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Bonn Climate Change Conference - November 2017
Media accreditation for the Bonn Climate Change Conference (COP 23)

Important Information for Media Accredited for COP 23

Dear colleagues, we have increased the number of journalists accredited for COP 23. The new ceiling of 2,000 gives more media a chance to attend. We do not envisage that on one day at one time 2,000 media will be in COP 23. If that happens, there may be some modest delays in accessing the venue—again we do not expect that, but we wished to flag that remote possibility and crave your patience.

pdf-icon Expression of interest (268 kB) to apply for the booking of workspace and other facilities to assist with media coverage

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Booking press conferences for COP 23
For explanations of key concepts, vocabulary and the negotiating process, please see the Essential Background section.
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