus vulnérables au changement climatique ont, sur fond d'incertitudes américaines, appelé mercredi à Bonn à renforcer l'action mondiale contre le réchauffement planétaire, à quelques jours de la tenue du sommet du G7 en Italie.
Dutch MEP: Shipping must go further and faster on climate
European policymakers are looking for concrete policy plans and clear verifiable targets followed by immediate action that reduces shipping’s greenhouse gas emissions
Lloyd's List
Des coraux du Golfe d'Aqaba résistent au changement climatique
Les récifs coralliens du Golfe d’Aqaba dans la Mer Rouge sont particulièrement résistants à la hausse des températures. Les coraux pourraient un jour servir à repeupler des récifs dans d’autres régions du monde, plus touchés par les effets du réchauffement climatique. Les scientifiques en appellent à une meilleure protection contre les problèmes locaux de pollution qui menacent leur survie.
Women4Climate : et si vous deveniez une héroïne du climat ?
« Les femmes sont les héroïnes de l’action climatique ! J’appelle toutes les Parisiennes mobilisées pour notre planète à candidater pour être une de nos Women4Climate. » Anne Hidalgo, la maire de Paris et la présidente de C40-Cities pour trois ans, lance aujourd’hui un appel à toutes les femmes qui rêvent de s’investir de manière concrète.
Africa Should Fast Track Green Cover Restoration
Investing in forest and landscape restoration as well as ensuring their sustainability will improve livelihoods of African people.
The New Times
Climat: le Canada face à ses promesses non tenues
Le Canada n'a jamais mis en place son engagement de supprimer les subventions "inefficaces aux énergies fossiles", une promesse prise sur la scène internationale lors des réunions du G20 en 2009 et restée lettre morte, a déploré mardi l'organisme d'audit du gouvernement canadien.
‘Vulnerable Voices’ Lash Out as Companies Sway Climate Talks
Developing nations and environmental groups are challenging some of the world’s biggest companies and wealthiest countries over the role corporate lobbyists play in United Nations climate change negotiations.
NY Times
Fossil fuel lobby could be forced to declare interests at UN talks
Developing countries score significant victory for greater transparency from outside parties at UN climate negotiations
Indigenous Leaders Find Voice In Global Climate Talks
For years, it seemed that Juan-Carlos Jintiach was the lone indigenous voice speaking for the people of the Amazon at global climate talks. As leader of an indigenous organization called COICA (Coordinator of the Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin), he seemed to be on every panel that needed indigenous participation.
Ecosystem Marketplace
China’s Xi promises green ‘belt and road’ investment strategy
At summit with 29 government leaders in Beijing, China’s president Xi Jinping proposed an “international coalition for green development”
Climate Home
Climate policy heats up during Bonn talks
From Bonn to Fairbanks, Vienna to Washington, last week was surprisingly active for climate action.
U.N. disaster forum to push for risk-cutting plans, finance
The conference in Cancun is the first opportunity to review progress on a global plan to reduce the threat of disasters, agreed in Japan in 2015
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Commonwealth to unveil ‘revolutionary’ approach to climate change
Some of the world’s leading environmental experts will meet at a Commonwealth conference this week to see how they can take forward an innovative strategy to reverse the human impact of climate change. They are hoping their new approach will influence the debate among world leaders when they meet at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP23, chaired by Fiji in Bonn, Germany this November.
The Bahamas Weekly
Data drive to help farmers cope with climate change via their smartphones
As smartphones spread to rural areas, an initiative backed by tech giants aims to help small farmers in poor countries access data on crops, weather and soil, helping them boost production in the face of climate change, a farming group said on Monday.
Global growth up in line with forecasts, with poorest regions lagging behind: UN report
Growth in the global economy has picked up in the last six months in line with expectations, but in many regions, growth remains below the levels needed for rapid progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a UN report said here Tuesday.
Africa calls for funding to restore degraded forests, land
Investing in forest and landscape restoration as well as ensuring their sustainability will improve livelihoods of African people, experts have said.
The New Times
Surprising developments in China, India could blunt Trump's climate rollbacks
Stop me if you've heard this one: The U.S. shouldn't act to cut its planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions because it would harm the economy while China and India are building coal plants and emitting whatever they want.
OPINION: Singapore to become more eco-friendly with carbon tax
Two writers offer different views on the impact of the impending carbon tax on the oil sector in Singapore.
The Strait Times
Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition Calls for International Carbon Pricing System
With more than 60 governments and 1,200 businesses now pricing carbon emissions, the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) and a group of 200 organizations have issued a global call to action for the establishment of an international carbon pricing system an effort to achieve the 2° C target outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement.
Sustainable Brands
Macron reçoit le secrétaire général de l'ONU
Antonio Guterres est le premier dirigeant à se rendre à l'Elysée depuis l'élection du nouveau président français.
Nicolas Hulot pourrait entrer au gouvernement
Parmi les personnalités envisagées pour entrer au gouvernement : Nicolas Hulot. Selon nos informations, il a rencontré Emmanuel Macron fraîchement élu et serait prêt à sauter le pas.
L'Uruguay dans le vent de l'énergie renouvelable
Depuis 2005, ce petit pays de 3,4 millions d'habitants suit son plan pour sortir de sa dépendance au pétrole. Douze ans plus tard, son électricité provient déjà à 97 % des énergies propres.
Des nains de jardins manifestent contre le réchauffement climatique
Les avez-vous croisés ? Durant la journée du 15 mai 2017, Alternatiba, fondé en 2013, a décidé de sensibiliser les habitants de 17 villes françaises au problème de l'environnement. Ce mouvement citoyen se bat pour « éviter d'atteindre des seuils d'emballement climatique impossible d'arrêter ».
Pleine Vie
En Thaïlande, des îles fermées aux touristes pour régénérer les coraux
La Thaïlande a fermé mardi l’accès à plusieurs de ses îles, visitées chaque année par des milliers de touristes, afin de permettre à leurs récifs coralliens, mis à mal par la surfréquentation de plongeurs amateurs, de se régénérer.
Abril de 2017, el segundo más cálido en 137 años
La Administración Nacional de la Aeronáutica y del Espacio (NASA, por sus siglas en inglés) difundió una vez más el registro de un nuevo mes con temperatura récord, y declaró a abril de 2017 como el segundo más cálido en 137 años.
El Siglo de Torreón
Figueres: "La lucha contra el cambio climático está interiorizada por todos"
La costarricense Christiana Figueres recogió el año pasado, como secretaria ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático, el premio "Princesa de Asturias" de cooperación internacional. Ayer se estrenó como jurado de esta galardón.
La Nueva España
Gobiernos, a ponerse pilas con el cambio climático
El último informe de la ONU Ambiente hace un llamado a los líderes de países latinoamericanos para invertir recursos económicos en proyectos de adaptación, mitigación y resiliencia.
El Espectador
Alerta roja para el cambio climático: científicos advierten que es "una carrera contra el tiempo"
Las pésimas estadísticas de 2016 terminaron por calar bien hondo en los científicos abocados a analizar los desencadenantes del cambio climático y sus consecuencias.
Manos gigantes en Venecia contra el cambio climático
El calentamiento global es como una bomba que hay que desactivar antes de que explote. Para crear conciencia sobre este tema, el artista italiano Lorenzo Quinn creó una escultura monumental para la Bienal de arte de Venecia 2017.
Diario UNO
India and China ‘on track to exceed Paris climate pledges’
Coal plant cancellations mean the world’s two largest countries are cutting emissions faster than predicted a year ago, outweighing the effect of US policy rollbacks
Climate Home
Ovais Sarmad Appointed to High-Level U.N. Climate Change Position
Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appointed Ovais Sarmad of India as the Deputy Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, the forum where the historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change was negotiated.
California governor wants cap-and-trade deal by June
California governor Jerry Brown (D) says there is a "very good chance" state lawmakers will pass legislation next month to extend the state's greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program.
Innovative finance needed to raise $300 billion a year for climate losses
With money for action on climate change already in short supply, an estimated $300 billion a year needed to help countries deal with unavoidable climate losses will have to come from innovative new sources, such as a financial transaction tax or carbon tax, researchers say.
China, India surpass U.S. as most attractive renewables markets: report
China and India have surpassed the United States to become the two most attractive countries for renewable energy investment, a report by UK accountancy firm Ernst & Young showed on Tuesday.
Migration conference: Experts call for investment to keep Africans home
The Third Pan-African Forum on Migration brought together 250 delegates and experts from across the continent to discuss the global challenge of migrants and refugees
NTV Uganda
UK exit from EU ETS 'would not have significant impact on surplus CO2 allowances'
The surplus of CO2 allowances in the EU's Emissions Trading System would not change significantly were the UK to leave it, a new report from climate campaign think-tank Sandbag said Monday.
Drive for climate change awareness
THE human resources profession can be used to drive the awareness against climate change in respective organisations and businesses.
Fiji Times
Climat : les efforts chinois et indiens peuvent contrebalancer la politique de Trump
Les efforts plus importants réalisés par la Chine et l'Inde en matière de consommation de charbon devraient permettre de freiner la croissance des émissions mondiales de gaz à effet de serre au cours des prochaines années, malgré la nouvelle politique nettement moins favorable au climat de l'administration Trump, selon une analyse publiée lundi à Bonn (Allemagne) par le projet Climate Action Tracker (CAT), spécialisé dans l'analyse et le suivi des émissions de gaz à effet de serre et des mesures entreprises par les Etats pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique.
Green girl makes her mark at Bonn meet
India's 'Green Girl' Yugratna Srivastava, a final year engineering student is the youth representative in the ongoing United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn, Germany.
Times of India
Climat: l'Europe, une pionnière devenue élève moyenne
Paris - L'Union européenne, troisième émetteur de gaz à effet de serre (10%), est-elle une si bonne élève de la lutte climatique? Tour d'horizon de ses engagements, progrès et marges de manoeuvre alors que se déroulent à Bonn (Allemagne) des négociations sur l'application de l'accord de Paris.
Cambio climático hace estragos en corredor seco de Centroamérica
"El cambio climático nos vino a afectar en todo: el café, la milpa y el cultivo del frijol, por eso hemos sufrido mucho en cuanto a la desnutrición".
La Prensa
Reducir los riesgos ambientales de los polos, nuevo programa de la OMM
La Organización Meteorológica Mundial (OMM) puso hoy en marcha una campaña para mejorar la observación y la predicción en las regiones polares, con el propósito de reducir los riesgos medioambientales futuros y potenciar las oportunidades ante el aumento de la actividad económica registrada en los polos.
EFE Verde
Cambio climático: ganan las encinas, pierden los pinos
La falta de gestión de los bosques y el cambio climático están acelerando la sustitución de pinos por encinas y otros árboles de hoja ancha en España, según un estudio liderado por el Centro de Investigación Ecológica y Aplicaciones Forestales (CREAF-UAB).
La Razón
Argentina y Chile firmaron convenio para monitorear recursos naturales renovables
El acuerdo busca la aplicación de actividades técnicas, científicas, de desarrollo y transferencia tecnológica, relacionadas con el uso eficiente y sustentable de los recursos naturales renovables y la innovación productiva.
Bariloche Opina
Jujuy obtuvo en Pekín fondos para desarrollar las energías renovables
El Eximbank financiará la construcción de una planta solar; el proyecto cuesta unos US$ 400 millones.
La Nación
Precios de energía solar han bajado 70% en cinco años
Tras el crecimiento de la industria ésta se enfrenta a un Nuevo problema como lo es la información acudiendo con personas que no están cien por ciento capacitados
Nomination d'un nouveau secrétaire exécutif adjoint de l'agence climatique de l'ONU
Le Secrétaire général de l'ONU Antonio Guterres a nommé Ovais Sarmad au poste de secrétaire exécutif adjoint de la Convention-cadre des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques (CCNUCC), a annoncé lundi un porte-parole.
