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Bonn Media Training Workshop for developing country journalists - 6 to 8 April 2009

Reports of Workshop Participants


 6 May 2009  Blame game heats up
29 April 2009 Global emissions need to be halved by '50: Climate change expert
29 April 2009 Beautiful Bonn
29 April 2009 Battle lines drawn over climate change mitigation registry
22 April 2009 Changement climatique : L`Afrique veut se faire entendre
19 April 2009 Carbono de floresta não ajuda clima, afirma ONG
19 April 2009 Cambio climático: 'falta preparación en grandes urbes'
17 April 2009 Know-how at whose cost?
16 April 2009 Battle lines drawn over climate mitigation registry
14 April 2009 Little progress as Bonn talks end
12 April 2009 Bangladesh calls for 'right to survival' in Bonn meeting
12 April 2009 pdf-icon Severo cambio climático llegó antes de lo esperado (511 kB)
10 April 2009 Advierten que se aceleran los efectos del cambio climático
10 April 2009 US to 'facilitate' Indian technology proposal in climate deal
10 April 2009 India sees red over West’s MRVed norms
9 April 2009 Acordo do clima esbarra no Congresso americano
9 April 2009 Charcoal plan for carbon storage under fire
9 April 2009 pdf-icon Carbon market is hooked to old fashion way (59 kB)
9 April 2009 Coastal communities may be in greater peril
9 April 2009 Pull in weight, rich told
9 April 2009 Airlines make pitch in Bonn
9 April 2009 Old problem and new suspense of the climat change talk (in Chinese)
8 April 2009 pdf-icon Climate Insurance Anyone? (61 kB)
7 April 2009 Media, Accidental Environmentalists?
7 April 2009 pdf-icon Climat : Les émissions toujours au centre des négociations (78 kB)
7 April 2009 pdf-icon Outra plataforma quebra na Antártida (2882 kB)
7 April 2009 pdf-icon Bonn talks decides to explore ‘insurance mechanism’ for climate risks (52 kB)
7 April 2009 Saran expresses disappointment
7 April 2009 pdf-icon Listen to the Youth Voice (59 kB)
7 April 2009 Energy tech can also boost devt
7 April 2009 pdf-icon G77 is not willing to be forced on mitigation (64 kB)
7 April 2009 Nano at the centre of climate change debate
7 April 2009 Copenhague não deve ter acordo sobre metas para redução de gases-estufa, diz embaixador
7 April 2009 India says no to 'green protectionism' of carbon tariff
7 April 2009 430 global groups push climate-change action
7 April 2009 India has a bright idea at climate talks
7 April 2009 India, China reject climate pact that obstructs economic growth
6 April 2009 Yvo de Boer : Four essentials needed for a global agreement in Copenhagen (in Chinese)
6 April 2009 WWF wants urgent recovery package on climate change
6 April 2009 de Boer: "Only Six Weeks to Go to Copenhagen"
6 April 2009 pdf-icon Bonn talks decides to explore ‘insurance mechanism’ for climate risks (45 kB)
6 April 2009 pdf-icon Real mode of climate change negotiation begins in Bonn (44 kB)
6 April 2009 US engagement on climate change negotiations excites UNFCCC
6 April 2009 New tact on climate
6 April 2009 pdf-icon Climate scientist sees ESTs as prime task of developed world to face climate change (63 kB)
6 April 2009 Farm sector in poor states seen hurting
6 April 2009 US engagement on climate change negotiations excites UNFCCC
31 March 2009 Defining year for climate change
30 March 2009 Who best to tell the story? Scientists, journalists face off on reporting climate change
29 March 2009 Para ONU, crise atrapalha negociações sobre novo acordo climático
26 March 2009 De Boer Admit Crisis Change World Commitment on Climate Change
25 March 2009 Official: Economic crisis has limited impact on climate change talks
25 March 2009 Green and growth
24 March 2009 pdf-icon Copenhagen climate change deal must offer key issues – UNFCCC (66 kB)
24 March 2009 India can change course of economic growth: UN official
24 March 2009 Equitable climate change deal is a challenge: Yvo Boer
pdf-icon Involve women in countering climate change (29 kB)
pdf-icon When the birds come home to roost (201 kB)

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