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Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC)
Date Location Meeting
Sep 2016 Bonn JISC 39th meeting
Mar 2016 Bonn JISC 38th meeting
Sep 2015 Bonn JISC 37th meeting
Mar 2015 Bonn JISC 36th meeting
Sep 2014 Bonn JISC 35th meeting
Mar 2014 Bonn JISC 34th meeting
Sep 2013 Bonn JISC 33rd meeting
Jun 2013 Bonn JISC 32nd meeting
Mar 2013 Bonn JISC 31st meeting
Sep 2012 Bonn JISC 30th meeting
May 2012 Bonn JISC 29th meeting
Mar 2012 Bonn JISC 28th meeting
Nov 2011 Durban, South Africa JISC 27th meeting
Sep 2011 Bonn JISC 26th meeting
Jun 2011 Bonn JISC 25th meeting
Mar 2011 Bonn JISC 24th meeting
Oct 2010 Bonn JISC 23rd meeting
Jun 2010 Bonn JISC 22nd meeting
Apr 2010 Bonn JISC 21st meeting
Feb 2010 Bonn JISC 20th meeting
Dec 2009 Copenhagen JISC 19th meeting
Oct 2009 Bonn JISC 18th meeting
Sep 2009 Kiev, Ukraine JISC 17th meeting
Jun 2009 Bonn JISC 16th meeting
Apr 2009 Bonn JISC 15th meeting
Feb 2009 Bonn JISC 14th meeting
Nov 2008 Poznan, Poland JISC 13th meeting
Sep 2008 Bonn JISC 12th meeting
Jun 2008 Bonn JISC 11th meeting
Feb 2008 Bonn JISC 10th meeting
Nov 2007 Bali JISC 9th meeting
Oct 2007 Bonn JISC 8th meeting
May 2007 Bonn JISC 7th meeting
Feb 2007 Bonn JISC 6th meeting
Oct 2006 Bonn JISC 5th meeting
Sep 2006 Bonn JISC 4th meeting
May 2006 Bonn JISC 3rd meeting
Mar 2006 Bonn JISC 2nd meeting
Feb 2006 Bonn JISC 1st meeting
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