Des mains géantes à Venise pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique
Pour sensibiliser au réchauffement climatique qui frappe le globe dont Venise qui s’enfonce graduellement dans l’eau, une sculpture de mains géante qui soutient un bâtiment a été érigée dans la cité des Doges.
Climate Change, a risk for Fijian Economy
Climate change, natural disasters and the withdrawal by global banks of correspondent banking relationships remain an important risk to the small states and Pacific island countries, including Fiji.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
India, Sweden to further use of renewables to fight climate change
Sweden, one of the top 20 investors in India, is keen to partner Delhi to further the goal of use of renewables to combat challenges of climate change in keeping with the Paris Accord.
Economic Times
U.S. economic growth and security outweigh climate policy review, envoy tells U.N. conference
The Trump administration will stay focused on economic growth and national security no matter the outcome of its climate change policy review, a U.S. official told delegates at a United Nations convention in Germany on Saturday.
LA Times
Une étude de l’IEEFA (Institute for energy economics and financial analysis), publiée le 8 mai, révèle que 108 centrales à charbon en Europe, représentant 55 GW, sont potentiellement menacées de fermeture car elles dépassent de plus de 40 % les nouvelles normes de pollution atmosphérique mises en place par l’UE fin avril. Le Français EDF est exposé avec sept centrales "hors des clous".
Clean as in Silana
IF there is one thing the villagers of Silana can teach their fellow Fijians across the country, it would be how to keep their village clean
Fiji Times
Rising conservative voices call for climate change action
Climate change is one of many issues seen as dividing Democrats and Republicans.
PBS Newshour
L'Accord de Paris épargné au Conseil de l'Arctique
Pas une égratignure ! L'Accord de Paris sur le climat, que Donald Trump maintient sur la sellette depuis son arrivée à la Maison-Blanche après l'avoir dénoncé pendant sa campagne, est ressorti indemne de la réunion du Conseil de l'Arctique, qui vient de se tenir à Fairbanks, en Alaska. Les Etats-Unis n'ont pas profité de ce sommet bisannuel, qui réunit les huit pays dont le territoire empiète sur les 21 millions de kilomètres carrés (terres comprises) du cercle Arctique, pour émettre le moindre signal indiquant officiellement une prochaine sortie du processus historique enclenché fin 2015 par 196 nations pour lutter contre le réchauffement de la planète.
Les Echos
New Queen to advocate on climate change Fiji Sun Online
Tesco turns to solar in Paris climate accord pledge
Grocery chain seeks to secure all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030
Financial Times
Defying Trump, these state leaders are trying to impose their own carbon taxes
While the Trump administration continues to consider a withdrawal from the Paris agreement, climate action in the United States is increasingly falling to the state and local level. And now, a handful of states, mainly clustered in New England, are turning to the concept of carbon pricing with a renewed sense of urgency.
The Washington Post
Au Guatemala, une lagune disparaît, victime du changement climatique
Atescatempa (Guatemala) (AFP) - Des coquillages asséchés qui émergent du sol craquelé par le soleil : c'est tout ce qui reste de la lagune d'Atescatempa au Guatemala, autrefois vaste plan d'eau turquoise, victime du changement climatique.
COMMENT: The carbon conundrum
Is the current model of carbon pricing the best way forward?
CIM Magazine
UN report assesses ‘huge benefits’ and challenges of green energy revolution
The latest United Nations report on energy-efficiency technologies shows that low-carbon technologies apparently aid clean air, save water and cut land use, and could reduce 25 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and 17 million tonnes of particulates a year.
UN News Centre
UN chief: Climate-aware businesses will dominate economy of tomorrow
Antonio Guterres, who took over the reins from Ban Ki-Moon at the start of the year, described climate change as the “defining element of our time”. In an interview with Channel 4 news this week, the former Portuguese Prime Minister warned the world could ill-afford to waste any more time on reversing the impacts of global warming.
US signs treaty to protect Arctic, giving some hope for Paris agreement
Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, signs a commitment to curb greenhouse gas emissions and to extend scientific cooperation in the Arctic region
Faire pression sur les entreprises pour diminuer l’empreinte carbone de leurs portefeuilles, telle est la stratégie des investisseurs qui ont pris des engagements sur le climat. Les Assemblées générales sont l’occasion d’accentuer cette pression en soutenant des résolutions qui poussent les compagnies à avoir plus d’ambition. Analyse de ce jeu d’influence.
De nouvelles recommandations aident les Etats membres à réaliser leurs engagements en matière de climat
La FAO trace la voie à suivre pour que le secteur agricole contribue à la réalisation des ODD et aux efforts d’adaptation au changement climatique et d’atténuation de ses effets
Climate negotiators rally to protect IPCC science funding
National delegates in Bonn rejected a proposal by UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to stop funding science reports from its core budget
'Indigenous people are stabilizing the global climate'
Candido Mezua is an indigenous leader from Panama who was present at the recent violent protests in Brazil. At the climate conference in Bonn, he tells DW why it's crucial for indigenous peoples to defend forests.
Deutsche Welle
India's 2030 All-Electric Car Target Seen `Ambitious' by IEA
India’s potential plan to sell only electric cars by the end of next decade would require nearly eight times the global stock of such vehicles, according to the International Energy Agency.
Indígenas mesoamericanos llaman en Alemania a gobiernos a conservar bosques
El líder indígena emberá y representante de la Alianza Mesoamericana de Pueblos y Bosques (AMPB), Cándido Mezúa, llamó hoy en Bonn a los gobiernos a apoyar la conservación de los bosques y salvaguardar los derechos territoriales de los pueblos indígenas como medida para luchar contra el cambio climático.
FAO acoge nuevas reglas para contrarrestar el cambio climático
Las nuevas políticas empleadas por la FAO servirán para que los países puedan abordar el cambio climático desde la agricultura, la ganadería, la silvicultura y la pesca.
El Consejo del Ártico discute cambio climático y cooperación científica
La reunión del Consejo del Ártico en Fairbanks, Alaska, ha dado lugar a muchas posiciones sobre el cambio climático, el desarrollo económico y la necesidad de una mayor colaboración en la investigación científica.
Bolivia busca recuperar la flora andina para mitigar efectos del cambio climático
El Gobierno de Bolivia busca la recuperación y conservación de una variedad de plantas nativas para enfrentar los efectos del cambio climático en las zonas del altiplano y los valles andinos, dijo a Sputnik una autoridad gubernamental.
Presidenta Bachelet: Nuestro país está siendo afectado claramente por el cambio climático
La Presidenta Michelle Bachelet se refirió a la compleja situación derivada de las lluvias que afectan a la zona centro norte del país, apuntando directamente al cambio climático como el factor determinante para este fenómeno inusual.
La Namibie compte produire 27% de son énergie grâce au renouvelable d'ici à 2018
La Namibie produira 184 MW, soit 27% de son énergie, grâce aux ressources renouvelables d’ici à 2018, a annoncé le Conseil de contrôle de l’électricité (CCE), le régulateur national d’énergie.
Agence Ecofin
‘Sustainable insurance’: Seven takeaways from the first-ever summit of insurers and city leaders
For the insurance industry, the global trend toward urbanization means a lot of new business.
Climat : "L'engagement des maires et gouverneurs américains en faveur de mesures pour le climat n'a jamais été aussi solide"
e secrétaire d'Etat Rex Tillerson a expliqué jeudi 11 mai 2017 devant le Conseil de l'Arctique (un forum intergouvernemental créé il y a 20 ans pour coopérer en matière d'environnement, d'exploitations pétrolière et minière, de trafic maritime, de pêche et de tourisme), réuni en Alaska, que Washington n'allait pas se "précipiter" pour réviser sa politique environnementale, le président Donald Trump sur son maintien ou non au sein de l'accord multilatéral de Paris.
Sciences et Avenir
#ClimateClass: Reports and reflections from the Bonn climate talks Daily Climate
Tiffany & Co. Urges Trump To Keep The US. In The Paris Climate Agreement
Arctic Council Allies Urge US to Remain Committed to Climate Change Pact
As the seven other Arctic Council member nations called on the U.S. to remain a steady partner in efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told his counterparts the Trump administration has not yet made a decision on its policies on the issue.
Voice of America
Living Planet: Building cities resilient to climate change
Cities need to adapt to climate change, but how? DW spoke with an expert at the 2017 Resilient Cities forum in Bonn to discuss the current challenges and draw the path toward a sustainable future.
Deutsche Welle
Finland voices concern over US and Russian climate change doubters
New chair of Arctic council calls for Paris treaty on global warming to be respected amid fears of commitment downgrade
Tillerson signe une déclaration saluant l'accord de Paris
FAIRBANKS, Alaska, 12 mai (Reuters) - Le secrétaire d'Etat américain, Rex Tillerson, a signé jeudi un texte reconnaissant l'accord de Paris lors d'une rencontre du conseil de l'Arctique, quoique Donald Trump n'ait toujours pas divulgué sa décision sur le maintien ou non des Etats-Unis dans cet accord sur le climat.
Tillerson says US won't be rushed on climate change policies
Arctic nations have renewed calls for the world to address climate warming, but U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the United States will not rush to make a decision on its policies.
US signs international declaration on climate change despite Trump's past statements
While President Trump has talked tough in the past about his skeptical views on climate change, his administration appears to be taking a more cautious approach to the issue on the world stage in the early days of his presidency.
Trump no precipitará su decisión sobre el Acuerdo de París
Estados Unidos prometió hoy que su presidente, Donald Trump, no se precipitará en su análisis sobre si retirarse o no del Acuerdo de París y tendrá en cuenta las preocupaciones sobre los efectos del cambio climático, pero subrayó que su decisión será la "adecuada" para sus intereses nacionales.
EFE Verde
Ciudades y estados de EE.UU. se movilizan contra el cambio climático
Aunque el presidente Donald Trump aleja al gobierno federal de Estados Unidos de la lucha contra el cambio climático, numerosos estados y condados, dirigidos incluso por republicanos, continúan haciendo grandes esfuerzos a favor de las energías renovables para reducir las emisiones de carbono.
El Telégrafo
Más países ajustan sus leyes en defensa del clima
El número de países que ha ajustado sus legislaciones tras la cumbre climática de París de diciembre de 2015 ha ido en aumento en apoyo a los trabajos contra el cambio climático.
20 Minutos
Trump's climate stance looms over Arctic meeting
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will host foreign ministers from Arctic nations at a summit in Alaska on Thursday, where President Donald Trump's reluctance to fight climate change will likely cast a shadow over talks
SOS Ivanka! Can 'first daughter' save Paris climate deal?
Among the diplomats meeting here in Bonn, there's a recognition that the person who's really key to the future progress of climate talks is not in Germany but in the White House some 6,500km (4,000 miles) away.
India reaffirms Paris climate commitments
Piyush Goyal told a UN energy forum in Vienna India would pursue clean energy “irrespective of what others do”, in a nod to the US debate
Climate Home
Climat: les Etats-Unis défendront d'abord leurs intérêts
Fairbanks (Etats-Unis) (AFP) - Les Etats-Unis ont indiqué jeudi qu'ils prendraient leur temps pour revenir éventuellement sur leurs engagements internationaux en matière de changement climatique mais qu'ils défendraient d'abord leurs intérêts.
Global Carbon Price Needed to prevent Dangerous Global Warming: New Report
A worldwide carbon pricing system is needed to safeguard the future of the global economy, and to prevent dangerous levels of global warming, a group of over 200 leading organizations says in a new report.
