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UNFCCC Media Training Workshop

Reports of Workshop Participants


02 Sept 2008  Rich nations play divide and rule 
29 Aug 2008  Fonds insuffisants pour le reboisement 
28 Aug 2008 

pdf-icon UN climate change made progress on key issues, says official (15 kB)  

28 Aug 2008  Débats à Accra:  Des fonds pour le changement climatique 
28 Aug 2008  India, China join hands against rich countries 
27 Aug 2008  pdf-icon S Africa criticised for unilateral commitment to set climate targets (11 kB)  
27 Aug 2008 

pdf-icon Developing countries demand compensation for climate change (15 kB)  

27 Aug 2008  pdf-icon Developing nations push for funding at UN climate talks (14 kB)  
27 Aug 2008  Ulande skal belønnes for at bevare skoven 
27 Aug 2008  Climate change a threat to MDGs warn experts 
27 Aug 2008  Afrique: Changement climatique - Ce que doivent payer les grands pollueurs 
27 Aug 2008  pdf-icon Alerta ONU: en materia de clima, el tiempo se agota (63 kB)
26 Aug 2008 

pdf-icon Climate Change Talks: Africa condemns delay on Adaptation Fund (13 kB)  

26 Aug 2008 pdf-icon Latinoamérica y Asia-Pacífico con planes de limpieza ambiental (60 kB)  
26 Aug 2008  pdf-icon Africa failing to attract investment for CDM projects (12 kB)  
26 Aug 2008  Governments urged to participate in climate change negotiatings 
25 Aug 2008  pdf-icon Africa struggling to acquire technology to mitigate climate change (9 kB)  
25 Aug 2008  pdf-icon Destacan necesidad de esquemas de financiamiento ante cambio climático (58 kB)  
25 Aug 2008  pdf-icon Crece conciencia mundial ante cambio climático: De Boer (57 kB)  
24 Aug 2008  Ghana holder vejret 
23 Aug 2008  Den våde vej til København  
23 Aug 2008  NGO warns against carbon emissions and land rights 
22 Aug 2008  UN climate talks open in Accra 
22 Aug 2008  Climate Change Ghana’s Threat To Cocoa Production  
22 Aug 2008  President Proposes Deal On Climate Change
21 Aug 2008  Accra Hosts Confab In Search Of Solution To Climate Change 
21 Aug 2008  Prez Kufuor charges African gov'ts to slow down climate change 
21 Aug 2008  As climate talks resume; India accuses UN of bias 
20 Aug 2008  Ghanaians cautioned on effects of climate change 
18 Aug 2008 pdf-icon Notimex:  Expresa De Boer optimismo de cara acuerdos sobre Protocolo de Kyoto (71 kB)
15 Aug 2008  pdf-icon PANAPRESS:  UN climate change talks to hold in Accra / Accra climate change talks to plot emission-reduction strategies (62 kB)