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UN Secretary General inaugurates new UN campus in Bonn, Germany

Image11 July 2006--The German Chancellor, speaking for the host country, said the focus of the Campus would be on development and the environment, in keeping with the character of Bonn as a center for international cooperation. Together with the Secretary General, the German Chancellor unveiled a building site plaque for the new United Nations Climate Change Secretariat building.

The building, financed by the German state, is expected to cost around 60 million dollars and is scheduled to be finished within approximately the next two years. “It is from Bonn that the world seeks to mitigate and adapt to climate change”, the Secretary General said. The new building will be situated in close vicinity to the ‘Bonn International Conference Center at the UN Campus’. The conference center, funded by both by the German government and a private investor, is scheduled to be completed in 2008 and, with a seating capacity of 4500 in the main meeting hall and an overall capacity of 6000, will be large enough to accommodate United Nations Climate Change Conferences and other major UN meetings.