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Media Workshops

UNFCCC Media Training Workshops

The UNFCCC secretariat supports the participation of environmental journalists from developing countries at its conferences through media training workshops, jointly organized with the Com+ sustainable development communications alliance. These workshops seek to raise awareness of the climate change issue and help to highlight implementation activities and positive climate action on the ground. Presentations are given by UNFCCC, partner UN agencies and civil society organizations.

These workshops have been supported by the governments of Spain, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. In addition, pre-COP media workshops were organized ahead of COP16 and COP17 for regional media and the international press corps on location in cooperation with regional UN Information Centers and the governments of Mexico and South Africa.

In 2012, a workshop will be held to coincide with COP18 in Doha. 


Reporting by UNFCCC media training workshop participants

COP 19/CMP 9
Warsaw, Poland
November 2013

COP 18/CMP 8
Doha, Qatar
December 2012

COP 17/CMP 7
Durban, South Africa
December 2011

Cancun Climate Change Conference 2010

Bonn Climate Change Talks June 2010

COP 15 and CMP 5
Copenhagen, Denmark
December 2009

Bangkok Climate Change Talks
October 2009

Bonn Climate Change Talks June 2009

Bonn Climate Change Talks April 2009

COP 14 and CMP 4
Poznań, Poland
December 2008

Accra Climate Change Talks
August 2008