The Climate Group
En Inde, les énergies solaires sont désormais moins chères que les énergies fossiles
Les observateurs n’avaient pas tablé sur une progression aussi fulgurante. Et pourtant, en Inde, deuxième pays le plus peuplé du monde après la Chine (qui bat régulièrement des records de pollution), les énergies renouvelables solaires coupent l’herbe sous le pied aux énergies fossiles, et plus vite que prévu. Ce qui rend le pays de plus en plus susceptible de tenir les engagements fixés lors de l’accord de Paris sur le climat en décembre 2015.
Construir entre todos ciudades resilientes al cambio climático
El séptimo foro de Ciudades resilientes y adaptación urbana organizado por Gobiernos Locales para la Sostenibilidad (ICLEI), celebrado en Bonn (Alemania), remarcó la necesidad de crear coaliciones y alianzas en todos los niveles para hacer frente a los desafíos que plantean el cambio climático y la urbanización insostenible.
El País
ENTREVISTA: "El cambio climático condicionará socialmente a la especie humana"
El paleontólogo y codirector de las excavaciones de Atapuerca, Juan Luis Arsuaga, ha intervenido en el Congreso Internacional sobre Cambios Climáticos y Ambientales con su charla sobre la evolución humana y el clima.
La BOAD et Aera Group mettent en place la 1ère facilité carbone de l’Afrique de l’Ouest
La Banque ouest-africaine de développement (BOAD) et l’Aera Group ont créé BOAD-CO2, la première facilité carbone de l’Afrique de l’Ouest. L’objectif de cette entité est de simplifier et d’accélérer l’accès des projets élaborés dans la région à la finance carbone.
Agence Ecofin
Les financiers du G7 réunis à Bari avec des questions pour Washington
Une réunion de deux jours des responsables financiers du Groupe des sept s'ouvre vendredi en Italie, et l'Europe, le Japon et le Canada espèrent à cette occasion se faire une idée plus précise des politiques du président américain Donald Trump.
OPINION: Why carbon tax is needed and what it means for Singapore The Straits Times
PARIS AGREEMENT Supporters relieved, see hope in delayed decision
Supporters of the Paris climate deal welcomed yesterday's news that President Trump wouldn't decide whether the United States will withdraw from it until after this month's Group of Seven summit, hoping the extra time and exposure to foreign leaders will work in their favor.
Climate change should be at forefront of reflection: Damlamian
CLIMATE change is obviously a big threat to the Pacific islands and that?s something that should be in the forefront of our reflection, says Herve Damlamian, a senior specialist oceanographic at the Pacific Community (SPC).
Fiji Times
Etats-Unis: villes et Etats mobilisés contre le changement climatique malgré Trump
Washington - Même si Donald Trump désengage l'Etat fédéral de la lutte contre le changement climatique, nombre de municipalités et d'Etats américains, même dirigés par des républicains, poursuivent l'effort en faveur des énergies renouvelables.
Trump anunciará decisión sobre Acuerdo de París a finales de mayo
Pese a la incertidumbre sobre si Estados Unidos seguirá comprometido con el Acuerdo de París sobre cambio climático bajo el gobierno del presidente Donald Trump, enviados convocaron el lunes a negociaciones para poner en práctica el pacto para reducir las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero.
Plano Informativo
Nine catholic institutions to divest from fossil fuels ahead of G7
Up to nine Catholic organizations have announced that they will divest from fossil fuel corporations in order to send a message to the upcoming G7 summit meeting in southern Italy. Representatives said that the move was inspired by Pope Francis's encyclical, "Laudato Si', on Care for Our Common Home."
Neuf organisations catholiques cessent d’investir dans les énergies fossiles
À quelques jours du G7, fin mai en Italie, le Mouvement catholique mondial pour le climat envoie un message fort aux gouvernements. En tout, 27 institutions catholiques ont renoncé à investir dans le pétrole, le charbon et le gaz.
La Croix
Bonn talks aim for 100% renewable energy solutions
Representatives from major organisations from all over the world gathered in Bonn on May 8 to discuss renewable energy presented solutions and strategies for achieving global 100% renewable energy
New Europe
From the Bonn climate talks: Increasing ambition, inside and out.
Ambition is a recurring point of tension at the United Nations climate talks.
Daily Climate
Le nombre de lois pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique a explosé en 20 ans
Il existe 1 200 lois adoptées dans 164 pays pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique. Soit 20 fois plus qu'en 1997, d'après un rapport de la London School of Economics.
France 24
World Bank climate boss wants to ‘activate trillionaire investments’ under Paris Agreement
After UN negotiators meet in Bonn this week and next to move the Paris Agreement forward, the World Bank will host “Innovate4Climate”, a meeting designed to get money flowing towards the goals laid out in the global climate pact.
Uncertainty over Trump decision on Paris climate accord clouds Arctic meeting
Climate change is the main issue dominating discussion of the Arctic region, and the future of American leadership on the issue is a looming question for a meeting Thursday among the United States and seven other Arctic nations.
Washington Post
Les doutes de Trump sur le climat pèsent sur le Conseil de l'Arctique
FAIRBANKS, Alaska (Reuters) - Le secrétaire d'Etat américain Rex Tillerson s'apprête à accueillir ce jeudi en Alaska ses homologues des pays du conseil de l'Arctique dans une situation inconfortable, Donald Trump n'ayant toujours pas fait connaître sa décision sur le maintien ou non des Etats-Unis dans l'accord de Paris sur le climat.
Africa clean energy row continues in Bonn
African leaders are no-one’s “puppet”, says head of the African group of climate negotiators, after $10bn scheme was said to have been hijacked by the EU
Climate Home
One of the world’s poorest countries is set to impose a carbon tax—because climate change affects us all
While the richest country on Earth contemplates pulling out of the Paris climate agreement to limit global emissions, Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries, is planning to adopt even stricter measures to reduce emissions: According to sources in the nation’s finance ministry, Bangladesh will introduce a carbon tax on fuel, in a budget that will be announced later this year.
Should lobbyists be excluded from climate meetings?
The influence of fossil fuel lobbyists on climate negotiations has come into the spotlight at the Bonn climate conference. But debate over their role has only just begun.
Deutsche Welle
Canada's Carbon Tax Is Going To Mimic Alberta's Plan
The federal government's plan to impose a carbon tax on provinces that don't do it themselves is expected to mimic the Alberta carbon program, including rebate payments sent directly to low- and middle-income individuals.
Huffington Post
EU carbon market faces changing hedging strategies, says analyst
Europe's carbon market faces a paradigm shift as utilities may be adjusting their hedging strategies, according to an analyst.
Climat : une hausse de 1,5°C dans une dizaine d'années
La hausse moyenne de la température devrait se poursuivre, même si l'oscillation des températures dans l'océan Pacifique sur plusieurs décennies a eu un effet négatif sur le réchauffement.
Le Figaro
A Bonn, la COP22 déblaye le terrain aux îles Fidji pour l’organisation de la COP23
Le président de la COP22, Salaheddine Mezouar a tenu à Bonn une série de réunions avec les différents groupes de négociateurs comme le groupe africain, le groupe des Etats arabes et l’alliance des Etats insulaires, indique la COP22 dans un communiqué.
EasyJet cuts carbon emissions
EasyJet has cut the carbon emissions of its flights to the lowest-ever rate, according to the airline.
Sky News
"Todavía estamos a tiempo de parar los peores efectos del cambio climático"
La investigadora Nerilie Abram ha sido la ponente que ha abierto las sesiones plenarias del Congreso Internacional sobre Cambios Climáticos y Ambientales que reúne a más de 900 científicos de 51 países para abordar los retos climáticos a los que el ser humano se enfrenta.
Zapatero:”La lucha contra el cambio climático es una oportunidad de progreso”
El expresidente del Gobierno José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero ha destacado hoy que la lucha contra el cambio climático y el nuevo modelo económico que implica es "una oportunidad de progreso" para España, que debe apostar por liderar la investigación e innovación en tecnologías limpias.
EFE Verde
Auckland Seaplanes going green with carbon zero award
Auckland Seaplanes is New Zealand's first air operator to become a carboNZero certified organisatio
New Zealand Herald
Jamaica enjoys influence in global climate change response architecture
JAMAICA CONTINUES to occupy positions of influence in the global architecture designed to work in the interest of climate change security for all, and in particular developing countries.
Jamaica Gleaner
Contribution de Robert Glaser et Patricia Espinosa «Ensemble, réduisons les risques climatiques et les risques de catastrophe !» Le Matin
China's Xi pledges to support Paris climate agreement
President Xi Jinping says he will uphold climate change agreement amid fears US may pull out of pact.
China’s Xi calls Macron, says he would uphold global climate deal
Chinese President Xi Jinping told French President-elect Emmanuel Macron in a phone call on Tuesday that he would uphold the Paris Agreement on curbing climate change.
Climate change laws exceed 1,200 worldwide, finds LSE study
Nations around the world have adopted more than 1,200 laws to curb climate change, up from about 60 two decades ago, a sign of widening efforts to limit rising temperatures, according to a new study.
US stance clouds UN's climate negotiators
UN climate negotiators in Bonn were left frustrated on Tuesday as the White House postponed a meeting to determine whether the US will stay in the 196-nation Paris Agreement to curb planet-harming fossil fuel.
Earth could hit 1.5 degrees of global warming in just nine years, scientists say
The Earth could be 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer than the late 1800s in just nine years, according to new research which suggests the aspirational Paris Agreement target is unlikely to be achieved.
Fiji wil defend, preserve multilateral consensus on cclimate change Fiji Sun Online
Vanuatu: petit paradis résistant
Classé comme le pays le plus vulnérable aux catastrophes naturelles par le World Risk Index, l’archipel du Vanuatu s’adapte par tous les moyens possibles aux changements climatiques. Un bel exemple de résilience.
Britain should stay in EU energy market in Brexit transition deal - think tank
Britain should seek to remain in the European Union's energy market and carbon trading scheme in a transition period if a Brexit deal is not reached in two years, a report by think tank Chatham House said on Wednesday.
Décision de Trump sur le climat après le G7
Le président Donald Trump fera connaître sa décision concernant le retrait ou non des Etats-Unis de l'accord de Paris sur le climat après le sommet du G7 qui se tiendra en Sicile les 26 et 27 mai, a dit la Maison blanche mardi.
Accord de Paris sur le climat: Trump reporte sa décision
Partir avec fracas au risque de faire s'écrouler l'édifice ou rester en recherchant des ajustements ? Le président américain Donald Trump a du mal à trancher sur l'accord de Paris sur le climat et a repoussé sa décision très attendue.
Airlines Say Biofuels Can Drive Business Results (and Airports Can Help)
Singapore Airlines made news last week with its announcement of “green package” flights on its non-stop San Francisco-Singapore route, powered by sustainable biofuels produced from used cooking oils and conventional jet fuel.
Environmental Leader
Conférence de Bonn sur le climat : ces régions du monde qui risquent de disparaître sous les eaux
196 pays représentés, environ 4.000 négociateurs et des discussions qui ne seront closes que le 18 mai prochain. La session annuelle des négociations climatiques qui s'est ouverte ce lundi à Bonn est caractérisée par son ampleur inédite. Le but de la conférence de Bonn sur le climat est clair : constituer un manuel résumant les mesures qui permettront la mise en oeuvre des accords de la COP21. A l'agenda de cette réunion se trouvent également des problèmes urgents, tels que la montée des eaux marines. Cette année, les îles Fidji sont en charge de l'organisation de cette conférence, et cela n'est pas anodin.
Europe 1
UE urge a Donald Trump a cumplir con el Acuerdo de París
La jefa de la diplomacia europea, Federica Mogherini, urgió este martes a EE.UU. a mantener su apoyo financiero a la ONU y a cumplir con el Acuerdo de París sobre clima.
