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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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Climate Leaders look to build on Paris Agreement in the week ahead
Lawmakers may have left town with Congress on break this week, but hundreds of government officials, business leaders, philanthropists and academics will flock to Washington, D.C., this week to talk about climate change.
Bloomberg BNA
Le Maroc lance son initiative «AAA» pour l’Afrique
Le Maroc a présenté, lors de la conférence ministérielle, tenue en marge du SIAM (26 avril au 1er mai à Meknès, , sa proposition pour le volet agricole en préparation à la COP22, prévue en novembre à Marrakech.
La moitié des investisseurs ignorent le changement climatique-étude
Près de la moitié des 500 plus gros investisseurs mondiaux ne font rien pour tenter, via leurs placements, d'influer sur le changement climatique, montre une étude publiée lundi.
EU emitters convert 22.66 million offsets for 2015 emission swap
Companies covered by the EU ETS exchanged 22.66 million international credits – all CERs – for use in the scheme over the past year, well down on the previous two years, the European Commission said.
Carbon Pulse
RGGI Ponders Possible Trading With Non-Member States
Officials from participating states in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) plan to spend the next several months evaluating potential modifications to the program, including the possibility of allowing trading with states that are not participants in the regional cap-and-trade program.
Bloomberg BNA
Britain leads charge in renewables
If you had to say which country has the world’s biggest offshore wind farm, Europe’s biggest floating solar park and electricity from the dregs of Fruit Pastilles, you might not guess it was the UK.
Financial Times
Solar energy could earn Ghana $38m yearly – UNEP
A strategy proposal by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for increasing solar energy use in Ghana, estimates that Ghana could earn $38 million from energy exports with a 100-megawatt solar plant in the north.
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