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Request from a Group of Countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, Albania and Moldova Regarding Their Status under the Convention


At COP 6, Part II (Bonn, July 2001), Armenia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, on behalf of the Central Asia, Caucasus and Moldova (CACAM) countries submitted a letter dated 27 July 2001 to the Executive Secretary. The letter expressed concern regarding the definition of the term "developing countries" as used in the Convention, the Protocol and COP decisions to determine recipients of financial, technological and capacity building support. The CACAM countries sought a clear definition of "developing countries" or a reference to relevant legal texts containing such definition.

The term "developing countries" is not defined by the Convention and does not encompass all the Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention (non-Annex I Parties), since some of these do not consider themselves to be developing countries. The CACAM countries, for example, consider themselves to be "countries with economies in transition." A number of non-Annex I Parties other than the CACAM countries are also affected by this issue.

This issue was raised on behalf of the CACAM countries with respect to "The Bonn Agreements on the implementation of the Buenos Aires Plan of Action" (decision 5/CP.6) adopted at COP 6, Part II. In particular, their concerns addressed the decisions adopted at COP 7 on capacity building in developing countries (non-Annex I Parties), development and transfer of technologies, and additional guidance to an operating entity of the financial mechanism (decisions 2/CP.7, 4/CP.7 and 6/CP.7).

In their letter, the CACAM countries made the following proposals:

  • A clarification of the status of the CACAM countries in the context of decisions on the Convention and the Protocol, including those prepared by the resumed COP 6 for adoption at COP 7;
  • If difficulties are encountered in providing such a clarification in a timely manner, a decision should be adopted by COP 8 clarifying their status;
  • Pending formal resolution of the issue, the words "developing countries" should be substituted with "developing countries and other Parties not included in Annex I" throughout the text of the COP 6 draft decisions. The COP may wish to consider the issues raised by the CACAM countries and decide on any appropriate action.

At COP 7 (Marrakesh, October/November 2001), Parties adopted a decision which had been prepared following consultations held by the Chairman of the SBI. The decision considers the request of the CACAM countries and invites SBI 16 to consider the issue and make recommendations to the COP.

At SBI 16 (Bonn, June 2002) Parties considered a proposal by the Chair, and requested the Chair to continue consultations during the intersessional period and report to SBI 17.

Recent developments

At SBI 17 (New Delhi, October/November 2002), the Chair reported on his consultations. The SBI decided to continue consideration of this matter at its next meeting.
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