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UNFCCC in the press 2003

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A selection of interviews and articles from the international press, featuring UNFCCC staff

Date Interview
Dec 2003

Deutsche Welle interview series - In a special series of interviews, conducted with UN experts, Deutsche Welle looks at issues such as emission trends, clean technologies and mobility and at what the world's emerging economies are doing to adapt to the effects of climate change. [ Courtesy ]

02 Dec 03 (PDF) Russia pulls away from Kyoto (355 kB) "President Putin didn't rule out ratification last September," Michael Williams, a spokesman for UNFCCC. "We remain optimistic that Russia will indeed ratify."
02 Dec 03

(PDF) La Russie laisse planer le doute sur sa ratification du protocole de Kyoto (71 kB)
Un porte-parole de l'ONU, Michael Williams, a indiqué à Milan que l'organisation continue d'escompter une ratification de la Russie.

01 Dec 03 (PDF) Kyoto Pact clouds UN Climate Conference (30 kB)
29 Nov 03 (PDF) Poor world 'cuts climate gases' (339 kB)
26 Nov 03 (PDF) Record heat shows need to combat climate change (75 kB)
29 Sep 03

(PDF) Kyoto Protocol helps Russia modernize (65 kB) [ (PDF) de (68 kB) ]

12 Sep 03 (PDF) Kyoto auf der Kippe (353 kB)
12 Jun 03 (PDF) Russia must end uncertainty over Kyoto (52 kB)
11 Jun 03 (PDF) Climate conference looking to Russia to ratify Kyoto (19 kB)
06 Jun 03

(PDF) Ernüchternde Bilanz bei Treibhausgasemissionen (88 kB)

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