Piden a Estados Unidos no abandonar la lucha contra el cambio climático
El ministro alemán de Exteriores, Sigmar Gabriel, pidió hoy a su homólogo estadounidense, Rex Tillerson, que defienda que Washington no abandone el Acuerdo de París contra el cambio climático.
El Nuevo Día
La Chine veut défendre l'accord de Paris sur le climat avec Emmanuel Macron
Le président chinois Xi Jinping et Emmanuel Macron doivent "se rencontrer le plus tôt possible", alors que Donald Trump a repoussé sa décision de sortir ou non de l'accord.
Se esperan inversiones masivas en energías renovables: Felipe Calderón
El ex presidente, Felipe Calderón, afirmó que las energías renovables están revolucionando fuertemente al mundo y a México, por lo que en los próximos años se esperan inversiones masivas.
COMMENT: Can Colleges Create a Climate for Pricing Carbon? Huffington Post
La Casa Blanca aplaza la reunión para hablar sobre el acuerdo de París
El Gobierno de Estados Unidos ha pospuesto una importante reunión prevista para hoy, destinada a determinar si debe o no retirarse del Acuerdo de París sobre cambio climático, un asunto que el presidente Donald Trump prometió dejar resuelto con una decisión este mes.
EFE Verde
Changements climatiques: le secteur privé est la clé selon Obama
Dans le cadre de son premier séjour à l’étranger depuis la fin de sa présidence, M. Obama a prononcé un discours, mardi, lors d’une conférence sur l’innovation alimentaire à Milan, en Italie. Il a déclaré à la foule présente que les entreprises aux États-Unis étaient déjà favorables à l’énergie propre, en partie en raison des économies qu’elle offre.
The Associated Press
La respuesta de las aves al cambio climático puede arriesgar su supervivencia
La estrategia de las aves migratorias frente al cambio climático, basada en el adelanto o retraso de sus desplazamientos y en la duración de la migración, podría tener consecuencias a largo plazo sobre su supervivencia, alertan los expertos.
EFE Verde
Nuevas investigaciones detallan huella negativa del cambio climático en América Latina
La revista Climatic Change publicó en marzo pasado una edición especial titulada Climate Change Impacts on Ecosystems, Agriculture and Smallholder Farmers in Central America, en donde se detallan las repercusiones negativas del cambio climático en América Central, principalmente sobre la agricultura y los ecosistemas
El mundo
Plus de 600 millions d’Africains n’ont pas accès aux services énergétiques modernes
Plus de 600 millions d’Africains n’ont pas accès aux services énergétiques modernes au moment où l’approvisionnement en l’électricité en Afrique subsaharienne ne représente qu’environ 31 pc de la population, avec un taux de 14 pc d’électrification dans le monde rural.

APA News
UN climate talks kick off in Bonn
The United Nations Climate Change Conference kicked off Monday in the western German city of Bonn.
Climat: avec ou sans Washington, sommet crucial pour l'accord de Paris
Six mois après l'élection d'un président américain climatosceptique, 196 pays entament à Bonn des discussions sur la mise en oeuvre de l'accord de Paris sur le climat.
White House climate change meeting postponed
The White House has postponed a Tuesday meeting to discuss whether the United States should withdraw from the landmark international climate deal struck in Paris under the Obama administration.
Ambassador addresses global media on climate talks
The Chief Negotiator for the Fijian COP23 Presidency, Ambassador Nazhat Shameem Khan, highlighted this to a gathering of global media at the latest round of UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany.
Fiji Times
Climate talks cool on idea of accommodating the US
Participants in UN climate talks have expressed reservations about making changes to the Paris climate agreement just to keep the US in the treaty.
Climat : à Bonn, négociations techniques et incertitude politique
Les Etats-Unis menacent de sortir de l’accord de Paris et de diminuer drastiquement leur contribution financière à la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique.
Le Monde
Trump threat to Paris climate pact casts shadow over Bonn talks
Negotiators from almost 200 countries are meeting in Bonn to hammer out a "rule book" for putting the Paris Climate Agreement into practice. Trump's threat to pull out of the accord is putting a damper on the UN talks.
Deutsche Welle
Climat : l’incertitude américaine pèse sur les négociations
Alors que les Etats sont réunis à Bonn pour définir les modalités de mise en œuvre de l’accord de Paris sur le climat, les Etats-Unis n’ont pas tranché sur leur maintien ou leur sortie du processus.
Le Monde
Donald Trump “forcé” de retirer les Etats-Unis de l’accord de Paris ?
Alors que s’ouvre une réunion cruciale sur le climat, lundi 8 mai à Bonn (Allemagne), un collectif de 38 groupes a exhorté le président américain Donald Trump à retirer les Etats-Unis de l’Accord de Paris sur le climat. Cette décision est “essentielle” pour protéger les producteurs d’énergie US, indique les organisations signataires d’une lettre adressée au chef de l’Etat américain.
Financial Afrik
Climate Negotiators Roll Up Their Sleeves in Bonn, With or Without the U.S.
As the next round of climate talks get underway in Bonn, the question on everyone’s mind is whether the United States government will stay in the Paris Agreement – and, if so, under what conditions.
Ecosystem Marketplace
All eyes on Washington as climate talks begin to compile guiding ‘rulebook’ for member states
Uncertainty over the US's future in the climate-rescue Paris Agreement loomed large over the United Nations' talks that opened in Bonn yesterday to work out the nuts and bolts of implementing the hard-fought international deal.
La hausse rapide du méthane alarme les climatologues
Alors que la conférence sur le climat s’est ouverte à Bonn lundi 8 mai, les scientifiques s’alarment : le taux de méthane, le deuxième gaz à effet de serre après le CO2, augmente à toute vitesse dans l’atmosphère.
COP21 : ce qui a changé depuis l'Accord de Paris sur le climat
Les candidats à la présidentielle n'en ont pas parlé pendant la campagne électorale, mais le climat se réchauffe toujours.
Slow response on Green Climate Fund
Attorney-General and the Minster responsible for Climate Change, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has urged the Asian Development Bank for a fast-tracking administrative process in the disbursements of funds by the Green Climate Fund (GCF).
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
PARA MINIMIZAR EFECTOS Y EMANACIONES Argentina e Italia firmaron acuerdo para trabajar contra el cambio climático
El ministro de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable de la Nación, Sergio Bergman, y el de Relaciones Exteriores y Cooperación Internacional de Italia, Angelino Alfano, firmaron hoy en Casa de Gobierno un memorándum de entendimiento de cooperación en materia de cambio climático.
El Diario
'Trump effect is not terminal' for climate talks
Donald Trump is mulling whether to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement. As negotiators gather in Bonn to discuss putting the plan into action, the WRI's Paula Caballero tells DW what a US exit could mean.
Deutsche Welle
Macron et Trump ont parlé terrorisme et climat
Emmanuel Macron et Donald Trump, qui se sont entretenus lundi par téléphone, ont évoqué la lutte contre le terrorisme et le réchauffement climatique, a-t-on appris auprès de leurs porte-parole respectifs. Les deux dirigeants sont également convenus de se rencontrer en marge du prochain sommet de l'Otan, le 25 mai à Bruxelles.
ONU abre reunión sobre clima pese a la incertidumbre en EEUU
Pese a la incertidumbre sobre si Estados Unidos seguirá comprometido con el Acuerdo de París sobre cambio climático bajo el gobierno del presidente Donald Trump, enviados convocaron el lunes a negociaciones para poner en práctica el pacto para reducir las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero.
Empresas del Fortune 500 aceleran traspaso a energías renovables
A pesar de los esfuerzos de Washington para dejar de lado la acción contra el cambio climático, un número creciente de empresas del Fortune 500 están tomando medidas cada vez más ambiciosas para reducir sus emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero (GHG), obtener más energía renovable y reducir sus facturas de energía a través de la eficiencia energética. Así lo revela un informe publicado por el Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza (WWF), Ceres, Calvert Research and Management (Calvert) y CDP.
El clima mundial en Bonn: 194 países esperan que Trump cumpla
En la antigua capital alemana se prepara la Cumbre Mundial sobre el Clima que tendrá lugar en noviembre. Prioridad de la agenda: convencer a Trump de respetar el Acuerdo de París.
OPINION: The Business Case for the Paris Climate Accord NY Times
Nations gather in Bonn on Paris agreement implementation
About 197 nations will meet in Germany from today to further develop the guidelines needed to fully implement the landmark 2015 Paris climate change agreement now and over the decades to come.
Guardian (Nigeria)
COP 23 in Bonn
FIJI'S main priority for the presidency at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) is to maintain the momentum and cohesiveness from the last COP conferences held in 2015 in Paris and in 2016 in Marrakesh.
Fiji Times
200 large investors urge G7 to keep climate change promises
Calpers, Amundi and Schroders have teamed up with 200 other large investors to urge governments globally to stand by their commitment to fight climate change, as fears rise that Donald Trump, the US president, will pull out of the Paris agreemen
Financial Times
Big investors urge Trump to stick with Paris climate accord
Investors with more than $15 trillion of assets under management urged governments led by the United States to implement the Paris climate accord to fight climate change despite U.S. President Donald Trump's threats to pull out.
ADB invests 1.5 mln USD for Fiji's presidency of COP23
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will invest 1.5 million U.S. dollars to assist Fiji's presidency of the 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP23) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and join the Fijian government's COP23 Advisory Panel.
US still in climate talks with no decision on Paris pullout
The United States says it it will continue attending United Nations climate change meetings, even as President Donald Trump considers pulling the U.S. out of a global emissions-cutting deal.
E.P.A. Dismisses Members of Major Scientific Review Board
The Environmental Protection Agency has dismissed at least five members of a major scientific review board, the latest signal of what critics call a campaign by the Trump administration to shrink the agency’s regulatory reach by reducing the role of academic research.
NY Times
EU countries have brought in $1bn of coal subsidies since Paris
In the shift to renewables, several member states are paying coal generators to be available for back-up power
Climate Home
As US, EU step back, climate talks could signal geopolitical shift
Normally obscure, interim climate talks opening today in Bonn offer a glimpse at a shifting world order.
Daily Climate
Green bonds need global standards
Green bonds designed specifically to help finance the fight against climate change are attracting rapidly growing interest from issuers and investors alike as governments worldwide step up their efforts to combat global warming.
Financial Times
De Beers Prepares for South African Carbon Tax w/Carbon Capture Pilot Project
De Beers, the diamond unit of Anglo American, will attempt to capture carbon within the rock from which diamonds are extracted in order to offset its harmful emissions and reduce a tax it might have to pay on carbon emissions at its South Africa mines.
Environmental Leader
COMMENT: The Six Advantages of Imposing a Harmonised Carbon Tax
A carbon tax policy might not be a magic wand programme but it is also less likely to face political opposition and compromise while creating new sectors for businesses and growth.
The Wire
Cities best armed to fight climate change: U.N. climate chief
Cities are places where action on climate change can have most impact because they are engines for innovation and also highly vulnerable to a warming planet, the head of the U.N. climate program said on Thursday.
Scientists call for more precision in global warming predictions
Researchers from Harvard University, Princeton University and the Environmental Defense Fund proposed a new, more precise way to measure the effects of greenhouse gas emissions on Earth's climate in an article published on Thursday in the academic journal Science
GE’s Immelt urges Trump to remain in Paris climate accord
Debate comes as White House splits over campaign promise on environment
Financial Times
Directionless, US climate negotiators head to UN talks Add a new headline
As Trump mulls over leaving the Paris agreement, US officials fly in to interim talks with no clear mandate
Climate Home
Shell joins Exxon to defend Paris climate accord
Royal Dutch Shell has voiced its support for the Paris climate agreement amid speculation that President Donald Trump may be about to withdraw the US from the global emissions reduction plan.
