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Media Training Workshop for developing country journalists

Cancun, 29 November-10 December 2010

Moon Palace Hotel

To coincide with UN Climate Change Talks in Cancun, the UNFCCC Secretariat organized a media training workshop. Presentations were given at the workshop in the time-frame 30 November to 6 December, for example a presentation on the latest climate change science by IPCC lead authors, and were open to other media on location in Cancún (see the workshop programme).

As a capacity-building initiative for developing country journalists, the workshop is jointly organized with Com+, the sustainable development communications alliance. It was made possible through capacity-building support provided by Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch Governments, along with Com+, the sustainable development communications alliance.

Other topics that were discussed at the UNFCCC/COM+ Cancún workshop included solar energy opportunities and challenges, examples of adaptation projects that can be implemented in developing countries, including how farmers can survive in a climate changed world, and the linkages between water and climate change. On 6 December, the focus was on examples of concrete projects generated by the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism.

On 3 December, the Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP) organized a panel of key negotiators on the positions of their governments. As part of its programme for Cancun, CCMP invited a group of around 50 developing country and US journalists. This part of CCMP’s programme was also open to all interested media.

All presentations were web cast live and on demand.
The workshop presentations and documentation are posted for educational purposes only. For questions regarding the workshop, please contact Maria Garcia,


Monday 6 December 2010
pdf-icon UNFCCC: How can developing countries benefit from the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism? (621 kB)
Mr. David Abbass
Thursday 2 December 2010
pdf-icon UNCCD: How can small scale farmers survive in a climate change world? (351 kB)
Dr. Sergio Zelaya
Wednesday 1 December 2010
pdf-icon UNEP: Green Economy Perspective (404 kB)
Ph.D. Kilaparti Ramakrishna
Tuesday 30 November 2010
pdf-icon IPCC: The latest climate change science with a focus on climate change impacts in Latin America (710 kB)
Mr. Ramon Pichs Madruga, IPCC Working Group III Co-chair and Mr. Eduardo Calvo Buendia, IPCC Working Group II Vice-chair


Reporting on COP 16
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pdf-icon Workshop programme (138 kB) (tentative)
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