Financial Times
Executive Board fine-tunes details in preparation for implementation of CDM simplifications
At the close of its 94th meeting today, the Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has adopted a number of measures to ensure the continuation of their efforts to maximize access to the mechanism, improve its efficiency, and reduce its costs.
California tables new cap-and-trade plan that jumps ahead of Quebec and Ontario
California's Senate proposed a new and more ambitious carbon credit cap-and-trade system this week, challenging Ontario and Quebec to do the same or get left behind
Red alert: Kofi Annan on the photos that capture our choking planet Guardian
Solar-industry leader calls for action on Paris deal
It’s time for businesses to take action on achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement by ivesting in renewable energy, adopting a carbon price and improving sustainability reporting, among other things, says Chinese solar giant JinkoSolar.
Negative emissions tech: can more trees, carbon capture or biochar solve our CO2 problem?
As CO2 levels rise, controversial techniques including carbon capture and storage, enhanced weathering and reforestation may be solutions
This Is the Pivotal Moment in the Fight Against Climate Change TIME
NATO urges global fight against climate change as Trump mulls Paris accord
Climate change poses a global security threat that all countries must fight together, a NATO general said on Wednesday, as U.S. President Donald Trump nears a decision on whether to pull out of the Paris climate deal.
La COP23 appelle Trump à rester dans le jeu
Climat: Le président de la COP23 a exhorté mercredi les Etats-Unis à rester dans l'accord de Paris sur le climat.
Piden 12 gobernadores a Trump mantener a EUA en Acuerdo de París
Un grupo de 12 gobernadores de Estados Unidos urgió hoy al presidente Donald Trump a que mantenga al país dentro del Acuerdo de París sobre Cambio Climático, debido al "efecto catastrófico" que supondría ignorar ese compromiso.
El Horizonte
11 American Governors Urge Donald Trump To Not Withdraw From Paris Agreement
Eleven American governors today urged US President Donald Trump not to withdraw from the Paris agreement, saying that if the US does not make the transition to clean energy then China and India will reap the benefits of the low-carbon leadership.
Comment le réchauffement de la planète aggrave les catastrophes climatiques
Le journal de l'Académie des sciences américaine (PNAS) a tenté de quantifier l'influence du réchauffement climatique sur les évènements climatiques extrêmes. Les scientifiques sont partis du constat suivant : les évènements climatiques extrêmes ont augmenté dans de nombreuses régions du globe. Par le passé, les scientifiques évitaient généralement de relier directement un évènement météorologique isolé au changement climatique, en citant notamment les difficultés de séparer l'influence humaine et la variabilité naturelle de la météo. Mais c'est en train de changer.
Le Vif
Do-or-die: EU pushes Trump to stick to Paris climate deal
EU officials are scrambling to persuade U.S. President Donald Trump not pull out of the Paris climate accord after his advisers warned of legal problems if Washington stayed in but lowered its commitments.
EU says US can ‘chart its own path’ on Paris climate change deal
Brussels fears Trump may ditch global agreement in pursuit of fossil fuel promises
Financial Times
Nato warns climate change is 'global security threat'
A Nato General has warned climate change poses a global security threat as US President Donald Trump prepares to make a decision on whether to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.
The Independent
Ignoring environment, culture could keep people in poverty - researchers
Efforts to fight rural poverty need to take better account of the environment and local culture to avoid exacerbating the problems they are meant to solve, researchers said.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Fears grow that 'cancel' is back on the table
Winds have shifted in the White House against staying in the Paris Agreement, marking an abrupt course change since last week, when climate advocates felt confident that President Trump would preserve U.S. membership with weaker targets.
En Syrie, en Afghanistan, au Darfour ou encore au Nigéria, le changement climatique a agi comme un multiplicateur de menaces dans l’émergence des conflits, selon plusieurs rapports récents. Et son rôle pourrait être de plus en plus déterminant à l’avenir. Pour en mesurer tous les effets, la France s’est dotée d’un observatoire hébergé au sein de l’Iris, l’Institut de relations internationales et stratégiques.
Motion for climate change curriculum
A MOTION to endorse and implement topics and activities relating to the issue of climate change into the Anglican education curriculum will be passed by the church's synod today.
Fiji Times
Bala: Climate change is central theme for carnivals this year
All municipal carnivals’ theme this year will be centred on climate change. This was confirmed by Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment, Infrastructure and Transport Parveen Bala as he launched the 2017 Vodafone Tebara Carnival on Tuesday night.
Fiji Sun Online
No snow on summits by 2100?: Climate researchers make dire prediction for Big Island mountains
Chunxi Zhang, lead author of “Monitoring and Projecting Snow on Hawaii Island,” said in an article in the journal Earth’s Future that by the end of the century, neither Mauna Kea nor Mauna Loa will have significant snowfall.
Hawai Tribune-Herald
UK committee urges staying in EU carbon market to 'at least 2020'
An all-party UK parliamentary committee on Tuesday urged the UK to remain part of the EU's carbon emissions trading scheme with uncertainty in the energy sector following the UK's June 2016 vote which narrowly supported an exit from the European Union.
COMMENT: Can California Tap Carbon Markets To Save Its Delta (And Its Drinking Water)?
The inland marshes that provide half of California’s drinking water and support its massive agriculture sector are sinking into the ground and drowning in fertilizer running off from farms. They’re also emitting massive amounts of carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change. Here’s how that could be the key to their salvation.
Ecosystem Marketplace
OPINIÓN: ¿Sobrevivirá la Amazonía al cambio climático? Por (*) Analiz Vergara (@wwf_lac)
Si tuviéramos que describir la vida en la Tierra en unas pocas líneas sin duda entre ellas mencionaríamos a la Amazonía. Ese lugar único que ocupa la parte norte de Sudamérica, encabeza la lista de elementos irremplazables del planeta, y es por eso quizá, que la posibilidad de que desaparezca es tan angustiante. ¿Podríamos perder a la Amazonía para finales del siglo XXI debido al calentamiento global? La respuesta más honesta es que nadie lo sabe aún. No obstante, hay algunas pistas que no podemos ignorar.
EFE Verde
Prevén más incendios por cambio climático
Debido a que el cambio climático está haciendo que tengamos inviernos más cálidos, más cortos y mucho más secos, la maleza se seca, lo que provoca que los incendios se extiendan mucho más rápido y con mayor facilidad.
Zapatero estará en la inauguración del Congreso de Cambio Climático
El expresidente del Gobierno José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero será uno de los conferenciantes que participarán en el Congreso Internacional sobre Cambio Climático SOCC Huelva 2017, que se celebrará del 10 al 12 de mayo en la Casa Colón de Huelva, según ha anunciado la Junta de Andalucía.
Huelva Ya
Zaragoza, cumbre sobre el cambio climático
El Congreso Internacional sobre Cambios Climáticos y Ambientales aterriza por primera en España y reunirá en Zaragoza desde el 10 hasta el 13 de mayo a más de 900 científicos de 51 países que abordarán los desafíos del cambio climático.
El Periódico de Aragón
La contaminación cambia los carteles de los Parques Nacionales
El cambio climático no es un problema de futuro, ya es una cuestión de presente. Hay muchos parajes naturales que por culpa de diferentes factores, entre ellos el calentamiento global provocado por la contaminación, ya han cambiado su apariencia durante el último siglo.
La Vanguardia
Los riesgos del Cambio Climático también a medio plazo
Los inversores con un enfoque de mercado más vinculado a la inversión a largo plazo (principalmente fondos de pensiones, fondos soberanos o empresas de seguros) ya están emitiendo signos inequívocos de que los riesgos del Cambio Climático son, en algunos casos, de tal importancia que no les interesan empresas en sus carteras que no afronten dicha situación y no valoren las posibles pérdidas que pueden acarrear.
El País
PM campaigns for global support for COP 23
Prime Minister and incoming COP23 President Voreqe Bainimarama, has appealed to the US President, Donald Trump, not to abandon the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
Report: Fossil fuel groups may seek to 'undermine' UN climate talks
Corporate lobbyists with strong links to fossil fuel industries could use their on-going access to UN climate talks in Bonn next week to try and undermine or slow progress on tackling climate change, a campaign group has warned.
Fiji doing an amazing job in climate change, says advisor
Fiji is a classic example of a country in the Pacific punching above its weight in climate change matters, says sustainable development advisor Taholo Kami.
Fiji Sun Online
Fossil fuel lobbies cripple UN climate talks, report says
Coal and oil groups "undermine" UN climate negotiations, says Corporate Accountability International. A group of developing countries is calling for big polluters' lobbyists to be kicked out of upcoming talks in Bonn.
Deutsche Welle
Energies fossiles: le début de la fin?
L’accord climat de Paris, conclu en 2015, a officiellement ouvert la chasse aux émissions de gaz à effet de serre, notamment le CO2, responsables du réchauffement climatique. Sans en faire explicitement mention, le document largement ratifié en 2016, a acté la décarbonisation. Le glas aurait-il sonné pour les énergies fossiles?
Standard & Poor’s évalue la finance verte
L’agence va lancer une notation verte évaluant les impacts positifs sur l’environnement des projets financés par des instruments « verts ».
En savoir plus sur
Les Échos
Debate Over Paris Climate Deal Could Turn on a Single Phrase
The debate within the Trump administration over what to do about the Paris climate agreement has reached a critical phase, according to people familiar with the internal negotiations.
NY Times
White House Leaning Toward Exiting Paris Agreement By Next Week, Sources Say
President Donald Trump may pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change as early as next week, sources with knowledge of the plans told HuffPost on Tuesday.
Huffington Post
Selon le dernier aperçu mensuel sur l’énergie électrique publié jeudi 27 avril 2017 par RTE, l’énergie éolienne aurait battu un nouveau record de production au mois de mars 2017, prenant ainsi toujours plus de place dans le mix électrique français. Outre l’augmentation régulière des capacités de production installées, ces performances seraient liées avant tout aux bonnes conditions météorologiques caractérisées par des vents fréquents sur toute la période.
El nivel del mar sube en el Índico el doble que el en resto del mundo
El nivel del mar en la parte norte del océano Índico se elevó el doble que en el resto del mundo a causa del calentamiento global durante el periodo 2003-2013, de acuerdo con un estudio difundido por el Centro Nacional Indio para la Investigación del Océano y la Antártida (NCAOR).
EFE Verde
Perú: Gobierno plantea reducir en 30% la emisión de gases para el 2030
La definición del gobierno de las metas ambientales en materia de cambio climático establece la reducción de las emisiones de gases del efecto invernadero en un 30 % hacia el 2030. Sin embargo, el principal desafío que enfrentará es conseguir el consenso de los múltiples actores para que las metas sean cumplidas.
La República
Grupo Banco Mundial presenta nuevo programa de apoyo al Perú por US$ 500 millones
Dicho programa apoyará tres pilares estratégicos: productividad para el crecimiento, servicios al ciudadano en todo el territorio, y gestión del medio ambiente y los riesgos asociados al cambio climático.
Científicos caribeños luchan contra el cambio climático
Los científicos caribeños, quienes hace unos 10 años comenzaron a diseñar sistemas y estrategias para reducir las consecuencias del cambio climático en el mar, subrayan que los pescadores de la región ya sufren los efectos del fenómeno.
La mitad de las especies del mundo se están desplazando por cambio climático
Estudio publicado en "Science" demuestra cómo este fenómeno está cambiando los patrones de comportamiento de flora y fauna. Mientras los especímenes terrestres se mueven tres metros por década, los habitantes del mar lo hacen cuatro veces más rápido.
El Espectador
Alcalde invita a escéptico columnista a palpar cambio climático en Miami
El alcalde de Miami Beach, Philip Levine, invitó hoy formalmente a un columnista escéptico del cambio climático a experimentar los estragos que el aumento del nivel del mar ha causado en esta turística ciudad de Florida (EE.UU.).
Rotterdam se transforma en ciudad sostenible ante retos ambientales
Con el puerto más extenso de Europa y el 80 % de su superficie bajo el nivel del mar, Rotterdam desea convertir con nuevos proyectos a la segunda ciudad de Holanda en una de las urbes más sostenibles del mundo antes de 2025, explicó hoy a Efe el teniente de alcalde Pex Langeberg.
Why 'ocean is the new climate,' and what it means for business
On April 29, thousands of demonstrators filled the streets of Washington, D.C. and other cities to show their support for climate change action.
KEPCO makes foray into first overseas CDM biz
South Korea's state-controlled electric utility company said Sunday that is has made its first overseas foray into the clean development mechanism business. Korea Electric Power Corp. said it signed a deal with its counterpart in Iran on Saturday to reduce greenhouse gases in the resource rich Middle East country.
Korea Herald
Kerala sees 50 per cent rise in solar power production in last fiscal
Faced with a looming power crisis, the state is looking up to the sun to meet its electricity requirement.
Indian Express
Energy ministry to develop 16 wind power plants
The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry is planning to develop wind power plants in 16 locations across the country.
Jakarta Post
New bill would help California combat climate change
California’s cap-and-trade program, the crucial mechanism for California’s fight against climate change, is facing stiff headwinds.
San Francisco Chronicle
Arctique: Les morses et les caribous menacés de disparition
Réchauffement climatique, recul de la glace de mer, interactions plus fréquentes avec les touristes, développement industriel… Autant de menaces qui pèsent sur les deux derniers troupeaux de morses du Canada et une énième harde de caribous qui sont aujourd’hui « menacés de disparition » dans l’Arctique. Le nombre d’espèces sauvages du Nord canadien considérées comme étant en péril atteint maintenant 62 espèces, a précisé, ce lundi, le Comité sur la situation des espèces en péril au Canada (Cosepac) à l’issue de sa réunion bisannuelle.
20 Minutes
Sir Richard Branson urges introduction of carbon tax
The billionaire owner of Virgin Atlantic has called for a carbon tax to be introduced to "speed up the clean fuel revolution".
Belfast Telegraph
Inondations, canicules... les villes doivent se préparer "urgemment" au changement climatique
Le changement climatique va mettre sous pression les villes, qui doivent dès à présent renforcer leurs capacités de résistance, ont prévenu des scientifiques et experts réunis à Vienne au congrès des sciences de la terre.
Sciences et Avenir
A global health guardian: climate change, air pollution, and antimicrobial resistance (report)
Global defences against universal transboundary threats to health, like climate change, air pollution and antimicrobial resistance, depend on WHO’s role as a guardian of public health.
The US is using so much solar power that it will have to prepare for the August eclipse
In the ancient world from the Mayans to the Egyptians, a solar eclipse portended one thing: “a disruption of the established order,” says E. C. Krupp, director of the Griffith astronomical observatory in Los Angeles.
"Don't let the whole side down": Bainimarama
Fiji's prime minister Frank Bainimarama has asked his Australian counterpart to press Donald Trump over climate change.
Radio New Zealand
Nations push to curb business influence at UN climate talks
Countries including China and India are pushing for tighter rules on business groups attending UN climate meetings, saying possible corporate influence over the talks needs to be made clearer to avoid conflicts of interest.
Financial Times
Great climate at the „History Corner“
The exhibition marks the 25th anniversary of the United Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which was passed on May 9, 1992, in New York City and signed at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro by 154 states.
General-Anzeiger (English)
Can the U.S. weaken its target? The answer may hinge on a word
The future of U.S. participation in the Paris Agreement may hinge on how the Trump White House reads a single sentence.
California Senate proposes cap-and-trade overhaul: price limits in, free credits out
The California Senate is unveiling a proposal today to overhaul the cap-and-trade system.
Sacramento Bee
MPs urge Britain to keep close energy and climate ties to the EU
The U.K. should keep its energy and climate change relationship with the EU as close to the status quo as possible in the next few years, without leaving the internal energy or emissions trading markets, British MPs said Tuesday.
Francia pide a EEUU respeto por lo acordado en la cumbre de París
La ministra de Medio Ambiente de Francia, Ségolène Royal, pidió hoy al Gobierno estadounidense que respete lo acordado en la Cumbre Climática de París de 2015 (COP21) y reduzca sus emisiones de gases contaminantes entre un 26 y un 28 % en 2025 en relación a 2005.
EFE Verde
El cambio climático vuelve impredecible al río Nilo
El cambio climático afecta ya a uno de los más importantes ríos en el presente y pasado de la humanidad, haciendolo cada vez más impredecible, revelaron nuevos estudios.
DiCaprio marchó contra el cambio climático junto a líderes Sáparas
"La marcha del clima de hoy (29 de abril de 2017) me deja inspirado y con esperanzas por nuestro futuro. Debemos continuar trabajando juntos y luchando por la justicia climática" dijo el actor estadounidense Leonardo DiCarpio en su cuenta de Twitter luego de haber participado junto a líderes indígenas en una marcha en contra del cambio climático y las políticas energéticas del presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump.
Agencia DPA
El cambio climático está agravando los cuadros de asma
El cambio climático está agravando los cuadros de asma.
La Gaceta
Convocan a participar en concurso fotográfico sobre el cambio climático
Con el propósito de difundir la percepción de la sociedad respecto al impacto de las alteraciones al medioambiente, autoridades federales invitan a participar en el Segundo Concurso Nacional Fotografía de Impactos y Adaptación al Cambio Climático en México.
America's First Offshore Wind Energy Makes Landfall in Rhode Island
America's first offshore wind farm will connect today to Block Island, a small, pork chop-shaped landmass off the tip of Long Island. For Cliff McGinnes, a co-owner of the Block Island Power Company, the transition to wind energy can't come soon enough.
Inside Climate News
In threat to food security, Bangladesh moves to burn grain for fuel
Bangladesh plans to begin turning some of the grain it produces into ethanol to make its fuel greener – but economists and experts warn the move could hurt food security in a country that is already a grain importer.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Trans-Atlantic research aims to unlock climate change mysteries
Scientists from six countries have teamed up on a slow boat from Newfoundland to Ireland to take a hard look at the possible effects of climate change on the northwest Atlantic Ocean.
Lakes worldwide feel the heat from climate change
Warming waters are disrupting freshwater fishing and recreation
How architects can take action on climate change
Architects have a big responsibility for the role the built environment plays in climate change.
OPINION: Setting the rules of the game at Bonn climate change talks
Exclusive: Trump Says U.S. Wants Fair Treatment in Climate Pact
President Donald Trump complained on Thursday that the United States was being unfairly treated in the Paris Climate Agreement and told Reuters he would announce a decision in about two weeks on whether Washington would remain in the accord.
Donald Trump estime que l'Accord de Paris sur le climat n'est pas "juste"
Les Etats-Unis ne sont pas traités sur un pied d'égalité avec les autres pays par l'Accord de Paris sur le climat, a estimé jeudi le président américain Donald Trump. Un retrait de Washington de cet accord est possible.
Accord de Paris sur le Climat : Donald Trump fera connaître sa dernière décision avant le prochain G7
La Maison Blanche a déjà fait savoir qu’elle examinait sa position sur ce sujet, tandis que le président Donald Trump a confirmé qu’il annoncerait sa décision sur le maintien ou non dans l’accord de Paris avant de se rendre au sommet du G7 en Italie les 26 et 27 mai.
Global airport industry hard at work to reduce and eliminate its CO2 emissions
Brussels, Hong Kong, Casablanca, Washington DC, Panama and Montreal - With international airline emissions soon to be subject to the CORSIA agreement struck at ICAO last year, the global airport industry today issues a reminder of the progress it has been making in addressing its CO2 emissions, through the independent and voluntary global programme, Airport Carbon Accreditation.
Travel Daily News
Au Canada, la pollution de l’industrie pétrolière a été sous-évaluée
En difficulté, les compagnies espèrent développer un « baril de pétrole carboneutre ».
Une étude scientifique, publiée le 24 avril dans la revue de l’Académie américaine des sciences, met dans l’embarras les exploitants de sables bitumineux au Canada. Réalisée par des experts du ministère fédéral de l’environnement et du changement climatique, elle démontre que les estimations de l’industrie sur les émissions de composés organiques volatiles sont largement sous-évaluées.
Le Monde
Trump advisers likely to meet again in May to discuss Paris pact
Advisers to President Donald Trump held a meeting at the White House on Thursday to discuss whether the United States should remain in the Paris global climate deal and will likely meet again in May before making a final decision, an administration source said.
Climat : au Sahel, les tempêtes extrêmes ont triplé en 35 ans
Le réchauffement climatique est responsable de l'augmentation de la fréquence des tempêtes extrêmes qui ont plus que triplé ces 35 dernières années au Sahel, révèle une étude parue mercredi.
Jeune Afrique AFP
Fiji Has Access To Climate Finance, Parliament
The Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum yesterday explained ways Fiji could gain access to climate financing
Fiji Sun Online
Green growth in Fiji
ARGUABLY one of the most beautiful places in the world, Fiji is an archipelago of more than 330 islands with a vibrant culture that proudly celebrates its rich heritage, community life, and national sport, rugby.
Fiji Times
Arnold Schwarzenegger à Paris vendredi pour défendre l'environnement
L'acteur et ancien gouverneur de Californie Arnold Schwarzenegger sera reçu à Paris par Anne Hidalgo vendredi. Il signera une convention engageant son organisation de lutte contre le réchauffement climatique auprès des grandes villes du monde engagées en faveur de l'environnement.
Growing number of pension funds divest from fossil fuels
Schemes move away from companies that generate revenues from oil, gas and coal
Financial Times
California says oceans expected to rise higher than thought
California says new climate change findings mean the ocean off the state's coast is expected to rise higher than previously thought.
With International Solar Alliance, India seeks its place under the sun
By launching International Solar Alliance, India signalled it would use it as a foreign policy tool to cement leadership among developing countries
Europe's meat and dairy farming vulnerable as climate change worsens water scarcity - study
Water scarcity half a world away caused by climate change could push up prices for meat and diary products in Europe by disrupting supplies of soybean, which is widely used as feed for livestock, researchers said Wednesday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
With International Solar Alliance, India seeks its place under the sun
By launching International Solar Alliance, India signalled it would use it as a foreign policy tool to cement leadership among developing countries
China economic upturn threatens emissions gains
Growth sparks pollution rise after years of improved air quality and falling coal use
Financial Times
China to boost non-fossil fuel use to 20 percent by 2030: state planner
China aims for non-fossil fuels to account for about 20 percent of total energy consumption by 2030, increasing to more than half of demand by 2050, its state planner said on Tuesday, as Beijing continues its years-long shift away from coal power.
Trump advisers to discuss whether U.S. stays in Paris climate pact -official
White House advisers and Trump administration officials will meet on Thursday to discuss whether the United States should remain in the Paris climate agreement, a White House official said on Wednesday.
Perry Says Trump Should Renegotiate, Not Exit, Paris Accord
Energy Secretary Rick Perry became the latest senior member of President Donald Trump’s administration to publicly advocate for staying in the Paris climate accord, saying the U.S. should renegotiate the deal and push European nations to take on a larger share of emissions reductions.
Climat : la prise de conscience monte chez les grands investisseurs
CLIMAT - Selon une étude dévoilée mercredi, une grosse moitié des grands investisseurs mondiaux prennent désormais en compte le changement climatique et le risque que cela fait peser sur leur portefeuille d'actifs. Une nette progression en un an. Les investisseurs d'Europe et d'Australie sont les meilleurs élèves.
Accord de Paris: les USA pourraient rester
L'administration du président Donald Trump semble envisager de plus en plus sérieusement de maintenir les Etats-Unis dans l'accord de Paris sur le climat, sous la pression des grandes entreprises et au prix d'un nouveau retournement politique.
20 Minutes (Suisse)
March 2017 continues global warming trend
It was the second-warmest March - after March 2016 - in a database which goes as far back as 1880.
Climat: 13 grands groupes pressent la Maison Blanche de rester dans l’accord de Paris
Treize grands groupes internationaux, dont plusieurs géants américains, ont pressé mercredi le président Donald Trump de maintenir les États-Unis dans l’accord de Paris sur le climat.
Shell, Walmart y otras empresas piden cumplir con el Acuerdo de París
Donald Trump desde que estaba en campaña no ocultó nunca su intención de desvincular a Estados Unidos de los distintos acuerdos climáticos que, según él, impactaban a las empresas y a la generación de empleos en el país norteamericano. Sin embargo, el pensamiento del magnate puede distar de los empresarios norteamericanos quienes parecen pensar de forma distinta.
Climate change deepening Horn of Africa's hunger crisis, Oxfam says
Climate change is making drought and humanitarian disasters worse in the Horn of Africa, Oxfam said on Thursday, ahead of a major climate march in Washington to coincide with the first 100 days of the Trump administration.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Manchots: les chercheurs appellent à mieux protéger l'Antarctique
Les manchots sont directement menacés par le réchauffement climatique qui modifie très rapidement leur habitat et l'abondance de leurs ressources alimentaires, ont averti mardi des scientifiques à l'occasion de la Journée mondiale des manchots.
'Artificial plants' could turn carbon dioxide into fuel helping to reduce global warming
An artificial form of photosynthesis that sucks carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has been invented by a scientist who claims the “breakthrough” device could be used to reduce global warming.
Global Warming Costs Mount as Heatwave Hits Chile’s Glaciers
High, high up in the Andes mountains above Chile’s capital, at the foot of the glaciers that date from the last ice age, the temperatures were almost balmy this summer. That threatens long-term water supplies to the city of seven million spread out on the plain below.
De plus en plus d’icebergs longent la côte est du Canada, et ce n’est pas une bonne nouvelle…
Si le spectacle des icebergs qui longent la côte est du Canada en cette période est des plus beaux, il n’en est pas moins inquiétant, leur nombre étant en forte hausse. Pour les scientifiques, le changement climatique y est bien pour quelque chose.
Science Post
Assemblée générale d’AXA. Le géant de l’assurance ne sera pas le leader de demain
Interrogé pendant son Assemblée Générale par les Amis de la Terre et son partenaire polonais « Development Yes, Open-pit Mines No », AXA rate l’opportunité de renouer avec le leadership qu’il avait pris en mai 2015 en annonçant se désinvestir des entreprises qui tirent plus de 50% de son chiffre d’affaires du charbon.
Amis de la Terre
Carbon trading experts urge government to stay in EU ETS until at least 2020
The government is facing mounting pressure to clarify its plans for the EU's Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) after Brexit, after the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) wrote to Climate Change Minister Nick Hurd this week to warn businesses in the UK and EU will be put at risk by delaying a decision on the future of the scheme.
Business Green
Pueblos indígenas son esenciales en la lucha contra el cambio climático
Las comunidades indígenas son esenciales para el éxito de las medidas para combatir el cambio climático, según un informe presentado este miércoles por la Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT) y la Oficina de la ONU para la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres (UNISDR).
El Mundo
Primer día sin carbón en Reino Unido
El país pionero en el uso del carbón es también la primera de las grandes economías en eliminarlo paulatinamente.
Somos uno de los países más vulnerables del mundo frente al cambio climático: Santos
El presidente de la República, Juan Manuel Santos, entregó un balance sobre las acciones que se han realizado en Manizales, tras los deslizamientos y anunció que ya se inicia la etapa de estabilización.
El Heraldo
Los cinco mayores desplazamientos que ha causado el cambio climático
Las Naciones Unidas (ONU) ha publicado un informe en donde expone que hay 64 millones de personas desplazadas en todo el mundo y en él, señalan los cinco lugares que se han llevado la peor parte, todo a causa del calentamiento global. Los datos se han triplicado con respecto al año 2005 y muestran las alteraciones climáticas recolectadas por Nasa gracias al Common Sense Climate Index.
Innovación agrícola para frenar el cambio climático
La innovación agrícola puede ser una herramienta para limitar el calentamiento global, de forma que se eviten los peores efectos del cambio climático y las migraciones forzadas en el mundo, indicó hoy la Organización de la ONU para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO).
El Comercio
En busca del santo grial que permita reutilizar el CO2 ya emitido
Si echamos la vista atrás y volvemos a las clases de naturales del colegio podemos recordar que la corteza terrestre está compuesta por la corteza, zona externa sólida donde vivimos los seres vivos, el manto, compuesto de rocas fundidas que forman lo que conocemos como magma y el núcleo, de hierro.
La Vanguardia
Most global investors recognise financial risk of climate change, report finds
For the first time a majority of global investor heavyweights recognise the financial risks of climate change, according to the results of a major global index rating how investors manage such risks.
State prosecutors urge Trump not to withdraw from Paris accord
More than a dozen state prosecutors urged President Donald Trump in a letter on Tuesday not to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, which commits the United States, along with 200 other countries, to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in an attempt to slow global warming.
Climate change offers huge investment opportunity: experts
Climate change should be grasped as an opportunity to attract vast capital flows into low-carbon investments, create jobs and spur economic growth, rather than viewed as a money-absorbing burden, top officials and experts said.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Brazil weighs biofuel mandates for fuel distributors to cut emissions
The Brazilian government is evaluating setting biofuel mandates to fuel distributors with the aim of increasing consumption of renewable fuels and cutting carbon emissions, the country’s biofuels director Miguel de Oliveira said on Tuesday.
Climat : le secrétaire à l’énergie américain veut rester dans l’accord de Paris
Contrairement à Scott Pruitt, le patron de l’EPA, Rick Perry ne remet pas à cause l’adhésion à l’accord sur le climat, mais il aspire à en renégocier les termes.
Le Monde
Partnership to strengthen 'renewable tourism'
TOURISM in the Pacific is expected to benefit from an agreement the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH have entered into to collaborate on strengthening tourism in the region.
Fiji Times
Millions of Colombians at risk to climate change: minister
Climate change has put nearly 12 million Colombians at risk from natural disasters like flooding and landslides, which could kill hundreds and cause serious infrastructure damage, the environment minister said on Tuesday.
Climat : les Etats-Unis pourraient renégocier l'accord de Paris
Le secrétaire américain à l'Énergie Rick Perry a estimé que certains pays, dont la France et l'Allemagne, ne participaient "pas vraiment" à l'accord de Paris pour réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre et contenir le réchauffement climatique. Donald Trump s'est donné jusque fin mai pour décider ou non d'annuler la participation des Etats-Unis àl'accord de Paris.
La Tribune
As Rising Seas Erode Shorelines, Tasmania Shows What Can Be Lost
Maybe the hardened convicts who carved the 19th-century gravestones dotting this tiny island were barely literate, or perhaps one of them just had a wicked sense of humor.
NY Times
Climate change is making algal blooms worse
Rising ocean temperatures drive more intense and longer lasting toxic outbreaks.
Le risque climatique mieux pris en compte par les investisseurs
Les acteurs européens sont nettement en avance sur leurs concurrents nord-américains et asiatiques. La France apparaît en moyenne au 6ème rang mondial, derrière les pays scandinaves, la Nouvelle-Zélande et l’Australie.
Les Échos
Le réchauffement de l'Arctique plus rapide et plus dévastateur que prévu
Les températures arctiques grimpent plus haut et plus vite que prévu, et les effets du réchauffement au pôle Nord se font déjà sentir autour du monde, constate un nouveau rapport international.
Radio Canada
“Venezuela se mantiene activa en la construcción de agenda del Acuerdo de París”
La plataforma LedsLac y Latinclima organizan webinar con periodistas de la región, para conocer avances y retos de la implementación del Acuerdo de París en América Latina. Secretaria de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático, Patricia Espinosa dijo que van a seguir comprometidos con la agenda de trabajo.
El Sol de Margarita
Today’s Energy Jobs Are in Solar, Not Coal
Last year, the solar industry employed many more Americans than coal, while wind power topped 100,000 jobs.
NY Times
El calor extremo en el 80% del planeta se debe al cambio climático, según estudio
El cambio climático de las emisiones humanas de gases de efecto invernadero está detrás de los eventos de calor extremo en más del 80% del planeta, revela un estudio publicado en Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), liderado por Noah Diffenbaugh, investigador de la Escuela de Ciencias de la Tierra, Energía y Medio Ambiente de la Universidad de Stanford.
RPP Noticias
El Consejo del Ártico prevé que en poco más de 20 años este océano será navegable sin hielo en verano
El segundo informe SWIPA (Nieve, Agua, Hielo y Permafrost del Ártico, por sus siglas en inglés) sobre la incidencia del cambio climático acaba de ser hecho público y sus conclusiones son muy negativas. En este informe realizado desde 2010 hasta 2016 han colaborado 90 científicos y ha sido revisado por 28 expertos.
La Celosía
27 empresas piden al G-20 que exija una mayor divulgación de los riesgos del cambio climático
Los presidentes de 27 empresas globales del sector energético, financiero e industrial, han instado a los gobiernos del G-20 para que aceleren y acepten formalmente que las compañías deben comunicar y gestionar los riesgos financieros relacionados con el cambio climático.
Climat : hausse incessante du gaz carbonique dans l’atmosphère
Le taux de CO2 présent dans l’atmosphère n’a de cesse de croitre, il atteint désormais un record de plus de 410 PPM.
Secretario de Energía de EU sugiere a Trump permanecer en Acuerdo de París
El secretario de Energía, Rick Perry, dijo este martes que Estados Unidos debería permanecer en el Acuerdo de París sobre cambio climático y renegociarlo, en vez de retirarse de ese entendimiento global para reducir emisiones de gases contaminantes.
Fiscales estatales piden a Trump que no retire a EEUU del Acuerdo de París contra el cambio climático
Más de una decena de fiscales estatales han enviado este martes una carta al presidente de Estado Unidos, Donald Trump, para pedirle que no abandone el Acuerdo de París contra el cambio climático, que permitirá reducir las emisiones contaminantes en todo el mundo.
Europa Press
Grandes empresas de EEUU apuestan por el Acuerdo de París pese a Trump
Las 500 empresas más grandes de Estados Unidos han apostado por cumplir con las metas medioambientales del Acuerdo de París para ser más eficientes y combatir el cambio climático, a pesar de que el presidente del país, Donald Trump, parece decidido a abandonar el pacto.
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Les halophytes, une solution indienne au défi climatique
Conséquence du réchauffement climatique, la surface de terre saline augmente chaque année avec le niveau de la mer, menaçant des millions de petits agriculteurs le long des côtes d’Asie du Sud-Est. En Inde, une équipe de scientifiques se tourne vers les plantes halophiles pour les aider à s’adapter
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El calentamiento global afecta el doble a las zonas urbanas que al campo
El aumento de las temperaturas derivado del cambio climático afectará a las ciudades el doble que al entorno rural y, de continuar el ritmo actual de calentamiento, en los próximos 50 años el impacto de las olas de calor se puede multiplicar hasta por cuatro.
Día mundial del pingüino: amenazados por el cambio climático
La organización conservacionista BirdLife International ha estrenado un cortometraje, disponible en YouTube realizado en formato 3D 360º estereoscópico, dentro de su campaña mundial "Salva un pingüino" ("Protect a penguin") y con motivo de la celebración el próximo 25 de abril del Día Mundial del Pingüino.
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ONU coopera con plataforma china Ofo para hacer frente a cambio climático
El Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD) formó una asociación con la plataforma china de uso compartido de bicicletas Ofo para generar conciencia sobre el cambio climático, indicó hoy un vocero de la ONU.
Mobilisation des sociétés météorologiques et climatiques en faveur de l'Accord de Paris
A l'occasion de la Journée mondiale de la Terre le 22 avril 2017, une coalition de 33 sociétés météorologiques et climatiques a signé une déclaration collective, appelant à mettre en œuvre d'urgence l'Accord de Paris. Parmi celles-ci figure la société météorologique de France, présidée par Jean Jouzel.
COMMENT: Carbon Offsetting: Buyers’ Guide 1.0 Ecosystem Marketplace
Vulnerable nations call on G20 to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2020
Ministers from countries on the front line of climate change have urged rich nations to stop pouring money into the coal, oil and gas industries.
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COP 23 Presidency example of how G20 and V20 can work together
Fijian Preisdency of COP 23 is a practical example of how Group of 20 (G20) and Vulnerable 20 Group (V20) can work together, says Attorney-General and Minister Responsible for Climate Change Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.
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Les leaders financiers mondiaux ont abandonné l'idée de mentionner les changements climatiques dans leur déclaration finale publiée à l'issue d'une rencontre du Comité monétaire et financier international (CMFI), qui réunissait des ministres du G-20 et des dirigeants du Fonds monétaire international (FMI) et de la Banque Mondiale, samedi 22 avril.
Study: Man-made extreme weather has hit all over the world
Most people on Earth have already felt extreme and record heat, drought or downpours goosed by man-made global warming, new research finds.
Los eventos climáticos extremos, vinculados al calentamiento global
Un nuevo estudio publicado en 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences', revela que eventos climáticos individuales extremos guardan relación con el cambio climático. El estudio ha sido liderado por el profesor de Ciencias del Sistema Terrestre en la Escuela de Ciencias de la Tierra, Energía y Medio Ambiente de la Universidad de Stanford (Estados Unidos) Noah Diffenbaugh.
Call for more partners in climate change fight
FIJI not only wants to further its legal commitments under the Paris Agreement, but needed more and all partners in its climate action agenda.
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Business leaders back transition to low-carbon energy system
Energy Transitions Commission pushes for renewables to comprise almost all energy by 2030s
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UNEP chief confident US will not ditch Paris climate deal
The UN's environment chief is confident that the United States will not pull out of the Paris climate deal and expects a decision from Washington next month.

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Climat: Washington restera dans l'accord de Paris, selon le chef de l'ONU Environnement
Le chef des Nations unies pour l'environnement, Erik Solheim, s'est dit confiant, lundi, dans le fait que les Etats-Unis ne se retireront pas de l'accord de Paris sur le climat et espère une décision de Washington en mai.
L’Accord de Paris : avec ou sans Trump, quelle différence ?
Donald Trump a signé le 28 mars dernier un décret qui balaie l’essentiel de la politique climatique proposée par la précédente administration Obama. Dans ce contexte, le doute plane toujours sur le sort que le président nord-américain compte réserver à l’Accord de Paris – ce traité adopté le 12 décembre 2015 lors de la COP21 qui fixe les grandes orientations de la gouvernance climatique mondiale. Les États-Unis vont-ils l’ignorer, voire chercher à s’en désengager ?
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European system for monitoring greenhouse gases emission to be introduced in Ukraine
The Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry of Ukraine with the support of the World Bank is actively working on implementing an efficient monitoring, reporting and verification system for greenhouse gases emissions in Ukraine, Ecology Minister Ostap Semerak has said.
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Business and state collaboration 'crucial' to hit carbon reduction targets, says Lord Turner
Ramped up co-ordination between the public and private sector is “crucial” if global carbon emissions are to be halved by 2040 to help keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.
Climat : comment réduire de moitié les émissions mondiales de CO2 en 2040
Un modèle énergétique décarboné est « techniquement et économiquement possible », selon les industriels et les organisations environnementales de l’ETC.

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California’s landmark climate-change program would also fight air pollution under proposal
As the Legislature weighs the future of cap and trade, California’s groundbreaking program to cut greenhouse gas emissions that expires in 2020, it is considering key changes pushed by environmentalists and fought by Big Oil and other industry groups in a proposal that cleared its first committee hearing Monday.
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Converting coal would help China's smog at climate's expense
China's conversion of coal into natural gas could prevent tens of thousands of premature deaths each year. But there's a catch: As the country shifts its use of vast coal reserves to send less smog-inducing chemicals into the air, the move threatens to undermine efforts to rein in greenhouse gas emissions, researchers said Tuesday.
Saudi Arabia to offer 1GW of renewable contracts in 2017
Government will auction power-purchase agreements covering 620 megawatts of photovoltaic installations and 400 megawatts for wind farms
EBRD signs accreditation agreement with Green Climate Fund
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Green Climate Fund (GCF) sealed an accord on Saturday that underscores the EBRD’s position as the largest single recipient of GCF resources and paves the way for more joint projects aimed at combating climate change in the Bank’s regions.
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An old rock could lead to 'next generation' solar cells
After a 170-year delay, the discovery of a strange, metallic-looking rock found in the Ural Mountains in Russia in 1839 has ignited a global technology race for a cheaper, more efficient solar cell. It could seriously disrupt the world's solar market, currently dominated by China.
Día de la tierra: ¿Por qué el aumento de temperatura no debe sobrepasar 1.5°C?
A un año de la firma del Acuerdo de París, los países de Latinoamérica han acelerado los procesos para poder implementar el tratado, y enfrentar las consecuencias del cambio climático. Perú frente a un escenario de 1.5°C se verá afectado principalmente por la disponibilidad del agua, que traerá consecuencias en la agricultura, pesca, generación eléctrica, entre otros.
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Oslo, London lead push for greener transport: study
Oslo, London and Amsterdam are leading a shift by major cities to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from transport, helped by new technologies that will curb climate change and reduce air pollution, a study showed on Tuesday.
Bamboo Gaining Traction in Caribbean as Climate Savior
Keen to tap its natural resources as a way to boost its struggling economy, Guyana struck a multi-million-dollar deal with Norway in 2009.
Kenyans turn to camels to cope with climate change
While parts of Kenya are becoming drier, a growing number of people are starting to keep camels. The animals are more drought-resistant than cows - and their highly nutritious milk is catching on around the world.
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México se suma a la ‘Coalición Under2’ sobre el cambio climático
La Coalición Under2 fue creada durante la COP 21. Con la reciente adhesión de México y Canadá, un total de 170 jurisdicciones de 35 países y seis continentes han suscrito el Memorándum de Entendimiento (MOU.)
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Mike Bloomberg, Carl Pope say jobs come from clean energy, not coal
A new CBS News poll shows a majority of Americans have a pessimistic view about prospects for the environment, with 57 percent believing it will be worse for the next generation. Only 12 percent believe the environment will be better than it is today.
Por qué se equivocan los negadores del cambio climático
A pesar del 97 por ciento de consenso científico sobre el tema, algunos siguen cuestionando la idea de que la actividad humana esté causando el cambio climático. Por eso, examinaremos algunos de los mitos y malentendidos más comunes de los negadores del cambio climático.
El calentamiento global afectará a las ciudades el doble que al entorno rural, según un estudio
El aumento de las temperaturas derivado del cambio climático afectará a las ciudades el doble que al entorno rural y, de continuar el ritmo actual de calentamiento, en los próximos 50 años el impacto de las olas de calor se puede multiplicar hasta por cuatro.
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FAO : 20 millions de personnes pourraient mourir de faim d’ici les six prochains mois
Il est urgent d’agir pour sauver les vies de milliers de personnes confrontées à une situation de famine dans le nord-est du Nigéria, en Somalie, au Soudan du Sud et au Yémen», a indiqué aujourd’hui M. José Graziano da Silva, Directeur général de la FAO, lors du lancement du Conseil de l’organisation onusienne.
Jour historique sans charbon en Grande-Bretagne
Pour la première fois depuis cent trente-cinq ans, le pays a passé une journée entière sans utiliser de charbon pour sa production d’électricité.
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Bloomberg to world leaders: Ignore Trump on climate
New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg urged world leaders not to follow President Donald Trump's lead on climate change and declared his intention to help save an international agreement to reduce carbon emissions.
Des milliers de manifestants aux Etats-Unis pour la science
Prenant le relais des nombreuses marches pour la science dans le monde, des milliers de manifestants se sont rassemblés samedi au coeur de Washington sous la pluie pour défendre la recherche scientifique qu’ils estiment remise en question par l’administration de Donald Trump.
Des centaines d'entreprises américaines pressent Donald Trump de respecter les engagements pris par les Etats-Unis lors de la COP21. Parmi elles, des géants des énergies fossiles comme le pétrolier Exxon, le charbonnier Peabody ou encore le spécialiste du gaz naturel liquéfié Cheniere Energy. Tous y voient des opportunités économiques et redoutent de se retrouver isolés.
Status of forests is 'dire' as world marks 2017 Earth Day
They cover a third of the world’s landmass, help to regulate the atmosphere, and offer shelter, sustenance and survival to millions of people, plants and animals
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Finance Climat : les villes d’Afrique veulent un guichet unique
Les villes africaines se préparent à la COP 23 prévue en novembre 2017 à Bonn.
Lors d’un atelier tenu le 7 avril à Rabat, Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi, secrétaire général Cités et gouvernements locaux unis d’Afrique (CGLUA) a évoqué trois points essentiels pour les collectivités locales.
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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Climate, Syria (video) Bloomberg
Trump to set new executive orders on environment, energy this week
U.S. President Donald Trump this week will sign new executive orders before he completes his first 100 days in office, including two on energy and the environment, which would make it easier for the United States to develop energy on and offshore, a White House official said on Sunday.
Climat: Al Gore optimiste quant à l'avenir de l'accord de Paris
L'ancien vice-président américain Al Gore a assuré vendredi qu'il y avait "d'excellentes chances" que les États-Unis ne sortent pas de l'accord de Paris sur le climat, malgré les menaces du nouveau président Donald Trump.
Priority be given to climate change adaptation for small states
The Attorney‑General and Minister for Climate Change Aiyaz Sayed‑Khaiyum has urged that priority be given to climate change adaptation for small states as opposed to the adoption of carbon pricing, given their negligible carbon footprints during his address at the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition's High‑Level Assembly.
Le Liban, nouveau membre d’un groupe des pays les plus vulnérables
Le V20 vous rappelle quelque chose ? Ce groupe de pays est en effet le pendant du G20 : mais au lieu des 20 pays les plus puissants et les plus riches, il s'agit des pays les plus vulnérables au changement climatique, un groupe créé en octobre 2015.
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In Colombia, a model town for sustainable adaptation to climate change
The town of El Torno, in Colombia's northern province of Sucre, was seriously affected by flooding, which destroyed crops and homes, but today the community of 600 residents is an example of resilience and sustainable adaptation to climate change.
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Carbon report: Plant native trees, save cash
The case to plant more native forests to off-set emissions has been again pushed in another major research report - and this time, researchers say businesses could benefit.
New Zealand Herald
Kenya learns to cook with solar power
In this sunny part of Kenya, solar cookers have surged in popularity in recent years. But a big problem remains: How to cook when the sun doesn't shine?
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Sécheresse et résilience en Afrique de l’Est
Le 22 avril est officiellement la Journée de la Terre. Il y a exactement un an, la signature de l’Accord de Paris marquait un tournant potentiellement historique dans la lutte contre le changement climatique anthropique.
OPINION: Making Art at the March for Science NY Times